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Wyrm of Vigilance
Offer Wyrm’s Eye - Found on Teomura in a crate underneath pirate’s wooden outpost.
Gain 50xp / Def+5 or Magic Def+5

Wyrm of Luck
Offer Wyrm’s Tooth - Capture the ghost monkeys in Munari City then go to Miridan’s Pass and follow poachers into a cave. Get a 2nd monkey cage & release all of them on the Miridan bridge.
Gain 50xp / 1 skill point

Wyrm of Songs
Offer Wyrm’s Tongue - In Munari City, speak to Lonni near the Ice Shrine then go to the House of Azure and speak to the god who is looking for a worshipper. Go back & forth between the Ice Shrine & House of Azure a few more times, until the god thanks you for your help.
Gain 50xp / Song of War or Song of Love

Wyrm of Vengeance
Offer Wyrm’s Claw - At the Temple of Archons, wear the Chrysopomp mask while speaking to those wearing yellow masks.
Gain 50xp / Ilgerd’s Crossbow (from afar) or Dagger of Pain (tooth & claw)

Wyrm of Wisdom
Offer Wyrm’s Egg - Received from Mas Raldo in Munari City.
Gain 50xp / Int+5 or MaxAP+20


Make offerings to the waterfall spirits to reveal the location of keys that are inserted in the cave wall within Neru’s Lair.

Gold Case
Belonged to Dusilla, daughter of Tuskad
Case found in Neru’s Lair room / Key found under Tuskad’s statue
Gain 500xp & Teomuran Lute (sell)

Wooden Case
Belonged to Mioka, daughter of Dukhan
Case found in Hopiris after defeating Xaoset / Key found under Dukhan‘s statue
Gain 500xp & Mioka‘s Crossbow

Ivory Case
Belonged to Nula & Nara, daughters of Ezelam
Case found at the Temple of Archons. Speak to the Golds while wearing the Curator mask / Key found under Ezelam‘s statue
Gain 500xp & Enchantress Staff

Iron Box
Belonged to Aphra & Ertha, daughters of Sakassan
Box found in Indubal once Sanagril defeats the rooftop sentries and picks a locked door / Key found under Sakassan‘s statue
Gain 500xp & Teomuran Daggers

After using all 4 keys in Neru‘s Lair, enter the treasure room to receive 100,000gp, a Willpower Mastery Ring & Vandal Mask.


Collect 3 Drawings and use them as a guide for shooting the colored gongs that raise the bridge to the statue:

Drawing of 1 > In Miridan‘s Pass, after chasing the poachers into the little creature‘s cave
Drawing of 2 > In Indubal, inside a locked room near the upper sentries (during Sanagril‘s solo mission)
Drawing of 3 > In Temple of the Archons, speak to pinks while wearing the Archon Mask

Once across, touch the hem of the White Lady to gain 15,000xp & a Summoner Ring.


God of Floods
Offer Ohmedilosi - In the Temple of Archons, search the Biblopolis for a Lost Realms Atlas. Go to Hopiris Grotto & give the atlas to the King of Talas / Gain Stamina+20

God of Walls
Offer Cannon Shell - In Hopiris near the entrance behind some vines / Gain Def+20

Goddess of Whirlpools
Offer Tiny Aquarium & Book of Gyrefish - At Temple of Archons, speak to the Greens while wearing the Vandal Mask & search a room in the Bibliopolis / Gain Str+20

Goddess of Ice
Offer Tusk Wolf Pelt & Wolf Sagas - In Eleh Caverns, near the shipwreck & tree / Gain Cold Resist+40

Goddess of Lightning
Offer Lightning Shard - In Munari City, get an Empty Canister from the locked chest in Mas Zalur‘s house. Take it to Teomura and walk through the electric trap to charge the canister / Gain 1,000gp & Nuntura‘s Spear

God of Waterspouts
Offer Magical Dictionary - At Temple of Archons on Bibliopolis table / Gain Magic+20

God of Darkness
Offer Hood of Insight - At Idubal Prison in crazy Imarbeth‘s room / Gain Magic Def+20

God of Silence
Offer Thought Collector - At Temple of Archons, speak to the Pinks while wearing the Archon Mask / Gain Int+20

Goddess of the Sun
Offer Perfect Orange - Given by a vendor in Munari Marketplace / Gain Resist Fire+40


Talk to Kurbim in the Market Dostrict to get a Monkey Trap. After capturing all 4, return to Kurbim to gain 400xp. Go to Miridan’s Pass and release the monkeys on the bridge to gain another 250xp:

Monkey #1 > In Mas Raldo‘s quarters, near his bed
Monkey #2 > Near the God of Walls shrine in the Harbor District
Monkey #3 > Behind the fish guts display in the Market District
Monkey #4 > At the shuttle pod dock in the Market District


Feed Osoke the vials and watch different reactions:

Vial #1 > In the Munari City Lab on a desk / Gain 100xp
Vial #2 > From Mas Zalur after speaking to Osoke / Gain 200xp
Vial #3 > On the counter at the House of Soleil / Gain 400xp
Vial #4 > In the Hopiris Lab / Gain 800xp
Vial #5 > In the Perduellion‘s Bibliopolis, on a shelf / Gain 2,000xp, Moto Perpetua Code & Icicle Major sc.


Empty Vial #1 > In Hopiris Lab Use it at the Goddess of Silence shrine in Munari City / Gain Ramuli’s Water
Empty Vial #2 > In Hopiris Lab Use it at the Goddess of Darkness shrine in Munari City / Gain Sekkaf’s Water


Gain access to the lab by stealing the key from a locked box in Mas Zalur’s house:

Stabilizer Code (C+S+T+X)
Talk to Jabari in the House of Soleil You must use this code before any others can be activated

Condenser Code (X+C+X+T)
At Temple of Archons in the Bibliopolis, on a shelf / Gain 1 Skill Point

Wave Study Code (S+S+C+X)
In Mas Zalur’s house near his desk / Gain MaxHP+10

Buoyancy Code (T+S+C+S)
In the Munari Lab, to the left of the entrance / Gain MaxAP+10

Moto Perpetua Code (T+X+S+T)
Received after giving Osoke the final experimental vial / Gain Energy Resist+5


Donate money to various causes and receive experience or rewards. Best to donate large sums after opening the magic shop in Munari City, which pays out cash based on experience earned:

Dama Vas 1 > Improve commerce for 500gp / Gain 60xp
Dama Vas 2 > Open trade routes for 500gp / Gain 60xp
Dama Vas 3 > Build banks for 20,000gp / Gain 1,000xp
Dama Vas 4 > Collect revenues if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain 14,000gp
Dama Vas 5 > Earn item if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain Necklace of Weal

Dama Elana 1 > Sponsor festival for 80gp / Gain 10xp
Dama Elana 2 > Sponsor artists for 500gp / Gain 100xp
Dama Elana 3 > Build temples for 12,000gp / Gain 3,000xp
Dama Elana 4 > Earn item if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain Staff of Faith

Dama Chiru 1 > Grow healing plants for 80gp / Gain 100xp
Dama Chiru 2 > Build hospitals for 2,000gp / Gain 1,200xp
Dama Chiru 3 > Build sewers for 4,000gp / Gain 2,000xp
Dama Chiru 4 > Earn item if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain Savior Ring

Grand Seneschal 1 > Import food for 200gp / Gain 70xp
Grand Seneschal 2 > Irrigate fields for 1,500gp / Gain 200xp
Grand Seneschal 3 > Plant fields for 10,000gp / Gain 10,000xp
Grand Seneschal 4 > Earn item if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain Prophet Boots

General Kosi 1 > Build a training academy for 1,000gp / Gain 500xp
General Kosi 2 > Build warships for 20,000gp / Gain 3,000xp
General Kosi 3 > Talk to him if you hired Hawkwood in Munari City / Gain 2,000xp
General Kosi 4 > Build a castle for 100,000gp / Gain 10,000xp
General Kosi 5 > Earn item if you fulfilled all earlier requests / Gain Invincible Shield

Provost Yakanat 1* > Hire teachers for 250gp / Gain 100xp
Provost Yakanat 2* > Build libraries for 2,000gp / Gain 300xp
Provost Yakanat 3* > Build universities for 7,000gp / Gain 1,100xp

* He will only be at the palace if you spoke to him in Hopiris Grotto


In the Throne room, answer all petitioners. Rewards are based on the answers given during each visit:

Admiral Zoradin - Gifts a Golden Censer (sell) and asks for expedition funding:
Pay 300gp / Gain Golden Chalice (worth 10,000gp)
Pay 500gp / Gain 800gp & Leviathan Cuirass
Pay 700gp / Gain Golden Idol (worth 50,000gp)
Pay nothing / Gain nothing

The Statue of Alomdir - The citizens of Alomdir want advice on which statue to build - Maia the Warrior Queen or Child of Prophecy:
If Warrior Queen statue attacks the town:
Send an army > pay 10gp / Gain 10xp
Send an army > pay 100gp / Gain 80xp
Send an army > pay 1,000gp / Gain 600xp
Send the Mage’s Guild / Gain Alomidir Necklace & Ibarni’s Fire Ring
Arrest the magician / Gain 100xp & Worship Song
If Child of Prophecy statue attacks the town:
Send an army / Gain Dancing Song
Send the Mage’s Guild / Gain Ibarni’s Ice Ring
Arrest the magician > absolutely not / Gain ??
Arrest the magician > deal with it / Gain Song of Thanks

Lord of Haradi - A Haradi citizen reports trouble in his region:
Summon lord > send inquisitor / Gain Haradi Crossbow, Katana & Battleaxe
Summon lord > throw in the dungeon / Gain Bejeweled Goblet (worth 5,000gp)
Arrest lord > offer reward > pay 10gp / Gain 10xp & Bacite tail (worth 100,000gp)
Arrest lord > offer reward > pay 100gp / Gain 80xp & Bacite tail (worth 100,000gp)
Arrest lord > offer reward > pay 1,000gp / Gain 600xp & Bacite tail (worth 100,000gp)
Arrest lord > send emissary / Gain Bacite Shaman Staff

Duke of Nammu - The Duke’s family wishes to bury him in the Imperial Sepulchre:
Grant request / Gain Nammu Claymore
Deny request > hold her for ransom / Gain 2,500gp
Deny request > let her bury him / Gain Nammu Battleaxe
If tribute is paid > send armies / Gain Githtran’s Necklace
If tribute is paid > send thief > pay 10gp / Gain 10xp, Githran’s Ring & Nammu Scepter
If tribute is paid > send thief > pay 100gp / Gain 100xp, Githran’s Ring & Nammu Scepter
If tribute is paid > send thief > pay 1,000gp / Gain 600xp, Githran’s Ring & Nammu Scepter


Give him bodril songs to play for rewards:

Adventure Song
Found on a shelf in the Halassar Library / Gain Strength Chain

War Song / Love Song
In Teomura, after offering to the Wyrm of Songs / Gain either a Sword or C: Heal Ring

Vengeance Song
Have Failin inspect the bodril you got from Gadjama in Munari City / Gain Sword Ring

Meditation Song
From Abos of Idor while visiting the Palace Court / Gain Rune Talisman

Mourning Song
At Eleh Caverns near the grave markers / Gain C: Necro Ring

Worship Song
From palace petitioner (received only if you chose to build a statue of Maia Warrior Queen & arrested the magician) / Gain Stamina Amulet

Dancing Song
From palace petitioner (received only if you chose to build a statue of Maia Child of Prophecy & sent in the army) / Gain Nimble Ring

Song of Thanks
From palace petitioner (received only if you chose to build a statue of Maia Child of Prophecy & arrested the magician) / Gain ?? Ring

Dream Song
In Teomura, solve the Wyrmlord’s Treasure quest, then go to Temple of Archons & speak with the greens while wearing the Vandal Mask / Gain Lv.3 rune stone


Archon Mask:
In Adytum of the Unseen, Pt. 1 / Talk to Pinks to get a Thought Collector & Drawing of 3

Tribunal Mask:
Speak with the advocate in Archon Temple while wearing the Archon Mask / Talk to Whites to get a C:Fire Ring & Energy Gauntlets

Curator Mask:
Purchase from the Chrysopomp in Archon Temple for 1,600gp / Talk to Golds to get an Ivory Case & Magic Circle 3

Perduellon Mask:
Obtained automatically upon entering Twilight / Talk to Blues to get Fire Gauntlets & Spirit Vellum

Chrysopomp Mask:
Defeat boss in Tower of the Ancient Ones / Talk to Yellows to get Ice Guantlets & the Wyrm’s Claw

Red Mask:
Speak with the Perduellion while wearing their mask after freeing Morbazan / Talk to Reds to get Mold: Crossbow & Yellow Amulet

Vandal Mask:
Use all 4 Wyrmlord keys in Neru’s Lair on Teomura / Talk to Greens to get Tiny Aquarium and Dream Song (lv3 rune stone)


Mind Fungus
Combine Ataraxia, Brain Worm & Fungus Formula
- Ataraxia purchased in Munari City. Buy from harbor vendor for 10gp
- Brain Worms dropped by tree creatures on Teomura
- Fungus Formula acquired by using a Paper Circle in Hopiris Lab

Combine Lurksquid Ink, Sekkaf’s Water & Nightshade Formula
- Lurksquid Ink found on counter in House of Azure, Munari City
- Sekkaf’s Water acquired by using Empty Vial #2 at Goddess of Darkness shrine
- Nightshade Formula acquired by using a Paper Circle in Hopiris Lab

Snake Poison
Combine Sea Wasp Venom, Lamia Coral & Poison Formula
- Sea Wasp Venom in the table in Hopiris Lab
- Lamia Coral in Hopiris Lab inside a barrel
- Poison Formula acquired by using a Paper Circle in Hopiris Lab

Combine Aphasian Ray Tail, Ramuli’s Water & Asphyxia Formula
- Aphasian Ray Tail purchased in Munari City. Buy from harbor vendor for 10gp
- Ramuli’s Water acquired by using Empty Vial #1 at Goddess of Silence shrine
- Asphyxia Formula acquired by using a Paper Circle in Hopiris Lab

Deadly Venom*
Combine Spineglass, Voidstone & Venom Formula
- Spineglass purchased in Munari City. Buy from harbor vendor for 10,000gp
- Voidstone acquired by defeating creatures in Vandal Ruins
- Venom Formula acquired by defeating Xaoset

Combine Amok’s Bane, Green Wolf’s Eye & Lunatacia Formula
- Amok’s Bane found in Munari Arena close to waterfall during any battles
- Green Wolf’s Eye acquired by defeating creatures in Eleh Caverns
- Lunatacia Formula acquired by using a Paper Circle in Hopiris Lab

* Unlike the other poisons, you can make more than one dose. If you have extra copies of the ingredients, make as many doses as you like.


All of the seeds are found in Hopiris Lab and must be planted before visiting the Tree of Eleh. Use fertilizers when seeding and then return to the sites later on to gather mature plants (Unfertilized +20/ Fertilized +30):

Plant in Eleh Caverns near the shipwreck
Fertilizer: Aamur’s Blue Dust - Received from Gladiator Areon in Munari Arena after paying 12,000gp
Gain Magic Power Elixir

Plant in the lower level of Indubal Prison
Fertilizer: Wardstone - In Miridan Pass, embedded in a wall near a flag
Gain Defense Elixir

Plant in Miridan’s Pass near the riverfront
Fertilizer: Heart of Arxes - In the Imperial Sepulchre, after opening the portcullis cell
Gain Strength Elixir

Ubenna’s Bolt
Plant in Teomura near the shipwreck
Fertilizer: Nuntura’s Spear - In Munari City, offer Lightning Shard to the Goddess of Lightning shrine
Gain Speed Elixir

Plant in Hopiris near the entrance
Fertilizer: Dung Beetles - In the lower level of Indubal prison, look in a gravel bin near the switch post
Gain Magic Defense Elixir


Use these in Paladul’s Foundry with mud & gems to forge weapons:

MOLD: AXE > Defeat boss in Tower of the Ancient Ones
MOLD: SWORD > Defeat boss in Paladul
MOLD: CROSSBOW > Talk to Reds while wearing Red Mask in Temple of Archons
MOLD: STAFF > Defeat boss in Tamirath Throne Room
MOLD: 2-H SWORD > In Paladul, use the Rocarina on Rococros and release lemurs to get the sword mold.
MOLD: HAMMER > Opt to open gate & kill the Rococros for the hammer (you can’t get both molds)


Using Morbazan’s Soul Consumption ability, collect souls & use them in Paladul’s Foundry to create gems. For every 10 souls, 1 higher level of gem can be created:

Soul Type: Redemption
Strength-1/lvl, Magic Def-1/lvl, AP Regen (100% +10%/lvl), Poison Ward at 5, Ice Shield at 8

Soul Type: Soul Search
Strength-2/lvl, Def-2/lvl, Stamina-2/lvl, Int+5/lvl, Magic+10/lvl, Magic Def+10/lvl, Sense Ward at 5, Faith at 8

Soul Type: Vitalize
Int-1/lvl, Magic Defense-2/lvl, Stamina+15/lvl, Defense+15/lvl, Strength Ward at 5, Regen at 8

Soul Type: Haste
Speed+30/lvl, Time Ward at 5, Hastened at 8

Soul Type: Soul Transfer
All Stats+3/lvl except Int+2/lvl, Soul Ward at 5, Empowered at 8

Soul Type: Inferno
Strength+10/lvl, Magic +10/lvl, Death Ward at 5, Fire Shield at 8

Soul Type: Beguile
Stamina-3/lvl, Int-2/lvl, Magic+10/lvl, Strength+10/lvl, Def+10/lvl Magic Def +10/lvl, Mind Ward at 5, Energy Shield at 8

Soul Type: Urath’s Prayer
Stamina+25/lvl, Death Ward at 5

Soul Type: ??
Def+10/lvl, Magic Def+10/lvl, Magic Ward at 5, Protected at 8


Use these in Paladul’s Foundry with molds & gems to forge weapons. Each mud’s effect is 3.5% per gem level:

Panoxious Mud > Purchase from the Chrysopomp for 10gp / Adds Death effect
Crystalline Mud > In the mask room of Adytum of the Unseen, Pt.2 / Adds Ice Coffin effect
Burning Mud > In Paladul mud room, after crossing first bridge / Adds Inferno effect
Volatile Mud > Defeat boss in Paladul / Adds Chain Lightning effect


Use these in Hopiris Lab to get Sanagril’s poison formulas. A paper circle is not needed to create the 6th formula:

Paper Circle 1 > In Neru’s Lair
Paper Circle 2 > In Hallasar Palace Library
Paper Circle 3 > In Hopiris Lab
Paper Circle 4 > In the Bibliopolis
Paper Circle 5 > In Munari City, Mas Zalur’s house


To enter the Nuvasarim from Halassar Palace Library, you’ll need the missing tome page, which can be found in the Perduellion’s Bibliopolis. After collecting 4 of the 5 circles, enter the Nhuvasarim and go to the throne room. Use all of the Magic Circles in the center to beef up stats:

Magic Circle 1 > In Halassar Palace Library / Gain 2 Skill Points
Magic Circle 2 > In Eleh Caverns at Yago’s campsite / Raises HP/AP
Magic Circle 3 > In Archon Temple, talk to golds while wearing the Curator Mask / Gain Magic Def+20
Magic Circle 4 > In Tome of Nuhvasarim, top chamber / Gain Concentration+2
Magic Circle 5 > In Tamarith Citadel, after defeating Imarbeth / Party gains 25,000xp


Take these to the Indubal prisoner to get a weapon, ring & armor:

Spirit Vellum 1 > In Mas Ora’s Arena, talk to Gribo whom you freed from Adytum of the Unseen earlier (he also gives you 1,000gp)
Spirit Vellum 2 > In Archon Temple, talk to blues while wearing the Perduellion mask
Spirit Vellum 3 > In the Bibliopolis on a shelf


Acquire a trap from Kurbim in Munari City, capture 4 monkeys, and return to him for 400xp. Release the monkeys in Miridan’s Pass to gain another 250xp.

Ghost Monkey 1 > Harbor District Behind the God of Walls shrine
Ghost Monkey 2 > Harbor District In Mas Raldo‘s house, near his bed
Ghost Monkey 3 > Market District At the shuttle pod dock
Ghost Monkey 4 > Market District Behind the fish guts display


After finding him in the Adytum of the Unseen, Pt.1 speak to Mas Ubrai in Munari
(Gain, if any, unknown)

Indubal Madwoman
Speak to her in Indubal prison to get the Crown of Isaris. Find Isaris’ Tome in Halassar Library. Throw both into the deep chasm at Eleh.
Gain 2,000xp

Abos of Idor
Speak to him in Indubal Prison to get his Journal. Give the journal to Baru in Murani City.
Gain 500xp

Lord Ehro of Morhaav
Speak to Lord Vellis in Munari Harbor. After finding Lord Erho in the Adytum, return to Lord Vellis with the news
Gain 200xp

Prion Smugglers
Examine the crates near Captain Teoma in Munari City then talk to Mas Raldo. Find Hanebi in the House of Azure and talk to him.
Gain 2,100gp

Lonni’s God
Speak to Glandri in the House of Azure. Tell Lonni about Glandri then return to the House of Azure to find both there. Talk to them. Return to the shrine where you first met Lonni and talk to the new Godless Sister there. Return to Glandri and tell her what you know.
Gain Wyrm’s Tongue & Fire Circle

Gladiator Gribo
Locate him in the Adytum of the Unseen, Pt. 1 then talk to him later in Mas Ora’s Arena.
Gain Spirit Vellum & 1,000gp

Gladiator Marlek
In Hopiris, find Arrowheads at the foot of a tall statue. Return to Mas Ora’s Arena & give them to Gladiator Marlek.
Gain Bow Skills+2

Gladiator Varleth
Speak to Varleth in Mas Ora’s Arena. He will increase your Sword Skill automatically. Find the swordsman Siran in the Hopiris Grotto & return to Varleth with the news.
Gain 1,000xp

Gladiator Areon
In Mas Ora’s Arena, find Areon on the steps & pay her 12,000gp.
Gain Cold Skill+2 & Aahur’s Blue Dust

Hawkwood’s Mercenaries
Find Hawkwood in Munari Harbor & pay him 7,000gp for his services, then talk to General Kosi at the Palace.
Gain 2,000xp & 2 bowmen who help fight in a later battle

King of Talas
Speak to him in the Hopiris Grotto. Find the Lost Realms Atlas in Bibliopolis and bring it back to the King.
Gain Ohmedilosi

Captain Heoma’s Beacon
First, go to the topmost area of Teomura to find a beacon and light it with the Flaming Cutlass. After speaking with Capt. Heoma in Munari City, return to the beacon and grab 4,000gp out of the mouth of a statue.
Gain 4,000gp

Tangul of Galdyr
Have Taurgis speak to Tangul in the House of Azure about forming an alliance. If you decide to do it, pay Tangul 5,000gp then leave the area and return later to find Paluji at the bar. Double or match the bounty amount, then talk to Lrfanu. Go to Indubal to find both Tangul and Paluji hanging in cages. Talk to Paluji then to Tangul then Paluji again. Head to Teomura and check under the Ramibrus V statue.
Gain Irbani Stone (sell)

Gadjama’s Bodril
Talk to Gadjama in the House of Soleil to get his bodril for 1,000gp. Visit Cadorsu in the Market District who estimates its value at 12,000gp. Now you have a choice:

CHOICE A: Return to Gadjama & offer to buy it for 5,000gp. If you choose this option, Cadorsu will disappear (scam) but you can take the bodril to Faelin at the palace to receive the Vengeance Song. Have him play it to get a Sword Ring.
Gain Vengeance Song / Sword Ring (Choice A)

CHOICE B: Return the bodril to Gadjama. He’ll reimburse you the 1,000 and pay a bit of interest.
Gain 200gp (Choice B)

Munari Magic Shop
Pay Mugolo 3,000gp then search Mas Ubrai’s room for a ledger. Go to Hopiris and read the pillars at the Grotto Shrine. Confront Mas Ubrai with information you learned about his lineage to get the shop license. Give the license to Mugolo. Return later to find the shop open for business.
Gain 1gp for every 1xp earned


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