summoner 2
  playstation 2 walkthrough

NOTE: The following walkthrough is intended for those who want a linear guide to the game, with principle quests and solutions (when they become available) bulleted for easy reference. Those who are only interested in the solutions to quests - or alternate ways to solve them - should refer to the Summoner II Extras page.


You are Maia, the Queen of Halassar, aboard a ship that has suddenly been invaded by Munari and Sudani pirates. Tutorials help familiarize you with various button commands and menu options while you fight them off. In general, your damage points will increase by 50% if you knock and enemy down, by 25% if you attack an enemy from higher ground, or by 15% if attacking an enemy from behind.

BOSS: Pirate Captain >> Flaming Cutlass

Wait for reinforcements before approaching the pirate leader or try to continually attack him from behind. Keep moving around to avoid getting knocked down. Use health potions during battle when your HP gets too low. After the battle, you acquire the Flaming Cutlass (keep this weapon until the end of the game) and Sangaril joins your party.


* Find the Book of Prophets
* Capture the traitor Dama Sivora
* Find Prince Neru’s Lair

From the beach, head past the statue of Ezelam II to find a shipwreck (the Star of Bagra). Grab items from the chest and collect 7gp in the sand. Return to the first beach and head past the statue that warns “Beware of the daughters of Sakassan.” Maia finds a rune stone and acquires the Blood Summon. Note the statue of Mioka then head up the stairs. Follow the leftmost path up to a beacon. Light it with the Flaming Cutlass. On your way back down, note the statues of Tuskad III and Ramibrus V.

From the top of the stairs, take the left path into a large, open area between the Wyrm of Vengeance and Wyrm of Wisdom. Go over to the wooden structure near the bridge and look underneath the platform to get a Wyrm’s Eye. Grab a few treasures from the top and then take the bridge across to the statue of Dukhan IV. Turn right and go up the stairs to a wall that speaks of 5 Wyrm offerings.

* Make an offering to the Wyrm of Luck
* Make an offering to the Wyrm of Songs
* Make an offering to the Wyrm of Vengeance
* Make an offering to the Wyrm of Vigilance
* Make an offering to the Wyrm of Wisdom

Note the statue of Sakassan I just beyond, then backtrack to the statue of Dukhan IV. From there, head forward to the Wyrm of Vigilance monument. Open the door opposite it to deactivate 3 traps. This will open up a shortcut near the rune stone and allow you to grab a couple of treasures without draining serious amounts of HP.

Go down the stairs next to the Wyrm of Luck and grab the Fire Resist Ring from the newly deactivated circle. Continue forward, back to the pirate outpost area, and take the path next to the Wyrm of Vengeance to grab a Resist Ice Ring. Backtrack to where you found the Fire Ring and turn left, going up the stairs to another treasure box. This trap is still active but you can heal in a nearby pond between two sister statues after grabbing the Energy Resist Ring.

Move past the sister statues down to the Wyrm of Songs and over to the statue of Dusilla. Battle pirate guards at the waterfall bridge to gain a crossbow and the Lair Key. Stop at the waterfall to hear the story of those who perished. Use the Lair Key to enter Prince Neru’s Lair.

* Return 4 items of value to the waterfall spirits


Go to the main chamber, fight some pirates, and grab a Teomuran Coin (clue item) from a box in the room. Explore the paths in each corner before going up the center path. One corner leads to a balcony overlooking Neru’s airship dock. Another leads down into a cavern. Explore it to find a ruby and emerald ring, both of which can be sold. Enter the storage room and grab Mioka’s Song (clue item), the Gold Case, and Teomuran Lute from nearby chests. Make note of the back wall that contains 4 small keyholes.

* Acquire 4 keys to unlock the secret room

Return to the main chamber and take the far path down to speak with Dama Sivora. Explore the room to find Neru’s Gem. Go up the other path on that side to find a Teomuran Mace and Paper Circle. Afterwards, head up the center path. Talk to Prince Neru who tells you to put his gem in the balcony console to open the airship dock. Do as he says, then return to him.

Before leaving Teomura, you can complete a few optional quests (note that bonuses are only given to the character you are in control of at the time you make an offering, so make sure you are using the character that needs the bonus):

* Offer the Gold Case to a spirit at the waterfall bridge (it belonged to Dusilla, daughter of Tuskad III) - gain 500xp & Teomuran Lute (sell)
* Find Tuskad’s Key (1st of 4) below his statue & place it in Neru’s storage room wall
* Offer the Wyrm’s Eye to the Wyrm of Vigilance - gain 50xp/ Def+5 or Magic Def+5


Dama Bashra greets you in your quarters when you arrive.

* Speak to Surdama Kir in the Sanctum
* Find Taurgis in the Sparring Room
* Find Captain Talma at the palace gate
* Meet General Kosi at the Imperial Sepulchre

Use the right door to get down to the Sanctum and speak with Surdama Kir. Take the stairs further to a courtyard. Talk to Faelin, the court musician, about bodril songs.

* Collect Bodril songs for Faelin the musician

Exit to the right and follow the hall around to the Sparring Room. Speak with Taurgis, who joins your party. Continue to the throne room. Search in an alcove near the lower stairs to get a sword for Taurgis and talk to Dama Heras to hear the day’s petitions. Note that the choices you make now affect which prizes you receive later on (see Extras for a complete list of petitioner options):

* Elder Kubel - wants to build a statue to honor Maia as: a.) The warrior queen, or b.) The child of prophecy
* Admiral Zoradin - gifts a Golden Censer (sell) and asks to borrow ships. Pay 300, 500, or 700gp.

Exit the throne room via the lower stairs and visit the library. Examine the Nhuvasarim Tome to learn that a page is missing. Search the bookcases for an Adventure Song, Isaris Tome, Magic Circle 1, Paper Circle and Book of Parricides (clue item). Return to the courtyard and give Faelin the Adventure Song to acquire a Strength Chain.

As you explore the palace further, you’ll meet various people who ask for donations. Pay what you can afford at this time:

* Dama Chiru 1 - Grow healing plants for 80gp (100xp)
* Grand Seneschal 1 - Import food for 200gp (70xp)
* Dama Elana 1 - Sponsor festival for 80gp (10xp)
* Dama Vas 1 - Improve commerce for 500gp (60xp)

Find the palace merchant in a room near the petition stage to buy/sell items. When ready, exit through the lower throne room and find Sangaril. Talk to Captain Talma when you’re ready to depart.


Speak to General Kosi then continue through the door. Head left down the stairs to a new chamber. Note the missing lever and a firewall below. Return to the previous room and head right. Grab some gold under the stairs then continue until you reach 4 sentries guarding a cannon. Sanagril must try to fight them off alone to get the Sepulchre Lever and gains 100xp if she avoids detection. Try using her Sneak and Backstab abilities. Afterwards, go to the cannon and fire it to gain another 100xp.

Return to the previous corridor and use the Sepelchre Lever in its slot to deactivate the firewall. Head down the new hallway to a rune stone where Maia acquires the Tree Summon. Continue to the lower chambers. Use a lever on the right to open the portcullis gate then explore the cell for a Tomb Key (1 of 3) and the Heart of Arxes. Take the right path down to a new gate. Help the Medevan Knight fight off some creatures to get Tomb Key (2 of 3), 100xp, Crusader Shield (sell) & Crusader Sword.

Now, go back and take the left path. Find a couple of chests on ledges flanking the giant statue then continue forward down a second set of stairs to the beach. If you shot the cannon earlier, there’ll be fewer knights to fight off here. One of them drops Tomb Key (3 of 3). Retrace your steps to the middle area and go down the other flight of stairs to a locked door. Use the 3 tomb keys to get inside.

BOSS: Krobelus >>Metal Rod

Make sure each character has health potions set as their active item and use them frequently. Focus on deactivating the orbs and only take swipes at enemies when forced to. Once the orbs are destroyed, the smaller enemies disappear, allowing you to just swing away at the boss.


Upon your return, Dama Bashra informs you of a guest waiting in the library.

* Speak to the Galdyran Emissary in the library
* Speak to Surdama Kir in the Sanctum

After speaking with Surdama Kir, go to the courtyard and talk to Sanagril. Continue to the throne room and try Dama Sivora. Choose to: a.) Banish her, b.) Imprison her, or c.) Kill her.

* Find Onatus (Dama Sivora’s contact)

While in the throne room, hear new petitions:

* Elder Kubel - returns with news of statue. Choose to: a.) Send in army, b.) Send mage’s guild, or c.) Arrest the magician responsible.
* Messenger of the Duchy of Nammu - wants to bury descendants. Choose to: a.) Grant request, b.) Deny request, or c.) Pay tribute first.

Talk to Taurgis in the hallway outside the library then speak to the Emissary. Talk to Sanagril again. Afterwards, visit the palace merchant and/or donate money to new causes:

* Grand Seneschal 2 - Irrigate fields for 1,500gp (gain 200xp)
* Dama Chiru 2 - Build hospitals for 2,000gp (gain 1,200xp)
* General Kosi 1 - Build a training academy for 1,000gp (500xp)
* Dama Vas 2 - Open trade routes for 500gp (60xp)
* Dama Elana 2 - Sponsor art for 500gp (100xp)

Go to the palace gate. Before leaving to Indubal, make a stop at Miridan’s Pass to level up Taurgis and replenish some of your gold.


From the Tranquility gate, go left to find a Wardstone embedded in the wall near a flag. Cross the bridge (hear the ghost monkeys?) and go down to the fire where you’ll find a little, bored creature.

* Tend to the Miridan Pass Creature

Play with it, pet it and feed it various kinds of nuts (acquired by killing Tree Sentinels in the area). The more you feed it, the stronger it will become. When near the pond, it’s ice resistance rises. When near the fire, it’s fire resistance rises. But don’t let the creature get too cold or too hot. Keep it happy and later in the game it will help you. After this initial visit with the creature, you don’t have to continue looking after it - though you may choose to return to help it grow stronger.

Further up (on the side where you found the Wardstone), locate the dirt path leading up a hill to the Shrine of the White Lady.

* Visit the Shrine of the White Lady

You will need Drawing of 1, Drawing of 2, & Drawing of 3 to complete this quest. For the record, here’s what you do: Equip Sangaril with a crossbow and enter first-person view. Shoot the colored gongs in the order listed on each Drawing (starting with Drawing 1) to raise the bridge up to the statue.

After locating the shrine, head over to the Galdyran Gate and exit to the World Map.


Taurgis solo mission

* Find mechanism to close the pit door

Move straight through the cave, examining gravel bins for a Mastery Pendant and Dung Beetles, until you arrive at the switch post.


Maia solo mission

* Find mechanism to release the chains

Talk to crazy Imarbeth. When given a choice, answer “yes” (to get Curse Scroll & Blue Amulet) or “no” (to get a Revive Scroll & Blue Amulet). Grab the Hood of Insight from a chest then exit the room. Fight off a nearby enemy to get the Gate Key then continue to the first set of cells and speak to the madwoman to get the Crown of Isaris. Further up, talk to Ptas behind a locked door. Continue to the second set of cells and speak with a prisoner who says he can create objects out of Vellum.

Use your Gate Key to open the first locked gate. Speak to Abos of Idor behind another locked door. Continue to the jailer’s room. Fight off enemies to gain the Cell Key and flip a switch behind the table. Use the key to open the previously locked doors. Return to Ptas and defeat him to gain his sword and a Fire Circle. Return to Abos who asks that you deliver his journals to a man in Munari City.

* Solve the mystery of the Indubal madwoman’s crown
* Give Spirit Vellum to the Indubal Prisoner
* Unlock Ptas’ cell door and defeat him to gain his sword
* Bring Abos of Idor’s journals to Baru in Munari City

Use your Gate Key to open the second gate. Find the Indubal Key on an enemy to open the last door. Head over to the center switch.


Sangaril solo mission

* Activate the final mechanism

Note that Sangaril will receive bonus xp if she: a.) Defeats all ground sentries, b.) Defeats all platform sentries, and/or c.) Avoids detection throughout the mission. Be patient and use her Sneak & Backstab abilities to kill them off one by one.

Kill off some ground troops in the immediate area then pick the lock on the door ahead to enter a cargo room. Get Drawing of 2 and 150gp from the chests inside. Exit and head up the dirt incline near the entrance to kill all the platform sentries. Unlock the door up there. Examine the crates inside to find an Iron Box. Check out the weapons rack for Jihana’s Katana. Go back down and continue left past the red columns.

Enter the building on a slope. Examine the locked chest on the left side. You can’t pick the lock, but when you hear soldiers approaching, go into Hide mode and wait by the door. They will enter and unlock it for you. When they leave, open it to get an Indubal Sword. Examine other chests in the room to get a Magic Pendant, Indubal Boots, and 350gp.

Leave and continue up the stairs. Kill off the remaining sentries then make your way back down to the opening near the red columns. SAVE YOUR GAME before flipping the switch.


Once Krobelus is freed, you must engage in a couple of tough battles. The first one pits Maia against 4 powerful warriors. Take out the mage first and the bowman last. Try to fight the other 2 behind pillars or something out of the bowman’s line of sight. Equipping health potions is handy, also. Afterwards, Maia acquires the Sand Summon.

BOSS: Azraman >> Galdyr Ring

The second battle pits Taurgis against Azraman. If you can’t fight him head on, use magic scrolls from afar. To get the Galdyr Ring, kill him on or near the Rune Stone. It vanishes otherwise.

* Find Morabazan in Munari City


* Speak to Surdama Kir

Hear some new petitions in the throne room:

* Villager of Haradi needs help with a cruel lord. Choose to: a.) Arrest the lord or b.) Summon him to the palace.
* Elder Kubel reports on status of the statue (or the magician is there if summoned earlier)
* Capt. Gantul reports a stolen artifact. Choose to: a.) Arrest the thief or b.) Steal something back
* Messengers from Orenia & Medeva bring news of Rosalind of Iona
You may want to wait until you’ve visited Munari City before investing in the things below (after opening the magic shop, your investments in the palace will pay dividends).
* Dama Chiru 3 - Build sewers for 4,000gp (gain 2,000xp)
* Grand Seneschal 3 - Plant fields for 10,000gp (gain 10,000xp)
* General Kosi 2 - Build warships for 20,000gp (gain 3,000xp)
* Dama Vas 3 - Build banks for 20,000gp (gain 1,000xp)
* Dama Elana 3 - Build temples for 12,000gp (gain 3,000xp)

MUNARI CITY - Harbor District

You can switch party members at any point during your visit to Munari City by returning to the boat dock. Grab 200gp from the chest under the stairs then head up to greet Mas Raldo. He gives you the Wyrm’s Egg. (Do you hear a ghost monkey near his bed?)

* Find Morbazan in Mas Ora’s Arena

Exit thru the circle door. Check out the nearby crates to find a Munari Claymore then talk to Captain Nwabir who sells 3 quest items: Aphasian Ray Tail (10gp), Ataraxia (10gp), and Spineglass (10,000gp). Buy what you can afford and head up to the God of Walls shrine. Speak with Ramla to learn about shrine offerings. (Do you hear a ghost monkey behind the shrine?) Now, go back down and take the lower right path.

Speak with Lord Vellis to receive his sword. Search the crates next to him for a Dart Minor scroll and Munari Gloves. Continue to the right and speak with Captain Heoma about his journey to Teomura then examine the crates next to him (smuggled goods). Go down the ramp to find the God of Floods shrine. Return to Mas Raldo and ask him about the smuggled goods then leave the Harbor District via the sandy, gray path. Kubald has a message for Sanagril about the Ruins of Hopiris.

* Find the body of Lord Erho and tell Lord Vellis about it
* Find Captain Heoma’s offering
* Find the Prion Captain and make him pay tariffs for smuggled goods
* Make an offering to the God of Walls
* Make an offering to the God of Floods
* Go to the Ruins of Hopiris and meet Xaoset at the Bridge of Archers

MUNARI CITY - Market District

Upon entering the Market District, head left down to the Goddess of Whirlpools shrine. Nearby, talk to Shenobi who sells basic weapons and scrolls. Enter the circle door beyond to buy armor. When finished, go over to the vendors and speak with Engado who gives you a Perfect Orange (hear the ghost monkey behind the fish seller’s stand?)

Speak with Mugolo near the locked green door. He’s looking for a partner to open a magic shop. Give him 3,000gp and learn that he needs a shop license. Next to him, find a music dealer named Cadorsu. Go up another ramp to find the Goddess of Ice shrine. Talk to Lonni, who is looking for a god to worship.

* Make an offering to the Goddess of Whirlpools
* Get the Magic Shop opened
* Make an offering to the Goddess of Ice
* Find a god for Lonni to worship

Now, backtrack to the gray sand path and take the right ramp up to more vendors. Give Baru the Prison Journals (gain 500xp) and talk to Kurbim who needs help finding 4 Ghost Monkeys. He gives you a Monkey Trap to use.

Take the 2nd ramp up and speak with Onakur about the Wyrmlord’s Treasure. Go inside the red door to find a Weapons Shop. Buy/sell then continue up to the next area. Find the Goddess of Lightning shrine. Now, enter the tan door. Ask Mas Ubrai about getting a magic shop license then search his coffer for a Ledger.

* Make an offering to the Goddess of Lightning
* Get the magic shop license from Mas Ubrai

When finished in this area, take the gray path to a shuttle dock. (Use your cage to catch the 4th ghost monkey here and return all of them to Kurbim for 400xp before boarding the pod).

MUNARI CITY - University District

Upon entering, turn left to find the God of Waterspouts shrine. Continue forward to Mas Zalur’s house. After speaking to him, locate the Study Code and a Paper Circle near his desk. Have Sanagril pick the lock on the chest to get a Laboratory Key and Empty Canister. Leave the room. You can exit to the World Map via the iris door near Mas Zalur’s home. For now, locate the God of Darkness shrine.

* Make an offering to the God of Waterspouts
* Make an offering to the God of Darkness (use Hood of Insight - gain Magic Def+20)

Continue up the next ramp to a tall obelisk. You cannot enter the door just yet, so move on up to the next level. Find the God of Silence shrine. Locate Osoke, a test subject who is burping bubbles. Enter the Laboratory and talk to Ngozi about the 5 mechanisms inside. To the left, find a Buoyancy Code and search one of the tables for an Experimental Vial. Give the Vial to Osoke outside. Go back and talk to Mas Zalur to get a 2nd Vial. Afterwards, take the tunnel to the Arena District.

* Make an offering to the God of Silence
* Give 5 experimental vials to Osoke
* Find 5 study codes for the Munari Lab

MUNARI CITY - Arena District

* Find Mas Ora

Turn left to enter the House of Soleil. Talk to Gadjama and pay 1,000gp for his Bodril. Talk to Jabari to get the Stabilizer Code. Grab an Experimental Vial from the bar. Go out the back door and locate a set of iris doors, which you’ll need a key for. Continue down to the Goddess of the Sun shrine. Further down, you’ll find an empty shrine. Backtrack to the center and enter the blue door.

In the House of Azure, play a few sucker games if you want. Afterwards, talk to Glandri, the God of Icthyosis. Find Hanebi to get the tariffs paid off (gain 2,400gp) and have Taurgis speak with Tangul about forming an alliance. If Taurgis is not currently in your party, return later with him. Grab some Lurksquid Ink from the bar before leaving.

* Make an offering to the Goddess of the Sun (use Perfect Orange - gain Fire Resist+40)
* Appraise Gadjama’s Bodril and chose to either return it or keep it
Pay Tangul of Galdyr 5,000gp or refuse the deal. If you paid him, leave the area and return later to find Paluji at the bar. Double or match the bounty amount, then talk to Lrfanu.
* Tell Lonni in the Market District about Glandri then return to the House of Azure to find both there. Talk to them. Return to the shrine where you first met Lonni and talk to the new Godless Sister there. Return to Glandri and tell her what you know - gain Wyrm’s Tongue & Fire Circle

Continue past the locked iris door to the pink circle door. Enter to find Mas Ora. After speaking with her about Morbazan, take her suggestion and follow the spiral path down to the gladiator arena.

After watching Morbizan kick butt in the arena, Mas Ora stages a battle with Maia & Taurgis against her most powerful gladiators. During the fight, grab some Amok’s Bane from the upper waterfall. Afterwards, speak with the ticket booth operator to learn about other arena fights you can participate in. Head left from the booth and talk to Marlak the archer who collects arrowheads. Go down to the stadium benches and talk to Varaleth, who will increase your sword skills. She’s looking for a disciple. Continue around the stadium and find Pava, a mercenary who tells you to find Hawkwood (locate him in the Harbor District) if you want his services. Further up, speak with Talom about Gladiator Gribo. Finally, talk to Areon, an archer who says she needs 12,000gp.

* Find arrowheads for Gladiator Marlak
* Find a disciple for Gladiator Varleth
* Pay Gladiator Areon 12,000gp - gain Cold Skills+2 and Aahur’s Blue Dust
* Hire Hawkwood’s Mercenaries - pay 7,000gp

Leave the arena district and return to Mas Ora’s house. Talk to Morbizan. He will join your party only after you deliver Iari to him. Speak to Mas Ora then leave.

* Find Iari in the Adytum of the Unseen and return to Morbazan

Return to Mas Raldo’s House and get the Iris Door Gem from him. This opens a door in his district leading to the Adytum of the Unseen. Before entering the Adytum, however, you may want to complete some optional quests in other regions first.


* Talk to Dama Vas 4 - Collect 14,000gp from new revenues
* Talk to General Kosi 3 about Hawkwood’s Mercenaries (only if you hired them) - gain 2,000xp
* Give Vengeance Song to Faelin - get Sword Ring


Look for a Cannon Shell in some rubble to the left & grab items from a nearby chest. Talk to Matthew, the raven, to borrow his boat. Take it across the river - use long-range weapons or magic spells to fight off the swamp ghosts.

After reaching the shore, look at the foot of a large statue for Arrowheads. Continue to the wide staircase and follow the upper path outside to Archer’s Bridge. Go down the spiral path on the left to the Hopiris Laboratory.

Inside the lab, check the barrels for Lamia Coral. Find an Experimental Vial on the opposite side. Use Sanagril as your active character to examine the desk then grab the Sea Wasp Venom, Paper Circle and Empty Vials found there. In sacks, find Scarabee Seeds, Gramarye Seeds, Ubenna’s Bolt Seeds, Sinewgrass Seeds, and Rathmoss Seeds.

* Plant & fertilize Gramarye Seeds
* Plant & fertilize Rathmoss Seeds
* Plant & fertilize Scarabee Seeds
* Plant & fertilize Sinewgrass Seeds
* Plant & fertilize Ubenna’s Bolt Seeds

Next, have Sanagril use Paper Circles (you should have collected 4 by now) at the rose window to get formulas.

* Make Snake Poison- combine Sea Wasp Venom, Lamia Coral & Poison Formula
* Make Mind Fungus
* Make Nightshade
* Make Asphyxia

Go back to the table and make the Snake Poison now. When finished, go explore other areas of Hopiris for treasure. Take the stairs down to the door at the waterfront. Sanagril must face Xaoset alone (if she’s not strong enough to defeat him, come back later and try again).

BOSS: Xaoset >> Assassination Ring, Wooden Case, Venom Formula

Either way, go all the way back to the boat dock (do not leave through the door that leads to the world map). Get on the boat and sail to…


Disembark and speak to Provost Yakanat who seeks a job at the palace. Talk to the King of Talas and then Siran (who gives you a Strength Chain in return for info on Gladiator Varleth).

* Help the King of Talas find his way home
* Meet Provost Yakanat in Halassar

Get back on the boat and travel to the Shrine of Hopir.


Enter the shrine and fight off the spirit there (get Ench. Cold Ring). Afterwards, read the Namul Family Obelisk then exit to the World Map through the back door.


Find two poachers on the bridge and chase them down to the area where the little creature lives (let the other party members stay behind to fight battles). They will open a secret passage. Follow them inside and kill them off. Afterwards, grab a Drain Scroll, Drawing of 1, and Monkey Cage from the cave.

* Use the Monkey Cage at the bridge to release ghost monkeys - gain 250xp
* Use the Monkey Trap at the bridge to release more ghost monkeys - gain 2,200xp & Wyrm’s Tooth
* Plant Sinewgrass Seeds (under the tree near the river) and fertilize with the Heart of Arxes (If you didn’t get this item earlier in Indubal, you can’t now)
* Tend to the little creature to make it stronger


* Walk through the electric circle trap to activate the Empty Canister - gain Lightning Shard
* Offer Wyrm’s Egg to the Wyrm of Wisdom - gain 50xp & either maxap+20 or Int+5
* Offer Wyrm’s Tongue to the Wyrm of Songs - gain 50xp & either the Song of War or Song of Love.
* Offer Wyrm’s Tooth to the Wyrm of Luck - gain 50xp & 1 Skill Point
* Offer the Iron Box to the waterfall spirit (Sakassan is father to Aphra & Ertha) - gain 500xp & Teomuran Daggers
* Offer the Wooden Case that belonged to Mioka, daughter of Dukhan IV, at the waterfall - gain 500xp & Mioka’s Crossbow
* Examine Sakassan’s Statue to get Sakassan’s Key. Put the key in Neru’s cave wall (2 of 4)
* Examine Dukhan IV’s Statue to get Dukhan’s Key. Put the key in Neru’s cave wall (3 of 4)
* Check the mouth of the statue near the beacon you lit earlier to find Captain Heoma’s treasure - gain 3,000gp

MUNARI CITY: 2nd Visit

* HARBOR - Buy Spineglass from the merchant (if you haven’t already)
* HARBOR - Offer Cannon Shell to the God of Walls (gain Def+20)
* MARKET - Talk to Mas Ubrai to get the magic shop license
* MARKET - Talk to Mugolo to open the magic shop (return later to conduct business)
* MARKET - Offer Lightning Shard to the Goddess of Lightning (get Nuntura’s Spear & 1,000gp)
* UNIVERSITY - Give Experimental Vial from Hopiris to Osoke
* UNIVERSITY - Use Empty Vial #1 at Goddess of Silence shrine - get Ramuli’s Water
* UNIVERSITY - Use Empty Vial #2 at Goddess of Darkness shrine - get Sekkaf’s Water
* ARENA - Have Taurgis talk to Paluji in the House of Azure (if you previously paid Tangul 5,000gp, Paluji will ask to match or double that amount)
* ARENA - Give Gladiator Marklak the Arrowheads - gain Bow Weapon Skills+2
* ARENA - Talk to Gladiator Varlath about the Hopiris disciple - gain 1,000xp


* Talk to Provost 1 (he will only be here if you found him at the Grotto of Hopir) - hire teachers for 250gp (gain 100xp)
* Take the War Song or Love Song to Faelin (get either a sword or C:Heal ring)

MUNARI CITY: 3rd Visit

Now that the magic shop is opened, every 1xp you earn gains you 1gp at the shop so return often to collect profits. Check crates in the back of the shop for a magic necklace. Stock up on potions and scrolls (note the reduced prices) before using the Iris Door Gem to enter the Adytum of the Unseen. Save your game. There is a very hard area ahead.


Once you enter, Prince Neru joins the party. Walk up to the consoles and deactivate the green force field, then the red. In solo mode, have one character walk to the blue force field and a 2nd character deactivate it. Move solo character #1 through to the yellow console to deactivate the red and green force fields. Regroup the party and head left.

When you reach the 2 iris doors at the end of the hall, enter the right one into a room with floating spheres. Take the spiral path up to get a Green Gem. Exit and enter the iris door on the left into a room with many colored cells. Examine each one to find the following: Lord Ehro of Morhaav, Red Gem, Gribo the Gladiator, Onatus (Dama Sivora’s contact), and the Archon Mask.

* Speak to Mas Ubrai about Onatus and the Book of Prophets

Backtrack to the intersection with the yellow console and follow the right path. About halfway up on the left, kill a couple of guards and enter the gem cutting room. Grab a Rough Crystal near the blue pile then head upstairs. Insert the Rough Crystal in the panel to receive a Blue Gem. Leave the room and continue up the right hallway to a transport console (the Circle of Light).

* Find and use the Purple Gem

Continue forward to the area featuring a huge disco ball. Enter the iris door on the left to find a fake rune stone. Note the locked door (cannot be opened until after visiting Eleh) then leave. Enter the room on the right. Insert your Red, Green, and Blue Gems in the 3 corresponding consoles then flip the master switch to activate a golem below.

In solo mode, move the golem over to the console in the center of the room. Activate the center switch to unlock the gate then return the golem to its pedestal. Switch to the party above and move them down to the gate. Enter the golem room and take the Purple Gem from the center device. Grab a Munari Crossbow from the chest then leave. Return to the Circle of Light and use the Purple Gem to activate the transport. Step on the transport pad to get to…


The group arrives in a room full of masks. To the right, find a chest with a Time Ward necklace and Crystalline Mud. Take the ramp up and have Maia examine the center console. She will automatically enter solo mode. Save your game before entering the green door.

Maia solo mode: Fight off some tough enemies using the Blood Summon, attack scrolls, Fire Circle spell, or a mace (whatever works). May your way to the room where Maia receives the Eye Summon.

BOSS: >> Iari Green Gem

Focus on defeating the Cobra-like creature, as the other enemies will disappear once the boss falls.

Continue down the next hallway to another room. Grab items from a chest on the right then use the console switch to activate Iari. When the group rejoins, exit through the back door.

* Bring Iari to Morbazan

MUNARI CITY: 4th Visit

Once Iari joins your party, take her to see Morbazan at Mas Ora’s house in the Arena District.

* Go to the Eleh Caverns

Before leaving to Eleh, complete some business in the city and other regions.

* HARBOR DISTRICT - Tell Lord Vellis you found Ehro in the Adytum - gain 200xp
* MARKET DISTRICT - Speak to Mas Ubrai about Onatus
* MARKET DISTRICT - Collect profits at the magic shop
* ARENA DISTRICT - Visit Gribo in Mas Ora’s Arena - gain Spirit Vellum & 1,000gp


* Plant Rathmoss in the lower cavern (find the cool, damp alcove) and fertilize with Wardstone
* If Taurgis paid Tangul and Paluji earlier in Munari City, you’ll find both of them hanging in cages on the prison level. Talk to Paluji then to Tangul then Paluji again.
* Take the Spirit Vellum to the prisoner who requested it - gain Armor, Weapon or Ring


* Plant Ubenna’s Bolt Seeds (near the shipwreck) and fertilize with Nuntura’s Spear
* If you found Tangul & Paluji hanging in cages at Indubal, check under the Ramibrus V statue to acquire an Irabani Stone. Sell it at the magic shop.


* Plant Scarabee Seeds (near vines in the first area near) and fertilize with Dung Beetles
* Make Mind Fungus - Combine Ataraxia/Brain Worm/Fungus Formula
* Make Nightshade - Combine Lurksquid Ink/Sekkaf’s Water/Nightshade Formula
* Make Asphyxia - Combine Aphasian Ray Tail/Ramuli’s Water/Asphyxia Formula


After speaking with Surdama Kir, hear some petitions in the throne room:

* Lord Gilan - Choose to: throw in the dungeon or send an inquisitor
* Ibani’s update on the statue
* Pelforas the Thief
* Abos of Idor - gives Meditation Song in gratitude for his freedom
* Merchant Hanebi - sentenced to the galleys

Have Faelin play the Meditation Song to get a Rune Talisman (magdef+30) and donate to some new causes:

* Talk to Dama Vas 5 - gain Necklace of Weal
* Talk to Dama Elana 4 - gain Staff of Faith
* Talk to Grand Seneschal 4 - gain Prophet Boots
* Talk to Dama Chiru 4 - gain Savior Ring
* Talk to General Kosi 4 - gain Invincible Shield
* Talk to Provost 2 - pay 2,200gp for new libraries (gain 300xp)


Veer left through the ice field through a thin opening that leads to a shipwreck. Find the Wolf Sagas amidst the wreckage. Leave and return to the ice field.

Head north into the ice caverns until you reach a wolf frozen in ice. Just beyond, the cave splits in 3 directions. Take the left path into an area with many grave markers. Find the Mourning Song and a nearby treasure chest. Return to the intersection and take the right path. Continue past the deep crevasse to a fork in the road. One leads to the Tree of Eleh (cannot enter it yet), the other leads to the Wolf’s Lair. Kill the Mother Wolf to get a Tusk Wolf Pelt.

* Plant Gramarye Seeds (near the shipwreck) and fertilize with Aahur’s Blue Dust
* Throw the Crown of Isaris and Isaris Tome into the deep crevasse - gain 2,000xp

Backtrack to the intersection and take the middle path. Enter the wood gate and explore the room for a Magic Circle 2. Upon examining a set of books on the desk, Yago appears. After he speaks, leave the room and take a thin path up to a ledge overlooking the Tree of Eleh to get a Drain Scroll.

BIG NOTE: Do not return to Yago at the tree until you’re absolutely ready to leave this world. You will be going away for quite awhile and therefore unable to complete certain quests or conduct local business until much later in the game.

* Find Yago’s daughter, Rosalind
* Enter the Tree of Eleh

Speak with Yago at the Tree. When given a choice, select “Explore Further” (allowing you to leave the cavern and return to Yago later) or “Ready” (if you want to go to Eleh right away). I recommend backtracking to the World Map entrance at the front of the cavern.

WORLD MAP – Optional

* HALASSAR PALACE - Give the Mourning Song to Faelin to receive a C:Necro Ring
* MUNARI CITY - Give Tusk Wolf Pelt & Wolf Sagas to the Goddess of Ice Shrine (gain Cold Resist+40)
* MUNARI CITY - Visit the magic shop to collect profits and stock up on potions


Maia / Krobelus mission:

Take the path straight down, veering off once to grab treasure, until you reach the rune stone. Use the red switch to create a path to the rune and, once there, select which summon creature to level up. Flip the 2nd red switch to create a path down to the transporter. Use it.


Taurgis / Morbazan / Sanagril mission:

Again, take the path straight down, veering off once to grab treasure, until you reach another transporter. Here, you must choose which two characters can progress, so select wisely.

Now, with only two characters, continue winding down the path to the next transporter. If you need healing, touch the gold orb about halfway down. At the portal, you must decide which single character goes forward. (NOTE: if you selected Taurgis & Sanagril earlier, they must spar to figure out who goes.)


Neru / Yago / Iari mission:

Again, take the path straight down, veering off once to grab treasure or to heal, until you reach another transporter. As before, choose which 2 characters may progress and then which single character goes forward.


Whoever went forward in the earlier parts now forms your party with Maia.

BOSS: Ezuran >>Twilight Cuirass / Strength Amulet

Have Maia focus on hitting the purple orb with fire spells or attack scrolls (the Blood Summon’s Dart spells work well) while the others fight off the secondary creatures. Afterwards, the fragment explodes, launching the party into…


Maia arrives alone wearing a Perduellion Mask. She is told to follow the streams of light to find the others. Note that the minds of the Perduellion are linked. They all say the same thing, so talking to one is the same as talking to all of them. However, none will speak to Maia without her blue Perduellion mask on.

Go down the blue path to find Yago trapped in a floating slab then return and speak with the Perduellion. Next, take the purple path to find Sanagril in the same condition. When given the choice, surrender to the circle of light and enter the Tribunal.


After watching a trial, try to speak with Morbazan and the Justiciar then leave.

* Find an Advocate Mask so that you can address the Tribunal & talk to Morbazan


Take the orange path of light to find Neru imprisoned in another slab and surrender to the energy to enter the Archon Temple. Speak with the Advocate to get a Tribunal Mask. Follow one of paths up to another room and speak with Taurgis underneath the bowl of lava. Talk to the Chrysopomp, to buy a Curator Mask (1,600gp) and some Noxious Mud (10gp). You can also buy/sell weapons, potions, etc. here. Continue up to the next level and speak with the temple architects to learn how to free Taurgis.

* Bring Vandal’s Mask to the Archons in order to free Taurgis

Search the area for a Haste scroll then return to the portal. Take it to the Tribunal.


Speak to Morbazan, the Justicier, and the Red Judge while wearing the Tribunal Mask. Afterwards, return to the Temple and talk to the Advocate again (keep the Tribunal Mask on).

* Find a librarian and locate the Book of Laws

Take the portal back to the Wheel of Perduellion. Revisit the blue path and surrender to the light.


The creatures here drop Voidstones, which become useful later in the game. Fight your way through, grabbing treasure along the way. Unlock a secret cave door to see a dreamy view of Teomura then continue until you find Vandal and his daughter, Nepenthes.

* Find Iari’s Left Leg
* Find Iari’s Right Leg
* Find Iari’s Left Arm
* Find Iari’s Right Arm
* Find Iari’s Torso

In order to reconstruct Iari, choose to play Nepenthes’ game:

Round #1: Hit all targets to gain Vandals Key (no time limit) - receive clue
Round #2: Hit all targets in 21 seconds - receive clue
Round #3: Hit all targets in 13 seconds - receive clue
Round #4: Hit all targets in 11 seconds - receive clue

Note that if you exceed the time limits, you can refuse to pay & try again. Vandal will give you the final clue after you find the first 4 pieces of Iari.

Return to the Wheel of the Perduellion & talk with the Perduellion Mask on to get Iari’s Left Arm. Take the green path to find Krobelus trapped in a slab and use the circle to enter the Bibliopolis of Lost Tomes.


Speak with the curator while wearing the Curator Mask to learn where the Book of Laws is kept. Go through the door to find a rune stone. Select which summon creature to level up then take the door on the right into a corridor.

Room #1 (right side) - Find Spirit Vellum and an Obelisk on the shelves
Room #2 (left side) - Find some Tree Sentinels and nothing else
Room #3 (center) - Find the Book of Laws near a chest containing a Magic Ward Necklace. After fighting off some wolves, search other shelves for the Nhuvasarim Page and Lost Realms Atlas. Grab a Magical Dictionary from the desk

Now, return to the rune stone room and enter the door on the left.

Room #4 (left side) - Find an Experimental Vial and treasure chest
Room #5 (right side) - Get a Soul Ring from the chest and find the Condenser Code on a shelf near the back wall
Room #6 (center) - Find a Paper Circle and Book of Gyrefish on the shelves

Return to the rune stone room and enter the center door. Use Vandal’s Key on the locked chest to get Iari’s Right Leg.

Take the portal back to Archon’s Temple. Visit the merchant to buy Iari’s Right Leg for 120gp. Go to the Tribunal and talk to the Justiciar with the Tribunal Mask on to get Iari’s Right Arm. Return to Vandal’s Ruins and talk to Nepenthes again to play the final game (hit 3 masks in 4 seconds).

BOSS: Vandal & Nepenthes >> Speed Amulet / Staff Ring / Vandal’s Mask / Iari’s Mask

Return to the Temple of the Archons. Examine the mask statues on both sides of the huge demon face. Get Iari’s Torso from its open mouth. Give Vandal’s Mask to the Archon architects to free Taurgis. Return to the Wheel of the Perduellion & talk with the Perduellion mask on to reconstruct Iari.

Head down the purple path and enter the Tribunal portal. Equip the Tribunal Mask and talk to the Red Judge.

BOSS: ?? >> D: Energy Chain / D: Fire Ring / D: Cold Ring

Back at the Wheel, while wearing their mask, talk to the Perduellion to gain the Red Mask. Equip it and enter the red portal near the center of the light streams.

* Destroy Ushandal in order to free the others

Select a party and enter the lair.


BOSS: Ushandal >> Ench. Energy Ring / Energy Band / Mastery Amulet / Iari Blue Gem

Before heading off to Paludal’s Bridge, you may want to speak to people while wearing the various masks you’ve collected so far:

* Archon Mask - Talk to Pinks to get a Thought Collector and Drawing of 3
* Tribunal Mask - Talk to Whites to get a C:Fire Ring and Energy Gauntlets
* Curator Mask - Talk to Golds to get an Ivory Case and Magic Circle 3
* Perduellion Mask - Talk to Blues to get Fire Gauntlets and Spirit Vellum
* Chrysopomp Mask - Talk to Yellows to get Ice Guantlets and the Wyrm’s Claw
* Red Mask - Talk to Reds to get Mold: Crossbow and Yellow Amulet

When ready, leave the Wheel of the Perduellion via the multicolored portal near the center.


Talk to Bazig, the mud golem, to get Bazig’s Hammer then search his hut for Maramengo fruit. Use Bazig’s Hammer on the dented gong to unfurl the bridge. Enter the room on the other side. Examine the pots to get some Burning Mud. Grab 500gp and a Twilight Ring from the leaf pile. Get the Blue Swamp Flute from another pile then leave through the back door.

Cross a second bridge to another door. Once inside, beware of the green swamp water in the center, which charms your characters into attacking. Take the back door out to a broken bridge. Use the Blue Swamp flute to repair it. Cross and enter the next room.

Once inside, kill one of the guards to get the Rocarina flute then go down to the gate and lower the bars. Once inside the cell, you can do 1 of 2 things: a.) Kill the Rococro and feed lemurs the Maremango. Use the upper console to raise their cage (get Mold: Hammer) - or, b.) Let the Rococro eat the lemurs, then play the Rocarina flute to raise the cage (get Mold: 2-H Sword)

Grab a D: Fists Ring from the chest and return to the top. Make your way around to the back door. Outside, move across another bridge to another door. Use the pool in the center to heal if necessary. Continue across another bridge to the Mud Pump Room. Get the Empower Scroll from a chest then check out the 3 consoles. You must select which vulnerability to give the Swamp God (fire, cold, physical attacks, spells, energy or poison). Select based on the strengths of the party you have with you. After making a selection, take the path behind the console to find 2 doors. Take the 2nd door (concealed in a wall) to the Foundry.


This is a Weapons and Gem forge. You can use the Molds you have (and ones you collect later) to make weapons, however you can only use each mold once. You only need one of each special mud type as they last forever. Only Morbazan can make gems by using the souls he has collected. Each type of soul makes a different type of gem. Using more souls makes stronger gems.

When finished, return the Mud Room and take the first door. Cross over to another room and grab an Energy Band from the chest. Continue out the back door to Paludal’s Lair. I recommend saving your game before entering the Lair.

BOSS: Ushandal (in 5 forms) >> Mold: Sword / Iari Black Gem / Volatile Mud

This may be the toughest Boss in the game. You have to fight 5 instances of him (thankfully, not at the same time). Use attacks that he is most vulnerable to (the one you set in the Mud Pump Room earlier, for example). Most would agree that if you have Sangaril or Taurgis with you, the fight will be much harder.

After the battle, explore the lair for 2 doors. One leads to a rune stone where you can level up another summon creature. The other is an exit to the World Map.

* Capture the siege engine of the Ancient Ones


Sangaril solo mission

* Find and use the gems that activate 2 consoles

Climb the wall while avoiding obstacles. Once across, obtain the Blue Gem & Orange Gem by defeating the sentries. Insert the Gems into their respective consoles. Note: Stealth adds bonus points, so use Sneak & Backstab if you can. Also, make sure that Sanagril is not using an enchanted weapon as the sentries absorb fire and energy spells.


Neru / Yago / Iari mission

* Find and realign the first 2 Energy Nodes

Fight through enemies until you arrive at a hatchling cave. Grab treasure then take the next path up to a transport pad. Realign the first node by hitting the moving target with an energy beam then step on the transport pad to get to the next area. Make your way over to the second energy node, hitting the moving target just like you did earlier.


Maia / Taurgis / Morbazan mission

* Locate the siege engine

Move down the corridor until you arrive at an iris door on the right. Enter the hatchery and grab an Ice Band from the chest. Exit and continue down the hall until you reach an area with 2 doors. Grab an Enchant Fire Ring from the room on the right then enter the other door. Step on the transport pad to transform the area (you don’t actually go anywhere) then continue down the new corridor to a rune stone. Level up a Summon Creature and grab a Mastery Talisman from the chest. Exit and take the next door to another transport pad.

BOSS: Sharangir >> Chrysopomp Mask / Mold: Axe / Twilight Ring

Have one character continually hit the Eye in order to close it, which forces the boss’s magic shield to drop, allowing the other two characters to physically damage him. After the battle, Iari joins with the energy.

* Go to Khargathalan to destroy the conduit


Here, your party consists of a Tower (Iari) and 2 Orbs - each with specific but limited capabilities. The Red Orb can cast Protect and does fire damage. The Blue Orb can cast Heal and does ice damage. The Tower can cast Dart or Revive. The goal is to keep the Tower alive while using the Orbs as support. Use the toggle button to move them around.

* Find the Blue Tower and then stabilize the bridge

Once the Blue Tower is stabilized, the scene switches back to your main party. You must choose which 2 players advance. Note that you will be using all of your party members in pairs during this series of battles so select teams wisely. When Pair #1 reaches the transport console, the scene switches back to the Tower & Orbs.

* Find the Orange Tower and then stabilize the bridge

After stabilizing the Orange Bridge, select Pair #2 and do the same thing as before.

* Find the Purple Tower and then stabilize the bridge

After stabilizing the Purple Bridge, select Pair #3 and do the same thing as before.

* Find the Super-Structure

When the scene returns to the Tower and Orbs, move them down to the main staging area wherein they will have to fight the superstructure.

BOSS: Super-Structure >> Iari Green Gem L5

Have the Tower continually use Dart on the boss while the Blue Orb heals. Have the Red Orb cast Protect on the Tower then use the remainder of its magic for fire spells.


Iari’s solo mission

BOSS: Khargathlan >> Supreme Arm

Hit all 4 faces with energy projectiles while dodging the gunfire below (the gun will stop shooting when the face dies). Use the exterior walls to hide behind and heal as necessary. After the battle, Iari receives a Supreme Arm, which allows her to equip 2 Gems.


Maia’s solo mission

Examine the tree and grab a Stamina Talisman from a chest near the roots. Go down the stairs to the lower level and speak with Rosalind and Urath (Joseph from Summoner I). Afterwards, explore the alcoves on each side of the stairs for a Speed Talisman & Summoner Band. Finally, examine the white face on the wall.

* Find Krobelus
* Defeat the Tempest

When prompted, choose to return to Halassar. (Note that you can return to the Twilight realm via the tree in Eleh Caverns at any time.)


* Provost 3 - build universities for 7,000gp - gain 1,100xp
* Visit the Labyrinth of Guardians via the throne room - wait to complete
* Restore the Nhuvasarim Tome page in the library - wait to complete

After speaking with Taurgis in the Throne Room, hear some petitions:

* Inquisitor Salaya - reports on the Haradi
* Captain Maeon - reports on Admiral Zoradin

Before heading off to Miridan’s Pass, you may want to conduct a bit of business elsewhere in the World.


* Gather Rathmoss in the lower caverns - if you didn’t plant the seeds before you went to Twilight you can’t now
* Give 2 Spirit Vellums to the Prisoner that asked for them


* Gather Ubenna’s Bolt by the shipwreck - if you didn’t plant the seeds before you went to Twilight you can’t now
* Offer Wyrm’s Claw to the Wyrm of Vengence. Choose either “From afar” (gain 50xp & Ilgerd’s Crossbow) or “With tooth and claw” (gain 50xp & Dagger of Pain)
* Offer the Ivory Case at the waterfall bridge - it belonged to Nula & Nara, daughters of Ezelam II (get Enchantress Staff & 500xp)
* Get the key from Ezelam II’s statue near the shore - lose Teomuran Coin & Mioka’s Song
* Take Ezelam’s Key to Prince Neru’s Lair. Use all 4 Wyrmlord Keys to open the secret door (gain 100,000gp, Willpower Mastery Ring & Vandal Mask)


* Gather Gramarye near the airship wreckage - if you didn’t plant the seeds before you went to Twilight you can’t now
* Talk to Greens in the Archon Temple while wearing the Vandal Mask to get the Tiny Aquarium
* Have Morbazan use molds, muds and gems in the Foundry if desired.


Talk to General Kosi at the Halassar Gate then speak with the Vizier on the other side of the stairs to get the Vizier’s Token, which allows you to Scry a Flag (view what is currently going on at the flag’s location) or Teleport to a Flag (move selected party member to a chosen flag).

There are many different strategies on how to position your troops for this battle, but whichever way you choose, make sure General Kosi is well protected. If he dies, the game is over. If you paid Hawkwood for his services earlier in Munari City, he’ll be here at the gate along with 2 of his bowmen. While you can talk to Hawkwood, you cannot position him. You start off with 10 troops consisting of mages and soldiers. Add to these the 2 mercenaries and your own party (in solo mode), giving you a total of 15 troops to position.

Go down to the garden area and enter the cave. The creature you tended to earlier is now fully grown. Talk to it to get a Strength Talisman. The creature will follow the character that tended to him most often and help the party fight until he dies or the stage is finished. Though you cannot control him directly, an AI-controlled Healer in your party may chose to heal, hasten, or empower the creature on their own.

There are 6 flags to protect as well as the 2 gates (Galdyr & Halassar) and garden area.

Follow me - Troop follows you until you tell them not to
Go to a location - Troop runs to the selected location (garden or gates)
Go to a flag - Troop runs to the selected flag
Hold your position - Troop stops in their tracks. Be sure they are facing Galdyr when they stop or they’ll just stand there while others get beaten to death

Before starting the battle, complete a couple optional quests:

* Pick up Sinewgrass near the water’s edge - if you didn’t plant the seeds before you went to Twilight you can’t now
* Use Drawing of 1, Drawing of 2 & Drawing of 3 at the Shrine of the White Lady - gain Summoner Ring & 15,000xp

When ready, go back to the Halassar Gate and talk to General Kosi to start the battle. The enemies will come in 3 waves, starting at the Galdyr Gate. Make sure to check in on General Kosi frequently so that he won’t die. You can only reposition troops between waves. Good luck!

After the battle, depending on how many flags you kept, there are 6 possible rewards: Boost Band, Stealth Mastery Ring, Regen Band, Absorb Ring, Ice Shield Ring, or Fire Shield Ring.


* Give Faelin the Dream Song - go behind the waterfall to find a Lv.3 rune stone
* Talk to General Kosi 5 - build castle for 100,000gp - gain 10,000xp


Note: Bring Sangaril

* Gather the Scarabee you planted here - if you didn’t plant the seeds before you went to Twilight you can’t now

Use all the plants at a table in the Lab to get elixirs. If you fertilized them while growing, the elixirs will add +30 to stats. Unfertilized plants yield +20 elixirs:

* Gramarye - gain Magic Power Elixir
* Rathmoss - gain Defense Elixir
* Scarabee - gain Magic Defense Elixir
* Sinewgrass - gain Strength Elixir
* Ubenna’s Bolt - gain Speed Elixir

Also in the lab:

* Use a Paper Circle at the window to get Lunaticia Formula.
* Use Lunaticia Formula at the mixing table - combine Amok’s Bane and Green Wolf Eye to make Lunaticia
* Use Venom Formula at the mixing table - combine Spinegrass & Voidstone to make Deadly Venom (unlike the other poisons, you can make more than one dose. If you have extra copies of the ingredients, make as many doses as you can)

Do not exit to the World Map from this area. Go back and get on the boat.


* Give the King of Talas the Lost Realms Atlas - gain Ohmedilosi

MUNARI CITY: 4th Visit

* Harbor District: Give Ohmedilosi to the God of Floods - gain Stamina+20
* Market District: Give Tiny Aquarium & Book of Gyrefish to the Goddess of Whirlpools - gain Strength+20
* Market District: Collect profits from your magic shop
* University District: Give Magical Dictionary to the God of Waterspouts - gain Magic+20
* Enter the door near the tall Obelisk to access a lv3 Rune Stone - you must have the Obelisk that you found in Bibliopolis with you
* Give Osoke the final Experimental Vial - get Moto Code, Icicle Major Scroll & 2,000xp
* Activate Moto Perpetua in the University Lab - gain Energy Resist+5
* Give Thought Collector to the God of Silence - gain Int+20

If you like, visit the Adytum of the Unseen with Morbazan in your party - the entrance is by the Sun Goddess Shrine in the Arena District.

ADYTUM OF THE UNSEEN, Parts 1 & 2: 2nd Visits

* Locate the lv3 Rune Stone - Morbazan will unlock the door for you

In the first area, Morbazan will tell the rest of his story then you may leave.


Watch a scene between Krobelus and Imarbeth, then fight your way down the hall to a door. Enter and continue fighting through to a second door.

Inside, Maia finds the final Lv3 rune stone. Avoid stepping on the energy circles in the room as they will zap a lot of your health. After battling a few more creatures, exit through the back door and continue down another hallway to a garden area.

From the garden entrance, go left around the outer path of the maze. Examine the dirty fountain for a Frog Talisman then keep moving forward. Grab an item from a chest by the stairs and head up. Wind your way through the left side of the maze, checking all alcoves as you go for both treasure and monsters. Examine the chest near another dirty fountain to get a Prophet Cuirass. Avoid stepping on the green circle trap up ahead as it will drain AP. Now, continue past the door and explore the right side of the maze.

Carefully navigate your party past another green circle trap and explore the alcoves on this side of the garden. The first has a chest with Celestial Gauntlets next to another dirty fountain. Examine it to get a second Frog Talisman. Keep moving forward past another dirty fountain and take either ramp up to the center of the maze. Here, you’ll find a statue of Kamileth X sitting in a pool of purple water. Inspecting the statue results in an ambush. After defeating all enemies, head over to the back door and enter.

As before, fight your way down a hallway then enter the Chapel of Sandumar. Head down either staircase and fight off some tough monsters. Examine the map of Galdyr on the wall and grab Ubenna’s Halberd under the stairs before exiting through the lower door. Head down another hall to a second garden.

Make sure to avoid all of the spike traps that are littered throughout this 2nd garden area. For now, head right and fight off some tree sentinels and energy monsters. Go across the bridge. To the left, find a clean fountain. Put one of your Frog Talismans in it to receive a Silver Frog Amulet (+Mind Ward). To the right, note the statue of Menehab II then continue forward into a big center circle with several new path choices.

First, take the path next to the one you just came out of to grab a Death Pact scroll from a chest. Return to the center circle and take the right path leading towards a Tree Sentinel. Cross another bridge. Use your 2nd Frog Talisman at the clean fountain up ahead to get a Gold Frog Amulet (+Death Ward). Continue around the hedge until you arrive at a door. Enter and follow the hall to a shrine room.

Once inside, grab Ilgerd’s Claymore from a chest and exit through the back door. Go down another long hall (which is empty this time) until you arrive at a locked door. Fight off a couple waves of bad guys to gain the Tamirath Key. Use it to open the locked door.

Inside, the party finds Azraman encased in ice. Taurgis wants to free him and Maia is given a choice to: a.) Let Taurgis stay behind to free his brother, or b.) Force Taurgis to remain with the party. If you allow Taurgis to stay behind, Azraman lives & you’ll get a Tagan Warhammer. If you force Taurgis to remain with the party, Azraman dies but you’ll get Taurgis’ help on an upcoming boss battle. Whichever choice you make, head up the stairs to the throne room door and save your game before entering.


After a brief conversation with Imarbeth, prepare to fight 4 of his forms.

BOSS: Imarbeth x 4 >> Crown of Githiran / Mold: Staff / Magic Circle 5 / Githiran’s Staff

Equipping two characters with the Frog Amulets you received earlier will help counter his death and charm spells. Use Meteor Storm, Explosion, or Whirlwind on the boss when he’s in an Invul (invulnerable) state. Summon Blood to pack a big punch and/or resurrect any fallen comrades.


* Go to the Labyrinth of the Guardians via the Face of Larhara in the Throne Room
* Use the Nhuvasarim Page at the tome in the Library

Note that all of your Summons must be at lv3 in order to complete the Labyrinth puzzle. If you missed any, go back and get them now:

1. The Obelisk door in Munari City, University District
2. The Adytum of the Unseen, Part 1 with Morbazan
3. The Halassar Courtyard waterfall passage via the Dream Song
4. Tamirath Citadel - cannot miss this one

If you opt to avoid these battles, continue forward to the Eye of the Storm section, below.


Step on the circles in each room to activate them then destroy the creatures spawned. Grab the Red Amulet and Fortitude Gloves from a chest in one of the lower rooms. Defeating the creatures in this room opens the door at the top of the stairs. Ascend the stairs in the blue room and head up to the gate. Save your game before entering.

Once inside, find a chest to the left of the entrance. Stepping on the blue circle drains AP temporarily, but if you equip a character with the Blue Amulet, their AP increases permanently. Equip the Flaming Cutlass (if you kept it) and use it on the Meat Tree next to the circle to see a cute bonus scene. Afterwards, fight your way up the stairs towards the statue of Titus. Use Magic Circle 2 on it to see another bonus scene. Stepping on the yellow circle in this area diminishes your party’s concentration, but if you equip a character with the Yellow Amulet, their Concentration will increase by 2 points permanently.

Move forward to the statue of Machivel and use Magic Circle 1 to enter a secret location - the Hall of the Blasphemers, courtesy of Volition software. Earn 20,000gp by restocking the fridge. Find the Rag Doll, which is an inside joke for those who played Summoner I. When finished, return to the Tome of the Nhuvasarim.

Step on the red circle trap while wearing the Red Amulet to gain Magic Def+3. Continue forward and enter the throne room. After fighting off some more enemies, stand on the disk in the center of the room and use all of the Magic Circles you have:

* Use Magic Circle 1 - gain 2 Skill Points
* Use Magic Circle 2 - gain HP/AP increase
* Use Magic Circle 3 - gain Magic Def+20
* Use Magic Circle 5 - party gains 25,000xp

After using the Magic Circles, exit the room and go up the back stairs. Enter the next chamber and grab Regen Boots from a chest near the door. Stepping inside the red circle allows one character to permanently increase their Fire Resistance (+30). One of the Nhuvasar will drop Magic Circle 4, a Vortex Rod & Summoning Mastery Ring (which allows Maia to stay in her summon form indefinitely). After defeating the enemies in this area, return to the throne room.

* Use Magic Circle 4 - gain Concentration+2

After using the final Magic Circle, go back to the upper room and use the back door to return to Halassar.


Your party arrives in a room with 4 colored portals. Each portal is linked to a Guardian (Tree, Sand, Eye, and Blood) and each portal has 3 stages corresponding to the level of your Summons (i.e., if you have Tree lv2 you will only be able to access the 2nd stage of Tree and not lv3). You must have all 4 Summons at level 3 to complete the labyrinth and remove the crystal.

General Tips: Use Destroy Undead on all Level 1 Ghosts. Have Sanagril use Deadly Venom or Paralyze/Backstab on all Level 2 Sentinels. For Blood Armors, equip fire-resisting items to reduce their damage or absorb it.

Sand (green)
Level 1 >> Dagger of Death
Level 2 >> Dragon Gauntlets
Level 3 >> Jihana’s Cuirass

Tree (yellow)
Level 1 >>Soul Hammer
Level 2 >> Disciple Gauntlets
Level 3 >>Spirit Cuirass

Blood (red)
Level 1 >> Githiran’s Mace
Level 2 >> Fury Gauntlets
Level 3 >> Anima Cuirass

Eye (blue)
Level 1 >> Githiran’s Sword
Level 2 >> Titan Gauntlets
Level 3 >> Avenger Cuirass

BOSS: 13th Guardian >> Sandumar’s Khanda

When the battle starts, summon Blood as fast as you can and use Dart as frequently as possible.


After completing any and all business elsewhere in the world, enter the Eye of the Storm from the World Map to initiate the final battle sequences…

Maia, Taurgis and Sanagril automatically arrive in the first chamber of what looks like the Imperial Sepulchre. Check a hole in the wall to get Ilgerd’s Crossbow and a couple of potions then examine the defiled statue of Githiran in the center of the room. Use the Crown of Githiran to restore the statue. After defeating some enemies, ascend the stairs. (Er, can I mention I never liked Surdama Kir to begin with?) When the cut-scene ends, Taurgis and Sanagril leave. Neru and Morbazan now join Maia.

Descend the stairs, fighting off enemies as you go, until the group reaches Krobelus. Maia stays behind while Neru and Morbazan give pursuit. The two must fight off enemies without her and make their way into the next chamber for a final showdown with Krobelus.

BOSS: Krobelus >> (gain nothing)

If Morbazan and Neru are leveled up enough, the fight should be fairly easy. Set Morbazan to Healer/Caster and let Neru kick the crap out of Krobelus. If Neru has high Holy skills, use all of them before battle, specifically Fire Protect. Use potions and scrolls during the battle as needed.

Once defeated, the scene shifts to Sanagril and Taurgis, who are still pursuing Surdama Kir. Fight your way down the stairs and enter the next chamber. When you reach the middle of the room, all of your potions are taken away which, needless to say, makes battles a helluva lot tougher. Thankfully, you’ll still have your scrolls. Resurrection scrolls are particularly useful at this stage. If one of your characters dies, have the other use a scroll immediately. Most all of the enemies drop Health Elixirs once defeated, so start building up a new collection. Use as few of them as possible while fighting the minions. You’ll need to save up for the final boss battle.

Continue fighting up a second staircase until you get to a door that leads out to a ledge. Slay a few more enemies to get elixirs before following Kir down the path. Note that Sanagril’s Asphyxia poison effectively silences all enemies in this area. Use it frequently so they won’t heal themselves or cast Curse spells on you. Just before reaching the end of the dirt tunnel, equip Sanagril with Ilgerd’s Crossbow.

When Kir activates her blue force field, move Taurgis in front to trigger it (assuming he can sustain the most damage) and have Sangaril use her crossbow to hit Kir from afar. Use Health Elixirs and restorative skills to keep both characters alive in this area. If either character dies and Kir creates Invulnerable Tempest Demons, it’s best to restart your game and try again. Once you’ve damaged her enough, she’ll deactivate the force field and start running again.

Take a moment to heal and re-equip Sanagril with her sword/dagger weapons so she can start using poisons again. Continue fighting enemies down the path and over a small wooden bridge leading to the beach area. As soon as you step on the beach, your health points automatically start decreasing, so hit Kir as quickly as possible while simultaneously fighting off her minions. Eventually, she’ll run over to the building. Finish off any remaining minions on the beach then follow her inside.

Collect a few more elixirs by killing enemies in the Sepulchre area then continue down the tunnel until you witness the breaking apart of earth. Navigate across the stones to Kir, who stands behind another blue force field. As before, send in Taurgis to sustain the damage and hit Kir up close while Sanagril stays behind and deals with the minions (or acts as a healer). After sustaining enough damage, she’ll disappear, leaving the party to fight off her remain demons. Kill all of them in order to activate the stone circle. Heal up and save your game before using the switch.

After using the switch, Sanagril and Taurgis are transported to a similar area but this time they are blind. Move as quickly as you can along the stone path (you won’t have a map to help you navigate here - just keeping moving forward), killing off enemies until Kir moves again.

BOSS: Surdama Kir >> (gain nothing)

Well, actually you’ve been fighting this boss for quite some time… but at last you’ve come to the final showdown. Once you’ve made your way down the stone path to a certain point, your blindness will cease. Kir will shoot large fire projectiles at you, so use any Fire Resist or Protect scrolls you may have and counter with Ice magic. Focus on hitting her, only taking swipes at the minions when you pass by. She’ll move around a lot, so you’ll have to run to different spots in order to hit her. Just keep attacking until she falls.

Once defeated, you’ll automatically enter the Celestial Sphere with Maia, Yago & Iari.


Upon your arrival, a creature emerges. Yago speaks to his missing daughter, who is definitely not feeling like herself.

BOSS: Rosalind >> (gain nothing)

Summon your strongest and unleash everything you’ve got (I recommend Blood, since it can also heal the party and remove Charm spells). Continuously kill minions until the boss stops summoning them. Use health elixirs at appropriate moments, making sure to save at least 3 for the final boss battle.

BOSS: Tempest >> (gain nothing)

Fight until a Maia/Iari event occurs. Immediately cast Empower on yourself (it will be in your new skills menu) and pound away at Tempest using combo attacks. Cure yourself only when the boss is in a shielded state, otherwise use health elixirs. Note that your new “form” has a combat list like any other character. Use the Power Shield, Energy Disrupt, Energy Attack, or Power Blow commands if you wish - but make sure you have enough health elixirs to survive the extra hits you will be sustaining from Tempest. In my opinion, none work as well as Empowered combo attacks.

After the battle, watch the final scene and stick around through the end credits to see a funny bonus sequence.



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