suikoden IV
  playstation 2 walkthrough


After choosing a name for your Hero, you’ll begin a series of tutorials that help familiarize you with the three types of battles in Suikoden IV: Strategic Naval Battles, Melee Combat, and One-on-One Duels.

During your first Naval Battle, just follow Snowe’s prompts. Whether you win or lose, pirates board the ship and you must fight them off using standard melee moves. Afterwards, you are given the option of dueling the ship’s commander, Glen. Duels in Suikoden IV are basically a variation of “Paper, Rock, Scissors” - using “Fight, Defend, Special” instead. What your opponent says hints at what his or her next move will be. Once you’ve finished the 3 tutorial sequences, you will gain control of the hero.

Enter the ship’s cabin to find a Save Point, marked by the glowing blue orb. After using it, speak to both Keneth and Tal on the upper deck to initiate the opening title sequence. When it ends, the group will have arrived in Razril.


* Item(s): Old Book Vol.9, Steamed Bun, Water Orb, Medicine x2, Mushroom x2, Treasure Map x2

Enter the Knight’s Courtyard where you’ll find 3 doors. The first one leads to the Audience Chamber. Look under the stairs inside for a chest containing OLD BOOK VOL. 9. The second door in the courtyard leads to the Living Quarters. Enter your bedroom to find a Save Point as well as a chest containing a STEAMED BUN and WATER ORB. The third door leads to the Training Hall. Enter to trigger a scene. When it ends, leave the courtyard and go down to the city’s port entrance.

Use the Save Point on the right if you like then move forward until you automatically receive a torch from Snowe. Light all of the torches that people are holding along the main boulevard. After all of the torches are lit, continue forward to the town square, where fellow knights-in-training are gathered.

Talk to all of them then pick 2 to join you and Snowe on the next part of the journey. Now, with a party of four, return to the port area (where the closed shops are) and speak with Chiepoo, a large cat. He tells you pirates, who were last seen entering the bad part of town, have kidnapped a girl.

Enter Backstreet, where you will encounter random enemies who are fairly easy to defeat. As you move forward, look for a chest on the left containing a MUSHROOM. When you reach a large opening on the left, enter. You’ll find the kidnapper and little girl huddled in an alcove full of crates. Approach them to initiate a battle.


Strategy: This battle will not be difficult if you use the Friendship Combo. Heal with items or with Snowe’s rune, if needed. Take out the underling first, then the kidnapper.

After defeating the kidnappers, check the crates for a TREASURE MAP then return to Chiepoo’s area. Look for a small, white cat roaming by the dock. Pet it to acquire a MEDICINE. Now, return to the Hall of Knights and get some rest.

In the morning, go out to the docks and speak with Snowe. After he joins you, return to the Hall of Knights and enter the Training facility. Practice sparring using different combinations of people. Do this at least 3 times then pick your two favorites to join you on your next mission.

The shops are open now so feel free to explore. Grab MEDICINE from a display case in the Rune shop and stop by the Inn at the far end of town to get a TREASURE MAP from the bookshelf inside. There’s also a woman who will give you a MUSHROOM when you speak to her. When ready, go down to the ship outside the Hall of Knights. Speak to the knight standing there to learn what missions are available. Choose the 2nd one, which requires you to deliver a letter to Middleport.


* Item(s): Medicine x5

Sail east towards Middleport, fighting a few random sea creatures as you go. If you become disoriented, press the O button to bring up a world map. Note that you can save your game or anchor the ship at any point while traveling on the sea. Before reaching Middleport, anchor the ship and enter the lower cabin to find a chest containing 5 MEDICINES. When the ship reaches port, you’ll be prompted to disembark.


* Item(s): 1000p, 500p, Treasure Map, Mushroom, Antitoxin, Fancy Console, 2000p

If you chose the 2nd mission back in Razril, speak to the man standing on the dock. He will pay you 1,000p for delivering the letter. Speak to the other townsfolk near the dock to learn that a giant sea creature inhabits the waters around Middleport. Before taking on this mission, explore the town.

There’s a chest next to the Item shop containing 500p and a TREASURE MAP hanging on a painting inside the Inn. Towards the back of town, you’ll find an Empty House. Grab an ANTITOXIN from the barrel next to it and open the nearby chest to get a MUSHROOM. Further up, near the Lord’s Mansion, you’ll find a chest containing a GORGEOUS CONSOLE.

Spend some time upgrading your weapons and armor if you like; otherwise, return to the dock and speak to the man you delivered the letter to in order to board your ship. Return to Razril and, once there, speak to the man on the dock to learn that there’s another mission in Middleport. Accept the task and sail back to Middleport. Talk to the merchant near your ship who asks that you slay the giant sea creature mentioned earlier. Board your ship and sail around the area a bit. After a few random encounters, the giant sea creature will appear.


Strategy: The boss has only a couple of attacks to be concerned with. One of them puts party members to sleep; the other wallops all members simultaneously. However, if you spent a bit of time upgrading your gear, you should face little challenge. Use your runes and attack if you don’t need healing.

After defeating the boss, return to Middleport and speak with the merchant on the dock to earn a 2,000p reward. When ready, set sail back to Razril.


Approach the Knight’s Courtyard to trigger a scene. When it ends, go down to the port and eavesdrop on a couple talking at the edge of the pier. Afterwards, return to the courtyard to meet up with Snowe then enter the Audience Chamber, where you will be introduced to a man named Ramada. When you’re ready to depart, speak to Ramada again near the ship.


Sail northeast towards Iluya Island until a scene takes over. When you regain control, you will find a knight on board to spar with and a stowaway merchant in the cabin who sells basic items if you need some. When ready, speak to Snowe on deck. During your conversation, the ship is attacked. Choose to “Fight.”


Strategy: Your goal is to sink both of Pirate Brandeau’s ships. Put Knights 2 and 3 on the rune cannons, and the rest on deck. Try to engage the flagship first, before the second ship can reach you. Using this setup, it’s possible to sink both ships without taking any damage.

When the battle ends, Brandeau and his crony, the Assassin, board the ship.


Strategy: Brandeau uses Flaming Arrows to hurt you and Kindness Drops to heal himself. Take out the assassin first, so you can focus all of your strength on Brandeau. Simply attack and use your knight as healer if possible. Don’t worry if the knight dies; just finish off Pirate Brandeau.

Watch the scene that follows then face Brandeau in a one-on-one duel.


Strategy: Brandeau’s remarks are pretty straightforward so you should have no problem interpreting what his next move will be. It’s likely that you’ll win the duel without taking much damage, if any.

After defeating Brandeau, the group arrives back in Razril.


* Item(s): Commander’s Medicine, Commander’s Meal x2, Mega-Medicine x2

Snowe joins you as soon as you leave the bedroom and suggests going to town. Enter the port area to trigger another scene then visit the Item shop. After Snowe acquires some “special medicine” from the shopkeeper, return to the Knight’s Living Quarters. Here, you’ll meet Funghi, a cook. Snowe gives you the COMMANDER’S MEDICINE as well as 2 MEGA-MEDICINES before leaving.

When you regain control, enter the Kitchen and speak to Funghi. He asks that you deliver the COMMANDER’S MEAL along with the medicine. Leave the kitchen and take the stairs up to the Spire’s 2nd floor. Enter Glen’s chamber to trigger a scene, during which you’ll be asked about the medicine. Pick the 1st response (“It’s medicine from Snowe.”). When the scene ends, go back downstairs and enter the Courtyard.

Speak to your four comrades to trigger a scene. When given a choice, pick the 1st option each time (“Let’s fight!”). Afterwards, leave the courtyard and approach the knight near the dock to initiate a ship battle.


Strategy: If you set Jewel as your rune cannon operator, the first ship should go down easily. The flagship however, fires shots you can’t stop but they only do 3-11 damage to your ships so you should be able to weather it out.

After defeating Pirate Dario’s fleet, choose to help Snowe by selecting the 1st option (“We’ve got to help Snowe. Hurry!”) Back at the docks, return to Glen’s chamber to trigger another scene. When you regain control, go downstairs and rest in your room.

Upon waking, get another COMMANDER’S MEAL from Funghi in the kitchen and take it up to Glen. When you are finally allowed to leave, go out to the docks where your comrades automatically join you in fighting 3 waves of invading pirates. Afterwards, return to the Hall of Knights and go up to the Spire’s 3F Tower.

When the next scene ends, move forward into the light until you meet up with a shadowy figure. Slash at it once to continue the scene. When given a choice, either plead your innocence (“I did not kill…”) or keep quiet. Either way, you’ll be put on the boat.


* Item(s): Treasure Map, Medicine x10, Steamed Buns x10

Two of your knight friends have decided to accompany you and one of them finds a stowaway on board - Chiepoo, the large cat you met earlier. Speak to him if you want to purchase some basic items; otherwise start sailing in any direction. Once you’ve engaged in a couple of random battles, a merchant ship arrives. When you take control, enter the ship’s cabin and check the table for a TREASURE MAP. Use the Save Point if you like or just go outside and talk to Troy. Afterwards, return to the ship’s cabin and speak with Colton to rest.

Upon waking, leave the cabin to trigger a scene, in which the party is forced fight Troy & Colton. You cannot win this battle, so don’t worry. Afterwards, defeat a few Kooluk soldiers until the group successfully jumps ship.

Back on the exiled boat, talk to all of your party members then anchor. Go below deck to reach a chest containing 10 MEDICINES and 10 STEAMED BUNS. After collecting the items, set sail. Fight a couple of random sea creatures and eventually, a boss appears.


Strategy: This is the toughest boss you’ve had to face so far but 3 blasts from your new Rune will knock it down more than a few pegs. Using your rune, however, depletes health so have one of your party members heal you as needed. If you don’t have anyone with healing magic, use medicinal items.

After defeating the dragon, a tidal wave hits and the group ends up on the shore of a deserted island.


* Item(s): Necklace, Lucky Ring, Water Amulet, Guard Ring

Talk to each party member twice so that they rejoin. Use the Save Point then explore the island. The path behind the tortoise leads to a dense forest. At the very top, you’ll find a chest containing a NECKLACE. At the edge of the beach, there’s a path leading to a small alcove and on the opposite end, an area called Boulder Shade. The cave next to it leads to a subterranean lake. Touch the glowing geyser there to fully replenish the party’s health.

When you exit the cave for the first time, you’ll be asked to comment on the situation. Pick the 1st option (“Then we’ll have to escape”) to bring up a list of chores:

1. Cut down trees
2. Make some rope
3. Gather coconuts

Assign two of these tasks to other party members, knowing that you’ll need to complete the 3rd task yourself. If you chose to cut down trees, go to the forest. If you chose to make rope, stay on the shore. If you chose to gather coconuts, go to the alcove at the far end of the beach. Chiepoo sells basic items, in case you need anything.

Once you’ve collected 3 of the required items, enter the cave and go down to the subterranean lake, where you’ll see a mermaid. When you try to approach her, she’ll swim away, but not before dropping a shiny object. Grab a LUCKY RING from the sand then exit the cave. Back outside, approach the Shady Boulder area and choose to rest.

In the morning, assign chores again. Follow the same procedure as above. This time, when you see the mermaid at the lake, she’ll drop a WATER AMULET. Rest at the campsite again and repeat the procedure the next morning. On your 3rd visit to the lake, the mermaid prompts you to comment on her fate. Pick the 1st option (“I will do none of that”) and she’ll leave you a GUARD RING. Exit the cave and rest one more time.

The boat will be finished when you wake up. Speak to your party members to trigger a scene, in which you learn that Chiepoo is missing. Go through the forest until a scene takes over.


Strategy: Take out the smaller crabs then swipe at the giant one a few times until the group stops and realizes that nothing is penetrating its shell. After using the Rune of Punishment to crack open the shell, the battle resumes. The smaller crabs have regenerated, so wipe them out with a couple of area attacks, saving your deadliest rune spells for the boss.

Upon defeating the crab, move forward into the light until you reach the mysterious figure. As before, take one swing at it to end the dream. Back on the beach, talk to your comrades and choose to leave the island. Lilin, the mermaid, appears and tells the group to head south.


* Item(s): Treasure Map

Fight a couple of random enemies as you sail south. Eventually, a couple of Killer Rays attack the party.


Strategy: Together, these rays use a pretty hard-hitting combo attack, so start by eliminating one of them, ideally the brown ray since he can heal both. Use your rune’s Eternal Ordeal spell to end the fight quickly.

After defeating the sea creatures, speak to your party members to trigger a scene, in which a vessel arrives and the group meets Desmond. When asked, either tell Desmond your name (1st option) or remain silent (2nd option). Either way, go below deck to find a Save Point and a TREASURE MAP on top of an end table. Afterwards, talk to Desmond twice to advance the story.


* Item(s): Treasure Map, Lottery Ticket, Soap, Ruins Entry Permit
* Recruit(s): Tov, Louise, Chadli, Ornan

When you gain control, examine the barrel at the edge of the dock to acquire another TREASURE MAP then follow the middle path into town. Speak to a girl next to the Lottery Booth to get a free LOTTERY TICKET. Note that you’ll acquire additional lottery tickets each time you purchase something from the vendors in town. Near the center stairs, there’s a man named Yu who says he can heal you for 500p.

On the next level of town, you’ll find a Smithy and an Armor shop. The stairs on the far right take you to a group of locals washing laundry. Speak to the woman dressed in pink to receive SOAP. The third level of town has a Rune shop and an Inn. When ready, head up to the palace. Speak with Setsu inside to trigger a scene, during which you’ll acquire the RUINS ENTRY PERMIT. Leave the palace to trigger another scene.

When you regain control, take the eastern stairs up to the cliff path and follow it to a cave entrance. Once the scene ends, you’ll be inside the group’s new headquarters. Inside the Saloon, you’ll meet Tov, Louise, and Chadli. During the conversation, pick the 1st option (“You’re right. Let’s do our best.”), then go upstairs and rest in your private bedroom.

Upon waking, go downstairs and speak to Louise behind the bar to assemble a party. Add her as a Supporting member so that you can take advantage of her Healing ability. Leave the cave headquarters to trigger a scene then follow the path into town. Once there, speak to Ornan, who is standing in the laundry area below the Armor shop, and he will join the 108 Stars. When you are ready to advance the story, go up to the palace garden and ascend the western set of stairs.


* Item(s): 5000p, Thunder Amulet, Magic Hand, One-Piece Dress, Window Set 2, Mega-Medicine x4, Mushroom x3, Escape Talisman, Treasure Map, Iron Hammer
* Recruit(s): Rikie, Rakgi

Follow the path to the entrance of the ruins, where you will meet Rakgi. Enter and keep moving forward until you reach an area with two sets of stairs. First, take the stairs leading down. At the bottom, head north to reach a chest containing 5,000p at the edge of the path. Backtrack and follow the eastern path now. Open a chest at the end to get a THUNDER AMULET then ascend the stairs.

At the top, move forward until you reach a t-section. The eastern path leads to a dead end, so follow the western one. Enter the passageway at the end, heading north now. At the next t-section, go east. Grab a MAGIC HAND from the chest at the end of this path then return to the t-section. Head west and go around a corner to the next corridor.

Move forward until you reach a chest on the right containing a ONE-PIECE DRESS. If you continue all the way down the southern path, you’ll find yourself in a chamber with another chest. The chest actually contains a powerful monster (Angel Hairball) that will most certainly kill all of your characters at their current levels. You are not meant to beat it yet, so just move on.

Follow the path next to the chest where you found the One-Piece Dress and head west. At the next t-section, head north. Continue around the corner and you’ll end up in another stairwell. Ascend the stairs. About halfway up, you’ll see a passage on the right. Follow it to a chest containing WINDOW SET 2 then continue up the stairs.

At the top, you’ll find a Save Point and have the option of going east or west. Follow the eastern path first. Continue forward until you reach the next t-section. Once there, head east. Open a chest at the end to receive a MEGA-MEDICINE then return to the previous t-section and head west. At the next t-section, travel south until you are back at the Save Point. Use it before continuing west. Follow the path until Rakgi warns the group of an aura approaching.


Strategy: Patience is key to winning this battle as the Guard has a hefty amount of HP and high defense to boot. Try to save some of your magic spells (or magic-replenishing Mushrooms) for later as this will not be the only time you face him. The Guard uses an area attack that does about 70 damage to each party member and takes swipes that cause about 80 damage to individual members. Just heal up when necessary and whittle away at him until he falls.

After the battle, continue north until you reach the Inner Ruins. Up ahead, you’ll find a Save Point and a chest containing 3 MUSHROOMS, 3 MEGA-MEDICINES, and an ESCAPE TALISMAN. After getting the items, approach Rikie near the big tree to trigger a scene. Choose either the 1st or 2nd option when Rikie asks about the Rune of Punishment. Afterwards, look under the tree for a TREASURE MAP then start heading back towards the Ruins.

BOSS >> GUARD (2nd appearance)

Strategy: The Guard’s attacks have become stronger, so make sure to heal or revive any character that cannot sustain its 125-plus punches. He can also heal himself now. If you exhausted all of your magic during the first Guard encounter, use some of the Mushrooms you just found and unleash all of your best spells. With a sustained effort, the boss will eventually perish.

Upon its defeat, the Guard drops an IRON HAMMER. Watch a scene in which Rikie and Rakgi join the 108 Stars. When you regain control, you’ll be back on the path just outside the palace.


* Item(s): Seashell

Speak to a woman in the palace’s lobby to get a SEASHELL then follow the cliff path back to Headquarters. The man standing outside the cave entrance is an inventor named Manu. After resting and/or changing party members at Headquarters, speak to Manu to ride his elevator down to the harbor. Once there, board the ship.


* Recruit(s): Lilin

As soon as you board the ship, your mermaid pal calls out for help. Note that this scene will only occur if you have collected at least 10 Stars of Destiny by now. Assuming you have, sail south towards the cloudy spot on your map, where you will find a merchant ship. When prompted, choose to protect Lilin (1st option) then defeat 2 waves of enemies who board your ship.

Afterwards, choose to “Shoot them” (1st option) and Lilin will join the 108 Stars. When you regain control of the ship, sail back to Obel. Just as you pull into the harbor, Dario appears.


Strategy: Set Tov on your cannon. With just a few rune blasts, you should be able to sink Dario’s ship without any problem.

Upon victory, Lady Kika and her crew arrive. When the scene ends, dock the ship in Obel’s harbor.


A soldier tells you to go see Desmond in the cave headquarters, so do as he says. You’ll find Desmond in the 2nd floor passageway. When the scene ends, return to the harbor and board the ship.


Watch a scene involving Ramada & Co. and when you regain control, sail north towards Nay. Along the way, if you travel slightly northwest, you’ll reach a small island called Mordo. Feel free to explore it before continuing to Nay.


* Item(s): Window Set 4, Treasure Map

Head east from the shore to find a small Trading Post. Open the chest behind it to receive WINDOW SET 4. Further down, in what looks like a tent, you’ll find a Hot Spring. Take a dip if you like; otherwise, just check the nearby baskets to acquire a TREASURE MAP. The mountain path leads to a couple of dead ends at the moment, so board your ship and continue sailing north towards Nay.


* Item(s): Wool Loincloth, Treasure Map x4, Old Book Vol.6

From the harbor, go down the eastern stairway and look behind the stairs for a chest containing a WOOL LOINCLOTH. Walk across the beach and take the stairs up to a Blacksmith who can sharpen weapons to level 7. Climb the stairs next to him then look to your left for a chest containing a TREASURE MAP. Head east from there to reach the Village Chief’s House. Search the shelf inside to find another TREASURE MAP then leave. Take the central stairs up to the ‘high ground’ area of town.

There’s an Inn up ahead but avoid it for now. Instead, cross the bridge further north and speak to Oleg, who is standing at the edge of a cliff. When he asks if you want to see what he has, pick the 1st option (“Yes, I would love to see it.”) When the scene ends, go to the Inn and check in.

At night, try to leave the guestroom and watch the scene that follows. When it ends, approach the bed and rest. In the morning, check the bookcase next to the Innkeeper to get OLD BOOK VOL.6 and look in one of the other guestrooms for a chest containing a TREASURE MAP. Leave the Inn and return to Oleg on the cliff. Watch a scene involving his device then go back to the harbor.

Approach the group standing on the shore to learn that a body has washed up. Oleg suggests returning to Obel, but before doing that, you may want to check out the other side of the island, where the cat people live. If so, take the eastern series of stairs up to Stonecutter’s Field.

Enemy creatures abound in Stonecutter’s Field so be prepared. Follow the dirt path, while keeping an eye out for a chest hidden behind a boulder to the south, around the halfway point. It contains a TREASURE MAP. Cross the suspension bridge and enter the Nay-Kobold Settlement.


* Item(s): Lightning Orb, Old Book Vol.3, Treasure Map
* Recruit(s): Perrault

Visit the Trading Post, where you will meet Perrault, who asks a series of questions. Pick the 1st option (“Yes”) when he asks if this is your first time here. Speak to him again and pick the 1st option (“I’m gathering people…”). For his third question, pick the 2nd answer (“Well, yes.”) and on the fourth question, say “Certainly, let’s go” to recruit him. Afterwards, head east and look behind the Appraiser’s stall for a chest containing a LIGHTNING ORB.

When ready, take the central stairs up to a residence. Inside, you’ll meet Bartholomew, whom you can recruit later. Climb the ramp on the right to find a chest containing OLD BOOK VOL.3 then leave the residence. Back outside, follow the path around the house and go up to the hot spring. Take a dip if you like; otherwise, look under the tree on the right for a TREASURE MAP. When ready, return to Nay and board the ship. Sail south, back to Obel.


* Recruit(s): Oleg, Ramada, Akaghi, Mizuki, Cedric, Yu, Adrienne

Go to the Royal Palace to trigger a scene. When it ends, Oleg joins the 108 Stars. Take the cliff path back to headquarters. On your way there, Akaghi and Mizuki stop you and force a fight. Upon defeating them, return to the palace. Watch a scene, after which Ramada, Akaghi, and Mizuki join the Stars of Destiny.

Leave the chamber to trigger a brief scene then take the cliff path back to headquarters. On the way, ships attack the kingdom. When prompted, pick 1st option (“No choice… I must use the rune”) to initiate a ship battle.


Strategy: The two Kooluk ships use fire/wind and wind/earth runes respectively. Counter by setting one fire and one wind person on your rune cannons. All in all, you should expect an easy victory with a bit of planning.

Following the ship battle, watch a scene on the dock then move into the light again. As before, swipe at the shadowy figure once to eliminate it. When you wake up, go down to the saloon. Speak to Perrault near the bar if you want to read his newspaper column; otherwise leave headquarters.

As you walk down the cliff path towards the palace, a foghorn sounds. Return to headquarters and enter the War Room to trigger a scene, in which you’ll learn that headquarters is actually a very large ship. Lino tells you to go with Flare into town and recruit as many townsfolk as you can.

Back in town, talk to Cedric near the Inn and he will join without incident. Next, go down and speak to Yu, the doctor, and he will join. Recruit Adrienne, who is standing next to the Trader’s shop. Finally, recruit 2 men and 2 women from the remaining townsfolk. One of the men is walking near the Inn; the other is fishing on the pier. One of the women is standing near the laundry area; the other is walking in town.

Once you’ve recruited everyone, Flare suggests heading back to headquarters. About halfway there, she leaves. When you reach headquarters, go to the War Room and watch a scene, during which Lino asks if you’re ready to go. If so, pick the 1st option. If you want to shop, rest, or form a party first, pick the 2nd option and just return to Lino when you’re ready to set sail.


* Recruit(s): Mao, Nao

Explore the ship, which consists of 5 floors. On the 1st floor, there’s a Comment Box posted next to your bedroom and a flight of stairs leading up to the Bridge. Before going up there, explore the lower floors for some new additions.

Next to the War Room on the 2nd floor, you’ll find a roster showing the Stars of Destiny recruited so far. Clicking on a name brings up that character’s stats. The back door leads to the Saloon. Louise now allows you to form 3 separate parties while on board the ship and Perrault’s newsstand has moved up to the balcony.

The 3rd floor houses the ship’s boutiques. Adrienne’s shop is now open for business if you feel like upgrading your weapons, attaching rune pieces to them, or making custom armor. Give Adrienne the Iron Hammer you acquired earlier so he can sharpen weapons to a higher level. Chadli sells items and armor at his stall as well.

The 4th floor contains guestrooms as well as Yu’s hospital ward. On the 5th floor, you’ll find Lilin’s Accessory Atelier shop and the Shipwright’s Room, where Tov hangs out. Give him any Ocean Rune Pieces you find so that he can customize the ship.

Sleep in your room on the 1st floor and Tov will mention a “forbidden room” that you should check out. It’s located on the 5th floor, the first door on the left. Enter to find Mao, a mad scientist, who is trying to cultivate mushrooms. When prompted, pick the 1st option twice to recruit Mao. Speak to him again and answer a series of questions related to growing mushrooms:

1. Set the room’s humidity: a.) Damp, b.) A little dry, c.) Very dry
2. Set the room’s temperature: a.) Really, really cold, b.) Slightly warm, c.) Stuffy and humid
3. Set the room’s brightness: a.) Pitch-black, b.) Well-lit, c.) Blindingly bright
4. Set the room’s ventilation: a.) None, b.) Maybe a little, c.) Open those windows wide
5. Pick the amount of fertilizer: a.) Use plenty, b.) Just a bit, c.) We don’t need any

Experiment with various combinations then return later to see what Mao came up with. If you sleep in your room a 2nd time, Tov will tell you to go down to the Cultivation Room again. Do so to meet Nao, a fellow who grows mint. When prompted, pick the 2nd option then the 1st one to recruit him.

When you’re finished exploring, go out on deck to trigger a scene involving Kika’s ship, the Grishend. Follow her ship southwest towards the Nest of Pirates.


* Item(s): Treasure Map x2, Pirate Bracers, Ocean Rune Piece
* Recruit(s): Kika, Sigurd, Hervey, Dario, Nalleo

When the group lands, Kika asks that you come inside, but explore the beachfront first. Look for a TREASURE MAP near the barrels on the right. There’s a wandering pirate who sells items and a Smithy there, too. At the western tip of the beach, you’ll find a chest containing PIRATE BRACERS. When ready, enter the cave.

Speak with Kika, who is sitting at a table in the bar, to trigger a scene, during which you’ll be asked if the two groups should band together. Pick the 1st option (“Let’s fight together”) to recruit Kika, Sigurd, Hervey, Dario and Nalleo. When you regain control, rest up at the Inn next to Phil (whom you can recruit later) or just enter Kika’s room. Open the chest inside to receive a TREASURE MAP as well as an OCEAN RUNE PIECE. Afterwards, leave the bar and board your ship.


Now is a good time to sail around and recruit more people. Start by heading north, towards the small islands west of the Nest, to find Hermitage Island. Though it is not mandatory to stop here at this point, you may want to explore a little if only to mark the island on your world map. At some point, you should anchor the ship and read Perrault’s 1st newspaper issue to learn about Bartholomew. Continue sailing north until you reach the island of Nay.


* Item(s): Message Bottle, Glowing Hand Mirror
* Recruit(s): Bang, Bartholomew, Viki

Go down to the beach a pick up a MESSAGE BOTTLE from the shore. Open the Items>Other menu to read what the message says: “Coral…donuts…small island.” Afterwards, head through Stonecutter’s Field. When you reach the suspension bridge, a strange girl will appear. Before you get to meet her, she vanishes. Continue forward until you reach the Nay-Kobold Settlement.

Once there, speak to Bang at his Lottery booth to recruit him. Continue north to the residence and speak to Bartholomew. When prompted, pick the 1st option to recruit him. Finish up any business you have in the settlement then head back towards Nay.

When you reach the suspension bridge, the strange girl you saw earlier will be there again. Her name is Viki. When she asks for protection, pick the 1st option (“What? Well, okay”) to recruit her. Viki gives you a GLOWING HAND MIRROR, which allows you to board your ship instantly from any location. Test it now, if you like, to pop back aboard your ship.


Viki will be stationed in the 2nd floor corridor, standing next to a mirror that can teleport you to previously visited areas on the world map. Note, however, that teleporting to an area (rather than sailing into port) may result in missed scenes that prevent you from recruiting certain characters. For now, sail east until you reach Na-Nal Island, which is fairly close to Nay.


* Item(s): Treasure Map x4, Stone of Evasion, Stone of Strength
* Recruit(s): Manu, Rita, Jeane, Mitsuba, Reinhold, Ugetsu

Visit the Trading Post up ahead if you like; otherwise head east towards the boat on the sand. Look inside it for a TREASURE MAP. The chest behind the boat contains an enemy. Go ahead and engage it now.


Strategy: The Golden Hairball is much easier to defeat than its Angel counterpart. Physical attacks do not cause much damage to the fluffy creature but a few key rune blasts should take it down quickly.

Upon defeating the treasure boss, you’ll receive a STONE OF EVASION as well as another TREASURE MAP. Now follow the northern path into town.

At the crossroad, head west past the Item vendor to an open-air hot spring. Once there, speak to the man who mentions a woman staying at the Rune shop. Take a dip if you like; otherwise go back down the hill and follow the eastern path to an Inn. Enter and speak to Manu in the lobby. He’s the elevator man from Obel. If you ask him to come along, Manu will install a new elevator in the ship. After recruiting Manu, speak to Rita and choose to play her mini-game, which is a variation of Mahjong. Win 500p off of Rita then speak to her again in order to recruit her.

Leave the inn and take the central stairs to the upper part of town. Once there, continue northeast to the Armor shop. Look near the crate on the left for a TREASURE MAP and speak to the man standing out front who also mentions the woman at the Rune shop, which is further up the main path. Enter the shop and speak with the man behind the counter. Pick 2nd option (“I’d like to meet the Rune Master”) to trigger a scene, in which you’ll meet Jeane. When she asks how she can help, pick the 3rd option to recruit her. Before leaving the shop, check the bureau in the corner to get a TREASURE MAP.

Back outside, go up the hill and talk to Reinhold, who is standing next to the gate. He wants you to take care of a nasty girl for him. Pass through the gate and approach the girl standing in the gathering circle. Mitsuba challenges you to a duel and asks what reward you’ll want if you win. Choose the 2nd option (“Then, would you join us?”) to begin the duel.


Strategy: Mitsuba is a pushover. Just listen to her dialogue to get clues as to when she’ll strike then counter accordingly.

If you beat her, she’ll need to be reminded of what the reward was. Pick the 1st option (“Will you work with us?”) to recruit both Mitsuba and Reinhold. Continue through the gate and enter the Chief’s House. Look for a chest containing a STONE OF STRENGTH then return to the beach.

Board the ship but before sailing off, re-enter Na-Nal and speak with the fisherman standing near the Trading Post. Ugetsu will join up if you have already recruited Rita. Now, return to the area where you dueled Mitsuba. Maxine will be there and challenge the group.


Strategy: Maxine loves using her wind rune and has the capacity to put all of your people to sleep. She is tough, but not unbeatable. Just give her everything you can and abuse that Rune of Punishment.

You will not receive any reward for beating Maxine, but it is important that you fight her now in order to recruit her later on. Finish up any business you have in town then set sail.


* Recruit(s): Shiramine, Lilan

Anchor the ship and go to the 2nd floor. The stairs next to Viki lead out to the Rear Deck. Speak to Ugetsu to trigger a scene, where Shiramine is captured from the sea and asks to join the group. When the scene ends, speak to Shiramine to learn about net fishing. Basically, you cast his net and wait a period of time before coming back to haul in treasure. Ask him to cast his net now, as you may be able to catch a mermaid named Lilan, who swims in between the Nay and Na-Nal islands. If so, she will join the 108 Stars. Either way, speak to Ugetsu to learn about rod fishing then go back inside the ship and ride the new elevator down to the 5th floor.

Once there, enter the first door on the right (across from the Cultivation Room) to find Reinhold. He has started a Training Center where you can practice sparring with other shipmates once you’ve recruited enough people. If you last 5 consecutive rounds, Reinhold will give you a nice item (Rage Orb, for example). There is no limit on how often you can spar.

When you’re finished on the ship, set sail and head directly south from Na-Nal. Just east of Obel, you’ll find Donut Island (which is next to an island shaped like an arrow). Along the way, you may come in contact with a large sea creature named Leviathan, who appears every so often while out at sea.


Strategy: Leviathan uses a sleep spell and has a huge amount of HP but his attacks do not cause a great deal of damage, so just whittle him down and be patient. Take advantage of the fact that you can switch between parties while fighting on board your ship. Defeating the sea monster garners the victorious party lots of EXP and potch.


* Item(s): Treasure Map, Rage Orb
* Recruit(s): Rene

Speak to the girl in the middle of the coral pond and pick the 2nd option (“Passed the test for what?”) to learn that it was she who left the Message Bottle on the shores of Nay. Pick the 2nd option again (“So, we’re hunting for treasure together?”) and she’ll introduce herself. Rene can decipher all of the Treasure Maps you’ve been collecting and, at this point, hands you another TREASURE MAP just before joining the 108 Stars. Afterwards, board the ship and anchor it.

Visit Rene in one of the 4th floor guestrooms at the end of the hall. She hints at going back to Donut Island, so do as she says. Once there, Rene will explain how her divining rods work to find buried treasure. Follow her instructions to find the first treasure, a RAGE ORB.

Board the ship and visit Rene again. She will take all of the Treasure Maps you’ve collected and decipher them. From now on, whenever you are in a location that is close to one of the buried treasures, Rene will appear with her divining rods. It is impossible to look at the small maps to determine exactly where the treasures might be, so don’t worry about it. For now, set sail and travel west, towards the center of the world map until you reach a deserted island.


* Item(s): Taisuke’s Clothes
* Recruit(s): Taisuke, Lilen

The island should look familiar, as it is where you first met Lilin, the mermaid. Enter the cave and move forward until Taisuke stops you. Afterwards, continue to the subterranean lake and speak to him in the water, where he is bathing. He asks that you bring him his clothes. Leave the cave and pick up TAISUKE’S CLOTHES, which are bundled on the sand just outside the cave entrance. Bring them to Taisuke then leave the cave while he gets dressed. Return and Taisuke will join you as the ship’s bathhouse operator.

Leave the cave and re-enter one more time to find Lilen standing near the healing geyser. When she asks who you are, pick the 1st option (“A friend of Lilin’s”) to recruit her. Board the ship and head south, back to the Nest of Pirates.


* Recruit(s): Phil

As soon as you arrive, a pirate informs you that a ‘guest’ washed ashore while the party was gone. Enter Kika’s room to trigger a scene and pick the 2nd option (“Then, my name has been cleared?”) to learn what Snowe has been up to since leaving Razril. When you regain control, leave Kika’s room to trigger another scene then speak to Phil in the bar. If you have recruited at least 40 people so far, Phil will join up. Before boarding the ship, speak to the pirate standing on shore, who mentions a mermaid sighting.


As soon as you board the ship, Snowe’s fleet arrives and initiates a battle.


Strategy: Snowe has two ships that use earth/lightning and fire/wind runes respectively. If you counter correctly, you should have little trouble taking down his ships.

When the battle ends, pursue Snowe’s ship to Razril. Note that you cannot stop at any other island during this stage, but you can anchor your ship to explore, shop, etc.

If you choose to explore, you’ll find Phil in the Shipwright’s room on the 5th floor. He can tailor custom clothing using various items you’ve collected. Taisuke’s bathhouse is open for business on the 3rd floor. Taking a dip with certain combinations of people will trigger special events. Make sure to check the Cultivation Room to see if any mushrooms are available yet and pull up the fishing net to lure in some new goodies. Get in the habit of checking what Shiramine’s net offers after each major naval battle, as the items inside are often more valuable.

Watch a scene when you reach Razril harbor. When Lino asks what to do with Snowe, pick the 2nd option (“You have one chance…”). When the scene ends, return to the Nest of Pirates.


* Recruit(s): Lilon

If you spoke to the pirate on the shore earlier, who mentioned seeing a mermaid, Lilon will appear as soon as your ship enters the harbor. After she joins up, sail to Hermitage Island, which is just north of the Nest.


* Item(s): Mega-Medicine x3, Skunk Orb, Green Bottle, Crest, Treasure Map x2, Crab Bun, Copper Hammer, Earth Orb
* Recruit(s): Elenor, Agnes

When you land, Hervey, Sigurd, and Dario automatically accompany you. Head north along the forest path until a scene takes over. Pick the 1st response (“Are you Ms. Elenor?”) when given a choice. When Elenor asks what you want from her, pick the 1st choice again (“Please fight with us!”) and she will give you a task to complete. Leave the house and head east to find a chest containing 3 MEGA-MEDICINES and a SKUNK ORB. Afterwards, travel north along the back road until you reach the cave entrance. A beast appears and you must fight it alone.


Strategy: This guy is big but his paw swipes don’t do all that much damage. About 3 rune hits should kill it. Just remember to heal up if your HP dips too low.

After defeating the boss, enter the Limestone Cave. Move forward until you reach an altar, where you will find the GREEN BOTTLE and CREST. Search behind the altar for a TREASURE MAP then return to Elenor’s house.

Once there, hand the Green Bottle to Agnes to trigger a scene, in which Elenor takes the Crest. When she asks if you’re sure about fighting the Kooluk, answer as you see fit. Either way, Elenor joins the 108 Stars. When you regain control, enter the dirt-floored room in back and pick up a CRAB BUN on the stove. You can rest for free on the cot in the bedroom; otherwise exit through the door next to the kitchen to prompt a scene with Agnes, in which she joins up.

When you gain control, open a chest next to the house to obtain the COPPER HAMMER then look inside the storage shed for a chest with a TREASURE MAP. Finally, check inside the well for an EARTH ORB. Go back to the harbor and board the ship to trigger a brief scene, involving Lino.


* Item(s): Golden Seal

Anchor the ship and give Adrienne the Copper Hammer you found so he can start sharpening weapons up to Level 12. If you visit Elenor in the Tactician’s room on the 2nd floor, you can participate in naval battle simulations. When you are ready to advance the story, enter the War Room, where Elenor will suggest dueling Lino. No matter how you respond, you’ll have to duel him to earn the title of leader.


Strategy: As usual, pay attention to Lino’s comments, which are all too obvious, and counter accordingly.

Upon winning the duel, you’ll receive the GOLDEN SEAL and be asked to name your ship (in this walkthrough, it will continue to be referred to as the Stronghold). Next, you will be asked to give your group a name (which will be referred to as Hero’s Army in this walkthrough). Afterwards, launch the ship and watch a pretty scene of its ‘maiden voyage’.

Your next destination is Nay but before stopping there, sail further north to Iluya Island, where it perpetually rains. Make sure you have a flower seed in your inventory (they are sold in Nay-Kobold) and put Mizuki in your party before docking the ship.


* Item(s): Treasure Map x3, Ocean Rune Piece x2, Chinchilla Stand, Simple Wallpaper, Old Book Vol. 7
* Recruit(s): Liloon, Nataly, Izak, Kate

Go up the stairs and look for a chest containing a TREASURE MAP and OCEAN RUNE PIECE on the right. Move forward until you reach another set of stairs. If you already recruited 4 mermaids, you will find a 5th one, Liloon, standing on the platform below. Simply talk to her and she’ll join. Now continue towards the western gate to a chest containing a CHINCHILLA STAND. Pass through the gate to reach the Kooluk’s Advanced Base.

Once there, enter the tent on the right. The chest inside contains another TREASURE MAP and OCEAN RUNE PIECE. Look near the barrel in the back for SIMPLE WALLPAPER then leave the tent.

The chest behind the tent contains another Angel Hairball enemy. Again, it may be too difficult to beat at this stage of the game, so just return when your party has leveled up a bit more. Search the crates that are opposite the Angel Hairball chest to find another TREASURE MAP then head west to the next area.

Navigate through rubble and fog until you reach a path leading southwest. You’ll find a girl named Nataly standing towards the western end of the destroyed city. When given a choice, pick the 1st option (“Was it because of the Kooluk attacks?”) to recruit her. You’ll find a second Angel Hairball chest in the northeastern corner of this area. As with the first ones, return later to defeat it.

Moving south to the next area, you’ll find yourself inside a large, circular maze. Approach the man at the southern end, who asks for a flower seed. If you brought one with you, give it to Izak and watch the scene that follows. When it ends, he joins the 108 Stars. Head west along the outer edge of the circle until you reach a woman named Kate. When she asks who’s there, pick the 2nd option. If you have Mizuki in your party, Kate will join the team. Search one of the alcoves along the southern edge of the circle for a chest containing OLD BOOK VOL. 7 then return to the harbor and board your ship.


* Recruit(s): Brec, Jango

Anchor the ship and visit Nataly on the 1F balcony. Give her any Window Sets you’ve collected, which allow you to change the appearance of in-game menus and dialogue boxes. Afterwards, go back to your room on 1F to trigger an event involving Desmond. Inside, speak to Jango and Brec. Pick the 1st option (“How may I help you?”) to recruit the pirate brothers.

Afterwards, enter the War Room to trigger a new event. Elenor suggests it’s time to form alliances with Middleport and Razril. When she asks if her plan is good, pick the 1st option (“Let’s go with it”) then set sail.

You’ll want to make a few pit stops while en route to Middleport in order to recruit a few new people. Start by heading south to Nay. Before docking, put Chiepoo in your party.


* Recruits: Nalkul, Champo

If you brought Chiepoo along, he’ll ask to visit the Trading Post in Nay-Kobold. Start heading over there. If you fought Maxine earlier in Na-Nal, you’ll bump into her again in Stonecutter’s Field. Approach her under the large tree to instigate another battle.

BOSS >> MAXINE (2nd appearance)

Strategy: Maxine is even stronger this time but so are your party members presumably, so use the same strategy as before. Blast her with rune spells and heal party members as needed.

After defeating Maxine, enter the Nay-Kobold Settlement and visit the Trading Post as Chiepoo suggested. Afterwards, leave the settlement. Halfway across the suspension bridge, a scene will take over, in which the Golden Seal will be stolen. Return to Nay-Kobold and look behind the Warehouse to find the two thieves, Nalkul and Champo.

When prompted, pick either the 1st or 2nd option. Either way, the Golden Seal ends up inside the mouse-infested warehouse and you must play a game of “cat & mouse” to get it back. Choose to trust Champo (1st option) to recruit both Champo and Nalkul and begin the mini-game:

Controlling Champo, you’ll have 99-seconds to catch 3 mice and put them in a cage. If Champo bumps into anything he’ll drop his mouse and be knocked unconscious for a period of time, so be careful. If you fail to catch 3 mice in the allotted time, you’ll be allowed to try again. Once successful, you’ll get the Golden Seal back.

Afterwards, return to the ship, where you’ll see a scene involving the two cats. Back on board, head south to the Nest of Pirates – either by sailing or by using Viki’s mirror.


* Recruit(s): Katarina

Enter the cave and talk to Katarina in Kika’s room. When she asks if you killed Commander Glen, pick the 1st response (“No, I did not”) to see more of the scene. When she asks why you survived, pick either answer and Katarina will join the 108 Stars. Leave the Nest and sail to Hermitage Island.


* Recruit(s): Gau, Aldo

Follow the forest path until you have a random encounter with Gau. Defeat him then pick the 2nd option (“Will you come with us?”) to recruit Gau. Continue past Elenor’s house along the route to the Limestone Cave. Midway, you should see a man standing near some trees on the right. Speak to Aldo to recruit him. Afterwards, board your ship and set sail to Mordo Island.


* Recruit(s): Lo Fong, Lo Hak, Lo Seng, Igor

Go to the hot spring tent and take a bath. Once finished, the bath owners try to charge you 10,000 potch. Respond with the 1st or 2nd option. Either way, you are forced to battle the siblings. After defeating them, Lo Fong, Lo Hak, and Lo Seng join the team. You will automatically take control back on the ship but before setting sail, return to Mordo Island. Go to the hot spring area again to find Igor. After recruiting him, head up the mountain path to do a little treasure hunting with Rene.

When ready, set sail for Middleport. Before reaching the shore, you should form a strong party consisting of magic users and/or long-distance attackers.


* Item(s): Interior Design Book
* Recruit(s): Deborah, Oskar

As soon as you arrive, a huge sea creature attacks the ship.


Strategy: The boss is pretty tough but since you’re fighting on your ship, you can swap parties if things get ugly. Note that you can only hit the Isle and its Tentacles using long-range weapons or rune spells. Wind magic seems to work especially well. Take out the pesky tentacles with area attacks first then focus on the main boss. The Isle will put party members to sleep often with its inky squirts and uses a basic group attack causing medium damage.

After defeating the boss, you’ll be in the ship’s War Room and asked to form a party. For recruiting purposes, it is wise to put Sigurd in the party. After doing so, a scene occurs on the Middleport dock.

When Reinbach III asks what brings you to Middleport, pick the 2nd option (“I would like a formal audience…”). Once you take control, go up to the Trading Post and speak to Keen. An event occurs if you brought Sigurd along with you. Afterwards, enter the central square.

Talk to one of the women standing near the Inn to acquire the INTERIOR DESIGN BOOK. Next, enter the Inn and speak to Deborah, who is sitting at a table in the lobby. Pick the 1st option (“Fortune?”) when she mentions it to recruit her. Talk to her companion, Oskar, next. Without knowing it, you’ve just recruited him, too. Rest at the inn if you like; otherwise, head up to the Lord’s Mansion and watch a scene.

Pick the 2nd option each time Reinbach II questions you then return to the harbor. Board your ship to trigger an event wherein Reinbach III asks that you allow him and his companion, Micky, to come along – however you must bring him a Rose Brooch to prove your friendship first. Afterwards, set sail for Nay Island.


* Item(s): Rose Crest

Go to the Inn and speak with Gareth in one of the guestrooms. Pick the 1st option (“Do you know of the Rose Crest?”) then the 2nd option (“Actually, I was asked by Sir Reinbach…”) to get the ROSE CREST. Before leaving the Inn, speak to the man in the guestroom next door who mentions a woman in Middleport. Finish up any business in town then board the ship and return to Middleport.


* Recruit(s): Reinbach III, Micky, Keen, Helga, Etienne, Charlemagne

Speak to Reinbach III at the dock to receive the Rose Crest. Afterwards, both Reinbach III and his sidekick, Micky join the 108 Stars. Now, board the ship and form a new party. Add Reinbach and remove Sigurd if he is still a member. When finished, re-enter to Middleport.

Speak to Keen next to the Trader’s shop. Pay his 10,000p asking price to recruit him. Next, talk to Helga in front of the Inn. Pick the 1st options each time you are prompted until she joins up. If you speak to Charlemagne near the inn, he’ll tell you he’s interested in joining but to come back later. In order to recruit him, leave and re-enter Middleport via the ship (you may have to do this a couple of times) until he’s ready to join you.

Finally, go up to the Lord’s Mansion and speak with Etienne who is standing near the front gate. If Reinbach III is still in your party, she will join. After recruiting everyone, board your ship and set sail towards Na-Nal Island.


* Item(s): Old Book Vol. 4, Elven Remedy
* Recruits(s): Axel, Selma, Eugene

When you arrive, you’ll be prompted to form a party, with Lino being a mandatory member. Head north across the beach. Fight a couple waves of Kooluk soldiers that guard the path into town then watch the scene that follows. When you regain control, you’ll be inside a cell.

Grab OLD BOOK VOL. 4 from a chest inside the cell then rest on the cot. Upon waking, you’ll be outside. Head west down the dirt path. At the opening, travel north into the Elven Settlement. Move forward until you reach the Great Elven Tree where a scene takes over. When it ends, grab the ELVEN REMEDY from the altar. Start heading back to the Chief’s House to trigger another scene.

Afterwards, fight through waves of Kooluk soldiers as you make your way back to the ship. Selma stops the group midway and you end up in an Elven jail cell. When asked to comment, pick either option then speak to everyone inside the cell to trigger another scene, in which Selma frees you. Leave the gorge.

Following another event in town, defeat 2 waves of Elite Soldiers. Afterwards, the Chief asks to form an alliance. Pick the 1st option to accept his offer and Axel, the chief’s son, will join you. Go to the inn and speak to the woman standing outside. She asks that you take her son, Eugene, along to toughen him up. (If you do not see Eugene outside the inn, leave Na-Nal and re-enter via the ship to have him show up.) Now return to the beach and speak to Selma on the dock. Pick 1st option to recruit her as well. Get on your ship and set sail to Nay. Before docking, put Reinbach III in your party.


* Recruit(s): Gareth

Go to the Inn and speak to Gareth in the guestroom. If Reinbach III is in your party, Gareth will join. After recruiting him, go down to the Village Chief’s house and speak to him twice. Choose to show him the Golden Seal then pick either dialogue option. After the conversation, leave Nay.


* Item(s): Pirate King Vest
* Recruit(s): Ted

Anchor your ship and enter the War Room to trigger a scene involving a ghostly vessel that has pulled alongside yours. Form a strong party of 3, with Lino being a mandatory member, then follow the robed man on board. Fight off some Dead Blades as you move forward on the foggy path. When you encounter a Prophet enemy, the robed man will ask a question about your rune. Answer as you see fit then continue forward.

At the end of the path, a scene takes over, in which you meet the Fog Ship’s “captain”. When he asks you to join him, pick the 1st option (“I don’t want to stay here all my life!”) and the robed man will reveal himself as Ted. He joins you in fighting the ghostly captain.


Strategy: The Fog Ship Captain uses two principle attacks: an area attack that hits all party members for medium damage and one that leeches a substantial amount of HP from individual members to heal himself. The second attack can kill you so make sure to use Ted’s water rune liberally to keep the party healthy. Have others cast their most powerful spells or use combos if possible. Once you’ve depleted the boss, he will stop the battle.

Watch the scene that follows in which Ted acquires an awesome Soul Eater rune. Open the chest up ahead to receive a PIRATE KING VEST then head north to get back to your ship. Once there, Lino asks Ted to join the group. Pick the 1st option (“Join us”) to recruit Ted. When you regain control, re-enter Nay.


* Recruit(s): Kevin, Pam, Millay

Go back to the Chief’s House and speak to him. If he tells you to come back later, leave Nay and re-enter via your ship. Keep visiting the chief until Kevin and Pam join you. After recruiting them, put Reinbach III in your party and go to Miiddleport.

Once there, speak to the man standing near the Trading Post, who mentions a girl named Millay. After receiving the information, zap over to Na-Nal.

With Reinbach III still in your party, approach the trio standing on the beach to trigger a scene involving Millay and two scoundrels that are hassling her. Defeat the scoundrels in order to recruit Millay. Afterwards, board your ship.


* Recruit(s): Helmut

Anchor the ship to see what some of your new recruits are up to. Kevin and Pam have set up food stations behind the bar on 3F. Give them any fresh fish you’ve caught. They can make a variety of beneficial dishes for you depending on the type of fish you supply. Etienne is on the 1F balcony. Speak to her if you want to hear musical compositions from the game. Keen is in a room on 4F. Visit him alone to hear what your fellow crewmembers privately think of you.

When you’re ready to advance the story, enter the War Room, where Elenor tells you it’s time to head to Razril. When given a choice, pick either answer then set sail. As you approach the Razril harbor, a Kooluk fleet arrives and Elenor asks if you are ready to fight. If so, pick the 2nd option to initiate a naval battle.


Strategy: Your goal is to defeat the Kooluk flagship stationed between two others. Each enemy ship holds 2 different types of rune cannons so set up yours to counter accordingly. Focus on taking out the ship on the left first - as halfway through the battle, the one on the right (Helmut’s ship) will join your side to help defeat the remaining Kooluk fleet.

Upon victory, allow Helmut to join by selecting the 1st option then dock in Razril.


* Item(s): Platinum x5, Window Set 9, Silver Hammer, Treasure Map, Guardian Bracelet, Hero’s Shield
* Recruit(s): Razril Friends x2, Basil, Maxine, Konrad, Funghi, Karl, Frederica, Gretchen, Ameria

When you arrive, the two friends you didn’t bring along originally (Jewel, Keneth, Tal or Paula) greet you. After they join up, move forward and look near the crates on the right for a chest containing 5 pieces of PLATINUM. Do some shopping if you like; otherwise, start talking to all of the townsfolk you pass as you make your way up to the town square. On Main Street, a man wearing a yellow tunic will give you WINDOW SET 9.

In the town square, you’ll find Basil standing on the ledge to the left of the Inn. Just speak to him and he’ll join. Afterwards, enter the Inn. If you fought and beat Maxine twice earlier, you’ll see her standing in the lobby. Speak to her and she’ll join without incident. If Katarina is in your party, speak to Konrad and he’ll join. (You can come back later with Katarina to recruit him, as well.) Once you’re finished up in town, head over to the Hall of Knights.

Again, talk to everyone you pass as you make your way towards the Training Hall. If you’ve spoken to enough locals, a scene will trigger as soon as you enter the Hall. Pick the 1st option to rouse them then engage Lord Vingerhut’s soldiers in an easy battle. When you regain control, it will be dusk (orange sky). Re-enter the Knight’s Courtyard to pick up a few nice treasures that will not be available later.

First, look in front of the Audience Chamber door for a chest containing the SILVER HAMMER then enter the living quarters and go upstairs. On the rooftop, you’ll find a chest containing a TREASURE MAP and GUARDIAN BRACELET. Go back down and enter the Kitchen. Speak to Funghi twice. After recruiting him, enter the Training Hall. You’ll find a chest in the far corner containing the HERO’S SHIELD. Speak to the little girl who is standing with her father there and they’ll decide to go along with you. Leave the Training Hall and return to town.

Approach your ship to trigger a brief scene involving Katarina. When it ends, choose to rest (either at the inn or your room in the Hall of Knights). Upon waking the next morning, more people become available to recruit. Go down Back Street to find Karl standing in the opening. After recruiting him, enter the Item shop and talk to Frederica, who now accepts your offer. Gretchen is standing in front of the Armor shop. After recruiting her, enter the Hall of Knights and go up to the 3F spire. You’ll find Ameria there, looking out to sea. Pick the 2nd then the 1st option to recruit her. Complete any other business you have in Razril then board your ship.

As soon as you board, a pirate ship attacks.


Strategy: An easy battle considering you have 3 ship’s fighting against one. Just pound away until the enemy ship falls.

When the battle ends, choose either the 1st or 2nd option, and Snowe will leave.


Set sail towards Na-Nal. Along the way, anchor the ship so that you can give the Silver Hammer to Adrienne. You’ll see that Funghi has set up a 3rd floor food stand as well. While anchored, visit Pablo in the 5th floor’s Rune Cannon room to learn of a powerful wizard in Middleport that you’ll be paying a visit to soon. Before docking in Na-Nal, put Mitsuba in your party.


* Recruit(s): Jeremy, Gunter

Go up to the gathering circle where you first met Mitsuba (and where you fought Maxine) to find Jeremy. Pick either dialogue option to recruit him. On your way back down to the beach, you may see Gunter, the dice player from Middleport, standing near the shops. If so, speak to him to recruit him (if he is not there or fails to recruit, Gunter will appear later in Obel).

You may want to stick around Na-Nal for a while to level up some of your new recruits as the Kooluk enemies here offer great experience and are relatively easy to defeat. When ready, board your ship and form a strong party. If you spoke to Pablo in the Rune Cannon room earlier, sail to Middleport.


* Item(s): Ocean Rune Piece, Treasure Map, Great Earth Armor, Sliding Door, Ivory Robe, Canvas 2, Old Book Vol. 8
* Recruit(s): Warlock, Pecola

Enter town and go down the side street to the empty house at the end of the path. Examine the open chest inside, where you will be asked a mathematical question. If you recall, Pablo hinted that you should answer incorrectly, so pick “24”instead of the correct number. Doing so allows you to enter the secret passage below.

Examine the chest in the corner to obtain an OCEAN RUNE PIECE and TREASURE MAP then head west to the next area. Move forward until you reach an intersection. Follow the path on the right to a 2nd intersection. Head left and go to the end where you will find a chest containing GREAT EARTH ARMOR. Now, backtrack to the first intersection and move forward until you reach a 3-way split.

Take the leftmost path to the end where you will find a chest containing a SLIDING DOOR. Return to the 3-way split and follow the rightmost path to the next area. Move past another 3-way split to a second intersection (beyond the footbridge). Once there, follow the rightmost path to a chest containing an IVORY ROBE then backtrack to the 3-way split. Head left to reach the next area.

Veer left at the intersection. You’ll find a chest at the very end of the leftmost path containing CANVAS 2. After getting the item, backtrack to the first intersection in this area. If necessary, heal your party members before following the path on the right. As soon as you do, a dragon appears.


Strategy: This boss is similar to Leviathan in that it has a large amount of HP to whittle down and its attacks cause only moderate damage. As usual, use your most powerful rune spells to knock the boss down a few pegs then finish it off with physical attacks and/or combos.

After defeating the dragon, move forward to an Underground Laboratory. Search the shelves on the left to obtain OLD BOOK VOL. 8 then speak to the man in the room. When Warlock asks what you want, pick the 1st option each time until you recruit him. After doing so, return to your ship.

Re-enter Middleport from the sea and go back to Warlock’s house. Inside, you’ll find Pecola. If you acquired her Interior Design Book earlier, pick the 1st option (“What are you doing?”) to recruit her. Afterwards, leave Middleport.


Speak to Pecola on the 3rd floor near the baths and she will take any interior design elements you’ve collected. Speak to her again to place pieces in the Ornament Room behind her. When finished with other business aboard the ship, set sail to the Nest of Pirates.


* Recruit(s): Tanya

Speak to Tanya, who is standing near the cave entrance. When she asks if you know Elenor, pick the 1st option each time until you recruit her. Enter the cave to trigger a scene, in which the group plans their attack on Obel and the Golden Seal is returned to Lino. Pick the 2nd option to witness a scene involving Ramada. When it ends, you’ll be back on your ship. Set sail toward the Kingdom of Obel.


* Item(s): Pirate King Bracers

As you approach Obel, a scene occurs, during which you’ll have to assign ship positions and crew. Unlike previous naval battles, you will have to plan without initially knowing the strengths or weaknesses of the enemy ships you’ll be facing. In general, create 3 balanced groups then press ‘Start’ to exit the set-up menu.


Strategy: The two enemy ships se wind/earth and water/lightning runes respectively and each boasts a fairly hefty hull capacity. Redistribute your crews and cannon operators if necessary then commence the battle. Jeane’s lightning skills work especially well against both ships.

Watch the scene that follows, in which a second fleet of enemy ships arrives. When Elenor asks if you are ready to face them, tell her to “wait a minute” (2nd option). Speak to the crewmember standing next to Colton to receive PIRATE KING BRACERS then return to Elenor and tell her you are ready to fight.


Strategy: None of the enemy ships move, making this an all-too-easy victory…

As you might have suspected, the battle was a trap. Choose to use the Rune of Punishment to take down the mysterious fleet and watch the scene that follows. When you regain control, follow the light tunnel to a familiar figure. As before, one swipe will make the figure disappear. When you come to, your rune will have gained a level. Form a party and include Yu as the supporting member. Also, if you haven’t introduced yourself to Nico yet, seek him out on the upper deck before docking in Obel.


* Item(s): Wave Wallpaper, Golden Hammer
* Recruit(s): Wendel, Nabokov, Carrie, Trishtan, Gary, Ema, Noah, Rachel, Travis

If you spoke to Nico while on board the ship, you’ll find his pal Wendel on the dock. Pick either dialogue option to recruit her. Follow the path into town and speak to Nabokov at the Appraiser’s shop to recruit him. Go up the stairs near the Lottery booth and speak to a woman dressed in pink near the laundry line to acquire WAVE WALLPAPER.

If Dr. Yu is in your party you’ll find his assistant, Carrie, in the center of town. Invite her to join then go upstairs and speak to Trishtan near the inn. So long as Yu is in your party, he will join. If you were unable to recruit Gunter earlier he will be standing on the opposite side and will now join the group without further requirement. In the palace garden, speak to the couple near the water. After recruiting Gary and Ema, enter the palace and look behind the throne. Noah will be there but it will take a little bit of coaxing before she’ll come out and join you.

Before going to the old cave stronghold, make sure you have at least 10,000 potch on hand and put Cedric in your party as support. At the cave entrance, you’ll meet Rachel who will join up if you pay off Cedric’s debt (amount varies). After doing so, return to your ship and form a strong party. Make sure you have at least one Escape Talisman in your inventory then return to Obel and enter the ruins.

Note that enemies inside the ruins have become stronger, so make sure you’re well prepared before entering. At this point, your party should be strong enough to defeat the Angel Hairball in the treasure chest you passed earlier, so go back there and tackle it now.


Strategy: Like other treasure bosses, physical attacks do less damage than magical ones so exploit your runes until the creature tumbles.

Upon defeating the Angel Hairball, you’ll receive the GOLDEN HAMMER, which allows Adrienne to sharpen weapons to their highest level. After getting it, navigate through the corridors until you reach the Inner Ruins. The Guard boss you defeated earlier appears to be blocking the path up ahead but you can avoid confrontation simply by walking around it.

Move forward to the big tree where you will meet Travis. If you brought an Escape Talisman, Travis will want you to prove it’s real. Go ahead and use the Talisman, which transports you to the beginning of the ruins. Return to Travis under the tree and he’ll be ready to join you. Complete any other business you have in Obel then board your ship and sail to Mordo Island.


* Recruit(s): Snowe

If you followed this walkthrough, you should have recruited 107 Stars of Destiny by now. Check the roster on 2F to see if that is true. If so, go to Mordo Island and speak to the merchant near the spa tent, who mentions having seen a person drifting in the ocean recently. After getting the information, board your ship and head west.

While on the open sea, fight a few random battles until a scene takes over. When given a choice, pick the 2nd option (“Perhaps we should let him join us”) to finally recruit Snowe.


Now that you have recruited everyone, it’s time to tie up any loose ends before entering the final stage of the game. First, create two well-balanced parties, equip them with the best gear, and sharpen their weapons to the maximum level you can afford. Remove any special runes or armor from the remaining characters so that you’ll have these items available in “New Game Plus”. Next, complete all tasks on board your ship (bath scenes, fishing/cooking, creating armor, mini-games, etc.) and then wrap up any outstanding business you have in other parts of the world (treasure hunting, trading, defeating Angel Hairballs, etc.).

In terms of treasure hunting, there are 2 additional islands in the world that are not marked on your map. One is directly north of Razril and the other is directly south. If you feel like tackling them, now is the time to do it. Make sure to bring your primary party members along so that they gain a few more levels while searching for the treasures. Skip the next 2 sections if you just want to move on with the game.


* Item(s): Silk Shoes, 10000p, Silver Bracers, Mixed Herbs, Diamonds x5, Prosperity Orb

If you sail directly north from Razril, you’ll eventually reach a cluster of spiky islands. Dock your ship on the only one with a beach. Rene will appear with her dousing rods as soon as you land, so start searching for buried treasures on the sand. Additionally, there are mountain paths leading to more buried treasure as well as a few chests.

All of the chests are located on the tips of the mountain paths so follow each one to their end to acquire SILK SHOES, 10,000p, SILVER BRACERS, and MIXED HERBS. The 5th chest contains a Golden Hairball, which should be very easy to defeat if you’ve spent time leveling up.


Strategy: This guy is a pushover compared to his Angel brethren. A couple of good rune hits should kill it.

After defeating the Golden Hairball, you’ll receive 5 DIAMONDS and a PROPERITY ORB. When finished on the island, board your ship and return to Razril.


* Item(s): Treasure Map

If you sail directly south from Razril, you’ll eventually reach a white island. Dock your ship and start searching for buried treasures with Rene. There is but one chest on the island and it contains a TREASURE MAP. After finding all of the loot, board your ship.


* Item(s): Wooden Amulet

Go out on deck to trigger a scene involving Ramada’s bird then enter the War Room to hear Elenor brief the group on its final mission. If you’d like to hear her explain it again, pick the 1st option; otherwise tell Elenor you’re ready to get on with the plan. When you regain control, go to your room and rest.

Upon waking, return to the War Room. Speak to Elenor to select a detachment party to penetrate El-Eal’s fort while your main party remains in front to attack Kooluk’s fleet. The 2 parties should consist of the characters you just spent time leveling up, equipped with the best armor and runes, etc. Put your best healers in as support for both parties (Yu and Rikie, for example). Afterwards, go to your room and rest again.

In the morning, return to the War Room and watch a scene that ends out on deck at night. Talk to your shipmates to see various scenes. In particular, speak to Noah in the 2F Saloon to receive a WOODEN AMULET. If you haven’t done so already, stock up on health items and Sacrificial Jizos.

After wrapping up all other business you have on board the ship, return to your room and rest one last time. The spirit of Leknaat will visit during the night and offer some insight into your future. Upon walking, go out on deck to trigger a scene. When it ends, you will take control of Elenor and the detachment party underneath El-Eal.


* Item(s): Mega-Medicine x2, Hero’s Helmet, Cape of Darkness, Chaos Shield, Goddess Robe, Mixed Herbs x2, Fortune Orb, Stair Room Key, Magic Canceller

Follow the foggy path until a scene takes over, in which the Kooluk fleet arrives.


Strategy: This is your last ship battle so have some fun. The 3 enemy ships you’ll face wield a variety of rune cannon types so set up your 4 ships for any scenario you might run into. Try taking out one of the weaker ships first by moving your fleet to either the left or right side. Avoid the center ship for as long as you can as it packs a powerful punch. The battle will not be too difficult if you spent some time leveling up your crewmembers.

Upon victory, you’ll retake control of Elenor on the foggy path. Follow it up to the fort’s entrance where you will find a chest containing a MEGA-MEDICINE. After getting the item, enter the fort. On the 1st floor, you will see two sets of stairs. Take the one going down to the basement level first. Follow the corridor past empty jail cells until you find a chest on the left containing the HERO’S HELMET. Check the corpse in the cell at the end of the corridor to receive the CAPE OF DARKNESS then return to the 1st floor and go upstairs. On the 2nd floor, you’ll find a locked stairwell door. If you move around to the back, you’ll reach a chest containing another Angel Hairball enemy.


Strategy: At this point, the Angel Hairball should pose little threat. Rune magic is your best bet for a quick defeat. If your detachment party is having trouble beating it, tackle the boss later when you return with your principle team.

Upon defeating the Angel Hairball, you’ll receive the CHAOS SHIELD. Now, take the stairs up to the 3rd floor. Once there, go around back and follow the hallway south to a chest containing the GODDESS ROBE. After equipping the item, go up to the 4th floor.

Again, head south to reach the back hallway. Before entering the Control Room, look to the right for a chest containing MIXED HERBS, MEGA-MEDICINE, and a FORTUNE ORB. Heal up and use the Mixed Herbs to replenish magic if you exhausted your spells while fighting the Angel Hairball earlier. When ready, enter the control room to meet up with Graham Cray.


Strategy: Cray is quick on his feet so party members with low speed ratings may have trouble hitting him consistently. His area attacks cause 80-90 damage per person and his lightning spells cause about 150. When his HP dips low enough, he’ll start defending himself by erecting a shield that reduces the amount of physical and magical damage you inflict. Even so, he’s not very difficult to beat.

Once Cray stops the fight, you will take control of the Hero’s party outside of the fort. Make your way up to the 4F Control Room. Once there, enter the office on the right and search the desk to acquire the STAIR ROOM KEY. Also, rest on the couch to replenish the party. Afterwards, return to the 2nd floor and use the key on the stairwell door to unlock it. Enter.

Open a chest underneath the stairs to receive a MAGIC CANCELLER then start climbing. The stairs are very, very long and may seem endless, but eventually you will reach another chest containing MIXED HERBS. Keep climbing until you get to the final Save Point in the game. Heal your party and use those Mixed Herbs if you need to then enter the door to meet the final boss.


Strategy: Use your best area attacks to take out the seeds, as one has the ability to heal the main tree. They eventually revive but the extra time allows you to focus on the main boss who is very powerful indeed. Unleash everything you have while paying close attention to health levels. With patience and good timing, the tree will fall.

After defeating the boss, the fort will start to collapse. Make your way back to the dock where Rakgi is waiting. Before speaking to him, remove any special armor or accessories that your party is wearing. When ready, board the ship.


Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the ocean… Troy appears to engage you in a final duel.


Strategy: Dueling Troy is more of a formality than a real challenge. His comments are obvious and one could easily beat him by simply guarding each time.

After defeating Troy, you will have the option of inviting him on board or just letting him go. Either way, he will leave and the closing scenes begin. Watch all of them, including the end credits. At the very end of the game, you will be asked to save your game. Do so, as a few new things become available to you in “New Game Plus”, should you choose to replay Suikoden IV from your cleared data file.



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