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Apart from regular items you’ll acquire in Suikoden III (such as healing herbs and potions), you’ll no doubt collect a few that you can do nothing with until certain conditions are met. In some cases, they can be purchased but mostly you must talk to townsfolk, loot corpses, beat foes, or win the lottery to acquire these “special items”:

ANTIQUES: These include Paintings, Statues, and Figurines (such as vases and urns). Antiques with a ? symbol next to them must first be identified by an Appraiser. Once antiques are identified, you can display them at Lake Castle. Paintings are placed in the empty picture frames, Figurines are placed on empty credenzas, and Statues are placed on pedestals in the Gallery room upstairs. Antiques can also be sold in town.

SEEDS: Once you recruit the Gardner, give him seeds to grow things you can use to heal or trade.

RECIPES: Once you recruit the Cook, you can combine spices and food to create items that heal HP or put your character into various states.

BATH ITEMS: Once you recruit the Bath Builder, you can take a soak in Lake Castle’s bathhouse. Equip your character with a bath item to see different effects while there.

OLD BOOKS: Once you recruit the Librarian, hand over Old Books and read them. They contain useful information such as where to find rare items, etc.

SCRIPTS: Once you recruit the Theater Director, you can put on plays at Lake Castle. The director comes with one script but find others to perform different plays.

MEDAL SETS: Once you recruit the Appointer, you can give him Medal Sets, which are then used to boost character skills such as Accuracy, Swing, etc.

DOG KENNELS: Once you recruit Koroku, you can change the look of his doghouse at Lake Castle (outside the main building on the left).


You cannot start recruiting characters until you have visited Lake Castle. Geddoe can go there as early as chapter 1, Chris in chapter 2, and Hugo in chapter 3 (he can recruit one person towards the end of his chapter 2, actually). Listed below are those you will have to recruit manually. The others will join automatically as the story progresses. Note that you can continue to recruit people until the final boss battle in chapter 5 - with the exception of Franz, Ruby, Iku, and Duke’s squad.

Automatic Stars (alphabetical):

1. Ace
2. Aila
3. Anne (support)
4. Apple (support)
5. Bazba
6. Beecham
7. Borus
8. Caesar (support)
9. Cecile
10. Chris
11. Dios (support)
12. Dupa
13. Eike (support)
14. Fred
15. Fubar
16. Geddoe
17. Hallec
18. Hugo
19. Jacques
20. Jimba
21. Joker
22. Juan
23. Leo
24. Lilly
25. Louis
26. Luce
27. Lucia
28. Martha
29. Mua
30. Muto (support)
31. Nash
32. Percival
33. Piccolo
34. Queen
35. Reed
36. Rico
37. Roland
38. Salome
39. Samus
40. Sasarai
41. Sebastian (support)
42. Sgt. Joe
43. Shiba
44. Shizu (support)
45. Thomas
46. Yuiri
47. Yumi
48. Yun

Non-Automatic Stars (alphabetical):

ALANIS - Great Hollow, near the fountain
Talk to her with Melville and Elliot in your party.

ARTHUR - Brass Castle, Dining Room
After Hugo’s chapter 1, help him solve the case by searching the fireplace in the kitchen.

AUGUSTINE - Vinay del Zexay, by the docks
Bring him a Rose Brooch, a rarity sold in Iskay’s Item shop.

AYAME - North Cavern, the last chamber
After recruiting Watari, find him in sub-level 2 at Lake Castle. After the cutscene, go to North Cavern with Watari and duel Ayame.

BARTS - Iskay Village, near the windmill
Give him GrapesC (available from Traders in either Caleria or VDZ).

BELLE - Brass Castle, eastern courtyard
Bring her a screw (monsters drop them in Plain Amur).

BILLY – Lake Castle, Statuary room
Win an S-Statue from a Treasure Boss (North Cavern, Mt. Hei-Tou, Mt. Senai, or Mountain Path) then place it on the center pedestal. Exit then re-enter the Statuary room to find him. Beat him at a game of cards.

BRIGHT - Mountain Path
Joins with Futch.

CONNIE - Great Hollow, southeast cavern
Once you’ve recruited Koroku & Koichi, you’ll find her up the middle path from where Twaikin was digging.

DOMINIC - Vinay del Zexay, armor shop
Buy his Mole Armor.

DUKE - Mt. Senai
During chapter 5, have Geddoe fight off all enemies to save villagers. This is a one-time deal.

EDGE - Le Buque, next to the Rune Sage house
Beat him in a duel.

ELAINE - Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

ELLIOT - Vinay del Zexay, alleyway
Joins with Melville.

EMILY - Chisha Village, underground tavern
She’s sitting at a table. Your party’s collective PWR must be high enough to beat her at arm wrestling.

ERNIE - Brass Castle, inside the Tutor’s library room
Answer 5 random questions. You can try as many times as you want.

ESTELLA - Alma Kinan, Inn
Talk to Rody outside the Inn then enter and speak with her. Go to the Shrine and talk to the person there. Report back.

FRANZ - Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

FUTCH - Mountain Path, Caleria exit
From the Caleria side, just walk a short distance and you’ll see him on the path. Agree to help him find Sharon.

GADGET Z - Brass Castle, eastern exit
Joins with Belle.

GAU - Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

GORDON - Iskay Village, in the Item Shop
For Chris, just talk to him. For Hugo or Geddoe, fill your party with all males or just Augustine.

GORO - Zexen Forest
Bring a character with an Appraisal skill and talk to him.

GUILLAUME - Ancient Highway, Cyndar Door
After recruiting the 3 performers (Nei, Toppo & Shabon) in VDZ, he’ll be at the Ancient Highway trying to open the door to Cyndar Ruins. Duel with him.

HORTEZ VIII - Revolves between Duck Village, Chisha & Caleria
Give him correct directions to Budehuc Castle 3 times. When you see him again, give him the wrong directions.

IKU - Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

JEANE - Brass Castle, Rune shop
Just talk to her in her shop.

JEFFERSON - Lake Castle, entrance
After recruiting 70+ characters, he will automatically come to the castle. Do not have Juan in your party.

KATHY - Plain of Amur-North
Count the number of horses she has. The total is random.

KENJI - Yaza Plain
After recruiting Kathy, you’ll find him exercising in the Yaza Plain. Ask for water after exercising.

KIDD - Duck Village, guestroom behind the Inn
Help him solve the case by looking for clues then talking to 3 villagers. Bring the Letter scrap back to him.

KOGORO - Cyndar Ruins, second left
Once you’ve recruited Koroku, Koichi, Connie & Kosanji: Find him in the cul-de-sac and choose to adopt him.

KOICHI - North Cavern, second screen
Once you’ve recruited Koroku, you’ll find him hiding behind the crates on the right.

KOROKU - Mt. Hei-Tou, cul-de-sac with corpse
Follow the left path at the first intersection then go left again to find him in the tall grass. Adopt him.

KOSANJI - Mt. Senai, cliff on right
Once you’ve recruited Koroku, Koichi, & Connie: Midway up, follow the path on the right out to a cliff. He’s hanging off the front edge. Click on the X button to retrieve him.

LANDIS - Kuput Forest, near center clearing
He randomly shows up if you have a party with only 5 characters. May need a high Luck rating.

MAMIE - Duck Village, inside the Appraiser’s shop
Give her a Crab Rice Bowl. Hallec joins with one or get one from enemies in Kuput or Zexen Forests.

MEL - Iksay Village, near Supply shop
Just talk to her.

MELVILLE - Vinay del Zexay, alleyway
After recruiting Billy, talk to him in the alleyway.

MIKE - Caleria, inside the Trader’s shop
Win 20,000 potch in one card game.

MIO - Iskay Village, on the second floor of the Inn
Just talk to her.

NADIR - Caleria, second floor of the Inn
Have 3 men, 2 women and 1 child in your party (support members do not count, nor does Augustine).

NEI - Vinay del Zexay near the Marketplace
After talking to them, chase Guillame in front of the Council building. Beat him in a duel.

NICOLAS – Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

PEGGI - Great Hollow, blacksmith
Get the Iron Hammer from a person in the Trader’s shop and give it to her.

RHETT - Duck Village, left waterwheel
Talk to him with Sgt. Joe in your party.

RODY - Alma Kinan, outside the Inn
Joins with Estella.

RUBY - Mt. Senai
Joins with Duke in chapter 5.

SANAE Y. - Duck Village, behind the Inn
She will be there after you’ve recruited 30+ people. Help her resolve a conflict by picking 1st or 2nd choice.

SCOTT - Brass Castle, western bridge
Buy Deer Antlers from a Trader (in Caleria or Vinay del Zexay) then give it to him.

SHABON - Vinay del Zexay
Joins with Nei and Toppo.

SHARON - Caleria
Joins with Futch.

TOPPO - Vinay del Zexay
Joins with Nei and Shabon.

TUTA - Chisha Village, Inn
Speak to him in the lower guestroom with Mio in your party.

TWAIKIN - Great Hollow, southeast cavern
Talk to him then respond to Lizard guard by saying “Nothing” when given the choice.

VIKI (BIG) - Mountain Path
Enter from the Karaya side and you’ll meet her.

VIKI (SMALL) - Mountain Path
Have the older Viki in your party. She’ll appear in the same place as the older one.

WAN FU - Chisha Village, underground
He’s on the floor in the storage room below the Supply shop. Pay his 3,000 debt.

WATARI - Iskay Village
He’s hiding between the first 2 houses on the right. Pay him 100,000 potch.

WILDER - Duck Village
Joins with Rhett if Sgt. Joe is in your party.


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