Rhem IV SE: the golden fragments
  game notes


The game starts with a message from Zetais regarding 9 Fragments you need to find.  Afterwards, you’ll ride a tram into Rhem.  When it stops, check the menu bar at the bottom of your screen.  Zetais has already placed his Black Crystal and 4-Shapes Note inside your inventory:


Holds objects


Holds documents


Use it to orient yourself (the white arrow always points north)


Game settings (save, load, quit, etc.)

Turn right to disembark the tram and move forward until you reach a tall metal container.  Press the green button to open it, revealing a circular panel with black pegs and white holes.  Move your cursor to the bottom of the screen and look down.  Note the empty socket inside the container.

Up ahead, activate the video porthole on the left to see a message from Kales.  Proceed to a locked door with a series of squares on top and black peg pattern next to it.  Write down the position of the back pegs and head back to the metal container.  On your way there, look up and take the Lightbulb from the archway to add it to your inventory.

Back at the container, move black pegs to match the pattern shown on the locked door.  Once they are set, take the Lightbulb from your inventory and place it in the lower receptacle.  With the light turned on, you’ll see a series of squares with certain ones shaded.  Write down the pattern and return to the locked door.

Click on the squares above the doorway to match the position of dark ones shown in the container.  Once set, press the solo square to open the door.  Pass through to find five more doors with peg circles and bars.


Unlock each door, using the same method of matching black pegs in the container to illuminate bar codes.  When unlocking doors, note how each one opens (up, down, left, right, etc.) - this is important for a later puzzle.  Name each door based on the position of the dark square below its peg circle.  The door you initially opened (leading to the tram) is Door #4.  Explore each offshoot to see where the doors lead.  Some paths remain blocked until you find particular objects or solve puzzles in other areas:


Leads to main section of Rhem. Delay going there until you’ve explored other routes.


Long walkway leading to an oval door.  Next to this door is a gold porthole embedded in the rocks.  Draw the Diamond Glyph shown, noting red lines and circle points - one of twelve Hex/Diamond glyphs you’ll find as you explore.  Passing through the oval door leads to a blocked passage behind the Spin Doors.


Leads to a box where the 9 Fragments are placed and a dormant video porthole.


Where you arrived.


Leads to a rusty door and empty key box.


Leads to a hallway with a yellow Crossed Numbers diagram for your inventory.  To the left is a microphone and security camera.  Press the mic button to see an image of the dock tube.  Further ahead is a yellow metal door, currently locked. 

After unlocking all 6 doors, retrieve the Lightbulb - it’ll be needed later.  When ready, exit the Hall of 6 via Door #1 to explore the main section of Rhem.


Move forward to find a patch of flowers on the left and an 8-point clock ticking across from it.  The flowers change colors each time the clock ticks, about a minute apart.  Write down the 12 flower colors based on the direction of the clock hand: 

1 = Yellow
2 = Pink
3 (east) = Orange
4 = Red
5 = Black
6 (south) = Brown (rust)
7 = Purple (violet)
8 = Blue
9 (west) = Aqua (blue-green)
10 = Grey
11 = Green
12 (north) = White

Remove the Fuse below the 8-point clock to add it to your inventory.  Write down where the clock hand stopped.  Proceed to a 4-way intersection.  The eastern path leads to a Thatched Hut and the northern route leads to the Black Crystal room.  The western path leads to Kale’s Studio and the Power Room behind it.


Press the red square to open the door and enter Kale’s Studio, where you’ll find a TV without power.  Enter the bedroom on the right.  Read Kale’s journal on the bed and note the toy bird hanging above it.  Part the green curtains at the foot of the bed to reveal a drawing of a house, trees, and fuse box.  Jot down details (number of rock piles, chimneys, etc.) as they offer clues for a later puzzle.

Opposite the bed is desk with a Spoked Circles chart that you can add to your inventory.  Note the “L-T” grid above the desk that you can add red dots to.  Knowing where to place the dots will come later.  Turn left to find eleven buttons surrounding the bedroom doorway - 5 on the left side and 6 on the right.  Pressing one button lights up another.  Number the buttons from top to bottom in columns and note which ones light up when pushed.

Left Buttons


Right Buttons















* - Start button

R4 - end






The sequence starts by lighting the solo button in the lower right corner and ends on the greyed-out button.  Press L4 to light up the ‘start’ button, then press the button that lights up L4 (which would be 1R).  Now press the button that lights up 1R, and so on, until you reach the grey-out ‘end’ button (R4).  Completing the sequence opens the door across from Kale’s bedroom.  Enter the Power Room.


Note familiar shapes lining the upper walls. Open your journal and look at Zetais’ 4-Shapes drawing.  Use the compass pattern on the floor to apply a cardinal direction to each shape.  Similarly, the center walls show a series of pipes - place your cursor over the pipes to reveal a line pattern.  Jot down the patterns and direction (n/e/s/w) each one faces.

Use the clock dials to re-direct pipes so that power flows from the entry door to the fuse box in back.  When the pipes are wired correctly, you’ll hear a bell sound.  The back door is still locked so return to Kale’s Studio.


Press the green button to turn on the TV and watch a brief video showing the sun rising over a black & white block.  Open the box on the right and flip the circular switch sideways.  Press the TV button again to see the sun setting over a new black & white block.  Jot down the block shapes and switch positions for each video - clues needed for a later puzzle.

Open the blue door across from the TV monitor.  Walk outside to a bridge that is currently facing away from the path.  Look down to see that the bridge is mounted on a pedestal, indicating that it can rotate.  The mechanism to do so is elsewhere, so leave Kale’s Studio and head east to the Thatched Hut.


On the left side of the hut door, you’ll find 4 red buttons facing a brick wall marked with 5 crosses.  Number the crosses 1-5.  Press the first red button and note which cross lights up.  Continue pressing the same red button until you see a 5-digit pattern emerge.  Do the same with Buttons 2 & 3.  The 4th button is inactive - you must manually enter a sequence to light the wall crosses.

Open your journal and study the Crossed Numbers diagram you found earlier.  Follow arrows on each of the crosses to see that 3 match button sequences you already discovered.  Locate the missing sequence and manually input the 5-digit code on the 4th panel, starting with ‘1’.  Press the red button 5 times to see the wall crosses light up.  When the 4th sequence is set correctly, the hut door unlocks.

Before entering the hut, note a grid panel on the right that can be marked with Xs, along with 5 block shapes on the brick wall above.  Inside are children’s paintings, each showing a different grid shape. Pass your cursor over the grids to reveal a color.  Draw matching grid lines on the panels outside corresponding to each color:

Red = Sun & Train
Blue = Bird & Cherry Trees
Green = Balloon & Windmill
Yellow = House

After inputting the correct colors/shapes, press the red button on the left to hear a chime sound, revealing white dots on the 5 wall shapes above.  Draw these shapes, including the placement of white dots.  Re-enter the hut and examine the power box next to the front door.  Press the purple button to activate devices on the other side of the room.

Walk over to the fireplace and press the green button on the left, causing the meter to point to “1” instead of “0”.  Press the red button to open the fireplace’s front grill, revealing a mold shape inside.  The mold requires three items that you haven’t found yet, so just mentally note its location.

Turn right and examine the panel with 5 shapes seen on the wall outside, except they are in a different order.  Press buttons below each shape to add white dots.  Keep pressing the buttons until all white dots match positions shown on the wall shapes outside.  This powers up the fireplace mold for later use.

After matching the dot patterns, examine the painting with the bird and cherry trees again.  Note that red cherries mark certain squares within the L & T grid shapes.  Write down where the cherries land, then head back to Kale’s Studio.


Enter the bedroom and look at the cabinet above the desk.  Mark cherry positions on the “L-T” grid then click on the cabinet to open it.  Add the ABC Chart to your inventory.  Exit the studio and return to the 4-way intersection.  Open the northern door and enter the Black Crystal Room.


Take the Black Crystal out of your inventory and place it in the center ring to power up the room. Using compass directions you wrote down earlier, set the circular pads on North/East/South/West walls to match pipe line patterns from the Power Room.  Similarly, apply compass points to Zetais’ 4-Shapes to determine which numbers to enter into the North/East/South/West cabinets:

West = 62
North = 19
South = 33
East = 75

After setting the lines and numbers correctly, press the red button on the western wall to light the violet bar.  Go over to the eastern wall and slide the pin on top of the blue box until the dot in the center turns violet.  Push the red button to the left of the blue box to shoot violet beams onto the red/green tiles above the back door.  Use the green button to unlock the back door and pass through to a new section of Rhem.


After exiting the Black Crystal room, immediately turn left to arrive on the east end of the revolving bridge you saw outside Kale’s TV room.  Note the Sun symbol on the right and a panel with grey-white bars on the left.  While facing the bridge, touch the red square in the arch above the red button and watch as the bridge rotates from east-west to north-south.  Press the upper square again to return the bridge to its original position.

Now press the red button to see a light bar flashing on/off three times at the far end of the bridge.  The bar has 4 bulbs and the pattern changes each time you press the red button.  Write down which bulbs turn on during the flash sequence.  Do not press the red button after writing down these numbers or it’ll reset the device.

Cross the bridge and turn left to find a second grey-white-bar panel.  To open the round metal door on the end, you need to access the room behind the grated window.  For now, leave the bridge and return to the path in front of the Black Crystal room.


Heading north from the Black Crystal Room, you’ll find a hut blocked by water on the right and a 2-columned memory puzzle on the left.  Press the button on the panel and watch as black “J” symbols move down the columns.  Two J’s are reversed and two are red.  When the sequence ends, use the Up/Down arrow keys to mark where the Red and Reversed J’s belong.  When done correctly, you’ll hear a bell sound.  Face the hut and press the orange button on the railing to extend a bridge over the water. 

Enter the Information Hut.  Up ahead is a ‘mound’ drawing hanging on chains.  On the south wall, you’ll find two letter dials attached to a printer.  On the north wall is a compass chart with blinking symbols.  Write all of the symbols down and assign direction points (n/e/s/w) to the outer ones.  Take the Waveform Peaks drawing posted near the entry door.  Leave the room afterwards.

Head north.  Before entering the door up ahead, turn right.  Examine the gold porthole in the rocks to find a Hex Glyph.  Write down the position of the red line and circle bar.  Enter the northern door afterwards.


Inside the mosaic-tiled hall, there are 9 doors, all numbered.  Note that you entered the hall from Door #9.  On the east side is an open archway, leading to a courtyard filled with dirt mounds.  Stand in the archway while facing the Hall of 9 doors and push the yellow button on the right.  Watch as 3 doors light up - the order is random each time you push the button.  Input the 3-number sequence (from top to bottom) on any of the door panels then press the lower button to open that door.  Repeat this process every time you want to open a door.  Doors 1 & 5 lead to major areas - refer to individual paragraphs for details:


Leads to northern section of Rhem. Delay going there until you’ve explored other routes.


Balcony with an empty mold shape like the one you saw in Thatched Hut fireplace.


Balcony with wires attached to signal lights cabinet (relates to Door 2).


Balcony with a locked fragment container (relates to Door 2).


Leads to western section of Rhem. Delay going there until you’ve explored other routes.


Leads to House Paintings room - relates to Candle puzzle.


Leads to an audio room with Roman numeral discs and speaker cabinet - relates to Gallery puzzle.


Leads to a blue cabinet.  Take Metal Piece 1 for your inventory.


Returns you to southern section of Rhem.

Think of the Hall of 9 as a hub connecting the north, south, and east-west sections of Rhem.  Feel free to explore each route, knowing that several puzzles require moving back and forth through various doors.


On the eastern side of the Hall of 9, is an enclosure showing dirt mounds of various heights.  Each mound links to a symbol on the Info Hut’s compass chart.  The 4 exterior mounds match cardinal directions.  Three symbol panels face the enclosure - two on the north side and one on the east side.  While facing a symbol panel, 7 mounds come into view.  Going from left to right, identify where each mound sits in relation to the compass chart and match panel symbols accordingly.  Repeat the process while standing in front of the other two symbol panels.

Once the 3 symbol panels are programmed, return to the Information Hut.  Go over to the drawing and click on the green button to raise it.  Look through the peephole to view the mounds outside.  On the right, input a 2-letter combination, then press the button to print out a ‘mound’ drawing.  Add this image to your journal and type the 2 letters associated with it.  Keep combining letters and printing/ labeling each image until you’ve exhausted all possible letter combos.  Of the 16 images you’ll collect, 12 are relevant - the other 4 show simple lines that serve no purpose.

Return to the mound courtyard and face one of the letter panels.  One of the images printed matches the shape/height of the mounds directly in front of you.  Use the back wall as a guide.  Enter its label letters in the panel.  Repeat the process for the other panels.  When all letters are set properly, press the yellow button near the southeast panel to light up the center mound.  Open the northeast cabinet and take the Green Pentagon inside.


Follow the western path to a T-intersection.  To the left (south) is a pink door with a clock ticking above it.  Note the direction its ticking.  Raise the green hook to unlatch the door.  Turn right (west) to find grid letters “GOTE” etched on the wall.  Look down to find a locked hatch.  Across from the letters are 4 familiar shapes - those seen on Zetais’ note.  Write everything down, then head north, back to the T-intersection. 

Once there, turn around to face the back of Door 5 of 9 where six Hex Glyphs frame the archway.  Note their location then head west.  After rounding the corner, examine the gold porthole on the right column to find another Hex Glyph symbol.  Write it down then proceed until you reach a tube-shaped gondola.  Enter the gondola and press the red arrow to ride to the other side of the pond.


Exit the gondola and press the button to open the door.  Enter the water-filled cave and click on the orange button up ahead.  Doing so turns metal partitions to close the east-west walkway and open up the north-south walkway.  Each route leads to a door (you entered from the north door, where the gondola is parked). Open the oval door on the south end to get outside.  Up ahead, you’ll find a slatted platform with two green buttons that swivel the platform left/right: 

North - Leads to the cave’s north-south walkway
South - Leads to the Hall of 6 (via Door 2 path)
East - Leads to the back of the Power Room
West - Leads to the cave’s east-west walkway

Press the left button to turn eastward.  Walk over to the door and pull the yellow hook to unlatch it.  This unlocks the back of the Power Room.  Return to the swivel platform and press the left button twice to face west.  Follow the path around a corner and proceed north.  Before rounding the second corner, turn around to find a Hex Glyph embedded in the column - this one has a monitor button below it.  Write it down.  Continuing east returns you to the cave, however the path is blocked since the walkways are currently set to north-south.

In order to change the cave walkway’s direction, you need to go the long way around.  Return to the swivel platform and set it to face south.  Use the Hall of 6 to get back to the Black Crystal room, pass through and continue heading north to the Hall of 9.  Once there, re-open Door 5 of 9 and ride the gondola across the pond.

Back inside the cave, press the orange button in front of the metal partition to close the north-south walkway and open the east-west walkway.  Ride the gondola again, exit via Door 9 of 9 and retrace your steps back to the Hall of 6.  Use Door 2 of 6 to return to the swivel platform.  Once there, press the green buttons until you are facing west.  Follow the path around to the cave’s east-west walkway.

Open the rusty door at end of the cave’s eastern walkway to arrive inside the grated window room behind the Revolving Bridge.  Use the 3-bar panel here to input the flashing light sequence you saw (and wrote down) earlier.  Depress squares to match which lights turned on (white) or remained off (black).  After setting the bars correctly, press the red button to hear a ‘ding’ sound.  Now backtrack to the Revolving Bridge outside the Black Crystal Room.


Cross the Revolving Bridge to find that the big round door at the end is now unlocked.  Press the green button and enter the fenced enclosure next to the gondola pond.  To the east is a room with a dice plaque on the wall.  Whenever you see ‘dice’, it indicates that random numbers will be generated/used to solve a puzzle.  A drawing pinned to the entry door wall shows numbers inside diamond/triangle shapes. 

Heading west from the ‘dice’ room, you’ll see a ladder on the left and a metal door on the right.  Climb the ladder and look up to find an empty receptacle next to the Bell Tower’s hatch. Mentally note it then climb down and open the metal door up ahead.

Inside the room is a blue puzzle box with colored filters hanging above.  Click on the filters to swing them back and forth.  Write down which colors they produce when blended with the paint swatches.  Across from the filters, you’ll find a Vinyl Record encased in glass.  Write down the color pattern printed on the record’s label.  Note, too, that the label includes a yellow and blue background.  The open doorway shows “peg” and “reset” symbols, each with a red button. 

Go over to the filter wall and press the orange button to open the blue box.  Inside, you’ll find a toy cart resting on top of lowered pegs. Your goal is to move the cart to the left by adjusting peg positions.  Of the 10 pegs, the cart is currently resting on pegs 6-9.  Peg 3 is also lowered.  Close the box and look at the colored button panel.  The third square (green) marks a lowered peg and purple squares move the green peg over.

Press purple buttons until the green square is set to the 5th position then press the ‘peg’ button on the wall to lower the peg.  Open the box and move the cart left one spot.  Close the box and repeat the procedure, moving the green button and cart over one peg at a time, until the cart falls of the left edge.  Look down and take the broken cart Wheel off the floor to place it in your inventory.

Return to the ladder outside.  Climb up and insert the Wheel into the receptacle.  Spin it to open the hatch and ascend into the Bell Tower.  Turn around to find 4 bells of varying size in a window - each is connected to a wire leading to one of the buildings below.  Ring the bells to hear the tones they produce (Small = Highest tone / Large = Lowest tone).

Turn right to find a 4-column patch panel related to the wires.  To set them, look down and close the floor hatch.  Note the screw pattern shown on the hatch lid - write down the position of white screws and match them on the patch panel.  Once the wires are set, press the green button to rotate the yellow lines, creating a proper connection.  Leave the Bell Tower afterwards.

Pas through the toy wagon room and look for a wooden panel on the back fence showing a color pattern similar to the record label.  Note that the background colors (yellow & blue) are horizontal instead of vertical.  Match colors shown on the record label by clicking on squares; keep in mind that yellow/blue backgrounds act as filters.  In other words, a yellow square on the record label will properly turn green on the exterior panel when the background is blue:

1. Yellow (blank square)
2. Yellow
3. Purple
4. Blue
5. Purple
6. Green
7. Green
8. Purple
9. Yellow
10. Aqua
11. Aqua
12. Orange

1. Blue (blank square)
2. Green
3. Purple
4. Blue
5. Purple
6. Yellow
7. Yellow
8. Orange
9. Yellow
10. Green
11. Green
12. Purple

When the panel colors are set correctly, the rusty box near the filter room will open, revealing a turntable.  Close the lid of the turntable to find 6 numbers inside diamond/triangle shapes.  Write these down.  Enter the dice room and open the cabinet on the right to reveal a dial with similar shapes.  Note which shape the arrow is pointing to. Write down the 6-digit number below, assigning it to that shape.  Now turn to the right to find another 6-digit panel with a button.  Press the button to generate a conversion number.  Transpose each digit to the first numbers you wrote down.  In other words, if the first number was 123456 and the second number was 809123, then 1= 8, 2=0, 3=9, etc. Keep pressing the two buttons until you have converted all digits from 0 to 9 for each shape.

Now apply your converted numbers to the diamond/triangle shapes shown on the turntable lid to arrive at a new 6-digit code.  Input that code on the panel under the vinyl record.  Press the red button to slide open the glass so that you can take the Record.  Place the record on the turntable outside.  Move the needle over to hear 8 bell rings.  Write down the sequence, indicating the pitch of each tone.

Enter the northwest building to find 4 bell panels - two in each room - connected by wires you configured earlier in the Bell Tower.  The hex buttons represent the 8-tone sequence.  Push the red button to hear which tone each panel produces.  The first room produces the highest and lowest notes; the second room produces midrange notes.  Select 8 hex buttons that match the record player sequence.

Once you’ve ordered the bell tones correctly, press the red button attached to the entry speakers to hear the melody in full.  When the tune ends, press the yellow button to open the microphone container, revealing a Key.  Take the Key and walk over to the edge of the pond to find a bell-shaped cup.  Tilt the cup and insert the Key.  Turn it to open the metal tube.  Pull the gold lever to uncover Fragment 1.  Add it to your inventory.  This completes the Bell Tower area.  Make your way back to the Hall of 9 doors.


Back inside the Hall of 9, set buttons to open Door #1.  Move forward to a T-intersection.  Turn right and open the blue cabinet on the end to uncover a dial with 6 circle pairs that can be rotated.  The circles match those seen in Kale’s TV room.  Attached to the cabinet is a pole with two lights.  Mentally note the panel’s location then enter the northern door.

Up ahead is a brick building with 5 gold wall pads.  Move your cursor over the gold pads to see that each contains a number.  The pads are connected to wires, indicating their order (1-5).  You’ll return here later once you’ve gathered more clues.  The door on the right is locked, so go through the door on the left to arrive in the northern section of Rhem.


Examine the tram sitting on the tracks up ahead.  Look at the control panel inside.  To power up the tram, you need to find something that fits inside the blue & green depression.  Exit the tram and follow the eastern path over to a ladder.  Climb down then head north through the tunnel until you reach the central elevator.

Press the red button to open the elevator door.  Enter and turn right to view a Rail Switch Map with n/e/s/w offshoots circled in red.  The little tram icon marks where it is currently parked on the south end.  Face the opposite wall to find a Numeric Decoder chart.  Add it to your inventory.  Press the yellow button to ride to the top of the railway.

Exit the elevator and examine the Stick Figure plate at the edge of the broken track.  Draw the stick figure and name it “West” based on the direction you’re facing.  Twirl the plate to reveal a pink Amulet tucked in back.  Put the Amulet in your inventory then return to the elevator.  Inside, you’ll notice 3 letter/number panels that cannot be set yet.  Press the yellow button to ride down.

Climb the ladder at the end of the tunnel and enter the tram.  Place the Amulet inside the console to power up the vehicle.  The Up/Down arrow keys move the tram forward (clockwise) or in reverse (counter-clockwise). Press the Down arrow to move onto the circular railway.  Disembark when the tram stops.

Walk over to the elevator and place your cursor over the closed door to illuminate a grid shape.  Draw it and call it “South” (indicating the direction it’s facing).  Return to the tram and press the Down arrow again to ride to the eastern side.  Examine the closed door to reveal the grid shape for “East”.  Draw it.  Repeat the process at the northern stop.

Now ride over to the western end to find another Stick Figure plate at the edge of the broken track.  Draw it and call it “East” based on the direction you’re facing.  Since you cannot access the elevator door from here, turn right and look down to find a ladder attached to the railing.  Descend and follow the lower path into a tunnel.  As you move through, search the left rock wall for another gold porthole containing a Hex Glyph.  Write it down.

Proceed to the end to find a closed door.  Place your cursor over the door to reveal the grid pattern for “West”.  After writing it down, turn left to find a Stick Figure surrounded by one of Zetais’ familiar shapes.  Consult your notes to recall which direction the shape is associated with (East) then click on the plate to adjust leg and arm positons to match the “East” Stick Figure you saw earlier.  Return to the tram afterwards.

Ride back to the southern tram stop outside the circular railway.  Disembark and use the eastern ladder to get to the base of the central elevator.  Once there, open your journal and look at both the ABCDE chart and Numeric Decoder chart.  Notice that both grids contain the same number of squares.  Superimpose the two charts to determine which numbers overlap with letters.  Transfer the Letter/Number combos onto a new 10x10 grid.  Now superimpose the grid shapes you found on the n/e/s/w doors to identify which squares apply to each door.  Write down your results:

North = A2 / B3 / C0 / D4 / E6
East = A1 / B1 / C1 / D3 / E7
South = A3 / B0 / C2 / D6 / E5
West = A0 / B2 / C1 / D5 / E4

Enter the elevator and ride to the top.  While standing inside the elevator tube, face one of the Letter-Number panels and input the door code sequence that matches the direction you’re facing.  Push the orange button afterwards to open the door.  Repeat the process for the north, south, and east facing door panels.

After opening the 3 elevator doors, exit the elevator from the east side.  Climb down the ladder on the right and follow the tunnel to the other side of the Stick Figure door.  Turn right to find another plate surrounded by one of Zetais’ symbols.  Consult your notes to recall which direction the shape is associated with (West) then click on the plate to adjust leg and arm positons to match the “West” Stick Figure you saw earlier.

Now input the “West” Letter-Number codes on the door panel and press the orange button to unlock it - thus, creating a useful east-west shortcut.  Return to the upper elevator and ride back down to the bottom.  Pass through the tunnel to get back to the tram parked on the southern tracks.  Board the tram and press the Down arrow to ride onto the circular railway.  Press the Down arrow again to ride over to the eastern stop.

Disembark and use the elevator hub to exit to the south.  Walk over to the empty depot and click on the button.  Pass your cursor over the closed door to reveal lines showing how the tracks are configured.  In this case, the track is bent, indicating that the tram can travel outside the circle and turn onto the southern offshoot.  Click on the lines to straighten out the “L” shape.  Doing so closes the route.  You can open and close any offshoot this way, so long as the tram is not parked at the door.

After closing the southern offshoot, walk to the northern end and click on the track lines to bend them - thus opening the northern offshoot.  Board the tram and ride around the circle until the tram veers north into a new area.


Exit the tram and follow the fenced path to a corridor with 6 statues holding lettered balls.  Write down the letters, along with those etched on plaques below.  At the end of the corridor is a door.  To unlock it, you need to input 6 letters in the nearby panel.  To figure out which letters work, examine the statues again.

Notice that each statue holds one ball that does not cast a shadow.  Write down the letters without shadows, then arrange them numerically based on the ball’s position.  Input the re-arranged letters (S-E-T-I-O-K) and press the green button to open the door.

Inside you’ll find two connected rooms and a doorway showing another structure across the water.  Press the green button to see a passage open up beyond.  Turn right to find a piece of metal spinning inside a glass tube.  Flip the lever to drop the metal down the tube - you’ll retrieve it elsewhere.  Press the button near the western doorway to hear a message from Meneandes.

The second room contains 6 black & white bar panels with door icons next to them.  These represent the Hall of 6 doors.  Hopefully, you took my advice and wrote down how each door opened at the beginning of the game; if not, you’ll need to trek all the way back there to figure out how to solve this puzzle.  Click on black squares matching door numbers, based on how they opened.  After setting the door bars correctly, press the red button to open the purple container.  Grab the pile of Coins for your inventory.

Leave the building and head east past the statues to find 3 red cabinets mounted to the wall.  Inside each cabinet are 4-letter dials, with an arrow pointing to numbers.  Tally all letters used on the plaques below the statues and rotate the arrows to match totals.  After setting all of the dials correctly, press the button to unlock the back gate.  Before entering, part the fence across from the s/e cabinet to find another Diamond Glyph.  Write it down.

Pass through the back gate and immediately turn left.  Open the blue box and collect Metal Piece 2 for your inventory (this is the item you dropped down the tube earlier).  Examine the note underneath showing a picture of two lightbulbs - one is crossed out.  Proceed along the walkway until you reach a red receptacle on the left.  The door at the end of the path is locked, but from this vantage point, you can see a large ‘bent line’ drawing through the second building’s archway.  Draw it.  

Board the tram and ride back to the circular railway.  Reset the tracks to open the eastern offshoot (L-shape) and close the northern route (straight line).  Park the tram on the south end so that it doesn’t get in the way of either door.  Once the tracks are reset, ride the tram until it veers east into a new area.


The tram stops in front of a building, effectively blocking entry.  Disembark and follow the path around, past Up/Down arrow switches on the railing, until you reach a panel with 4 orange buttons.  The buttons show line shapes that, when blended together, form the bent line drawing you just saw (and noted) in Meneandes’ house.  Press the 4 buttons to cycle through line shapes, noting that each button is paired with another:

Button #1 - moves shapes 1 & 4
Button #2 - moves shapes 1 & 2
Button #3 - moves shapes 2 & 3
Button #4 - moves shapes 3 & 4

After setting the orange buttons correctly, go over to the Up/Down arrow switches on the railing.  Press the ‘Down’ arrow to move the tram backwards a bit, allowing you to access the rusty door it was blocking.  Walk over to the door and open the blue cabinet on the left to reveal a white receptacle that you cannot fill yet.  Turn around and look down.  Examine a hole in the tracks to acquire Metal Piece 3.  Put it in your inventory.

Now enter the building at the end of the path.  Once inside, immediately turn around to find a Diamond Glyph pattern flanking the doorway.  Note its location then explore the side rooms.  Both rooms have ‘dice’ symbols above 6-digit puzzle panels - one room shows a “scroll” symbol and the other contains a fuse box with spots to attach three objects.  You should have two of the objects in your inventory already (Fuse and Lightbulb), but delay inserting them until you’ve acquired the third object.

If you’re playing the SE version of Rhem IV, you’ll find a note from Meneandes tucked behind a pipe on the western wall.  Read it to learn that an item for Rhem V can be found along with the 9 Fragments.  The orange door in back is locked, so return to the tram and ride back to the circular railway. 

Reset the tracks to open the western offshoot and close the eastern route.  Use the underground passage to reach the western depot door.  After resetting the tracks, board the tram and ride west into a new area.


When the tram stops, move forward into a foyer with several open doorways.  The foyer wall has a 3-digit panel that cannot be set yet.  On the western end, there’s a silo.  On the east end, a room with ‘dice’ puzzles and two locked doors.  All areas have different triangle icons posted that represent numeric actions.  Here’s what they mean:

Triangle with one circle =

Keeps track of the total (e.g. a running tally)

Triangle with 2 circles =

Two separate numbers (e.g., 1 and 1, not 11)

Triangle with 2 overlapping circles =

Sum of two numbers

Triangle with 3 outer circles =

Red Ball numbers

Triangle with crossed-out circle =

Number that causes a ‘beep’ or ‘flash’ when reached

Go over to the silo to find 4 control panels, two in front and two in back.  Push the front-left button to drop rocks into a bin under the silo.  The back-right panel keeps track of total items dropped, based on how many times you push the front-left button.  At certain intervals, you’ll see a red ball drop instead of a rock.  Also, the back-left panel will randomly blink/beep as rocks fall.  These two events are important. 

Remember the Triangle you saw on the wall with 14 hash marks?  That is the total you want to reach in order to retrieve the red ball.  If you go beyond 14, the ball will be buried in the rocks.  Use the ‘reset’ button on the back-right panel to start over again at zero.  Keep dropping rocks until you hit 14 exactly.  When the last thing you see fall is a red ball, follow the northern path around to the back of the silo and look down.  Take the Red Ball out of the bin to add it to your inventory. 

Return to the front of the silo.  On your way back, note the red grid column on the outer doorframe.  Start dropping rocks and count them as they fall.  When you see the back-left panel blink and hear a clinking sound, write down the number where that occurred.  Do not touch silo buttons after getting this ‘crossed-out circle’ number.

Enter the eastern room with the dice plaque.  To the right is a locked door with a blue box containing a pentagon-shaped receptacle. If you solved the Mound Courtyard puzzle, insert the Green Pentagon you received into the box.  You’ll be able to open the door later, after finding the 3-digit foyer code.

For now, press the red button on the dice wall to generate a 2-digit sum (overlapping circles).  Follow the gold wire to the left side, where you’ll find a 4-digit pad.  Enter two separate numbers (double circles) that add up to the sum shown on the 2-digit pad.  For example, if the sum panel shows ‘05’, enter ‘0014’ (1+4=5).

After entering the numbers, turn left to find a locked metal door.  Turn left again to face the window, where you’ll find a single-digit pad.  The triangle here shows a crossed-out circle.  Input the ‘blink/clink’ number you wrote down at the silo.  Once all panels are set, press the green button to open the metal door.  Pull the gold handle inside to reveal Fragment 6.  Add it to your inventory.

On your way out, note the rusty cabinet containing a flower-shaped color puzzle to be solved later.  Board the tram and return to the circular railway.  Reset the tracks to close the western end and open the northern offshoot.  Ride back to Meneandes’ House.


Take the side path around to the back gate and walk over to the red receptacle on the left.  Insert the Red Ball to raise bridges connecting the three structures.  Enter the front door near the statues and cross over to the second building. 

Once inside, turn right and examine a photo on the end table showing a 3-circle triangle and green switch.  Mentally note it, along with the flower vase on the table.  A chart on the wall above shows 12 dots pointing to different squares.  Draw it, numbering the black dots like a clock.  The bent line drawing hangs on the opposite wall, above a chair with a rock.

Cross another short bridge to get to the third room.  While crossing over, you’ll see a bridge on the west side, which is attached to the locked green door.  The eastern door leads to the walkway outside.  Unlatch the hook to create a new route linking the front and rear buildings.  To the north is a hex-shaped room with a red door.  Enter it.

Next to the red door is a 3-digit panel.  On the left and right sides are clock dials, each with 9 circles - one generates random numbers by pulling a chain and the other displays 3 hands that tick at different intervals.  A long chart next to the door shows how the 3 clock hands move in relationship to each other:

Short hand = Moves one space per tick
Medium hand = Moves one space every 2 ticks
Long hand = Moves one space every 3 ticks

The goal is to match 3 circled numbers to where the 3 clock hands are pointing to, calculate the sum, enter the sum in the 3-digit panel near the red door, and then push the button -- all before the clock hands move again.  Considering that the small hand moves once every 8-seconds or so, it is impossible to finish all the steps within that period of time.  Knowing this, you must anticipate which circles the 3 hands will be pointed at, pre-select numbers, add them, input the sum, and then wait for the clock hands to reach your intended positions before pushing the button. 

Consult the wall chart to work out a solution that offers plenty of time.  For example, wait for all 3 hands to move simultaneously then note which circles the 3 hands start on.  Determine which circles the hands will land on after a full rotation:  Small = +8, Medium = +4, Large = +2.  Once you solve the clock puzzle, the red door opens, revealing a tube holding Fragment 5.  Pull the gold lever and add it to your inventory.

Now walk back to the statues and enter the front door.  While facing the bridge, press the green button to close the metal hex room door.  Leave the building and follow the side path over to the receptacle.  Remove the Red Ball to lower the bridge and enter the third building from the side.

With the metal door closed, the green door is now open.  Before exploring the bedroom, walk to the south end (where the bridge used to be) and press the green button on the wall.  Doing so reveals a 3-circle Triangle near the water with ‘448’ written on it.  Jot it down then explore the bedroom.

Part the bed pillows to uncover another Hex Glyph porthole.  Write it down.  Open the cabinet above the bed to retrieve a Device for your inventory.  Note the alarm clock on the dresser, with its hand stuck at ‘7’.  Above it, hangs a red plaque with Roman numeral dials and a ‘plus’ sign. Open the dresser drawer to find a Map of Northern Rhem, showing the entire railway system and its offshoots.  Colored dots point to areas of interest:

White = Diamond/Hex glyph locations
Yellow = Fragment locations
Green = Devices that open doors
Red = Key puzzles

A chart next to the bedroom door shows a column of blue numbers equaling their tiled counterparts - clues for a later puzzle.  Cross the southern bridge to find a color-block panel matching the black dots chart seen in the first building.  Consult your notes to recall 12 clock numbers associated with flower colors.  Change the color of squares based on where the 12 black dots point to.  After re-setting the colors, turn right to find a brown mesh cabinet with a button.  Push the button to uncover a Paper Roll to add to your inventory.

Turn right again to find a ticking clock with a swinging pendulum.  When it points to ‘7’, click on the pendulum to stop the clock.  Return to the bedroom and press the button above the alarm clock to open the upper cabinet.  Add the gold Key to your inventory.   Board the tram and return to the circular railway.  Reset the tracks so that you can veer west, back to the silo.


Enter the silo’s foyer and turn right.  Input the 3-digit triangle code you saw under the Meneandes’ bridge (448).  Unlock the eastern door (with the Pentagon cabinet).  Pull the handle and take Fragment 3 for your inventory.  Board the tram ride back to the circular railway.  Reset the tracks to open the eastern offshoot.  Make sure you have the Fuse, Lightbulb, and Paper Roll in your inventory before riding back to the scroll ruins. 


Head north into the structure.  Once inside, enter the second room.  Insert the Fuse in the left wall socket next to the clock dial.  The dial contains 8 circles with lines and a clock hand.  If you recall, the Fuse was originally attached to an 8-turn clock - consult your notes to recall where the hand stopped when you removed the Fuse.  Set the clock hand on the wall to match that position.  The red button resets the dial - ignore it.

Now open your journal and study the diagram with dark spokes surrounded by 8 large circles containing smaller circles.  The large circles represent clock dials and the dark spoke lines represent clock hands.  Pick the circle that contains the identical clock hand position you just set.  Ignore the center spokes; just look at where the dark ends enter the outer circles.  Once you’ve found it, set the lines inside the smaller circles on the wall clock to match those shown on the chart clock.

After setting the 8-turn clock, insert the Lightbulb in the right wall socket and place the Paper Roll over it.  Use the right button to scroll down the paper and the left button to illuminate blank spots.  Write down everything you see.  Start by replacing the six question marks ‘?’ at the top of the scroll with numbers 1-6 (from L-R).  When you hit a blank spot, turn on the light to reveal red lines connected to columns.  Follow the lines to re-order numbers 1-6 on the columns.  Circles with arrows point to numbers that should be reversed.  Scissor icons represent column ‘cuts’ that will shift number positions.  When you reach the end of the scroll, write down the rearranged 6-digit number.  If done properly, you should end with:  4-6-1-2-3-5

Now enter the eastern room.  Press the red button on the wall with the scroll and dice icons to generate a random 6-digit number.  Use the scroll number (4-6-1-2-3-5) as a placement key to re-order the random digits.  In other words, move 4th digit to spot 1, move 6th digit to spot 2, move 1st digit to spot 3, etc. - until you arrive at a newly arranged 6-digit number.  Input this number on the opposite wall, then press the button next to the orange door to unlock the tube.  Pull the handle to uncover Fragment 8.  Add it to your inventory.

Leave the building and ride back to the circular railway.  Disembark and enter the central elevator.  Descend and head south through the tunnel.  Climb up the ladder and walk over to the empty tram tracks.


Follow the tracks north towards the tram barn.  Turn right to find a Diamond Glyph embedded in the rocks.  Write it down.  Now follow the tracks south.  Face the brick building and press the purple square.  Watch as 5 lamps flash on/off on the brick wall.  Write down the flash sequence.  Enter the door on the right to reach the other side of the brick wall - the side with 5 gold pads.  Click on the pads to enter numbers.  The order is based on the flash sequence you just wrote down.  Keep in mind you’re looking at the opposite side of the wall, so if you numbered the lights 1-5 then the gold pads should be reversed, numbered 5-1.

After setting the gold pads correctly, open the door on the right.  Inside the new area, you’ll find a stone passageway straight ahead and a bridge leading to a white door on the right.  Ignore the white door for now and explore the passageway.  Turn right and pick up a Map of Southern Rhem for your inventory.

Check alcoves on the left to find a Diamond Glyph drawn on a piece of paper (rather than inside a porthole) and a candle device with coin slots.  A locked Fragment tube sits at the end of the passage.  Return to the Hall of 9 via Door #1.  Once there, open Door #6.


Inside the small room hang 6 colored house paintings and a grid screen device.  Note that the black (brick) house painting has 5 chimneys - a clue shown on Kale’s curtain drawing.  The other house paintings have a solo chimney, each in a different position.  Color chimneys on the black house to match the 5 house colors, based on each chimney’s position:  Green / Red / Yellow / Blue / White

Once the chimneys are correctly colored on the black house, you’ll hear something open.  Look at the house paintings again to see that their shutters have opened.  Write down the shapes of each window pane, noting the color associated with it.  Now walk over to the grid screen device.

The lower screen shows window pane shapes associated with each square on the 5x5 grid.  The diamond icon marks the window pane’s current position.  Use buttons to move the diamond left/right/up/down.  Map out which color is associated with each square on the 5x5 grid.  After charting all of the colors, your work here is done.  Return to the Hall of 9 and exit via Door #1.


Enter the brick building with gold pads.  Follow the stone passageway over to the candle device on the left. Use the 5x5 window pane grid you just drew to determine the height of each candle.  Note the grid color each flame lands on.  Insert Coins you found earlier to light the 5 candle flames.  Keep adding Coins until the flames match the height/color shown on the grid.  The plunger resets the color of the candle if needed.

Once the 5 candles are colored properly, pull the lever on the eastern container to uncover Fragment 5.  Add it to your inventory.  Now enter the white door across the bridge.


The Gallery features a long hallway with open arches connecting 7 rooms.  In the entry room, you’ll find an elaborate pipe panel with 8 squares.  Each square is connected to a pair of pipes - one gold and one blue.  The blue pipes lead to a locked door on the right.  The gold pipes lead to 8 portraits hanging in rooms 2, 3, and 4.  Match squares/pipes to portraits and number them 1-8 (write everything down in detail):

South walls

Female Portraits


Peasant woman with white head scarf; red skirt, ring on finger


Regal woman with pearl necklace, brocade dress


Praying woman with floral beaded necklace; black & white garment


Woman in red holding a coin; 7 extra coins on table

North walls

Male Portraits


Man in black with flower vase on table


Man in red jacket holding a quill pen; music sheets on table


Man with feather headpiece, red hair, gold tunic


Man in white wig; black coat

Note that each portrait has a device slot attached to it.  Moving past the portrait rooms, you’ll come to an opening with a rock garden on the right.  It features elements seen behind Kale’s bedroom curtain.  If you wisely copied the curtain drawing, consult your notes and compare it to what you see: two trees, three rock piles, etc.  Note the pole in the garden as well, with blue wires leading beyond the walls.

Turn around and face north to find another Diamond Glyph porthole wedged in the rocks.  Write it down.  Proceed east into the last room of the Gallery.  There’s a cabinet on the back wall attached to gold and blue wires.  Next to it, a diagram showing two poles with an ‘equal’ (=) sign between them.  One pole (short) has a tripod base and the other (tall) has a triangular shade.

On the left side of the room is a table with chipped rocks.  On the right, is a 3-column panel with numbers 0-9.  The panel has a yellow light on top and a lever on the side.  Kale’s curtain drawing shows a similar device.  Pulling the lever changes the amount of rocks piled under the trees (and pole) next door.  Match column numbers to the number of rocks shown in 3 piles - left, middle, right.  When set correctly, the panel light turns green.  Do not pull the lever once the light is green or it’ll reset the rocks.

Open the cabinet to find 6 pairs of black & white blocks - identical to the ‘sunrise/sunset’ blocks seen on Kale’s TV.  Write them down.  Leave the Gallery and return to the Hall of 9 via Door #1 (to the south).  Once there, open Door #7.


Inside the room, you’ll find a speaker cabinet with sliders and two arrow dials with Roman numerals 1-4.  You saw similar dials in Meneandes’ bedroom.  The bedroom diagram implied that the two dial numbers be added.  Insert the Key taken from Meneandes’ bedroom in the gold tube next to the speaker.  Click on the key to hear 3 tones.  Write down the tonal sequence then look at both dials and add lines the 2 arrows point to.  Move sliders up/down until you’ve determined 8 line configurations related to high and low tones:


# of Lines


# of Lines

















Armed with this information, return to the Portrait Gallery via Door #1 in Hall of 9.


Consult your notes to recall which squares in the entry room link to each portrait.  Pick a square and walk over to the portrait it is attached to.  Place the ‘Device’ you found earlier below that portrait to hear 3 tones.  Link portrait tones to the numbers you charted in the Audio Room.  Press the corresponding square the same number of times. 

Return to the portrait and identify what has changed.  Each time you press the square, one particular feature will change.  After 8 changes on a portrait, the square resets to 1.  Total alterations should match the number of tone lines.  Depending on how you numbered the squares/portraits, look for the following changes:

South walls

Female Portraits

Tone Lines / Changes:


Peasant woman with white head scarf

(4) rings on fingers


Regal woman with pearl necklace, brocade dress

(7) orange brocade leaves on bodice


Praying woman with floral beaded necklace

(1) teardrop bead on necklace


Woman in red holding a coin; coins on table

(3) coins total

North walls

Male Portraits



Man in black with flower vase on table

(8) carnations in vase


Man in red jacket holding a quill pen

(2) lapel bands on red jacket


Man with feather headpiece; tunic

(6) red strings on tunic


Man in white wig; black coat

(5) buttons on coat

Once the 8 portraits are set correctly, the blue door in the entry room opens.  Pull the handle inside to uncover Fragment 4.  Add it to your inventory.  Return to the Hall of 9.  Use Door #9 to get back to the southern part of Rhem.  Pass through the Black Crystal Room then head east to reach the Thatched Hut.


Check to make sure you have Metal Pieces 1,2, 3 in your inventory.  If so, enter the Thatched Hut and place the three metal shapes in the fireplace mold.  Press the button on the right to fuse the pieces together, forming a new shape.  Take Metal Piece 4 for your inventory.  Now return to the Hall of 9 and open Door #2.

Arriving on the balcony behind Door #2, walk over to the receptacle and place Metal Piece 4 on the mold plate.  A cable attached to the mold plate leads to a signal panel behind Door #3.  Enter Door #3 via the Hall of 9.  Notice that the signal panel has two cables leading to short and tall poles - they match poles depicted in the Gallery with the ‘equal’ sign.  One set of poles (triangle cap) leads to the back of the Gallery; the other set (tripod legs) connects to a light pole on the eastern path.

Face the signal panel and press the red button to activate 2 lights on the eastern pole.  During the sequence (consisting of 6 pulse sets), the lights either blink on/fade off, or fade on/blink off.  Remember the TV monitor in Kale’s Studio?  One video showed a sunset (light to dark) and the other showed a sunrise (dark to light).  The signal lights behave the same way.  Chart the light pattern then return to the Hall of 9.

Open Door #1 and walk over to the light pole.  The cabinet below contains 6 sets of circles with lines.  The lines correspond to the TV monitor buttons - sunrise (vertical) and sunset (horizontal) - and show you how the signal lights are set.  There is no need to re-program the lines - they merely verify what you already figured out.

Now enter the Gallery. Walk down the hall and open the blue box on the eastern wall.  Inside are blocks matching the sunrise/sunset images shown on Kale’s TV screen.  Set the blocks to match the light sequence seen on the signal pole (and the cabinet below it).  Once both panels are ‘equal’, return to the Hall of 9.  Enter Door #4 and open the container to reveal a Green Ring.  Add it to your inventory. 

Now go to the top of the circular railway and ride the tram over to the eastern ruins (reset the tracks if you need to).  Once there, click the ‘Up’ arrow on the railing to move the tram backwards so that you can access the front door.  Place the Green Ring in the receptacle on the left.  Press the button on the right to enter.  Open the container inside to uncover Fragment 2.  Add it to your inventory.  Click the rail switch ‘Down’ to move the tram.  Board it and return to the Hall of 9.


Open Door #9 and head south, back to the Revolving Bridge.  Press the red square on the upper arch to turn the bridge sideways (facing away from you).  Pass through the Black Crystal room then head west to Kale’s Studio.  Enter the door across from the TV monitor to get onto the bridge.  Cross the bridge to find slider panels that are currently inactive.  A clock ticks above the pink door.  Note that its hand moves clockwise.

On the walls are blocks forming the letters “Y-A-K-N”, each surrounded by one of Zetais’ symbols.  Write down how many blocks are used to form each letter and assign a cardinal direction to each symbol.  Two green buttons showing sun icons flank the door.

Turn away from the door and look through the hole in the roof to find a sundial with lines.  Black arrows point to 2 of the lines.  Note their positions then walk back towards the bridge.  When you reach the archway, look up to find a metal plate marked with white lines and smeared black lines.  Move your cursor over the lines to reveal a zig-zag pattern that cuts the plate in half.  Write down the position of black and white lines shown on each half - name the line patterns ‘left’ and ‘right’.

Backtrack through Kale’s Studio and the Black Crystal room to return to the front of the Revolving Bridge. Once there, press the archway square to rotate the bridge so that it’s facing you again.  If you recall, there are two black & white bar panels here - one on each side of the bridge.  Turn left to face the first bar panel and press squares to match the ‘left’ line pattern.  Cross the bridge and input the ‘right’ line pattern on the other black & white bar panel.

After setting the two bar panels correctly, rotate the bridge (facing away) and head back through Kale’s Studio to reach the Sun Hall.  The sliders in the hallway will function now.  The goal is to match sliders to the sundial’s arrow lines, but one of the positions is blocked.  To fix that, press the green button on the right to spin the sundial.  Mark which lines the arrows now point to, and set the sliders to match.  Open the pink door.


Inside, are two rooms containing 4 cabinets apiece.  Each cabinet has a clock face, letters, and numbers.  Unlatch the door in the second room and go outside.  Turn left to find a hatch and four familiar letter blocks, “G-O-T-E”.  While facing the door, look up to find another clock with its hand moving counter-clockwise.  The path leads to the gondola behind Door 5 of 9.  Ignore it and re-enter the block-letter rooms.

Once inside, look at the two sets of letters you wrote down.  One set (YAKN) was near the ‘clockwise’ clock and the other set (GOTE) was near the ‘counter-clockwise’ clock.  Apply directions to each letter based on the shapes surrounding them, and count how many squares are used to form each letter.  You now have all the information you need to program the 8 clock/letter/number panels. 

Open a cabinet and place your cursor over the clock to see which way it ticks.  Set each panel according to the direction it faces (n/e/s/w), using the floor’s compass as a guide: 





































After programming the panels, return to the floor hatch outside.  Press the yellow button to open the hatch, raising a familiar tube.  Pull the lever to uncover Fragment 9.  Add it your inventory.  Having found all 9 Fragments, head south, back to the original Hall of 6.


Enter Door #3 and place all 9 Fragments in the mold box.  Press the button on the left to trigger a message from Kales and watch as he departs.  Now open Door #6 and follow the passageway over to the microphone stand.  Pick up Kale’s Key then return to the Hall of 6.  Open Door #5 and insert Kale’s Key in the box.  Turn it to unlock the rusty door.  Go inside and turn right to find another Hex Glyph embedded in the wall.  Write it down.  Close the door before climbing down the ladder. 

Arriving in a suspended cavern, turn right to see a woman in red walk past the grated window.  The door next to it requires a Star Key, which does not exist yet (it relates to Rhem 5).  Enter the room on the right to find Kale’s Diary.  Read his new entries.  Across from the desk is a Diamond Glyph drawing, the last of the set.  Write it down. Approach the southern balcony and watch as a tram departs (you can only witness this scene if the rusty door above is closed).  When the scene ends, climb up the ladder.  Make your way back to the Hall of 9.


Back in the Hall of 9, exit via Door #5 and follow the pebbled path to an archway.  Turn around and look at the back side of the arch to find 6 Hex Glyph symbols.  Click on the symbols, matching lines to those shown on all Hex Glyphs you’ve found (and noted) throughout the game.  Press the button afterwards.

When set correctly, you’ll hear a bell and colored pebbles on the path light up.  Write down the color sequence.  Return to the Hall of 9 and exit via Door #1 to get to the circular railway.  Reset the tracks if necessary to open the eastern offshoot.  Board the tram and ride over to the scroll ruins.

After disembarking, enter the scroll building.  Turn around to face the doorway, where you’ll find a button and 6 Diamond Glyphs.  Set the lines to match those shown on all Diamond Glyphs you’ve noted throughout the game.  Press the button afterwards to reveal a red line pattern on the tiled floor.  Write it down.  Return to the circular railway and reset the tracks to open the western offshoot.  Ride over to the silo.

Once there, open the rusty cabinet in the east room.  Click on the color wheel to match the pattern seen on the pebbled path outside Door 5 of 9.  Close the rusty cabinet - it will remain shut if the colors are set properly.  Now go through the doorway leading to the back of the silo.  Turn around to find a red bar panel on the left side of the door.  Click on squares to match the line pattern seen on the scroll building path.  Press the green button afterwards and watch as the floor rises, revealing a staircase.  Go downstairs to enter a new area.


At the bottom of the stairs, note the pedestal with 6 white squares and locked cabinet on the wall.  Examine the chart at the end of the passage, showing 4 columns equaling a 5th column.  Write it down. On the left and right walls, a colored slider panel is attached by pulleys to colored wall barriers.  Position slider bars to lower each barrier, one at a time.  The puzzle resets after 4 selections, so the goal is to lower all barriers before that happens. 

Starting with red, set the slider bar to the top position to eliminate the red barrier.  Turn around to see that it’s been replaced by green.  To eliminate green, set the green slider bar to the top position, revealing yellow.  Set the yellow slider bar to the second lowest position to uncover blue.  Set the blue slider bar on the bottom and watch as the last barrier rises, revealing a hole.   Go through the hole and proceed down the tunnel until you reach a blue ladder.  Climb up to emerge in a grotto.


Follow the northwest walkway over to a control panel with speaker symbols, line icons, and a % meter.  Look down.  Click on the orange tubing to discover a gap that prevents power from reaching the control panel.  Continuing north takes you outside to the waterfront, where you’ll see a hatch requiring a star key.  To the left is another pedestal with 6 white squares.  Beyond it, is a locked gate.

Re-enter the grotto and explore the southwest side.  At the 4-way intersection, there are 4 horns attached to speaker cabinets - each lid has 2 green buttons.  Just beyond the horns, you’ll find an orange button on the railing (face the cabinets to see it).  The walkway ends at a rusty door that connects to an outer path.

Return to the speaker cabinets and press the top button to open one.  Inside are 6 numbers, a line icon, and a square slot.  Write down the column numbers and icon.  Repeat the process for all 4 cabinets.  Remember the chart with 4 columns equaling a 5th column?  Add the cabinet column numbers, one row at a time, to arrive at totals for the 5th column (431562). 

Go to the pedestal near the gate and press white squares in the order shown on the 5th column.  For example, press the 3rd square first, the 6th square second, etc.  After the gate rises, pass through and turn right.  Take the Electronic Module off the shelf to add it to your inventory.  Round the corner to arrive in an alcove overlooking the grotto.  There, you’ll find a blue panel that uses the Module.  Don’t insert it yet.  Turn left and write down the 6-digit number marked on the rock.  Take the green Wire propped below for your inventory.

Return to the control panel and click on the orange tubing below.  Place the Wire in the empty space to connect the cable.  Now open the 4 speaker cabinets, one at a time.  Insert the Module in the square slot.  Close the cabinet and press the lower lid button.  Count how many times the cabinet light flashes in between horn sounds.  Write down the number of flashes for each cabinet based on their icons.  Remove the Module afterwards to return it to your inventory.

Press the orange button in the middle of the walkway to see a cabinet rise from the floor.  The cabinet doors are locked, so press the button again to lower it.  Look down and slide the red bar over to green.  Press the orange button again to raise the cabinet.  Open its doors and arrange the speaker flash numbers from highest to lowest (2431).  Write down the new order of line icons, then close the cabinet and lower it.

Return to the main control panel.  Line icons matching the flash order should now be lit.  Press the yellow button to send 100% power to the cables.  Enter the alcove where you found the wire.  Insert the Module in the blue panel, causing it to pulse.  Return to the grotto and press the button near the rusty door to open it. 

Pass through to find another locked door.  The pedestal next to it shows a large square split into 4 smaller ones. Notice that the outer border reflects the 4 line icons.  Press squares in the order shown on the orange button cabinet:  Bottom-right / Bottom-left / Top-right / Top-left.  When set correctly, the door opens.  Enter the tunnel and turn right to find a panel with 2 red circles, a dot, and squares in the background.  Proceed to the water’s edge and look down to see a sunken bridge. 

Return to the grotto and climb up the blue ladder.  Follow the silo cave passage back to the white squares pedestal near the wall cabinet.  Press white squares in the order marked on the alcove rock (where you found the wire) to raise the panel.  The drawing inside shows a red circle with a dot and 4 hash marks.  Write it down.

Go upstairs and head towards the back of the silo.  Turn around and look through the right doorway to find another red circle etched on the side of the raised stairwell.  Write it down.  Now return to the sunken bridge tunnel in the grotto.  Click on the panel with 2 red circles, setting the inner and outer lines to match the silo ramp and cave panel drawings.  When the lines are set properly, a bell rings and the bridge raises.


Cross the bridge and press the green button at the end to bring up a telescope.  Click on the eyepiece to use it.  Arrows on the lens allow you to scan fast or slow in any direction.  Look for 2 white circle drawings etched on the rock walls - one far to the left, and another near the lower right edge.  Draw both then pan the telescope over to the orange button on the archway path (you saw this button earlier via the spin doors).

Center the crosshairs on the small red light above the orange button.  Press the green button on the lens to switch the small red light to green.  Now return to the 2 red circles panel in the tunnel.  Remove (click on) the old lines to lower the bridge and reset them to match the white circle lines shown on the rock walls.  A hole opens on the panel.  Add the Green Token to your inventory.

Now backtrack to the silo.  Press the green button to close the staircase so that you can board the tram.  Return to the main section of Rhem and make your way down to Kale’s Studio.  Once there, press the doorframe buttons to re-open the Power Room.  Pass through to get to the spin doors platform.  Swivel the platform until you are facing west.  Enter the oval door and follow the path around to reach the orange button on the archway.

Once there, click on the button to activate the porthole monitor.  The screen shows 2 green arrows that alter how the spin platform functions - horizontal arrows swivel the platform left/right, and vertical arrows allow the platform to move up/down like an elevator.  Click on the orange button until the arrows are set vertically.

Return to the platform and press the button on the right to descend.  Below, is a blue door with a star key pedestal and a slotted panel on the left.  Insert the Green Token to open the door.  Enter the new area.


Approach the blue railing up ahead and look down to see the lady in red walking on the path below.  After she passes by, move forward and examine the Asian painting at the top of the stairs.  Place your cursor over the painting to reveal 5 figures sitting in boats.  Blocks painted in the lower left corner act as buttons. 

At the bottom of the stairs are 3 doors.  The blue door on the right has a fan symbol and the doorway on the left is barred by wood planks.  Open the green door in the middle.  Inside are multiple objects of interest.  Start by reading Meneandes’ note on the desk.  It mentions a medallion piece hidden inside the room.  Look down to find a green button under the desk.  Press it to stop the ceiling fan from turning.  Face the doorway and transfer 3 potato-like objects from the yellow bowl on the right into the white bowl on the left.  Collect the green Light Sphere from the empty yellow bowl to add to your inventory. 

Exit the room and open the blue door (with the ‘off’ fan icon) to arrive on a balcony overlooking the watery cavern.  On the right is another star key pedestal.  Look down to view a lowered gate and inaccessible path beyond.  Now turn to face the south railing and look down.  Drop the Light Sphere into the water to illuminate 6 circled numbers etched on the cavern wall - 3 on the left and 3 on the right.  Write them down.

Exit the balcony and face the staircase.  Note three wooden support beams framing the stairs.  Walk halfway up and examine the middle beams to find another set of circled numbers - 3 on each side.  After writing down the numbers, return to Meneandes’ hidden room.

On the south wall hangs another Asian painting.  Place your cursor over it to expose two figures wading in the water.  Move the bonsai plant to the left to reveal 6 numbers in the painting’s lower wall boxes.  Write them down.  Shifting the bonsai also uncovers a drawing by Meneandes.  Ignore it for now and go to the painting at the top of the stairs.  Push the lower wall boxes in the order shown on the second painting.  When done correctly, the painting swings back, revealing a Key.  Add it to your inventory.

Now return to the hidden room and look at Meneandes’ drawing under the bonsai.  It shows 6 circles with question marks and red directional arrows.  Replace the 12 question marks with numbers found on the beams and cavern wall.  In other words, pair two separate numbers in each circle - do not add them.  Once you’ve done that, swap circles that have arrows pointing to them to re-arrange the number pairs.

Move the bonsai to the right so that you can access the button pad on the wall.  Press the buttons in numeric order shown on your re-arranged circles.  After completing 12-click sequence, press the red button to open the blue box.  Insert the key and turn it to raise the panel on the left.  Take the Rhem IV SE Medallion Quarter to add it to your inventory.  Save your game so that you can access the object whenever Rhem V is released.

Return to the swivel platform elevator and ride up.  Press the orange archway button to reset the arrows horizontally.  Turn the platform so that you can exit to the south, back to the Hall of 6.  Once there, open Door #4 and board the tram at the end of the path.  Listen to a final message from Zetais and say goodbye to Rhem for now.  Congratulations on completing the game!


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