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  playstation 2 walkthrough

Solieu Village / Radiata Castle

An opening sequence introduces you to hero Jack Russell, who is late for his appointment in Radiata Castle. Once there, you’ll be forced to battle Ridley Silverlake, a skilled female warrior. There is no way to beat her, so just press any button until the fight ends. Despite his poor showing, Jack will be accepted into the knights and assigned a bed in the Trainee’s Room. When you gain control, kick the bed for an Analysis Ball and the desk for a Cure Drop. Talk to your roommate (Leonard) then approach the flag on top of the bunk. Red flags such as these allow you to save your game and sleep to restore health. Do both and then leave the room.

Press R1 to bring up a map of the castle to see that you are currently on B1 (note that throughout this walkthrough, the directions I give are based on the screen’s camera position, rather than the map’s orientation). Kick the guard next to your room for 1D (money). You can do this repeatedly, as he will not fight back. Head west and enter the next room you come to. Inside the storeroom you’ll find a Cure Needle and an Herb Extract. Exit and head east. The room next to yours contains a Cure Drop. Continue east past the stairwell. When you reach the circular room, enter the door facing north. Go inside the first room in this hallway to find a Knight Edge, which is a better weapon than the one you currently have equipped. Backtrack to the western stairwell and take the spiral staircase up to the 2nd floor.

Head west past the stairs to find Ridley’s room. Once inside, look for Holy Water and Ridley’s Theme (use the record player in your room to hear any recordings you collect). Enter the Supply shop next door to buy/sell items and kick the statue to get 5D. Go up to the 3rd floor. Head west and enter Natalie’s room to find a Cure Drop then enter Ganz’s room next door. Inside, you’ll find 15D and Ganz’s Theme. When you’re finished exploring, head east and enter the Meeting Room next to the guard to trigger a scene. After Ganz gives his pep talk, you’ll take part in a battle tutorial. Just follow Ganz’s instructions and you’ll do fine. In the morning, the squad embarks on its first mission, joined by a hayseed priest named Clive.

Adien Region > Dova Region

Cross the Lupus Bridge to find a flag. Blue flags are temporary and only allow you to save your game. Use it then head west. Approaching or kicking any creatures you come across results in a fight. Don’t get caught off guard or you’ll start the battle in a confused state. Fight as many as you can to gain experience and level up your sword skills. While traveling throughout the world, kick all of the rocks or objects you see lining the paths as many contain items. At the crossroad, you’ll see a merchant named Louis. Stock up on supplies then head south. Kick the boxes next to the house to get a Mint Drop then go back to the merchant. Travel northwest until you reach Nuevo Village.

Go behind the house on the right to open a chest containing an Evasion Berry and kick the crates next to the house on the left to get an Herb Extract. Continue heading west. At the next two intersections, go north and then northwest. Cross the bridge and at the next crossroad, head west. Move forward a trigger a scene showing Earth Valley. Follow the winding path down to the entrance.

Earth Valley

When you gain control, enter the Supply store on the right to buy/sell items then check out the Armory next to the Inn on the left. Upgrade your sword if you have the cash then descend the stairs outside. Enter the gold building on the left. Go up to the 2nd floor for a cutscene with Gonovitch. After the party disbands, re-enter the gold building and search the 2nd floor for a Life Berry and Startle Powder. Leave and return to the Inn above. Enter the back guest room to find a red Save Flag. Use it then speak to Ganz until he mentions visiting the bartender. Kick the bed next to Ganz to get a Heating Tablet then leave the Inn. Go downstairs and head west to the tavern, which opens at 5PM. Get some Mud Powder inside then speak to Oleg and accept his task. Since you have to wait for the bar to close, exit and do some more exploring.

Further west, you’ll find a Liquor Store and beyond, the Treasury building. Enter it when it’s not being guarded and kick the chest inside to initiate a battle. When it ends, you’ll receive a Mystery Berry. Leave and explore the rooms at the bottom of two staircases. Collect a Flee Ball, Panic Powder, Herb Extract, Cement Powder, Analysis Ball, and the Earth Valley Theme (keep this to recruit a character later on) from the various rooms. At the western mine entrance, you’ll find an Eye Drop. Save your game back at the Inn then return to the bar once it has closed (after 2AM). Enter to trigger a scene, during which 3 goblin bandits flee. Go back to the Inn and sleep, which automatically prompts the journey back.

Dova Region

Stay close to the dwarf’s cart, protecting it from any enemies that appear. Eventually, you’ll meet up with the goblin trio again and the party is forced to fight.

BOSS >> Goblin Trio

Strategy: The trio uses ‘Box Link’ which means they’ll gang up on anyone who gets inside the shaded area. Eliminating one of them will break the link. Try doing this from the outer edges, concentrating on whichever one Ganz tells you to attack. They are quick but not that difficult to beat.

Afterwards, keep following the cart until you reach Radiata Castle.

Radiata Castle

When you regain control, head east to arrive on the 1st floor. Enter the Men’s Bathroom on the right to pick up a Holy Water then return to the hall. Ganz won’t let you explore, so continue east and take the second set of stairs up to the 4th floor. Once there, enter the door on the left and head west until a scene takes over. When it ends, you’ll be back in your room on B1. Sleep if you want to advance the story or do some exploring first.

If you opt to explore, leave your room and head west. Take the spiral staircase down to a ladder at the very bottom of the castle. Enter the northeast passage below. Once inside the sewers (known as the Path of the Spider), fight a few enemies for great Exp. as you head to the end. Open a chest to acquire a Strength Berry then return to the stairwell. The southeast passage leads to another part of the sewer if you want to battle more creatures, otherwise go back up to B1 and use the eastern stairs to get to the 1st floor.

Head east to reach the main hallway. Enter the lounge on your right to acquire a Flee Ball and 50D. Exit and ascend the stairs on the right. On the 2nd floor, head west and enter the kitchen marked with the knife and fork. Search inside for a Cure Drop then exit and move east towards the elevator at the end of the hall. Kick the bench next to the elevator for a Mint Drop then ride up to the 3rd floor.

Head west through the hallways until you reach the Infirmary. Look for an Herb Extract inside then take the stairs on the left up to the 4th floor. Search the armor in Cross’s room for Cooling Spray. Enter the Study next door to find a Mint Drop and Herb Extract. Jasne’s room also contains an Herb Extract. When you’re finished exploring, return to your room. Save and rest. Upon waking, the team begins its next mission.

Cuatour Region > Elf Region > Nowem Region

From Faucon Gate, head west. At the first intersection, go north. Kick the Ressan tree at the end of the path to get Celestial Nectar then backtrack to the intersection. Travel west until you reach Fort Helencia. After the cutscene, go back towards the Fort (east) and use the Healing Circle to replenish the party’s health. Move south to find Louis, the vendor, and a chest containing a Knight Edge. To the right, you’ll find a blue Save Flag and a training dummy. Kick it if you want to practice your sword skills; otherwise, head north to the previous screen.

Once there, travel west and cross a long bridge to reach the Elf Region. Move forward until a cutscene takes over. After Genius joins the party, continue west and watch a cutscene at the City of Flowers entrance. The group is not allowed in at this point; so go back to Fort Helencia. Save and replenish while there then take the western path into the Nowem Region.

Continue traveling west until you reach an intersection. Follow the southern route to a fallen tree that you can cross over. Grab Recovery Pills from a chest on the left then keep moving until you trigger a scene. When it ends, go through the tree trunk and continue heading west to a 3-way intersection. Follow either northern path until they merge and then continue to the next screen.

Once there, take the upper path (northwest) through a tree trunk. At the next intersection, go northwest again. Move forward until you see a log near the water’s edge. Climb up to a chest containing a Mass of Enmity then go back down and move onward until you reach the entrance of Forest Metropolis. Talk to Mikey to get inside.

Forest Metropolis

You’ll find an item vendor in the center of the 1st floor and a door leading to the kitchen behind her. Grab some Holy Water inside then kick the barrel near the vendor to acquire a Life Berry. Enter the door next to the entrance on the far right. Go down the hall and enter the first door you see. Search the brewery for Magma Powder then exit and kick the barrel further down to get another Life Berry. Descend the stairs to reach the wine cellar where you can find a Mint Drop. Return to the main room near the entrance.

Take the stairs on the left (next to the fireplace) up to the 2nd floor. Search the rooms on either side for an Evasion Berry, Bell Amulet, and Heating Tablet then go back to the 1st floor. Use the stairs on the right to go up to the 2nd floor. Enter the room on the far left to find the Elf Region recording then exit and ascend the stairs on the lower left to reach the 3rd floor. Watch a cutscene with Nogueira, the dark elf lord, during which time the party disbands. Go back down to the 2nd floor to find a Save Flag posted in the middle room.

After saving, go down to the 1st floor where you will find Ridley. If you feel like fighting her, kick her twice. If you win you’ll get an Evasion Berry. Now speak to Ganz, who is standing near the wine cellar stairs. Agree to his request and Chatt will ask a series of questions. Answer “Poor” and “Neither” to get the wine. Return to Ganz for a 1,000D reward. You can fight Ganz and receive a Defense Berry as well. When ready, go up to the 2nd floor and sleep to trigger a cutscene. When it ends, you’ll be in Wind Valley fending off a powerful Blood Orc.

BOSS >> Blood Orc

Strategy: Use a Volty Combo if needed to thrust the Blood Orc on to it’s back. If you see the Blood Orc leap into the air, guard and jump back. Ridley becomes incapacitated after a few hits, and the remaining party members must carry on without her. Do your best to whittle down the Orc’s health until Lord Nogueira steps in to finish it off.

Watch the scene that follows, with the party ending up back at Radiata Castle.

Radiata Castle

After the party disbands, explore the B1 guardrooms (west wing) for an Herb Extract and Analysis Ball then go to your room. Kick Leonard’s bed to get 10D then choose to sleep. Exit to trigger a scene showing Al in a panic over something. Follow him down to the B2 dungeon. Once there, you’ll witness a scene between a crazed inmate and Sir Dynas. Afterwards, return to your room and go back to sleep. Watch events taking place in the castle at night.

In the morning, return to the B2 dungeon and talk to Patrick about what transpired the previous night. If you want to earn some extra cash, go to the 2nd floor supply shop. The clerk will ask you to deliver a package to your roommate, Leonard. Return to your room for a cutscene then go to Ganz’s room on 3rd floor. Next, enter the training facility on B1 then go to Natalie’s room, which is next to Ganz’s on the 3rd floor. Choose to “keep looking” then go to your room to finally find Leonard. After the shopkeeper gives you a few hundred Dagols, return to your room. Whether you chose to do the subquests or not, Ganz eventually arrives with bad news.

Vancoor District

The duo ends up in front of a pub where a drunken knight accosts Jack.

BOSS >> Jarvis

Strategy: Jarvis is totally inebriated and therefore very slow. The fight should be over in a matter of seconds.

Afterwards, use the Save Flag in the corner and search for some Panic Powder in back. Talk to everyone in the bar until Ganz tells you it’s time to go. Watch a cutscene inside Theatre Vancoor then enter the first door on the left to trigger a scene with Caesar. Afterwards, go up to the 3rd floor and enter the door on the left to trigger a scene with Gerald, during which you’ll go to the training area and be forced into battle. Gerald is unbeatable so don’t worry about it. Now go to the 4th floor to meet with the guild master, Elwen. Thanos will then escort you to your new home, which is down the street from Theatre Vancoor. Once there, Jack and Ganz part ways.

In the morning, kick the debris on the left to get a Cure Needle then re-enter your house. Search for Jack’s Theme amidst the stuff on the floor then use the Save Flag. Exit and head east to get back to the theatre. Kick the trash bags on the way there to receive a random item. You can enter the theatre from the side stairs or from the front door further up. Once there, Thanos tells you to meet with your squad on B1 but you can explore the building for items first.

In the reception area, you’ll find Mustard Powder and a Luck Berry. Search the room on the far left to get an Herb Extract then go up to the 2nd floor. Search the room on the far left to get a Mint Drop and 50D. Enter Caesar’s room next door to find 80D in a bucket. The training grounds are on the far right but nothing is happening there right now, so go up to the 3rd floor. Kick one of the armored statues for a Heating Tablet then enter Gerald’s room. Kick his desk to receive a Startle Powder. Afterwards, go up to the 4th floor. Kick the statues to get an Herb Extract and Cooling Spray then enter Elwen’s room. Go through the door on the right to reach her treasury. Kick the chest inside to acquire an Eagle Crest then leave and descend the stairs.

Check out the B2 basement level before going to your meeting on B1. Search the storeroom on the far left for Eye Drops then enter the door on the far right. The 5th jail cell actually contains a hidden ladder that takes you down into the sewers. Make a note of it for later. For now, go up to B1 and enter the infirmary on the right to find a Strength Berry and Cure Needle. When ready, enter the room on the far left to meet your new captain… Jarvis. When the scene ends, go up the 2nd floor training grounds to begin a tutorial. Start by defeating a fellow guild member, Daniel.

BOSS >> Daniel

Strategy: Daniel will deal minimal damage and pretty much lets you attack him. Just think of him as one of those practice dummies in battle training.

After the fight, Jarvis makes you a corporal and teaches the “Attack” command. Clive enters the guild at this point and joins your Friend List. Thanos then explains the concept behind recruiting. There are 177 characters to recruit and form parties with - however it is impossible to get all of them in your first play-through for reasons that will become obvious later (see the Extras page for details on recruiting).


Feel free to explore the city now. Collect items in the shops and on the street (too many to mention individually) and talk to anyone you pass by. A brief description of the huge city is as follows:

Yellow Town of Sun & Glory - Warrior’s Guild = Lupus Gate > Guard Station > SSC Inn > Survivor Armory > (path to Jack’s house) > Theatre Vancoor > Begin Eatery > (Path of the Sun: Pub) >San Patty Accessories > Vacant House > (stairs to Vancoor Square) > Castle Gate / Vancoor Square = Lottery Stand > Verontier Armory > Belmont General Store > (Path of the Sun) > Lyle’s Mansion > (stairs to Yellow Town)

White Town of Stars & Faith - Priest’s Guild = Heliforde Gate > Guard House > Waldo’s General Store > (Path of Insanity: Black Rose General Store, OK Hand Accessories) > Peaceful Pony Inn > Book Store > Eisenhower Pharmacy > Morfinn’s Clinic > (path to Olacion Order) > Jack’s House > Blade Pharmacy > (Back entrance to Theatre Vancoor) / Olacion Order = Mortal Tree Hall (confession room, Vita, Dwight, Anastasia) > Chapel > Universal Tree Hall (Fernando, Godwin Cosmo)

Blue Town of Water & Wisdom - Mage’s Guild = Echidna Gate > Guard Station > (Path of Insanity) > Vareth Magic Institute > (Faucon Gate) > Lottery Stand > Faid General Store > (path to Beast Pit)

Black Town of Night & Lust – Bandit’s Guild / Lower Beast Pit = Mysterious Creatures Inn > Levante General Store > Dead End Armory... Upper Beast Pit = Chic Records > Alkacio General Store > (stairs to Club Vampire & Void Community)

To advance the story, go home and rest (in general, do not enter your house before midnight if you want to avoid triggering mandatory events). Whether you slept or not, a cutscene occurs at around noon the next day (or the day after). You’ll automatically arrive at Theatre Vancoor and get your first assignment: Find a Crocogator for Anastasia. Head towards Echidna Gate, which is northwest of the guild. On your way there, you’ll see a scene with Leona who trips and loses her glasses. Afterwards, exit the city.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Aidan, Alba, Bruce, Butch, Carlos, Clive, Cosmo, Edgar, Ernest, Eugene, Faraus, Flora, Golye, Jared, Lulu, Marietta, Nick, Paul, Pinky, Rachel/Cornelia, Rolec, Solo, Synelia

Tria Region

Travel west, fighting tougher enemies as you go. If you’re in a rush to get on with the mission, head north at the first crossroad. For a quick detour, head west to visit a couple of small villages first.

Solieu Village / Tria Village

Get a Defense Berry from a chest behind the well then enter the house on the left. Jack’s sister, Adele, will either be inside or outside depending on the time of day. Kick the tall vase on the right to get 1,000D and search for a Bell Amulet in the room. If you see a kid with a net running around outside, talk to him and Sunset will join your Friend List. Head north up the path until you reach a hole off the side of the road. The hole leads to a dwarf tunnel that is unfinished at the moment. Continue up the hill to Tria Village.

A girl named Mint sells items near the barn during the day. Check out her inventory then enter the barn. Climb up the ladder to reach a storage loft. Fight some creatures and find a few items up there then leave the barn. Enter the Elder’s house across the street. In the room on the right, you’ll find 1,500D and Tria Milk. If you spoke to the chef in Club Vampire earlier, talk to the Elder to get her soup recipe as well. Back outside, follow the western path to the river’s edge. Speak to the man flailing in the water to trigger a scene and recruit Gonber.

When ready, leave the villages and head back down to the intersection. Along the way, you may see Leban fighting off some giant Armadillos. Recruit him by defeating the creatures. Once you’ve reached the intersection, take the northern path to a bridge. Cross over into the Nowem region.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Gonber, Keaton, Leban, Sarval, Sunset, Tarkin, Wyze

Nowem Region > Cuatour Region > Elf Region

Move forward to an intersection. Your ultimate destination is to the east but I suggest checking out the western path first. If you decide to detour, keep moving west until you reach the 3-way split. Take the northern path to the next screen. At the second intersection, head west to find another 3-way split. Follow the center path up to a chest containing 300D. Return to the 3-way split and take the western path past a waterfall, looping down to a crossroad. Take the southern path back to the intersection where you first detoured. Once there, head east past Fort Helencia and go through the Cuatour region. After crossing the bridge into the Elf region, head west past the City of Flowers entrance. At the crossroad, travel north to initiate a cutscene.

BOSS >> Crocogator

Strategy: The Crocogator can dish out some heavy attacks so have a Volty Combo prepared. Let Jarvis take most of the damage and occasionally throw him healing items.

After defeating the beast, you’ll acquire a Crocogator Skin. If you feel up to it, fight another Croc in the swamps up ahead. Searching the far left and right waterways yields two chests. The one on the right contains a Luck Berry and the one on the left, an Aqua Spear. When ready, backtrack to the pig statue to trigger a scene. Jarvis explains that pig statues are actually transports that warp you to areas already visited. Use it now to return to Radiata.


You’ll be deposited in front of the pig statue at Lupus Gate. Enter the city and go to the Olacion Order to give Anastasia the Crocogator Skin. Her room is in the west wing. If she likes the skin, you’ll get 10,000D. If she dislikes it, you’ll get far less. Afterwards, Daniel will talk about his pet and then you’re free to roam. Spend some time recruiting characters (in the city and elsewhere) then go home to rest.

At some point during the next couple of nights, you’ll see a scene showing what Ganz has been up to since leaving the knights. In the morning, go to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos to learn that there are a few freelance jobs available. Note that some missions may pop up later, depending on when you rest, your level, etc. Complete them in any order you wish.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Aldo, Cecil, Chatt, Christoph, Dan, Dennis, Gene, Howard, Hyann, Jill, Johan, Lily, Martinez, Mook, Morfinn, Morgan, Rika, Romaria, Santos, Stefan, Yack

Earth Valley

MISSION #1: A Masterpiece of Fantasy
Form a party then go talk to Warc in the weapons shop next to Theatre Vancoor. Once you have your directive, exit the city via Lupus Gate. Use the pig teleport to get to Earth Valley. Watch a scene at the entrance then visit the 3 blacksmiths on the lower floors to pick up their parcels. Once you have all three, return to Radiata. Give the parcels to Warc then speak to Thanos to get your fee.

Dorse Region

MISSION #2: Beasts By The Bridge
Form a strong party and head out Lupus Gate. At the first intersection, go south. At the next one, travel north. Approach the Dorse bridge builders to trigger a scene then fight off the creatures that appear.

BOSS >> King Serpent / Treants x 3

Strategy: The King Serpent has a nasty bite that can knock off a lot of HP so remember to heal your party with items or use the Circle Song command. Take out the snake first then focus on the Treants. Use a Volty attack when it becomes available.

If you want to recruit the three bridge workers, make sure to speak to them at the bridge the very next day or you will lose the chance for good. When you return in the morning, they will tell you that they’ve lost some blueprints. Retrieve them from the innkeeper near Heliforde Gate then return to the bridge workers. Depending on your choices later, you’ll find the trio in the rear dining room of the Peaceful Pony Inn.

Ocho Region

MISSION #3: Smilodon Fang
Enter Dwight’s room in the Olacion Order to trigger a scene. When it ends, go out Lupus Gate. Continue traveling west past the first intersection. At the second one, head north. When you reach the third intersection, travel south and cross the bridge into the Ocho region. You’ll face some challenging enemies here so watch out. You may stumble across a male Smilodon before reaching the crossroad. If not, go north at the crossroad until you find one. Kill it to get a Fang then continue along the path to find a chest containing a Life Berry. Backtrack to the intersection and head south if you want to look for another male; otherwise head west to get home. Bring the Fangs to Dwight and collect 500D for each.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Anastasia, Dwight, Grant


At some point during the above missions, Yuri will visit your house and tell you about a situation occurring in Vancoor Square. Use the blue Save Flag that appears there then knock on the door in the upper right corner. Sheila emerges and forces a fight. If you watched the scene in Radiata Castle’s dungeon earlier in the game, Jack will know how to fend her off and the scene will merely continue. If you did not visit the B2 dungeon, I believe you’ll have to fight Sheila. Either way, return to Theatre Vancoor. Speak to Thanos to learn that Jarvis’ squad has been hired to escort the princess.

Watch a scene introducing the princess who is using the pseudonym, Arnold. After bandits abduct her, run after them. Watch a brief scene at the Blue Town crossroad then head west. At the next crossroad, travel south down the Path of Insanity and Fanaticism until you reach the tall house with a broken window on top. Enter the abandoned building.

Use the Save Flag and Healing Circle inside then enter the door. Take the stairs up to the 2nd floor and kick the red switch on the right side of the room. Go back down to the 1st floor to see that a new passage has opened. Enter it to initiate a scene.

BOSS >> Joaquel, Elmo

Strategy: Joaquel is the strength and Elmo is the speed during this battle. Just beat on them until Daniel becomes incapacitated. When the battle resumes, Jack and Jarvis will be fighting them alone but the strategy remains the same. Attack Joaquel then guard to avoid damage that isn’t necessary. Use Volty attacks on both when possible.

When the fight ends, you’ll be in the city’s sewer. Use the new Save Flag and Healing Circle then move forward until you reach a passage where you can go north. Follow the path to a ladder. Climb up then move forward to a door. Enter the large room, keeping in mind that a large lizard-like creature roams the pathways inside. Fight it or avoid it then head east to a door on the opposite side. Move forward to another square room. The door marked ‘03’ leads to a chest containing a Knight Saber. Get it now if you want, or just enter the door marked ‘01’. Head west and enter the door at the end. In the next passageway, move east past a door and enter the hole at the end of the path. Go up the sewage pipe to a ladder. At the top, you’ll trigger a cutscene and end up in Theatre Vancoor’s infirmary.

Elwen makes Jack a sergeant and Gerald teaches you about Link formations. At this point, you’ll learn the Box Link and have a chance to practice it. New link formations are acquired as the game progresses and some consume Volty points. Basically, when party members are linked together, they share each other’s skills (e.g. Poison Resist, Luck Plus, Nine Lives, etc.). Jack can learn his party members’ skills by using links frequently. When the tutorial ends, speak with Gareth to fight and recruit him; otherwise leave the training grounds.

Talk to Thanos downstairs to learn that a ‘weird-looking dude’ wants to meet you in Vancoor Square. Go there to trigger a scene involving a large man who is looking for someone named Aphelion. When the scene ends, you’ll be in bed at home the next morning. When ready, return to Theatre Vancoor to get new jobs.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Alicia, Caesar, Conrad, David, Eon, Franklin, Gareth, Gerald, Giske, Gordon, Gregory, Iris, Jarvis, Joaquel, Lyle, Nocturne

MISSION #4: Vexatious Vermin
Go the Vareth Institute and talk to the receptionist, Roche. Afterwards, Daniel will be forced into your party to help rid the school of rats. After fighting off the first wave, your crew will chase a giant rat down into the sewers. Battle him along with an army of smaller rats.

BOSS >> Pararat

Strategy: Defeat the smaller ones before they overwhelm the party then gang up on the big guy. The big rat has a high defensive rating but is weak offensively. Pay attention to your target while attacking, as you may attack your own party members.

Once he’s been sufficiently injured, the rat will flee but not before dropping a Book of Recovery and Evasion Berry. Jack splits the reward fee with Daniel.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Adina, Daniel, Elena

MISSION #5: Creatures of the Sewers
Enter Vancoor’s B2 jail room and climb down the ladder in the 5th cell to get into the sewers. Once there, head east and go through the first door you come to. Head west and enter the next door you see. Keep going until you reach the fountain room. Once there, enter the door facing northeast to trigger a scene then continue forward to the next screen. Head east until another cutscene occurs.

BOSS >> Mud Ponbabar

Strategy: If you have someone who can heal status ailments in your party, this will be a much easier fight. Attack some of the Mud Pawns first, as they can be pretty annoying. Stay behind the boss to avoid getting hit by multiple status effects. When it starts opening its mouth, move out of the way. Physical attacks cause little damage so use Volty as much as possible. Watch the health of your allies, as you do not want to be going it alone.

When you defeat it, the Ponbabar drops a nice two-handed weapon, the Rune Saber, as well as a Cure Needle and Luck Berry. If you’re up for it, explore the rest of the sewer for chests (they contain a Leprechaun and Feather Earring); otherwise return to Theatre Vancoor. You may see Tony fishing near the fountain room or sitting near the Vancoor ladder. If so, recruit him. Return to Thanos and collect your 5000D fee.


Adien Region > Dorse Region

MISSION #6: Treasure of Goblin Cemetery
Go to Vareth Institute. Enter the lower right door and pass through the classroom to reach the library. Once there, climb the stairs on the left and search the books on top until you get a password for the Goblin Cemetery (‘Sesame Seeds’). Form a good party then leave the city via Lupus Gate.

At the first crossroad, head south. At the second one, head north. Cross the new bridge to enter the Dorse region. Move forward until you meet up with the three Goblin bandits from Earth Valley (they will not be there at night).

BOSS >> Goblin Trio

Strategy: They are ‘easy peasy’ to defeat.

When given the option, choose to ‘Let them go’ if you want to recruit the trio. Afterwards, head north. Collect a Mystery Berry from the chest at the end of the path then return to the intersection and head west. If you want to visit Shangri La before continuing with your mission, veer southwest at the first opportunity.

Shangri La

There’s a pig teleport right outside the entrance. Inside, you’ll find a vendor named Gabe. Next to him is Goo. If you have an Empty Bottle in your inventory, give it to him so that he joins the Friend List. Climb the ladder next to the yellow elephant then follow the upper walkways to the northwest corner. Enter the hut on top to get a Life Berry then climb back down. Back on the 1st floor, you’ll find Ben. Kick him a few times so that he joins then explore the 3 huts in back. Get a Life Berry from the center one and answer Lin’s questions correctly to recruit another friend.

Afterwards, take the western exit out to a platform. Depending on the time of day, there are other goblins to recruit here and further west, a bridge leading to Fire Mountain, which is off limits at the moment. When you’re finished, leave Shangri La and head east back to the intersection outside.

Dorse Region

Once there, follow the northwest route all the way around to a chest containing Invincibility Medicine then backtrack halfway and take the first path heading southwest to the next screen. While traveling, look for a small gold creature to fight. If you beat the Dagol Tortoise, you’ll receive over 8,000D. At the crossroad, move forward to a chest with a Life Berry then take the southern path to the next screen. At the next intersection, approach the chest on the left. Before you can open it, a large snake will ambush you. After trouncing the King Serpent, open the chest to acquire a Rainbow Crystal, which is used to recruit a character later on. Return to the previous intersection and head right until a scene takes over. When it ends, climb down the ladder into Goblin Cemetery.

Goblin Cemetery

Move forward through the tomb, killing ghostly creatures as you go. In the second chamber, you’ll find a chest containing a Life Berry and in the third, one that contains an Herb Extract MAX. When you enter the final chamber, a scene takes over, wherein you’ll have to battle Gobblehope IX.

BOSS >> Gobblehope IX

Strategy: Set Spinning Slash as one of your attacks or use a Link command. The boss will not allow you to get a lock, so get as close to him as you can then use an attack that can inflict damage on more than one target. If you have learned Army of Shadow, use it. Gobblehope’s minions respawn so only attack them if they are getting in the way. Stay focused on the main guy and heal party members when needed.

For winning, you’ll receive a Mystery Berry and Flee Ball. Loot 4 chests in the room to get the Recruitment Suit Thanos wanted, as well as Celestial Nectar, 3000D and an Umbrella. Exit the cemetery and return to Radiata, either on foot or by using the pig teleport in Shangri La. Go to Theatre Vancoor and speak to Thanos, who will let you keep the Recruitment Suit.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Aesop, Ben, Bligh, Brie, Den, Donkey, Gob, Gobrey, Golly, Gonn, Goo, Lin, Mason, Monki


Spend some time recruiting or just go back to your house and rest. Once you enter your house, Leonard arrives with an invitation to Ridley’s birthday party and you’ll automatically end up at the castle gate. Use the blue Save Flag then speak to Leonard to gain entry. Go straight up to the 6th floor ballroom to trigger a scene. When it ends, you’ll be outside the castle. Conduct whatever business you have in town until a scene occurs, showing Ridley and Genius journeying to the Elf region. In the morning, go to Theatre Vancoor to accept a new mission.

MISSION #7: The Ultimate Battle
Visit Elwen on the 4th floor of Theater Vancoor. She will send you off to Echidna Gate, which is west of the Vareth Magic Institute. Start crossing the bridge and Ursula will appear with her new creation, Melissa.

BOSS >> Melissa

Strategy: Although you are fighting alone, Melissa is very slow so you should be able to avoid its attacks pretty easily. Melissa has quite a bit of defense that will make most of your physical attacks moot. Use Volty attacks then guard to avoid unnecessary damage. Also, Melissa can cause confusion and other ailments. The idea is to attack when Melissa begins walking away. Use curative items as necessary and just wallop the big beast until it falls.

After the fight, Melissa drops an Evasion Berry. When ready, pick up your fee at Theatre Vancoor and accept another mission.

Earth Valley

MISSION #8: Gonovitch’s Dilemma
Travel to Earth Valley and enter the gold building. Visit Gonovitch on the 2nd floor to trigger a scene. When it finishes, go down to the blacksmith’s shops. Cross the lower bridge to reach the southwestern mine. Speak to the dwarf standing by the entrance then go inside. Move forward to an elevator. Ride it down and continue through the mineshaft until you reach a room. Get a Cleansing Stone from the chest there then continue traveling west through the mineshaft. In the next room, you’ll find a chest containing Sage. Head west again until a scene takes over.

BOSS >> Rock Diggers

Strategy: The Rock Diggers spin around in massive circles, dealing quite a bit of damage to all. Focus on one of them to give the party more running room. Attack and defend. Use Link commands to inflict more damage. After killing one Rockdigger, the battle should be considerably easier.

You’ll receive 2 Life Berries after defeating them. Explore the rest of the mine tunnels, or just head east to exit. Report to Gonovitch then leave Earth Valley. Talk to Thanos in Theater Vancoor to pick up your reward.

Septem Cave

MISSION #9: Stone of Miracles
Enter the Olacion chapel to trigger a cutscene with Kain. Afterwards, form a party and exit the city via Lupus Gate. Head west until you reach the bridge. Cross over into Septem territory. At the next crossroad, continue west until you see a hole in the rocks. Before entering the Septem Caves, travel further west to Septem Village. Once there, open the chest between the houses to get something Aldo wants: the Book of Fairies. If you need to stock up on items, travel further west then south at the crossroad to find Louis. The other paths are off limits right now so backtrack to the cave and enter.

Keep moving forward until you reach an intersection. Head south to a chest containing a Thief Bangle then go back and head west. If you spoke to Garcia in Septem Village earlier, you may see Bran and Wal being attacked by some creatures up ahead. If so, help them. After you pass under the waterfall, you’ll reach a large rock with a small opening. Enter it to find a chest with a Life Berry. Return to the main path and continue traveling west until a scene occurs.

BOSS >> Trap Octopus

Strategy: You have to break through its tentacles before you can get at the main body. By the time the tentacles have been taken down, you should have enough in your Volty meter to mount a serious attack. The tentacles reappear eventually so hit as hard as you can before they do. Make sure to cure any Blindness the boss inflicts and keep your party’s health up.

Upon defeat, the boss drops a Strength Berry and Leviathan spear. After Jack retrieves the stone that Klein wanted, head west to take a shortcut out of the cave. Move forward until you can jump down then head east, past a chest in a hole that you cannot access yet. Once outside, follow the eastern path back to Radiata.



Go to Olacion to show Kain what you found. He determines it is an Orb, not the stone he wanted, and forces you keep it. Following your conversation with Kain, you’ll see another scene showing a plot that is unfolding in the castle and Ridley’s reaction to it. Go home and rest. In the morning, Thanos should have another mission for you.

MISSION #10: Top Secret Mission
Go to Faucon Gate alone, where a gang of masked burglars will attack you.

BOSS >> Masked Burglars

Strategy: The Burglars deal about 25 damage each, so remember to heal if they gang up on you. Take them out one by one and don’t bother using Volty attacks since they take too much time to perform.

Afterwards, return to Theatre Vancoor and report to Thanos. At some point during the day, you’ll witness a gruesome scene occurring in Earth Valley. When you return to your house and sleep, Gonovitch will visit in the middle of the night and ask you to accompany him to the dwarven lands.

Earth Valley

From Lupus Gate, head west. On your way through the Dova region, detour north to find a chest with a Defense Berry then continue towards Earth Valley. About halfway there, a scene takes over. When it ends, go back to Radiata, either on foot or by using the pig teleport below.


When ready, go to Theatre Vancoor to see if a new mission has become available.

MISSION #11: Build That Body!
Head over to the Olacion Order where Achilles and three of his students are waiting. He asks that you help Vitas, Alvin, and Miranda train by fighting them one at a time. None of them pose a threat. After defeating the students, you’ll battle Achilles himself.

BOSS >> Achilles

Strategy: He’s stronger than the others and has considerably more HP but should not be too difficult to defeat. Just attack and defend then use a Volty attack once your meter has filled up.

Afterwards, return to Thanos and pick up your fee. Catch up on any recruiting efforts now as time is running out.

* AVAILABLE RECRUITS: Elmo, Godwin, Miranda, Vitas

After a day or two, entering your room results in a scene where a guard delivers a message from Radiata Castle. Larks wants to meet with you that night. Going to the castle now is futile, as no one will let you in. Complete any daytime business you have then go home and rest. Just as you’re preparing to leave for your meeting, Ridley appears. At this point, you need to make a big decision: Either keep your meeting with Larks... or follow Ridley to the City of Flowers.

If you keep your appointment at the castle, all non-human characters in the game (including Ridley) will become your enemy. Alternately, if you side with Ridley, all humans will become your enemy. Your Friend List will reflect whichever choice you make, meaning you can no longer use or recruit any character aligned with the other side. I’ve divided the remainder of this walkthrough into two parts: If you choose Ridley, read the Non-human section. If you choose Larks, read the Human section…

SCENARIO A (Ridley): Non-human Path
SCENARIO B (Larks): Human Path


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