quern: undying thoughts
  game guide

NOTE TO MAC GAMERS:  In order to play “Quern” smoothly on older Macs, you may have to change the game’s settings to a lower resolution (1280:720) with graphics quality set to ‘Medium’.



You wake up in front of a stone archway marked with a handprint.  It turns green when touched.  Turn around and read the professor’s LETTER on the table - note the radial symbol shown.  Pick up the QUARTERSTONE and open your inventory to examine it further.  Turn the stone around and move 3 triangles to match the door recess.  Insert the adjusted stone to open the door.  Walk through to discover “Main Square”.


Explore the area. You’ll find two locked gates and several doors requiring components - all surrounding a monolithic stone tower.  Pass through the open archway on the far right to get to “Hanging Platform”.


Pull a lever to lower half of the drawbridge.  Pick up an ORANGE TORCH and read the LETTER on the side table, which shows another radial symbol.  At the well, you’ll find a rope hook that can be manipulated and a small lockbox on the table next to it.  Return to “Main Square”.


Locate the door with a concentric rings device.  Use the slider and button to position shaded areas so that they match radial symbols drawn on the two letters.  Open the chest inside and take the HANDLE.  Note the fish and pine cone drawing on the wall.  Leave the room and cross the square.  On the upper path, turn left and take a bowl of CRUSHED PINE CONES off the table.  Examine the grated box with blocks on the right.  Insert the handle on the side and rotate it to flatten the box.  Climb steps to see the box clearly.  Move blocks until the rusty rectangle is in the upper right corner.  Lower the box and slide rusty piece out to the left - doing so lowers a staircase leading to an open doorway.  Climb the stairs and enter “Crystal Lab”.


Read the LETTER on the center table and take the NOTEBOOK - use it to store clues (press ‘P’ to take photos).  Read a book on the far table to learn about the area’s history.  On the left side, examine the symbols drawing and play with two devices - one that illuminates a blue paint brush and one that charges a particular torch - clues that will eventually help you solve a 5x5 puzzle board near the entryway.  Pull a wall handle next to the entryway to unlock the metal gates in Main Square.  Leave the lab.


Of the two gates that unlocked, ignore the gate on the left for now.  Instead, open the metal gate directly across from Crystal Lab to reach “South Passage”.


Follow the lower path to a fork.  The left offshoot leads to a blocked cave, so head right.  You’ll pass stairs on the right leading to a wooden door and an octagonal jetty on the left.  Follow the shoreline to “Watchtower”.


The hut on the left contains a scale and a sand funnel - nothing useful at the moment.  Climb the spiral staircase on far left to reach a spotlight device.  Insert your orange torch in the holder then peer through the eyepiece.  Swivel the device until a spotlight points at the rusty porthole on walkway below.  Hop down and pull porthole lever to raise a podium.  Push a black button to turn on the podium.  Three other podiums have popped up - they must be turned on in a particular order.  Start by heading back towards “South Passage”.


Ignore the raised podium tucked in left rock face for now and go back to the octagonal jetty.  Press the button on jetty podium to light it.  Return to “Watchtower” and take the right path up to a gate.  Press the black button to turn on the gate podium.  Now backtrack to the “South Passage” rock face podium that you passed.  Push the 4th and final button to lower all podiums.

Enter the room below the Watchtower.  Examine the clear crystal blocking the cabinet - an object appears to be stuck inside it.   Read a LETTER on the side table and take the GLASS LENS sitting nearby.  Return to the spotlight device. 

With torch inserted, aim the spotlight at an empty ring attached to Crystal Lab.  Note the red flag hanging over the walkway, as well as a green object sitting higher up - both come into play later.  After positioning the spotlight on the empty ring, leave the torch in place and jump down.  Walk up to the metal gate.  Open it to create a shortcut back to “Main Square”.


A new podium has popped up in front of the central monolith.  Take the 6-BAR PLATE off the podium and go over to the door with a large pentagon recess.  Insert the bar plate into the right panel.  The bar plate buttons are currently inactive so return to “Crystal Lab”.


Insert the glass lens into the empty ring in the far corner to reveal blue symbols on the wall.  Use the wall symbols and desk drawing to solve the 5x5 puzzle board near the entrance.  Use the drawing’s numbers to locate 5 corresponding wall symbols.  Press puzzle tiles in numerical order shown on wall.  When done correctly, a staircase opens.  Go down and collect a GLASS FISHBOWL and BLUE TORCH.  The wooden door in back requires a key.  Leave the lab and return to “Hanging Platform”.


Attach the glass fishbowl to the well hook.  Place crushed pine cones in the fishbowl then lower the rope.  After you hear a splash, raise the rope to catch an ELECTRIC EEL.  Take the eel back to “Crystal Lab”


Pour the eel and water into the basin on the left.  Place your blue torch in the holder then spin the handle on the left to charge it.  Take the charged blue torch and return to “Watchtower” via the shortcut gate.


Go up to the spotlight and swap the orange torch for the blue one.  Aim the blue beam on a rocky isle in ocean, where symbols are revealed - press ‘P’ to take a picture for your Notebook.  Remove the blue torch from its holder and it will auto-equip in your ‘hand’ (right corner glows blue).  Return to “Main Square”


With blue torch in hand, walk over to the sliding block puzzle to illuminate 4 symbols.  Turn the handle to flatten the box.  Arrange the symbols to match orientation shown on the island (upside-down).  When set correctly, a small box rises.  Take the KEY.

Enter the Crystal Lab and go downstairs.  Use the key to unlock the wooden door.  Pull the handle and enter. Read the LETTER inside and take the small STONE PENTAGON off books stacked to the right.  Open the middle book and take the ornate BRASS KNOB KEY.  Return to “Main Square”.

Go over to the monolith podium.  Note three key slots, each showing a different hole configuration.  Open your inventory and turn the key prongs to fit the upper slot (orient the key’s hook to face left).  After inserting the knob key, walk over to the door with 6-bar plate attached earlier.  Place the stone pentagon in the door’s recess.  Equip your blue torch and shine it on the bar plate to reveal a snaking arrow pattern.  Press bar buttons to trace the arrow’s path.  When done correctly, the stone door rises.  Enter “North Shore”.


At the crossroad sits a big oven.  The lower left path leads to a locked chest and the lower right path leads to a broken ladder.  Go over to the work station on the right and read the LETTER sitting on an anvil.  Examine the metal canister with an orange handle light.  Raise the orange light to the top by pushing the canister handle in & out.  Once the top opens, take the WEATHERED KEY.  Examine the poster across from the anvil showing lines within circles.  Follow the poster’s arrow up to a glowing skull shooting orange beams onto two columns. Each column contains 4 dark circles.  The light panel next to the columns is missing a handle.  Grab another WEATHERED KEY off the workbench then backtrack to the locked chest near the water.

Use both weathered keys to unlock the chest and take the 2-PRONGED HANDLE inside.  Note circle markings on the open lid.  Head back to the glowing skull.  Insert the handle in the light panel.  Use the poster and chest clues to solve 4 projector puzzles - point orange beams at circles that share common lines.  Pull the wall handle down after setting a pair of beams - a light turns on each time you correctly match pairs.  After all lights are activated, a LARGE KEY emerges from the right.

Take it and walk over to the small boat docked behind the rocks.  Board the boat and insert the key in its engine.  Keep turning the key until the engine revs up.  Ride over to “Crossing Island”.


Disembark and follow the path to an intersection.  Take the CERAMIC VASE from the wooden turntable.  Pick up another CERAMIC VASE sitting near the locked speaker door.  Cross the bridge to arrive at the colorful “Alchemy Lab”.


Before exploring the lab, follow the outer walkway down to a locked wooden door.  Take the CERAMIC VASE off the stand.  Collect 3 more CERAMIC VASES scattered inside the lab.  Take the TEST TUBE off the center table and read the LETTER underneath itTake the BLACK JUG near the cauldron and the SPOON resting on a plate near the colored powders.   Examine the recipe on the sideboard with clear crystals - one ingredient is missing (3rd gel tube against the wall is empty)Click on the beacon filled with jade green fluid to dissolve the clear crystal in front of it - a clue that the recipe is an acid of some kind.  Examine the B&W chart on back wall - note the position of black dots.  Return to “Crossing Island”


Place 5 (of 6) vases on the wooden turntable.  Pull a floor lever to activate the bellow and listen to airy tones coming from each vase.  Arrange the vases to match black dots (musical notes) shown on the lab chart - consider the size and shape of vases to determine their pitch.  Once the vases are placed correctly, pull the lever to play a 5-note tune.  When it ends, the speaker door opens.  Walk through to discover the “Gardens”.


Examine the rusty device on the walkway.  Turn the wheel to hear sprinklers activate.  Pass through the curtains to see dead plants being sprayed with water.  Open the wooden cupboard on the right and take the meshed FLOWER TONGS.  Pick up a copper SCROLL from the left end of garden.  Open your inventory and unfurl the scroll to view a recipe for plant revival.  Pass through the 2nd set of curtains and read a LETTER on the art table - note the 5 symbols shown.  Take the nearby KEY.  Equip your blue torch and look at the painting on the easel to reveal a chart with 4 gel recipes.

The 3rd column lists ingredients needed to create the missing gel for the lab note recipe.  Foreign names on the chart correspond to flower drawings in the room - one flower drawing is missing.  In order to create the 3rd gel, you first need to revive plants.  Head back to “Alchemy Lab”.


Go to the wooden door where you found the 6th vase.  Use the garden key to unlock it.  Pass through to reach the other side of the drawbridge.  Pull the lever to connect the bridge, creating a route to Main Square.  Return to “Crystal Lab”.


Go over to the 5x5 puzzle board.  Press symbols from the garden letter (in the order shown) and the copper dome in the corner opens, revealing a light wheel.  Click on wheel buttons until all 8 are lit - each light turns on/off others, so figure out the pattern.  Once set, a doorway opens.  Enter the small room and take the RED CRYSTAL off its stand.  Use the drawbridge to get back to “Alchemy Lab”.


Examine the iron cauldron.  Flip down the lighter pad on the left and place the red crystal on top of it - watch as liquid evaporates.  Put the black jug on the right side of the cauldron.  Collect INGREDIENTS written on the scroll to create a ‘plant revival’ potion (use spoon for powders / test tube for gels):

            2x purple gel
            1x orange powder
            2x red powder
            1x purple powder
            2x blue powder

Add ingredients to the cauldron one at a time.  When finished, click the upper pump handle to transfer the potion into the jug.  Take the FILLED JUG with you and return to the “Gardens”.


Go to the watering device on the walkway and pour jug contents into the grating.  Turn the wheel to spray the flower beds.  Pass through the curtains to see 9 varieties in bloom.  Enter the art room.  Place your test tube under the crusher device on the table.  Use tongs to collect FLOWER INGREDIENTS for the missing lab gel (listed in the 3rd column when you shine blue light on the easel).  Refer to art room drawings to identify flowers growing in the garden (the last ingredient can’t be matched to a name since its picture is missing - infer which one it is by elimination):

            1x tall blue flower
            1x tall magenta pom
            2x red berries
            1x purple hook fern
            1x leafy pink - the missing drawing

Place flowers in the crusher one at a time and turn the top handle to extract their essence.  A light turns on each time you add an ingredient.  After all six are added, a RED GEL fills the test tube.  Take the red gel back to the “Alchemy Lab”.


Pour the red gel into the cauldron. Complete the lab note recipe by collecting and adding remaining INGREDIENTS to the cauldron (use the test tube to collect gels and spoon to collect powders):

            1x red gel (3rd column) - already added
            1x blue gel
            1x purple gel
            2x green gel
            1x green powder
            2x white powder
            1x yellow powder

Place your black jug on the right then pull the upper lever to pump JADE GREEN ACID into it - the mixture, if you recall, dissolves clear crystals.  Retrieve the filled jug and take your red crystal from the lighter stand.  Return to the “Watchtower”.


Enter the room below the watchtower and pour the acid-filled jug over the clear crystal to dissolve it.  Take the BRASS KNOB KEY from the pile.  Open the cupboard and grab a bundle of WOODEN STICKS.  Return to “Main Square”.


Walk over to the stone monolith and insert the 2nd brass knob key.  This time, adjust key prongs so that it fits in the lower slot.  Head to “North Shore” afterwards.  Walk past the anvil and use the wooden sticks to repair the broken ladder.  Climb up to discover a new area, the “Northern Viewpoint”.


Grab a small HEX KEY off the table then continue along the path.  Read a LETTER on the second table and take the LONG HANDLE.  At the end of the path, you’ll find an inactive radial device with wires leading to a domed building.  For now, backtrack to the ladder and climb down.  Return to “Hanging Platform”.


Use the hex key on the small lockbox to create a staircase.  Descend to an area with a rusty cabinet and some scrap piles.  Pick up a BATTERY from the pile near the door.  Open the door to create a new shortcut into “Main Square”.


Walk over to the wooden door with the empty floor bracket.  Insert the long handle in the bracket and pull it to lower the door.  Go inside.  Read a LETTER on the left table and take the SMALL WOODEN PAIL.  Insert the battery into one of the converter slots - 3 icons should be lit now.  There are two devices in the room but you need more information to operate them.  The red paint swatch and art brush on the back bench suggest the two icons you just activated can be found in the “Gardens”.


Pass through the 1st set of curtains to find the potting cabinet on the left is now open.  Take the GLASS GOBLET off the shelf.  Enter the art room to see that another cabinet is open.  Read a note posted on the cabinet door describing the berry juicer inside.  Use your tongs to snip a red berry from the bush outside.  Put the red berry in the top of the juicer and place the goblet below.  Lower the handle to extract RED JUICE.  Remove the filled goblet and you’ll be prompted to drink the liquid. 

Drinking red juice allows you see hidden images on red paint, but the effect is very brief.  Make sure you are facing a target before clicking (drinking) juice.  For example, face any red swatch in the art room and click to reveal a swirl drawing.  Feel free to create other juices and test their effects.  Tasting all juices earns you a ‘Steam Achievement’.  Make sure to refill the goblet with a fresh batch of red berry juice before leaving.  Bring it to the battery converter room in “Main Square”.

MAIN SQUARE - Converter Room

Drink the red juice while facing the red paint swatch on the bench to reveal a 4-digit code (3719).  Enter the code in the brass cylinder - the hash marks represent numbers (long lines = 5 / short lines =1).  Once set, press the black button to open a lower compartment.  Take the BATTERY and place it in a converter slot to turn on two new icons (5 total).  To see which ones activated, return to “Crystal Lab”.


The big cabinet on the right is now open.  Examine the code sheet on lower shelf, showing dot patterns for two icons.  The top code matches the cabinet icon - press orange buttons (up/down) in the order shown on sheet to open the upper panel.  Take the ADAPTER ROD (looks like a brown screw) from the shelf.  Open your inventory and stretch the rod to double its height.  The device functions as a mount for certain crystals.  To use the second icon code, exit the Lab and pass through the gate leading to “South Passage”.


Follow the lower path to the fork.  Veer left to see that the stone slab is gone.  Walk over to the gate and enter the other code written on lab sheet by pressing the orange icon buttons up/down.  Enter a new “Cave”.


Read the LETTER on the table and pick up the METAL GEAR BIT.  Examine the radial chart hanging above the table, noting hash mark numbers.  Now examine the radial drawing on a nearby easel.  Use the table chart to number the shaded sections.  Solve the stone wall puzzle by pressing shaded stones in ascending numeric order - use the white arrow to orient.  A stone slab opens revealing a barred alcove, and the wall puzzle rotates with the arrow now pointing down.  Leave the Cave and return to “Watchtower”.


On top, place the stretched adapter rod in the holder, then place your red crystal on top of it.  Aim the spotlight on the red flag (with radial symbol).  Watch as the flag burns away, revealing a shaded ring pattern - take a picture of it.  Retrieve the red crystal and adapter rod.  Return to the “Cave”.


Solve the 2nd stone puzzle using the table chart to number shaded sections seen behind the burned flag.  Since the stone arrow is facing down, shaded parts and numbers have to be turned upside-down.  The back gate opens when the shaded sections are depressed in ascending numeric order.  Pass through and pick up the battery.  Removing it raises a weight that seals the door.  Return the battery to its pedestal so that you can leave.  To keep the door open, you need something of equal weight.  Return to “Main Square”.


Go to the converter room and retrieve a BATTERY.  Head to “Watchtower” and enter the first hut.  Place the battery on the right scale then spoon 4 scoops of sand into the left container.  Place your small wooden pail under the red funnel device.  Pour 3 scoops of sand in the funnel.  Turn the handle to fill your pail.  Exchange the battery with the sand pail - the weight should match perfectly.  Retrieve the filled pail then head back to the converter room.  Return the battery to its slot so that you can re-enter the “Cave”.


Enter the alcove and take the BATTERY.  Place your sand pail on the pedestal to keep the door open.  When you exit, a glowing green entity appears.  Listen to what she has to say then return to “Main Square”.

MAIN SQUARE - Converter Room

Place the new battery in a converter slot (7 icons are lit now).  Exit the room and head towards Crystal Lab.  Follow the upper path over to the newly opened “Mines” just to the left of Watchtower gate.  Go inside.


Pull a lever on the left wall to see a bridge lower up ahead - it raises before you can reach it.  Walk over to the raised bridge and read the book on the table.  The ‘plus/minus’ drawing relates to the nearby power gauge. Each circle generates a different positive or negative charge, moving the gauge by either 5 or 7 units.  Set the gauge to land on the white mark between red and yellow - the puzzle resets after 5 moves.

Use the large lever to pick circles (2x left, 2x right, 1x left) and use the small lever to apply charges.  When power hits the white line, you’ll hear a buzzing noise.  Return to the wall lever.  Pull it to lower the bridge.  Cross over and pull another lever near the desk to stabilize it.  Read the LETTER on the desk and take the COPPER PIECE.  Grab another COPPER PIECE off the table near the wall canisters and take the STONE POT from the flipping device.  Open the wooden door in back to create a shortcut to “South Passage” waterfront.  Return to the “Alchemy Lab”.


The tall supply cabinet is now open.  Put the stone pot in a holder under the clear crystal gel dispenser.  Turn the handle to fill the pot with WHITE GEL.  Take the gel pot to “North Shore”.


Open the oven door and put the gel pot on the lower brackets.  Place your red crystal behind the pot to light the oven.  Pull the lever to close the oven door and wait for the timer to end.  Remove COOKED GEL POT from the oven and retrieve your red crystal.  Go back to the “Mines”.


Put the stone pot back where you found it (on the table device).  Press the left button to tip the pot.  Take the SOLID GEL form that spills out - the pot stays behind.  Go to the converter room in “Main Square”.


Inside the converter room, examine the brass device on the left.  Place a copper piece (with holes) on the spool.  Add the solid gel, then cap it with the other copper piece.  Pull the top lever down to combine the 3 objects - a white line pattern appears on the tile next to it.  Raise the lever and take the BATTERY you just created.  Place it in the final converter slot to activate the 8th icon - a gear symbol.  Though lit, the two gear icon doors remain blocked by metal sheets.  Return to “North Shore”.


Climb the ladder to reach “Northern Viewpoint”.  Examine the radial device overlooking the dome.  Now that it’s powered up, align 4 rings so that all gaps point to the right - buttons select rings and the center handle turns them.  Once aligned, you’ll see an orange crest light up on the panel.  Climb down the ladder to see that the door across from the oven is now open.  Enter “The Mechanics” building.


Read the LETTER on the desk, along with 6 rules governing the 4x4 knob puzzle in left corner (for those unfamiliar with chess, the ‘knight’ clue refers to an ‘L’ shape).  Set the 5 blue knobs correctly then pull the lever on the right - a gear extends.  Return to “Northern Viewpoint” via the ladder.


Re-align rings on the radial device so that all gaps point to the left.  Once set, return to “Main Square”.


Walk upstairs towards “Hanging Platform” and turn left.  Enter the other side of the “Mechanics” building.  Examine the mesh gear cabinet.  Press the orange button and memorize a tonal light sequence.  Press buttons to repeat the sequence.  If correct, a light activates on the upper panel.  Memorize and repeat two more sequences (the last one is 14 flashes/tones, so you might want to jot down numbers).  Upon activating 3 panel lights, the cabinet unlocks.  Open it and place your metal gear on the empty spool.  Return to “Northern Viewpoint”.


Go up to the radial device and pull the left lever.  Watch as “The Mechanics” interior transforms.  Climb down and enter the transformed room.  Both doors are now accessible, connecting North Shore and Main Square.  Examine the chalkboard diagram - line patterns correspond to 5 podiums in the room but none are active yet.  Take the 4-PRONGED KEY from a red velvet box.  Note the brass knob key locked in a glass box next to it.  Return to the “Mines”.


Insert the 4-pronged key in the brass conduit facing the wall canisters - some white rods will partially pop up on top.  Remove the key and adjust its prongs in your inventory to fit the tumbler.  Re-insert & repeat until all white rods pop up fully.  Once the rods are set, the canister doors open, revealing 4 tubes holding orange light bars.  Transfer orange bars into the 3rd wall tube until 10 sections are lit (up to the orange line).  The lower buttons select which tube to drain, a slider arrow marks the destination, and the lever activates commands.

Since the tubes are different heights (9, 12, 4. 9), you’ll have to do some math to figure out the best way to transfer orange sections back and forth to end up with exactly 10 bars in the 3rd tube.  After doing so, open the cage on the right and put your yellow torch inside.  Close the cage and the puzzle resets.  This time, move 6 bars into the 3rd tube.  Pull the lever and the torch cage starts to rattle.  After the puzzle resets, move 11 bars into 3rd tube and watch as the cage explodes.  The yellow torch has transformed into a WHITE TORCH.  Take it and head back to “Watchtower”.


At the upper gate, follow the side path to a dead end.  Place the white torch in the wall holder to close the gap.  Retrieve your torch and go across to discover “Swamp Isles”.


Follow the path down to a cabinet with 2 doors.  Open both, noting the diagram posted on top shelf.  Take the SIGNAL BEACON from the lower shelf.  Although it auto-equips when you grab it, there is nothing in the immediate area to send a signal to.  Start crossing the rope bridge on the left and the glowing entity appears.  After she leaves, check the bridge door to see that it is locked.  Return to the main path and proceed until a boulder moves away, creating a shortcut back to “North Shore”.


Approach the jetty with the chest.  Turn around and look up to find a blue globe on the side of the mountain.  Aim your signal beacon on the blue globe, and click to open a spoked target - note the line configuration.  Head over to the “Mechanics” building.


Place your white torch in the holder near the entryway to illuminate 5 line patterns on the pedestals.  The line patterns match those shown on the blackboard diagram.  One pedestal has a white button turned on, indicating it is set in the right position.  Return to the converter room in “Main Square”.

Look at the battery array - each has a unique shape in front.  Place batteries in the presser device to determine their line patterns.  Re-order the batteries in converter slots until all podiums are turned on in “The Mechanics”.  The correct order (from L-R) is:  Diamond, hex, circle, rectangle, oval.  Once all battery pedestals are lit in “Mechanics”, press a button on the center podium to create a spiral staircase.  Retrieve the white torch and go upstairs. 

Read the LETTER and look at the wall sketch, showing coordinates for 3 beacon targets.  Equip your signal beacon and aim it at the blue device on the wall.  After it turns white, pull its lever down to open a slit in the dome.  The telescope rotates and shoots a beam of light through the opening.  Examine the control panel below - there’s a compass, a speed lever, and a white button pad that moves the telescope up/down/left/right.

Guide the telescope’s beam onto the North Shore target you opened earlier - the compass should read 70 degrees (as shown on the wall drawing).  Zoom in to confirm the pattern.  Pull the big handle on the side of the telescope to drop down a lens tray.  Raise lenses to see various line patterns projected on the wall.  Spin them to re-orient lines.  Set lenses to match the North Shore target’s pattern.  Close the tray to witness a bright flash that tells you the target is set correctly.  Return to “Swamp Isles”.


Cross the rope bridge to find the doors open.  Examine the glass sphere and green laser with a familiar hand icon.  Above it, the letter ‘A’ is embedded.  Turn the laser to point at the sphere, then turn the sphere to direct the laser to a green target on the adjacent isle.  After connecting the beams, press the hand icon to teleport to ‘B’ isle.

Pull a lever near the broken bridge to raise a tall pillar on the isle you just came from.  Follow the path to a desk, passing two octagonal devices along the way.  Take the ROUND KEY WEDGE and read the LETTER underneath it.  Examine the diagram on the desk - it shows you how to route beams from A isle to B isle. 

Use the two devices to position lasers (arrows) and glass spheres (lights) to match the diagram.  The device near the desk has 4 paddles and a side lever to turn on/off groups of orange lights.  The ‘on’ lights raise arrow hubs on the 2nd device.  Rotate arrows to match the diagram route.  Move back and forth between the devices until all arrows are oriented correctly.  Complete the process by turning on all orange lights and raising all arrows to connect green laser beams.  

Return to the hand icon and teleport back to ‘A’ isle.  Once there, tilt the green laser up and aim it at the raised pillar sphere.  Use the floor lever to lower the pillar.  Spin the glass sphere around to face the lever handle.  Pull the lever again to raise the sphere.  If set correctly, the beam connects to an elevated target on a 3rd isle.  Press the hand icon to teleport there.

On the 3rd isle, open a rusty cabinet and solve a routing puzzle to get light to flow from the top pipe to the bottom pipe.  Upon solving it, a panel opens.  Take the GREEN CRYSTAL and TELESCOPE LENS.  Teleport back and go to “Watchtower”.


Put the adapter rod in the spotlight holder and place the green crystal on top of it.  Peer through the eyepiece and aim the spotlight at a green target up and to the right of Crystal Lab.  Once the beams connect, exit the viewfinder and press the hand symbol to teleport to a new area, the “Summit”.


Read the book on the desk to learn more about portals.  Approach the vine-covered cabinet on the left and the glowing entity stops you again.  After learning her name (Gamana), walk to the end of the summit.  Stand on the precipice and turn right to find a blue globe fixed in the rocks.  Aim your signal beacon on it and click to open a new target.  Teleport back to “Watchtower”.


Retrieve the green crystal and adapter rod.  Hike all the way back to “Mechanics”.


Insert the round key wedge in the side of the glass box holding the knob key - one of four pieces.  Climb the spiral stairs and use the control panel to guide the spotlight onto the Summit target - 347 degrees.  Zoom in to see its spoke pattern.  Open the telescope’s lens tray and put the lens you found in Swamps in an empty slot.  Select & spin lenses to match the Summit target pattern.  Close the lens tray.  A bright flash tells you everything’s set correctly.  Now return to the “Alchemy Lab”.


Flatten the lighter pad next to the cauldron and place your green crystal on top of it.  Press the hand icon to teleport onto the roof.  Read a LETTER and grab another ROUND KEY WEDGE.  The recipe book on the desk shows 5 gel formulas - the 2nd column is new (its name matches the corroded gel tube below).  Examine new flower drawings tacked to the side wall and relate their names to ingredients listed in the 2nd column. 

Put your scroll in the brass tube on the left.  Press the button and wait for the device to do its work.  Retrieve the scroll and open it in your inventory to see a new ‘Plant Killer’ recipe - one ingredient has a familiar building icon next to it.  The scroll recipe also requires the gel described in the 2nd column of the recipe book.  Press the hand symbol to teleport back down.  Retrieve the green crystal and return to “Watchtower”.


The ‘icon’ ingredient you need for the plant killing potion is inside the scale hut next to the watchtower.  Collect one SPOONFUL OF SAND from the tray then head over to the “Gardens”.


Enter the art room and put your test tube at the base of the crusher.  Use tongs to collect six FLOWER INGREDIENTS for the new gel.  Two are in the flower beds and the rest are inside the potting cabinet:

            1x yellow pom
            1x white bell
            1x purple bud
            1x cyan (green) ball
            2x brown fungi

Add the 6 flowers one at a time, turn the handle and extract their essence.  Take the tube filled with ORANGE GEL.  Return to the “Alchemy Lab”


Place the black jug on the pad next to the cauldron.  Pour the orange gel into the cauldron.  Add the spoonful of sand.  Gather and add remaining scroll recipe INGREDIENTS to the cauldron:

            2x black powders
            1x green powder
            1x aqua gel

Pull the handle to transfer the grey PLANT KILLER POTION into the jug.  Bring the filled jug to the “Watchtower”.


On top, place the adapter rod and green crystal in the spotlight holder.  Aim at the green summit target.  Exit the viewfinder and teleport to “Summit”.

Walk over to the vine-covered cabinet.  Pour the jug potion into the base funnel to dissolve the vines.  Open the cabinet and solve another routing puzzle - this time, two energy streams need to be connected.  After routing both white and orange pipes, take the TELESCOPE LENS from the panel that opens.  Teleport down and retrieve your green crystal and adapter rod.  Head through Main Square to get to “Hanging Platform”.


From the entry walkway, look up to find a blue globe fixed in the rock.  Equip your signal beacon and click on the globe to raise a target - note the spoke pattern.  Return to “The Mechanics” telescope.


Insert the 2nd round key wedge in the side of the knob key box.  Climb the spiral stairs and use the control panel to guide the spotlight onto the Hanging Platform target - 248 degrees.  Zoom in to confirm the spoke pattern.  Open the telescope’s lens tray and add the new lens to the final slot.  Select & spin lenses to match the target pattern.  Close the tray to witness a flash.  Return to “Hanging Platform” via the lower door.


Open the rusty cabinet at the base of the well stairs and its doors fall off.  Solve another routing puzzle - this time, split beams must converge so that light flows into the lower pipe.  Take the large MAGNET from the panel that opens.  Walk over to the well.  Hang the magnet on the hook and lower the rope.  Raise it after you hear a ‘thunk’ to hoist up a safe.  Open the safe and take the 3rd ROUND KEY WEDGE.  Return to “Watchtower”.


On top, place your white torch in the holder.  Aim the spotlight on the rusty porthole near the lower walkway to raise a podium.  Go down and open the front panel.  Take the 4th ROUND KEY WEDGE.  Retrieve your white torch and return to “Mechanics”.

Insert the last two round key wedges to unlock the glass box.  Collect the 3rd BRASS KNOB KEY and head over to the stone monolith in “Main Square”.


Back at the rusty device, adjust knob key prongs to fit in the middle hole.  Insert it to release the final bar and watch as the monolith lowers.  Enter the pergola.  Press the button to rise to the top - enjoy the view.  Flip down 2 side levers then press the button to return to ground level.  Save your game, as you’re about to enter a whole new realm.  When ready, flip both levers up and press the button to descend to Quern Underground.



After a lengthy load screen, the gate rises, preventing you from returning above ground.  Note that all non-essential items have been removed from your inventory.  Walk towards the tunnel to meet Gamana again. When the scene ends, proceed through the tunnel, passing an empty torch holder and locked door as you round the corner.  Climb up to a raised workroom.

Read a LETTER on the left worktable then open the metal box across from it.  Take the CODE KEY from inside.  A note tacked on the shelf (with white and yellow paint daubs) offers vague clues for solving the 4x6 puzzle device next to it.  The puzzle is randomized - to solve it, you’ll need to write down sets of numbers.

Place the code key at the base of the 4x6 puzzle box.  Press any 4 numbers and watch as the key slides into a tray.  When it emerges, look at the prong shapes - they match the numbers you selected (jot them down).

Take the code key and insert it in the metal device on opposite table to activate 4 spinning blocks.  The blocks do not correlate with the 4 puzzle columns as one would expect - rather, they appear to represent quadrants.  If a block is white, the number is used and placed in the correct quadrant.  If the block is yellow, the number is used but in the wrong quadrant.  If the block is static, the number is not used in the solution.  That’s my theory, at least… in truth, I relied on numeric elimination, never fully understanding the logic.

Repeat the process of putting the key in the puzzle tray, picking column numbers, and inserting the key in block device.  The goal is to get 4 white blocks spinning in 7 moves or less (puzzle resets with a new 4-digit code after 7 tries).  Once successful, the cabinet in the corner opens.  Take the SMALL CROSS KEY off the shelf.  Examine the shelf engraving.  It shows 4 key prong symbols.  Determine which numbers they represent (6213).  Insert the code key in the 4x6 device and re-program it using the engraved numbers.

Backtrack to the tunnel door.  Use the small cross key to drop the grate.  Insert the programmed code key to unlock the door.  Enter the steam room (cross key returns to your inventory automatically).  Remove a GEAR DISK from the small cupboard on the left then examine the big steam pump.  Turn cylinder sections to route power from top white button to lower white button, accounting for parts of the cylinder hidden from view.  Once set, open the lower drawer and take the SILVER DIAL PIECE.  Return to the raised workroom.

Go upstairs to reach a dumbwaiter cage.  Insert the gear disc then place the cross key on top of it.  Take the BRICK plug from inside.  Return to the tunnel and place the brick at the base of the torch holder.  Insert the white torch to unfurl a metal bridge (the torch automatically returns to your inventory).  Cross over and enter the elevator at the end.  Press the white button to descend into a glorious cavern.


Walk over to the central podium.  Insert the silver dial piece to open the left passageway.  Follow the tunnel into a circular chamber with mounted ladders.


Inside the tiered room are 3 ladders connected to a central pulley system.  A weight device in the center moves ladders around in order to reach 3 openings (low, middle, high).  Grab a TINY WEIGHT and LARGE WEIGHT off the spool near the main handle.  Place both weights on the rope pad to the right.  Pull the rope lever to move the lowest ladder around.  Climb up and take the MEDIUM WEIGHT off a stand in the recess.  Go down and pull the main handle to retrieve the weights.

Now distribute weights on 2 rope pads to stack ladders so that you can reach the middle recess.  Climb up and take the SMALL WEIGHT off its stand.  Climb back down and pull the main handle to retrieve the weights.  Finally, distribute weights on all 3 rope pads, stacking ladders so that you can reach the top exit.  Follow the tunnel to the end.  Press a button at the top of the stairs to open “Corridor”.  Go inside.


The device in the center is marked ‘A’, indicating your current location within a maze of corridors.  Examine the wall chart showing routes from A corridor to B or C corridors.  Enter the adjacent hallway to find four arrow dials on the wall.  The dials correspond to the 4 circles on the wall chart.  Open the door at the end of the hall to find a gate preventing access to ‘B’ corridor - you’ll have to teleport there.  Use chart circles to route arrow dials from point A to B, relative to your positon (in other words, arrows must be flipped horizontally).  From R-L, set arrows as follows:

            Right + Up / Right + Left / Right + Down / Down + Left

Put your green crystal in the stand.  Touch the hand icon to teleport to ‘B’ corridor.  Once there, look up and pull a hanging switch to open the ceiling, revealing an underwater vista.


The wall chart in ‘B’ shows routes from C corridor to D or E corridors.  The adjacent hallway has 4 more dials with extra levers to adjust the angle of arrows.  Enter the room at the end and examine the beam entry holes on the wall.  The one marked ‘D’ is blocked by a metal sheet hanging from a rope in front of ‘E’.  Removing the blockage is a 2-step process.  Start by setting the hallway dials (from R-L) to match chart circles leading from C to E:

            Right + Up / Up-right + Down-left / Down-right + Down-left / Down-right + Up-left

Use the hand icon to teleport back to corridor ‘A’.  Once there, swap the green crystal for the red crystal.  Set hallway dials (R-L) to route a red beam from A to C: 

            Right + Down / Down-right + Up-left / Up + Left / Right + Up

When set correctly, you’ll hear a crash sound, indicating the beam successfully burned through the rope blocking ‘D’.  Swap the red crystal for the green crystal.  Reset arrow dials to get back to ‘B’ corridor:  

            Right + Up / Right + Left / Right + Down / Down + Left

Once there, set wall dials (R-L) to route beams from C to D:

            Right + Left /Right + Up / Right + Left / Up + Left

Press the hand icon to teleport back to corridor ‘A’.  Once there, reset dials (R-L) to get from A to C:

            Right + Down / Down-right + Up-left / Up + Left / Right + Up

Press the hand icon to teleport to ‘D’, arriving at an “Underwater Hideaway”.


Read a LETTER on the side table.  Take the LARGE KEY hanging on the wall.  Removing the key opens a submersible pod on the other side of the room.  Press a button on the diving suit to submerge.  While underwater, flip 3 levers ‘up’ and find 4 code plaques attached to rocky walls - jot down the codes.  Head back to the airlock afterwards.  Press the button to ascend.

Back inside the room, equip your blue torch to reveal two 9x9 grids on the wall identified by Roman I & II.  Use the plaque codes to work out a 4-digit sequence - the first digit tells you which chart to consult (I or II).  Enter 4 digits (0835) in the central device, then deduce what the final digit should be (3).  Take the SILVER DIAL PIECE from the drawer that opens.  Teleport back to “Corridor” using the hand icon.


Retrieve your green crystal.  Press the white button to open the door.  Backtrack to “Underground Square”.


Insert the silver dial piece in the central device to open the right passageway.  Walk towards the broken bridge and Gamana appears.  Follow her across the cavernous gap (you will not fall).


Continue to follow Gamana through the tunnel, passing a locked gate and scaffolding.  Pick up a bowl of BLUE CRYSTALS in the passageway with broken pottery.  Enter the shrine cave at the end, where Gamana tells you to find blue crystal powder.  Climb the stairs to reach the top of shrine.  Take the KEY.  Use it to unlock the gate you passed earlier.

Climb scaffolding to reach a crushing device.  Turn the handle on the right to raise a rock.  Descend and climb the opposite stairs (below the device).  Pour the blue crystals into a box.  Return to the gate staircase and ascend.  Turn the left handle to crush the blue crystals.  Go downstairs and place the empty stone bowl on the metal pad under the crusher to fill it with BLUE POWDER.  Take the filled bowl back to the shrine.

Climb to the top of the shrine and walk over to the crane.  Pour the blue powder into the crane’s tray.  Watch a lengthy scene, during which Gamana tells you about the history of her people.  When the scene ends, go back to the entrance of “Underground Square”.


Follow Gamana across the gap to arrive on the other side of the broken bridge.  After she leaves, enter the “Right Tunnel”.


Walk over to the green crystal device.  Pull the upper handle to move a tray towards you.  Flip the lower lever twice to draw it closer, then put your green crystal on the tray.  Flip the lever once more and watch as your crystal whisks away.  Use the hand icon to teleport.  Retrieve your green crystal from the tray.  Press the door button and enter “Lower Mechanics”.


Head left and read the LETTER on the desk near a rainbow prism.  Stairs next to the desk lead to sealed gate.  Walk over to the fenced-in structure in the center - you’ll recognize it as the gear room visited earlier.  Look up to find the other half of the structure (telescope room) parked above.  On the right side of the cave, you’ll find a big safe lodged in rock - ignore it for now.  Walk up to the control panels near the entrance. 

The left console rotates white rings to unblock the structure’s front & back doorways.  The ‘ABC’ levers on the right move the two room sections up, down, or sideways.  For now, keep ABC levers where they are and work on unblocking the front doorway, marked Roman I on the rings. 

Each console button moves a pair of rings (3&4, 1&3, 2&4, 1&2) - use the slider bar to pick which pair to move.  Input numbers to spin rings clockwise (plus) or counter-clockwise (minus) in quarter turn intervals.  The white ring dial on the right tracks your progress.  Align the rings so that all gaps face down (input 2, 0, 2, -1).  Press ‘Start’ to execute.

Go down and enter the front part of the gear room.  Insert the large key (from Hideaway) in a brass cylinder on the desk.  When it opens, press the black button inside.  Return to the console.  Re-align rings to open the back door (input 1, -1, -3, 2).  Press ‘Start’ to execute.  Walk over to find that the back of the room is still blocked.  Return to the console and examine the ABC panel.

The orange light represents the gear room.  The white light represents the telescope room, which is currently parked above (position A).  Pull levers to move orange to C (sideways) and white to B (ground level).  Enter the familiar dome section and climb the spiral staircase.  Flip a lever on the rim to open the upper gate.  Take a SLOT WHEEL off the lever tray.  Go down and climb the stairs next to the desk.  On top, enter the back of the gear room you moved earlier.  Take another SLOT WHEEL off the pad.

Exit the room and examine the tall speaker device in the corner.  Insert two slot wheels in the lower gap to see that one is still missing.  Walk towards the gate and look up.  A pneumatic arm holds the 3rd wheel piece.  Press the pedestal button to move the arm.  Since the wheel is still unreachable, you need to swap rooms.

Return to the control panel and use levers to move orange (gear room) to A, and white (dome room) to C.  Walk back upstairs and press the pedestal button to extend the arm.  Climb the spiral staircase to reach the 3rd SLOT WHEEL.  Insert the final wheel piece in the gap to activate a… slot machine.  Pull the handle 3 times to reveal the safe code (46, 11, 37, 77).  Before walking down, open a drawer on the slot machine and take the SILVER DIAL PIECE.  Go down to the safe and enter the combo - press the white button for each number entered.  The safe opens, providing a handy shortcut back to the “Cave”.


Walk to the end of the tunnel and press the button to call the lift.  Enter the lift and press the button to reach “Underground Square”.  Place the silver dial piece on the central podium - the platform parts, sending you further underground.  Upon landing, enter the stone pillar.  Descend a spiral staircase to discover a new area, the “Reservoir Cave”.


At the base of the spiral stairs, take the right path first.  Examine the big red monitor on the left.  Click on 5 icons, each showing a different crystal shape - note them.  Examine the chalkboard at the end, showing 8 different line configurations - note them.  Return to the spiral staircase, passing 5 doors stacked in a row.  Examine 5 dials with crystal symbols matching those shown on the red monitor.  Nearby, 5 crystals line up with doors. 

Slide the audio device down the row to hear tones associated with each crystal shape.  Determine which chalkboard drawing best matches each tonal sequence.  Visualize a waveform - some tones start/end abruptly (peaks) or fade in/out (valleys).  Set the 5 crystal symbol dials to match ‘waveform’ chalkboard numbers (4, 2, 7, 8, 1).  Press a podium button near the stacked doors to open all of them.  Go across and spin the wheel to open the metal door.  Follow the electric corridor to the end.  Spin the door wheel marked with a yellow skull.  Enter the “Library”.


Walk over the desk and read the LETTER, as well as a partially written one.  Place the extra vase you been carrying all this time on the empty pedestal.  Insert your blue torch in the projector on other end of room - a clue appears on screen (‘6-3-2 | multorum’).  The clue is marked with an arrow and circles, indicating the last digit corresponds to letters within a word.  Spin the projector dial to reveal another clue - middle digit points to the entire word.  Spin the projector dial once more to see a grid with 8 rows, each showing a different 3-digit code.

To figure out what the first digit represents, consider all of the Latin phrases you’ve seen in the professor’s letters.  Open your inventory - the first digit corresponds to the page number of letters containing Latin phrases.  Decipher an 8-letter word using the projected codes.  Once you’ve figured it out, go over to the typewriter and type in the code word (‘saeculum’) to print out 8 symbols.

Walk over to the padded door with a diamond-shaped grid.  Pair 2 door symbols to match each printed one.  Press the diamond button after selecting a pair - each time you are correct, a light turns on above the door.  Repeat 8 times to unlock the door.  Listen to what Gamana has to say then enter the final area.


Read graffiti on walls (a nod to the development team and backers it seems).  The round metal door is locked so proceed through the open doorway.  Follow the path up to a raised workstation.  Drawings on the table and bulletin board relate to puzzles already solved.  Pull a lever on the railing to activate a huge portal below. Take the KEY from the panel that opens.

Return to the round metal door.  Insert the key to unlock it and pass through.  Walk across the bridge and press the button.  Enter the professor’s secret room.  Turn right and press the white button in the alcove to hear a message from the professor - the alcove opens as he speaks.  Walk out to the AI machine and pull the left lever.  Take the PUNCHCARD STACK that drops down on the right.  Return to the previous room and watch as a cart rolls out from the wall.  Place the cards in the left rack and insert your white torch in the holder.


Decide whether to put the green or red crystal on the cart pad - this will determine the game’s ending.  After picking one, pull 3 cart levers to send it on its way.  Take the KEY from the left cabinet and return to the big portal.  Insert the key into the podium.  Congratulations on completing “Quern: Undying Thoughts"!

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