onimusha 3
  playstation 2 walkthrough


After watching a beautiful CG title sequence, you’ll arrive in Paris during the year 2004. Jacques, a French police officer, is speaking to his son on a cell phone when monsters suddenly invade the city. Cut to the year 1582. In Kyoto, Japan, a samurai warrior named Samanosuke joins those who are trying to defend the sacred temple.

When you take control of Samanosuke, move forward into the courtyard and help fight off enemies. Press the [Square] button to attack with a sword, the [X] button to attack with a bow, and the [Circle] button to absorb enemy souls. Execute special attacks by pressing the [Triangle] button. Follow your comrades up a staircase leading to the temple entrance. Once there, you’ll find a Save Point on the right and a blue pool next to it. Stand close to the pool while holding down the [Circle] button to replenish your magic bar. Open two chests near the stairs to get a couple of Herbs. Further left, there’s a chest containing the Map of Honnoji Temple. Continue up the burning staircase to face a large, ball-wielding enemy. Try using different button combinations along with R1 to take him down. Or you can enter “Onimusha-mode” by pressing R3 if you have enough purple souls. Once you’ve defeated him, enter the temple.

Inside, a cutscene introduces you to Nobunaga and his cohort Ranmaru. Fight Ranmaru until the cutscene resumes and Samanosuke is sucked into a hole that appears on the floor. Back in Paris, you’ll take control of Jacques. Shoot the creatures with your handgun and an unlimited supply of bullets. Approach Philippe, an injured comrade, to prompt a cutscene wherein Jacques witnesses Samanosuke’s flashy arrival into the future.

When you regain control of Samanosuke, you’ll be in an alley next to a Save Point. Notice that all of your cool gear has been replaced with basic stuff. Examine the Save Point to find that 2 new menu choices have been added: Enhance and Train. Enhance allows you to use any red souls you’ve collected to level up your armor, gauntlet, and weapons. Train allows you to practice different Oni Arts. At this point, you can learn “Draw Weapon”, “Guard” and “Archery”. If you master the 3 levels of difficulty related to each skill, you’ll earn an item. When you’re ready to proceed, go through the gate at the end of the alley.

Jacques meets Samanosuke on the street, just before the Frenchman is sucked away to another time. When you regain control of Samanosuke, fight past enemies while moving towards the subway entrance.


Fight off more enemies at the landing then smash the crates that are blocking the left gate entrance. Continue fighting enemies down the left passageway until you reach an area where you can turn right. Follow the right path to a stairway. Use it to get outside.

You’ll end up under the Arc de Triumph and must fight off flying enemies as well as ground forces there. Once you’ve cleared them out, explore the area. There’s a locked metal door on the right and a trio of flaming pedestals further up. Open the chest sitting next to the flames to get a Map of the Arc area. View it from your inventory screen to see that your current position is marked by a yellow triangle. Unexplored areas will be shaded out. Now, examine the center flame to open a new, underground passage. Before entering it, check out the far corners of the Arc to find additional chests containing Normal Arrows and a healing Salve. A third chest is unreachable at the moment so just make a note of its location and return to the flame passageway. Descend. Examine the glowing orb below to get the Tenso, a double-sword weapon capable of Light magic. Equip it then climb back up.

A cutscene introduces you to Michelle, a gun-wielding blonde who sends her comrades off to unlock the metal door. When you take control of Samanosuke again, you’ll be inside the new room. After defeating creatures that have spawned there you’ll be back outside. Re-enter the room and examine the floor to get the Observation Key. Ascend the spiral staircase, killing more creatures along the way. Use the key to unlock the door at the top of the stairs.

Inside the Observation Room, fight more genma then explore the area. Pick up the Banquet Book from a counter on the left. In the top right corner, you’ll find a puzzle chest. Solve it in 3 moves to gain a Power Jewel. Use these types of jewels to increase your health bar. Open a chest near the entrance to get a Salve. The chest behind the ropes is not accessible at this time so just make a note of its location. Examine the pedestal emitting a pink glow. Absorb the souls from it then head over to a Save Point. Use it before ascending the stairs on the left.

On the rooftop, you’ll meet Guildenstern, who summons a large robot that you must battle once he departs.


Strategy: Brainstern’s big arms can crush you so avoid standing directly in front of them. Try slashing him from behind as much as possible, while dodging the bombs he sets off around you. His twirling blade move deals a hefty amount of damage so just stay out of the way while he’s spinning. If you have magic stored up, unleash it all. Use healing items if your health gets critically low. Entering Onimusha state will also replenish some of your health so use it if you have it.

After defeating Brainstern, the scene switches to Jacques who has just arrived in a forest.


Watch a cutscene in which Jacques says goodbye to his friend Philippe then move forward through the forest to a Save Point. Upon using it, you’ll see that there are no Enhancement or Tutorial choices available. That is because Jacques has no Oni weapon or armor equipped yet. Continue walking until you reach a stone passageway. After passing through it, a spirit form appears and bestows Jacques with a soul-absorbing gauntlet, an Oni whip, and a scroll detailing how to transform into Onimusha state. Just after receiving these items, a ball-wielding monster appears. Note that Jacques can grab and throw objects with his whip by holding R1 and pressing [Circle]. Test it out by heaving a couple of boulders at the creature.

Upon defeating the enemy, Jacques receives a tengu fairy named Ako and a scroll that shows you what she can do. Basically, Ako can access hard-to-reach items (such as the chests you saw earlier in Paris), equip beneficial armor, and collect items that enemies drop. She flies above the head of the main character mostly and her color changes depending on the type of armor she is wearing.

After acquiring Ako, continue through the forest, defeating enemies along the way. You’ll pass an area where a group of thin, plant-like creatures are guarding a treasure chest on the left. You cannot defeat them using your current weapon so just move on. If you come across any blue, orb-shaped enemies, kill them instantly; otherwise they’ll suck away souls before you can absorb them. These guys can be difficult to kill, though, as they float in the air and vanish every so often. Long-range attacks are probably the most effective. Anyways, keep going until you reach a small, wooden structure.

As you approach it, a cutscene takes over showing Samanosuke’s arrival. He is apparently the Samanosuke of ancient Japan – not the one currently in Paris. I still don’t understand the logic behind this alternate reality but, hey, he’s helping you fight off bad guys right now so who cares? Once the enemies are taken care of, climb the steps on the left. Smash the old crate to get an Eco Spirit (Ako uses these in her armor) then open the chest that’s exposed to get an Herb. Climb the steps on the right to find a Throw scroll then open another chest to get a Blue Vest (you’ll need 2 Eco Spirits in order to equip it on Ako). Now, walk through the center of the structure and turn right just before reaching the stairs. Follow the path to its end and have Ako open the chest that is out of reach. You’ll get an Herb. Return to the stairs and head up. Take out the archers that are shooting at you from above.

When you reach the top, a cutscene takes over. After Samanosuke leaves, go up and examine the stone tower to learn that you need to insert something round in it. There’s a Save Point to the left where Jacques can practice his “Bind-Throw” move (you’ll earn a Medicine if you complete all 3 training levels). Next to the Save Point, you’ll see another cluster of plant creatures that you cannot do anything about yet. Walk back towards the tower and follow the path on the right out to a cliff.

Kill some flying creatures that swoop down from the rocks then open a box on the left to release a Firefly. You’ll also receive a scroll that explains how to use them. When the Firefly turns green, latch onto it and jump across the crevasse to the other side. Smash the box at the end of the path to release more Fireflies and use them to climb to the top of the mountain.

Once there, you’ll see a chest sitting below a huge Buddha face. Open it to get the Map of Mt. Hei. Look behind the chest to receive the Dokan scroll then climb down the ladder on the right. Smash the box on the lower platform to release more Fireflies and grab the Bronze Mirror from the chest. While overlooking the waterfall, have Ako fly down to retrieve a Medicine for you. Use the Firefly on the left to swing back across to the original cliff then return to the stone tower area.

Place the Bronze Mirror in the tower to receive a new whip for Jacques, the Enja. Now that you have a fire-based weapon you can slash through all of the plant creatures you come across. Equip the Enja and cut down the ones next to the Save Point to free up a new path. Before following it, though, you’ll want to backtrack through the forest to kill the cluster of plants that were blocking a chest you passed earlier. Note that enemies will have regenerated, so you may want to save your game and/or enhance your gear before going back there.

Head down the stairs and continue left past the wooden structure to get back to the primeval forest. When you reach the area with the plant creatures on the left, heal up before killing them. They are not tough to defeat but as soon as you approach the chest they once guarded, a huge “ball-buster” drops down to engage you in battle. After defeating him, open the chest to get a Gate Key.

When you return to the wooden structure, one of the enemies you’ll face drops a Firefly. Use it to jump onto the roof. Examine a shiny white object in the lower right corner to get an Oni Jewel, which will increase your magic bar. Jump back down via the Firefly then take the stairs up to the stone tower. After defeating all of the enemies that regenerated there, head down the new path next to the Save Point. Cut through more plants to clear the path. Eventually, you’ll reach a building where the “old” Samanusoke is already engaged in battle. Help him out then use your Gate Key to unlock the door. Enter.

After fighting a few more bad guys inside, smash the box next to the entrance to release a Firefly. Use it to jump onto the roof where you’ll find a Mission scroll. Jump back down and move forward to the next area. There’s a blue orb stealing souls here so kill it as fast as you can and slash the pods hanging from trees before they spray poison on you. Go up the steps and open a puzzle chest to the left of the door. Solve it in 4 moves to get a Power Jewel. Use the Save Point on the right before entering Lazuline Hall.

Ranmaru is inside and after Samanusoke leaves, you’ll have to fight his prized creature alone.


Strategy: This guy is tough. Take advantage of the Firefly above you to avoid his brutal lightning attacks, which consume half the room. He releases souls to lure you closer but immediately lunges the moment you try to collect them, so don’t be too greedy. Cast your most powerful magic attacks against him and enter Onimusha mode if you have enough purple souls. The key to victory here is patience.

When the battle ends, Ako leaves to check in on Jacques.


Michelle awakes under the Arc and asks Samanosuke to help save a trapped comrade. Before following her down to the subway area, grab Normal Arrows from a nearby chest then move forward and enter the iron door on the right. Go up to the Exploration Room and have Ako get Fire Arrows out of the chest that is blocked off by ropes. Go back down and head past the subway entrance to reach the far left path. Have Ako get a First-Aid Kit from the chest that was previously inaccessible. Then return to the subway entrance. Go down the stairs.


Michelle helps you fight off enemies by launching grenades; just don’t get too close to the blasts. When things are calm again, grab the Sewer Key from a dead guy lying next to the red doorway. Use it to unlock the door and enter the sewers below.

There are slug-type enemies down here that spawn smaller ones once you injure them. Kill the small ones by stepping on them; otherwise they’ll attach themselves to your legs and leech health. Head right until you reach a hallway with a door on the left. Enter it. Inside the control room, approach the blinking red light on the panel and Michelle will automatically pull a lever to start up power. Find a Memo to Chief on the console then use the Save Point next to the door. Exit the room. Examine the red box next to the bridge to lower it. Go across to the other side.

Open a chest on the right to get a Map of the Sewers then continue heading right until you reach another door. Enter. After killing off more slug creatures inside, smash the green trashcans to get an Eco Spirit. Open the chest at the far end of the room to free a Sprite creature. These fast little gals give off lots of yellow, health-replenishing souls when you hit them. Eliminating the Sprite gains you a Salve.

To the right is a connecting hallway. Follow it until Ako spots a chest she can open. You’ll get an Eco Spirit and a Red Vest. Also, look towards the ceiling while pressing R1 so that Ako brings you an Herb. Climb the ladder on the right to reach an upper office. Grab the Worker Memo on the desk and read it. Pick up a Charged Attack scroll and examine the machine in this room to learn that you need to insert something to operate it. Go back down the ladder and examine the door with the red light above it. You have to enter a 3-digit code. Go back to the control room and count the items mentioned in the Worker Memo to unlock this door: Chairs (3) > Cassette decks (1) > Monitors (4).

After unlocking the code door, go out to a new walkway. Open the puzzle box on the right. Solve it in 5 moves to get an Oni Jewel. Descend a ladder to the left of the door and get into the murky water. Fight enemies that appear out of the sewage while moving forward. Some drop Herbs that Ako will bring over to you. About halfway up, climb a ladder on the right to get the Iron Handle. Continue further to the dead end and Ako will bring you a First-Aid Kit. Turn around and go all the way back to the room with the code door.

Once there, go up the ladder and insert the Iron Handle in the device there. Doing so raises a gate below. Go down and examine the control panel on the left (where the flashing red light is). Pull lever to turn on power in this area. Go out the second door in this room to a new walkway. Examine the red box next to the bridge to lower it and cross to the other side.

Use the Save Point here. Note that Charged Attack has been added to the Training menu. Practice this skill if you want, then open the chest on the right for some Electric Arrows. Climb down a nearby ladder. Wade through the water (towards the screen) until you reach a trash pile at the end of the channel. Have Ako grab a First-Aid Kit there then return to the ladder and climb up. Ascend a second ladder (next to the open chest) to reach an upper chamber.

Cut the rusty chain to drop a huge ball into the water. You’ll notice a rectangular box on the floor here but Michelle is the only one who can open it. Leave the room and get back in the sewer water. Push the huge ball down the channel (away from screen) while fighting off enemies. Some drop Normal Arrows. Try to avoid the raw sewage that spills out from tubes above as it can harm you. About halfway down, you’ll see an opening on the left. Climb up the ladder there to get an Oni Med Lv.1 from the chest then return to the water and keep pushing forward.

At the end of the channel, you’ll find another ladder on the left. Ascend it. Before going down the passage on the left, examine the ceiling on the right so that Ako can bring you an Oni Spirit. Now, follow the left passageway down to Michelle’s comrade, who will give you a Small Key. Return to the ladder area and use the Small Key on a nearby gate. Open the chest inside to get a Power Jewel. Head back down the passage where you found the soldier and climb up the ladder on the left to get outside. After watching the cutscene, you’ll be back with Samanosuke in ancient Japan.


Jacques locates a box with a wristwatch inside, which will automatically be added to your inventory. After Samanosuke arrives, the two men travel to the port city of Sakai. When you regain control of Jacques, you’ll be on a street full of merchants. If you speak to any of the locals there, they’ll suggest you go inside the shop on the right. Enter the door in between the lion statues to trigger a scene with the shop owner. When it ends, leave the shop and notice he has locked the door behind you. If you smash the lion statues in front, you’ll get an Eco Spirit.

Use the Save Point further up then smash the urn on the right to release a Firefly. Climb the ladder next to the Save Point to reach a chest. Open it to get a Map of Sakai. Use the Firefly to jump down to the beach and open the puzzle chest on the sand. Solve it in 5 moves to earn an Oni Jewel. Use the Firefly to return to the platform and climb back down to the street.

Head towards the lower screen and speak to the little girl examining a barrel on the left to learn that she is looking for something sweet to eat. Continue down the street and hang a right to enter an alleyway. Approach the guy selling watermelons. He will give you one in exchange for the watch you found earlier. Take the watermelon back to the little girl then examine the barrel to release a Firefly.

Use the Firefly to jump onto the shop owner’s roof and go through the open window. After eavesdropping on a conversation, examine the shiny object on the left to acquire the Blacksmith Key. Use a Firefly to jump down into the shop. Examine a box near the counter so that Ako can bring you an Oni Med Lv.1 then smash some of the merchandise inside to get 2 Eco Spirits. Use the back door to get out to an alley. Open the chest in front of the crates to acquire the White Vest. Return to the shop and exit through the front door.

Demons have invaded the city, so get out your whip and go to work on them. Some will drop Herbs. Make your way back down the alley where the watermelons are. Go to the end of the path then search on the right for a chest with an Herb. Enter the door on the left to get to a second alleyway. Continue towards the Blacksmith’s shop, where you’ll have to fight a big creature and some fire archers. After defeating them, open the chest to the left of the door to get a Bind-Move scroll. Unlock the door using the Blacksmith Key and enter.

Inside, Ako will find some Medicine by the fireplace on the left. After receiving it, examine the gold statue to get the Raisen, a new lightning whip for Jacques. Equip it then leave the shop. Fight more enemies as you make your way back to the main street. Once there, head past the Save Point to the wooden gate and enter. After clearing out the demons in this area, look near the crates on the right for a Toraya Order memo then go down to the docks.

Fight off some sea creatures while heading right. When you reach the second dock, go down and open the chest to obtain an Herb. Climb the steps at the end of the dock and go over to the blue door. If you have the Raisen equipped, you can unseal it. Enter and explore the storage room. You’ll find a Hideyoshi Rumor document to the left of the door and a chest in the alcove behind the modern washing machines. Open it to get the Time Lab 1 memo then return to the main room.

As soon as you enter, Samanosuke arrives with news of a ship docking in town. Leave the storage room and head back across the docks towards the wooden gate. Once there, a large monster will crush the crates that were blocking a ramp on the left. After defeating the creature, climb up the ramp to the shipyards. Heihachi Honda, a powerful spear fighter, stops the duo and challenges you to a duel.


Strategy: Take advantage of the fact that there are two of you fighting him. Honda will pretty much focus on whoever is facing him so try to get Samanosuke to take the blows in front while you move around and attack from behind. His attacks are pretty straightforward though you’ll want to stay clear when he starts spinning his spear for a sweep attack. It hits everything within a pretty large radius.

After the battle, watch a scene during which Jacques boards the ship.


Fight enemies on the upper deck then go down the stairs on the left. Once there, smash the box near the cannon on the right to release some Fireflies. Use the first one to rise up to the mast. Use the second one to swing over to a puzzle box. Solve it in 5 moves to get a Power Jewel. Go back down and enter the door on the right.

Inside, you’ll find a book on the floor called Genma Notice. Open the chest next to it to obtain a Map of the Western Ship. Go downstairs and smash the painting on the left to reveal another chest. Open it to free a Sprite creature. As before, hitting it releases yellow, health-replenishing souls. Killing it gains you the Wheelhouse Key. Use it to unlock the door at the end of this cabin and enter the engine room.

Open a puzzle box on the left. Solve it in 6 moves to get a Wood Charm. Should you die in battle, this charm will revive you but it can only be used once. Open the chest on the opposite wall to get the Logbook and exploit the pink soul collector before leaving. As soon as you step inside the previous cabin, a cutscene takes over. When it ends, you’ll take control of Samanosuke back in Paris.


Destroy the trashcan on the right to get an Eco Spirit then use the Save Point on the left. Your Tenso weapon needs to be at Level 2 in order to open the seal on the cathedral door. If it isn’t, go into the sewers and fight a bunch of enemies until you collect enough red souls to upgrade the weapon. While down in the water, search the left corner for a Secret Medicine that is glowing brightly. Some of the creatures down here drop Normal Arrows, also. Once you’ve leveled up your Tenso, unlock the seal and enter the cathedral.

Once inside, open a chest on the left for a First-Aid Kit then explore the area. You’ll find 4 alcoves, each with a dark statue and a different amount of candles lit at their feet. A fifth statue shows a beast holding an orb in its mouth. Beyond this statue, locate two stone urns in the corner. Smash them to get an Eco Spirit. Open the nearby chest to free a Sprite creature and smack it to drain some yellow souls. Alas, I was not able to kill this one so I don’t know what it leaves behind.

Approach the altar in the center of the cathedral. You’ll find an Eco Spirit to the left of it. Head up the center aisle and open the chest near the back pew to acquire a Green Vest. Return to the altar and head right to find a pink pedestal. After tapping out its soul collection, move to the left. Have Ako grab some Ice Arrows from behind a wall partition then return to the altar. Examine the right side of the altar. When offered a choice, push the red slab to raise the altar and reveal a secret passageway. Enter.

The slab in the center hints that you need to find a way to absorb the darkness contained in the statues above. For now, hit two lamps on the ceiling so that Ako can bring you an Herb and an Eco Spirit. Continue forward and you’ll arrive in a circular room with spinning knives. If you take a moment to study the knife pattern, you’ll see that there’s a point in which the flurry of blades settles down, allowing you to run past them without getting cut.

At the appropriate moment, move in a counter-clockwise direction until you reach an alcove on the right. Open the puzzle box and solve it in 5 moves to get an Oni Jewel. Now, run over to the second alcove. Pick up a book on the floor (the Genma Rumor) then push the skull to stop the spinning blades and open a new passageway. As soon as you do this, enemies appear. Some drop Medicine and Normal Arrows. After killing them, enter the new passage.

Follow the path down to a horned statue. Click on it to get the Anti-Darkness Charm. You can either go left or right from here. Following the left path takes you to a chest. Open it to get a Map of Notre Dame. Further ahead, you’ll see a door sealed by blue magic. Since you do not have a weapon that will open it yet, return to the horned statue and follow the path on the right. Open the chest to obtain Dark Parchment then have Ako examine the ceiling there to get an Eco Spirit. Beyond is a ledge you cannot descend but have Ako examine the left side of the ceiling to get an Herb and another Eco Spirit. Backtrack to the circular blade room. Cut through the plant creatures in the first corridor to reveal a skull statue and examine the ceiling to get an Herb. Go back up to the cathedral.

Approach the statue with only one candle set at its feet and absorb all the darkness from it. Once drained, the light it holds will shine bright. Now, go to the statue with two candle sets and absorb all the darkness from it. Do the same with the 3rd and 4th statues. Once all four statues are drained in the correct order, the statue with the orb in its mouth will illuminate. Go over to it and grab your new weapon, the Kuga. This weapon is imbued with air magic; exactly the type you need to open the sealed door below. Equip it and go back down into the blade room. Veer left at the horned statue and approach the blue door. Use the Kuga to unseal it and enter.

Inside is a second, circular room with spinning blades. Move counter-clockwise through it until you reach the first alcove. Kill the plant creatures that grow there then move on. In the second alcove, kill more plants to access the Save Point. Examine the skull door behind it to learn that you need to insert something. Now, move forward to the 3rd alcove and grab a Rope Ladder from the floor. Finally, move through to the 4th alcove and open a puzzle box. Solve it in 5 moves to get a Statue Charm. Like the wood one you found earlier, this charm allows the bearer to avoid death once.

Backtrack to the first blade room and follow the right path past the horned statue to the ledge you could not climb down earlier. Use the Rope Ladder to get down to a chest below. Open it to get the Gold Skull then climb back up. Go back to the second spinning blade room and place the Gold Skull in the door near the Save Point. Heal up before entering the new chamber.

Inside you’ll find Guildenstern, who summons a couple of large demons to do away with you just before he leaves. They are remarkably easy to defeat. Two magical hits with your new weapon should do the trick. After ridding them, search the right side of the room for a Time Lab 3 memo and have Ako bring you some Electric Arrows from that area as well. Approach the teleportation device and choose to activate it. Doing so triggers a cutscene wherein Samanosuke arrives on a strange, underground ship.


When you regain control of Samanosuke, search the upper deck of the ship for an item (?) then disembark and follow the path over to a gold door. Enter.

Inside the next chamber, you’ll find 3 colored doors (yellow, purplish-blue, and red) and a circular platform in the center bearing 3 flaming pedestals of corresponding color. Near the entrance, there’s a Save Point and a new, purple one right next to it. The Teleporter allows you to switch between Samanusoke in the year 2004 and Jacques in the year 1582. The device also allows you to store items that each character may need in his particular time period. Across from the Save Point, you’ll find a blue magic replenishing pool. Use it to fill up your weapons then open a chest on the left to get the Timefold manual.

Examine the yellow flame on the center platform to acquire the Yellow Disk. Bring it over to the Teleporter and store it for Jacques, along with any other items you think he may need (such as herbs or charms). When ready, switch over to Jacques.

Jacques arrives on the ship in a different era and Ako explains what’s going on. After she gives him the items that were stored in the portal, enemies attack. The big demons with huge serrated blades actually help you by swinging their weapons randomly, thus killing allies while trying to reach you. On their own, they are pretty tough to defeat so wait until they chop each other up before engaging them if you can. When all is calm again, enter the room with the colored doors.

Go up to the platform and insert the Yellow Disk in its corresponding pedestal to gain access to the yellow door. Replenish magic at the pool if you need to and save your game before entering.

After entering the yellow door, go down the ramp and use the Firefly to jump across the deep water to the shallow side. Kill a couple of enemies then examine the emblem that is missing a left horn. Enter the door next to it. Inside the next chamber, open a chest to get the Ancient Slab and Time Lab 2 memo. Pick up a Critical scroll from the floor near the pink tube. As soon as you approach the green tube, the cackling ninja guy shows up with some evil cronies. Defeat them then enter the green tube and choose to go up.

Fight more enemies in the upper library room. If you have any trouble taking out the archers, equip Ako’s Green Vest and just suck the life out them from below (this tactic also works well on flying creatures, btw). Once they’re defeated, open the chest on the right to get a Map of the Sea Temple. Examine the red books next to the chest. Insert the Ancient Slab to bring up a math puzzle, wherein you’re supposed to rearrange the books so that they equal 22. Solving it opens a new passage. For those who are math-impaired, the solution is: 5 x 4 + 3 + 1 - 2.

Follow the new passage until you reach an intersection. Going left takes you to the Hanging Man, who asks if you want to visit the Dark Realm. The Dark Realm is basically a multi-leveled hack fest that provides a great opportunity to collect many souls and some good treasure. Visiting the Dark Realm can kill up to an hour of your time or as little as 3 minutes, depending on how many levels you choose to complete. Those who have patience may wish to complete all of the levels as doing so usually provides at least one rare item. On this particular journey, the rare item is a Thunder Seal. Anyways, if you choose to visit it right now, the Hanging Man will give you the Dark Levels scroll.

When you’re finished with the Hanging Man, return to the intersection and head right. Open the chest to release a Firefly then return to the lower library room. Use the Firefly to get to the ledge above. Examine the 2nd bookcase to acquire the Oni Tortoise document. Further right, you’ll find a Medicine on the shelf. Open the chest to get the Left Dragon Horn then jump back down. Use the green elevator tube to return to the previous area.

As soon as you get there, an electrified demon attacks. He’ll drop an Herb. Leave the chamber and use the Left Dragon Horn on the emblem outside to drain the water below. Ako hints that it would be a good time to switch over to Samanosuke, so make your way back to the colored door room. Once there, use the Teleporter to transfer items (such as Arrows) then warp to Samanosuke.

Once Samanosuke arrives in the chamber, go through the Yellow door and walk down the ramp. Look under the stairs to find a chest with a Secret Medicine inside. Climb the stairs and enter the door next to the dragon emblem. Examine the pedestal inside to get the Blue Disk. After taking it, Guildenstern arrives with Ranmaru, who appears to be possessed. Prepare to fight.


Strategy: This gal is fast so hopefully you’re proficient at dodging. Ranmaru will shoot bolts at you while hopping around the room, so try to time your blocks and hits based on her movement. Entering Onimusha state certainly helps end the fight quickly. Do it if you have enough purple orbs; otherwise, unleash your magic spells, heal when necessary, and eventually she’ll end the battle.

When Ranmaru leaves, return to the colored door room. Replenish your magic at the pool and save if you wish then use the Teleporter to transfer the Blue Disk to Jacques. Warp to him.

Now controlling Jacques, go up to the platform and put the Blue Disk in its corresponding flame. Enter the blue door. Fight off fire archers as you make your way down the corridor, past the cool aquarium windows, over to another door. Enter.

Once inside, examine the dragon emblem to see that the right horn is missing. After battling more enemies, you’ll notice a door with a purplish-blue seal that you cannot enter yet. Go upstairs and enter the door on top. You’ll be on a platform with big, gold crates above the ship area. Kill the demons there then use the Firefly on the right to swing over to the balcony. Keep moving right until you reach a puzzle box. Solve it in 5 moves to earn an Oni Jewel. Continue further until you find a container that you can smash to release more Fireflies. Use them to jump over the gap. On the other side, examine the pedestal to receive the Hyosai, a new ball and chain weapon imbued with ice magic.

Return to the platform with the gold crates and enter the room beyond. Use your new Hyosai weapon to unseal the purple-blue door. Once you enter, you’ll see several fast-moving pistons that bar your passage and a static Firefly on the floor to the right. Return to the colored door chamber, either by jumping onto the ship from the platform above or walking back through the aquarium corridor. Once there, remove the Blue Disk from its fire pedestal and store it for Samanosuke in the Teleporter. Switch over to him.

As Samanosuke, re-insert the Blue Disk in its pedestal then save your game before entering the blue door. As soon as you enter the aquarium corridor, the windows crack and water gushes out. Run as fast as you can towards the door at the other end before you drown. Once inside, you’ll have to fight a big creature. After defeating it, grab a Sea Temple Map from the chest and a Chain Critical scroll off the floor. Enter the piston room. All is quiet in this era, so move forward and take the Firefly Wings at the back of the room.

Return to the previous area and take the stairs up to the platform overlooking the ship. Smash the crates in the corner to reveal more enemies and an Eco Spirit that Ako will bring to you. Return to the colored door chamber and store the Firefly Wings for Jacques. Warp back to him.

Now controlling Jacques, go out to the ship. Defeat enemies there then use the Fireflies to get up to the mast and over to the platform with crates. Enter the door. Kill more enemies then go inside the piston room. Use the Firefly Wings on the static Firefly to make it rise. Jump over the moving pistons and grab a Power Crystal from the mechanical unit. Jump back and leave the room.

Watch a brief cutscene then kill off some more creatures. Return to the crate platform and jump down to the ship. After vanquishing the enemies below, go over to the gold door and fight the big fellow that is blocking it. Once he’s eliminated, enter the chamber and store the Power Crystal for Samanosuke, along with any arrows you might have collected. Warp to him.

Back with Samanosuke, go over to the blue door and notice an evil mist blocks it. Absorb all darkness from it to clear the way. Enter and fight off creatures as you head down the watery hall to the door at the end. Fight more enemies inside then enter the piston room. Insert the Power Crystal in the mechanical unit up ahead to turn on the pistons. Once activated, you’ll have to time your exit to avoid getting hit by them.

Now that the power is on, use the green tube elevator to go down a level. Once there, smash the stack of crates to get an Eco Spirit and your new weapon, the Chigo axe. Imbued with earth magic, the axe works nicely on enemies that spawn right after you receive it. Some will drop Herbs, btw. Use the green elevator to get back to the room above. Return to the circular chamber and enter the yellow door.

Go down the ramp and up the stairs to the next room. Use the green tube elevator inside to go up a level. When you arrive, fight off a big enemy then use your Chigo to unseal the red door. [Btw, if you visit the Hanging Man with Samanosuke, you’ll see that new levels are available in the Dark Realm.] Enter the red door. Open a chest to get the Yellow Vest and grab the Temple Tidbit book to the left of it. Take the Red Disk from the pedestal on the right then leave the room. Use the green elevator to get back down and return to the colored door chamber. Once there, store the Red Disk for Jacques and warp to him.

Have Jacques place the Red Disk in its corresponding pedestal. Save your game then enter the red door. Use the Firefly to swing across the gap then open the gate beyond. Inside the next room, a huge guard dog awaits.


Strategy: This boss uses a variety of elemental attacks, so take advantage of the Fireflies above you to dodge them. His ice freeze attack is especially dangerous as you’ll be immobilized and incapable of defending. Try to hit him from behind right after he lunges or draws in a breath. Use magic and, of course, enter Onimusha state if you have enough purple orbs. The big dog will go down pretty easily if you time your attacks properly.

Once defeated, water cracks the glass inside the room. When you regain control of Jacques, run up the stairs. If you think you have enough time, kill the enemies there; otherwise just run past them until a cutscene takes over. Jacques ends up on a train and Ako goes to check in on Samanosuke.

When you’re in control Samanosuke, enter the red door. Open a puzzle chest on the left and solve it in 6 moves to gain a Power Jewel. Cross the stone steps and enter the room beyond. Ranmaru will be waiting inside but turns into genma goo before you get a chance to battle him. When the cutscene ends, you’ll be back in modern-day France.


As Michelle, use guns and grenades to blast enemies that have just crushed the gate on the left. Get a Soul Bracelet from the exposed chest, which allows Michelle to absorb souls. Use the Save Point and pick up a D:Critical scroll on the ground next to the entrance. Before going inside the cathedral, you may want to visit the sewers to unlock the rectangular chest you found earlier. If not, skip past the optional section below.


Go forward (towards screen) to leave the Notre Dame area and get back down into the sewers. Move right along the walkway until you reach a ladder on the left. Climb up and kill the slug creatures then continue to the right. Climb up a second ladder and open the grey chest on the floor to get a Grenade Launcher. Equip it then return to the Notre Dame Cathedral. (If you feel like fighting some more, you can optionally visit the subway and Arc de Triumph with Michelle by continuing through the sewers.)


Go inside the cathedral and fight off more enemies. Many drop Herbs and Grenades so make sure to grab them. Enter the gold altar passage. After killing more enemies down below, follow the right corridor to the second blade-spinning room. Go over to the alcove with the Save Point. Use it then enter the door beyond.

Inside the teleportation room, fight off two large demons then grab the Paris Report book from a bookshelf on the right. A cutscene ensues, wherein Ako arrives with news that Samanosuke and Henri have been jailed at the zoo.


When you regain control of Michelle, you’ll be at the zoo entrance on a rainy day. Luckily, Ako will be there providing help. Kill off the flying creatures to get an Eco Spirit then open a chest near the Souvenir shop to get a First-Aid Kit. Smash the trashcan next to the stairs to acquire some Grenades. Move past the fountain towards a Save Point on the right. A creature will jump out of its cage and attack. After killing it, pick up the Zoo Flyer on the ground just beyond the Save Point then go down the stairs on the left.

Down below, have Ako grab a First-Aid Kit from the ledge on the right then move forward past a locked gate. Destroy a box on the left to get an Eco Spirit. Kill the creature on top of the crates to get Medicine from it then enter the nearby door.

You’ll be inside a dark room with creatures that attack from behind the glass. Kill them then have Ako grab a First-Aid Kit from the broken window. Arrows painted on the floor show you which direction to go in. Continue down a hallway, past the sealed blue door, to the door in back. Exit.

After fighting the creatures outside, grab a First-Aid Kit from the chest near the collapsed cart. Smash the trashcan further up to get an Eco Spirit. Continue forward and open the chest with a Zoo Map inside then enter the gate on the left.

Inside the circular atrium, move clockwise. Smash the trashcan to get an Eco Spirit and pick up the Mecha Demon document off the floor near the 2nd door. If you want to go back to the east section of the zoo to save your game, unlock the door and use it; otherwise continue moving clockwise until you reach a ladder. Climb down. Below, you’ll find a rusty device with 4 levers. Pulling each lever drops down a cage. The left one drops down a big ape creature you must fight and the mid-left one drops down the Boat Key. The mid-right one drops down another ape creature and the right one drops down the SPS 15+R sniper rifle. Equip your new fire-piercing weapon then climb back up the ladder. Leave the atrium via the door you came in from.

Once outside, go back up the stairs and head left over to the Save Point. Continue further to another set of stairs. Go down and get on the boat. Use the Boat Key to start the engine. A couple of monsters attack onboard. After killing them, you’ll cruise to a new area automatically. When the boat stops, get off and go upstairs.

Use the Save Point on the right. Kill a couple of monsters (one drops an Herb) then enter the building up ahead. Inside the animal research center, you’ll find a First-Aid Kit near the door and a Secret Medicine under the stairs. (If Michelle is in good health, you might consider saving these items for Samanosuke to find later on.) Smash some of the artifacts to get an Eco Spirit then move through the cages until Michelle spots her trapped friends. After killing a big ape creature, open the cage doors to free Henri and Samanusoke. As soon as you do, Guildenstern shows up to take Michelle and Henri away.

Once you assume control of Samanosuke, pick up Michelle’s Soul Bracelet and use it to transfer the souls she collected. Open a chest inside the cage on the right to get a First-Aid Kit. Return to the research area. After fighting enemies there, go through the double doors (with white sign above) to a new hallway. Open the puzzle box here. Solve it in ?? moves to get ??. Continuing right takes you to a Save Point, beyond which is a door. Enter when you are ready to face Guildenstern.


Strategy: Guildenstern floats around the room and can only be injured when his stomach glows red. He’ll say stuff like, “Arise” or “Go forth” just before he’s going to use a spell or summon another demon. This is your cue to start attacking. He’ll start by summoning one demon, then two. If you kill them, he’ll just keep reviving them, so go after the demons only if they are getting in your way and focus on using magic to kill Guildenstern off. When the boss is close to death, he’ll create a huge black hole on the ground. Run from it, as stepping on the black hole will reset the battle from the beginning. If you successfully avoid the hole, one or two more swipes should finish him off.

Afterwards, Samanosuke is reunited with Michelle and Henri.


Go down the street until you reach a Save Point and Teleporter. Pick up the Ranmaru book on the ground to the right then continue heading right down the street. Crush the second trashcan you see to get an Eco Spirit. Just beyond, enemies jump down and attack. There’s a path veering left that leads to a locked gate. The door ahead is also locked, so return to the Teleporter and switch over to Jacques.

Upon doing so, you’ll see Jacques disembarking from the train and meeting up with Ako. Heihachi Honda, arrives to duel you.


Strategy: This duel is similar to the first one except you don’t have Samanosuke helping. Stay clear of his twirling fire spear because it’s tough to block. He’ll hit you in the middle of combos so it’s best to swipe and run. Other than that, use magic spells and hit him from behind as much as possible. Once you’ve caused enough damage, he’ll end the duel.

When you regain control of Samanosuke, you’ll fight a few flying creatures. One releases a Firefly. Others drop Eco Spirits near the train steps. After killing them, you’ll notice 4 plots of dirt to the right and a locked door up ahead. Look through the keyhole to see that people are trapped inside. Now, use the Firefly to get to an upper ledge. Enter the door there.

After killing the enemies inside, open a chest containing the Map of Mt. St. Michel then walk around the edge to the middle of the courtyard. Use the blue magic replenishing pool in the center. Vega Dona is here but poses no threat. Approach the spiked gate in back and notice that the torches on either side of it are lit. Equip Jacques’ fire weapon and use it to light 3 other torches in the courtyard. Wait until the gate is up to light the 4th torch then run under to open the chest. After acquiring the Gate Key, light the torch next to the chest to get out. Go through the door at the other end of the room to reach a second ledge.

Use the Firefly to jump over to the area on the right. After killing some flying creatures, talk to the man standing there to get an Herb. Move further right, past the huge gear gate, to find a Save Point and Teleporter. If you examine the lever next to the gate, you’ll see that a gear is missing. If you enter the door further up, you’ll find a stone slab with Sun, Moon, and Star etchings and a small statue with one eye missing to the left. Go back to the Teleporter and store the Gate Key for Samanosuke to use. Warp to him.

Back on Grand Street, kill enemies that appear to get some Herbs and Normal Arrows then move towards the double doors at the end of the street. Use the Gate Key to unlock it and enter. Go up the stairs. Above, fight off more enemies. Smash the trashcan to get an Eco Spirit and open the chest next to the stairs to get a Map of Mt. St. Michel. To the left of the stairs, you’ll find a dark chest that can only be opened by Michelle, so just note its location for a future visit. Go upstairs and enter the door.

Moving forward, you’ll see an iron door that is too high for Samanosuke to reach. Further up there are enemies to vanquish; in particular, a large flower-like creature at the end of the curving path. It spits acid darts and smacks you with its roots. Once defeated, examine the chest it was guarding to get the Sun Crest. Leave the building and head back down Grand Street towards the Save Point.

Along the way, you’ll have to fight two “ball-busters”. Once they’re gone, go down the side street on the left and use the Sun Crest to unlock it. Enter. Destroy the trashcan up ahead to get an Eco Spirit then open the puzzle chest on the right. Solve it in 5 moves to get a Power Jewel. Continue forward to fight another ball-buster and use the nearby pedestal to absorb red souls. Open the chest up above to get the Red Eye Stone. Next to it, Ako will find some Ice Arrows. Head back down and use the Teleporter to store the Red Eye Stone for Jacques to use. Warp to him.

Back as Jacques, enter the door and insert the Red Eye Stone in the small statue next to the slab to uncover a puzzle. To solve it, you must step on the squares in a certain order. Stepping incorrectly closes the slab. If this happens, re-examine the statue to open the puzzle slab and try again. Step on connecting squares only (no diagonal movement) until all of them are depressed. There are 3 sequences to complete. Each time you solve one correctly, a blue flame lights above the slab.

Sequence #1: Star/Sun/Moon - Begin by stepping on the Star picture in the lower left corner.
Sequence #2: Sun/Moon/Star – Begin by stepping on the Sun picture in the lower right corner.
Sequence #3: Moon/Star/Sun – Begin by stepping on the Moon picture in the lower middle.

After all 3 flames are lit, stairs appear. Descend the new staircase and enter the wooden door on the left. Walk down the wide corridor until you reach a door on the left. The Hanging Man is inside if you feel like visiting the Dark Realm. There are a few unique items to get if you choose to go through all of the levels (the Fire Seal and Green Orb in particular). Plus, there’s a purple chest on the first level that requires a special item to open. When you’re finished in the Dark Realm, leave the Hanging Man area and return to the central path.

Continue down the wide stairs until you reach a stack of crates on the right. Smash them to release Fireflies. Backtrack to the Dark Realm door and use the Firefly there to jump onto a thin roof. Use the second Firefly to jump onto a thin overhang. Enter the door on the left. Follow the passage to a third Firefly that overlooks a flower creature below. Drop down and kill the creature. (Fire magic works very well on flower creatures, btw.) Once defeated, open the chest it was guarding to get a Power Jewel. The red door on the left is locked, so just continue forward (towards screen) until you reach a gate. Unlatch it and enter to get back to the wide stairway.

From here, continue down the stairs to the double doors at the end. Heal up before entering as many strong creatures await inside. When ready, enter. Smash the crate on the right to release a Firefly then clear out the area. Some enemies drop Flame Arrows. Once all is calm, return to the entrance so you can see the Firefly and use it to jump up to the turrets. Open a partially obscured chest on the left to get the Orange Vest then jump back down. Return to the Save Point at the very top of the wide staircase. Once there, store any arrows you’ve collected (if you visited the Dark Realm and obtained the Green Orb, give that to him also) then swap over to Samanosuke.

As Samanosuke, you’ll be down on Grand Street. Move forward, killing enemies. Some drop Herbs and Normal Arrows. Enter the arched doorway and take the wide stairs up to the area Jacques was just in. Note that you can visit the Dark Realm with Samanosuke if you like. Completing the levels with him gains you a few rare items; best among them, the Purple Vest. If you obtained the Green Orb earlier, you can unlock the Green chest on the first level to get a Wood Charm. On another level, gain the Purple Orb so Jacques can unlock the Purple chest the next time he visits here. When finished, leave and continue up the stairs.

Enter the double doors on the left. On the other side, fight ninjas that drop from the ceiling then enter the gold door above. Inside, there’s a giant green orb hanging in the center (the Time Folder). Go around it to the back of the room. Fight a big ape creature then smash the boxes in the corner to reveal a black hole on the floor. Grab the Time Lab 4 memo from the rubble on the right before stepping on the black circle. Doing so gives you the option to “enter the space inside” or stay behind. Choose to go inside the void.


Samanosuke ends up under the Arc de Triumph in a surreal world. Get Flame arrows from the creatures here then move towards the big flower creature up ahead. Kill it to unblock the door and enter. Climb the spiral staircase, killing squid creatures and a blue soul-sucker along the way. Enter the door on top. The ape creatures here drop Herbs and Normal Arrows. Continue up to the roof. Fight off a few ball-busters to gain access to the chest behind them. Open it get the Red Key. Doing so opens a black hole on the ground. Step on it to return to the time-bending room in Mt. St. Michel.


Leave the time-bending room and backtrack to the Save Point area. Store the Red Key (and the Purple Orb if you visited the Dark Realm) for Jacques then swap over to him.

As Jacques, go down the wide staircase. Revisit the Dark Realm if you received the Purple Orb from Samanosuke. If so, unlock the Purple Chest on the first level to get the ???. Otherwise, use the Firefly near the Hanging Man’s door to jump up to the thin roof and the second Firefly to get to the overhang beyond. Once there, use the Red Key to open the door on the left. Follow the passage over to a third Firefly and jump down.

Jacques finds slaves pushing a large wooden wheel in circles. Watch the cutscene and when it ends, fight a couple of blade-wielding enemies. After defeating them, smash the wheel spokes to gain access to the back of the room. In the top left corner, open a chest to get Medicine. Move back towards the door to trigger a scene with Heihachi, who gives you the Triangle Key (shiny object on floor). After receiving it, leave the room.

Outside, work quickly to defeat enemies that are attacking the freed slaves on the staircase. If you successfully save them, they’ll give you items. Continue up the stairs, past the slab puzzle and through the door to the Save Point area. Quickly defeat the enemies there to save more freed slaves. Again, those you successfully save will give you items. Move to the far edge of the landing (top left) and use the Firefly to get over to the ledge on the right. Heal up before entering the door.

Once inside, fight off electric demons while making your way around to the back door. Use the magic replenishing pool in the center if you need to. Exit to the outer ledge. Fight some flying creatures then use the Firefly to jump down to the train depot below. As soon as you approach the door, a big creature drops down to bar your entry. Kill it, along with some spinning demons then use the Triangle Key to unlock the door. Enter.

Approach the group of prisoners towards the back of the room to trigger a cutscene. Afterwards, pick up a Genma Plant from the top right corner of the floor and examine the barrels on the left to have Ako bring you a Secret Medicine. Exit the room and kill enemies that have re-spawned outside. Some drop Herbs. Once defeated, examine the plots of dirt on the right. Place your Genma Plant in the plot that contains “soft earth” then use the Firefly to jump back up to the ledge. Enter the magic pool room and go around to the other door. Exit to the other ledge and jump back to the Save Point area. Use the Teleporter to warp back to Samanosuke.

Have Samanosuke examine the vine that has grown on the far left. Press X to climb down the vine to the train depot below. After killing new enemies in the area, smash the trashcan near the front of the train to get an Eco Spirit. Move across the tracks to the far corner so that Ako can find you a First-Aid Kit. Smash the trashcan near the stairs to get another Eco Spirit then kill the big flower that is blocking the door. Enter.

Defeat the ape creature inside then smash the boxes on the left to get an Eco Spirit and Medicine. In the left corner, pick up the French Note on the floor then smash the crates to reveal a chest. Open it to obtain the Iron Gear. Exit the room and fight more enemies near the train. After defeating them, climb up the vine and go back to the Teleporter. Store the Iron Gear for Jacques then warp to him.

As Jacques, insert the Iron Gear in the mechanism on the right wall then pull the lever next to the gate. After it opens, enter the monastery. Kill all enemies inside before defeating the big flower creature in the middle. Open the chest it was guarding to get a Secret Medicine. On the floor to the left, pick up Vega’s Diary then enter the door further left to reach a staircase. Descend to trigger a cutscene, wherein Michelle and Henri arrive at Mt. St. Michel.

When you take control of Michelle, approach the entrance. Open the chest next to the door to reequip the Soul Bracelet. Enter and walk forward to the Save Point. Head right down Grand Street and fight off enemies using your sniper rifle. Deflect fire bolts as you see them approaching. (Henri, remarkably, will not get hurt while wandering around in case you care.) There are enemies off the left path as well so stay alert as you make your way down to the doorway at the end.

Pass through to the wide staircase, killing more enemies on the way up. Some drop Herbs and Grenades. Defeat the large creature that is blocking the door at the end of the path. Once he’s gone, open the dark box to the left of the door and equip your new weapon, the SPS15+G grenade launcher. Enter the door. Climb the stairs inside to reach a door. Enter to trigger a cutscene in which you’ll regain control of Samanosuke.

Pick up Michelle’s Soul Bracelet off the floor and drain its red souls. Go back outside to use the Save Point if you wish; otherwise enter the double doors on the right. Slay the huge demon inside then pick up the Time Lab 5 memo from the floor on the right. Enter the door to the left of the non-operational machine.

Go down the stairwell to trigger a scene involving Jacques and Henri. A screen pops up showing 5 locks and a time gauge on the right. Follow Henri’s button combinations correctly to raise each lock. You have to unlock all five before the gauge runs out or it’s game over. Missing one lock resets all of them. The button combinations are as follows:

Lock #1: up, down, triangle
Lock #2: up, down, triangle, X, circle
Lock #3: up, down, triangle, X, circle, down, up
Lock #4: up, down, triangle, X, circle, down, up, square, left, X
Lock #5: up, down, triangle, X, circle, down, up, square, left, X, X, right

Once all 5 locks are opened, a scene takes over showing Ranmaru on a video monitor. When it ends, you’ll take control of Samanosuke on Grand Street. Kill off enemies while moving forward to the Save Point. Heal up and save your game before exiting Mt. St. Michel. By going outside, you’ll trigger another cutscene in which a boulder breaks open to reveal a giant, two-headed guard dog.


Strategy: The giant dog can freeze you with his ice breath, pelt you with fire, or slam you to the ground with its big paws. All of these moves can be avoided if you run around him and attack from behind. He’ll also rush towards you then back again (always twice in a row), so time your movements accordingly. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get off a few magic spells that will stun him briefly. Entering Onimusha state, of course, helps cut down the duration of this battle considerably. Once victorious, a cutscene takes over showing Ako returning to Jacques.

When you take control of Jacques, exit the cell by going through the red door next to the puzzle levers. Defeat a big creature in the next room to release a Firefly. Once the area is cleared, grab the Fortress book from the lower corner of the screen then use the Firefly to cross the smoky gap. Smash a crate next to the door on the other side to get an Eco Spirit then attempt to exit. Watch a cutscene featuring Vega Dona and her amazing flying fortress. When the scene ends, go through the door.


Jacques arrives in a new, snowy area and meets up with Samanusoke and Heihachi, the spear fighter. After Heihachi leaves, use the Save Point on the left. Smash the box in the lower right corner to release a Firefly then use it to jump onto an iceberg. Smash the next box you find to release more Fireflies. Use one to pull an iceberg over so that you can jump on it before the one you are standing on cracks in half. Repeat this procedure with the remaining Fireflies and icebergs you come across. Be prepared to fight a few creatures while floating on the icy sea (some drop Herbs) but know that Samanosuke is with you to help out as well.

On the second iceberg, locate a chest on the right to obtain the Map of Biwa. Ako can reach a chest on the adjoining iceberg to get you a Medicine, also. There are two directions you can go using the icebergs. Check your map and follow the left path first (heading north).

Float towards the iceberg on the right with boxes and jump on. Smash the boxes to release Fireflies. Once you’re on board the lower, middle iceberg head left and jump down. Open a chest on the far left to get Medicine then return to the upper area. Now, take the right path (refer to your map). Float over and smash more boxes to release Fireflies. Pull to the right and you’ll eventually land in front of the Oni Mansion.


Walk over to the Save Point and use it before entering the mansion. As soon as you do, the gate closes, locking Jacques inside. Once Samanosuke leaves, enter the nearby door.

Pick up the Oni Mansion document on the floor then notice the two locked gates in this room. One is red and the other is blue. Use the red Firefly above to raise the red gate then run into the next room before it closes. There are a few big, blade-wielding demons within some of these rooms so be careful. Go through the 2nd room to a 3rd room with a chest. Open it to free a Sprite creature that you can hit for yellow orbs or kill to earn a ??.

Use the Firefly in the 3rd room to raise a blue gate. Move through to another room with a big demon. Use the Firefly in this room to re-open the gate you just passed through, then run through all open gates to a room with no floor. You’ll have to find another way around. Activate the Firefly in this room then run as fast as you can back to the first room’s blue gate before it closes. If you mess up, just retrace your steps and try running through again.

Once you successfully arrive in the new room, open a chest to release another Firefly. Use this one to pass through to the next room. Fight a big demon there then pick up an Oni Army book from the floor. Break the purple wall scroll to reveal a new passage and enter. Use the pedestal inside to absorb red souls and open a chest to receive Secret Medicine. Return to the scroll room.

Use the blue Firefly above to open a gate then run back through the rooms, heading right, until you reach a green Firefly. Use it to jump across the room with no floor. On the other side, use another green Firefly to unlock a gate elsewhere then quickly jump back across the gap in the floor. Head left to the room with a yellow Firefly inside before its gate closes. You’ll have to fight 3 enemies along the way, making it harder to get to the room with the yellow Firefly in the allotted time. If you screw up, just retrace your steps and try again.

After using the Save Point inside this new room, break another purple wall scroll to reveal a small chamber with a hole in the floor. Jump inside the hole to reach a blue, subterranean corridor. After defeating two huge ball-busters, a Firefly is released. Use it to jump over to a new area. Approach the dragon statue up ahead. Examine its mouth to get the Oni Army Orb and trigger a cutscene showing Samanosuke’s arrival.


On the battlefield, there are swarms of enemies for Jacques to kill. These low-level creatures seem to regenerate, providing an opportunity to collect hundreds (if not thousands) of souls. Spend as much time as you like in battle; an hour or more is ideal. Eventually, make your way east towards the front gate of Azuchi Castle. Open a chest to the left of the gate to obtain the Map of Azuchi then enter.

You’ll be in a rocky area with more enemies to kill. Move up the hill and use a Firefly to jump onto the rock ledge above. Kill some fire archers there then continue forward to another gate. Enter. Kill more enemies in the new area then use a Firefly to jump onto another ledge. Move forward until you reach another Firefly. Use it to jump up to the castle entrance. Before entering the castle, head right and go up to a chest on the right ledge to get Medicine. Jump back down and enter the castle.


As soon as you enter the main hall, a cutscene takes over in which Heihachi insists you take the elevator up to Nobunaga. When you regain control of Jacques, use the Save Point on the right then grab the Fortress 2 book from the floor next to the gold elevator. Enter the elevator and pull the red lever inside to ascend.

Exit the elevator and head right across a small bridge. Open a chest at the end to acquire the Map of Azuchi Castle. Fight some ninjas there then continue into the adjoining chamber. The stairs on the right lead to a locked gate so enter the red window instead.

Inside the new room, head left and grab the Vassal book from the floor then open a puzzle box on the right. Solve it in 5 moves to get an Oni Jewel. Use the Firefly in front of the red window to get out to the roof. Once there, fight a blade-wielding demon then head left around the edge of the roof. Have Ako get a Medicine for you before entering the open window.

Back inside, turn left and go downstairs. Open a chest at the bottom to get an Oni Med Lv.1 then return to the landing. Move right across the bridge to reach a Save Point. Heal up and save your game before entering the door beyond. When ready, enter the door and go upstairs to face Vega Dona.


Strategy: Vega Dona uses the beams on the ceiling to leap up and grab you with her long tendrils. Avoid this by running behind her. She also shoots purple dark matter at you, which can both stun and drain a lot of health. The good news is she always speaks before attacking, so time your responses accordingly. She’s very quick and if you try to hit her more than twice in a row, she’ll most likely nail you so don’t be greedy. Once you cause enough damage, she’ll clone herself and attack with both versions. Unleash all of your best stuff and Vega Dona will go down in no time.

Once defeated, a ladder drops down into the room. Climb up and watch a lengthy cutscene, ending with Samanosuke arriving at the Eiffel Tower.


After taking control of Samanosuke, you’ll be on the ground level of the Eiffel Tower. Move towards the top of the screen to reach a puzzle box. Solve it in 6 moves to get an Oni Jewel. Use the Save Point on the left then open the chest below it to get a First-Aid Kit. Approach the cargo elevator and push the red button on the left to open the doors. Enter the elevator and push the red button inside to ascend. Creatures burst in and stop the elevator. Kill them then push the red button on the opposite wall to lower a metal ladder. Use it to get outside.

Once there, kill a few more enemies then climb the tall ladder on the right. On the walkway above, move towards screen and veer left. There are two stairways here. Head down the left staircase and have Ako bring you an Oni Med Lv.1 then take the other stairs up. Keeping winding upwards, fighting off enemies on the stairs, until you reach a straight path.

Notice the black circle that forms then disappears on the ground ahead. Time your movement to avoid the black hole and defeat the demon on the other side. Once you’ve crossed safely, continue up the stairs on the right. Above, you’ll have to fight Brainstern, the huge robot. If you try to go back downstairs, rolling enemies will most likely push you back up.


Strategy: Similar to the first time you fought him (at the beginning of the game), the big robot will spray you with bullets, shoot fireballs, and cut you with spinning blades. Making the battle even more difficult, however, is the fact that the ground is electrified around you. Stepping on the spots where lightning hits will stun you in addition to draining health. Magical attacks work well as do regular swipes from behind, so long as you leave yourself a moment to run before the boss retaliates.

Once defeated, head left around the structure (while avoiding any electrified spots that may appear on the ground) to find a pod-shaped device. Attack it when the blue part is showing. After rendering the device useless, the electric floor patches will cease but new enemies appear. Return to the middle area and head right. Open the chest to get a Map of the Eiffel Tower then enter the opening next to it.

Go up more winding stairs until you reach another black hole on the stair landing. If you step on it, you’ll return to the previous area and have to go up the stairs all over again. From now on, you’ll find many black holes like this one. Stepping on any of them will take you back to whichever previous hole you passed. In addition to the black holes, avoid any debris that falls while you’re climbing. It can harm you almost as much as the enemies you face.

At the top of the stairs, a piece of debris will fall to create a walkway. Follow it across to the purple tendril and head left to the next screen. Once there, you’ll have a choice of going left or right. Take the left path up to a chest containing Secret Medicine then go back down and take the right path to the next screen.

Oddly, if you check your map, it’ll show a Save Point here that does not exist as far as I can tell. Anyways, continue until you reach the flat metal grating. Once there, head left. Prepare to fight rolling enemies that attack right in front of another black hole. Some drop Herbs, btw. After safely crossing, head forward until you reach another set of stairs leading in two directions. Going down results in a dead end, so take the stairs going up.

Pass a couple of black holes and fight some more rolling creatures as you wind your way up the stairs. Eventually, you’ll reach a straight path where you must defeat a large demon. After killing it, continue up the stairs beyond to reach the upper levels of the tower.

Move towards the screen and open a chest to free a Sprite creature. As usual, hit it so that it releases health- replenishing orbs then kill it to acquire a ??. Return to the stairwell area and enter the gondola overhang on the right. Once there, head left and move down towards the screen to reach a chest containing Secret Medicine. Now, go up the gold staircase.

To the right of glass elevator, pick up the Time Lab 6 memo then move down towards the screen. Head further right to have Ako bring you some Soul Arrows. Return to the elevator and push the red button on the wall to open its glass doors. Defeat the enemy inside then enter. Push a 2nd red button to ascend.

Up above, you’ll find a pedestal with red souls to absorb on the left and a Save Point across from it. Use both before going upstairs to face Ranmaru.


Strategy: Ranmaru wields two magic swords that change color depending on the element he’s about to use. He jumps around a lot but, in reality, he’s pretty easy to beat. He spends much of the time trying to re-absorb the souls he’s lost while getting hit. If your yellow sword is powered up with full magic, you can take Ranmaru out in no time at all.

Afterwards, Ranmaru activates the giant Time Bender behind him and the story switches back to Japan.


You’ll arrive at the temple where you started the game playing as Jacques now. Go downstairs and fight off enemies in the courtyard. Break the wooden barrier on the right and go up the stairs to the front of the temple.

Watch a cutscene and when you regain control of Jacques, head left to find two chests. One contains a Map of Honnoji Temple and the other releases a Firefly. Use it to jump onto the roof. Examine the shiny orb on top to get Medicine then jump back down. To the right of the stairs, pick up the Ranmaru scroll. Further right, there’s a Save Point and blue magic replenishing pool. Use both then approach the flames beyond. Press X and the Hanging Man drops down to ask if you want to visit the Dark Realms.

If you choose to go, you’ll find a blue chest with 6 depressions that need to be filled on the very first level. [TBD: list key items and how to open chest]

When you’re ready to continue with the game, go upstairs and enter the temple to trigger a cutscene involving Nobunaga. When it ends, Jacques will have to fight him.


Strategy: This is the last boss Jacques will face so unleash your best stuff and have fun. There’s a Firefly hovering above the room that I never used so I’m not sure what its purpose is. Nobunaga is amazingly easy to defeat with just a few spells if Jacques has leveled up his gear.

Afterwards, watch another lengthy cutscene ending with Samanosuke outside the temple. Use the magic pool, Save Point, and make a final visit to the Dark Realms with Samanosuke if you like. When ready, go upstairs and enter the temple. Nobunaga transforms himself into a demonic form and brings Samanosuke to the heart of the Genma.


Strategy: Samanosuke must fight Nobunaga in two demon forms. In his first form, Nobunaga will hurl things at you using stones that spin around his body. You cannot block some of these attacks (the red laser beams in particular), but it’s no big deal as Samanosuke will enter Onimusha state at the beginning of battle and remain in that state throughout. Just keep hitting [Triangle] until he drops his sword. Once he loses his sword, Nobunaga grows twice in size and starts pelting you with flame balls. Attacking him with your own weapons at this point does little to no damage. Absorb the dark souls surrounding his fallen sword to pick it up. Now, using his own sword against him, attack using the Triangle button until the demon falls to his death.

Watch the final cutscene ending with a title sequence. After the title sequence, you’ll see a short scene that suggests the Onimusha series has not entirely ended. A screen pops up showing your game stats and overall grade.

You’ll also have an opportunity to play a couple of mini-games (see details below), as well as replay the game in “Hard” mode. If you visited the Dark Realm and acquired any elemental Orbs, you’ll also have access to Samanosuke’s original weapons from Onimusha 1 when you replay the next time. His original weapons are Max’d out right at the start and are a lot of fun to use. Finally, you can elect to have Samanosuke wear a special outfit the next time around that is pretty friggin hysterical (a cowboy getup with Panda bear gauntlet).



This works like an arcade game with moving targets that you hit to get souls and points. You can play as either Samanosuke or Jacques. There’s a time limit involved and your performance is graded at the end. If you score a ‘D’ the game ends.


Assuming the identity of spear fighter, Heihachi Honda, you start off in the port city of Sakai. It’s pretty much as you left it, except Samanosuke is there fighting enemies as well. He tells you to check out the Blacksmith’s shop. Open the chest to get the ?? Necklace so Heihachi can start absorbing souls then go through the gate to Main Street.

Move forward towards the screen until you reach the alleyway on the right. Follow it back to the Blacksmith’s shop. Enter and speak to the blacksmith inside. He’ll give you some ?? Dust and the ?? book. Use the ?? on the fireplace inside his shop. Doing so takes you to the Underwater Temple.

Once there, go to the colored door chamber and enter the Blue Door. Go down the hall and enter the room beyond. Fight a giant beast inside to acquire the ??. Doing so will activate a timer. You have XX minutes to figure out where the item goes. Return to the colored door chamber and enter the Yellow Door. Defeat enemies quickly or avoid them altogether as you make your way into the room with the green elevator tube. Once there, examine the pink tube next to it. Place the ?? in it to ??? [To be completed...]


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