haven moon
  game notes


After teleporting to an uninhabited island, a pedestal opens up in front of you. Walk over and read the note inside.  Examine the back of the pedestal to find a key - it will sit at the bottom of your screen until it’s needed. For now, take the left path down to the waterfront.  Cross the metal bridge on the right to reach the electric turbine platform.

Turn the wheel on the left to rotate the platform 90-degrees. Walk around to the back and turn another wheel to lower the turbine fan into the water. Now open the panel in front to reveal a Power Installation gauge. Flip the lever to turn on the device.

Go across the bridge to the adjoining dock.  Flip a switch at the base of the pole to activate the island’s beacon signal (1 pulse) - it serves no purpose apart from letting you know that beacon signals exist.

Walk back up the path and enter the “T” emblem building on the left, which houses a small airship.  Inside the hangar is a device with 2 levers.  Set one lever to “Lab” and keep the other at “Base”.  Board the airship and pull the handle on the ceiling to ride to Laboratory Island.


Disembark and move forward to a locked door.  Since you don’t have the 4-digit code to open it, take the side path down to the island’s dock.  Flip the switch on a pole to power up the Lab’s beacon signal (2 pulses).  On your way back to the airship, look at the big ‘T’ emblem above the hangar door.  Note that 2 of the hex bolts have lines drawn on them; the others are blank.  Jot down their positions/angles before you leave.  Ride back to Base Island.


Cross the bridge on the left to reach the domed telescope building. On the lower floor, you’ll find technical drawings of a House and Electric Cannon that serve no purpose (apart from beauty) along with three notes on the desk - one hints that the lab door code combines the island’s beacon signal with its horizontal coordinates.

Upstairs, you’ll find an Island Installations map along with others detailing Telescope Island, Cannon Island, and Laboratory Island - each 9x7 map includes a gold latitude/longitude marker that one assumes would serve a purpose - alas, they don’t. The only thing you can infer is that the teleport on this island marks the prime meridian.

Examine the panel in front of the telescope.  Flip the top switch to open a portion of the dome then use the two wheels to set horizontal & vertical degrees to 000-000. Push the lower button to move the telescope into position. Apparently one reaches this numeric conclusion by trial and error - which is very un-Myst-like. In any event, once the telescope is set, you’ll see the Lab Island’s beacon pulsing on the upper radar screen.  Return to the airship hangar and ride over to Lab Island.


Walk over to the door and input Code 2-0-0-0 to unlock it.  Proceed to the domed building at the end. Once inside, grab the key hanging on a wall plaque then go upstairs. Read notes on the desk, offering vague clues about setting Cannon Island’s antenna system to power up the teleports.  Like the maps, all of the books downstairs are props - such a shame.  Ride back to Base and set one of the airship levers to “Cannon”.  Travel there.


Upon arriving in the stormy airship hangar, you’ll find two doors.  The left door leads to the Power Teleporters gauge, which is currently dormant.  Use the key you found on Lab Island to unlock the back door. Follow the hall flanking the exterior antenna array until you reach a panel with 4 switches.  These switches rotate the catwalks outside, which you can access via two doors in the hall.  A third door remains locked for now so just ignore it.

Go outside. On each catwalk, you’ll find rods attached to hanging power condensers. Turn all rods so that they point to the upper lightbulbs.  Use the hall switches to reconfigure catwalks so that you can reach every condenser rod.  Once they’re all set, return to the Teleporter gauge room and you’ll see the needle moving.  To stabilize the needle, turn off the rod closest to the hallway door (set it facing away from the lightbulb).

When done correctly, the Power Teleporter gauge needle should be steady above 5 volts/amps.  Pull the lever next to the gauge to power up the teleportation system.  Before leaving, go into the hall and look up at the “T” emblem on the brick wall above the first doorway.  Note positions/angles of lines etched on two of the hex bolts.  Ride the airship back to Base. 


Set the telescope to 000-067 to turn on the signal light - or just walk upstairs to the gold teleport pad you initially arrived at.  Enter the glass-plated kiosk next to it and examine the input panel. Push the lever to the top position and use the two lower wheels to enter teleportation coordinates for Lab Island: 000-067 

Again, I have no idea how this number is arrived at - no rational clues point to the solution and the maps contradict the math.  Nevertheless, return to the airship hangar and ride to Lab Island.  Walk downstairs and head left, passing under an archway to reach Lab Island’s teleport pad.  Press the button in the center to warp back to Base. 

Enter the empty airship hangar.  Set the airship levers to “Lab” and “House”.  Teleport back to Lab Island and board the airship waiting there.  Ride to House Island. 


Disembark and examine the big ‘T’ emblem directly above the airship dock.  Jot down the positions/angles of two hex lines marked on the emblem then ride back to Lab Island.  Use the Lab teleport to warp back to Base.


Enter the empty airship hangar. Climb down the ladder and examine the “T” emblem in the lower pit.  Each of the 6 hex bolts can be manipulated.  Rotate the lines to match positions found on Lab, Cannon, and House Island emblems.  Starting at the top and moving clockwise, the puzzle solution is:  \ - / - / - \ - / - |

Setting the hex lines correctly opens a drawer with a key.  Take the key.  Leave the hangar and use the upper teleport pad to warp back to Lab Island.  Board the waiting airship and ride to House Island.


Locate a steam valve on the elevated platform. Move its lever to the center position. Keep walking around the platform until you hear steam hissing. Examine the nearby wall, finding one silver bolt among several rusty ones. Touch the silver bolt to insert the pneumatic key you just acquired. Doing so raises the house on top.

Return to the valve device and push the lever to its 3rd position (far right). Go upstairs and enter the house. Pass through side doors until you reach a bedroom.  When you hear steam hissing, stop and look around. Touch a hex bolt at the base of the bedframe to raise a door elsewhere.

Enter the living room on the right to find a new door in the center. Pass through and ride the elevator up.  On top, read a note on the desk related to the Ateon Teleporter globe pictured nearby.  Clues suggest that the cannon has to be set properly in order to use it.

Locate two valves on the left side of the room. Turn both switches to activate the devices. Next to the valves is a key pedestal that cannot be used yet.  Return to the airship and ride back to Lab Island.  Use the teleport pad there to warp to Base.


Set telescope coordinates to 028-055 and push the button to move it into position.  Doing so powers up the signal light related to House Island.  Again, I have no idea how one arrives at this number.  Nevertheless, leave the telescope facility and enter the kiosk near the teleport pad.  Pull the lever to the 2nd position and input the same coordinates 028-055.  Use the Base teleport pad to warp to House Island.


Arriving on a small mound across from the house tower, go down to the waterfront and look for a pumping device underneath the stairs. Turn the lever to the center position (up). Teleport back to Base.

Once there, move the kiosk lever up to the top coordinates (000-067) then teleport to Lab Island.  Use the airship docked there to return to House Island.  Go upstairs and place the key in the top pedestal to raise a structure elsewhere.

Now ride the elevator all the way down to the base of the tower (press the ‘down’ button twice).  Enter the nearby dome filled with gold bars. Go upstairs and read notes on the desk.  The second page lists all three teleport codes, including a new one for Cannon Island: 317-026

The notes, once again, mention an elusive boat; yet another irritating reminder of how pointless the docks are, since no boat exists in the game. Sadly, all of the notes expose a superbly weak plot - bland entries hinting at unique ideas that never materialize.

Use the teleport outside to return to Base.  Once there, enter the kiosk and pull the lever down to the lowest position.  Input Cannon coordinates 317-026 - no guessing this time - and use the teleport to warp to Cannon Island.


Arriving inside a brick room, you’ll find two doors - one leads to an outer dock where you can flip a switch to turn on the island’s beacon signal (4 pulses) - again, a pointless exercise. Enter the second door and push the button on the right to bring up an elevator. Ride up.

Move forward to a door leading out to the catwalks. On the right is another door leading to the Power Cannon gauge.  The needle is fluctuating so you need to find a way to stabilize it. Use your key to unlock the center door and walk over to catwalk switch panel. Turn the four switches to: Up-Up-Up-Sideways

Go outside and proceed along the catwalk until you can turn left.  Deactivate a rod at the next condenser barrel you come to (e.g. point rod away from lightbulb) - yet another tedious trial-and-error solution.  Return to the Power Cannon gauge room to see that the needle is now stable at 9-plus volts. Pull the lever to turn on power.

Return to the elevator and ride up a level.  Enter the control room at the base of the cannon.  Inside you’ll find a panel requiring a 6-digit code. Either input coordinates for the Lab (000-067) or the House (028-055) - your choice affects which ending you see.

Push the button after entering numbers and watch as the platform rotates.  When it stops, ride back down to the teleport room (push ‘down’ button twice).  Warp back to Base.


Back at Base, set the kiosk lever to Lab or House (whichever coordinates you chose in the cannon room) and teleport to that location. Once there, insert the Ateon key in the pedestal near the front door of the island’s dome. Having finally locked it into place, push the white button.

If you chose the Lab, you’ll see the ‘good’ ending.  If you chose the House, you’ll see the ‘bad’ ending - knowledge versus greed, basically.  Either way, read a final note inside the pedestal.  Push the key symbol on the opposite wall to prompt end credits screen. Congratulations!



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