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GODHAND > Mushroom Rock Ravine > Rikku's Celestial Weapon
VICTORIOUS > Ruins of Besaid > Victorious (Rikku)
MURASAME > Ruins of Besaid > Murasame (Auron)


X Coordinate / Y Coordinate / Location / What You’ll Find
11~16 / 57~63 / Baaj Temple / see Hidden Aeons, below
12~16 / 41~45 / Sanubia Desert / Ascalon (Tidus)
29~32 / 73~76 / Besaid Falls / Dragoon Lance (Kimahri)
33~36 / 55~60 / Mi’ihen Ruins / Sonar (Rikku)
39~43 / 56~60 / Battle Site / Phantom Bangle (Lulu)
69~75 / 33~38 / Omega Ruins / see Sidequests, below


Return to Besaid and speak with the woman standing in front of the temple near the dog (if you are playing the HD version of FFX, you will have to defeat Dark Aeon Valefor to get back inside the village). After talking to the woman, examine her dog to teach Valefor a new, more powerful Overdrive. While here, go down to the dock and board the S.S. Liki. If you told Clasko he should be a Chocobo Breeder, you'll find him on deck tending to his feathered friend. To show his appreciation, Clasko will give you a Friend Sphere.


To get each character’s Celestial (ultimate) Weapon you must have the Celestial Mirror. If you already acquired the Cloudy Mirror by racing the Chocobo at Remiem Temple, take it to the Macalania Woods. Once there, head back to the southern part of the woods to find a mother and son near the Save point. Talk to them to learn that they are looking for their husband/father. Go to the campsite where Yuna and Tidus had their “special moment”. Dad will be located there. Tell dad his family is looking for him then return to the woods. Speak with the reunited parents until they mention their son is missing then head up the starry path next to them. At the intersection, go north. You’ll find the boy standing near a glowing flower pod. Use the Cloudy Mirror here, and it will become the Celestial Mirror.

Go to the Calm Lands and beat the Chocobo trainer in a race. After winning, immediately leave the trainer and head northwest. Locate a thin passage going down a hill. If you went there earlier, a man was guarding it. He’ll be gone now, so walk to the bottom and use the Celestial Mirror to activate the glyph in the rocks. You’ll receive Tidus’ CALADBOLG.

To get Yuna’s NIRVANA, capture all 9 species in the Calm Lands. After getting them, return to the monster arena owner and use the Celestial Mirror on the treasure chest outside his shop.

To get Auron’s MASAMUNE, you first need to find the Rusty Sword. It is located on the eastern cliff near the Cavern of Stolen Fayth. Once you have it, teleport to Djose Highoad and head left along the beach. Climb over the crates to reach a previously inaccesible part of Mushroom Rock. Follow the path down to an alcove on left. Ride the pad up and place the Rusty Sword in the statue of Lord Mi’ihen. Use the Celestial Mirror to unseal the glyph that appears.

Once you have played at least 2 full seasons (20 games) of Blitzball, the owner of the Luca Café (where Kimahri first met his foes) will have the WORLD CHAMPION ball waiting for Wakka. Use the Celestial Mirror to open the chest.

The SPIRIT LANCE can be obtained by activating 3 Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains. To do this, move in front of them when they are glowing and press [Square]. After activating 3 stones, you’ll see the ghost of a Qactuar floating around. Follow it south to a small ruined tower on the right side (opposite one of the large craters). Press [Square] to send a bolt of lighting into the tower, revealing a chest with Kimahri's weapon. Use the Celestial Mirror to retreve it.

Go to Baaj Temple and defeat Geosgaeno. After beating it, swim to the bottom of the pool to find Lulu’s ONION KNIGHT. It's tucked behind some rubble on the right. If you obtained every Destruction sphere prize from the six temples, you can get the secret Aeon here, too.

Her weapon is called GODHAND. Input that code into the airship’s database and warp to the location, "Mushroom Rock Ravine". Fight random monsters as you move north through the ravine and use the Celestial Mirror on the chest at the end.


Initially the Celestial Weapons have a useless “No AP” ability. In order to effectively use them you must find the Crest and Sigil that belongs to each character. After collecting these key items, return to the Macalania Woods (where you transformed the Cloudy Mirror) and complete the ritual. It’s well worth the effort.

Sun Crest - Zanarkand Dome: after fighting Yunalesca, open the chest that appears on the back stairs
Sun Sigil - Calm Lands: race the Chocobo Trainer and receive a time of 0.0.0. Do this by collecting all the balloons and avoiding birds.

Moon Crest - Besaid: on a beach inlet to the right.
Moon Sigil - Remiem Temple: defeat every Aeon (including the Magus Sisters) then perform a sending on Belgemine.

Mars Crest - Mi’ihen Highroad: below the Crusader area, at the very end of the old road.
Mars Sigil - Calm Lands: Received as a prize after capturing all species of monsters in 10 different locations for the Monster Arena.

Jupiter Crest - Luca: inside the Auroch’s locker room in a locker.
Jupiter Sigil - Offered as a prize in Blitzball after all overdrive reels have been won.

Saturn Crest - Mt. Gagazet: behind the columns to the left after defeating Seymour on the mountain.
Saturn Sigil - Macalania Woods: win both butterfly catching mini-games after obtaining the airship.

Venus Crest - Guadosalam: on the ground in the Farplane (2nd visit).
Venus Sigil - Thunder Plains: dodge 200 lighting strikes in a row. The Sigil will be in a chest at the rest stop.

Mercury Crest - Bikanel Island: in a sand whirlpool.
Mercury Sigil - Bikanel Island: complete the Village of the Cactuar mini-game and look for a chest in the cleared sandstorm area.


Return to Bikanel Island and examine the rock with a picture of a Cactuar on it to learn that10 Cactuars have gone missing in the desert. You must find them in a particular order. Each Cactuar challenges you to a game of “Red Light/Green Light", meaning you should only move when its back is turned. If you successfully touch the Cactuar before time runs out, you will fight it. No matter the outcome of the battle you’ll receive a sphere bearing the name of the Cactuar. If you fail to tag the Cactuar after 3 attempts, you’ll only receive a Sphere del Perdedor. Return to the sandstorm area and place whichever sphere you obtained in the rock to receive a new clue telling you where the next Cactuar is hidden. Their locations are as follows:

1. Oasis - Near the first Save sphere.
2. East - In an alcove to the west, north of the tent with the Save sphere.
3. West - Near the Al Bhed sign that reads “20% off”.
4/5. Central - In the lower ruins, tag both guys at once.
6. East - Inside the tent with the Save sphere
7. Central - Trapped in a treasure chest in the far west corner.
8. West - In one of the sand whirlpools. You must exit and re-enter the area.
9. Oasis - Teleport to the Airship and go outside on the deck.
10. South - Return to the Cactuar rock and the last one appears behind you.

Once you've placed the 10th sphere in the rock, the sandstorm lifts, allowing you to walk down and collect chests. One will always contain the Mercury Sigil; if you successfully beat all of the Cactuars, other prizes will be waiting there, too.


To aquire Yojimbo, you must have at least 200,000 gil on hand. If so, exit the Calm Lands from the northeast corner and follow the path under the bridge into the Cavern of Stolen Fayth. Make your way to the end and defeat Lady Yocum's Aeon, Yojimbo. Although powerful, he is weak against magic. After the battle, step on the teleport pad to enter the Cloister. When Yojimbo appears, he will ask Yuna why she seeks his service. Tell him, “To defeat the most powerful of enemies” and he’ll ask for a hefty fee. Offer half plus 1 gil. For example, if he requests 250,000 gil, offer 125,001. When he makes a counter offer, choose an amount closer to his asking price. Try to barter him down as far as you can, but not too far or he’ll call off the deal. Expect to close the deal right around 200,000. If by chance you pay him triple his asking price, he’ll give you two Teleport spheres. Remember, he’s a mercenary and will charge a fee each time he’s used in battles.

Input coordinates for the Baaj Temple and go there. This is where Tidus started his trip to Spira. Head north and jump into the water to find that all the monsters have left except one: Geosgaeno. Stock up on Softs or equip something on Rikku, Tidus, and Wakka to protect against petrifaction. Have Tidus cast Hastega, Rikku be the healer, and Wakka fight like a fool. If you can, equip something to protect against Death so Geosgaeno doesn’t kill you with its KO punch. Rikku’s Mix and Use skills come in handy here, too. After defeating the monster, dive below to find Lulu’s ultimate weapon, the Onion Knight, tucked behind rubble on the right. Swim towards the center stairs and enter the temple. Inside you’ll find 6 colored statues that represent the special Destruction Sphere rewards you found in temples along your journey. Activate all of the seals and Yuna will emerge with Anima, her new Aeon. Before you leave, grab 4 Mega-Phoenix’s and a Megalixir from the chests beside the first two statues.

The Magus Sisters:
Capture every type of fiend in Gagazet (including species found in the sunken cave). Once that is done, return to the monster arena in the Calm Lands and talk to the owner to get the Blossom Crown. Now head back to the Remiem Temple and duel all of Belgemine’s Aeons through Bahamut to get the Flower Scepter. Use the Blossom Crown and Flower Scepter on the back door of the temple to unseal it and acquire the Magus Sisters. If you want to get the Moon Sigil for Yuna, beat Belgemine's versions of Yojimbo, Anima, and the Magus Sisters as well.


If you opt to visit the Omega Ruins without properly outfitting your party, be prepared to die countless times. There is but one Save Sphere down here and the mini-map only fills in as you go. If you have "No Encounters" armor, consider equipping it while familiarizing yourself with the layout. Although the primary goal is to defeat and release the soul of the heretic Omega, the dungeon is rich with treasure and you can amass a ton of levels fighting tough fiends that drop rare spheres, weapons and armor. Regarding all chests in the ruins - some will disappear before you have a chance to open them (there is no set pattern) and some contain Mimic enemies that drop a ton of gil.

From the entrance, head right to collect 2 chests (if you can) then return to the central intersection. Head left now, looking for an offshoot with more chests. Move along the path until you reach an open chasm with a wall glyph that cannot be activated yet. Head north from there to find a chamber with 4 chests. The final Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXVI is on the floor in back, at the base of a blue lamp. Veer west down a side corridor into a room with another glyph. Activate this one then return to the first one. Touch the wall and a bridge will rise to a chest suspended above the central chasm. Collect the Teleport sphere at the end then hike back down. At the north end of the ruins is an elevator pad. Ride up and follow the path into a chamber where the party encounters a monster called the Ultima Weapon.

Ultima Weapon:
Before beginning the battle, equip armor that protects against Confuse and Petrify. Hasten the party and try to inflict Silence and Dark to hinder most of its attacks. You can also steal many Doorway to Tomorrows from him or bribe him with 1,400,000 gil to get 99 Pendulums. Using Aeons, the battle will be over fairly quickly.

Once it’s defeated, you’ll realize it was only a shadow of the Omega Weapon. Step on the next pad to proceed. On top, head left to pick up a chest then go right, fighting a series a monsters as you descend the linear path. Heal your party before breaking the seal to face Omega.

Omega Weapon:
Since this guy is pretty much immune to everything it’s a good idea to focus on your own defense. Use Shell, Hastega, Regen, etc. to make sure you actually stand a chance. Kimahri can also lancet Nova from this boss. Other than that, use whatever deals the most damage to whittle down its enormous HP. Upon winning, you automatically return to the Save sphere at the front of the ruins. To get the chest left behind by Omega, retrace your steps back to where you fought him.


I - Al Bhed Salvage Ship - deck
II - Besaid Village - Crusader’s lodge
III - S.S Liki - Power Room
IV - Kilika - Tavern
V - S.S Winno - Bridge
VI - Luca Stadium - Basement B
VII - Luca Theater - Reception Hall
VIII - Mi’ihen Highroad - from Rin
IX - Mi’ihen Highroad - Newroad North
X - Mushroom Rock - Precipice (on trail to the left of elevator pad)
XI - Djose Highroad - on the ground
XII - Moonflow - North Warf
XIII - Guadosalam - House
XIV - Thunder Plains - Rin
XV - Macalania Woods - hidden on left offshoot near O'aka
XVI - Lake Macalania - Rest Stop front
XVII - Bikanel - Central
XVIII - Bikanel - Central
XIX - Al Bhed Home - near the outer save sphere *
XX - Al Bhed Home - Living Quarters *
XXI - Al Bhed Home - Main Corridor *
XXII - Bevelle Temple - Priest’s Passage *
XXIII - Calm Lands - Western Peak
XXIV - Remiem Temple - Near left Chocobo
XXV - Cavern of Stolen Fayth - cave offshoot on the left
XXVI - Omega Ruins - in room with 4 chests

Speak with Rin on the Airship after getting all Primers to earn a reward (Underdog's Secret x99)

* You will not be able to return to these areas to get the Primer.


Macalania - After defeating Spherimorph (automatic)
Besaid Village - Right side of the temple
SS Liki - On the deck
Luca - Basement A hallway
Mi’ihen Highroad - Bottom of old road path
Mushroom Rock Road - Precipice
Moonflow - South Shoopuf wharf
Thunder Plains - Near tower to the north
Gagazet - Mountain trail
Macalania Woods - Southern trail


Additional rewards are earned by capturing lots of the same species in multiple areas, and by unlocking/defeating hybrid monsters in the arena. If you manage to capture every fiend 10x and defeat all arena creations, the owner will give you 10 Master Spheres.

BESAID - Reward = Stamina Tonic x 99
•Water Flan

KILIKA - Reward = Poison Fang x 99
•Yellow Element
•Killer Bee

MI’IHEN HIGHROAD - Reward = Soul Spring x 99
•Floating Eye
•White Element
•Mi’ihen Fang
•Dual Horn

MUSHROOM ROCK - Reward = Candle of Life x 99
•Thunder Flan
•Red Element

DJOSE - Reward = Petrify Grenade x 99
•Snow Flan
•Bite Bug

MACALANIA - Reward = Shining Gem x 60
•Snow Wolf
•Ice Flan
•Blue Element
•Evil Eye

MT. GAGAZET - Reward = Blossom Crown (key item)
•Dark Flan

SANUBIA (BIKANEL) - Reward = Shadow Gem x 99
•Sand Wolf
•Sand Worm

THUNDER PLAINS - Reward = Chocobo Wing x 99
•Gold Element
•Iron Giant

CALM LANDS - Reward = Farplane Wind x 60
•Chimera Brain
•Flame Flan

CAVERN OF STOLEN FAYTH (SUNKEN CAVE) - Reward = Silver Hourglass x 40
•Dark Element

OMEGA RUINS - Reward = Designer Wallet x 60
•Black Element
•Master Couerl
•Master Tonberry
•Floating Death

SIN - Reward = Lunar Curtain x 99
•Gemini (left)
•Gemini (right)
•Behemoth King
•Great Malboro


Stoic - Take damage
Warrior - Deal damage
Comrade - Gauge increases when ally takes damage
Healer - Gauge increases when you heal an ally
Slayer - Gauge increases when you defeat an enemy
Victor - Gauge increases when a battle is won
Tactician - Gauge increases when a status effect is successful
Ally - Gauge increases on character's turn
Daredevil - Fight while HP remains in yellow
Sufferer - Fight while afflicted with negative status ailment
Hero - Defeat tough enemies
Solo / Avenger - Fight alone
Coward - Gauge increases when character flees battle

Tidus (Sword Skill)
To unleash his overdrive, press X when the moving line gets to the center of the bar. The faster you do it, the more damage dealt. Gain more overdrives by using the current one many times.

1. Spiral Cut: Powerful spin move - Damage a single enemy
2. Slice & Dice: Use Spiral Cut 10 times - Attack random enemies
3. Energy Rain: Use Slice & Dice 20 times - Attack all enemies
4. Blitz Ace: Use Energy Rain 50 times - Attacks single enemy multiple times

Wakka (Slots)
To unleash his overdrive, match up at least 2 of the 3 slot reels. Gain more reels by winning Blitzball tournaments.

1. Element Reels: Elemental attributes are added to your attack
2. Attack Reels: Extra damage is added to your attack
3. Status Reels: Status effects are added to your attack
4. Aurochs Reels: Multiple hits are added for extra damage

Lulu (Fury)
To unleash her overdrive, pick a spell then rotate the right analog stick as many times as you can to cast it multiple times. Beef up her strength stat to increase the amount of rotations.

Yuna (Grand Summon)
Automatically fills a summoned Aeon’s overdrive gauge. If the Aeon already has a full gauge, the overdrive can be repeated.

Kimahri (Blue Magic)
Gain abilities by using Lancet on enemies who use the following techniques:

- Jump (Damage one enemy)
- Fire Breath (Damage all enemies with Fire)
- Seed Cannon (Damages one enemy)
- Self-Destruct (Kamikaze attack to a single enemy)
- Thrust Kick (Attack a single enemy)
- Stone Breath (Attack all enemies with stone)
- Aqua Breath (Attack all enemies with water)
- Doom (Cast gradual death on all enemies)
- White Wind (Heal whole party by 1/2 the amount of Kimahri’s current HP)
- Bad Breath (Cast multiple status effects on all enemies)
- Mighty Guard (Cast Protect, Shell, and Null-All Magic on party)
- Nova (Attack all enemies for major damage)

Auron (Bushido)
To unleash his overdrive, push controller buttons in the sequence that appears before time runs out. New overdrives are learned by collecting Jecht Spheres:

1. Dragon Fang (automatic) = D, L, U, R, L1, R1, O, X
2. Shooting Star (1 sphere) = Triangle, X, Square, O, Left, Right, O
3. Banishing Blade (3 spheres) = Up, L1, Down, R1, Right, Left, Triangle
4. Tornado (10 spheres) = O, Right, R1, Left, L1, Triangle

Rikku (Mix)
Have Rikku combine two inventory items to produce a new offensive, defensive, or healing item that is used instantly. Some of the mixtures are:

Elixir + Elixir = Megalixir
Potion + Potion = Mega-potion
Hypello Potion + Ether = Mega-mana
Fish Scale + Antidote = Waterfall
Potion + Pendulum = Superlixir
Potion + Soul Spring = Megalixir
Potion + Three Stars = Mega Vitality
Al Bhed Potion + Al Bhed Potion = Ultra Potion

Fish Scale + Electro Marble = Grenade (cause single blast)
Grenade + Grenade = Flash Flood (cause multiple explosions)
Fish Scale + Fish Scale = Flash Flood (cause multiple explosions)
Fish Scale + Lightning Marble = Thunderbolt (thunder-based explosion)
Bomb Core + Bomb Core = Firestorm (fire-based explosion)
Smoke Bomb + Smoke Bomb (cause damage and blindness)
Lv.1 Key Sphere + Lv.2 Key Sphere = Cluster Bomb (5,000+ damage)


Use the Bribe ability to force monsters to drop items and flee battle. The key is offering 20 times their HP amount. If a monster does not accept the initial bribe, keep adding 1 gil each turn until it does. Though expensive, bribing monsters allows you to accumulate many rare items quickly. Here is a partial list of some things you can get:

Besaid                                          Condor                                          bribe 1,900 (Smoke Bomb x3)
Bikanel                                         Alcyone                                        bribe 8,600 (Mega-Phoenix x2)
Bikanel                                         Mushussu                                      bribe 13,600 (Gold Hourglass x5)
Bikanel                                         Sand Worm                                  bribe 900,000 (Winning Formula x15)
Bikanel                                         Zu                                                      bribe 360,000 (Skill Sphere x2)
Calm Lands                                Chimera Brain                             bribe 196,000 (Lv.4 Key Sphere x2)
Calm Lands                                Coeurl                                            bribe 120,000 (Friend Sphere x2)
Calm Lands                                Flame Flan                                    bribe 30,000 (Fire Gem x10)
Calm Lands                                Malboro                                        bribe 540,000 (Wings to Discovery x4)
Calm Lands                                Ogre                                               bribe 188,000 (Stamina Tablet x50)
Calm Lands                                Shred                                               bribe 39,000 (Hypello Potion x50)
Calm Lands                                Skoll                                                 bribe 20,000 (Dream Powder x12)
Djose                                            Basilisk                                            bribe 40,500 (Petrify Grenade x24)
Djose                                            Bunyip                                            bribe 8,000 (Hypello Potion x16)
Djose                                            Simurgh                                          bribe 4,000 (Smoke Bomb x5)
Djose                                            Snow Flan                                     bribe 12,000 (Arctic Wind x10)
Kilika                                             Yellow Element                        bribe 6,000 (Lightning Marble x6)
Macalania                                 Chimera A                                    bribe 105,000 (Mana Tablet x10)
Macalania                                 Evil Eye A                                     bribe 6,200 (Musk x3)
Macalania                                 Ice Flan                                          bribe 27,000 (Ice Gem x9)
Macalania                                 Iguion                                             bribe 7,400 (Petrify Grenade x5)
Macalania                                 Mafdet                                          bribe 14,200 (Hypello Potion x 28)
Macalania                                 Murussu                                         bribe 11,600 (Hypello Potion x24)
Macalania                                 Xiphos                                             bribe 54,000 (Megalixir x2)
Mi'ihen Highroad                    Bomb A                                          bribe 17,000 (Bomb Core x16)
Mi'ihen Highroad                    Dual Horn A                                 bribe 37,500 (Hi-Potion x60)
Mi'ihen Highroad                    Ipiria                                                bribe 3,600 (Petrify Grenade x3)
Mi'ihen Highroad                    Raldo                                              bribe 4,800 (Hypello Potion x10)
Mi'ihen Highroad                    White Element                          bribe 7,000 (Arctic Wind x7)
Mt. Gagazet                            Achelous                                      bribe 102,000 (Healing Spring x16)
Mt. Gagazet                            Ahriman                                         bribe 56,000 (Farplane Wind x6)
Mt. Gagazet                            Bandersnatch                            bribe 36,000 (Dream Powder x20)
Mt. Gagazet                            Bashura                                          bribe 340,000 (Stamina Spring x80)
Mt. Gagazet                            Behemoth                                    bribe 460,000 (Lv.2 Key Sphere x30)
Mt. Gagazet                            Dark Flan                                       bribe 256,000 (White Magic Sphere x2)
Mt. Gagazet                            Grenade                                       bribe 150,000 (Fire Gem x12)
Mt. Gagazet                            Grendel                                         bribe 190,000 (Mega-Potion x60)
Mt. Gagazet                            Maelspike                                    bribe 200,000 (Attribute Sphere x1)
Mt. Gagazet                            Mandragora                               bribe 620,000 (Return Sphere x24)
Mt. Gagazet                            Splasher                                         bribe 4,000 (Dragonscale x4)
Mushroom Rock                      Gandarewa                               bribe 2,960 (Lightning Marble x3)
Mushroom Rock                      Garuda                                          bribe 80,000 (Smoke Bomb x99)
Mushroom Rock                      Red Element                               bribe 9,000 (Bomb Core x8)
Mushroom Rock                      Thunder Flan                                 bribe 9,600 (Lightning Marble x8)
Omega Ruins                            Ultima Weapon                        bribe 1,400,000 (Pendulum x99)
Omega Ruins                            Black Element                            bribe 152,000 (Black Magic Sphere x2)
Omega Ruins                            Halma                                             bribe 260,000 (Supreme Gem x20)
Omega Ruins                            Machea                                        bribe 360,000 (Chocobo Wing x60)
Omega Ruins                            Master Coeurl                           bribe 260,000 (Warp Sphere x1)
Omega Ruins                            Master Tonberry                       bribe 960,000 (Pendulum x3)
Omega Ruins                            Puroboros                                     bribe 400,000 (Shining Gem x40)
Omega Ruins                            Spirit                                                bribe 200,000 (Twin Stars x10)
Omega Ruins                            Varuna                                           bribe 1,120,000 (Megalixir x20)
Omega Ruins                            Zaurus                                             bribe 157,000 (Rename Card x10)
Sin                                                   Adamantoise                             bribe 1,088,000 (Special Sphere x6)
Sin                                                   Barbatos                                       bribe 1,900,000 (Teleport Sphere x20)
Sin                                                   Behemoth King                          bribe 1,350,000 (Three Stars x14)
Sin                                                   Demonolith                                 bribe 900,000 (Lv.3 Key Sphere x40)
Sin                                                   Exoray                                           bribe 148,000 (Turbo Ether x30)
Sin                                                   Wraith                                            bribe 444,440 (Farplane Wind x60)
Sunken Cave                            Defender                                      bribe 240,000 (Stamina Tablet x20)
Sunken Cave                            Dark Element                             bribe 36,000 (Return Sphere x3)
Sunken Cave                            Epaaj                                              bribe 174,000 (Farplane Wind x25)
Sunken Cave                            Ghost                                             bribe 199,980 (Mega-Phoenix x38)
Sunken Cave                            Imp                                                  bribe 17,600 (Lv.1 Key Sphere x4)
Sunken Cave                            Nidhogg                                        bribe 40,000 (Gold Hourglass x12)
Sunken Cave                            Thorn                                                bribe 81,600 (Turbo Ether x16)
Sunken Cave                            Tonberry                                        bribe 270,000 (Amulet x2)
Sunken Cave                            Valaha                                           bribe 174,000 (X-Potion x30)
Sunken Cave                            Yowie                                            bribe 18,000 (Petrify Grenade x12)
Thunder Plains                           Aerouge                                       bribe 4,000 (Lightning Marble x4)
Thunder Plains                           Buer                                                 bribe 4,600 (Musk x2)
Thunder Plains                           Gold Element                             bribe 24,000 (Lightning Marble x20)



Break Damage Limit        Dark Matter x60
First Strike                               Return Sphere x1
Counterattack                   Friend Sphere x1
Evade & Counter              Teleport Sphere x1
Magic Counter                   Shining Gem x16
Initiative                                Chocobo Feather x6
Half MP Cost                        Twin Stars x20
One MP Cost                       Three Stars x20
Double AP                             Megalixir x20
Triple AP                                  Wings to Discovery x50
Overdrive>AP                     Door to Tomorrow x10
Double Overdrive            Underdog’s Secret x30
Triple Overdrive                 Winning Formula x30
Gillionaire                              Designer Wallet x30
Alchemy                                Healing Water x4
No Encounters                    Purifying Salt x30
Slowstrike                             Gold Hourglass x30
Darkstrike                              Smoke Bomb x30
Silencestrike                         Silence Grenade x20
Sleepstrike                            Dream Powder x16
Poisonstrike                          Poison Fang x24
Deathstrike                          Farplane Wind x60
Magic + 20%                        Supreme Gem x4
Strength + 20%                    Supreme Gem x4


Fireproof                                 Bomb Core x8
Fire Eater                                Fire Gem x20
Lightningproof                     Lightning Marble x8
Lightning Eater                    Lightning Gem x20
Iceproof                                 Arctic Wind x8
Ice Eater                                Ice Gem x20
Waterproof                          Dragonscale x8
Water Eater                         Water Gem x20
Darkproof                              Smoke Bomb x20
Sleepproof                            Dream Powder x8
Poisonproof                          Poison Fang x12
Stoneproof                            Petrify Grenade x20
Silenceproof                         Silence Grenade x10
Confuseproof                      Musk x48
Berserkproof                        Hypello Potion x32
Deathproof                          Farplane Wind x60
Slowproof                             Gold Hourglass x20
Curseproof                            Tetra Elemental x12
Zombieproof                        Candle of Life x10
Auto-Haste                           Chocobo Wing x80
Auto-Protect                       Light Curtain x80
Auto-Shell                              Lunar Curtain x80
Auto-Regen                          Healing Spring x80
Auto-Phoenix                      Mega-Phoenix x20
Auto-Med                             Remedy x20
Auto-Potion                          Stamina Spring x4
Ribbon                                     Dark Matter x99
Pickpocket                           Amulet x20
Master Thief                          Pendulum x30
Break HP Limit                      Wings to Discovery x30
Break MP Limit                     Three Stars x30
Magic Def + 20%               Blessed Gem x4
Defense + 20%                    Blessed Gem x4
HP Stroll                                   Stamina Tablet x2
MP Stroll                                  Mana Tablet x2
No Encounters                    Purifying Salt x30


Cure                                          Hi-Potions x99
Cura                                          X-Potion x30
Curaga                                    Mega-Potion x60
Lancet                                     Soul Spring x20
Drain                                         Stamina Spring x60
Regen                                      Healing Spring x60
Osmose                                  Mana Spring x10
Haste                                       Chocobo Feather x10
Demi                                         Shadow Gem x8
Flare                                          Shining Gem x60
Ultima                                      Supreme Gem x99
Dispel                                       Purifying Salt x3


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