final fantasy X
  playstation 2 walkthrough


The game begins outside Tidus’ home where a small crowd of Blitzball fans has gathered. Speak with them and move on. Walk across the long bridge. Talk to all of the people you see, especially the girl running around who mentions tickets more than once. She will eventually ask if you can get tickets for her. Tell her you can and she’ll give you 2 Potions. Outside the arena, a crowd mobs Tidus. Maneuver through them and watch the cool FMV sequence that follows.

When you regain control of Tidus, head down the ramp until you spot Auron. Follow him. The city falls under attack by a large creature, dropping tons of Sinscales onto the overpass. Cut through enemies with the brand new Longsword Auron gives you. Only attack the enemies that you need to kill to advance past them. Keep running until you come upon…

BOSS BATTLE >> Sinspawn Ammes
HP: 2,400
AP: 0
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

Sinspawn Ammes' major attack is Demi - a spell that can only take a quarter of your life per hit, and can thereby never kill you - so attack at will. The hardest part is learning how to perform Auron’s Overdrive, which will be introduced to you during the battle. Using Overdrives, the boss will fall very quickly. Note that Tidus will learn new Overdrive skills the more often he performs the current one. Also, always try to 'overkill' enemies to earn bonus AP and better drops.

Next, save your game at the shining orb behind the Sinspawn’s body. Touching the sphere also restores your party's HP/MP. Just when Tidus and Auron think they’ve escaped, they are surrounded by even more Sinscales. During this confrontation, follow Auron’s instructions. After the tanker explodes, an FMV takes over. Say goodbye to Zanarkand. You won’t see it again for a long time.


Tidus awakens underwater. Use the analog stick to guide Tidus through the water, pressing O (circle) to dive deeper. Swim to the figure on the platform below. After meeting the person, you’ll find yourself drifting in a sea of ruins.

Swim around to find some items before ascending the middle stairs. Towards the northwest corner you’ll find an Al Bhed Compilation Sphere, which is only useful if you've played through the game already. Just below it is a chest with 2 Potions. To the east, there is a white circle written on a column in a language Tidus cannot understand. Behind the sign, there is a chest with 200 gil. When finished, swim to the center stairs.

Once on dry land, continue forward to the Save sphere. After using it, head north until you reach a T-intersection. Turn left and go all the way to the end of the path to collect a Hi-Potion. Return to the intersection and continue north. Shortly after falling in the water, three enemies attack Tidus. After killing two of them, a larger monster arrives.

BOSS BATTLE >> Geosgaeno
HP: 32,767
AP: 0
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

After the big fish kills the small one you were fighting, it sees you. Thankfully, this is a fixed fight so don’t bother healing. Just attack until Tidus automatically escapes.

After the encounter, go up the stairs and through the door. In the center of the room, there are logs that can be used to start a fire. Head south and enter the door near the Save sphere. Locate the broken drawer containing Flint. Return to the main hall. Look behind a boulder near the northeastern door for an X-Potion. Now, head north and enter the door marked with a green square on your mini-map. Move towards the bottom of the screen to find a chest containing Ether then ascend the stairs and examine the dried flowers on the right to obtain a Withered Bouquet. Continue forward into the balcony area. Head east until you find the chest with a Hi-Potion.

Go back downstairs and return to the firewood. Use the flint and bouquet to start the fire. Tidus dozes off briefly. When he awakes, he realizes he is not alone.

HP: 1,500
AP: 5
Weakness: None
Steal: Grenade

It’s best just to trade blows with this guy. Watch the CTB window on the right side of your screen. When Tidus has two turns in a row, use a Potion to reclaim lost HP. Suddenly, a group of people blows open the door and a masked girl joins Tidus in battle. An on-screen tutorial shows you how to use grenades, which will prove useful throughout the game. After the fight, you are knocked out cold.


Tidus is taken aboard a ship with people who speak Al Bhed. You can translate their language by collecting primers found throughout Spira (there are 26 in all). Locate Al Bhed Primer, Vol. I on the right side of the deck and talk to someone to see which letter it translates. If you talk to the soldier on the left, he’ll give you 3 Potions. When you’re finished exploring, speak to the masked girl. A lengthy but important tutorial on the Sphere Grid follows. Tidus should have gained a Sphere Level after the last fight, so use it now to acquire the Cheer ability.

After talking to the girl a second time, you’ll go on a short salvage operation. Dive below the water and follow the red triangle on your mini-map until you reach a sunken ship. While swimming, you may get in random battles with weak enemies. Use the opportunity to get grenades, spheres, and AP.

Once inside, go to the Save sphere to restore HP. Swim forward and examine the large control panel. After the door opens, follow the girl into the second chamber. A few piranhas wait there for you. After fighting them, join the girl examining the center device. Tidus’ attention is drawn to a rather massive foe. Swim back to the first chamber and engage the enemy.

HP: 2,200
AP: 8
Weakness: None
Steal: Grenade

After your initial attack(s), the beast swims to the other side of the chamber and a tutorial on Trigger Commands appears. On your next turn, press the left directional button to access the Trigger menu and select Stand By. This restores 50 HP to each character. On Tidus’ turn, use Cheer to improve the party’s defense. After resting, Tros uses a special attack to hit both characters. Using the Trigger command, have Tidus perform a Pincer Attack, which allows your characters to surround the boss and prevent group injury. Now all you need to worry about is recovering health and attacking.

After the fight, follow the red triangle on your mini-map back to the ship. The girl, who finally introduces herself as Rikku, feeds Tidus and fills him in on some stuff. Shortly after their conversation Sin appears, whisking Tidus away once again.


Before heading to the shore, swim to the right to find a chest containing the Moon Sigil. This is the first of several key items you’ll need to power up celestial weapons later on. Swim to the beach and meet the local blitzball team. Talk to them multiple times to get items. Explore the right side of the beach for a chest then follow Wakka. You’ll reach a point where he playfully shoves you off a cliff. Swim around to collect a few submerged chests and gain AP.

When you return to dry land, head west down the mountain path to the village. Along the way, you’ll meet two crusaders, Luzzu and Gatta. After Wakka teaches Tidus the Prayer of Yevon, go ahead and explore the village. There’s a chest to the left containing a Phoenix Down; inside is an items shop. Search for a thin path behind the shop for chests with 2 Antidotes, 2 Potions, and 400 gil. Visit the second hut on the left and talk to the crusaders. While there you can save your game, rest, or look at the tutorial monitor next to the front desk. When you’re finished, visit Wakka in the second hut on the right. He’ll tell you to present yourself at the temple. Do as he says.

Inside the temple, you’ll learn a little about summoners and Aeons. If you wish, explore the antechambers on each side of the stairs, then return to Wakka’s hut and take a nap. After waking, return to the temple and talk to the people inside. Being an impatient fellow, Tidus boldly invades the inner sanctum.

Besaid Temple - Cloister of Trials #1

Tidus has entered an area meant for the faithful of Yevon. There are areas like this in each of Spira's temples. Using glyphs and spheres, you must unlock the path in order to enter the Chamber of the Fayth, where summoners go to pray for new Aeons. There is always one powerful treasure hidden in these areas, so keep that in mind when you visit other temples. You will need to collect all 6 Destruction Sphere treasures in order to acquire a secret Aeon later on.

1. Examine the circular glyph on the wall. Doing so reveals another glyph which, when touched, opens up a secret path.
2. Descend the stairs and examine the wall ahead to obtain a Glyph sphere. Take the sphere to the door at the bottom of the stairs and insert it in the hole. The door will open.
3. Remove the sphere from the open door panel and proceed down the hall to the next recess on the left-hand side.
4. Insert the sphere to reveal a secret room. Inside is a Destruction sphere. Ignore it for now.
5. Continue down the hall until you see two walls with white symbols. Examine the symbols on the right to open a hidden chamber. Remove the Besaid sphere inside.
6. Take that sphere and place it in the pedestal across the hall. DO NOT push the pedestal into the room that appears. Instead, return to the Destruction sphere.
7. Place the Destruction Sphere in the slot where you found the Besaid sphere (the room with blue lines). This opens a hidden chamber on the far side of the Cloister.
8. Go to the new opening to obtain the Rod of Wisdom.
9. Return to the pedestal and push it into the room until it locks in place and slides into the floor.

Wakka will escort you into a chamber where you’ll meet Yuna and her guardian, Lulu. After the introduction, leave the temple and join the group outside. Yuna will summon her Aeon, Valefor, for the first time.

Later that night around the campfire, talk to Yuna then Wakka. He will ask your opinion of Yuna. Here is a good place to insert the notion of Tidus’ Affection Levels in FFX: How you respond to and interact with the main characters subtly affects your game in that it will add or subtract dialog in certain scenes and, in some cases, actually alter who participates in a scene. Who you talk to first, fight alongside with most, hurt or heal during battles will have an impact – though nothing so great as to alter the final outcome of the game. Keep this in mind as you make choices throughout the game.

Return to Wakka and choose to sleep. While dreaming, move toward Yuna on the pier.

When you wake up the next morning, examine the lodge attendant’s desk to acquire Al Bhed Primer, Vol. II. Outside, Wakka gives Tidus the Brotherhood, a new sword. Once Yuna arrives, the party leaves the village. As you travel up the mountain, you’ll become involved in a series of tutorial battles. Near the Save sphere, pray with the others if you wish then continue north up the trail to a set of ancient ruins.

BOSS BATTLE >> Kimahri
HP: 750
AP: 3
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

Use Cheer to receive less damage and simply attack the big cat. Avoid using healing potions unless absolutely necessary, as Tidus’ HP/MP will be fully restored after the battle. Unleash your overdrive, if available, to end the battle quickly.

Follow the mountain trail past the waterfalls. New tutorials will be triggered as you move along; one of these involves summoning. Note that Valefor can learn a new overdrive if you return to Besaid Village and speak with the woman who owns the dog. When ready, continue down to the beach and follow the party onto the pier. Before boarding the ship, talk to all of the townspeople to receive an Ether, 3 Phoenix Downs, a Seeker’s Ring, 400 gil, and a Remedy. When you’re done, hop aboard.


After speaking with Wakka, explore the ship, particularly the lower deck to the right of the stairs. There, you’ll meet O’aka XXIII, merchant extraordinaire! If you loan him money, he’ll give you good deals when you meet up with him later on. Just give him what you can now. South of O’aka is a door leading to the power room. You’ll find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. III in there. Enter the door next to the Save sphere and grab a Remedy inside the chest. Kick the suitcase just beyond it to get a Potion. When you’re done exploring the lower deck, head back up and join the crowd gathered around Yuna. Speak to Wakka then go to Yuna at the bow of the ship. A commotion onboard suddenly halts their conversation.

HP: 2,000
AP: 10
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

Kill off two of the Sinscales so they can’t replenish their numbers and then focus your attention on Sin. Use Lulu and Wakka for long-range attacks while Yuna heals the party. Near the end, have Yuna summon Valefor. Before the battle ends, make sure Wakka and Tidus have full life. No AP will be awarded until after the next battle. As Sin retreats, Tidus is pulled into the water. Wakka jumps into to save him.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sinspawn Echuilles
HP: 2,000
AP: 12
Weakness: Darkness
Steal: N/A

Have Wakka immediately cast Dark Attack and Tidus use Cheer. This should blind the enemy and keep your defense fairly powerful. Only worry about killing the Sinspawn and not his little guys; they will just come back. Keep an eye on the CTB so you know when to use a potion. The battle should end fairly quickly if the boss remains blinded.


After the battle, Sin crushes the small harbor town of Kilika. When the team arrives, head down the dock to watch Yuna perform a “sending”. The next morning, take time to explore before speaking to Wakka.

Enter the quarreling couple’s house north of the inn to collect 3 Potions. Just west of the inn you can save a girl from a collapsing house and receive your reward at the bar. Search the bar counter to get Al Bhed Primer, Vol. IV. Head south from the bar to find an old woman selling weapons. When you are done shopping and exploring, go find Wakka, who is overseeing reconstruction at the east end of the pier. Once you talk to him he’ll get the team ready to go. Head west to enter the woods.

From the Save sphere go straight until you meet up with Luzzu and Gatta. They’ll warn you about Lord Ochu and suggest taking another route. This is a wise idea since there are many treasures to be found if you detour. But why not use the time finding treasures to level up your characters then go back and fight him?

If you choose to detour, go back to the Save sphere and take the first left. You’ll see a tutorial on Lancet, where Kimahri can learn the Seed Cannon attack. Continue until you can turn right. Follow the narrow path to the chest containing a Scout. Walk over the log and keep going straight. Talk to the crusaders to acquire a Potion then head left over the bridge. Backtrack to the save point. Heal your party then continue down the right path. Get 2 Mana Spheres from the chest. When ready, head back to fight Lord Ochu.

HP: 4,649
AP: 40
Weakness: Fire
Steal: N/A

This battle should somehow involve all your characters, with emphasis on Lulu. Her Fire spell does significant damage as does any weapon equipped with fire. If Tidus has acquired Haste, have him cast it on Lulu. Wakka can use Silence Attack to prevent Ochu's poison spells. Stick Yuna in there to heal or have Valefor zap him with Fire.

Once defeated, speak with Luzzu to get an Elixir then head north to find a Luck Sphere. Backtrack to the intersection and head east. At the T-intersection, go north. Follow the road up the stairs leading to Kilika Temple. Take time to save your game and exchange equipment if necessary. At the top, another Sinspawn awaits.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sinspawn Geneaux / Tentacles
HP: 3,000 / 450 x2
AP: 48
Weakness: Fire
Steal: N/A

First, do away with the two tentacles as they absorb magic. Use physical attacks to kill them off then rotate in Lulu to cast Fire on the core. Again, if you have Haste, cast it on Lulu. Bring in Yuna to summon Valefor who should be able to finish the boss off.

When the battle ends, follow the party up the stairs until you bump into some rude blitzball players from Luca. After they leave, head to the temple. Explore the antechambers on either side of the entrance if you wish – otherwise, go inside the great hall.

After praying with Wakka, summoner Dona appears. She mocks Yuna for having so many guardians. When she leaves, go upstairs and enter the sanctum. The group informs Tidus that he’s not allowed to go any further. Wait for the platform to rise back up then attempt to stand on it. Dona and her bodyguard will enter and force Tidus down into the Cloister.

Kilika Temple - Cloister of Trials #2

1. Enter the chamber and take the Kilika sphere from the pedestal to the left.
2. Put the sphere in the hole next to the door and watch it burn. Now pull it out to stop the fire and open a path. Take the sphere to the next chamber.
3. Put the sphere in the wall slot directly ahead. This will activate a glyph.
4. Remove the sphere and stick it in the right recess. Go back and touch the wall glyph to open another path.
5. Remove the Glyph sphere from the pedestal and put it in the left recess.
6. Enter the fiery chamber and go to the right. There you’ll find a glowing switch on the floor. Step on it. Doing this will move the pedestal from the last room here.
7. Take the Kilika sphere from the right wall. Place it on the pedestal.
8. Go back to the previous chamber and get the Glyph sphere. Stick it where the Kilika sphere was to stop the fire and reveal a secret chamber containing the Destruction sphere.
9. Push the pedestal holding the Kilika sphere over the tile switch to lower it.
10. Go downstairs to retrieve it from the pedestal. Cross to the other side and put the Kilika sphere in the hole next to the door. For now, ignore the exit.
11. Go back and get the Destruction sphere. Place it in the pedestal where the Kilika sphere used to be. A secret door will blow open to reveal a Red Armlet.
12. Remove the Kilika sphere from the slot next to the exit to extinguish the flames.

Join Wakka, Lulu, and Kimahri as they wait for Yuna who is praying inside. Speak with them to learn about the Fayth. When they finish, try to exit the room. Yuna will emerge with a new Aeon, Ifrit. Leave the temple and return to the village. On your way through the forest be sure to use Ifrit. When ready, return to the pier and set sail.


Your first line of business below deck is to speak with O’aka. You should have more cash now, so lend him a bit more gil. Once you are done, check out the action up on deck. Move to Yuna’s location at the rear of the boat to find her conversing with those annoying Luca Goers. Afterwards enter the captain’s bridge to get Al Bhed Primer, Vol. V. Now go upstairs and listen in on Wakka and Lulu’s conversation. If you keep going up after you are sent down, you’ll hear more and more of the story.

Before touching the blitzball on the ground, save your game. You’ll have but one chance to learn the Jecht Shot - a skill you should acquire if you plan to play a lot of Blitzball. Point to words on screen using directional buttons and press X simultaneously to have them disappear. If you have trouble keeping up, try rapidly rotating the analog stick while mashing X. If you fail, reload your game and try mastering the shot again. Afterwards, Wakka interrupts Tidus’ conversation with Yuna to tell him he should rest up for the big game tomorrow.


The blitzball teams arrive in Luca and are announced as they disembark. When Yuna proposes the group go welcome Maester Mika, follow the red arrow on your mini-map to Dock 3. Here, Mika introduces Seymour, the new Guado Maester.

As Tidus and the team wait in their locker room for the tournament to begin, a tutorial on how to play Blitzball begins.

Once you’re allowed to leave the locker area, go explore the city. From the stadium entrance, take the left set of stairs and enter the opposing team’s locker room. Locate Al Bhed Primer, Vol. VI behind one of the players and get 2 Hi-Potions in a chest toward the back of the room. Return to the front of the stadium and head left. If you need to buy items, O’aka is standing in front of Dock 1. Go down the dock and find 2 chests: one next to the flags and one closer to the end. You’ll receive a Tidal spear and 600 gil. Continue to Dock 2 to get 2 Phoenix Downs then return to the stadium entrance and head right. Go to the nearest dock and down to the very end. Step up and around the crates on the right to get an HP Sphere and an MP Sphere. Now head back to the stadium and go south.

Here you’ll meet Yuna who is being mobbed by fans. Head north with her to the Luca Theater and talk to people about buying movie and music spheres. They are costly now but can be purchased later on. Keep this area in mind, as Al Bhed Primer, Vol. VII will be located on the steps of the theatre entrance after your encounter with the Al Bhed. For now, go back to the intersection and head east to enter the marketplace. You can buy supplies from a vendor or go up the stairs to the right of the Café to find a chest with 1,000 gil. Talk to Luzzu and Gatta while up there. When you’re finished exploring, head back to the marketplace and enter the Café.

Inside, Kimahri meets some old “friends”, Biran and Yenke. During his encounter with them, the blitzball tournament begins. Tidus, having been distracted, suddenly realizes Yuna is gone! Lulu, Kimahri, and Tidus must rescue her from an Al Bhed ship docked in Pier 4. Go back to the front of the stadium and save your game. From there, head left. You will encounter several Machina enemies along the way. They are all vulnerable to lightning, so use it as much as you can. Fight your way to the ship and hop onboard.

BOSS BATTLE >> Oblitzerator
HP: 6,000
AP: 36
Weakness: Thunder
Steal: N/A

This fight would be very tough if not for the crane next to Tidus. Use Lulu’s Thunder attack to give it some juice; three hits should do it. Have Tidus use his Trigger command to turn it on. If you time it correctly, the crane rips off the top half of the machina, causing 4,000+ damage. Continue pounding it and it’s as good as gone. Once the battle is over, Yuna emerges. After she explains a bit about her past, Lulu reminds everyone that the finals are about to start. Head back to the locker room and talk to Wakka.

Okay, remember all those blitzball tutorials? It’s time to put them to use. When you play against the Luca Goers don’t expect to win if this is your first time playing. They are faster, stronger, and better than everyone on your team. Just hang in there. If you want, pass the ball around a lot to gain levels should you want to play more blitzball later on. If you happen to win the tournament, you’ll receive a Strength Sphere.

After the finals, fiends invade the city and Tidus and Wakka must fight their way out of the pool. Suddenly, Auron appears. Can I just say he’s one wickedly cool dude? Killing monsters in one hit, Auron moves in to help Wakka and Tidus. Eventually, your party will be outnumbered. Who will save the day? Apparently it’s Seymour, who uses his Aeon to fight back the monsters, saving the city. Afterwards, Auron joins the team as a guardian. The pilgrimage continues.


Once on the Highroad, use the Save sphere on the left to discover you can now play blitzball whenever you like. Note that you can recruit people by pressing [Square] when you approach them. Get new Attack Reels for Wakka by playing in blizball tournaments and ultimately earn his Celestial Weapon by becoming league champion.

There are many people on the road willing to give a summoner items. Speak to everyone you come across to collect a Hi-Potion, Hunter’s Spear, 2 Antidotes, a Lv.1 Key Sphere, and 600 gil. You’ll also meet a historian named Maechen who is eager to explain the area’s history. When you see him again near a set of ruins, search behind for an Ice Brand. If you keep going straight you’ll eventually meet the Chocobo Knights. After talking to them, head to the alcove on the right. Here you’ll meet the summoner Belgemine. She challenges Yuna to a test of Aeon skills. To win this “test”, Yuna must have Valefor already at its overdrive (you will not be able to use Ifrit since you’ll be fighting it). If you win, you will get an Echo Ring. If you lose, you’ll get a Seeker’s Ring.

After you are finished with Belgemine, continue up the Highroad. Move to the left and open the chest behind the Chocobo Knight for a Remedy. Further up you’ll spot a lone blitzball. If you leave it alone, a small boy will give you three Softs for finding it. When you catch up to the Crusaders, talk to the trembling man on the left to get an Ether, then talk to Luzzu and Gatta across from him. Continue until you meet Shelinda, an overly faithful girl. After talking to her, move forward to the rest area.

Save your game and buy supplies at Rin’s Travel Lodge then go outside and talk to Yuna. After resting, talk to one of the shoppers inside to get a Lv. 1 Key Sphere. As you start to leave, Rin appears and introduces himself. He will give you Al Bhed Primer, Vol. VIII. Suddenly, screams are heard. Take the 2 Mega-Potions from Rin then go outside to save the Chocobos!

BOSS BATTLE >> Chocobo Eater
HP: 10,000
AP: 135
Weakness: Fire
Steal: N/A

The Chocobo Eater is a very tough boss. He will use his big arms to knock the party off the cliff, forcing you to lose the battle. Start by using Power Break on the monster and then attack it with all you have. Use Aeons, magic, physical attacks - anything that deals a lot of damage. The goal is to flip the enemy onto its back so it can be pushed off the cliff first. You might want to cast Haste on Lulu so she can use repeated Fire spells, or on Wakka for multiple Dark Attacks. This should make the battle much easier. Once the monster is on it’s back, 500 points of damage will force him backwards. If you knock him over the edge, you’ll receive two Lv. 1 Key Spheres and will remain on the Highroad. If you lose, you’ll find yourself on the Lowroad. Either way, both roads lead to the same area, so start walking.

Assuming you’ve won, you will be offered a free Chocobo ride. There are no random battles while riding a Chocobo and if you press X when you see a yellow feather on the ground, you’ll be able to fly onto ledges to access hard-to-reach treasures. The first feather is on the left, just after crossing the short bridge. Click on it so that your Chocobo flies up and retrieves a Heat Lance. Back on the trail, you'll run into Shelinda again. Look for Al Bhed Primer, Vol. IX on the road just west of her. Continuing north, you’ll arrive at the Crusaders’ staging area.

Talk to the people standing around there, including Dona and her guardian, then save your game. If you try to go through the gates you will learn you cannot pass. The guard on the left will explain the upcoming operation. You can donate money to the cause in exchange for a Scout (100 gil), Ice Lance (1000 gil), or Moon Ring (10,000 gil).

As you head away from the gates, Seymour and his allies approach. He will grant your party access to the Crusaders’ Base. Before entering, re-mount your Chocobo and head southeast, down the thin dirt path. (If you’ve arrived here from the Lowroad, rent a Chocobo from the guy near the cages for 1,000 gil.) Below, search for more yellow feathers on the ground so that your Chocobo can reteieve a Thunder Spear, Scout, and Fortune Sphere. Near the bottom of the gorge, you’ll run into O’aka. Continue down to find a chest that contains the Mars Crest – a key item you’ll use later. When you’re finished exploring, return to the gates and pass through.


Talk to everyone along the road to get items. Continue north until Clasko stops you and forces the party to go west. O’aka is hanging out here, too. After doing business with him, you’ll arrive at a Save sphere. Just beyond it, talk to the guard who’ll give you a Hi-Potion, then step on the platform that takes you up another level.

Navigate through the maze-like terrain, investigating strange-looking rocks to find out if they contain platforms that’ll transport you to other areas. Some are dead ends; others lead to treasure. Take this time to level up characters and refill overdrive guages. Kimahri can use Lancet on Dual Horn and Bomb enemies to learn Fire Breath and Self-Destruct. If you need healing, talk to Shelinda who is also up here. If you find yourself getting disoriented, just follow the Chocobo riders.

Eventually you’ll reach a precipice full of spiky rock formations. Head northwest through them. Look for a thin path winding to the left. At the end of it you’ll find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. X. Afterwards, head east and ride the elevator up. Move past the Save Sphere and speak with Luzzu. When the scene ends, head over to the machina platform and get a lift to the command center.

Continue west past the cannons and Sinspawn cages, talking to people as you go. Outside the tent, speak with the Chocobo Knight on the right side to learn more about the operation. O’aka stands to the left of the entrance with more goods for sale. Upon stepping into the tent, Gatta will greet the party. Follow him after he leaves. Here, the choices you make will determine the fate of two characters: If you choose the 1st option twice (fight Sin), Gatta will die in the upcoming battle. If you choose the 2nd option at any time (or avoid speaking with Gatta), Luzzu will die.

Once you enter the tent, Maester Kinoc arrives and speaks with Auron. Open the chests on either side of Lulu to get a Mega-Potion and Serene Bracer. When you’re ready to fight, speak to the man standing in the right corner and get ready for one hell of a scene.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sinspawn Gui
HP: Head = 4,000 / Body = 12,000 / Arms = 800 each
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

Until the arms are gone, you cannot hit the core. Use Yuna’s Grand Summon to have Ifrit deuce out his overdrive. This should eliminate the arms temporarily and take care of the head. Note that after three turns Gui’s arms will regenerate, so have your heavy hitters like Kimahri, Auron, and Tidus continue to thrash the body as much as they can before this happens. Have Tidus cast Haste on as many people as possible, especially Yuna, because you’ll need to cycle her in to heal a lot. Keep Lulu healthy just in case the arms grow back. Try to cycle in everyone seeing how this battle will, in the end, give everyone who participates lots of levels. Once the creature appears to be dead, the battle against Sin begins...but...

BOSS BATTLE >> Sinspawn Gui
HP: Head = 1,000 / Body = 6,000 / Arms = 800 each
AP: 485
Weakness: None
Steal: N/A

When Yuna awakens, the only other person around her is Auron. Apparently the Sinspawn has revived and Seymour is holding it off alone. Rejoin the fight, and now use Yuna to heal everyone, Auron to attack, and Seymour to cast magic. He is a very powerful guy and if you can wait it out, you’ll want to witness Seymour's overdrive (called Requiem) … it’s the only chance you’ll get to see it in the game.

After the battle, Tidus ends up on a shore filled with dead bodies. Locate the injured (or fallen) Gatta near rocks to the north. Angered, Tidus jumps in the water to swim after Sin. After returning to the beach, speak with your party then head up the path to Djose.


The few remaining soldiers and faithful will gladly give you stuff as you walk along. When you come across a rocky column on the right-hand side, move behind it to find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XI. Translations should become easier now. If you have Kimahri in your party when facing a Basilisk, use Lancet so that he can learn Stone Breath. As you continue north, check a small alcove on the left to collect a Bright Bangle in a partially hidden chest. Continue up the road until it splits. Talk to Auron then follow him north.

Speak with the Chocobo Knights after crossing the bridge. When you get to the front of the temple, head west to find a chest with 4,000 gil. On the east side of the temple entrance, behind the small inn, you’ll find a chest with 4 Ability Spheres. If Luzzu survived (instead of Gatta), you’ll find him near the chest and witness an extended scene if you talk to him. Save your game, buy supplies, or rest at the inn before entering the temple.

Inside, Yuna meets another summoner named Isaaru. Before heading into the Cloister, search around. Grab a Mega-Phoenix inside the chamber on the right. Outside the left chamber is an Ether; inside, you’ll find a Remedy. After you acquire these, head upstairs. Isaaru will stop you and mention rumors he's heard. When he leaves, continue up the stairs and tell the priest you are ready to enter the Cloister.

Djose Temple - Cloister of Trials #3

1. Take the two Djose spheres and insert them in the door holes. Head to the next chamber.
2. Take the two spheres from either side of the second door and place them in the wall recesses to the right.
3. Push the pedestal holding another Djose Sphere under the green light to charge it.
4. Remove the charged sphere and stick it in the right hole of the door to open it.
5. Take the two spheres you stuck in the wall and put them on the pedestal.
6. Head to the far left and step on the glowing floor panel. This will move the pedestal holding the two spheres back to the middle of the room.
7. Push the pedestal into the new, electrified room. This disables the electricity so you can jump across the pit. Push the second pedestal inwards by pressing X.
8. Jump back to the main room and use the floor switch to return the floating pedestal to its central position.
9. Take both spheres from the pedestal and put them in the wall holes all the way back in the entrance room.
10. Return to the main room and transfer the charged sphere from the right side of the door to the left side.
11. The completed symbol on the floor turns the pedestal into a platform. Before stepping on it, touch the glowing white spot on the far left wall.
12. Take the Destruction Sphere that appears. Carry it as you ride the platform up to the top level.
13. Above, activate the ceiling spokes by pushing all 5 pedestals into position. Doing this reveals a staircase, but do not use it yet.
14. Place the Destruction sphere in the central pedestal. Claim your prize (a Magic Sphere) then head up the stairs.

Yuna will still be off praying with the Fayth when you enter. Dona returns to taunt the group, while her guardian gushes over Auron. After talking with everyone, move toward the exit and Yuna will emerge with a new Aeon, Ixion.

When Tidus awakens the next morning, go back inside the inn and grab a Switch Hitter from the chest behind the desk. Outside, everyone is waiting for Yuna. Enter the temple and go to the chamber on the left. Speak to the person standing next to Yuna. The conversation will rouse her. After a bit of friendly teasing, the group departs.

Head across the bridge, speaking to everyone you meet to get more items. Continue past the Chocobo Knights to the fork in the road. From there, head northwest.


Follow the path until you meet up with Shelinda. Behind her is a chest containing a few Lv.1 Key Spheres. Soon you’ll encounter Kimahri’s old friends from the bar. After you’re done with them, grab an X-Potion from the chest. Moving forward, look for a small indent on the right to find more Lv.1 Key Spheres. Eventually, you’ll meet up with Belgemine who challenges Yuna to another Aeon duel.

Summon Ifrit to counter her Ixion. As before, the fight is much easier if your Aeon comes in with a full overdrive. Unleash everything you have. Don’t worry about boosting or shielding - just attack and rebuild your overdrive. If Ifrit falls, summon Valefor. If you win, Belgemine gives you 2 Dragon Scales. Either way, she’ll give you the Summoners Soul, which lets you teach your Aeons new abilities provided you have the correct items.

Look for a thin path splitting off to the left to find a Magic Def. Sphere and then return to the main road. Once you reach the south wharf, head left. Talk to O’aka and the other traders if you need to buy supplies (beware of the hustler who will wildly overcharge you). Speak with Auron about Shoopufs and then proceed west. Collect 5,000 gil from the chest behind Lulu. Talk to the others, save your game and when you’re ready, leave via the Shoopuf. “IMPOSSIBBBBIDDLE!”

BOSS BATTLE >> Extractor
HP: 4,000
AP: 660
Weakness: Thunder
Steal: N/A

While on the Shoopuf, the Al Bhed attack, capturing Yuna once again. Only Tidus and Wakka jump overboard to rescue her. If one of them is armed with a weapon capable of lightning strikes, the fight will be a breeze. Try to keep the Extractor from rising above you (where it can set off depth charges that cause great damage). Cast Haste on both characters and just attack like crazy. Use a turn to heal only if HP falls dangerously low.

When you arrive at the north wharf save your game. Talk to your party members then head west. O’aka is here, but only sells items. Collect Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XII on the platform above him to the right. Continue west, taking an Ether from the chest near the Guado, and move on.

At the riverbank, Tidus reunites with Rikku, the Al Bhed girl who helped him early on. After she’s accepted into the group, a couple of Tutorial fights show off her special skills – namely stealing items and mixing them during battle. Collect 4 Antidotes in the chest on the right and continue through the Moonflow to the creepy town of Guadosalam.


When Seymour’s henchman, Tromell, arrives to pick up Yuna, Rikku will teach you how to customize armor and weapons. Head to the inn (the closest building) and save your game. Before entering the big red doors below, explore the area a bit. Grab a Mega-Potion to the right of the red doors then head to the Items Shop in the center of town. Buy supplies from either the shopkeeper or O’aka, whose rates are now based on the amount of gil you previously donated to him. Next, visit the house on the left to find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XIII on the floor and 3,000 gil hidden in a chest. Move past the two Guados outside the house to find an Elixir. Further up is the entrance to the Farplane but that is off limits for now.

When you are done exploring, enter Seymour’s mansion. At the top of the grand staircase, look for a well-hidden chest to get some Hi-Potions. Talk to your party members then enter the lower door. A great feast has been prepared. After talking to all party members again, Tromell enters. Shortly after, Seymour arrives and shows the group a ghostly reconstruction of ancient Spira. When he finishes, meet with the group outside and head up to the Farplane. Look for a hidden chest behind the left wall to receive 8 Lightning Marbles.

Talk to Auron and Rikku on the stairs to find out why they will not enter. Once in the Farplane, speak with Lulu and Wakka. After overhearing Wakka’s conversation with Chappu, your Brotherhood sword will be upgraded with Strength +10%, Sensor, and Waterstrike abilities. Talk to Yuna about her parents, then leave. Upon exiting the Farplane, the ghost of Lord Jyscal appears. Yuna picks up a sphere left behind and the group returns to the mansion.

Rejoin the party outside. After speaking with Lulu, follow her and talk to her two more times (how you choose to answer her final question does not appear to affect the game one way or another). Afterwards, go find Rikku sitting in the middle of town and talk to her about her fears. When Kimahri emerges from the shop, follow him back down and try to exit on the left. You’ll bump into Shelinda, who informs you that Seymour has left for Macalania. Return to the party and tell them the news.

When you’re finished, go down the ramp and veer left to enter the Thunder Plains.


A tutorial shows you how to dodge lightning. Learn this well if you want to earn some nice prizes later on (see below). Either way, continue forward through the Thunder Plains.

Lightning Dodger Mini-Game – Optional

Dodge the lightning bolts by pressing [X] right after the white flash, but before it strikes. Prizes appear later in a treasure chest outside Rin’s Agency (you’ll even win some stuff for getting zapped a lot). To get the Venus Sigil, you need to dodge 200 bolts in a row. The easiest way to do this is to equip "No Encounters” armor and pick a spot where lightning strikes at regular intervals:

5 times = 2 X-Potions
10 times = 2 Mega-Potions
20 times = 2 MP Spheres
50 times = 3 Strength Spheres
100 times = 3 HP Spheres
150 times = 4 Megalixirs
200 times = Venus Sigil

There are a tremendous amount of random battles here. Use this to your advantage, but beware of the pesky Qactuar. At this stage in the game, it can kill your weaker characters with its 1000 Needles attack. The only surefire way to defeat one is to have an Aeon perform a ranged attack (such as Ifrit's Meteor Strike). You may also notice the glowing Qactuar Stones. Activating three of them leads to a secret weapon later on in the game (see the FFX Extras page for more information).

Start by going left to get a Phoenix Down and find the Save sphere. To the northwest are 2 Hi-Potions and directly north of that is 5,000 gil. Talk to the historian underneath one of the lightning towers if you want to learn more about the region. Further up, near a crater on the left, is Shelinda. Across from her is a chest containing a Waterball.

Continue to the Travel Agency in the middle of the Thunder Plains. Inside, a book on the counter tells you about the Qactuar Stones and a book on the desk shows you your current bolt-dodging record. To get Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XIV, speak with Rikku so that Rin enters. When he asks about your progress with the language, choose the top option and he’ll give you the primer. Afterwards, go check up on Yuna in her quarters. Once the scene ends, you can exit the agency.

Search the immediate path to find a Yellow Shield, which protects Tidus from all lightning damage. Continue moving north through the Thunder Plains until Yuna stops the group and informs everyone of her decision. After hearing her out, look behind the lightning tower to find an Ether. Further up on the left, open a chest containing 2,000 gil. Move onward to Macalania.


Go up the sharp incline into the woods. Search behind a tree trunk on the left for a well-concealed Sleepy Cait Sith. If Kimahri uses Lancet on a Chimera, he can learn Aqua Breath. Continue along the winding branches until you encounter a strange character who prompts you to begin a mini-game. Accept his challenge.

Butterfly Hunt Mini-Game – Optional

When you touch the rainbow-colored butterfly near the tree, a timer starts. Run back the way you came (left), trying to touch 7 blue butterflies before time runs out. They will drop mock treasure chests that cannot be picked up; just ignore them and keep moving. Touching any of the red butterflies on the course results in a difficult fight and shaves a second off your time. If you succeed in catching all 7 of the blue butterflies before time runs out, the screen flashes white. Immediately stop and retrace your steps to collect the chest left behind. If you continue to move forward after catching the 7th blue butterfly, the course resets and the chest disappears for good.

NOTE: You can catch blue butterflies in two different areas: the southern part of the woods (your current position) and the northern part of the woods (near the Lake Macalania rest stop). The further along you are in the game, the harder it gets. The clock starts at 40 seconds, but after you defeat Spherimorph (see below), it becomes 30 seconds… and after you get the airship the amount of red butterflies increases. In order to earn the Saturn Sigil, you must win both courses after getting the airship.

For now, move onwards and you’ll eventually meet up with O’aka. If you examine his inventory without purchasing anything, he’ll ask if his prices are too high. If you agree that they are, he’ll offer a discount. Move opposite him to the southeast (near the elbow of two paths) and find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XV that is well hidden. Continue north until Auron takes you off to the side to show you something.

BOSS BATTLE >> Spherimorph
HP: 12,000
AP: 3,240
Weakness: (varies)
Steal: Ether, Turbo Ether

Physical attacks cause little to no damage, but by using them the Boss will reveal what type of element it will next attack with. Keep Lulu available at all times to cast a contrasting spell. For example, Auron attacks and the Boss counters with Water. Lulu then casts Thunder. The Boss changes its element and the next attacker takes Auron's role. This process repeats until you’ve defeated the gelatinous creature.

After defeating Spherimorph, you’ll find a sphere left by Sir Jecht. Collecting them (there are 10 in all) allows Auron to learn new Overdrives; with this one he learns Shooting Star. (For a complete list of Jecht Sphere locations, refer to the FFX Extras page).

Exit the area and continue north on the original path until you reach the Travel Agency. Here you will find Clasko, the male Chocobo Knight. When Clasko asks if he should be a Chocobo Knight or a Chocobo Breeder, tell him he should become a Breeder. You can return later to get the treasure he’s blocking. For now, locate Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XVI on the opposite side of the Agency. Inside, you’ll find the usual features - a Save sphere, trader, and the ability to rest. Make sure you save your game here, because the whole plot of the story changes beyond this point. Exit the Travel Agency and head north.

BOSS BATTLE >> Crawler / Negator
HP: 16,000 / 1,000
AP: 4,400 / 220
Weakness: Lightning / none
Steal: Lunar Curtain / Hi-Potion

The Negator disables all magic and summoning abilities while it’s around, so deal with it first. Use Wakka to kill it off with couple of long-range physical attacks then have Lulu cast Thunder on the Crawler. The Boss will begin a countdown to its Mana Beam attack, which can cause lots of damage to the entire party. The only way to ensure that your party will not get hit is to have an Aeon in battle when the countdown reaches 1. Choose whichever one has the most HP and use Shield. If all your Aeons go down or you don’t want to face the Mana Beam (which only activates if you destroy the Negator) then just rely on physical damage with Kimahri, Tidus, Wakka, and Auron until the Negator is defeated.

Depending on the affection Tidus has shown to characters thus far, he’ll either ride a snowmobile with Lulu or Rikku. If Tidus has not used either gal much during battles (or has not talked to them regularly) he’ll ride alone alongside either Auron or Kimahri.


Upon reaching the gate, grab a Mega-Potion from the chest. Once inside, talk to the little Al Bhed boy at the base of the ice bridge to receive an item. Follow your party to the temple’s entrance.

Shelinda greets you as you enter. After she leaves, speak with Tromell to receive a Shell Targe and use the nearby Save sphere. Look for two chests in the main room containing 5,000 gil and an X-Potion. When you hear a girl shout out, enter the northeast chamber. The party inside views an eerie message from the Farplane. Afterward, check the back of the chamber to find 2 Remedies and speak with the witness on the right to obtain 2 Hi-Potions. Now, head to the northwest chamber. Talk to the people inside to get an Elixir and an Ether, or to learn more about Seymour. Behind them, find a chest with 3 Phoenix Downs. When you’re ready, enter the Cloister.

BOSS BATTLE >> Seymour / Guado Guardians / Anima
HP: 6,000 / 2,000 x2 / 18,000
AP: 2,000 / 290 / 2,500
Weakness: None
Steal: Turbo Ether, Elixir / Hi-Potion / Silence Grenade

Start off with Yuna and Tidus as they will be able to use Trigger commands in order to raise their stats. The two Guado Guardians have an Auto-Heal ability so stick Rikku in to steal each of their potions to stop them from healing. Use physical attacks to kill them off.

Unguarded, Seymour will summon Anima. After a few turns, look in Yuna’s summon menu for a new, unnamed Aeon and use it. From this point on, it will be a battle between Yuna’s Shiva and Seymour’s Anima. Shiva’s Diamond Dust overdrive will take 6,000-8,000 HP from Anima, so try to keep her going as long as you can - cast Blizzara on her to heal when needed. After defeating Anima dismiss Shiva, because using any more Aeons at this point will cause Seymour to kill them instantly.

Apparently fully healed, Seymour will start casting multi-spells on each party member so keep Yuna around to revive, heal, and null his magic. Have Tidus cast Haste on her so she can protect the other members. Also, poison Seymour so that he damages himself each turn.

When the battle is over, the party must escape through the icy cloister:

Macalania Temple - Cloister of Trials #4:

1. Move forward to break the ice bridge. Descend the ramp and push the empty pedestal toward the icicles on the left to stop its movement.
2. Now push the pedestal toward the icicles at the top of the screen, forcing it to go down a ramp.
3. Take the Glyph sphere from the central column then walk down to the basement. Place it in the recess to the far left. A section of the wall rises.
4. Go back up and take the Macalania sphere from the raised wall section on the left. Place it in the pedestal below.
5. Push the pedestal with the Macalania sphere toward the far-right column, completing a section of the ice bridge above.
6. Go back up and remove the sphere from the far right wall. Take it down the ramp. Place it in the column to the left, completing another section of the ice bridge.
7. Take the Macalania sphere from the slot next to the ramp and place it in the center column. The last section of bridge appears, in addition to a new floor switch.
8. Walk up and step on the gold floor switch, bringing the pedestal with the sphere to the top level. Remove the sphere and push the empty pedestal down the ramp. The pedestal gets teleported to a raised stalagmite that holds the Destruction sphere.
9. Return to the room below and step on the floor switch to bring the pedestal out of the stalagmite.
10. Place the Macalania sphere Tidus is holding in the far right recess to make the first set of icicles reappear. Push the pedestal towards the icicles.
11. Take the Macalania sphere from the center column and return it to the basement ramp slot. Push the pedestal down the ramp.
12. Go down and remove the Destruction sphere from the pedestal. Place it in the wall slot near the base of the ramp. Grab your prize: a Luck Sphere.
13. Go up and retrieve the Macalania sphere from the far right. Place it in the pedestal below.
14. Push the pedestal back into place under the left column to reconstruct part of the ice bridge.
15. Climb back up and take the Macalania sphere that powers the ramp. Return it to the middle column to finish the bridge.
16. Ascend the second ramp (avoid stepping on the gold floor switch or you’ll have to reconstruct the bridge again) and exit the Cloister.

Returning to the main chamber, you’ll discover your troubles are not over. Use the Save sphere then run as fast as you can across the ice bridge, keeping in mind that Guado guards are faster and will likely catch up before you reach the end. If they do, you must fight them and their monsters. Use the same technique as before – steal their potions then kill off the others. Optionally, you can stand in one place on the bridge and fight waves of Guado to refill everyone's overdrive.

After exiting the temple, stick to the trail on the right side. This will lead to a treasure chest with a Lv.1 Key Sphere. Cross the chasm and proceed to the Save sphere. As soon as you approach the lake, you’ll be attacked again.

BOSS BATTLE >> Wendigo / Guado Guardians x2
HP: 18,000 / 1,200
AP: 2,000 / 290
Weakness: Fire / none
Steal: Hi-Potion, X-Potion

The quickest way to end this battle is to summon an Aeon with an overdrive available. This will kill the two Guardians and greatly damage Wendigo. Right before the Guardians die, they’ll cast Berserk and/or protective spells on Wendigo. Counter this with Auron’s Threaten. Wakka's Sleep and Dark attacks work pretty well, too. Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu so she can use Fira to finish him off.

Once the battle is over, Wendigo throws the party through the ice.

LAKE MACALANIA – Under the Lake

There are no monsters down here so don’t worry. Use the Save sphere to heal and talk only to those blocking paths. Depending on the order in which you talk to people, you may be able to grab items in a couple of blocked treasure chests, gaining you a Lv.2 Key Sphere and an Avenger. Eventually, the party has an unexpected visitor…


Tidus wakes up alone in a desert oasis. Before getting out of the water, swim to the left side and open a sunken chest containing 4 Remedies. Now get out of the water and save your game. Head north into the sand.

HP: 12,000
AP: 1,200
Weakness: Darkness
Steal: Smoke Bomb

Tidus will battle the big bird alone but if his HP falls too low, Lulu and Auron will come help (if not, they just appear at the end). Afterwards, head north until the party finds Wakka. Open the first aid kit to find 8 Al Bhed Potions. Rikku will be able to use these later on. She should be your party's healer while Yuna is missing.

Continue north. Look for a wooden marker written in Al Bhed. If you've collected enough primers, you’ll understand almost all of what it says (subsequent markers will prove useful in getting through the area). From this marker, head northeast to find Kimahri. Go west then north to find Rikku. At her tent, you’ll find a Save sphere and chests containing 8 Al Bhed Potions and 2 Ethers.

Escort Rikku through the sand until you reach the central desert. Move towards all of the white objects marked on your mini-map. Near them, you’ll find chests with 4 Hi-Potions and 2 X-Potions. After grabbing those, head to the western tip of the central desert to find a chest with 2 Mega-Potions. From here, follow the fence east and search behind the Save sphere for a chest with 8 Al Bhed Potions.

After collecting these items, take the western path leading down into a valley of ruins. This area is full of valuable stuff and many chests appear during battles, so use what you learned in the Rikku tutorial now. In a raised structure to the south, you’ll find chests with 10,000 gil and a Lv.2 Key Sphere. You'll also find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XVII inside a semi-circular ruin. Ignore the exit here. Instead, hike back up to the Save sphere and follow the fenceline east to a sign that reads: “This way to Home.” Near it, locate Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XVIII.

Enter the western desert and head right until you come upon a valley being bombarded by a horrible storm. Situated on a cliff overlooking the valley, you’ll find a rock with a picture of a Cactuar on it. You can’t do anything with it just yet, so move on (see Mini-Games section on the FFX Extras page).

Head west from the stone towards a field full of Al Bhed signs. Explore the small circular offshoot on the left. The first chest you'll find contains 8 Hi-Potions. The second one, which sinks into the sand by itself, contains a key item, the Mercury Crest. In a larger section to the north, find 3 Mega-Potions and 2 X-Potions. Eventually you'll come across a sand pit where treasure is being guarded by a monster. If you choose to fight the Sandragora, you’ll be able to grab 2 Teleport Spheres out of the chest. Either way, continue north to a second Sandragora pit. This time, the battle is mandatory.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sandragora
HP: 12,750
AP: 1,080
Weakness: Fire
Steal: Remedy, Musk

Have Tidus cast Haste on Lulu so she can Bio the giant flower then blast it with Fire magic. Use Rikku to heal the party with Al Bhed Potions and watch out for the monster’s Seed Burst attack, which causes Confusion and other nasty status abnormalities. Other than that, keep attacking until it’s is dead and the party can continue north towards Home.


As you approach, you’ll see the Guado attacking Rikku’s turf. Her father, Cid, enlists the party’s help. After talking to him, you can inspect the dead bodies to get Hi-Potions or leave them with their pride. Either way, search the left side to acquire Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XIX and use the Save sphere. Since you will not be able to return to this place later in the game, make sure you pick up everything of value during this one-time-only visit. As you head through the center door, a Guado and his monsters attack. It’s a good idea, like the rest of the Guado battles, to eliminate the guardian first.

Enter the hallway and descend the stairs. After fighting another Guado and his Dual Horns, head north to the Save sphere. Do not enter the door next to the Save sphere just yet. Instead, turn around and head back down the southern corridor. Locate two doorways beyond the stairs. Enter the green-lit door on the left side and defeat the monsters that appear. Afterwards, grab Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XX sitting on the bed. The two treasure chests in this room require codes. If you have all the primers so far, you’ll be able to figure them out. If not, here’s a cheat for the chest on the right:

#1 - Center Bottom word
#2 - Right Center word
#3 - Center word

Once opened, you’ll receive a Friend Sphere. The chest on the left allows you to choose which item you want from a list-- ideally, an 'Elixir'. Exit the room and descend the stairs. Pick up 4 Al Bhed Potions from a chest concealed by smoke and continue north to the central intersection. Straight ahead, find another chest containing 6 Al Bhed Potions. From the intersection, turn right, heading down the northeast corridor. Pick up Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXI off the floor. Prepare to fight once you enter the blue-lit door nearby.

There are two more chests in this room that require Al Bhed codes. The chest closest to the sphere has a numeric lock. Input 5-6-3-3 to receive a Special Sphere. In order to unlock the second chest, you’ll need to answer 4 questions correctly. In order they are: 3rd, 4th, 2nd, 1st. You’ll get a Skill Sphere for your efforts.

Exit the room and go back to the Save sphere. Now enter the door next to it and fight a few more monsters in the stairwell. Once everything quiets down, search under the stairs for a Lv. 4 Key Sphere and a Lv. 2 Key Sphere on the far right side. Enter the Sanctum, where the group fills you in on the true nature of their mission. Before heading out to the airship dock, find a chest containing 10,000 gil on the left-hand side.


Once airborne, the party watches Home’s destruction. Explore the ship, making sure to talk to everyone. If you need to purchase supplies, look for Rin in the middle hallway. Otherwise, move past him and enter the door to the right. Dona is here and needs some comforting. The answers you give will affect her future appearances in the game. After you’re done, head back to the bridge and talk to Brother, the ship’s pilot. Once he pinpoints Yuna’s location, try to leave. You’ll learn that fiends have entered the ship. Use this opportunity to level up characters in preparation for the upcoming boss battle.

When you’re ready, go to the top floor and talk to the two guys on the left to get 4 Al Bhed Potions. Save your game then head to the back of the airship. Buy any last-minute items from Rin before riding the platform up to fight Evrae. Your characters should all be at overdrives and pre-equipped with anti-poison armor if possible.

HP: 32,000
AP: 5,400
Weakness: None
Steal: Water Gem

At the start of the battle, have Tidus cast Haste on himself and Rikku. This increases their number of turns in the battle, making it easier to Trigger commands to Cid. One option is to pull the ship away from the creature for a whole cycle of Cid’s turns, which will give him an opportunity to hit Evrae with missiles. Depending on the distance between your party and Evrae, different characters can be used. When he’s far away, use Lulu and Wakka. When he’s close by, use Tidus, Auron, etc. to physically attack him. Kimahri can also use Lancet to leech HP/MP from the monster. There are two attacks to watch out for from Evrae: His Swooping Scythe puts him close to the ship and makes it easy for him to attack your party. His Poison Breath attack takes two turns to cast and should be followed by Rikku’s Al Bhed Potion. Evrae will cast Haste on himself when his HP falls to about 8,000, so have Tidus cast Haste on as many party members as possible to try to counter his increased speed. If you unleash all of your overdrives and use Al Bhed Potions to heal, Evrae should go down in no time.


Once the group defeats Evrae, it’s time to rescue Yuna. You can’t save your game just yet so when the party lands on the roof, make sure everyone is fully healed. You’ll be charging through many guards and some nasty machina, so use potions to keep everyone alive. Warrior Monks cause a great deal of damage with their Flamethrower attack so equip Fire Ward armor if you have it. Using Dark Attack to blind the YKT-63 enemies helps and Kimahri can learn Thrust Kick by using Lancet on them.

Watch a scene at the top of the stairs. After Yuna makes her escape, head down to the temple. Examine the control panel when you reach the platform. At the bottom, inspect the area for Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXII. It blends in with the ground near the stairs, so look hard. Save your game and enter the Cloister of Trials.

Bevelle Temple - Cloister of Trials #5

This Cloister is made up of 4 levels filled with sliding paths. It can become very frustrating, so just take your time. As you move, you’ll be using the X button to change direction. If you miss your mark, don't worry. Each level is on a loop, so if you slide off the edge, the platform automatically restarts so that you can try again:

1. Push the pedestal inwards, turning it into a platform. Press X to descend to the 3rd level.
2. On the first available turn, press X when the arrow points to the right.
3. Now on the 2nd level, press X to ride down to the bottom.
4. When you reach the end, take the Bevelle sphere and place it in the pedestal.
5. Push the pedestal into the path and return to the 3rd level.
6. From the start of the loop, turn right on the second turn.
7. Take one of the Bevelle spheres from the pedestal and place it in the slot.
8. Push the pedestal back into the path and start looping.
9. From the loop start, go left on turn 2. Take the Bevelle sphere and loop.
10. At turn 1, go right to descend to the 2nd level. When you reach the arrow, go left.
11. You are now in loop 2. Go right at the last turn.
12. Place a Bevelle sphere in the slot, creating a walkway.
13. Get back into loop 2 and take a right at the 2nd to last turn.
14. Take the Glyph sphere there and put it in the pedestal. Get back into loop 2.
15. Go right at the last turn. Walk across the path and insert the Glyph Sphere.
16. Take the Destruction sphere and get back in loop 2.
17. Go right at the 2nd to last turn. Pop the Destruction sphere into the slot.
18. Get back into the loop. Go right at the last turn and retrieve the Bevelle sphere there.
19. Get into loop 2. Make a right at the 2nd available turn.
20. Push the pedestal across and ride onto a new path.
21. Walk up the stairs and grab the Destruction treasure (an HP Sphere) then step on the floor glyph to bring the pedestal up.
22. Take one of the Bevelle spheres from the pedestal and place it in the closest slot.
23. Push the pedestal onto the left path to get your bonus treasure (a Knight Lance).
24. Ride the platform back and exit to the right.

Tidus and Kimahri force their way into the Chamber of the Fayth where Yuna has just received Bahamut, her new Aeon. Upon leaving, the party is captured and split up. Now, the separated heroes must find their way back together to escape Bevelle.

BEVELLE –Via Purifico

Controlling Yuna, move east out of the first chamber. Three party members are in the maze and you can easily find them by using the teleport pads. However, because Yuna’s been away from your party so long, it’s a good idea to try and level her up a bit for the upcoming boss battles.

Follow the corridor east, then north until you enter the room with Kimahri. After he rejoins, open a chest to the left for a Mega-Potion. Continue north until you find Auron. At the Save sphere head west, past the T-intersection, until you reach a gated room. There is nothing you can do just yet, so head south. Follow the corridor until you reach a teleport pad. Turn onto the short eastern path. This takes you to Lulu. Beside her is a chest containing a White Magic Sphere. From Lulu’s area, head south until you reach a dead end. Collect an Elixir from the treasure chest and activate a glyph above the rubble. Turn around and retrace your steps back to the initial chamber.

To get to the chests in the gated room, head north up the middle path and take the last right turn. Grab a Black Magic Sphere then step on the floor glyph. A teleport pad will move to a new location. Go to the Save sphere where you found Auron (west then north) and head west until you reach the gated room. Stand next to (but not on) the teleport pad. When the arrow points toward the room, step on it to warp inside. Collect a Skill Sphere, a Lucid Ring, and 10,000 gil (hidden near the gate). Teleport out of the room and head back to the Save sphere where you found Auron. Continue north down the red-lit corridor.

BOSS BATTLE >> Isaaru's Aeons x3
HP: 8,000 / 12,000 / 20,000
AP: 6,000
Weakness: Ice / None / None
Steal: N/A

This battle pits Yuna’s Aeons against Isaaru’s so make sure their overdrives are full. Isaaru first summons Ifrit, for which you should summon Bahamut. He will then summon Valefor, for which you should counter with Ixion or Shiva. After taking damage, have your Aeon use black magic to heal itself. Isaaru finally summons his Bahamut. It will unleash its Mega-Flare after 5 turns – so summon whichever Aeon has the most HP that can heal itself. Just before the countdown reaches 1, use Shield to reduce the damage.

After Isaaru is defeated, Yuna and the others leave. Your control switches back to Tidus who is underwater with Rikku and Wakka. Save your game then swim across to the blue chest and stock up on a few Softs and Phoenix Downs. Before proceeding, consider customizing some weapons with the Piercing ability. Most of the creatures in this area have strong armor, for which piercing weapons are most effective. Swim forward and around the corner until you see another Save sphere. Use it before proceeding.

BOSS BATTLE >> Evrae Altana
HP: 16,384
AP: 5,800
Weakness: Life
Steal: Water Gem, Stamina Spring

Although this boss seems hard, kill it with 2 or 3 Phoenix Downs (works on all zombies, by the way). Avoid using the Trigger command to unlock the gate, as it will eliminate your chance of finding two treasures - an Avenger and Rematch. No monsters will attack after beating the boss. Swim through the tunnel ahead, diving to the bottom to collect the chests then continue on.

BEVELLE - Highbridge

Now reunited, the party runs into Seymour again. Kimahri tries to hold him off so that the others can escape, but Yuna persuades everyone to return and help. There are two Save spheres, one on either end of the bridge. This is a great place to rack up levels and get everyone’s overdrives full. Buy items from O’aka and save your game before heading back to rescue Kimahri.

BOSS BATTLE >> Seymour Natus / Mortibody
HP: 36,000 / 4,000
AP: 6,300
Weakness: Poison / None
Steal: Tetra Elemental / None

Start with Yuna and Tidus as they have Trigger commands that will raise their stats. The initial target of this battle is Mortibody. While Seymour may seem more threatening, he will only cast Flare and multi-spells if you attack him directly. Damage the Mortibody and it will drain Seymour’s HP to keep itself alive. It starts by draining 4,000 then 3,000 then 2,000. When it starts draining only 1,000, focus on Seymour. Cast Bio on him so that he injures himself. Summon Aeons only if they are at overdrive, otherwise Seymour will kill them instantly. If they have their overdrive, they can at least get off about 9,000 HP damage before they are banished.


After saving your game head south, past Kimahri, to find Yuna. A rather cute FMV follows, so enjoy it.

In the morning, the group continues their journey. Backtrack to the campsite to find a Lucid Ring in a partially hidden chest. Return to the crossroads and head east.


When you enter the Calm Lands, head west down the incline and talk to Maechan, the historian. Upon reaching the base of the valley, Rin’s Flying Shop pulls up and asks if you need to purchase any gear. After shopping, continue northeast.

In the center of the Calm Lands is a larger Al Bhed Trading Post. Here, the party encounters Father Zuke, a retired summoner. Talk to the Al Bhed guy on the far left to receive a message from Cid. Behind the trading post is a Lv.2 Key Sphere. Buy items then save your game and notice you’re allowed to play Blitzball again!

Head southwest from the trading post to find Belgemine, with another opportunity for your Aeons to duel. Use either Ifrit or Bahamut (at full overdrive) and the battle should be yours. If you win, you’ll receive 30 Power Spheres and the Aeon Soul, which enables you to use inventory items to increase your Aeons’ attributes.

Continue southeast until you arrive at the Monster Arena. The owner will explain that he needs help capturing new monsters. Purchase some of his special equipment and outfit at least two of your players with it - ideally Wakka (for airborne fiends) and either Tidus or Auron (for land-based fiends). Your goal is to “collect” 9 different species roaming the area and present them to the owner. He will give you 60 Farplane Winds and a locked treasure chest (which you can open later) for your effort. Note that you can capture monsters in other regions and come back in the future to earn more items (refer to the FFX Extras page for details).

From the arena, head west along the face of the cliff to find two chests with 10,000 gil and 5,000 gil. Now, head northwest and look for Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXII near the cliff's edge. Keep walking along the edge until you see a Chocobo rider. Agree to train Chocobos and she will teach you how. If you successfully complete the first exercise, you’ll be able to ride a free Chocobo in the Calm Lands any time you want just by asking the trainer (additional races are described below). Just east of the Chocobo trainer is a thin path currently blocked by a man. To get him to move, you must beat the trainer in all 4 excercises. After doing so, she will be located south of the Trading Post.

Chocobo Trainer Mini-Game (optional):

During each exercise, you must beat or tie the time limit set by the trainer. Win each excercise to receive a prize and unlock the next one:

1.) Wobbly Chocobo - This race takes place on a wild Chocobo that refuses to run straight. Press the left and right directional buttons to stay on course. You must finish the race in 12.8 seconds or less.
2.) Dodger Chocobo - This time it is easier to steer, but you must dodge oncoming balls. If you get hit you lose time. This may take you a few times to master.
3.) Hyper Dodger Chocobo - This is just like the last game, except now there are some birds that hit you, too! Super annoying.
4.) Catcher Chocobo - Race the Chocobo trainer across the Calm Lands and beat her - at the same time avoid hitting birds. To lower your total time, catch as many balloons as you can. If you win, the man blocking northwest path will move. If you get a time of 0.0.0, you’ll also receive the Sun Sigil.

If you acquired a Chocobo, ride it back to the southern entrance of the Calm Lands, but do not exit. Instead, go to the far right edge of the cliff and find a yellow Chocobo feather. Press X to leap into a new area of the Calm Lands.


Dismount your Chocobo and walk forward, crossing the bridge to Remiem Temple. Before entering, go to the far left and find a sphere explaining how to race Chocobos around the temple. Just beyond the sphere is Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXIV. If you want to race, locate the Chocobo on the far right and hop on its back, at which time, the rules will be explained. During the first race, don’t worry about opening treasure chests on the course; just get down the ramp as fast as you can. If you beat the other Chocobo, you’ll receive the Cloudy Mirror - a key item to be used later on. Feel free to race again -- the more chests you open on the course, the better the prizes.

Inside the temple, Belgemine waits to challenge Yuna again. She’ll reward you with nice prizes each time you beat one of her Aeons. Later on, after acquiring all the Aeons, including the secret ones, return here and challenge each one. If you defeat them all, a door at the back of the temple will open and you’ll receive the Moon Sigil (refer to the FFX Extras page for details). For now, exit the temple and jump back with your Chocobo to the Calm Lands.

CALM LANDS - The Bridge

Head northeast to exit the Calm Lands. Save your game before heading over the bridge. You’re about to encounter some angry Guado and a big stone boss.

BOSS BATTLE >> Defender X
HP: 64,000
AP: 6,600
Weakness: None
Steal: Lunar Curtain

Start off with characters that have Armor Break and/or Mental Break. Once you’ve hit him with those, bring in Lulu to cast Waterga. Spells like Demi and Bio are completely useless on this boss, but Darkness works well. If you cast Berserk on him, he’ll use Blast Punch on the character who cast it; the good news is Blast Punch works like Demi, only taking a 1/4 of a character’s HP, so there is no chance of dying. Yuna should cast Protect and Cura on the party as needed. Don’t summon Aeons unless they’re at overdrive, since the boss will punch them to death. Cast Haste on as many people as possible and cycle in everyone to gain the AP.


After the battle, go to the right side of the bridge. There is a sharp descent leading into a gorge. Walk down and head right from the Save sphere. Talk to soldiers roaming the area and grab the Rusty Sword on the eastern ridge. Return to the Save sphere and head left to enter the Cavern of the Stolen Fayth.

Follow the curving path to the right until you come across a second path. If you turn right there you’ll find a Megalixir. Return to main path andcontinue forward until you reach a T-intersection. To the right is a Lv.2 Key Sphere and to the left is another path heading north. Follow the new northern path without straying until you reach a dead end. Grab the Fortune sphere. Backtrack to the T-intersection then go west until you find Al Bhed Primer, Vol. XXV and 2 Mega-Potions. From there, head right to find a Save sphere. Proceed until you arrive at a clearing.

Here, you will meet Lady Ginnem, the summoner Lulu used to guard. If you fight and defeat her Aeon, Yojimbo, you can acquire the secret Aeon. Be prepared to negotiate a hefty fee for his services (about 200,000 gil). If you have the funds, step on the teleport pad and select the option “Cavern of the Stolen Fayth”. Tell Yojimbo you want to "defeat the most powerful fiends" then offer half his asking price plus 1 gil. Continue bartering with him until he agrees to join. Also use the teleport pad to enter two side chambers (marked "???") so that you can collect a Flexible Arm, MP Sphere, and 2 X-Potions. When you’re finished, teleport back to the gorge entrance.


Cross the bridge and head north into Ronso territory. After Kelk gives Yuna permission to enter, speak to others in the area and save your game. The tall Ronso on the lower right side sells items and excellent weapons. As you continue up the path, Kimahri encounters Biran and Yenke who challenge him to an intense two-on-one battle.

BOSS BATTLE >> Biran / Yenke
HP: 2,500 / 2,500
AP: 4,500 / 4,500
Weakness: None
Steal: Lv.3 Key Spheres

Use Lancet as soon as you see one of them use a new Ronso Rage. If Kimahri hits his overdrive, use Mighty Guard (if you’ve acquired it), as it will make the battle MUCH easier. Do not use Aqua Breath unless the two of them are standing together, and use Fire Breath if they’re on opposite sides. If Kimahri has learned Steal or Mug, he can amass many Lv.3 Key Spheres from the duo.

Once the Ronso brothers are defeated, return to the entrance and save your game. From this point on, enemies become more powerful and the road ahead has few Save points. Continue forward and hop on the ledge to the right to find a chest with 20,000 gil. Then hop onto the left ledge to find 2 Mega-Potions. If your characters are strong enough, try capturing a few species in this area. You’ll eventually need to capture all 7 of them to acquire a certain secret Aeon later on.

As you proceed up Mt. Gagazet, you’ll pass the graves of fallen summoners. Continue until you find a narrow path heading north around a large rock. At the end of this path is a Braska Sphere, which will teach Auron a new overdrive.

Return to the main path and follow it until you reach an intersection. Go north to find a Defending Bracer then backtrack to the intersection and head east. Around the corner, you’ll meet O’aka’s brother, Wantz, who sells nice (but expensive) gear. If you speak with Wantz here, you'll be able to buy 4-slot equipment from him later on in the Macalania Woods. From his current location, descend the slope and just before it rises again, look for two chests hidden in a small area below the path. They contain a Lv.4 Key Sphere and an HP Sphere. Head east from here, then north up a steep path to the Save sphere. After using it, continue forward onto a bluff.

BOSS BATTLE >> Seymour Flux / Mortiorchis
HP: 70,000 / 4,000
AP: 10,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Elixir

Kimahri and Yuna have Trigger Commands that will raise their Strength and Magic Defense. Use them. Have Tidus cast Hastega and Yuna cast Protect on everyone. Seymour’s Cross Cleave attack can knock off about 2,500 HP from each party member, but those with Protect will only take half the damage. Seymour will concentrate on eliminating characters individually. Make sure you have Holy Waters, as he will try to Zombie your characters then kill you with curative spells. A good way to defeat him is to cast Bio followed by a barrage of Aeons’ Overdrives. If you have leveled up Yuna enough, Bahamut’s Mega Flare should do about 11,000 HP damage. If you can’t seem to kill him because of Mortiorchis, go back to the way you defeated the Mortibody, attacking Mortiorchis until it drains Seymour’s HP.

Once defeated, leave the bluff and head north. Look for a chest hidden between columns on the left to receive the Saturn Crest. Tidus will pass out near the Fayth Cluster. Just follow the figure around until Tidus wakes up. Afterwards, continue up the mountain into the caves.

MT. GAGAZET - Sunken Caves

Follow the rocky path up to a Save sphere. The strange hole just beyond it prevents you from continuing north, so head west until the party reaches water. Only Tidus, Wakka and Rikku are allowed to swim across. If you can, capture some fiends while in the water. Ascend the stairs at the other end and approach the bright, rotating object.

Your goal is to hit the glowing orb in the middle using Wakka's ball. Time your throw well and you’ll have no trouble hitting it. After doing so, open a chest at the base of the orb to receive a Lv.1 Key Sphere. Swim back and notice the strange hole near the Save sphere has been replaced with a stairway. Climb the stairs and veer north to the next watery area. Swim to the end to find a set of 3 lights. Use the directional buttons to guide each character into the correct colored hole:

Rikku = Green
Tidus = Blue
Wakka = Pink

Passing this trial gains you a Fortune Sphere, which you can retrieve in a chest below the lights. Return to dry land and follow the southern path, which is no longer blocked. Take a short swim to the end of the channel where two chests sit. Get a Return Sphere and a Recovery Ring from them, then return to the Save sphere at the bottom of the stairs.

Move west down the first corridor and turn right onto the newly formed path to grab a Pep Talk. Return to the Save sphere and ascend the stairs. Head north, veering to the left until you find a new staircase made up of rock slabs. Climb them until Yuna stops to chat with Auron. Save your game before exiting the cave.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sanctuary Keeper
HP: 40,000
AP: 11,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Turbo Ether

Cast Hastega on the entire party, defend characters with Protect or Shell, and use Armor and/or Mental Breaks on the boss. Bio works until the boss casts Esuna on itself. Like always, Aeons will only get one shot off before perishing. After half its life is gone, the boss will cast Curaga on itself - cast Reflect on the boss so one of your party members will be cured instead. Beware of him casting Reflect on your party however. If this happens, have Yuna Dispel it immediately. Just keep hitting him until he dies.

After you defeat the boss, head west. Pick up the sphere Yuna drops to learn how she feels about her guardians. Afterwards, follow the mountain trail down into Zanarkand.


Upon your arrival, a very familiar scene plays out. When it’s finished, head north, collecting treasure and fighting monsters along the way. Save your game when you reach the dome entrance. Unholy creatures lurk inside.

Continue through the ruins until you reach an underpass. Search for a path to the right that leads up to a chest with 10,000 gil. Head back down and keep going until you reach a Save sphere. Follow the upper path to an intersection where you’ll see a ghostly image of Seymour as a child. From here, take the easternmost path to find a Friend Sphere. Return to the middle and head north. After watching a scene between Lord Braska and his guardians, take a sharp left and follow the dilapidated path down to a partially hidden chest with a Lv.3 Key Sphere. Return to the upper path and continue forward into the crumbled temple. Search the right side of the corridor for a Luck Sphere then climb the stairs. Be sure to save your game before entering the Cloister.

Zanarkand Temple - Cloister of Trials #6:

1. Step on the green square near the entrance to begin the first puzzle.
2. Complete the puzzle by lighting the correct floor tiles to match the design on the screen display.
3. Once completed, six pedestals slide into the room and a door to the next chamber opens.
4. Push one of the outer pedestals into its slot to initiate a puzzle in the next room.
5. Solve the floor puzzle in the next room then repeat the process with the remaining three. All but the two middle pedestals can be moved.
6. After completing all four puzzles, take the red Kilika Sphere from the left side of the screen display and return to the first chamber. Place the sphere in the middle pedestal on the left side of the chamber.
7. Take the Besaid sphere from the second chamber. Stick it in the right pedestal in the first chamber. This activates the center of the second chamber.

At this point, DO NOT ENTER the second chamber until you save your game. Go outside to fill overdrive gauges if you need to and equip any armor that protects against Berserk. When ready, head back into the second chamber and prepare to fight a tough foe.

BOSS BATTLE >> Spectral Keeper
HP: 52,000
AP: 12,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Ether, Turbo Ether

Immediately use the Trigger command to move one player behind the boss. Cast Hastega on the party and try to Protect those fighting in front(ideally Auron and Kimahri) before the boss inflicts Berserk. If Lulu or Yuna get Berserked, remove the effect with a Remedy. The real trick is avoiding the Glyph Mines. These will kill characters instantly, so watch the CTB to know when to move. With proper timing and a bit of luck, you’ll eventually defeat the boss.

After the battle, the party will ride the elevator down to meet Lady Yunalesca. Before following them, go back to the Save sphere. If you need to refill overdrive gauges, do so now. The next battle is hard, plus it involves a long cutscene, which can get annoying if you die too often. When you’re ready, ride the elevator down and pass through the liquid green door.

BOSS BATTLE >> Lady Yunalesca
HP: first form 24,000 / second form 48,000 / third form 60,000
AP: 14,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Mega-Potion, Farplane Wind

Yunalesca will immediately neutralize Haste, Shell, and Protect as they are cast so don’t bother using those. She will inflict Blind when physically attacked and Silence when magically attacked, so if you have armors to guard against those, equip them. If Yuna has learned Holy,two blasts of it with the other party members’ regular attacks should kill her off pretty quickly.

In her second form, Yunalesca will add Zombie to her list of status inflictions, so either have Zombieproof armors equipped or be ready with Holy Waters. Note, however, that being a Zombie will protect you from strong attacks in her 3rd form, so curing is up to you. Use your parties’ overdrives and Holy spells to kill her off.

In her final form, she’ll add Confuse and Death to her arsenal. If you remained a Zombie, her Death attack will have no effect. Yuna's Aeons should be pretty powerful by now. Bahamut’s overdrive should do about 23,000 HP damage. Continue with the summons and eventually Yunalesca will die. If you run out of Aeons, just use strong physical attacks.

After winning, climb the stairs to the right. As if by magic, Tidus flashes back to the same area but is now able to collect the Sun Crest. After obtaining the key item, exit the chamber and speak with Auron, who will fill you in on a couple of big secrets. Go outside where the fully repaired airship awaits you.


Once airborne, locate Kimahri and Yuna on the top deck. They’ll suggest going to Highbridge, but don’t... just yet. Instead, now is the time to explore, complete mini-games, and collect all the stuff you missed the first time around.

Return to the bridge and talk to Cid to activate the airship’s NavMap screen. The 3 menu choices are: List (return to a previously discovered area), Search (input X-Y coordinates on a map to discover secret locations), and Input (type in passwords to find hidden treasures).

First, go back to the Zanarkand Temple to find a previously unavailable treasure. A new puzzle on the wall requires you light up 7 white tiles on the floor using both rooms. There are 3 tiles in the first room and 4 in the second. Once solved, a panel opens up in the first room revealing a Destruction Sphere. Return to the second room and place the sphere in the slot on the right to reveal a Magistral Rod for Yuna. Use the Save sphere to teleport to the airship.

It’s more fun exploring on your own but if you need a few suggestions, here are some of the things you might want to do:

- collect all 26 Al Bhed Primers then speak with Rin on the airship to get a reward
- collect all 10 Jecht Spheres to teach Auron his final Overdrive
- find secret Aeons
- find secret treasures
- locate all celestial weapons
- power up the celestial weapons
- capture monsters for the arena / fight hybrids
- play lots of blitzball

A couple of miscellaneous things to note: If you told Clasko he should be a Chocobo Breeder, visit him in on the S.S. Liki (docked in Besaid) to receive a Friend sphere. If you spoke to Wantz while hiking up Mt. Gagazet, you'll find him selling 4-slot armor and weapons on the southern end of Macalania. For a complete list of airship codes, hidden locations, mini-games and special items refer to the FFX Extras page.


When ready, head to the Highbridge. Once there, walk forward and talk to the two soldiers. This will spark a series of events with Shelinda, Mika, and the Fayth that will lead to an inevitable showdown with Sin.


Back on the airship, the party discusses strategy. Talk to Cid and select “Sin” on the NavMap to guide the airship close to the beast. Buy any last-minute items from Rin then go to the top deck and take the elevator out to fight.

BOSS BATTLE >> Left Fin / Right Fin
HP: 65,000 / 65,000
AP: 17,000 / 16,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Mega-Potion, Sphere Gem, X-Potion, Shining Gem

Sin is strong against both physical and magical attacks so use Armor Break and Mental Break right away. Cast Hastega on the party and have Yuna cast Shell on as many individuals as she can. When you see Sin powering up to use a Gravija attack, have Tidus or Rikku Trigger Cid to move the airship back. Attack with Flare, Ultima, or Holy. Try to save some of your Aeons for a much more difficult battle coming up right away.

BOSS BATTLE >> Sin Core / Sinspawn Genais
HP: 36,000 / 20,000
AP: 18,000 / 1800
Weakness: None / Fire
Steal: Shining Gem, Star Curtain, Stamina Spring

This battle is another “use everything to win” type. Sinspawn Genais absorbs magic cast on the Core, so start out by physically attacking it and cast Silence to prevent it from using Cura. After it is gone, bring in Yuna and Lulu to blast magic on the Core. Use Rikku to heal everyone with Al Bhed Potions while the magic users fight. Use a couple of Aeons if you like.

After the battle, return to the airship and save your game. Take some time to refill overdrive gauges, restock items, and modify weapons. Try to equip things that prevent Petrify, Confuse, and Zombie. When ready, exit the airship and speak with Yuna. Once the scene ends, head back out to fight Sin.

BOSS BATTLE >> Overdrive Sin
HP: 140,000
AP: 20,000
Weakness: None
Steal: Ether, Supreme Gem

This fight requires that you MUST use Hastega in order to win. If not, you’ll have to deal with the power of his overdrive, which will almost certainly kill the entire party. If by chance he does get off his overdrive, try to have an Aeon in there to take the blow. Better yet, use Yuna’s Grand Summon on an Aeon to unleash two overdrives in a row. In general, use all of your strongest attacks as fast as possible and try to move in all party members to get the great AP.

SIN – Sea of Sorrow

After defeating Sin, the party enters the creature’s shell. You can still leave and explore other stuff - by all means do so, as there will be few remaining opportunities after this.

This area is very similar to the Omega Ruins if you attempted to visit there. The map will only appear as you walk. Head north, navigating around the mist that blocks certain paths. The monsters here are very powerful, especially the Behemoth Kings. If you can, try capturing species for the monster arena. Wind your way around the flows to grab treasure. Once you reach the stairs, save your game. Before ascending, try to equip your party with things that nullify magic attacks, especially elemental ones. As usual, make sure your party is fully healed, overdrive gauges are full, etc. When you climb the stairs you’ll meet up with your old friend Seymour one last time.

BOSS BATTLE >> Seymour Omnis
HP: 80,000
AP: 24,000
Weakness: (varies)
Steal: Shining Gem, Supreme Gem

The battle is easy if you understand how to defend against elemental magic. The wheels behind Seymour indicate which elemental property he is using. He’ll start with Fire so have Lulu cast the opposite. If you equipped Lulu with the Phantom Bangle, Seymour’s attacks will actually replenish her HP. The easiest thing to do is cast Holy on him, which will take off 9,999 HP over and over again. Have the rest of the team move in to help. Use an Aeon if you wish.

After the battle, return to the Save sphere near the staircase or press onward.

SIN – City of Dying Dreams / Tower of the Dead

Move forward until you reach a glyph on the left. It tells you that fiends still seek eternal repose. Once you kill at least 35 monsters in the area, return here to get a Lv.4 Key Sphere. Move ahead to an area with two blue Yevon symbols on the ground. Stand on the closest one for a couple of seconds. It will eventually lift you up to a chest with a Four-On-One for Wakka. Return to the bottom and step on the second symbol farther up the path. Press X to activate a bridge that leads to a Defending Bracer. Ride down and continue forward, veering left to enter a passage with another glyph on the wall. Touch it and get a Megalixer from the chest.

Continue along the main path until you find a ramp leading down to a chest with 20,000 gil. Step on the platform beside it to rise up. Grab an HP sphere and a Defense Sphere. Move across to the nearby platform and ride back down. Towards the left, you can exit the area by touching a piece of wall that opens up a new path. Alternately, return to the intersection and continue forward into an area where pieces of the floor rise up. Navigate around them to the right a find a doorway that slides you down into a lower chamber. Once inside, grab a Laevatein from the chest then climb up the stone blocks on the right to exit.

Proceed until you come across a T-intersection with a Save sphere. This is your last chance to beef up characters, modify weapons, etc. so prepare well. This is also the last Save sphere you’ll find, so use it. You will not be able to return to the airship after moving forward.

A massive tower falls to the ground, revealing a pink symbol. Inspect it to proceed. Once inside, there’s no way out. Touching the icicles will result in a battle. To avoid fighting, stand still until you see the ground start to glow then quickly move away. The goal here is to collect 10 of the little crystals in the area. When you see one appear, run up to it to receive an item. Just before collecting the 10th one, heal your party and arm them with their best weapons. As soon as you touch the 10th crystal, the final battle begins.


Back inside what appears to be the Zanarkand Dome, the party meets Jecht. After speaking with Tidus and Auron, he’ll decide it’s time to end this once and for all.

HP: 60,000 / 120,000 / 7,000 x2
AP: 0
Weakness: None
Steal: Turbo Ether

Tidus will have a Trigger command. Use it to talk right at the beginning of the battle, and again when the monster’s gauge is halfway full. You should be very good at fighting major battles by now… just use your head, defend as necessary, and release all your powers. You’ll do just fine.

After the ultimate summon is defeated you will be visited by the Fayth, wherein Yuna must sadly choose to dispose of her Aeons, one at a time.

HP: 99,000
AP: 0
Weakness: None

If you die here, there’s a defect in your game... you’ll understand when you get there. Now, after a long series of battles, sit back and enjoy the ending!



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