final fantasy VI (anthology)
  playstation 1 walkthrough - u.s. version only


* Treasures: Elixir, Phoenix Down, Sleeping Bag x2, Tonic, Tincture

After the opening title sequence, you’ll take control of a young sorceress in the mining town of Narshe. Follow the path north, stopping occasionally to battle hostile soldiers and dogs. All enemies are easy to defeat, given the Magitek armor you are wearing. Use Heal Force to keep your health up during battles and the Cure spell to replenish HP in between battles. Continue heading north until you reach the mines. Once there, step on the shiny object up ahead to save your game then move forward to the gate. After Biggs opens the passage, enter to face your first boss.

BOSS >> Whelk

There are two parts to Whelk: its head and its shell. The shell absorbs damage and redirects it back at your party, so avoid hitting it. Attack only the head until it withdraws into its shell. While waiting for the head to re-emerge, heal your party members or simply wait it out. If by accident you hit the shell, Whelk may unleash a MegaVolt attack that can wipe out the party. Avoid this by simply being patient. When the head dies, so does the shell.

Once Whelk is defeated, enter the cave. Continue to the top to trigger a scene, during which the girl reacts to a frozen Esper. When the scene ends, you’ll be inside a house. Get out of bed and approach the Old Man to initiate a conversation, during which you’ll be asked to choose a name for the girl (Terra is the default). Afterwards, examine the clock in the upper left corner to get an ELIXIR then follow the Old Man to the back door. Exit and head west until you reach the mine entrance.

Inside, you’ll be fighting creatures without the use of Magitek armor. Dispense of them, as you make your way north to the Save Point. Use it then climb the stairs up ahead. Open the chest on the right to obtain a PHOENIX DOWN then follow the western path over to a second chest containing a SLEEPING BAG. Continue north until a scene takes over. When it ends, you’ll take control of a thief named Locke (default name).

Imperial Soldiers approach and some moogles arrive to help. At this point, you’ll be controlling three separate parties: one with Locke and 3 moogles, one with Mog and 3 moogles, and one with 4 ordinary moogles. Using the Square button to switch between parties, have one or two clear out the soldiers before they reach Terra. Once the regular troops are defeated, send in your healthiest/strongest party to take out the Commander. If you are not using Mog’s team, un-equip the moogle to add some nice gear to your inventory.

Watch the scene that follows and when you regain control of Locke, speak to the man standing next to the building on the left. The building is actually a classroom where you can learn about different aspects of the game. While there, look inside pots and open chests to get a TONIC, SLEEPING BAG and TINCTURE. One chest actually contains a “monster-in-a-box” which you must defeat after opening. The classroom also contains a Save Point and a healing spring (bucket near the entrance) that restores your party’s HP/MP. When ready, leave Narshe and head out to the World Map.

You can save your game at any point while on the World Map. Spend some time leveling up your characters as you travel south towards Figaro Castle, which is located in the middle of the desert.


* Treasures: Phoenix Down, Soft, Tonic, Antidote

Enter the castle and head straight up to the throne room. Approach Edgar (default name) to trigger a scene, after which you can freely explore the grounds. Taking control of Terra now, leave the throne room and enter the passage on the left to find a chest containing a PHOENIX DOWN. Further down, you’ll find two doors. The one on the left leads to a chest containing SOFT and a merchant who sells items. The door on the right leads to chests containing a TONIC and ANTIDOTE, as well as a weapons dealer. After shopping, go downstairs to find two more doors. Enter the door on the left. Rest to replenish HP/MP then use the lower staircase to go outside. Head west across the sand and enter the door at the end.

Speak to the Matron inside to trigger a flashback, during which you’ll be introduced to the king’s brother, Sabin (default name). Afterwards, return to the castle and speak with Edgar in the throne room. During the next few scenes, you’ll be controlling either Edgar or Terra. Have Edgar talk to the two soldiers, then to Kefka. Have Terra follow Locke to the bedroom in the eastern wing of the castle. When the scene switches back to Edgar, speak to Kefka again then talk to the guard at the top of the stairs.

As the trio escapes on chocobos, M-Tek Guards attack. You’ll witness a funny scene the first time Terra uses magic against them. Once the guards are defeated, ride south towards the Figaro Area Cave and dismount.


* Treasures: Tincture x2, Phoenix Down

Speak to the chocobo rider at the entrance to gain admittance. Once inside, go over to the water, which is actually a healing spring. Press X while near it to replenish the party’s HP/MP whenever you need to. Head east from the spring to the next area. Note: if you ignore all of the chests during this visit, they transform into better items when you visit the cave later on.

If you want to collect the treasures now, climb the stairs on the left to reach a chest containing TINCTURE. Return to the previous floor and head southeast to reach the bottom portion of the cavern. Follow the far right path over to a chest containing another TINCTURE then go west, past the central stairs, to the far left passage. Grab a PHOENIX DOWN from the chest there. Afterwards, use the central stairs to get to the World Map and travel southeast to the town of South Figaro.


* Treasures: Tonic x3, Soft, Antidote, Eyedrop, Green Cherry, Phoenix Down, 500GP, 1000GP, 1500GP, Tincture, Elixir, Warp Stone

Check the barrels next to the Chocobo Stable to get a TONIC then explore the rest of the town. Look for SOFT in the crates to the south, an ANTIDOTE in the barrel to the east, and an EYEDROP in the crate next to it. Enter the Pub and speak to the masked man sitting at the bar. Shadow (default name) will periodically join the party throughout the game. For now, leave him be and descend the stairs next to the bar. Talk to the cider man in the room below then go back upstairs. The northern door leads to the Inn, but don’t bother spending GP to rest there as you can do it for free a little later on. On the 1st floor of the Inn, you’ll find a Relics dealer. Buy some if you like; otherwise go outside and head north. Search the crates on the side of the Chocobo Stable to get a GREEN CHERRY then enter the mansion further up.

Talk to the occupants on the second floor who mention a draft in the room. Look behind the bookcase on the left for a secret stairwell. After descending two flights of stairs, you’ll find a series of doors. The middle room has a Save Point and the one on the far right contains a couple of old clocks and some chests. Open them to get 500GP, 1000GP, and 1500GP. After gathering the loot, exit the mansion using the door on the right. Check the barrel for a PHOENIX DOWN then go around back and enter a hidden door. Examine the clock inside to get an ELIXIR. Now backtrack to the central part of town.

Check the barrel in between the armor and weapon dealers to get a TONIC, and shop to upgrade everyone’s gear. Afterwards, enter the house to the south via the back door. Once inside, search the bucket on the right for a TONIC then go upstairs. Speak to the cider man and his wealthy patron sitting at the desk. Exit through the front door and head east to Duncan’s house. If you talk to his wife, you’ll learn that Duncan, a world famous martial arts teacher, has gone off to train in Mt. Kolts. The stairs on the right lead to another Save Point if you want to use it; otherwise, exit the house and use the stairs on the left to reach the Item shop. After buying supplies, head north. Use the stairs here to reach the western edge of town. Check the barrel at the end to receive a WARP STONE.

When ready, leave South Figaro. Before going to Mt. Kolts, you can visit a house to the north and rest for free.

Sabin’s House - optional

* Item: Tonic

After resting, check the pot next to the stove to obtain a TONIC and speak to the man outside to learn more about Sabin (Edgar’s brother). When ready, exit to the world map and head east. You’ll find the entrance to Mt. Kolts in an alcove to the north.


* Treasures: Guardian, Atlas Armlet, Tent x2

Enter the northern passage and go upstairs. Follow the path around to the exit on the right. Back outside, go through the next hole on the right then travel south around the boulder to reach a chest. It contains a GUARDIAN weapon for Locke. Now, backtrack to the boulder and head north. Before crossing the wooden bridge, go under the rocks to the east and follow the trail to a room with a chest containing an ATLAS ARMLET. Head back to the bridge and exit through the hole on top.

You’ll see a dark figure leaping behind the mountains. Follow him to the next area and enter the first hole you come to. Head south to a chest containing a TENT then backtrack two screens. Enter the second hole now, and follow the bridges east until you are outside again. Pursue the dark figure across a bridge further north and enter the hole on the other side. Use the Save Point before continuing through the next hole. Follow the winding trail around to Vargas. Heal up before speaking to him.

BOSS >> Vargas

Vargas is protected by some Ipoohs so your first task is to eliminate them so you can reach Vargas. Use Edgar’s Tools and Terra’s Fire magic to quickly dispense of them then focus on Vargas. His attacks are pretty strong so make sure to heal often. Once you’ve damaged him enough, Sabin arrives to take over. Select Sabin’s Blitz skill then press Left, Right, Left and X buttons to execute a Pummel attack. If entered correctly, Vargas should fall pretty quickly.

After the battle, Sabin joins the party. Upgrade his weapons and armor if you have any to spare then go through the hole Vargas was guarding. Open the nearby chest to get a TENT then take the eastern stairs out to the World Map. Once there, head north until you reach an opening in the mountains on the right. Enter the hideout.


* Treasures: Phoenix Down x2, Antidote, Tincture, True Knight, Air Lancet, White Cape, Green Cherry, Potion, Gauntlet or Genji Glove (choice)

Follow the guard to the door on top. Enter and speak with Banon to trigger a scene. When you gain control of Terra, grab a PHOENIX DOWN from the chest in the guestroom then explore the rest of the hideout. There’s a supply room to the north with chests containing a PHOENIX DOWN, AIR LANCET, and TRUE KNIGHT relic. Check the pots to get an ANTIDOTE and TINCTURE as well. Look for a secret passageway behind the crates on the right leading down to a chest with a WHITE CAPE.

After getting the items, exit the room and head southeast. Speak to the man behind the counter if you need to purchase supplies and grab a GREEN CHERRY from the pot near the armor. If you examine the table, you’ll find a scrap of paper that you can either leave alone or toss in the trash. There’s an Inn to the south where you can nap for free. In Banon’s chamber to the northeast, collect a POTION from the chest near the bookcase.

After exploring the interior of the hideout, go outside and speak with Banon. When he asks if you’ll help the cause, answer “Yes” to get a GAUNTLET from him, or “No” if you prefer to get a GENJI GLOVE from the guy in the storage room. If you opted for the latter, return to Banon and tell him you’ll help to trigger a scene, during which Locke leaves while the rest of the party heads off to the Lete River.


Hop on the raft and take off down the rapids towards Narshe. You’ll encounter some enemies during the journey and if Banon gets KO’d at any point, you’ll have to start over again from the Returner’s Hideout. The raft will stop when there’s a directional choice to be made. If you choose poorly, you’ll return to an area you previously passed, forcing additional encounters. This is not such a bad thing, since it allows you to level up characters quickly. If you’re finding it hard to keep Banon alive, stick him in the back row and just use him as a healer.

For the fastest route out of the rapids, keep heading left when given a choice. You’ll find a couple of Save Points along the way. Make sure to use them, as a large purple octopus is about to attack.

BOSS >> Ultros

Ultros has some strong attacks that may instantly kill a party member, especially Banon. It’s quite possible you’ll die a couple of times before finally defeating him. If you have the Genji Glove equipped on Edgar, he’ll cause a fair amount of damage using two swords. As for the others, have Sabin use Pummel and Terra use Fire magic while Banon acts solely as a healer. Once you’ve inflicted enough damage, Ultros escapes and Sabin jumps in after him.

At this point, there are 3 separate storylines you need to complete. In no particular order, they are: Locke in South Figaro, Sabin in the water, and Terra’s group on the raft. Have Mog speak to the character you want to start with and read the applicable section, below:

Locke’s Storyline (South Figaro)

* Treasures: Hyper Wrist, Running Shoes, Clock Key (key item), Elixir, Iron Armor, Heavy Shield, Regal Cutlass, X-Potion, Ribbon, Ether, Earrings

Imperial troops have taken over South Figaro and Locke must find a way to get to Narshe without being caught. Start by re-equipping him then go upstairs and enter the Item shop. Talk to the merchant standing by the clock to initiate a fight, during which you need to steal his clothes. While disguised as a merchant, leave the shop and enter the house to the south.

Go downstairs and talk to the boy blocking the path. Since you look like a merchant, he’ll let you pass. Use the back door to get outside then look for any soldier wearing a green helmet (there’s one patrolling the upper northwest walkway). Instigate a fight and steal the soldier’s uniform. After doing so, enter the Pub and take the stairs on the right down to the cider merchant whom you’ll want to fight. After stealing his clothes, as well as a bottle of cider, return to the boy on the stairs.

Once he lets you pass, go upstairs and offer cider to the man sitting at the desk. In turn, he’ll tell you about a secret passage leading into the mansion. Return to the boy on the stairs. When he asks for a password, say “Courage” then follow the new route up and around to get inside. Ascend the western stairs and speak to the kids inside the room on the right. One will drop a hint about a clock that needs winding. Return to the hallway and enter the first room now. Follow the breezy passage behind the bookcase down to the basement.

Move forward and you’ll be prompted to change clothes. Do so if you like, then look for a hidden passage directly across the hall. Follow it down to the jail. Search the cells for chests containing a HYPER WRIST and RUNNING SHOES. After collecting them, return to the hallway with 3 doors. Once there, examine the door on the right to witness a scene with Celes (default name). Choose to remove her chains then swipe the CLOCK KEY from the sleeping guard. Equip Celes with any extra gear you may have and take advantage of the Save Point in the next room. Enter the last room and use your key to wind the clock in back, which reveals a new passageway.

After passing through, you’ll be inside a maze-like area where random enemies attack. Start by heading east then veer south to reach a chest containing IRON ARMOR. Now return to the main path and go east until you can veer north. Follow this path around to a couple of chests containing a HEAVY SHIELD and REGAL CUTLASS. Backtrack to the central hall and poke around the lower wall until you find a hidden passage leading south. About halfway, jog to the left and continue downstairs to Basement Level 2.

In the rooms below, you’ll find chests holding an X-POTION and ETHER. Search the wall near the eastern chest for a hidden alcove containing a RIBBON. After getting the items, go upstairs and follow the hidden passage back to the central hallway. Move south until you reach a new corridor and a chest on the left containing EARRINGS. Now follow the corridor east to a set of stairs that allow you to exit the city.

Locke’s Storyline (Figaro Area Cave)

Stop by the house in the north to rest for free or just head over to the Figaro Area Cave in the northwest mountains. If you ignored the treasure chests earlier, open them now to receive items; otherwise move straight through the cave and use the healing spring before approaching the exit.

BOSS >> Tunnel Armor

If you follow Celes’ advice, this boss is easy to defeat. During each turn, have Celes use her Runic skill, which absorbs magic attacks when equipped with a blade. Locke should steal from the boss then use physical attacks to whittle it down. If the party needs to heal, have Locke use Tonics or Potions, but do not stop using Celes’ Runic skill.

After defeating the boss, Locke’s storyline ends. Mog prompts you to select a new one.

Sabin’s Storyline (Veldt River / Gau’s Father’s House)

Sabin starts off at the base of the Veldt River. Enter the house to the east and talk to Shadow. After he joins you, equip him then go inside and talk to the Aged Man. Rest in his bed if he let’s you; otherwise, exit the house and speak to the traveling merchant that appears. Purchase as many Shurikens as you can afford for Shadow to use with his Throw skill.

When ready, go out to the World Map and head southeast until you reach a patch of desert near a bridge. Save your game before entering the base camp.

Sabin’s Storyline (Imperial Camp / Doma Castle)

* Treasures: Star Pendant, Mythril Glove, Green Beret, Remedy

Move forward and eavesdrop on the soldiers, after which you’ll be controlling Cyan (default name) in Doma Castle. Speak to the soldier wearing a green helmet to instigate a fight. Use Cyan’s Sword Tech skill to easily dispose of the enemy. Afterwards, you’ll be back with Sabin and Shadow at base camp. Enter the tent on the right and search around for a chest. Choose to: “Kick it”, “Punch it” or “Leave it alone”. Your answer determines whether or not the guard dog attacks. Either way, grab a STAR PENDANT from the chest and exit the tent. Head south until a scene takes over.

Follow Kefka and spar with him in between conversations. After the second bout, enter the tent near the Magitek equipment in the northwest corner. You’ll find two chests inside. One contains a MYTHRIL GLOVE. The other contains a fairly powerful monster-in-a-box. Defeat it to earn a GREEN BERET. Now leave the tent and taunt Kefka into fighting again. This time he’ll flee, leaving you to contend with some of his Templar Soldiers. After defeating them, the scene switches back to Doma Castle.

Now controlling Cyan, enter the castle and visit the king’s chambers to witness his untimely death. Afterwards, head down to the basement and get a REMEDY from the pot near the dead soldier. Return to the king’s area and enter the room on the right for a sad scene that prompts Cyan to run outside. When Sabin arrives, have him help Cyan fight off Kefka’s troops. After a few rounds, the team jumps into Magitek Armor suits.

Exit camp the same way you came in, battling a few enemies along the way. After ditching the armor, cross the bridge on the left and then another to the south. Enter the forest in between the mountains.

Sabin’s Storyline (Phantom Forest / Phantom Train)

* Treasures: Earrings, Hyper Wrist, Phoenix Down x2, Sniper Sight

It’s easy to get confused in the forest, as the paths are enchanted. One wrong turn will deposit you back at the entrance, but don’t worry. There’s a recovery spring here so you can afford to comfortably explore. From the entrance, head east to the very end of the path. Take the northern offshoot to the recovery spring. After using it, continue east to the next screen. Follow the path straight to the end then turn south. On the next screen, go east to the end and then veer north. Now take the first path up to reach the Phantom Train station.

Hop aboard the train and watch the scene that unfolds. Try jumping off then head east and enter the caboose. Speak to the Ghost inside if you want it to temporarily join your party. Note that healing items work fine on Ghosts outside of battle, but using them during an encounter will harm your undead ally. Also, if you use the Ghost’s Possess attack during battle, it will eliminate both the enemy and the Ghost. Either way, use the back door to get to a Save Point and speak to the Impresario to learn how to stop the train. Head west through the train compartments.

When you reach the fourth car, fight the spirit blocking the door to get out. Climb the ladder on the side of the car and make a daring leap to the sixth car. Go inside and look for a yellow switch on the wall. Flip it to detach the other cars from the train. Flip it again to open the sixth car. Use the Save Point then continue forward to the dining car. Sit at the middle table to eat a free meal that restores your party’s HP and MP. You’ll see different reactions depending on who the party leader is. Afterwards, go outside and walk around the front of the dining car. Re-enter through the back door to reach a chest containing EARRINGS.

In the next car, you’ll find a chest in the center guestroom. If you try to open it, Ziegfried arrives and challenges you to a fight. He’ll steal the treasure even if you beat him. Lootable chests occupy the next room, however. Defeat the monster in one of them to receive a HYPERWRIST then collect a SNIPER SIGHT and two PHOENIX DOWNS from the others. Save your game in the next car then move through to the engine room.

When you reach it, inspect the top left corner to find instructions on how to stop the train. Shut the first and third switches on the wall then throw a switch near the engine’s smokestack outside. If done correctly, the Phantom Train appears.

BOSS >> Phantom Train

The boss’s Acid Rain attack is probably the worst because it causes about 150 damage to each party member and gives them HP-draining seizures. Have Sabin use either Aura (Bolt) or Pummel (Blitz), and have Shadow toss Shurikens. Cyan should stick with his Lv.1 Sword Tech. Using these three attacks, the Phantom Train will not last long. Alternately, toss a Phoenix Down on the undead boss to destroy it with one shot.

Watch the sad scene that follows then console Cyan in order to leave the Phantom Forest. Head south, then east, then north into the mountains to reach the Barren Falls.

Sabin’s Storyline (Barren Falls / The Veldt)

When you enter, Shadow will leave your party if he hasn’t done so already. Once he’s gone, jump off the edge of the falls. On your way down, you’ll have to fight several Piranhas in succession. After eliminating them, an even more powerful creature appears.

BOSS >> Rizopas

The boss’s HP is relatively low, however it does have an extremely powerful attack called El Nino that causes 250-300 damage to both Sabin and Cyan. Use Blitz attacks and the Lv.1 Sword Tech when possible, while keeping both characters’ HP high by using Potions or Tonics.

After the battle, you’ll meet a wild child named Gau (default name) but he quickly disappears. As you make your way southeast to Mobliz, you may run into Gau again. He’ll beg for food, but since you do not have anything to offer him yet, just attack and Gau will flee.

Sabin’s Storyline (Mobliz)

* Treasures: Tintinabar

Talk to the locals to learn two things: One, that Gau likes Dried Meat (a villager mentions throwing Dried Meat into a pack of animals, causing Gau to appear) and two, that the Serpent Trench leads to Nikeah, but you’ll need an underwater breathing device to get there. After obtaining the important information, buy a couple of Dried Meats to feed Gau (they also restore 150 HP, by the way). Also, shop for better weapons and armor for your characters. Don’t bother using the Mobliz Inn. Instead of wasting 100 GP to rest there, use the free bed in the Relic Shop at the back of town.

If you want to participate in a side-quest, talk to the injured soldier inside the house to the west and read the letter on his desk. Afterwards, go to the delivery house next door and pay 500GP to send a package for him. Next, buy something in one of the shops then return to the soldier and read the new letter. After repeating these steps 5 or 6 times, the soldier will give you a TINTINABAR relic.

When ready, exit town and save your game progress. Engage in battles on the Veldt until you meet up with Gau. Instead of attacking him, give Gau the Dried Meat from your inventory. Once Gau joins your party, a tutorial explains how to use his Leap skill. When Gau Leaps into an enemy he can learn from, he’ll leave your party for a period of time. Continue fighting on the Veldt until Gau reappears with a new Rage skill. The skills he learns on the Veldt can be used at any time during battle anywhere in the world, however once Gau goes into Rage mode, you’ll lose complete control of him. He will continue to perform the selected beast’s attack until the battle ends.

When ready, leave the Veldt and head south. Enter the opening in the mountain.

Sabin’s Storyline (Crescent Mountain / Serpent Trench)

* Treasures: Elixir, Diving Helmet, X-Potion, Green Beret

Move forward to trigger a scene showing Gau sniffing around for a “shiny object”. When you regain control, search inside the hole on the left for an ELIXIR. Avoid the northwestern route unless you want to lose 500 GP. Instead, cross the northeastern bridge then head south until Gau locates the DIVING HELMET. Continue south and jump into the water.

While in Serpent Trench, you’ll move rapidly down the current where aquatic enemies abound. Occasionally, you’ll be given a choice of turning left or right. Always pick the eastern routes as they lead to a couple of caves with treasure. In the first cave, you’ll find an X-POTION and in the second, a GREEN BERET. The caves also allow you to heal party members before diving back into the water. Eventually, the party arrives on the shore near Nikeah. Enter the town when ready.

Sabin’s Storyline (Nikeah)

* Treasures: Elixir

Make sure to purchase new armor, even for characters not currently in the party since they will need it shortly. Also examine the clock in one of the Inn’s guestrooms to receive an ELIXIR. If you stop by the Pub, you’ll witness a funny scene between Cyan and a dancer. When ready, speak to the ferry captain on the dock to hitch a ride to South Figaro.

After you set sail, you’ll be prompted to choose another character’s storyline, or you’ll be in Narshe if you completed the other two.

Terra’s Storyline (Lete River / Narshe)

* Treasures: Rune Edge

Fight a few more creatures while aboard the raft. After it lands on shore, head northwest and enter the hole in the mountains. Terra’s bad reputation in Narshe prevents her from entering through the front gate, so use Locke’s secret passage in the rock to the west to get inside the mines. Feel free to use the recovery spring in the Training Center to restore your party’s HP and MP beforehand.

Move north through the mines until you see a white security beacon moving through a maze-like room. Memorize the route it takes, as you’ll have to follow it exactly to reach the opposite side safely. If you stray from its course, you’ll have to battle enemies then end up back at the starting point.

After making it across, continue moving through the mines until you reach a door facing south. Enter and speak to the moogles inside. Follow the western path over to a chest containing a RUNE EDGE sword then leave the lair using the opening on the right. Continue traveling south, past the Save Point, until you get outside. Cross the bridge and enter the house at the end.

Terra’s storyline ends once you speak with Arvis. You’ll get to choose any remaining quests, or the story will continue in Narshe.


* Treasures: Wall Ring, Sneak Ring, Hyper Wrist, Thief Knife, Earrings, 5000 GP, Elixir

With everyone now gathered in Narshe, you’ll automatically head to the top of the mountain to engage Kefka’s army. Once you take control of Terra, heal individual allies and/or upgrade their equipment before using the Save Point on the right. Afterwards, tell Banon you are ready to begin the battle.

As before, you’ll form 3 separate teams that you can switch between by pressing the Square button. The goal is to defeat Kefka before his troops reach Banon. Place two defensive groups at the end of each trail so that the enemy cannot get past without fighting. Have your most powerful group plow through the center towards Kefka. Make sure to heal between rounds and do not send a weak party against Kefka or his last guard unit.

BOSS >> Kefka

If you have Celes in the party, her Runic blade can absorb Kefka’s magic, which makes him much less threatening. Additionally, use Sword Techs, Blitz attacks, and Tools to seriously hurt the boss. If Cyan has reached Level 15, his Lv.4 Quadra Slam will cause close to 1000 points of damage. As usual, make sure to keep everyone’s health up throughout.

After the battle, watch a few scenes then form a party. Keep one slot empty if you want Shadow to join up a little later. Before leaving Narshe, visit the shops that stock new items and buy what you can afford. Since the Inn is expensive, rest in the back room of the weapon shop instead. Also, enter the warehouse in the southeast corner to find chests containing a WALL RING, SNEAK RING, HYPER WRIST, THIEF KNIFE, EARRINGS, and 5000 GP. There is one locked chest you cannot open yet, so don’t worry about it. Finally, examine a clock in the Elder’s House on the northwest end of town to receive an ELIXIR.

When ready, exit town and travel southwest to reach Figaro Castle.


Your goal is to locate the castle’s engineer but spend some time exploring first. If Edgar is your party leader, the shops will offer a 50% discount, so stock up on items and new tools while here. Take a nap in the castle’s upper chamber to restore HP/MP. Once you are done, descend the western stairs near the entrance to reach the engine room. Ask the man stationed there to take you to Kohlingen. Once you touch down, exit Figaro Castle and travel north a short distance to the seaside town.


* Treasures: Green Beret, Elixir, Hero Ring

Your main purpose in Kohlingen is to gather information on the flying creature, so start talking to the locals. One witness will point you south towards Jidoor. Several people also mention a house to the north. If you retained an empty slot in your party, speak to Shadow in the Pub. Pay his 3000 GP fee to have him join.

Enter the residence on the northeast corner of town by using the back door. Search behind the suit of armor for a hidden chest containing a GREEN BERET. Now go around and enter the residence from the front door. Descend the stairs and examine the woman in bed to trigger a flashback concerning Locke and his true love, Rachel. Now leave this residence and enter one in the northwest corner to witness another flashback. When it ends, search the clock to get an ELIXIR.

When ready, exit Kohlingen and travel north to the tip of the continent. Enter the house the locals spoke of. Inside, you’ll meet a man who dreams of one day owning a coliseum. Search the pot in his room for a HERO RING. Leave and travel south to the bottom of the continent where you’ll find the town of Jidoor.


* Treasures: Tincture

Once again, gather information by speaking to the locals. You’ll learn that the creature was seen flying north toward the town of Zozo. Buy better weapons, armor, and healing items in Jidoor because you’ll need them in hostile Zozo. You will also hear talk of an Opera House to the south, but there’s nothing going on there at the moment. Jidoor’s Auction House is not operating at this point either. Enter the large building at the top of town. It’s occupant, Owzer is not there at the moment, but you can admire his art collection and collect a TINCTURE from the pot near the bookcase.

Consider renting a Chocobo for the journey north to Zozo unless you want to level up your characters by traveling on foot. If you brought Shadow with you, he’ll leave just before reaching Zozo.


* Treasures: Tincture x2, Chain Saw, Tonic, Thief Glove, Potion, Fire Knuckle, X-Potion, Running Shoes
* Espers: Ramuh, Stray, Siren, Kirin

Make sure you save your game before entering because Zozo is filled with thugs who continually mug you. Start by heading west from the town’s entrance. Enter the Pub and speak to the bartender who offers a cryptic clue on how to set a clock. Go upstairs to find a room with a chest. After getting the TINCTURE from it, leave the Pub. Head north to reach the Inn. Examine the wall clock inside and it will prompt you to set the time. The locals offer mathematical clues but if you don’t want to waste time speaking with all of them, just set it to 6:10:50 now. If done correctly, a passage will open. Follow it to receive a new CHAIN SAW tool.

Leave the Inn and head west. Go behind the buildings to reach the Weapons shop. Grab a TONIC from the chest inside then exit and head south. Enter the old Relics shop in the southwest corner and go upstairs. Follow the line of people as they ascend. When you reach the first balcony, you’ll notice some of the people jumping across to adjacent buildings. Follow their lead by standing next to an empty window and pressing X to jump across. Your goal is to reach the top balcony but you’ll want to stop inside occasionally to look for treasure.

In the third building over, examine pots in the hallways for a POTION and TINCTURE. On another floor, you’ll find a small room with a chest holding a FIRE KNUCKLE. There’s also a THIEF GLOVE located somewhere in town but I cannot remember exactly where... Anyways, as you cross back and forth between the buildings, you’ll eventually reach the top balcony where a figure awaits. Heal your party before approaching.

BOSS >> Dadaluma

Dadaluma uses powerful physical attacks and a variety of support magic. Use Sabin’s Blitz, Edgar’s Chainsaw, Cyan’s Sword Tech, and Celes’ best magic spells if they are in your party. Eventually, the boss summons two Iron Fists to aid him in battle and will start using potions to heal himself. Since the Iron Fists are quickly replaced if you defeat them, just focus your attacks on Dadaluma. Alternately, make the Iron Fists work for you by using Edgar’s Noise Blaster to confuse them. The Iron Fists automatically disappear once you beat Dadaluma.

After the battle, enter the door Dadaluma was blocking. Open chests on the left and right that contain RUNNING SHOES and an X-POTION then continue north to the sleeping creature. Watch the scenes that follow, during which you’ll receive 4 magicite crystals containing the souls of espers RAMUH, STRAY, SIREN and KIRIN. Each character can equip one esper at a time. While equipped, characters can learn their esper’s spells by earning Magic Points (MP) in battle. Once enough MP is earned, the character will no longer need to have the esper equipped to use the spells. Also, while a character has an esper equipped, he/she can summon it into battle. Each esper has a unique attack and some are more powerful than others. Also, some espers have bonuses connected to them. For example, whenever a character equipped with Ramuh levels up, that character’s Stamina increases by one point.

After collecting and equipping the new espers, head south to find your other comrades waiting for you. Speak to one of them to trigger a scene, during which you’ll automatically return to the entrance of Zozo. Choose who will go with Celes and Locke on the next leg of the journey. If you want to change the party (other than Locke and Celes), stop by Narshe; otherwise travel back to Jidoor on foot. Spend time engaging in battles on your way there so that your characters learn a few basic Esper spells.


Rest and refill your supplies in Jidoor. When ready, enter Owzer’s house at the top of town. Talk to the Impresario then pick up a letter dropped near the front door to initiate a scene introducing Setzer (default name). When ready, exit town and travel south until you reach the Opera House.


Speak to the Impresario and watch the scenes that follow. When you take control of Locke, head south to exit the theatre’s balcony. Go downstairs and check in on Celes in the eastern dressing room. As Celes now, read the score on the desk to memorize your lines. In order they are:

“Oh my hero...”
“I’m the darkness...”
“Must I forget...”

Use the back door to get on stage. During the opera performance, select the correct lines when prompted. Once the actor joins you on stage, follow his lead then pick up the bouquet of flowers he drops. Go upstairs and dash over to the western edge of the set to end the performance properly. If you screw up at any point (either singing the wrong lines or missing the final stage direction), you’ll be booted out of the Opera House and have to start all over.

If the performance was a success, you’ll take control of Locke. Return to the dressing room. After finding Ultros’ letter, take it to the Impresario who is seated on the balcony. Once the timer starts, dash over to the northeastern side of the balcony and talk to the guy blocking the stairs. Quickly flip the switch on the wall behind him then run over to the northwestern edge of the balcony. Having unlocked the door, go through to reach the rafters.

To get to Ultros, you must cross the rafters while avoiding a bunch of rats. If you touch any, a fight ensues. Quickly eliminate the Vermin then destroy the smaller Sewer Rats during each round. If you destroy the Sewer Rats first, the Vermin will simply call in reinforcements. Remember that you only have 5 minutes to reach Ultros, so run from battle or use Smoke Bombs to escape if time is short.

BOSS >> Ultros

The royal octopus has improved a lot since your last meeting. In addition to using more powerful magic, Ultros will cast two negative status effects on your party, Imp and Confuse. If you have Green Cherries and Remedies on hand, use them to cure the effects; otherwise, immediately strike any character in a Confused state so that they snap out of it. Those equipped with relics that prevent these negative statuses will obviously be much better off. Offensively, use your new magic abilities and summon Espers into battle.

After watching a few scenes, you’ll be on board Setzer’s airship. Talk to him then watch as the group automatically flies to Albrook. Upon landing, hop back onto the airship and explore it by pressing the Triangle button. One crewman will heal your party, another sells items, and a third lets you un-equip characters so that you can redistribute the gear. Also, you can speak to any party member while aboard the airship to reconfigure your team. When ready, land the airship and enter the town of Albrook.


* Treasures: Tincture, Elixir, Potion

As usual, gather information by speaking to the locals and visit the shops to buy what you need. Look for TINCTURE inside a pot in the Weapon shop, an ELIXIR behind the clock in the Pub, and a POTION from the barrel next to the Inn. Exit town when ready.

Before moving on with the main storyline, you may want to visit the faraway towns of Tzen (to the north) and Maranda (to the west) to buy better gear. If not, then travel straight to Vector, which is located in the center of the continent. Look for a stone structure nestled within the mountains north of Albrook.


Upon arrival in Vector, you may be in serious need of rest. Although the Inn offers a “free” stay, there is a hidden cost: A thief will steal 1000 GP from the party in the middle of the night. To avoid this, check out the small house near the Weapon shop. When asked about your allegiance, respond that you are not loyal to the Empire, which prompts a fight with two Guards. After defeating them, the house’s owner will gladly restore your party’s HP and MP for free.

The entrance to the Imperial Palace is heavily fortified so prepare to fight a few soldiers if they spot you. This is a great place to level up if your characters need a boost. When ready, talk to the Returner Sympathizer, who’s hiding behind some crates on the northeast side. Take his advice by climbing onto the box. Follow the beams across then go north to reach the Magitek Factory.


* Treasures: Flame Sabre, Tincture, X-Potion, Thunder Blade, Remedy, Gold Shield, Dragoon Boots, Tent, Gold Armor, Gold Helmet, Blizzard, Zephyr Cape
* Espers: Ifrit, Shiva

Prepare to engage some nasty foes as you make your way through the factory. Bolt spells are especially effective against most of them. First, go downstairs and stand in front of the hook that is moving back and forth. Press X to jump onto it, grab a FLAME SABRE from the chest, and then jump back across. Now head east and enter the second pipe to the right of the stairs. Collect a TINCTURE from the chest then climb back through the pipe. Enter the first pipe now to reach a chest containing an X-POTION. Now move across the conveyor belt on the right to reach two more chests holding a THUNDER BLADE and REMEDY. From here, hop on the lower conveyor belt and ride down a level.

Upon landing, head west and ascend the stairs at the end. Go through the door on top to reach a chest with a GOLD SHIELD. Return to the previous area and head south. Grab DRAGOON BOOTS from a chest on the left then continue heading south. Follow the eastern walkway over to a chest near the stairs. Collect a TENT from it then take the stairs down and look for a door to the south leading to a tiny chamber. Search inside for a hidden chest containing GOLD ARMOR. Exit the tiny room and head west now. When you reach the stairs at the end, look for a small door on the southern wall. It leads to a chest containing a GOLD HELMET. After getting the item, take the stairs back to the conveyor belt area. From there, head east.

When you reach the set of crates, you’ll notice a pipe connected to one of them. Enter the pipe and move south until you can veer east. Jump out and collect a BLIZZARD and ZEPHYR CAPE from the two chests there. Re-enter the pipe and continue moving south until you drop down into the conveyor belt area. Once there, ride the small conveyor belt on the right to trigger a scene with Kefka and a couple of Espers. When you can move, follow the Espers. There is a Save Point in the room in the northwest corner. Use it before talking to the Espers. Whichever one you speak to first will initiate a battle.

BOSS >> Ifrit or Shiva

If you are fighting Ifrit, use Ice magic. Avoid casting Fire or using the Flame Sabre against Ifrit as it will replenish him. If fighting Shiva, do the opposite (fight her with Fire and avoid using Ice spells or the Blizzard sword). Physical attacks will not cause much damage but your characters’ special skills, as always, work well. After damaging the esper sufficiently, the other will arrive to stop the fight.

Speak to both espers afterwards. After collecting the IFRIT and SHIVA crystals, go through the door Shiva was blocking. Ascend the stairs to reach the Magitek Research Facility.


* Treasures: Break Blade
* Espers: Unicorn, Maduin, Shoat, Phantom, Carbunkl, Bismark

Once inside the facility, head south and all the way to the left. Before using the door at the end, search inside the wall across from the last holding tank to find a hidden BREAK BLADE. Afterwards, use the northern door and speak to the figure inside.

BOSS >> Number 024

At the start, use everything you’ve got against Number 024. Once the boss uses Wall Change to shift its weakness, use Scan to determine which new magic will be effective against it. If you don’t have the right kind of magic to counter, use special attacks like Cyan’s Dispatch, Sabin’s Pummel, and Edgar’s Chain Saw. If you keep your HP up, this should not be a tough fight.

After the battle, enter the next chamber and press the wall switch at the very top to trigger a scene with Cid, during which you’ll receive six new Espers: UNICORN, MADUIN, SHOAT, PHANTOM, CARBUNKL, and BISMARK. After Celes disappears, follow Cid and ride the elevator down to the bottom. Save your game then speak to Cid, who instructs you to escape in one of the mining carts. As you ride through the tunnels, Mag Roaders will periodically attack. Eliminate them quickly, and make sure to keep your party’s HP up because you will not get a chance to heal between battles. As you near the end, Number 128 attacks.

BOSS >> Number 128

This battle can be deadly after fighting so many Mag Roaders. If any party members are low on health, immediately use Cure magic or Potions for a boost. Number 128 is comprised of a body and two arms. Even though the arms regenerate, it’s wise to destroy them if only to reduce the amount of damage the boss can cause to your party each turn. Use attacks that target all parts of the boss, such as Sabin’s Fire Dance or Cyan’s Retort. Powerful magic, such as Bolt2, works especially well also.

Upon landing, use the Save Point then head south until you meet up with Setzer. Watch the scene that follows then prepare for another boss fight.

BOSS >> Cranes

Kefka’s Cranes are deceptively tough. Avoid casting Bolt spells on the left crane or Fire spells on the right crane as doing so will only power them up. If either Crane powers up to Lv.3, it’ll cast a brutal spell on your entire party. The Cranes also use other types of heavy magic, and will occasionally heal each other. Now that Setzer’s in your party, use his Slot command to attack both bosses. His most common combination, Three Diamonds, produces a Flash attack that causes around 400 points of damage to each Crane. Other slot combinations may heal the party, though you’ll still want to assign others to act as full-time medics throughout this battle.

Watch the scenes that follow, ending up in Zozo at Terra’s bedside.

Terra’s Flashback (Esper Village)

During Terra’s flashback, go outside and follow the path up to Maduin. Choose to take her with you. Once inside the Inn, speak to the woman resting in bed. In the morning, go outside and head north to reach a cave. Speak to the person at the top of the stairs to trigger a few scenes. When you regain control, attempt to leave. After a conversation with the Elder, go outside and return to the cave for a scene with Gestahl. When it ends, ascend the stairs and talk to the girl once more.


Back in Zozo, the team decides to return to Narshe, but now that you have an airship at your disposal, why not do a little exploring first? Board the ship to form a party, restore HP/MP, and equip new members properly. Afterwards, go out on deck and choose where to fly to next. Some areas of interest are as follows:

- Check out Jidoor’s auction house, which is now open for business. By participating in auctions on a regular basis, two espers (Zone Seek and Golem) will eventually come up for sale. You’ll need to spend at least 60,000GP in order to get them, though.

- Visit Tzen, which is on the northern tip of southern continent. Once there, look for a thief hiding in the eastern woods. If you have 3000 GP to spare, buy the Sraphim esper from him.

- Visit Mobliz to the east and assist the wounded soldier by sending new letters to his love in Maranda. Pay her a visit, too.

- Stop by Figaro Castle in northern desert. With Edgar as your party leader, buy tools and items at half price.

When you are finished exploring, fly over to Narshe. Look for an opening in the northern mountains near the ocean. Park the airship on a grassy area and enter the mining town.


* Esper: Mog (or Gold Hairpin)

Enter and the guard will escort you to King Banon, who tells you to find the Sealed Gate on the eastern edge of the Empire. Before doing so, visit Narshe’s shops as they have received some powerful new stock. Buy as much as you can afford.

Remember that chest you couldn’t open earlier? Enter the treasure house in the southeast corner to witness Lone Wolf tinkering with the lock. After he spots you, start chasing him through Narshe towards the northern mine entrance. Once inside the mines, take the first right and follow the winding path up to the snowy mountaintop where you fought Kefka’s troops earlier. Cross the western bridge to find Lone Wolf holding a moogle hostage.

Here, you must make a difficult choice: Either get the treasure (a Gold Hairpin) or save the moogle. Gold Hairpins are extremely rare, but Mog (default name) will join your party if you save him. The choice is yours, but who could stomach letting a little fuzzy guy like Mog fall off a cliff? If you choose Mog, you can find another Gold Hairpin later in the game. If you take the item, you will find Mog later in the game as well. However, you will benefit more from having Mog now than you will the Gold Hairpin.

Either way, exit Narshe and board the airship. Put Terra in your party then fly down to the southern continent. The Imperial Base is next to a bridge near the large desert. Park the airship there and save your game before entering.


Without Terra in your party, the guards will kick you out. Once she’s with you, enter the deserted complex. You’ll find a locked vault filled with treasure chests inside the building next to the entrance. Since you do not have access to the emperor’s stash yet, just leave and continue east through the base until you get outside. Enter the mountains up ahead.


* Treasures: Assassin, Tempest, X-Potion, Coin Toss, Genji Glove, Tent, Ether x3, Inviz Edge, Water Skean, Remedy, 5000 GP, Elixir, Magicite x3, Atma Weapon

Follow the path over to a chest containing an ASSASSIN. Since most of the creatures you’ll face here are undead, you might want to hold off on equipping weapons such as the Assassin. Either way, use the southern exit to get to the basement. Grab a TEMPEST weapon from the chest on the left then take the western exit down to Basement 2.

In order to get the two chests here, you have to cross a series of moving bridges at the right time, otherwise you’ll fall into the lava and have to start over. The upper chest contains an X-POTION and the lower one, a COIN TOSS relic. After retrieving them, take the southeast exit down to Basement 3. Once there, continue along southeastern path to reach a chest containing ETHER. Now backtrack a bit and descend the stairs leading to a hole. Pass through and continue east along the lower path, moving under the boulder and over to the switch bridge. Pull the switch to drop down then return to the chest on the rock. After collecting a GENJI GLOVE from it, head east again.

At the top of the stairs, you’ll find 3 switches. Pull the switch on the far left to create an opening. Go inside and collect a TENT from a chest then save your game. Now exit and pull the center switch. Ninja will drop down and challenge you to a fight. After an easy victory, Ninja hints at hidden treasures buried underneath the grand staircase. Once he leaves, pull the switch on the right to reveal the staircase he just mentioned. Descend and start poking around on the ground (press X) until you locate 4 buried treasures: an INVIZ EDGE, WATER SKEAN, REMEDY, and 2000GP. The money is buried in the dirt behind the ETHER chest; the other three are found in the dirt below the stairs. After gathering the loot, head east through the blind passageway.

Open a chest on the other side to get an ELIXIR then step on two floor switches to the right. Afterwards, head south then veer west to find another floor switch. Step on it to open a new passageway. Go through and collect ETHER, two MAGICITES, and the ATMA WEAPON. Exit and backtrack east. Cross the bridge at the end. Now flip the switch on top then flip one on the right to shift the walkways. Cross over to reach a chest that actually contains a lever. Pull it then head east to a chest with another MAGICITE. Now go south and continue up to the Sealed Gate where a scene unfolds.

When you regain control, use the southern exit to quickly return to the airship. Once onboard, some Espers will attack, causing the ship to crash near Maranda. Vector is a long walk from the crash site. If you don’t feel like fighting your way over there on foot, search the woods in the northwest to find a Chocobo rental stable.


* Treasures: Gale Hairpin, Revivify, Tincture, Back Guard, X-Potion

Although Vector is on fire, the shops are still open. When ready, go up to the palace. Gestahl’s representative will meet you on the stairs. Follow him to the banquet room. Once there, speak to Gestahl and watch the scene that unfolds. Now you need to speak to as many palace soldiers as you can in 4-minutes. Note that some will want to fight before talking, depleting your time even further. Don’t bother opening chests right now, as you can collect them all later.

The most efficient route to finding the guards (including Magitek Armored ones) is to move clockwise around the palace, starting south. At the bottom, go west. Use the door at the end of the thin hallway to get inside the stairwell. Check each room in the western stairwell for soldiers as you ascend. Come back later to collect a BACK GUARD, X-POTION, and TINCTURE from the western barracks.

On top, head east. Check the northern room for guards then continue over the eastern stairwell. Descend the stairs, making sure to check the rooms you pass for more guards. Return later to collect a GALE HAIRPIN from the bedroom and REVIVIFY from an adjoining bathroom. When you reach the bottom, go west down the thin hallway and take the central corridor up to the banquet room.

After 4 minutes, the banquet automatically begins. During the feast, Gestahl will ask several questions and you’ll be graded on your answers. To receive the highest score possible, read the list below:

* Each guard talked to = 1 point (24 points total) / Each guard fought = 4 points (20 points total)

Q: Who to toast?
A: Hometown: 5 points / Empire: 2 points / Returners: 1 point

Q: About Kefka?
A: Leave him in jail: 5 points / Execute him: 3 points / Let him go: 1 point

Q: About Doma?
A: That was inexcusable: 5 points / Apologize again: 3 points / What’s done is done: 1 point

Q: About Celes?
A: Celes is one of us: 5 points / We trust Celes: 3 points / Was she a spy?: 1 point

Q: Any questions?
A: Ask all 3 (2 points each), but do not repeat any (-10 points if the same question is asked)

Q: About the Espers?
A: Yes, they have gone too far: 5 points / But you unleashed their power: 2 points

Q: Which question was asked first?
A: Answer correctly: 5 points / Answer incorrectly: 0 points

Q: Care to rest?
A: Keep talking: 0 points / Take a rest: - 5 points

Q: Anything you’d like me to say?
A: That the war is over: 5 points / That you want peace: 3 points / That you’re sorry: 1 point

Q: Will you do me a favor?
A: Yes: 3 points / No: 0 points

The banquet ends after completing all of the questions. When you regain control, leave the banquet room. Gestahl’s attendant will reward the party based on how well you did:

0-39 Points: South Figaro is liberated
40-49 Points: South Figaro and Doma Castle are liberated
50-59 Points: South Figaro and Doma Castle are liberated, and the Imperial Base’s stock room is unlocked.
60-69 Points: South Figaro and Doma Castle are liberated, the Imperial Base’s stock room is unlocked, and the party receives Tintinabar
70+ Points: South Figaro and Doma Castle are liberated, the Imperial Base’s stock room is unlocked, the party receives Tintinabar and a Charm Bangle

After earning your reward, speak with Edgar to learn that Albrook is a port town to the south. If you missed getting any of the palace treasures while running around, grab them now. Once you exit Vector, Locke and Celes will be traveling by themselves, with everyone else’s gear now added to your inventory.

If Gestahl opened his stockroom for you, stop by the Imperial Base to the east and collect the following: 41000GP, X-POTION, CHERUB DOWN, ETHER, WALL RING, RUNNING SHOES, BACK GUARD, ELIXIR, and a CURE RING. When ready, travel to Albrook.


After checking out the town, go down to the dock. Climb aboard the ship and speak with General Leo to trigger a scene. Afterwards, take a nap at the Inn. The next morning, return to the ship and talk to Leo again to set sail for Thamasa. Once the ship lands, follow the light green path out to the eastern peninsula.


* Treasures: Eyedrop, Green Cherry, Soft, Echo Screen, Fire Rod, Ice Rod

Thamasa’s shops carry some fine wares so buy what you can afford. As you approach the fenced house on the northern end of town, you’ll witness a scene in the backyard involving a mother and child, and another involving a kid playing with fire in the woods. Enter the house in between where these scenes take place to meet Strago and his granddaughter Relm (default names).

After Strago kicks you out, explore the barrels in town for a few items (EYEDROP, SOFT, GREEN CHERRY, ECHO SCREEN) then go to the Inn. Pay 1GP to rest and Strago will come during the night asking for help. Watch the scene that follows. When you regain control, go over to the burning house on the right and speak to Strago. Once he joins the party, make sure to equip him properly.

Inside the house, you’ll see little flames moving along the paths. Touching them prompts a battle with Balloon enemies, which are all susceptible to ice magic. Move through until you arrive in an area with a couple of doors. The one on the left is a trap so go through the right door instead. Here, you’ll have more doors to choose from. Enter the room on the right to get a FIRE ROD from the chest but do not equip it, as fire magic replenishes the enemies here. Use the door on the left to reach the next hallway. Once there, enter the room on the right to collect a useful ICE ROD. After equipping Strago with it, go through the door on the left and heal your party before entering the next room.

BOSS >> Flame Eater

Maintain everyone’s health throughout the battle and unload on the boss with Ice magic until he casts Reflect on himself. If Shiva is equipped, summon her as much as possible. Strago’s skill is called Lore that allows him to learn from enemies in battle. He already knows Aqua Rake, which works nicely against the Flame Eater and his Balloon reinforcements. When the boss casts Reflect, stop attacking with magic and go with physical might until the effect wears off.

After defeating the boss, Shadow arrives and carries the group back to safety. Exit Strago’s house and bid farewell to Shadow for now. When ready, leave Thamasa and travel west towards the mountains, veering north when you reach the water. Enter the cave up ahead.


* Treasures: Heal Rod, Chocobo Suit, Tabby Suit, X-Potion

Move forward and grab a HEAL ROD from the chest on the left. Pass through the opening on the right, as the northern and western exits lead to dead ends. On the next screen, head north and go around to the door. After passing through, travel east to reach the next area. Examine the gold statues in the center of the room to trigger a scene. When it ends, heal the party then move forward to face Ultros.

BOSS >> Ultros

This battle is actually easier than the battle at the Opera House. Use Fire spells to quickly deplete Ultros’ health. Near the end, Relm will arrive to help out. Use her Sketch skill to draw a picture of Ultros. When she uses her artwork successfully, which may take a while, the battle automatically ends.

When you regain control, equip Relm properly then take the western exit into a room with a Save Point. After using it, go downstairs where you’ll find three holes in the ground. Avoid the hole closest to the stairs for the moment. Instead, step on the hole to the north to drop down. At the bottom, follow the lower path out to a chest containing a TABBY SUIT then take the upper path out to a chest with a CHOCOBO SUIT. Re-enter the cavern and jump off the southern end. Take the far right exit back to the Save Point Room.

Once there, step on the hole to the east. After dropping down, go out and collect an X-POTION then backtrack to the Save Point room. Now step on the hole near the stairs and follow the northern path outside. Continue into a room filled with light beams and move forward until a scene takes over. Now controlling Leo, fight Kefka. Three bolts of Leo’s awesome Shock skill should be enough to eliminate Kefka. Watch the scenes that follow then board the airship.

When given the choice of what to do next, delay going to the Floating Continent. At the very least, land the airship and save your game before continuing. Ideally, you’ll want to wrap up any business you have in this realm (revisiting the Auction House in Jidoor, for example), since the opportunity to do so after reaching the Floating Continent is inconvenient.

When you are ready to progress, take control of the airship and select, “Find the Floating Continent”. En route, the Imperial Air Force attacks. You’ll have to defeat many Sky Armors and Spit Fires until Ultros shows up. Eventually, one of your characters will notice something strange headed your way. Go to the back of the airship and approach the pink creature.

BOSS >> Ultros & Chupon

After landing a few good hits against Ultros, Chupon will join the battle. Focus your attacks on Chupon or use attacks that hit both enemies. Lv.2 spells work best. Chupon uses strong magic, so prepare to heal everyone frequently. The battle ends when Chupon blows your party off the Airship.

BOSS >> Air Force

As your party falls through the sky, it’s attacked by Air Force, the ultimate Imperial flying machine. This boss has three parts: a main body, a Laser Gun, and a Missile Launcher. You can target each part of the boss separately; however doing so causes the boss to launch a Speck, which will absorb any magic cast during the battle no matter who it is targeted towards. Quickly eliminate the Speck if it appears because you must rely on Potions and Tonics for healing while it’s present. Cast Lv.2 spells quickly at all parts of Air Force. Once the minor parts disappear, finish off the boss’s main body with powerful Bolt and Fire spells.


* Treasures: Murasame, Hardened, Beret, Elixir

Upon landing, talk to Shadow so that he joins the party. Before using the Save Point, heal and equip everyone properly since random encounters are quite frequent in these parts. Start by heading east. Push against the wall at the end to form a staircase. Use it and continue east along the path until you can push another wall. Veer north when you can to reach a blue orb-shaped vessel containing a MURASAME for Cyan. Head east from here until you spot another blue orb. Push against the clump of wall above it to create a path and heal your party before examining the object.

BOSS >> Gigantos

Gigantos is perhaps the most powerful creature you have fought thus far. Its rapid, physical attacks can wipe out the party in just a few turns. Begin by casting Vanish on your characters, especially Cyan. While protected by Vanish, have Cyan charge his Sword Tech to Lv.4 Quadra Slam. He can attack a few times before the Vanish spell wears off and single-handedly eliminate the monster. If you do not have Cyan in your party, have Shadow toss a few Bolt Edges on Gigantos while the rest of the party acts as support.

Upon defeating the giant, you get a HARDENED weapon for Shadow. Now backtrack a few steps to the west and push against the wall next to where you found the Murasame. Take the new staircase up to a warp tile. Stand on it to zap to another tile. Now head south down two flights of stairs. At the bottom, veer east and touch the grey marble-looking object on the wall up ahead to open a new path. Follow it southeast. After climbing the first set of steps, continue east and step on the warp tile at the very end.

After zapping to the new location, go south to find two available warp tiles. Use the tile on the left. After landing, step on the grey marble to the south then head north to find another marble you can step on. Now backtrack through at least two of the previous warp locations until you can freely travel west. At the end of the path, loop around east and follow the road you created earlier all the way through to a series of staircases. On top, head northeast, past the grey marble, to find another blue orb containing a BERET for Relm. From there, go south and step on the tile at the end.

You’ll drop down into a hole with a Save Point. After using it, ride the yellow energy beam back to the surface. Return to the grey marble you passed earlier. Pressing it creates a new warp tile. After zapping to the next location, you’ll be given a choice: Answer “Yes” if you want to return to the airship, or “No” if you prefer to stay where you are.

If you choose to board the airship, you’ll have to make your way through the Floating Continent all over again. On the other hand, this is your last opportunity to revisit the world as it currently exists. Whatever choice you make, ultimately return to this spot and head west. Push the wall at the end then travel north. Heal your party before speaking to the creature on top.

BOSS >> Atma Weapon

Atma Weapon uses extremely powerful magic that cannot be reflected, so devote two of your characters to full-time healing while the strongest members attack. If your healers start running out of MP, have them cast Osmose on the boss to leech MP. You can count on most of Atma Weapon’s spells causing somewhere between 200-600 points of damage, so have your two healers cast Cure2 on the entire party whether or not they need it. Just keep your two powerhouse characters focused on attacking with their special skills each turn, and you will be surprised at how quickly Atma Weapon falls.

After the battle, head north and watch the scene that follows. Once the continent starts to collapse, you’ll have 6 minutes to reach the airship. Quickly equip Celes (if she’s not already in your party) then start dashing east. You don’t have to go too far, but enemies that attack every few seconds can rapidly deplete the timer. If time permits, follow the lower path around so that you can get an ELIXIR from the final blue orb.

Touch the white star towards the end of the eastern path to engage in battle with a unique foe that should be relatively easy to defeat. Afterwards, move to the very edge of the cliff where you’ll have the option of jumping onto the airship or waiting for Shadow. Definitely choose to wait for Shadow each time it’s asked (twice), otherwise you will never see him again. Now just sit there until 5 seconds are left on the clock. When Shadow finally arrives, you’ll be whisked away into a different world...



When you gain control of Celes, go out to the beach and stand in the surf. Your goal is to catch Yummy Fish and feed them to Cid so that his health improves. If you feed Cid any other type of fish, he’ll die. You will not be penalized if Cid dies, but it’s obviously preferable to try and save him. If you don’t see any fish swimming in the ocean, return to Cid’s shack and try catching one later, but know that Cid’s health will worsen the longer you delay feeding him. Of the three types of fish in the ocean, the Yummy ones swim the fastest and are therefore hardest to catch. Check your Rare Items inventory to verify the type of fish caught before speaking to Cid.

If you save Cid, he’ll tell you where to find a raft and send you off to find your friends. If Cid dies, read the letter Cid leaves in the shack to learn where it is. Use the hidden passage next to the stove to get down to the raft. Press X then watch as Celes drifts away into uncharted waters. After landing, equip Celes then head west to Albrook.


Apart from shopping, your goal in Albrook is to gather information. Talk to all of the locals to learn that Kefka was seen heading north towards the town of Tzen. Others mention legendary monsters that have been unleashed on the world - specifically 8 dragons guarding the Crusader magicite. You might find a painter who sold a portrait of Emperor Gestahl to a man named Owser in Jidoor. Most importantly, you’ll learn that Celes recently passed through town looking for her friends.

When ready, exit Albrook and head north to Tzen.


* Treasures: Heal Rod, Pearl Rod, Tincture, Hyper Wrist, Magicite, Drainer
* Esper: Sraphim

Upon entering, Kefka’s Light of Judgment strikes the town, causing one of the buildings to burst into flames. Go to the top of town to find Sabin holding up the house. He tells you a child is trapped inside. You’ll have 6 minutes to locate the kid and get out before the house collapses. Before you enter, leave town and save your game. In addition to the child, the house is filled with both enemies and treasure, so you’ll need to work fast. Some of the enemies inside can turn you to stone and if they connect with it, it is game over, so equip a Ribbon or Jewel Ring relic just to be safe.

When ready, enter the house and grab treasure chests as quickly as you can to receive a HEAL ROD, PEARL ROD, TINCTURE, HYPER WRIST, MAGICITE and DRAINER. There are two treasure chests to avoid - one in the top left corner of the first room (near the stairs), and one in the northwest corner of the room the child is in - as both contain monsters. To reach the child, head up, left, down, left, and up. Afterwards, exit as quickly as possible.

Once outside, Sabin joins your party and shops open for business. If you didn’t get the SRAPHIM Esper earlier, you can buy it now for 3000gp. When ready, equip Sabin then exit town and head east to Mobliz.


* Treasures: Phoenix Down
* Esper: Fenrir

Follow the orphan into the house then go downstairs to find Terra. After watching a flashback, exit to witness Phunbaba attacking the village. Terra steps in to fight the creature but cannot defeat it alone. Sabin and Celes step in to help.

BOSS >> Phunbaba

If Sabin has learned Cure2, he’ll be your principle healer while Celes uses her Runic skill to absorb Phunbaba’s powerful magic attacks. If not, switch her over to medic whenever Phunbaba uses physical attacks and have Sabin slam it with Blitz techniques. If both Celes and Sabin have the ability to cast Cure2, the battle should go by pretty quickly. Once you’ve caused sufficient damage, Phunbaba flees.

After Terra parts company, you automatically receive the FENRIR Esper. Controlling Celes and Sabin now, use the bed in the Relic Shop to rest. Leave Mobliz.

To reach Nikeah, you need to cross the Serpent Trench. It’s a long walk. If you prefer, look for a hidden Chocobo Stable in the forest south of Mobliz. For 100 GP, you can ride in comfort instead of battling enemies every few feet. Either way, you’ll find Nikeah at the northern end of the Serpent Trench.


Visit the shops as they sell many nice items. Eventually, enter the pub and speak with the thieves gathered there to learn about their leader, Gerad. Locate Edgar’s lookalike in the armor shop. After ‘Gerad’ questions you, follow him to the ship. Get on board and sail to South Figaro.


Speak to folks in the cafe then enter the door marked ‘Inn’ to reach Gerad’s room. After talking to him, the thieves leave town. Before following them, pay a visit to Duncan’s wife to learn that her husband is alive and well, meditating north of Narshe - information that will no doubt come in handy later. After finishing up in town, head west to the Figaro Area Cave.


When you enter, Siegfried appears. He tells you to wait there but don’t listen to him. Instead, move forward until you see the thieves hop across some turtles. Do the same. All of the treasure chests have been looted so just keep going until you reach Figaro Castle.


* Treasures: Crystal Helm, Gravity Rod, Ether, X-Potion, Regal Crown, Soul Sabre

Enter the castle and descend the stairs on the left. The old man is no longer blocking your way, so continue down to the basement. Once there, head south to find two chests containing a CRYSTAL HELM and a GRAVITY ROD. Backtrack towards the entrance and continue around until you can go south again. Go down and collect two more treasures (ETHER and X-POTION). Head north now and go through the door. Ascend the stairs then continue heading north. Go west and enter the door at the end to get a REGAL CROWN from the chest. Now backtrack to the room with the four treasure chests and go through the middle door. Continue forward until you reach Gerad, who finally reveals himself as Edgar.

BOSS >> Tentacle

This boss is pretty tough. Its four tentacles can grab party members and hold them captive while draining their HP. Each tentacle has a different elemental weakness, so use Scan to figure out which opposing spells to cast. Without Espers, Edgar cannot use magic so count on Sabin and Celes to do the healing. Start off by having Sabin use Fire Dance. This will heal one of the tentacles, but the rest will take damage, making it definitely worth it. Have Edgar use Drill with Celes following Edgar’s lead. If a Tentacle grabs someone, physically attack it until it drops whomever it is holding.

After beating the boss, the thieves leave. Although they looted every chest in the treasure room, they forgot to check the statue in the middle. Examine it to get a SOUL SABRE. If you stop by the Item Shop, you can purchase Edgar’s new tool, the Debilitator. Take advantage of Edgar’s discount by having him in the lead when you talk to the shop owner. When you are ready to depart, speak with the old man below the left staircase. Have him steer the castle towards Kohlingen. Upon landing, exit the castle and head into town.


Kohlingen is where Locke’s true love sleeps. Speak with the man watching over Rachel to learn that Locke has gone on a quest to find the ultimate treasure. Next, enter the Cafe to find Setzer fretting over the loss of his airship. With a little coaxing from Celes, Setzer hints that he knows where to find another one. After shopping, leave town and head west to Darill’s Tomb where a new airship awaits.


* Treasures: Crystal Mail, Czarina Gown, Genji Helmet, Experience Egg, Man Eater, Dragon Claw

Watch a scene at the entrance then go inside. Do not equip weapons that cause random KOs, as doing so will cause the undead enemies here to continually regenerate with full HP. Starting in the big room, open the chest in the middle to receive a CZARINA GOWN then go through the lower right door to reach a chest containing a GENJI HELMET. Return to the big room and take the upper right door to a tombstone. Examine it to open a passageway. Go through and flip a switch that gets water flowing in the tomb.

Next use the lower left door to reach a chest containing CRYSTAL MAIL. Go downstairs. In the room at the bottom, look for a secret passage along the southeastern wall leading to a chest with an EXPERIENCE EGG. Return and proceed to the next room. Flip a switch to unlock the door above you, then make your way back to the main room and follow the lower center path to the next area.

Once there, flip a switch to make the water rise, then ride the turtle across to the door you unlocked previously. In the next room, you’ll find two chests and a Save Point. The right chest contains a MAN EATER whereas the left one contains a creature called the Presenter. For a quick one-hit kill, immediately cast Break on the enemy. Afterwards, you’ll receive a DRAGON CLAW for Sabin.

Save your game then head into the next chamber. Upon examining Daryl’s tomb, an angry spirit called Dullahan appears.

BOSS >> Dullahan

Once again, you are faced with an enemy that uses nonstop magic. Although Celes’ Runic skill can absorb just about any spell the Boss throws out, you’ll have to switch her over to heal the party periodically. Avoid casting Cure2 when Celes is waiting to catch a spell with her Runic blade, or you will end up transferring MP. Use Edgar’s Drill, Sabin’s best Blitz, and have Setzer do whatever he can to help. If you bought Edgar’s Debilitator skill at Figaro Castle, use it to inflict an elemental weakness and retire Dullahan with spells.

After the battle, you acquire a new airship – the Falcon. As soon as you board it, you’ll automatically follow a carrier pigeon to the town of Maranda. At this point, you can fly directly to Kefka’s Tower and complete the game – however, there are several quests you should undertake first. Start by gathering information in Maranda.


Talk to some of the women in town to learn how to get to Narshe, the Veldt, and Doma Castle. Before heading off to explore those places, enter the house in the northeast corner and speak to Lola, the girl that the wounded soldier in Mobliz had you write letters to. Although the soldier perished when the world collapsed, it appears the girl is still receiving mail from him. Examine the letters and you will quickly determine who the author is. Agree to Lola’s request and take the letter outside. Inspect the pigeon on the ground and carefully watch the map to see where it flies – back towards Zozo.

Remaining events in the World of Ruin can be completed in almost any order you choose, or not be performed at all. The order in which they are given is merely my recommendation. Start by boarding your airship.


* Esper: Bahamut

Doom Gaze is a demon that periodically attacks the airship as you travel from point to point. Its appearances are not very common, so you may have to fly around for several minutes before running into it. As a general rule, always maintain your characters’ battle-readiness while flying around the world since you never know when the creature will strike.

BOSS >> Doom Gaze

At the start of every battle, Doom Gaze will use the Lv.5 Doom spell. Therefore, it is important that not all of your characters at a level divisible by five when you encounter this boss. If they are, they are dead. You will need at least one survivor to revive anyone who succumbed to the spell. After its opening attack, have one or two characters attack Doom Gaze with Fire3 and Pearl magic. The others should focus on healing. If Terra is in your party, she’ll cause double damage with Fire3 and Pearl while in Esper form. After causing enough damage, Doom Gaze will escape from battle. You will have to find and fight Doom Gaze several times before finally defeating it. Luckily, Doom Gaze cannot heal itself between battles, so any damage you did during a battle will carry over to the next one.

When you finally defeat Doom Gaze, you will receive the powerful Esper, BAHAMUT, making all of the extra flying time well worth the trouble.


Remember talking to Duncan’s wife back in South Figaro? She mentioned that Duncan was alive and well, training in a secret location north of Narshe. The location is actually more to the northeast. Look for a cross of trees below a mountain range. When you spot the 5 trees, you’ll know you are in the right place. Enter to find Sabin’s trainer, Duncan. By bringing Sabin here, Duncan teaches him the ultimate Blitz attack, Bum Rush.


* Treasures: Rust Rid (key item), Ice Shield, Red Cap, Thunder Shield, Aegis Shield, Gold Hairpin

Upon entering town, you’ll see the carrier pigeon fly towards the Pub, hinting at the direction you must go. Talk to the man in the northeast section of town (the one who previously said, “It’s dangerous here”). Buy RUST RID from him for 1000gp. Use it on the rusty door at the top of the Café to gain access to Mt. Zozo.

There is only one path through here, with no dead-ends or loops, but be sure to grab an ICE SHIELD, RED CAP and THUNDER SHIELD from chests you’ll find along the way. The enemies here are fairly strong and will attempt to steal gil and items from you. Use Chainsaw and Bum Rush to make short work of them.

Eventually, you’ll come to a room that contains a Save Point, an unreachable chest, and a switch. After saving your game, press the switch to release the Storm Dragon - the first of eight legendary creatures guarding the Crusader magicite. Opt to fight it or ignore it.


Have three of your characters act as healers, while the fourth attacks the Storm Dragon with Bolt2. This should keep everyone’s HP high enough to avoid death. Rotate turns casting Osmose until you’ve drained the boss of all its MP. Once Storm Dragon runs out of MP, it will stop pounding the party with spells. At this point, use physical attacks to finish off the boss.

After beating the legendary dragon, move onward. Look for a chest on the left containing a GOLD HAIRPIN and one on the right containing an AEGIS SHIELD. Soon you’ll reach a cave that someone has been living in. Go outside to find Cyan, who has been writing to Lola in the name of her boyfriend because he can’t bear to tell her the soldier is dead. Leave Cyan and he’ll eventually follow, deciding to rejoin the party.

Return to the cliff where you found him and inspect the shiny blue spot on the edge to receive the key to Cyan’s treasure chest. Use it to acquire his Machinery Manual and Book of Secrets - key items that serve no direct purpose in the game. If you like, you can tie up loose ends by taking Cyan back to see Lola in Maranda. After Cyan speaks to her, have him inspect the letter on her desk to make his final delivery.


* Treasures: Rage Ring, Tiger Fangs, Striker

Make a party of three and start walking around the Veldt. After a few fights, Gau will show up (like he normally does) and join you. Reform your party afterwards if you wish then head on over to the Cave on the Veldt.

At the entrance you’ll see Interceptor, a clue as to what you’ll find here. In the next room, open a chest containing a RAGE RING and speak to the three men sitting around a fire. They’ll mention a place to the north (‘Jurassic Park’), which is a great spot to gain experience. Continue heading north, veering west (or east??) when you can. Search for a hidden passage at the very end that leads to a treasure chest. Fight the Allo Ver monster inside to earn TIGER FANGS, Sabin’s best weapon. Backtrack halfway then head south. After passing through a few rooms, you’ll eventually reach one with a chest containing the STRIKER. Flip the wall switch to open up a path on the right. Pass through and head north to the Save Point. Save your game and use a Tent to restore the party’s health while here. You’ll see Shadow up ahead, but a boss attacks as soon as you reach him.

BOSS >> Sr. Behemoth

Maintain the party’s health while attacking the boss with your most powerful skills. Avoid using ice magic since the Sr. Behemoth absorbs it. Celes can use her Runic ability to fend off the boss’s magical attacks, but this won’t stop the behemoth’s powerful physical attacks from connecting. Just keep everyone healthy and pound away at the boss until it turns into a ghost. At this point, it will attack the party from behind. Finish the battle quickly by using Revivify on the dead spirit.

After beating the Sr. Behemoth, you’ll find a collapsed figure in the cave and automatically be taken to Thamasa. Choices you made earlier on the Floating Continent determine who you will find in the cave. If you waited for Shadow to join you on the airship, he’ll be there. If you abandoned him on the Floating Continent, he’ll be gone for good, and Relm will be in the cave instead.

Neither will join your party just yet. At the moment, you’ll find your injured comrade recuperating in Thamasa.


Assuming you waited for Shadow on the Floating Island, he’ll be resting in town. Leave him behind for now. When talking to the locals, one man mentions a demon in Doma Castle that came to him while sleeping, but you’ll want to revisit a few other places before confirming his story. Start by flying west, back to Cid’s house on the Solitary Island.


* Esper: Palidor

Whether or not you saved Cid’s life, return to the island and explore the beachfront to acquire PALIDOR. Those equipped with the esper can learn Haste2 and Slow2. From this island, fly north to Jidoor.


* Treasures: Moogle Suit, Relic Ring, 2000gp, Potion, Ether, Remedy
* Esper: Starlet

If you like, visit Jidoor’s Auction House to bid on a few items, particularly the Golem and Zone Seek espers (if you don’t already have them). Afterwards, enter Owzer’s mansion on the north end of town.

Something has caused the lights to go out. Walk upstairs and read the diary that appears. It seems that monsters have taken control of Owzer’s art gallery. Flip the switch at the bottom of the stairs to shed light on the situation. Several paintings are of key interest; some will come to life and attack the party when examined. In particular, examine the portrait of Gestahl twice to receive a letter hinting at a hidden cave within star-shaped mountain range. You’ll be visiting the Phoenix Cave a bit later - for now, inspect the painting of a woman in the back of the gallery. Defeat the Dahlings that emerge from the art to reveal a secret passageway. Descend into the basement.

Below, inspect the chair painting and fight off enemies that emerge. Afterwards, you’ll see two doors. The left door leads to a chest containing a MOOGLE SUIT. The right door takes you to an area with three moving doors. Before checking them out, follow the thin path in between the doors to find a hidden chest containing a RELIC RING. As for the three doors, wait until the left one opens before going through (the other two doors just take you back to the chair painting area).

Upon emerging from the left door, keep going until you pop out of a painting and arrive in a room filled with floating chests. Stepping on any of the chests’ shadows causes them to fall and attack, but it also allows you to get what’s in them. Fight all of the chests to receive a POTION, ETHER, REMEDY, and 2000GP. Next, examine the center painting. Defeat the Still Life monster that emerges to reveal a door. Go through and use the Save Point. When ready, enter the door on the right and proceed until you find Owzer, along with Relm. Before speaking with Owzer, search the bookshelf on the right to get the STARLET magicite. Owzer explains that the painting Relm’s been working on is possessed by a creature called Chadarnook. Agree to defeat the demon for him.

BOSS >> Chadarnook

This boss alternates between two forms: a demon and a goddess. When fighting the demon form, use Fire magic and strong physical attacks. If you can, wait to heal until the goddess appears. When the goddess is present, she will inflict different status abnormalities on the party. If anyone becomes confused, attack the affected character so that they snap out of it. When fighting the goddess, she’ll counterattack with a poison-like spell that has a cumulative effect – meaning you’ll lose twice as much HP each time she counters. Bring in healers to revive and cast Cure2 as needed. Just keep plugging away at the duo and eventually Chadarnook will fall.

Now that Relm has rejoined the party, you can pick up her counterpart, Strago, in the Tower of Fanatics, which lies to the east near the Serpent Trench.


Don’t try to tackle the actual Tower just yet; it’ll be covered in detail once the party is stronger – for now, just have Relm speak to Strago at the base of the Tower. Once she snaps him out of his a zombie-like state, Strago joins the party.

From here, travel east to Mobliz to check in on Terra.


* Treasures: Ether

When you go to the house where Terra was taking care of the orphans, you’ll discover she is no longer there. Enter the house next door and talk to Duane. After the conversation, you’ll see a dog sneak behind the bookshelf, showing you a secret way to reach the basement. Go down to find Terra comforting a pregnant woman. While speaking with her, Phunbaba returns. Look for an ETHER before going outside to confront the demon.

BOSS >> Phunbaba

Attack the boss with Bio, Poison and any other strong attacks at your disposal. Eventually, Phunbaba will blow away two of your characters and the battle will come to a screeching halt. Terra arrives in Esper form, prepared to eliminate Phunbaba for good. In Esper form, she can cause about 5000 HP damage with each Bio attack.

After defeating the boss, the children see Terra in her esper form but are not afraid of her. Relieved by this, Terra rejoins your party.

Now, remember the letter you read in Owzer’s art gallery mentioning the cave within a star-shaped mountain range? In order to tackle the Phoenix Cave, you’ll need two strong teams, so rest up and equip those participating in the next leg of the journey with the best gear available. When ready, fly west from Mobliz and look for a distinct cluster of mountains on the upper edge of the center continent. Land your airship in the middle of the star-shaped mountains to automatically drop inside the cave.


* Treasures: Wing Edge, Warp Stone, Dragon Horn, Ribbon / X-Potion, Phoenix Down, X-Ether, Elixir, Flame Shield, Valiant Knife
* Esper: Phoenix

Upon entering the cave, have Party #1 (P1) stand on the shiny floor tile up ahead then press Square to switch to Party #2 (P2). Have P2 go through the door that just opened on the left. Continue heading left towards a chest. Approaching it causes the party to fall through the floor. Use the southern door to get back upstairs. Once there, step on the floor tile in front of you to extend a bridge that allows you to reach the chest. Open it to receive a WING EDGE. Now head east, past the stairs. Veer south when you can and step on the tile above your first party.

Switch to P1 and enter the passage that just opened on the right. Stand on the next tile you find to lower some spikes. Switch to P2 and lead them north now that the spikes are gone. Head right and go down to a tile that clears spikes on the other party’s path. After stepping on it, switch back to P1.

Head east with P1 and search the wall for a hidden path leading to a room with a chest. Open it to get a WARP STONE. Go back and move south to a staircase. Below, you have a choice of going left or right. First head left and look for a switch that makes some rocks appear. Now take the other path and go north as far as you can. After reaching the dead-end, switch to P2.

Descend the stairs on the left. Below, you’ll need to jump across some rocks (right, left, right) in order to move one that’s stopping the other party from advancing. After reaching the other side, stand on the floor tile then resume control of P1.

Now that the path is cleared, go upstairs. Head left and use the stairs at the end to reach a tile that moves the rock for your other party. Back with P2, go upstairs and stand on the tile on an island above to lower the spikes. Switch to P1 and go across the spikes that P2 just lowered. Descend the stairs at the end. Moving in a circle, hop across some more rocks and ascend stairs on the other side. Flip a wall switch to drain the water, which cools down the lava.

Switch to P2 and head left. Stand on the tile up ahead to open a path in the rocks for P1. Switch to P1 and go down to find the legendary Red Dragon. Fight if you wish.


Have the entire party cast Ice2 or Ice3 on the dragon, which will quickly deplete its energy. If Strago is in your party, use the Lore skill Aqua Rake to cause some heavy damage. Have Terra sundergo her transformation if she is with you. In Esper form, she can cause around 6000 points of damage with a simple Ice2 spell. Resist using Celes’ Runic skill, as she will end up absorbing all of your ice magic in addition to the dragon’s fire spells.

After defeating the dragon, open the chest it was guarding to obtain a DRAGON HORN. Maintain control of P1 and go up the stairs that are a little further north. Hit the upper switch first to make a rock appear, then go down and stand on one of the two tiles needed to lower the ground blocking your path. Switch over to P2.

Move off the tile you’re currently standing on so that the rocks revert to their previous configuration. Go through and head west, veering north when you can. Take the stairs to the next chamber, which is now free of lava. Open the chest in the middle to acquire a RIBBON then ascend the stairs on the left. Head south and go across the rock that P1 created earlier. Stand on the tile near P1 to lower the ground in front of you. Take either party into the next room, where you’ll find Locke, who has finally found a treasure he believes can revive Rachel.

You’ll automatically be taken to Kohlingen, where Locke’s true love rests. Watch the scene that follows. When it ends, you’ll receive the PHOENIX esper, as well as all of the treasure Locke collected in the cave prior to your arrival (remember all those empty treasure chests?) In total, you’ll acquire an X-POTION, PHOENIX DOWN, X-ETHER, ELIXIR, FLAME SHIELD, and VALIANT KNIFE.

Now that Locke has rejoined, put him in your party and travel to Narshe where his treasure hunting (and thieving) skills will be put to the test once more. To reach Narshe from Kohlingen, fly directly east.


* Treasures: Moogle Charm, Cursed Shield, Ragnarok Sword (or esper)
* Esper: Ragnarok (or sword)

Monsters have overrun Narshe, causing most of the locals to flee. Those that remain have locked their doors so Locke’s thieving abilities will prove essential here. Start by going over to the Weapon shop. Pick the lock to get inside then speak with the man in the basement. He will offer you RAGNAROK in either the form of an Esper or Sword. Although the Ragnarok Sword is not especially great, you can take it to the Coliseum and bid for a much better one, the Illumina. On the other hand, the Ragnarok esper can be put to immediate use. Whichever one you choose, leave the weapon shop and head north.

Enter the house to the left of the Item shop by picking the lock. Inside, you’ll find a man lying in bed who gives you the CURSED SHIELD. When it is worn, the shield casts several negative status effects on its wearer. However, if one of your characters wears it for 250 battles, the curse will be broken and the shield will become an exceptionally good Paladin Shield. If you choose to attempt this, equip a Ribbon on whoever is using the Cursed Shield to counter its negative effects.

Next, make your way over to Arvis’ house and use the back door to get over to the mines. Once there, go to the Moogle’s Lair and talk to Mog so that he joins your party. Search the wall where he was standing to receive a MOOGLE CHARM. Before continuing in Narshe, go back to the airship and put Mog in your party. Equip some Ice Shields then re-enter town.

Go north, back to the snowy spot where you originally found the frozen esper, to find another legendary creature, the Ice Dragon.


Fire spells and those using fire-based weapons will harm the boss the most. If Terra casts Fire3 while in esper form, she can nearly wipe out the Ice Dragon in a single turn. Just chip away at the boss and it will fall in no time.

Upon defeating the Ice Dragon, a hole opens on the side of the cliff. Jump inside the hole to reach a new cave.


* Treasures: Minerva, X-Ether, Gauntlet
* Esper: Tritoch, Terrato

Take the left path first, being careful to avoid the dark patches since they are pitfalls. The chest in the next room contains Pugs (which are quite powerful. Defeat them to earn a MINERVA. Go back the way you came since continuing forward will only lead to a pitfall. Take the center path until you can turn left. Open a chest containing X-ETHER, then go east and descend the stairs. Head west to collect a GAUNTLET from the next chest then head east. Go up to the next room.

Don’t touch the first switch that you see; instead, cross the bridge and hit the second switch to drop into another cave. There’s a bone carving in front of you with the magicite Terrato in its eye. Taking the magicite brings out the Sasquatch, Umaro, who isn’t happy that you took his shiny rock.

BOSS >> Tritoch

This battle is similar to the one with the Ice Dragon. Just pummel the esper with Fire magic, and the fight will end quickly.

After obtaining the TRITOCH Esper, a hole will open in the cliff, providing access to Umaro’s cave. The cave is fairly small, and not too difficult to navigate. The trick though, is figuring out which holes to intentionally fall through and which ones to avoid. Upon reaching the back of the cave, you’ll find the Terrato magicite. Attempt to take it and Umaro will attack the party.

BOSS >> Umaro

Like the two previous boss battles, this one relies on fire magic. Keep hitting Umaro with fire-based weapons and spells until he gives up. If you take too long to dispose of him, he’ll eat a Green Cherry to significantly boost his abilities.

After beating Umaro, you’ll get the TERRATO magicite. Additionally, Mog will convince Umaro to join your party. Follow the newest member of your team out of the cave.


Remember the man who dreamt of building a grand coliseum where legendary battles would take place? Well, his dream manifested in the World of Ruin. You’ll find his Coliseum in the northwest corner of the world, just north of Kohlingen. Participate in battles to get some excellent items and equipment, including most of the Genji set. A few rare items can only be acquired here whereas others can be bid on in unlimited supply. (Note: If you chose to take the Ragnarok Sword instead of the esper back in Narshe, bet it to acquire the Illumina, an even better sword.)

Most importantly, once Shadow has recuperated from his injuries, visit the Coliseum to have him rejoin your party (assuming you saved him earlier on the Floating Continent). To get Shadow to appear, bid on the Striker. Beat him and he will join permanently this time.

Now that you have found all of your old friends (as well as gained some new ones), travel to Doma Castle to check up on that rumor about a demon appearing in people’s dreams. The castle is east of the Coliseum. On your way there, put Gau in your party and make a quick stop at the Aged Man’s house, which is slightly north of Doma.


Entering with Gau, you’ll see a scene where Gau learns that the aged man is his father (along with one showing Gau in Jidoor). Now put Cyan in your party and head down to Doma Castle.


* Treasures: Remedy, X-Potion, Elixir, Ether, Phoenix Down, Beads, Genji Glove / Lump of Metal (key item), Flame Shield, X-Potion, Ice Shield
* Esper: Alexander

With Cyan in your party, enter the castle. Gather treasure from the room on the right then enter the door south of this room. Follow the path over to another room with two more chests. Now return to the central hall. Moving south from the throne room, go through the door on the right. Search the pot for treasure then head west. Ignore the first door and enter the second one instead. Collect an item from the chest inside then return to the hall and enter the first room. Rest in bed. While sleeping, the Dream Stooges show up to invade Cyan’s soul.

Upon entering the dream world, your party will be separated. Head west and enter the leftmost door to find your first party member. Exit and go through the upper-right door. In the next area, use the door on the right to find your last party member. The goal now is to locate Cyan. Exit this area then go through the door on the far-left. In order to pass through, you need to battle the Dream Stooges.

BOSS >> Dream Stooges

These creatures use an attack that can petrify party members. If this occurs, quickly cast Remedy on the petrified character before they turn to stone. First eliminate Curly (the one at the top), since he can revive the others. Use Ice magic. With Curly out of the way, focus your attacks on either Larry or Moe. Fire works well against Larry, but avoid Ice and Wind attacks. Moe uses and absorbs Bolt spells. Although he does not have any elemental weakness, you can cast Berserk on Moe to stop him from using magic.

After defeating the trio, you’ll be aboard the Phantom Train. In the second car, flip the first switch twice. This will move the crate on the right, allowing access to the chest containing a GENJI GLOVE. To stop the moving chest, go to the end of the car and grab a LUMP OF METAL from the chest there. Put it in the open chest to weigh it down. With the path unblocked now, open the chest to collect a FLAME SHIELD.

Next, flip the wall switch above the six chests. Memorize which ones close then enter the next car. To move the furniture blocking your way, you need to manipulate three switches. Flip them in the following order: Right – Left – Right – Middle – Right – Left. After passing through, you’ll find another collection of chests. Recall which ones were closed in the previous car and mirror the pattern. (Hint: Close the last one on the first row, and the first two on the second row.) After setting the chests correctly, flip the wall switch above them to clear the path. Make your way to the engine room.

Look for two chests in the vicinity that contain an X-POTION and ICE SHIELD. After getting the loot, flip the first and third switches in the engine room. Upon exiting, the party is whisked into an area resembling the Narshe mines.

Take advantage of the Magitek armor you are suddenly wearing while fighting enemies here. Since they are all mechanical, using Bolt Beam will quickly eliminate most of them. If you continue forward, you will get stuck in an endless loop. Instead, head south and then veer east. On the next screen, you’ll need to backtrack a bit to avoid going in circles. Eventually you’ll spot Cyan crossing a bridge. Attempt to follow him and the weight of your armor will cause the bridge to collapse, dropping you back into Doma Castle.

Here, you will meet Cyan’s wife, who tells you that Cyan is being tormented by a monster named Wrexsoul. Save your game then head to the throne room to fight the creature.

BOSS >> Wrexsoul

Wrexsoul begins by possessing one of your characters, leaving its Soul Saver cronies behind to attack the party. Ignore them. If you destroy either of the Soul Savers, they will just regenerate. To make Wrexsoul reappear, you must KO the possessed character. So, one by one, KO your characters and revive them until the boss is once again visible. When Wrexsoul reappears, use ice magic and any other strong attacks until the boss starts possessing your characters again. Rather than going through the KO/revive routine once Wrexsoul has possessed a character, you might want to try using the X-Zone spell. This may not work at first, but if both Soul Savers are caught by X-Zone, you’ll win the battle.

After beating the demon, Cyan wakes up having learned his ultimate sword technique: Cleave. Before leaving Doma Castle, return to the throne room to pick up the magicite ALEXANDER.

Board the airship and fly east from Doma Castle. Look for an island shaped like a triangle on the northeastern edge of the continent. Rest up and save your game before landing.


* Treasures: Ether, Red Jacket, Magical Brush, Genji Armor, Fake Mustache, Zephyr Cape, Hero Ring, Tack Star, Thunder Shield

Run around the island until you encounter a Zone Eater. Instead of defeating the creature, let Zone Eater ‘eat’ each of your party members. Once the creature has engulfed your entire party, you’ll end up in its stomach. Clearly, the Zone Eater has a healthy appetite because you’ll find several other people roaming around its cave-like insides.

From the entrance, head south into the room below. From there, go left towards a series of bridges with guards running around. Although you’re supposed to avoid the guards, first let one of them push you off the bridge so that you can access a couple of chests. After collecting an ETHER and RED JACKET, return to the bridges. Jump back and forth between the walkways to reach the other side. Open chests along the way to receive a MAGICAL BRUSH, GENJI ARMOR, and FAKE MUSTACHE. Descend the stairs on the left and save your game before moving on.

Using the Save Point here is critical, for the next room contains falling rocks that can easily KO the party if you’re not careful. Equipping Sprint Shoes for the upcoming area is helpful, too. When ready, enter the next room and wait while the platform moves to the top. As soon as it stops, run to the left and wait in front of the first chest. After collecting a ZEPHYR CAPE, wait for the platform to come crashing down, then use the right side to dash over to the next chest. Open it to get a HERO RING. To reach the third chest, watch carefully where the falling rock lands. Once you figure out its general pattern, run over and open the chest quickly to get a TACK STAR then sprint to the exit on the left.

After a short passage, you’ll come to a room with empty chests that you can jump on to get across. Hop to the left then hop north. Jump over to the switch and press it. Now return to the starting position. Once there, head over to the northwest corner to collect a THUNDER SHIELD from the chest. Use the floor switch on the right to create a route to the exit.

Approach the figure in the next room and Gogo (a mimic) will join your cause. When you select Gogo’s Mimic ability during battle, it will perform the same action as the person who last attacked. For example, if Sabin uses the Fire Dance skill just before Gogo uses Mimic, Gogo will also use Fire Dance. Gogo’s miming actions do not cost any MP, nor do they require charge-up time or button combos to execute. Additionally, Gogo can equip any battle command that your team has learned. To set them, open Gogo’s status screen and select a blank space. A menu will appear with every command that you currently have available. You can then customize Gogo’s commands however you wish, making this mime a very special party member indeed.

Use Warp to exit the cave quickly, or make your way back to the airship on foot.

Rest, save, etc. then fly down to the Tower of Fanatics, which is southwest of Triangle Island. Before entering, outfit a party full of magic users, since the Tower restricts the use of physical attacks, skills and items. Bring characters that have learned Osmose so that you can draw MP from enemies (avoid using it on undead ones, though) and equip relics like the Gold Hairpin or Economizer to reduce the cost of casting spells. Equipping Wall Rings is an effective way to bounce back most enemy spells, however they also prevent you from healing the party. Alternately, put Mog in the lead equipped with his Moogle Charm to avoid all random enemy encounters on your way up the Tower. Finally, you’ll need to bring someone with over 6000 HP that has learned Life3 to be able to survive the last boss. Good luck!


* Treasures: Safety Bit, Air Anchor, Genji Shield, Stunner, Force Armor, Gem Box

If you decide to take the hard way up, watch out for two monsters, namely the L.20 Magic and L.90 Magic. Both are protected by Reflect magic. To defeat these enemies, cast Reflect on your own party members and bounce spells off them, or use non-reflective spells like Ultima and Meteor.

The first room that you come to contains a chest with a SAFETY BIT. Search for a switch on the wall to the right of the treasure chest. After flipping it, go back outside to see that a door has opened on the floor below you. Inside, you’ll find a treasure chest containing the AIR ANCHOR, one of Edgar’s tools. Continue up the tower until you reach another room with a chest. Open it to receive a GENJI SHIELD. In the next room, you’ll find a chest containing the STUNNER, Shadow’s best weapon, as well as and the legendary White Dragon.


You can easily win this fight by casting Reflect on your party then bouncing the spells of your choice. Avoid using Pearl magic though, as it heals the White Dragon.

Keep moving up the tower until you get to a chest containing the FORCE SHIELD. When you reach the top, collect a GEM BOX relic from the chest, then attempt to leave and your party will be attacked.

BOSS >> Mage Master

Before you do anything else, cast Life3 on at least one party member, otherwise you have no chance of defeating this boss. The Mage Master’s Ultima attacks cause about 6000 HP damage to each party member hit, so unless you’re super-leveled, you’ll need a way to automatically revive fallen comrades. Each time you hit the Mage Master with a spell, it changes its affinities, making it difficult to predict which spells will work best against it. Use Scan to check its weaknesses at any given point, or counter with spells like Ultima and Meteor, which cannot be blocked. Alternately, cast Berserk on the boss so that it cannot use magic or change its defenses. If you choose to do this, cast it before the Mage Master has an opportunity to change its defenses in a way that leaves your party powerless. If this occurs, use Dispel on the boss to remove the Berserk effect. Wait for the Mage Master to changes defenses again, then re-apply Berserk.

After defeating the tough boss, go back through the tower, since you cannot use Warp to exit.

Back on the airship, fly over to the Opera House, which is on the western continent just below Jidoor. If you can afford it, buy some Cherub Downs in Jidoor on your way over there.


Go up to the balcony and speak with the Impresario. Afterwards, enter the room in the upper right corner where you’ll find some switches. If you press the leftmost switch, the stage will go dark and you’ll see a funny scene. To drop onto the stage, press the second switch from the right.


Begin the battle by casting Float on your entire party to protect them from various earth spells the dragon uses. Next, cast Haste on everyone to keep up with the speedy boss. In addition to using powerful magic, the Dirt Dragon can KO party members with a single swipe of it claws, so maintain everyone’s health throughout and revive when necessary.

Afterwards, return to the airship and fly to Figaro Castle, which is northeast from here.


* Treasures: Wing Edge, Ether, Graedus, Trump, Magicite, X-Potion, Offering, Punisher, Blizzard Orb, Gold Hairpin, X-Ether
* Esper: Odin (Raidien)

Enter Figaro Castle and go down to speak to the engineer. Have him move the castle underground. Along the way, the castle will bump into something. Choose to stop and explore. Go downstairs to the jail cells and pass through the secret tunnel that you used when originally entering the castle as Celes.

Upon reaching the cave, open two chests to get a WING EDGE and ETHER. Exit through the lower-right door. The chest in front of you contains a powerful monster called Master Pug. Defeat it to earn a GRAEDUS. Now backtrack to the first room and go through the lower-left door. Follow the path around and collect a TRUMP from the chest. Backtrack to the first room again, this time taking the middle door down. Make your way around and exit on the left side. Don’t descend the stairs yet. First explore the southern and western areas to get MAGICITE and an X-POTION from two chests. Now take the stairs down to a Save Point. Use it, along with a Tent if you need to replenish the party. Ascend the left staircase to reach the entrance of the Ancient Castle.

As you approach the castle, you’ll see several visions of a battle that took place during the War of the Magi. Before entering, grab treasures in the rooms on the left and right sides. The door on the right leads to a chest containing a PUNISHER. Defeat an enemy in the chest on the left to receive the OFFERING. After getting the items, enter the castle.

Examine the statue in the throne room to acquire the magicite ODIN. Now stand directly in front of the right-hand throne. Take five steps down and press X to use a secret switch. If done correctly, you’ll hear a noise indicating that something has unlocked. In the upper-right corner, there are two doors. Go through the leftmost one to reach two chests that contain a BLIZZARD ORB and GOLD HAIRPIN. Return to the throne room and go through the door on the far right side. Examine the bucket here to get an X-ETHER and read the Queen’s diary if you like. Descend the stairs on the right to fight the legendary Blue Dragon.


After beating the dragon, approach the statue of the queen to transform Odin into the RAIDEN magicite. Exit the castle afterwards.


Put both Strago and Relm in your party then head for Thamasa. There you’ll find Strago’s old friend Gungho, who says he was wounded by the monster Hidon. When ready, journey to Ebot’s Rock, which is just north of Thamasa, to take on Hidon.

After entering the cave, you’ll come across a hungry chest that likes to eat Coral. Start collecting Coral by teleporting around the cave. After feeding the chest enough Coral, it will let you pass. Continue forward until you find Strago’s old nemesis.

BOSS >> Hidon

DO NOT defeat Hidon before it uses Grand Train, which is Strago’s most powerful lore (Hidon is the only enemy that uses it).

After defeating Hidon, you’ll automatically return to Thamasa to tell Gungho the good news.


The best place to level up in the game is in a forest shaped like a dinosaur’s head, north of the Veldt. The enemies are extremely powerful here, and the most effective way to beat them is by using the Vanish/Doom trick. Almost any enemy (including bosses) will die when Doom is cast on them while invisible - therefore cast Vanish followed by Doom for instant wins and massive experience. Note that the Bracheosaur enemy randomly drops Economizer relics, which reduces the cost of using magic spells to 1 MP when equipped.


When you are ready to complete the final portion of the game, fly to Kefka’s Tower, which is located in the middle of the southern continent. Land the airship directly on top of it. NOTE: once youre inside the Tower, you can still leave at any point by using Warp.


* Treasures: Coronet, Fixed Dice, Minerva, Tack Star x2, Force Shield, Force Armor, Ribbon, Red Cap, Nutkin Suit, Gauntlet, Hero Ring, Aegis Shield, Megalixir, Rainbow Brush
* Magicite: Crusader (optional)

As you descend into Kefka’s Tower, you’ll be prompted to create three separate parties. Divide your forces equally because they’re all going to have to face bosses at some point. Each party will start out in a different part of the tower.

Starting with Party #1 (P1), ride the conveyer belt across then look in the upper right corner for a chest containing a CORONET. Go through the tube on your left. Continue down the conveyer belt and enter the door at the bottom. The chest in here contains FIXED DICE. Continue south to get back outside. Go through the tube as far as you can, then switch to Party #2 (P2).

Head downstairs and go through the tube. Look for a chest in the upper left corner containing a MINERVA then go south. Of the two doors here, go through the top door first get a TACK STAR from a chest. Now go through the lower door to enter what used to be the prison in Vector. In the cell on the left, you’ll find the first boss of the tower, Atma.

BOSS >> Atma

If you are using Edgar, don’t equip him with the Graedus since it will heal Atma. If Strago is participating, his Grand Train lore will do over 4000 HP damage. Other big time sources of damage are of course the Bum Rush...

After defeating Atma, go through the door in the center. After dropping down to the floor below, climb the stairs on the left. On the next screen, use the tube on your left to get back outside. Get a FORCE SHIELD from the chest on the left then ride the escalator down to an area with a tube and a door. Ignore both for the moment. Look for a chest in the lower left corner containing FORCE ARMOR. Now backtrack to the tube and go through to collect a RIBBON. Return and use the door on the left to get to a floor switch. Step on it then change back to your first party.

Back with P1, head south, past the broken cylinders, then go up through the door on the right. Pass through a couple of rooms until the party can go no further. Switch back to P2. Exit this room and enter the room on the right. Head north until you reach the legendary Gold Dragon. Fight it if you wish.


Like the other dragons, its name relates to a particular affinity – in this case, thunder – so equipping your characters with Thunder Shields will greatly reduce the amount of damage this dragon can inflict. Slam the Gold Dragon with its opposing element (water) to make short work of it.

Afterwards, head north to reach a room where the three parties eventually meet. Position P1 on the floor switch in the upper corner. Take control of Party #3 (P3) now. Make your way down to a chest containing a RED CAP then go through the door next to the chest. Follow the path all the way up to two chests containing a NUTKIN SUIT and GAUNTLET. Backtrack to the main opening and head south. Enter the door at the bottom to reach an area that resembles the Magitek factory. Grab a HERO RING from the chest then go south. At the bottom, search for a hidden path behind the mechanical device in the center (move down, left, down, right) leading to an AEGIS SHIELD. Return to the main part of the room and ride the conveyer belt over to a Save Point. Use a Tent to heal everyone (including those not currently in the party) and save your game. Attempt to go down the stairs on the left and you’ll be attacked by Inferno.

BOSS >> Inferno

Use attacks that hit all three parts, even though the main body can regenerate its appendages. If you summon Raiden, the esper will automatically kill both appendages, allowing you some time to attack the main body exclusively. Those equipped with Thunder Shields will fair better, as will anyone wearing the Force Shield.

After the battle, head south to get back outside. When you reach the fork at the bottom of the stairs, take the right path. Open a chest to get a MEGALIXIR then return to the fork and head left. Examine the empty chest to create an escalator. Go up and get a RAINBOW BRUSH from the chest then ride back down. Go through the door that was next to the open chest. Move forward to face the 8th (and final) legendary dragon.


The Skull Dragon inflicts brutal status abnormalities, including instant death. Equip every Ribbon you own, as well as Safety Bits and rings that offer status protection. If someone in your party has learned Life3, cast it right at the start.

If you fought and beat all of the previous legendary dragons, you’ll receive the CRUSADER magicite. (Note that Crusader does area damage affecting both friend and foe, so be careful when summoning it.) Enter the next room and pass through to the other side where you’ll see your other party waiting. Step on the switch to open the door in the middle. Now change over to P1 and ascend the new staircase. Collect a TACK STAR from the chest on your left then go through the door your other party just opened.

With P2 and P3 standing on the switches already, you’re now faced with a decision of whether to go left or right. Your choice determines which party will fight the Guardian. If you choose the left path, the party standing on the right switch will have to fight the boss, and vice versa. After selecting a route for P1, head south. Move P2 or P3 out from under, so you can push the weight onto the switch, securing a path for the other party. Have that party do the same as P1, then have all three parties stand on the switches to open a path for the central team. This party will now have the dubious honor of fighting Guardian.

BOSS >> Guardian

The Guardian has a ton of HP, but not much offense. Cast Bolt3 repeatedly, or use Bum Rush and Chain Saw.

After you beat Guardian, move ahead and save your game. When ready, continue forward to fight the Poltergeist statue.

BOSS >> Poltergeist

The Poltergeist has some pretty brutal attacks, and some strong physical resistances. About the only elemental weakness you can exploit is Poison, so if you’ve got it, use it.

After the battle, drop down to another set of floor switches. Take control of your other party and move forward to face the Doom statue.

BOSS >> Doom

Doom is primarily a physical bruiser that is weak to holy magic, so exploit this by using the Graedus knife and Pearl spells. If Strago is in your party, have him use Lore so that he can learn the boss’s Force Field attack (Doom is the only enemy in the game that uses it).

After beating Doom, go up and stand on another floor switch. Take control of the last party and move on to face the Goddess statue.

BOSS >> Goddess

The Goddess inflicts a few nasty status ailments so you’ll want to have Ribbons equipped. She’s also resistant to just about every element, so use non-elemental magic like Ultima or Meteor instead.

After beating Goddess, go up and stand on the last switch. Your party will be teleported up to face the madman himself, Kefka.


You’ll be fighting multiple forms at various stages so use everything you’ve got, especially Bum Rush, Chain Saw, Lv.7 Sword Tech, Terra morphed using Gem Box and double Ultima, Haste 2 magic, more Bum Rush with Gogo et al. Defeat all four forms and you’ve beaten the game.

Now sit back and enjoy the closing scenes.



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