final fantasy V (anthology)
  playstation 1 walkthrough - u.s. version only


After the opening scenes, you take control of a boy who is mounted on his chocobo. Ride east into the meteor crash site. Continue forward until you are forced to fight two goblins that appear on the path. After defeating them, watch a scene, during which you are asked to pick a name (Hero). When you resume control, talk to the old man lying on the ground in the northeast corner. Once Reina and Galuf leave, head south through the dark part of the forest to find a chest containing a PHOENIX DOWN. Return to your chocobo afterwards.

Ride west then north until Boko stops. As the ground collapses around you, continue north to rescue Reina and Galuf. Once the Hero decides to join in their journey to the Wind Shrine, move forward to a cave. Save your game before entering.


After Boko leaves the group, enter the next cave opening. Fight off enemies as you head west to a healing spring. Use it to restore the party’s HP/MP then take the northern stairs up to the next area. Continue along the path until you spot a lone pirate opening a secret passageway. Grab a LEATHER CAP from the chest on the left before flipping the switch up ahead. Pass through to trigger a scene involving a ship. Keep moving forward until Reina suggests trying to steal the ship. Since sleeping pirates currently block the doors up ahead, head east to board the vessel.

Examine the wheel on top to trigger a scene with the ship’s captain, Faris. After spending a night in the brig, the ship is yours to control. When prompted, say ‘yes’ to sail directly to the Wind Shrine, or say ‘no’ if you want to explore other places first. Either way, you’ll discover a building surrounded by forest to the north. Disembark and save your game before entering the shrine.


With Faris now in your party, enter the room on the western end. After speaking with the king’s entourage, examine the pot below to restore the party’s HP/MP. Talk to the man next to the pot to acquire 5 TONICS as well. Leave the room and use the eastern stairs to get to 2F.

Once there, grab a TENT from the chest on the western end then enter the room in the center. Use the Save Point inside then go south into the lower hallway. To the east, you’ll find a room with a chest. After collecting a LEATHER CAP, exit and head west. Climb the stairs at the end to get to 3F. Follow the path around to the southeast corner. Ignore the empty room there and instead, enter the room on the western end. Get a BROADSWORD from the chest inside then engage the creature blocking the northern door.

BOSS >> Wingraptor (250hp)

When its wings are open, the boss uses Airwing to hit the whole party, however it doesn’t inflict that much damage. When its wings are closed, use the time to heal as your attacks will be ineffective and the boss may counter with Iron Nail. This causes more damage but should be survivable. Just use normal attacks until the winged beast falls.

Continue up to 4F. Once there, look for a secret path in the southeast corner. Follow it to a chest containing a STAFF. Backtrack to the main hall and enter the Wind Crystal room in the center. Move forward for a scene, during which the party receives their first set of Job crystals: KNIGHT, MONK, BLUE MAGE, THIEF, BLACK MAGE, and WHITE MAGE. Use the warp tile beyond the altar to trigger a tutorial on Abilities and Job Systems. Set up your party members so that they can start earning Ability Points (ABP) then board the ship. Sail southwest, battling random sea creatures, until you reach a village by the sea.


After the pirate crew dashes off to the pub, explore the village. Make a point of speaking to all of the locals when visiting a new place, as they will always provide clues on what to do next. Ignore the man who wants to escort you to the House of Learning (he tells you to close your eyes), since you can get there yourself. The House of Learning is on the western end. Go there to receive gameplay tips and to pick up a few treasures. Pass through the western wall to get an ETHER from the chest in the upper left corner. The other chest and containers there hold a TONIC, PHOENIX DOWN, TENT, and 100GP. The chest on the 2nd floor holds monsters, however defeating them earns you a pair of LEATHER SHOES.

Back outside, visit the Armor and Weapon shops to upgrade your gear. Buy as many spells as you can afford from the Magic shop, as most will prove very useful during the course of your journeys. There’s an Item vendor inside the Inn, but don’t bother spending money to rest there, as you’ll be sleeping for free in just a moment.

Go to the Pub, where you’ll see a troupe dancing on stage. Sit in the stool closest to the stage and watch their performance. When the stage clears, go up and play the piano – one of many you will find during your travels. Practice each time you find a new one. Witness a scene with Faris in the Pub’s upstairs guestroom and look for a few treasures scattered around the village before entering the house to the north. By examining the barrels and crates, you’ll receive a TENT, TONIC, and 150GP. Search near the northeast waterwheel to get LEATHER SHOES and look behind the bush in the northwest forest to get a PHOENIX DOWN. When ready, enter Zok’s house for a scene.

During the night, Zak gives you the CANAL KEY. In the morning, exit Tule and board your ship to witness another scene. Afterwards, sail northeast into the Torna Canal.


After unlocking the gate, enter the canal. Continue forward until a whirlpool stops the group.

BOSS >> Karl Boss (650hp)

Use Monk skills and Bolt magic to eliminate the boss before it has a chance to unleash Tail Screw (reduces HP to 1). All should go well if you avoid that attack and heal as necessary. When the battle ends, Hydra sacrifices itself in order to save the party. Now set adrift, the ship ends up in a watery graveyard.


Before leaving your broken vessel, go below deck and rest in Faris’ room to restore the party’s HP/MP. Head east afterwards. Veer south when you can and jump across the rocks to reach a chest containing a FLAIL. Go north and enter the door on the ship above. Once inside the sunken room, take the eastern stairs to the next chunk of wreckage. After collecting a TENT from the center room, use the southeast door. Watch a scene below.

Swim through the water to reach a staircase in the southeast corner. In the next area, go downstairs to collect 900GP from a pirate chest then head north. In the upper room, you’ll find a chest containing a PHOENIX DOWN. Exit and head south now. Use the stairs in the southeast corner to get to the next room. Grab a TONIC from the chest inside then enter the passage above. Head south to a dry room where the party can rest.

Upon waking, exit northeast to find a Save Point. Use it then go upstairs. Continue north until you re-emerge on the upper deck. Head east, crossing the wooden planks until you reach the southern portion of shipwreck. Enter the door there to find the WORLD MAP posted on a wall. Although you cannot use it yet, press Square once you are back outside to pinpoint your location. For now, use the southeast stairs to reach a room with three chests that contain 2 ANTIDOTES and a PHOENIX DOWN.

Backtrack to the upper deck afterwards and use the rocks on the eastern side to jump across to the next piece of wreckage. Open the chest to cause the rest of the ship to appear. Hop over the rocks, above, to reach dry land and watch the scene that unfolds.

BOSS >> Siren (900hp)

While in her blue state, attack with physical might. When Siren turns brown (undead), harm her with Cure magic or toss a few Tonics on her. As a rule, curative spells/items used on undead creatures will always damage them, whereas black magic will have little to no effect.

After defeating Siren, exit to the world map. Press Square to view your current location, marked by an X. The blinking dots suggest areas you can visit, so start by heading south. Follow the coastline until you reach a small town.


Shop, rest, and grab an ANTIDOTE from one of the barrels in town. Make sure to play the piano in the Pub. Honing your musical skills will pay off later on. While in the pub, pass through the western wall to reach a secret storage room where you can collect 1,000GP. Speak to people in town to learn about a dragon-healing grass that grows on North Mountain, as well neighboring Walz.

When ready, exit Kerwin and travel north through the forest in between the mountain ranges. The entrance to North Mountain is marked by a white slash. Save your game before venturing inside.


Enter the cave up ahead then follow the southern route to a chest containing PHOENIX DOWN. Go around to a chest on the left containing SOFT then take the northern passage back outside. Continue north to the next cave and pass through. Avoid touching any of the blue flowers up ahead. Should you become poisoned from them, use Antidotes to rid the ailment. Cross the bridge then head east. Enter the cave on top to find a Save Point. After using it, take the southern exit back outside. Move forward to trigger a scene, wherein you inherit the MYTHRIL HELMET that was dropped by Magissa.

BOSS >> Magissa (650hp) / Falzer (850hp)

Use an Antidote to cure Reina’s poisoned state right at the start. Cast Fire magic and physically attack Magissa until she summons Falzer, who is quite a bit stronger. Eliminate Magissa first then use a Monk to pound on Falzer. Maintain everyone’s health using Cure magic or Potions and you’ll do fine.

After defeating the duo, continue up to the dragon surrounding by flowers. After Reina heals it, fly south past Kerwin, towards a series of water channels. Land the dragon next to a town and castle linked by a bridge. Enter the town first.


Shop, rest, and speak to the townsfolk to acquire useful information about the Water Shrine. In particular, talk to the girl on the southeast lawn about the shy Garula roaming around there. Although you cannot use the spells sold in the Magic shop yet, purchase them if you can spare the cash. On the left side of town, use the stairs to get in the water. Swim east to reach a house. Look for a pot inside that contains SILVER GLASSES. When ready, leave town and enter the castle next door.


Go straight through to meet with the king. During the conversation, a meteor crashes to the ground near Walz Tower. After the king departs, explore the castle. Exit the king’s chamber and use the door in the northeast corner. Speak to the guards inside then descend the stairs in the southeast corner to get inside the Storehouse. Raid it for items (TENT, 490GP, PHOENIX DOWN) then talk to the man posted there. He mentions Shiva, an ice goddess that is apparently sealed away somewhere in the palace. Exit the room and use the second staircase to reach the 3rd floor Library.

Step on the floor switch to open a secret door. Talk to the scholar inside to learn more about Shiva then enter the room next door. The scholar inside mentions the Library of Ancients to the west. Now make your way down to the 1st floor. Once there, descend the stairs on the right to reach the castle’s Dungeon. Speak to the prisoners in each cell. If you choose to free the Lone Wolf pickpocket, you will not be able to collect a few treasures later on. If you decide to enter his cell, the rusty door will require some pushing before you are able to leave.

Back on 1F, the southeastern door leads to the castle’s moat, which is of no use at the moment. The northeastern door leads to the basement level, where a very powerful Harpy guards some wonderful treasures. Save your game outside and equip the Thief’s !Flee ability beforehand; otherwise, getting past the Harpy is going to be extremely frustrating..

After descending to B1, dash to the northeast corner where you’ll find two rooms. The room on the right has 3 pots containing 2,000GP and the Speed skill. The room on the left has a chest containing an ELF CLOAK. Dash back out before having to engage the Harpy again. Should you cross paths with it, select Flee immediately. If it kills your Thief, press R1/R2 buttons simultaneously to try and escape before it slaughters the entire party.

If you have a wickedly strong party and want to get the Shiva summon now, go to the 1st floor of the castle. Use the door in the lower right corner to get outside. Pass through the large waterfall on top. After emerging inside the Water Tower, swim up to 4F. Along the way, steal a few MYTHRIL SWORDS from Ice Soldier enemies and learn the blue magic skill, TOAD SONG, by engaging Elf Toads. Heal your party before examining the colorful object on 4F’s center platform.

BOSS >> Shiva (1,500hp)

Between her Ice2 attack and Ice Commander guards, you will need to sustain a barrage of hard-hitting blasts. Cast Regen, Haste, and anything else that will help you stay alive. Have Black Mages pelt the group with fire spells while others heal or use strong physical attacks. If fighting her later in the game, a Ninja throwing Fire Skills will go a long way, as will Ifrit. Once the guards are disposed of, Fire2 will cause 700+ damage to Shiva.

After gaining the SHIVA summon, exit south to slide down another waterfall. Leave the castle afterwards. Once safely outside, board the dragon and fly over to the northwest peninsula, where the meteor has struck. Heal up and save before entering the tower next to it.


Speak to the incapacitated guards, who inform you that the king has gone off by himself. Make your way up to 4F, where you’ll find the king. After speaking to him, climb up the vine on the left to reach a chest containing a SILK ROBE. Fall through the hole then enter the northern door to reach the chest on the opposite side. After collecting a MAIDEN’S KISS from it, use the Save Point.

Ascend the staircase and keep moving through until you reach 8F. Once there, climb the vine in the western corner to collect a SILVER ARMBAND then drop down the hole. Now climb the vine in eastern corner to obtain ETHER then enter the Water Crystal room. Watch a scene in front of the altar.

BOSS >> Garula (1,200hp)

This Garula is much tougher than the one you may have encountered near the meteor outside. If you’ve learned any blue magic, use it – especially Toad Song. If you successfully turn Garula into a toad, the battle will be a piece of cake. If not, have someone continually heal, since the boss’s attacks drain HP rapidly, and revive anyone KO’d by Garula’s Charge move.

After defeating the boss, you acquire 5 new jobs: BERSERKER, SORCERER, SUMMONER, TIME MAGE, and RED MAGE. You cannot access the shard in the upper corner yet, so don’t worry about it. Escape the tower as it sinks into the ocean. After Hydra rescues the party, you’ll be back on dry land.

Fly back to Walz Castle and meet with the king in his private chamber. He asks that you travel to Karnak, where another meteor has just fallen, but suggests stopping by Tycoon castle first. Next, speak to the injured soldier in the barracks to learn about a mysterious warp tile that brought him here. When ready, hop on your dragon and fly southwest across the ocean. After passing Pirate Cove, veer west in between the mountains. Continue past the Tycoon meteor to a castle nestled in the forest.


Speak to the guard at the gate then meet with the chancellor on the 1st floor. Watch a scene that takes place at night involving Reina and Faris. In the morning, explore the castle. The stairs below the guest quarters lead to room with a POTION. Speak to the man there to learn that the chancellor has something to give Reina. Use the southeast exit to get to King’s Hall. Once there, use the center door to reach the 4th floor, where you’ll find a collection of pots. Loot them to acquire a MAIDEN’S KISS, ETHER, ELIXIR, and PHOENIX DOWN. Since there’s nothing happening on the 5th floor (Dragon’s Tower), backtrack to the 1st floor.

Enter the northeastern door. Speak to Jenica in the upper room and grab a COTTAGE, ETHER, ELIXIR, and PHOENIX DOWN from some containers. Go outside to where the kids are running around. Pass through the western archway now that it’s unblocked, and enter the room on top. Push the button on the wall then follow the secret passage into a room containing several chests. After collecting a MONSTER BELL, SHURIKEN, and KATANA from them, speak to the chancellor. Check your inventory after he leaves to see that he has given you a HEALING STAFF.

Exit the castle. Before flying back to the Walz Meteor crash site, stop by Pirate Cove to check in on Boko.

PIRATE COVE – Optional

Go to the pirate’s hideout, where you’ll find the loyal chocobo recuperating in bed. After a brief scene, collect a TENT, ETHER, and 300GP from the treasure room on the left and speak to one of the pirates milling about there to acquire additional items.


Enter the hole that has appeared in the center of the rock. Follow the passage down to a warp tile. Step on it to zap across the sea to the Karnak meteor site. Now on western continent, travel northwest through the mountains, eventually looping south, where you’ll come upon the town/castle of Karnak.


Attempt to purchase merchandise from the weapon/armor shop and you will be thrown into the castle’s dungeon. Walk around the cell until Cid frees the party. After learning about the device Cid created, the chancellor arrives with news concerning the Fire Ship. Cid tells you to meet him there when ready. The castle’s treasure chests are currently blocked by fire, so just take the northeast stairs up to the 1st floor. Once there, speak to the folks gathered in Queen’s Hall to learn that she’s missing then exit to the south.

After witnessing a scene outside, return to the town of Karnak. Feel free to shop now, though the merchants have raised their prices. Rest at the Inn and make sure to play the piano in the tavern before departing. Board the ship docked outside.


When you take control, move through the ship’s compartments until you reach an engine room. Enter the white door on the left to acquire a pair of MYTHRIL GLOVES. Exit and use the center stairs to get to the chest on the left side of the room. It contains a COTTAGE. Descend the stairs in the southeast corner to reach a chest containing an ELIXIR. Use the southwest exit to get to the next area. Head east and enter the door at the end. Grab an ELIXIR from the chest inside then backtrack to the first room.

Once there, enter the door in the northeast corner. Flip the switch on the console to slide north. Exit to a new part of the ship. Collect a PHOENIX DOWN from the chest on the right then use the door in the northwest corner to find another switch room. Flip the switch to slide south. After exiting the room, crawl inside the upper air duct and follow it around to the left side of the room. Enter the door up ahead and flip the switch. After sliding north, you’ll find yourself in a room with several doors and chutes.

Enter the 3rd chute from the left to slide across a conveyor belt, ultimately landing in front of a chest containing THIEF’S GLOVES. Use the gold conveyor belt to make your way back to the room with doors and chutes. Once there, slide down the 4th chute from the left. To get to the chest on the left, use the eastern chute. Climb the ladder at the end and go over to the chest, which contains a GREEN BERET. Let the conveyor belt on the right carry you back then use the switch room to return to the doors/chutes area.

Once there, drop down the 2nd chute from the left. After landing, enter the door on the right. Flip the switch inside to create an opening. Go through and collect a MOON RING from the chest then exit the room. Enter the room on the left where you’ll find 2 doors to choose from. The left one leads to a Save Point. After using it, enter the room above, where you’ll see a complex maze of switches and walkways.

Use the switch up ahead to slide north. After landing, flip both switches on this side of the room to move sections of the path. Walk across to the eastern side. Set the next set of switches so that you can walk south. While standing on the square section of walkway below, flip the switch to slide north. Grab an ELIXIR from the chest on top then enter the Power Room. Heal your party before approaching the queen.

BOSS >> Liquid Flame (3,000hp)

The boss has three distinct forms: a man, a giant hand, and a tornado. While in the man form, hammer the boss with Ice2 spells, an Ice Rod, or the Shiva summon. In its hand form, magic will not harm the boss so use this time to heal. In its tornado form, go with muscle. The boss will pelt your party with intense fire spells and replenish its own health, until it runs out of MP. Heal quickly when you take damage and put your mages in the back row for a little added defense.

After the battle, the queen tells you to go through the pipe to get to the Fire Crystal. Do so and watch the scene that follows.


You have 10-minutes to escape before the castle blows up. Your goal is to pick up as many treasures as you can in the allotted time. Some chests contain monsters but they drop great stuff, so spend time fighting them. On the other hand, if random enemies start eating up too much time, use !Flee.

Start by dashing downstairs to use the healing pot then save your game. Leave the room and enter the first cell to collect 2,000GP from a chest. Loop east to the upper right cell. Defeat monsters in the chest to get an ELIXIR then ascend to the library level. Defeat monsters in both the left and right chests to earn a RIBBON and SHURIKEN. Now go through the double doors to the north and dash through the next two rooms to get to the 1F foyer.

Once there, take the leftmost door up to the castle’s Vault. Grab 2,000GP from the chest up ahead then take the western stairs out to the roof. Go all the way down to a set of stairs. Dash through the next two areas, until you reach a monster-laden chest containing an ELF CLOAK. Now, quickly backtrack to the Vault.

Head south, fighting for 2 ELIXIRS in a pair of chests along the way. Use the stairs at the bottom to reach a tiny balcony that loops around to the eastern side of the Vault. There are two more ELIXIRS inside that you can fight for. Open a chest in the northeast corner to acquire 2,000GP then ascend the stairs. Follow the roof path to another chest containing a HUNTING KNIFE. Now backtrack to the Vault and use the southern stairs to return to the 1F Foyer. Look for two final chests in the southeast and southwest corners. Fight monsters to earn a LIGHTNING SKILL and the ESNA spell. Exit the castle afterwards.

When you reach the front gate, a boss stops you from leaving.

BOSS >> Sergeant/Iron Claw (900hp est.)

The only thing that makes this battle difficult is the time constraint. Use the Monk’s Kick ability to make short work of the boss’s Karnak cronies. Attack like crazy, before the boss morphs into Iron Claw. His defense increases in this state and may cast Doom Claw, which numbs its victim and reduces HP to 1. If lucky, he’ll cast it on a Blue Mage who can learn the skill.

Upon successfully reaching the world map, you’ll receive another set of jobs: TRAINER, GEOMANCER, and NINJA. After gathering the shards, board the Fire Ship. Speak to Cid then follow him into town.

Before visiting Cid on the 2nd floor of the tavern, there are a few things you can accomplish. First, walk around the top of the town’s barrier wall until you get to the southwest corner. You’ll find a FIRE ROD in the barrel there. Next, visit the Armor/Weapon shop to find a 3rd merchant selling new stuff. Visit the queen who is recuperating in the Inn’s upstairs guest room and speak to the townsfolk to gather new information: that the Library of Ancients is to the south, and that a powerful monster (Quadraharpy) lurks in the desert.

After speaking to Cid in the pub, rest up and save your game outside. Travel west on foot then veer south into the desert, where you’ll eventually encounter the powerful Quadraharpy. You can learn its Aquarake attack if you have a Blue Mage in your party or the Learning ability equipped. The area spell will prove very useful against water-weak enemies, so try to learn it. After killing the Quadraharpy, heal up in a Tent then continue through the sand. When you reach the mountains, head east. The Library of Ancients is in the forest up ahead.


Talk to the scholars scurrying about to learn that Cid’s grandson, Mid, has gone missing. Go up to the 2nd floor and use the healing urn to restore the party’s HP/MP. Climb up to the roof and speak to the scholars burning books. The first two books contain cryptic notes; the third holds a monster. After examining the books, return to the 1st floor. Use the southwest door to get to B1.

Examine the books up ahead to clear the path. Next, examine the hole on the left to shift the position of other shelves. Pass through the holes on the right to reach the door, above. Touch it then use the lower bookcase to alter the path once more. Make your way over to the gap in the floor. Touch the shelf there to reveal a secret passageway. Enter into a darkened room. Now, with only a flashlight illuminating your way, look for a chest in the eastern hall containing an ETHER. Use the southwest exit to get to the next room.

Make your way over to the ladder on the left. Climb up and press the bookcase to open a new passage. Enter and follow the path to the room on top. Heal up before touching the book on the floor.

BOSS >> Ifrit (3,000hp)

The boss will pound you with Fire2, so keep everyone’s health up. Summon Shiva and use Ice2 spells until Ifrit calls it quits.

Afterwards, you’ll gain IFRIT, a new summon monster. Exit the room and backtrack south. Enter the door next to the ladder. If you obtained Ifrit, the shelf will allow you to pass without incident. Go through the hole in the lower left corner to reach a chest containing a NINJA SUIT. After equipping it, return to the previous room and climb through the upper hole.

Follow the darkened path west. Collect a PHOENIX DOWN from the chest at the bottom then use the eastern passage to get to the lower portion of the previous room. Now, go through the hole on the right and make your way around to the southeast corner. Touch the shelf and fight the book that appears. After defeating it, enter the hole and use the Save Point. Go downstairs and enter the door on the left to trigger a scene.

BOSS >> Biblos (3,600hp)

Biblos uses earth magic and can confuse/slow characters. His Magic Hammer attack will reduce MP by half. Having a White Mage in your party to heal/revive is a must. Offensively, use physical attacks and fire magic. Ifrit will be a godsend. If you’re low on MP, equip the Fire Rod or throw Fire Skills.

After defeating Biblos, talk to Mid who opens a shortcut back to the main library. Chat with the scholars to learn of a town to the south, Jachol and use the pot on the 2nd floor to restore the party’s HP/MP. Exit the library and travel back to Karnak.


Go to the pub and talk with Cid. After Mid convinces Cid to repair the Fire Ship, leave town and board the vessel. Watch a scene on deck then rouse Cid. Once Cid and Mid depart for the Library, you take control of the Fire Ship. Before heading to Jachol, there are a couple of optional places you can visit, now that you have command of the seas. Skip the optional sections if you want to go straight to the storyline.


Easterly Village is located on the northwest continent, in an inlet off the western sea. Sail around Karnak’s continent then go north until you reach a series of water channels. Enter the village below them.

Easterly has a Time Magic shop and offers some expensive Relics. Buy the rings if you have GP to spare. Speak to the old man in the northwest corner who mentions a sleepy toad. Search the flowerbed above him until a toad pops out, netting you the TOAD spell. At the top of town, you’ll see a pen full of sheep. Approach the sheep in the left corner and tap its rear to be punted over the fence. Once there, seek out the Bard to acquire the LOVE SONG.

Back in town, the locals will tell you a few things about the eastern waterfall. After resting at the Inn, exit and head east on foot towards the mountains. After crossing the bridge, you are likely to encounter RAMUH.

BOSS >> Ramuh (4,000hp)

Ramuh is a lightning-based creature that is weak to water. Throw Water Skills with your Ninja. If you learned the blue magic, Aquarake, use it to good effect. Shiva and Ifrit will help out if you have a Summoner in your party. Keep at it until Ramuh stops the fight. Afterwards, you obtain a new summon creature.

Board your ship and sail back to Karnak. From there, continue south, following the shoreline until you reach a gap in the landmasses. Veer west and look for a cave entrance near the southern end of the continent. Dock below it then head west to find a second cave opening. Save your game before entering.


The caves are filled with squirrels that offer good EXP and ABP. The smaller ones can be defeated in one or two hits, however the larger one may wipe out your party if you are not careful. If you encounter it, try to escape or use the !Flee command. If you’re lucky, the giant squirrel will successfully escape before you do, netting the party a whopping 5 ABP.

Push the button on the southwest wall to open a new passage. Go south, past the empty chest, to a wall full of blinking buttons. Wait there until all but one vanish. Push the remaining button to open a passage elsewhere in the cave. Backtrack north then veer east to find a locked door. Examine the chest above it. Use the switch inside to unlock the door.

In the next area, continue north to an intersection. Head west to find a chest containing a SHURIKEN. Loop south to find another chest containing a TENT. Backtrack to the intersection and head east now. Veer north then loop around to a chest in the western corner. It contains a SHOCK WHIP. Note that if you freed the Lone Wolf pickpocket in Walz Castle earlier, these treasures will not be available. Either way, go north and take the stairs up to what appears to be a dead-end. Climb the sheer wall to get outside if you want to rest or save your game. When ready, backtrack through Jachol Caves to return to your ship.

Travel west on foot, going in between the mountain ranges until you reach the landlocked village of Jachol.


Shop, rest, and play the piano upstairs in the Item shop. The locals will mention the optional cave you just visited and tell you about Crescent Island. Conduct any remaining business in Jachol then return to your ship. Sail east across the ocean, towards the string of islands along the southern edge of the map. Dock near the town sitting on a moon-shaped island.


Approach the person at the entrance to trigger a scene. When the earthquake hits, run outside to see your ship sinking. Since there’s nothing you can do about it, return to town and explore. After shopping and resting, enter the house in the southeast corner. Play the piano inside then speak to the Minstrel to earn the STRENGTH SONG. Back in town, gather information from the locals about a chocobo roaming the southern forests and the Ronke Ruins to the west. When ready, exit Crescent Town and head south into the patch of forest.


Move forward to trigger a scene showing a Black Chocobo running around. When you regain control, chase it down (use Dash if you can). If successful, the chocobo will try to fly out of the forest but drops back down shortly after taking off. Upon landing, it drops a couple of crystal shards, earning you 2 new job classes: BARD and HUNTER. More importantly, you now have a ride off the island.

Black Chocobos will fly over water and low mountains, but can only land in forest patches. Keep that in mind when exploring various parts of the world. Start by flying north. Look for a village entirely surrounded by mountains, just west of the North Mountain range. Land your chocobo in the forest next to the village.


By speaking to the locals, you’ll quickly learn that Rikks Village is the Hero’s hometown. Rest at the Inn for free. During the night, you’ll witness a scene concerning the Hero’s mother. Upon waking, you can visit Stella’s gravesite, which is on the west end of town. Speak to the girl wandering near the Item shop to trigger another scene, providing more insight into the Hero’s past. Finally, enter the Hero’s house and touch the pink music box near the window. When the flashback ends, talk to the Bard to acquire the TEMPTATION SONG.

Make sure to stock up on items and throwing skills (Water, especially) while here, as you will not find better prices anywhere in the world. When ready, leave Rikks Village and fly your chocobo to the Library of Ancients.


Check in with Cid and Mid, who tell you they have spotted the king near the Desert of Sand Tides. Use the 2nd floor urn to heal then exit the library. Since you cannot land your chocobo in grass or sand, you’ll have to walk to the desert. Travel west through the mountains until you reach the sand.


Move forward to trigger a scene, wherein Cid and Mid build a bridge so that you can cross the slippery sand. Cid warns the group to avoid using magic on any Sandworms you encounter. Modify your party’s roles if necessary then fight the big worm that appears.

BOSS >> Sandworm (3,000hp)

Timing is key during this battle, as the Sandworm will continually pop in and out of holes, causing some attacks to miss. The boss is weak against water so unleash Aquarake if you have a Blue Mage available. If using a Ninja, throw Water Skills at it. The boss has some nasty attacks, including Demi and Sandstorm, so keep everyone’s health up throughout.

After defeating the boss, start sliding down the sand. Pay attention to the direction the sand is moving and follow the route that gets you to the southeastern edge of the desert. Note that the pyramid in the center is locked, so just ignore it. The way out is marked by rows of green plants. Pass through to the world map then continue south to a town nestled in the mountains. Save your game before entering.


Approach the center ruins to catch a glimpse of the king running east. Head east and you’ll see him running west. Go west and the king will run up to the top of the ruins. Follow him there to trigger a scene, during which the group falls through a trap door.

When you take control, go through the northwestern door. Step on the mechanical platform up ahead. The party is zapped across the ocean to a room underneath Crescent Island, while Cid escorts the Black Chocobo back to his forest. Once the scenes end, go upstairs and keep moving until you reach a room with six white statues. Ignore the wall button for now and head south into a chamber full of bookshelves and beds.

Enter the western section and go down to the southwest corner. Examine the switch on the wall to receive a clue: “Check flowers… middle room”. Enter the middle room to rest up then examine the flowerbox in the right-hand corner to receive the next clue: “Paper… room on right.” Go there and read the paper on the desk: “Check the urn”. Re-enter to the western room and check the urn on the left. A frog jumps out and knocks a book off the shelf. Read it to receive the final clue: “Go down 6, right 4, and pull”. Pull the lower wall switch again to clear the path to a trio of chests containing 2 SHURIKENS and the MINI spell. Now, head north, back to the statue room.

Flip the switch next to the northern door and watch as Cid and Mid fall through a hole. Use the Save Point in the next room then keep moving forward until you reach the sunken Fire Ship. Cross over to the second ship, outfitted with propellers! Talk to Cid on the lower deck to trigger a scene.

BOSS >> Clay Claw (2,000hp)

Although the boss is not hard to defeat using regular attacks, any lightning-based magic will make your task that much easier. Using the Ramuh summon and throwing Lightning Skills with your Ninja will detach Clay Claw most efficiently.

Now that you have an airship, feel free to explore parts of the world that were previously inaccessible. While touring, it would be wise to restock supplies in Rikks Village and rest for free. When you’re ready to move on with the story, fly back to Gorn Town. As you hover over the ruins, a huge craft emerges from the sand. Fly back to Crescent Island and dock the airship in Cid’s underwater hangar. Tell him what the group just witnessed and Cid will send you off to fetch some Adamantite – a rock that allows the airship to fly higher. Fly north, to the Tycoon Meteor site.


Examine the meteor pile then enter the passage that Galuf creates. Grab the ADAMANTITE, which is stuck to the rocks above the warp tile. Attempt to exit and a large turtle attacks.

BOSS >> Adamantaim (2,000hp)

Penetrating the boss’s hard shell is difficult; so don’t rely on physical attacks alone. Throwing Shurikens works well, as does Shiva or Ice2 spells. Although Adamantaim hits hard, you should be done with him fairly quickly.

After defeating the boss, fly back to Cid’s airship hangar on Crescent Island. Once the airship is retrofitted with Adamantite, you can get high enough to reach the Floating Ruins. Leave the hangar and save your game outside. When ready, board the airship and press X to gain elevation.


No matter where you are in the world, you’ll see an aerial view and fire cannons shooting at you from the north. In order to get inside the fortress, you must disarm all 4 cannons – two on each side – and then engage the central gun. Note that you can save your game on the ground in between battles. Just guide the airship south to leave the aerial battlefield.

BOSS >> Flame Throwers & Rocket Guns x 4 (2,200hp each)

All four cannons have dual parts, each weak against lightning. Exploit that using Ramuh, black magic, and the Ninja’s Throw skill. After defeating the four side cannons, make sure to descend to the ground so that you can save and heal party members. When ready, ascend to engage the central part of the craft.

BOSS >> Soul Gun (22,500hp) / Launcher (10,800hp)

The Soul Gun’s safety lock will thankfully remain intact during the first stage of battle. Take advantage of this by pounding both parts with Bolt2, Lightning Skills, enhanced weapons, and Ramuh. Speed is essential, so cast Haste on slower party members or cast Slow on the boss. Once Soul Gun releases its safety lock, your party will be hammered by lasers. Those with Protes on or with high Vigor may be able to survive, but come prepared with a few Phoenix Downs just in case.

After a difficult battle, the center of the craft opens up. Enter when ready.


Having a Thief in your party (or equipping the Secret ability) helps tremendously here, to reveal paths that would otherwise appear disconnected. Either way, cross over to the western side, avoiding any holes in the ground. On the next screen, head east and move around to a chest containing GOLD ARMOR. Exit to 3F and use the path on the left to get to the western side. Once there, take the 2nd path up to a chest holding an ELIXIR. Now take the leftmost path over to the northwest corner. Ignore the 2 staircases for the moment; instead, head east to a chest containing PHOENIX DOWN. Use the southern stairs to get to 4F.

Pass through until you get back to 3F. Follow the path up to a chest containing a GOLD SHIELD then backtrack to the pair of stairs you passed earlier. Once there, climb the long staircase in the center to find a Save Point. After using it, exit and take the stairs on the left to 4F. Move through the next set of rooms until you reach 5F. Go east to get a POTION from a chest then continue east to another staircase. After using it, move forward into a room with several chests. If you rush towards them, you may fall through a trap door and end up having to backtrack north to the room. In order to avoid this, put a Geomancer in your party to spot traps then open the chests on the ends first. They contain 5,000GP, a SHURIKEN, ANCIENT SWORD, MOONRING, and POWER WRIST.

After gathering the loot, backtrack to 4F. Go through the door on the left and head west through the next series of rooms until you spot a Save Point. To access it, use the southeastern stairs in the next room. After resting and saving, return to the previous room and use the northern stairs. Go around to a room with a door (left) and a set of stairs (right). First, use the stairs to reach two chests containing a COTTAGE and ETHER. Next, use the door to get down to a wall switch. Press it to open a passageway between two statues. Follow it into the central room, where you’ll find the king. Talk to him to learn that the guardian up ahead can change its weakness at will. Engage the beast when ready.

BOSS >> Archeoavis (1st form: 6,400hp / 2nd form: 2,500hp)

Archeovais will vary his elemental weakness throughout and his attacks may cause confusion. If you insist on casting black magic, use the Scan ability to determine the correct spell to hit him with. Strong fighters (Monks, Knights, Ninjas) will do more harm and waste less time. After defeating the boss’s first form, he will resurrect himself. You can knock out its second form with a single Shuriken throw usually.

After the possessed king escapes, enter the Earth Shrine room. Move forward for a scene showing the 4th meteor crashing to the ground, prompting Galuf to regain his memory. After the king nobly sacrifices himself, 4 new job become available: SAMURAI, DANCER, LANCER, and CHEMIST. The scene continues aboard the airship.


When you regain control, land the airship and the party will suggest getting Cid’s advice. Fly to Crescent Island’s hangar. Although Cid and Mid are not there, you can find out where they’ve gone by reading a note on the table in the western workshop. As it turns out, they are returning the Adamantite that was used to augment the airship. Before meeting up with them, wrap up any outstanding business you have in this world. Once you reach Galuf’s world, things will change and certain areas will no longer be available to you.

Start by stocking up in Rikks Village. Buy as many Skills, Tents and curative items as you can afford. Next, fly to Tycoon Castle to inform the chancellor of the king’s demise. He’ll ask if you want to stay overnight. Do so to see a scene between Reina and Faris. In the morning, go outside and save your game. In order to advance the story, you need to visit all 4 meteor crash sites. It does not matter which order you visit them in, so long as you visit all four. This guide offers the most direct route.


Talk to the Black Chocobo standing near the meteor then enter to find Cid and Mid. They theorize that with enough Adamantite, the party will be able to warp to Galuf’s world. Board your airship and fly to the Walz Meteor, located on the eastern continent.


After Cid and Mid return from the interior, a bunch of floating bombs attack the trio.

BOSS >> Byurobolos (2,200hp each)

Try to Mute as many of the floating enemies as possible, so that they cannot resurrect their fallen brethren. Throw Water Skills at them or use Aquarake. With a Samurai, use $Toss if you can spare the cash. Beware of their kamikaze Exploder attack. Other than that, the 6 balloons are a pushover.

After resting and saving, board your airship and fly to the Karnak Meteor site. It is located on the southern end of the northwest continent.


Enter the meteor and touch the warp tile. Titan emerges to challenge the group.

BOSS >> Titan (2,500hp)

Titan is weak against wind magic so exploit that if you can. Lay into him with strong physical attacks, using Knights or anyone else with high vigor. After getting his health down to about 50%, start using Cure2 magic each round so that your characters can withstand the 500+ damage caused by Titan’s Earth Shaker attack. If you learned Float, cast it on everyone to avoid getting hit. So long as one member is left standing, you will earn TITAN as a new summon.

After Cid and Mid leave, fly to the final meteor site at the bottom of the desert on the southwest continent. As usual, heal and save before entering.


Speak to Cid and Mid then follow them inside.

BOSS >> KimaBrain (3,300hp)

Kimabrain will shave off 250+ from each party member using its Aquarake and Blaze attacks, so prepare to heal/revive frequently. Cast Haste to speed up your brawny characters, as they will likely cause the most damage. Casting Protes on those with low defense helps, too. In addition to the Samurai’s $Toss and Ninja’s Throw attack, the Lancer’s Jump skill is nice in that he/she can avoid damage for a round while up in the air.

After the battle, Cid produces a map showing energy collecting on the spot where you will enter Galuf’s world. Before flying there, make sure you have completed all business in this world. When ready, fly to the peninsula shaped like a bird. Step on the warp spot to magically arrive in Galuf’s world, 30 years earlier…


The party is deposited on a tiny island in the middle of the ocean. Open your map to see that, indeed, the world has changed. Walk to the eastern tip and Reina will suggest pitching a Tent for the night. If you don’t have one in your inventory, fight the only enemy on the island (Pao) to acquire one. While resting, an Abductor swoops down and snatches Reina and Faris. You are left alone to fight it.

BOSS >> Abductor (1,500hp est.)

After reducing your HP to single digits using Hurricane, the boss will stick to physical attacks. Replenish health with a Potion then slash away. Using a speedy job (Ninja, Hunter, Thief) will take down the boss pretty quickly. If you can, try stealing an Earth Robe from it.

Win or lose, you’ll end up in X-Death’s dungeon with the two gals.


After retrieving the party’s crystal shards, you’ll take control of Galuf. If you want to save your game, head north; otherwise, take the western stairs down to B1 and continue through the basement until you reach Gilgamesh.

BOSS >> Gilgamesh (1,500hp est.)

During your initial encounter, Gilgamesh is a pushover. Just attack until he flees. Once the party reunites, make your way back up to the 1st floor. Enter the northern door. Beyond the Save Point, you’ll find a healing spring. Use both then exit the castle. Cross the long bridge to the west.


Fight through enemies until you reach a door. Inside, you’ll meet up with Gilgamesh again.

BOSS >> Gilgamesh (???hp)

Although he has beefed up his stats, defeating Gilgamesh should not be too difficult if you maintain everyone’s health. Summon Titan to shave off health at the start. Casting Mute to prevent him from using buffs and Slow to reduce his speed will help considerably. When he starts unleashing his Jump attacks, use the time to heal then finish him off with a Shuriken.

After Gilgamesh flees, continue across the bridge. Towards the end, a scene occurs with Krile and the party is tossed onto a new continent. Head east through the wilderness until you reach the quaint town of Lugor.


There are many new spells and supplies to purchase here so spend some time shopping. Afterwards, look for a secret room above the Pub that contains a piano. Go west through the wall then head north to reach it. Dance on stage for 100GP if you like; otherwise, go to the Inn where you can rest for free. Watch the scene that occurs at night. In the morning, chat with the locals about a moogle sighting (yay!) and a castle you should avoid. Leave town when ready.

Travel south past the Sealed Castle. The Shield Dragon inside the lobby will most likely slaughter your characters at their current levels. Veer east when you can and look for a little forest nestled in between the mountains.


Inside, you’ll be working within a close up view. Attempt to talk to the moogle near the tree and watch the scene that follows. Jump down into the hole to reach an underground cavern. Step in the water and the current will take you east. When you reach dry land, jump back in the water and continue riding east, fighting random creatures as you go. You’ll eventually reach a chest containing 4,400GP. After collecting the loot, ride down the waterfalls to the next patch of dry land. Go downstairs and jump back in the current. At the bottom, gather a PHOENIX DOWN from the chest then head east. You’ll spot the moogle being hassled by a monster. Go up and help him.

BOSS >> Tyrasaurus (5,000hp)

For an immediate victory, simply toss a Phoenix Down on the undead dinosaur. If you want to save the item, direct Cure2 spells at the boss and use Ifrit. This method results in a very tough fight but you can be proud that you took him down the traditional way. If you are brave, try stealing a Gold Shield and learn his ???? blue magic attack before killing him.

Pay close attention to the scene that follows, as you’ll need to retrace the moogle’s steps. Exit the cavern and save your game. Your goal is to get to the large patch of forest where the moogle was last seen. Using only the forest paths, head northeast. No monsters will attack if you stick to the green parts. If you happen to step on the sand, prepare for a nasty fight with a Sandcrawler. This creature, in my opinion, is harder than most of the bosses you’ve faced so far. Should you choose to engage it, use water-based attacks.

After successfully navigating to the northeastern forest, roam around until you find the exact spot the moogle disappeared into.


The moogles scatter as soon as you try to approach them. Pass through to the eastern side of the village and talk to the moogle you saved, who is standing behind the tree. Once he lets you inside his room, open all of the chests to receive an ETHER, PHOENIX DOWN, 10,0001GP, COTTAGE and DANCING DIRK. After the nice haul, go back to the first part of the village to see that the tree houses are now unlocked.

Enter the tree on the right to acquire a MOOGLE COSTUME. After putting it on, enter the tree on the left. Talk to the moogle inside and she’ll unlock the chest for you. Grab an ELF CLOAK from it then return to the moogle you rescued. Watch the scene that follows, ending back at Val Castle.


There is much to explore when you regain control. Also, speak to everyone you find as some will offer hints on where to find treasure. Equipping the Secret ability while here helps, too. Start by getting a HERO DRINK from the chest on the left then follow a secret passage south to another chest. It contains the extremely useful TELEPO spell. The stairs on the right lead to 3F. Speak to those in Krile’s room and the wizard in the study next door. Take the center stairs up to 4F, where Krile informs the party that the dragon is dying. Apparently, you need to find some dragon grass in the valley to the north.

For now, return to 1F and use the stairs on the right to get to a Save Point. The guard posted there isn’t sure what’s in the basement. If you’re short on cash, go down and fight some Rock Statues there. They offer decent GP and ABP. The door is locked, however, so return to 1F when ready. Head south to get outside. Before entering the shops, step in the pool to the west. Swim around until you get sucked into the moat. Swim all the way to the end and press X to receive a Great Sword (aka. REGAL CUTLASS). Retrace your steps and hit the switch at the far end of the moat to get back inside.

Once there, enter the door near the guard to find an Inn and a couple of Item merchants. Stock up on what you need then exit and move further west to find the Armor, Weapon, and Magic shops. Use the stairs in back to reach the room with the chest. Collect an ANGEL ROBE from it then search the wall next to the chest. You will find a hidden button that grants access to a Merchant. Pester him until he gives you LAMIA’S HARP.

When ready, talk to the guard near the front gate to exit Val Castle. Defeat an Abductor outside (easy-peasy) then continue onto world map. Although you are supposed to head north to the town of Kelb, you can first explore a cave to the east. If the enemies inside prove too difficult, return later when you party is stronger..


Follow the straightforward path until you get to an intersection. The northern route leads to the Big Bridge area, so head south instead. At the bottom, go east and enter the door at the end. There are piles of GP scattered along the path and the amount doubles with every step - however, you’ll have to get past a very powerful turtle to net the larger amounts.

BOSS >> Gilgame (??hp)

Even with high-level characters, this guy is difficult to defeat. In order to have a fighting chance, go in with two well-armored, double-handed Knights, and two Ninjas (one with !Sshot and the other with !Summon). Using Mages of any kind invites disaster…so heal with Potions instead.


Since the shops and inn are currently locked, enter the house further north. Examine the locked door inside Kelga’s house then attempt to leave. Kelga, the werewolf that helped you earlier in the Old World, arrives. After testing your worthiness, he grants permission to pass through the town’s north gate. Leave Kelga’s house and go check out the shops, which are now open and sell new gear. After shopping, talk to one of the werewolves, dancing in circles behind Kelga’s house on the northeast side of town. He will give you the REQUIEM SONG, which works well against undead monsters if you are a Bard.

Next, examine the well in the southwest corner of town. A wizard pops out and asks that you bring him a frog. The type of frog he is looking for can be found outside, either north or south of town. Simply engage a Kornago Frog with a Trainer in your party and use !Catch to nab it. Return to the wizard in the well to receive KORNAGO’S GOURD.

Finally, speak to the werewolf in the guestroom at the Inn, who offers to serve you a meal. Sit at the table next to him (use the chair on the left) and he’ll bring you a delicious dish that restores the party’s HP/MP. For desert, the werewolf gives you 8 TONICS. Note that you can eat as many meals as you like to earn more Tonics. When ready, leave Kelb from the north gate. Enter the cave in the rocks up ahead.


Follow the path to an opening on the right. Go inside and get 5,000GP from the chest. Exit and continue north to a second opening. Move through until you emerge on the other side. Enter the opening on the right. Go down and collect a COTTAGE from the chest then head west to get back outside. As you approach the bridge, you will encounter Golem. Do not attack him (remove Berserkers from your party). Let the Golem swipe at you once and he’ll run away. After this initial encounter, cross the bridge then follow the path to another cave. Pass through. Back outside, head south. Examine the bone piles you come across, as one contains BONE MAIL (looks like a pile of ribs, not skulls).

Eventually, you’ll encounter Golem again, this time with 2 undead creatures attacking him. The idea is to kill the Skelesaur and Dragon Zombie without harming Golem. Use cure magic or the Bard’s Requiem Song to vanquish the undead enemies individually. If you successfully rescue GOLEM, he will offer his summoning services (check your inventory items to add him).

Enter the cave at the bottom. Once inside, examine the eastern wall to fall through a hole. Grab 7,000GP from a chest at the landing then enter the door. Push the switch on the wall to clear a path outside. Trek upstairs to exit. Enter the next cave and take the western path down to 2 chests containing a CORONET and WIND SWORD. Afterwards, follow the eastern route down to another chest with PHOENIX DOWN. Continue south to a room with a Save Point. After using it, exit and head west to get back outside. Follow the eastern trail down to a patch of Dragongrass. Plucking it will not be that easy, it seems.

BOSS >> Dragongrass (12,000hp)

The small Bulbs that accompany the boss regenerate, but can usually be killed in one hit. Take out the main plant using physical attacks, Titan, or fire magic. If you acquired Golem, summon the creature to prevent the Dragongrass’ Pollen from poisoning you; otherwise, use Antidotes to rid the ailment.

Upon defeating the big plant, you acquire the actual DRAGONGRASS. Use Telepo to warp out quickly or walk back on foot. Return to Val Castle.


The guards will not let you in the front gate, so swim west to the top of the moat. Use the switch to pop out in the pool below. After resting, visit Krile in her room. She tells you to seek out Gill, who lives on an island northeast of the Valley of the Dragons. Go up and heal the dragon so that you can ride it. Watch a sweet scene then hop on your flying pal. Feel free to explore the world or just fly directly to Gill’s Shrine.

Your time here is brief, as the island sinks into the ocean shortly after you arrive. Escape on your dragon and fly west to another castle.


Flip the switch on the left side of the gate to trigger a scene with the guard, who tells you to take what you need from the castle. Once inside, use the northwest stairs to get to the Library. After speaking to the scholars, take the southwest stairs to another section of the library. Talk to the man in the corner who complains that books are never put back on the shelves. You’ll see 3 books on the desk and shelves marked alphabetically. Your goal is to put each of the books back using the first letter in their titles: “Forbidden Book”, “Register of Monsters”, and “Weird Ronka”. If shelved correctly, the man will open a secret passage in the back of the room. Follow him inside.

After exploring his study, use the southwest stairs. Talk to the man inside and grab 5,000GP from a chest in the corner. The southern exit leads to the castle’s lawn. Go west and enter the door at the top of the stairs. Get the FLOAT spell from a chest in the upper room then backtrack to King’s Hall. Once there, take the southwest stairs up to the King’s Chamber. Examine the book on his desk to acquire the SONG OF SPEED. Go back down and use the southeast stairs to get to the barracks. Speak to the soldiers inside to learn that X-Death’s Castle has a weak spot and that Zeza has gone off to exploit it.

Return to King’s Hall and take the southwest stairs down to the Inn and merchants. After shopping and resting, leave Surgate Castle. Hop on the dragon and fly east towards X-Death’s Castle. On the eastern shore, you’ll see a fleet of ships. Land on the largest vessel.


Watch a scene with Zeza upon boarding his ship then talk to the soldiers on deck to learn that only one of X-Death’s towers needs to be destroyed to unseal the barrier. Go below deck to rest. It seems that monsters invaded the ship while you were asleep. Go upstairs and speak to Zeza. When you regain control, chase the monsters, pressing X to engage each one. After defeating all of them, go to the southern end of the ship to face Gilgamesh.

BOSS >> Gilgamesh & Enkidoh (8.888hp)

Make sure to steal the GENJI GLOVE from Gilgamesh before he escapes. Battle Gilgamesh until Enkidoh joins him. Immediately silence Enkidoh so that he cannot heal the pair. Using summons, such as Titan, will put the hurt on. As usual, Samurai’s $Toss and Ninja’s Throw abilities are effective. Monks do good damage, too. Keep fighting until Enkidoh perishes. Gilgamesh will eventually notice that his canine buddy has stranded him, and will jump off the ship.

Go below deck and talk to Zeza in the room on the left. Help him push the crate so that you can jump in the hole and board his submarine. Rest when prompted, then exit the sub. Talk to Zeza and he’ll blast a hole so that you can get inside X-Death’s Tower. Zeza, again, will ask if you want to rest – I’m not sure why – just enter the tower when ready.


Zeza instructs you to find the antenna on the top floor, while he works on the power supply in the basement. You’ll be given some WHISPER GRASS so that he can communicate with you. Use the southwest corner stairs to get to a Save Point. After using it, go through the door to find 2 chests. One contains 9,000GP whereas the other contains powerful monsters (either one Red Dragon or 2 Yellow Dragons). Defeat them to earn a BLOOD SWORD. Head south to the next area.

Walk around the face of the tower to the ladder on the left. Climb up to 4F. Go through the door and around to 5F. Climb the ladder on the right. Enter the 6F door and collect 18,000GP from the chest inside. Continue climbing the tower until you receive a message from Zeza. Go up to 9F afterwards. There, you will find 2 ladders. Use the ladder on the right to reach a Save Point. After using it, climb the left ladder. Fight more Dragons to earn the HAIR ORNAMENT in the chest. Go back to the Save Point and head south to reach the top of the tower.

BOSS >> Atomos (19,997hp)

Atomos is a bitch of an enemy. In addition to having ridiculously high health, he casts Comet anytime you use a revival spell on a KO’d character. Making matters worse, the boss can suck KO’d characters into his Vortex, permanently eliminating them from the battlefield. Needless to say, your principle goal is too keep everyone alive. Casting Shell helps. Have someone constantly heal while the others whittle down Atomos. Samurais, Monks, Knights, and Lancers have the best chance of surviving.

After defeating the boss, Zeza successfully unseals the barrier and the tower collapses. Once you are safely back on the submarine, speak to Galuf. After a little alone time, he rejoins the group and the sub is yours to freely navigate. Press X to submerge then consult your map. Gill’s sunken shrine is marked with a blinking dot to the northwest. Restock supplies and save your game on dry land before going there. Park the sub in the grey hatch on the ocean floor.


After resting in the cabin, exit the submarine and go down to B2. Continue south into a room with 5 chests. Examine the center one to pick up a stone. Doing so closes the door you just came through. Place the stone in the northwest chest to open another door. Go through and pull the switch on the wall. Now, move the stone into the southwest chest. Enter the new passage and head east to B3.

Look for a secret path on the southwestern edge. Follow it to a switch. Pull it to open a new passageway. Look for another secret path in the southwest corner. Follow it until you reach the water. Say, “yes” when prompted to jump in. Swim with the big turtle to a new area. Move forward to trigger a scene with the turtle, who turns out to be Sage Gill. Gill hands you the ELDER’S BRANCH so that you can enter Moore Forest, which is west of Surgate Castle. Board your submarine afterwards.

Consult your map while underwater. There are 2 blinking dots on the western side of the world. The lower dot takes you to Moore Forest, however you may want to explore the upper dot first. If so, look for a gold patch at the southern tip of the northwest continent and park your sub there.

SHOAT CAVE - Optional

Move through the cave to get outside. Save your game then head southeast, towards the little patch of forest. Inside, you’ll find a female chocobo that you cannot ride. Roam the area next to the forest until you encounter a creature called Shoat.

BOSS >> Shoat (5,000hp)

Shoat uses Evil Eye to petrify your party members, so come prepared with a lot of Softs to rid the affliction. A Dancer equipped with a Ribbon will not be affected, btw. A couple of $Toss attacks from your Samurai will take the boss out quickly, though normal hits should not take that much longer.

After the battle, you gain SHOAT, a new summon monster. If you like, spend some time fighting the regular enemies that appear in this region, as most drop good stuff and offer above-average EXP & ABP. When ready, board your submarine and travel west to the next blinking dot. After reaching it, rise up into a secluded lake near a village.


As usual, gather information from the locals, rest at the Inn, play the piano in the Pub, and do some shopping. Look for a HUNTING KNIFE in the barrel next to the Inn. Go around back to reach it. When ready, exit the village and travel east. Save your game outside before entering the forest.


After unsealing the path, head north to a chest containing 2,500GP. To the east, you’ll find another chest containing ETHER. Examine the notch in the tree next to it to create a hole. Jump down and pass through to the next patch of forest. Go north to find a chest containing 4,900GP then head northeast to find one containing PHOENIX DOWN. From here, go south then veer east to find a chest that contains 9,500GP. Look for another tree notch a bit to the west. Examine it to create another hole. Jump down and follow the underground passage to the next part of the twisting forest.

Go west to find a chest with a COTTAGE then head east to find one containing a GIANT’S DRINK. Head north to a Save Point that looks like a yellow ring. After using it, look for a chest containing an ELIXIR. Further north, you’ll find one holding a MACE. Now, trek northwest to find another chest. If you open it now, you’ll receive an AEGIS SHIELD; if you wait, it will contain a FLAME SHIELD (recommended). Either way, continue moving west until a scene takes over, showing the forest on fire.

When you take control, run around until a moogle pops out of the ground. Jump inside the hole it created to find a healing spring. After restoring the party’s HP/MP, kick back with the moogles until they tell you it’s safe to return to the forest. Climb out to a charred, barren forest. If you did not take the Aegis Shield earlier, open the chest on the right to acquire the Flame Shield now.

Head east to find a chest containing ASH then continue forward to a chest with a FLAME SABER. If you want to save your game or restock supplies in Moore Village before continuing, use the southern path to get outside; otherwise, head north until a scene takes over. Enter the giant tree afterwards.


Watch a scene inside then prepare to face your toughest boss yet.

BOSS >> Four Crystals (7,777hp)

Each Crystal has a different elemental strength (Bolt, Fire, Ice, Earth), so casting group spells will usually heal one of them. Take advantage of their initial slowness to buff your party (Haste2, Shell, Protect, Regen, Float, etc.) then send in your heavy hitters to pluck them off one by one. Each will use a high-level spell to hurt the party right before they perish, so prepare to cure everyone afterwards. Summoning Titan works well on all but the earth-based Guardian.

After the hard-fought battle, Krile attempts to rescue the party but X-Death entraps her instead. Galuf intervenes. During the duel, continue to fight X-Death even after Galuf’s HP reaches zero, as nothing will harm him. The fight is basically a preview of what X-Death is capable of (Flare, Comet, etc.). Watch the sad scene that follows. Wander around the room until Krile joins the group and inherits all of her grandfather’s skills.

After flying out on the dragon, equip your new party member and give her a job. When ready, travel to X-Death’s Castle.


Collapsed guards at the entrance tell you that X-Death is on the top floor. Use the healing spring and Save Point to the north then enter the door in the center to get to 2F. Open the chests in the lower corners to receive a DIAMOND SHIELD and ETHER. Ascend to 3F afterwards. Head west and wander around in the center of the pillars until Krile points out that the castle is just an illusion. After a scene with Kelga, the castle reveals its true form. At this point, you’ll want to have a Geomancer in your party to spot traps and the Secret ability equipped on someone.

Go through the door to 4F. Flip the blue switch in the alcove on the right and grab an ICE SHIELD from the chest. Go to the southeast corner and wind through all of the small rooms to get to the stairs in the southwest corner (without Secret equipped, it will look like a gap). On 5F, head north. Cross the secret path to reach a chest containing ETHER then enter the door next to it. On 6F, make your way around the room to get to a chest containing an ELIXIR. Before entering the door below, head east across the secret path. You will not take damage from the lava with a Geomancer in your party. Open the chest at the end to receive a GALE BOW then use the lower door to get to 7F.

Step on the skull switch up ahead to make the walkway move back and forth. Your goal is to stop the walkway (press X) when it is precisely aligned to the left, right, or center parts of the platform beyond. Each time you set it Incorrectly, a monster appears. The chests on the ends contain a BLIZZARD SWORD and KOTETSU. After aligning the center path, you’ll be attacked by Red and Blue Dragons. Go though and use the Save Point then continue up to 8F. To the east, there’s a secret path leading to a chest with ELIXIR and to the west, a chest containing 9,900GP. Go up to 9F after collecting the loot.

Pass through to 10F then loop around to get back on 9F. Walk through the lava to get to the eastern end of the room. The room above holds a chest with 8,000GP. Backtrack across the lava to the southwest stairs. En route, you may encounter a powerful Blue Dragon. The creature revives itself 3 times. Those with Ice Shields equipped will survive the battle and earn a huge amount of EXP and ABP as a result.

Once you are back on 10F, head east until pieces of the floor start disappearing. If you accidentally drop down, you’ll end up in the lava pit, having to fight the Blue Dragon (or 2 Yellow Dragons) all over again. Carefully head east across the shifting tiles to a chest containing a DOUBLE LANCE. After getting it, walk to the northern edge of the platform. Examine the wall relief in the center to warp to the area with the colorful object. Examine it to engage Carbuncle.

BOSS >> Carbuncle (15,000hp)

Although Carbuncle has a large amount of HP to shave off, its attacks are not that strong. A standard heal/attack strategy works just fine during this fight. Equipping Wall Rings or casting Reflect on party members will help mitigate any spell damage the boss tries to dish out – however, avoid using spells when the boss casts Reflect on himself. Try stealing a WALL RING from Carbuncle if you can spare the time.

Upon its defeat, you gain CARBUNCLE as a new summon choice. Head south to warp to the lava area. Make your way back to the shifting platform on 10F. Carefully move across the tiles to the southern edge of the platform. Examine the wall relief in the center to re-attach pieces of the floor. The stairs on the left are now accessible and lead to a Save Point. After using it, enter the door on the left to get to 11F. The chest up ahead is empty, however examining it causes Gilgamesh to appear.

BOSS >> Gilgamesh (???hp)

Use whatever strategy has worked for you in the past and steal the GENJI HELMET from him if you can. After slamming you with Hurricane, Gilgamesh’s weapon will thankfully under-perform, gaining you time to heal. He will not get a chance to escape this time, as X-Death sends him to the N-Zone…

After the fight, you acquire Gilgamesh’s pitiful sword, the EXCALIPUR. Don’t bother equipping it. Use the northeast corner stairs to reach 2 chests containing a PARTISAN and MAGISHURIKEN. Return to the previous room and go up to 12F. Pass through to 13F, where you will finally engage X-Death.

BOSS >> X-Death (32,768hp)

Have a Samurai throw that Magishuriken you just found to cut off a substantial portion of X-Death’s health while others cast buffs (Golem, Haste2, Protes, Shell, Float, etc.). It is vital that you have a healer with enough MP to cure or revive when needed. The Lancer’s Jump ability causes decent damage, as do most high-level black magic spells (Bolt3, for example). With his Polarity attacks, he can change the party’s position from front row to back row, so watch out. If you like, summon Carbuncle to cast Reflect on the party to bounce spells back at X-Death; just remember to heal with Potions instead of magic while reflected.

Upon defeating X-Death, the crystals disappear and the party ends up back in their world… or so it seems.


Although it is not immediately obvious, X-Death has merged the old world and new world to form a Third World. If you check your map, you’ll see that the ocean and landmasses have changed shape. Start by heading over to Tycoon Castle, which is right in front of where you land.


After speaking with the chancellor, a festive banquet begins. Follow Krile to the balcony. After a brief scene, she rejoins you. Return to King’s Hall and enter the door on the left to get to the King’s Chamber. Since it is no longer guarded, go inside and read the diary on his desk to trigger a flashback. When it ends, go visit Jenica in the basement for a surprise. When ready, leave the castle to witness a scene at the front gate, during which the Hero suggests checking in on the yellow fellow, Boko.


With just two party members, travel west across the newly built bridge and enter the cave on top. Boko emerges with his new bride, Koko. The chocobo agrees to help you in your journey. Ride back towards the castle then head north. The new landscape allows passage through the mountains.

To the west, you’ll find Tule Village. Stop by to pick up new gossip from the locals. Visit the House of Learning and tell the clerk you are no longer a beginner. She’ll offer some advanced gaming advice. Continue west past Tule. After crossing the water channel, head south until an earthquake drops the group into a cave.


Upon landing, the cave’s inhabitant attacks.

BOSS >> Antlyon (8,100hp)

Simply fight Antlyon until it runs away. Ice3 and Aquarake are most effective.

After milling about in the cave for a while, climb the rope that appears. On top, Faris rejoins the party. Ride southwest until you reach another cave entrance. Enter and head north to find Gill. After speaking to him about the merged world, X-Death morphs out of the thorn and uses the void’s power to obliterate Tycoon Castle. The party is spit out of the cave and lands near the Library of Ancients.


Gill explains that you’ll need to acquire the 12 Legendary Weapons before attempting to defeat Enuo. In order to access these weapons, you must first locate 4 Lithographs. A powerful servant guards each. After receiving the SEALED BOOK, speak to the scholars to get additional information on the whereabouts of the Lithographs:

Earth = in the desert
Wind = on an island
Flame = the ocean floor
Water = behind a waterfall

The scholars mention many other useful things – a secret village that sells great stuff, that X-Death is really a tree, etc. Before leaving the library, visit the book burners on the roof to acquire the SONG OF MAGIC and use the healing pot in the corner.

If you’re running low on supplies, stop by Surgate Castle to the north. Heading northeast takes you up and around to Karnak if you feel like checking in there. When you are ready to advance the story, follow the western trail near the library into Elder’s Tree. Watch a brief scene there then continue west into the desert.

The sand tides have stopped, so you can freely cross the desert. If you need to make another pit stop, Moore Village is to the west; otherwise, head south to the Pyramid.


Two stone guardians rumble to life when you use the Sealed Book on the Pyramid’s entrance.

BOSS >> Gargoyles (10,000hp)

Although the Gargoyles have no special abilities, you need to attack them as if they were one. If one falls, the other will revive. Bolt magic is effective, as are most summon and throw skills.

Once inside, take the northern path up to 3 wall switches. Spikes on the floor shift position depending on which switches you touch. Set them so that you have a clear path across. Since most creatures in the pyramid are undead, having a Bard in your party wouldn’t be a bad idea. The Bard’s Requiem Song will slaughter most undead enemies quickly. Continue south and jump in the sandfall to reach the chest on B1. It contains monsters, but after defeating them, you’ll acquire an ICE SHIELD. Fight a couple of snakes on your way back up to the 1st floor.

Now on the eastern side of 1F, go around and flip the switch near the sandfall in order to halt it. Use the door on the other side to get to 2F. Equip the Secret ability if you haven’t done so already. Fight past some snakes to get to the stairs at the end. Open the sarcophagus and fight the Grand Mummy that appears. After defeating it, collect a HEX RING from the chest inside. Now, backtrack to the previous screen and flip the lower switch. Cross over and take the western stairs up to 2F.

Move forward to another set of switches. Flip all three to get to 3F. Once there, enter a room with 3 chests, all containing monsters. Defeat them to earn a WHITE ROBE, FLAME SHIELD, and DARK MATTER. Now, go over to the eastern side of the room and wait for stairs to appear. Dash up to 4F, where you’ll find a bunch of snakes and Mechahead enemies scurrying about. All of the Mechs are weak to lightning and you can steal Ethers from them.

Make your way north to find a sarcophagus flanked by two chests containing ELIXIRS. Defeat the mummies in the sarcophagus to reveal a secret path. Get a THORNLET out of the chest up ahead then return to the main area. Go over to the southwest corner. Flip the switch to create a path on the left. Defeat monsters in the chest at the top to earn a BLACK ROBE. Now, head north and fight the mummy in the sarcophagus to get to a Save Point. After using it, go up to 5F.

Pass through the archway and look for a secret path in the southeast corner. The chest in the center contains monsters. Defeat them to earn a BLACK COSTUME. Backtrack to the main hallway and head north to a set of stairs. Enter a room with snakes and chests. Defeat the monsters inside the 2 chests to receive DARK MATTER and CRYSTAL MAIL. Exit the room and take the western hall over to the 6F stairs. Before flipping the next switch, slide down the sand to reach the secret room you could not access earlier. Defeat monsters inside the chest to acquire more DARK MATTER then return to the main hall.

Go back to 6F and use the switch now. Cross the sand and enter the room in the northeast corner. Use the switch on the left to gain access to chests that contain 2 DARK MATTERS and 17,000GP. Leave the room. Flip the remaining switches you see to get to 7F. Pass through the western doors to get onto a secret path. The chest on the left contains an EARTH HAMMER. The upper path loops around to a chest with 10,000GP, and one holding a COTTAGE. Now, backtrack to the hall and go up to 8F via the center stairs.

In the next area, chunks of path move so you’ll have to be quick if you want to reach the treasures. Watch their movement to figure out which tiles are safe to pause on. Allow yourself to fall once so that you can get an ELIXIR from the chest below then make your way back to this room. The center chest holds a PROTECT RING. The chests on the left and right contain a RIBBON and HAIR ORNAMENT, respectively. After grabbing the loot, go across to the other side.

Take the western stairs down to a room with 2 chests. One contains an ELIXIR; the other, monsters to defeat for a DARK MATTER. Go around to the room on the right, where you’ll find two more chests. In one, you can get more DARK MATTER by defeating monsters; the other contains 12,000GP. Now, go through the eastern door to return to the moving tile room. Enter the western side again and climb up to the Lithograph room. Grab it to trigger a scene, showing a ship Bahamut’s arrival on North Mountain. Use Telepo to warp out of the pyramid quickly.

Head east through the desert. Save your game before entering Elder’s Tree.


After the dragon deposits Reina’s body at the base of the tree, X-Death evaporates the Library of Ancients. Fight the evil spirit that emerges from Reina’s body.

BOSS >> Mellusion (20,000hp)

The boss erects Walls throughout the course of battle, so use Scan to figure out what she can be hurt by, or cast a spell and hope for the best. Mellusion is susceptible to Muddle, though the effect will not last long if you physically attack her. Have a healer at the ready to cure those who are hit hard by her Lv.3 black magic spells.

After the battle, Reina joins the party. Cure her KO’d status before moving on. After leaving the forest, stop by Surgate Castle to rest and restock supplies if you need to; otherwise, board the airship that is docked slightly north of the castle. Once on board, the party watches X-Death suck more towns and villages into the N-Zone. When you take control of the airship, there are many places to explore in what remains of the merged world, but avoid flying over the black circles where towns once stood. You don’t want to get sucked into the N-Zone…yet. Start off by visiting Kuza Castle (e.g. the Sealed Castle) to pick up your first batch of Legendary Weapons. The castle sits near a forest northeast of Tule Village.


Speak to the scholars running around in the lobby. One of them will place a recovery pot in the corner. After using it, head north to get to the weapons room. Along the way, you may encounter a Shield Dragon. While not considered a true boss (you’ll fight one each time you visit the castle), he is one tough opponent.

BOSS >> Shield Dragon (19,999hp)

The undead creature starts off with Reflect cast on itself so wait for the effect to wear off before using magic against it. If you have a Bard in your party, use Requiem to cause the dragon to cast Flame on itself. Brutalize it with physical attacks while one party member stays back to continually heal.

After ridding the beast, you will encounter the true boss of the castle. If he doesn’t appear on your way in, you’ll face him on your way out. Unlike the Shield Dragon, you will only face him once.

BOSS >> X-Death Soul (22,000hp est.)

This boss is very similar to X-Death, so use whatever strategy worked for you earlier. You can run away if things get too hairy; he’ll be waiting for you when you return. Whether you ran or defeated the boss, continue forward into the weapon room. Each time you place a Lithograph on the altar, you can claim three weapons. Select ones that will be most useful to your party right now:

* MASAMUNE = Allows first strike in battle
* RUNE AXE = Uses MP to increase critical hits
* HOLY LANCE = A lance strengthened with Holy
* NINJA BLADE = Increases evasion rate
* EXCALIBUR = A sword fortified with Holy
* EARTH BELL = It will randomly cast Quake
* APOLON HARP = Increases critical hit % when fighting dragons
* MAGUS ROD = Fortified with all elements; increases magic power
* YOICHI’S BOW = Increases critical hit %
* FIRE BUTE = A whip that randomly casts Fire3
* SAGE STAFF = Increases the power of Holy
* ASSASSIN DAGGER =Can KO random targets

After selecting your weapons, touch the altar to re-open the door. Upon exiting the room, witness a scene with X-Death, who has summoned powerful monsters to track you down. Use the recovery pot to restore the party’s HP/MP before leaving Kuza.

There are a few things to take care of before acquiring the next lithograph. If you’re eager to get on with the main story, skip the optional sections below.

PIRATE’S COVE - Optional

Fly to Pirate’s Cove, northwest from where Tycoon Castle once stood. As soon as you enter the hideout, Faris hears a familiar noise. The powerful sea dragon, HYDRA, offers her summoning services to the party. If you did not visit the hideout earlier to pick up treasure, explore the rooms now to acquire ????? Return to the airship afterwards.


Fly to Moore Village, which is west of the desert pyramid. Once there, loop west around the Inn to reach the little shack in the southwest corner. Pass through and enter the forest. Zigzag southward through the trees until you reach a mage standing next to 2 crates. He will ask you to pick one. If you frequently run from battles, select the crate on the right to receive the CHICKEN BLADE. If you rarely run from a fight, select the crate on the left to receive the BRAVE BLADE. The strength of these weapons depend on the actions you take throughout the course of the game: The Brave Blade will be very strong if you never run away, and the Chicken Blade will get stronger the more you run away. Leave Moore Village afterwards.


Fly to Val Castle, which is south of Moore. Save your game before entering the cave to the west. Flip switches, fight squirrels, and enter the door on the right using the switch in the empty chest. Climb the sheer wall at the top of the second cave to reach a new area, inhabited by more powerful enemies. Navigate thru the cracks in the floor until you get to the top of the room. Heal your party and swap out any Holy weapons you may be using before examining the shiny object on the platform.

BOSS >> Odin (17,000hp)

As soon as you start the battle, a timer appears on screen, giving you a mere 55-seconds to defeat Odin. Hit him hard and fast. Casting Haste2 is worth spending a turn on but don’t waste time healing anyone unless you absolutely need to. Summon Hydra, use Lv.3 black magic, $Toss, and double-handed fighters to whittle the boss down. Holy magic replenishes Odin, so avoid using any. Although he hits hard, you should be able to outlast the boss.

Upon victory, you earn ODIN, a new summon monster. If you decide to walk back to your airship (rather than Telepo out), you’ll find that there’s a door at the bottom of Odin’s chamber leading to Val Castle’s basement - however, you have to avoid the hole right in front of it. Either way, return to your airship.


Fly southeast to Crescent Village. The locals offer some information on Cid’s whereabouts and mention a village concealed in a forest to the south. If you have been practicing the piano a lot, enter the house in the southeast corner and get the POWER SONG from its occupant. When ready, exit the village and head south. Since the island chain is now connected, you can reach the third patch of forest from Crescent on foot. If you are lazy, just fly the airship there. Either way, wander around the patch of forest until you are transported inside Mirage Village.


The mysterious village offers many new items for sale, most of which are hidden, so equip the Thief’s Secret ability while exploring here. Start by entering the Pub. The lower barrel behind the bar contains a THIEF’S KNIFE. Speak to the man in the room behind the pub. He says he’ll give you something special if you travel around the world on a yellow chocobo. Further west, look for a pot that restores HP/MP. The man next to it mentions that every store has 2 merchants, so keep an eye out for back doors and secret paths leading to them. Head north to get down to B1.

Once there, go west to find a secret room with a piano. This is the last one you’ll find, so play it. The next time you visit Crescent Village, you can pick up the LEVEL SONG from the Minstrel’s house. Head east to the room at the very end of the hall. Inside, you’ll find a Guild Merchant that sells great stuff. After shopping, backtrack west and take the stairs up to a Black Chocobo that is wandering in the grass. When your party is stronger, you’ll be using this bird to locate and fight Bahamut. When ready, leave Mirage Village from the direction you entered.


To get the ‘special prize’ the Mirage Village resident mentioned, locate Boko on your map and fly over to his location. Ride the yellow chocobo northeast until you can veer west. Cross the canals until you reach the lip of the waterfall on the northwest end. Search underneath it until you receive the MAGIC LAMP. When used in battle, this item will randomly call forth one of your Summon monsters. If you intend to use it, return to the Waterfall occasionally to recharge the Magic Lamp. There is no need to return to the man in Mirage Village after receiving the prize, so ride Boko back to the airship.


Look for a structure flanked by bridges, near the center of the map. Park the airship next to one of the bridges and save your game before entering. Defeat two more Gargoyles to unseal the door. They have the same stats as before and should prove much easier this time around. Once inside, equip the Secret ability to spot hidden paths. You’ll see one to the east, leading to a chest with 12,000GP. After getting it, take the western stairs into a room with an air duct. Stand in front of it to get whisked into a small room with 2 wall switches. Both start out in the ‘Up’ position.

Start by flipping both switches ‘down’ to get sucked into a room with a chest containing 9,000GP. Use the air duct to return to the switch room. Now flip the left switch ‘up’ to reach a room with a chest holding an ELIXIR. Whisk back to the switch room and flip the position of both switches (left=down, right=up) to arrive in a room with a chest and a door. Defeat monsters in the chest to earn a RAZOR RING then go through to find a Save Point. After using it, go upstairs to 2F.

At this point, having a Geomancer in your party will help you spot traps. Look for a secret path in the northeast corner. Follow it to a chest containing a CRYSTAL HELMET. In the northwest corner, there’s a chest holding ETHER. The chest in the center contains monsters. Defeat them to earn a PROTECT RING. Take the northwest stairs up to 3F. A floor trap prevents you from accessing the secret path on the right, but don’t worry - it doesn’t lead to anything. Instead, enter the door a grab a BEAST KILLER from the chest inside. Exit and use the northwest stairs to get to 4F.

Pass through to 5F, where you’ll see two chests up ahead. They contain a DRAGON FANG and ETHER. Try to avoid the traps in this room. If you accidentally step on one, you’ll be deposited in a room with 2 staircases. Use either to get back up to 5F. Go up to 6F where you’ll find a Save Point. Use it then hike up to 7F. A chest in the northwest corner contains DARK MATTER and in the northeast corner, one that holds a CIRCLET. Enter the center room. Equip any fire resistant items you own and heal everyone before touching the Lithograph inside.

BOSS >> Stoker (20,000hp)

First off, only one of the Stoker images is real; the others are decoys… and Stoker will switch positions to keep you guessing. While it might seem wise to use area spells or attacks to weed out the impostors, doing so causes Stoker to cast four rounds of Blaze. Those who have Fire Shields or Fire Rings equipped can sustain the onslaught; those who don’t will likely perish. In addition to Blaze, the boss uses Hurricane, Mindblast and Muddle, so have a healer ready at all times. Casting Shell or summoning Golem to boost the party’s protection will help, as will Haste2.

After acquiring the second LITHOGRAPH, the shield surrounding Fork Tower is removed. Use Telepo to warp out of the Island Shrine and save your game outside. Before exploring Fork Tower, stop by the Sealed Castle to pick up 3 more Legendary Weapons. After receiving them, fly to Crescent Island. Rest up in town if you need to then enter the tower next to the village.


When you enter, you are prompted to split the party into 2 groups. Send your strongest warriors to the right and your strongest mages to the left. Starting with the party that used the left warp tile (mages), enter the door and continue up to 4F. You’ll encounter a few random enemies along the way but none should prove too difficult. On 4F, go around the balcony to reach a chest containing ETHER. After getting it, continue up to 7F. Open the chest on the left to acquire a WONDER WAND then continue to the top of the tower. Once there, the scene switches to your 2nd party.

Move your warrior party up through the tower, stopping on the 4th and 7th floors to pick up two more treasures: a POTION and DEFENDER sword. When you reach the top, enter the door. Swap out any Holy weapons you may have equipped and heal before touching the object on the platform.

BOSS >> Miinitaurus (19,850hp)

You are barred from using magic during this battle, so heal with Potions when necessary. The boss absorbs Holy magic so hopefully you aren’t still using the Excalibur or Holy Lance to fight him. Other than that, any Knight, Lancer, Ninja, or Samurai should be able to sustain his punches, and any decent weapon (Brave Sword, Masamune, Razor Ring, etc.) will effectively damage the boss.

Upon victory, you receive the white magic spell, HOLY. The scene switches back to your mage party, who must now take on their boss.

BOSS >> Omniscient (16,999hp)

Unlike the previous boss, magic is the only way to go here. Cast Dispel on your first turn then pummel him with Lv3 spells. Hastening and Shelling your party helps. If you attack Omniscient physically, the boss will cast Return and you’ll have to start the battle all over again. Avoid using the Magic Lamp. Besides being unpredictable, the boss will consider it a physical assault and therefore cast Return. If you can, equip Wall Rings or summon Carbuncle to reflect the boss’ elemental attacks.

After the battle, you receive the Black Magic spell, FLARE, and the tower sinks into the ocean. You automatically end up on dry land. Go to Crescent Village to rest and restock, then board the airship. Land it on the spot where Fork Tower once stood to get inside Cid’s hangar.


Cross over to the western side and use the Save Point. Head south to find your pals, Cid and Mid, who have learned how to turn the airship into a dual-purpose submarine! When you take control, press X to submerge. Check the map while underwater to see that there are 4 locations to explore, marked by blinking dots. Navigate to the dot that is east of Crescent Island. Park in the hole on the ocean floor. Make sure you have someone with the Antitrap ability equipped before venturing inside the trench.


Once again, fight two Gargoyles to unseal the door. Starting on B2, follow the path to a crossroad. Head south to reach a chest containing a WATER SKILL then take the eastern stairs up to a Save Point. After using it, pass through to B4. Use the switch on the left to open a path through the lava. Move forward to a 2nd switch. Flip it then move north, navigating around the lava flows until you reach a room with 5 rock pillars, each bearing switches.

Pushing either the 1st or 2nd pillar switch (on left side of room) drops you into a lava-filled chamber with a chest that contains a DRAGON FANG. If you choose to retrieve it, use the southern stairs to cross over the lava and get back to the pillar room. In order to advance, use the 4th pillar switch (northeast part of room) to create a path to the north. Grab a FIRE RING from the chest up ahead then take the southeast stairs to B5. Once there, use the eastern stairs to get to B6.

Cross the lava to the south to reach a chest containing ETHER. From there, head east to a chest containing PHOENIX DOWN. Continue east to B7. Use the Save Point in the center of the room then speak to the Dwarf patrolling the area. He mentions that there are 5 dwarves currently working here. The two doors above lead to an Armor merchant and a pair who offer information concerning a dig site and the Magic Lamp. If you follow the southwestern path to the very end, you’ll find the dwarven miner. He mentions that the hole he’s digging should lead to a forest (if you check your map, you’ll see that the hole aligns perfectly with Mirage Village).

From the Save Point room, head south into a cave filled with white water. Step in the water to replenish the Magic Lamp, then head east to the next screen. Wade through lava to the northeast edge, where you’ll find a switch. Use it to open the center path. Grab a KAISER KNUCKLE from the chest then head west through the lava. After flipping the other switches in the room, open a chest in the northwest corner to reveal a new passageway. Ascend to B7, where you’ll find the 3rd Lithograph.

BOSS >> Phobos, Nergade, Triton (13,333hp each)

Each boss has a different strength (Blue=ice, Red=fire, Green=poison) so avoid using those elements unless you want to replenish one of the others. If one falls before the others, they will just resurrect their comrade and use Delta against the party. Cast Bolt3, throw Water Skills, or summon Hydra to harm the trio evenly. Earth magic works well, also. The bosses can Silence or Petrify characters, so remove these afflictions as soon as you can. After shaving off a good portion of their health, spread out physical attacks along with Flare, Holy, or Requiem.

After the battle, you’ll acquire METEO, a Time Magic spell, as well as your 3rd LITHOGRAPH. Telepo back to the submarine. Stop by the Sealed Castle to pick up 3 more Legendary Weapons. Before tackling the 4th and final Lithograph, there are a few optional places you can visit. Skip the sections, below, if you want to get on with the main storyline.

WALZ TOWER - Optional

Get in your airship and fly northeast, towards the lone tower in the desert. Land in the lake near the tower and descend. Use the underwater map to navigate to the blinking dot. Upon exiting the sub, your party will have exactly 7-minutes to swim to the bottom of the sunken tower. Your goal is to retrieve a single crystal shard - the one that was out of reach earlier in the game.

Put a Thief in your party to take advantage of the Dash function. Unless you missed some chests earlier, there are no new treasures to pick up here, so just run as fast as you can through the various levels. Enemies will attack along the way. Kill them quickly or flee if you are running short on time. Once you reach the 1st floor, you’ll need at least 3-minutes to take care of the next bit of business. Remove any Beserkers from your party before touching the shard.

BOSS >> Gogo (hp n/a)

To win this battle, sit there and DO NOTHING for at least 3 full minutes. Literally, just watch the clock tick down for 3 real-time minutes or until Gogo tells the party they did exactly the right thing. Your patience earns you the final job class, MIME, as well as a whopping 50 ABP. Cast Telepo to exit the sunken tower before time runs out.


To reach North Mountain, you’ll need to use the Black Chocobo roaming the western lawn in Mirage Village. Go fetch him. Once in flight, head north, past the lake you just visited. Park the chocobo in a small forest on the eastern edge of the big desert. Continue north on foot until you reach North Mountain. Go up to the top, where you rescued the dragon earlier. Make sure to heal and use the Save Point along the way.

BOSS >> Bahamut (40,000hp)

If you have at least 15,000GP to spare, go in with 4 Samurais and $Toss eight times to defeat Bahamut. If you want to save the cash, simply hasten your party then unleash your best spells, summons, and deadliest weapons. Although the boss hits hard, it is nothing compared to his MegaFlare attack, so work quickly to take him out before he has a chance to use it.

Afterwards, you receive the powerful BAHAMUT summon.


Phoenix Tower sits on the southern tip of the northern desert. There is no way to reach it other than walking through the sand from where you parked the Black Chocobo. Before you tackle it, stock up on Elixirs. The desert enemies are tough and the journey long, so use Tents or Cottages to heal/save frequently.

Starting on 1F, your goal is to make it all the way up to 30F, however certain floors do not have visible stairways. When necessary, you must push against the lower wall to reveal stairs. The catch is, each wall has 2 hidden staircases – one that offers safe passage, and one that pits you against a boss-like enemy (Soul Cannons, LiquidFlames, etc.). You’ll also have to deal with random encounters, so keep everyone’s health up along the way.

In addition to the secret stairways, you’ll find urns on certain floors. In each case, one will contain treasure and the other, a Magic Pot enemy. Do not harm any of the Magic Pots. Just sit there and wait until they ask for an Elixir. Feed them the requested item and they will run off, sated. Some may request more than one Elixir, however it is a small price to pay given the 100 ABP and PHOENIX DOWN you receive from each and every happy pot. To get the most bang for your buck, make sure to equip jobs that can use the large APB bump before engaging the Magic Pots (Red Mages or Mimes for example). Here’s a summary of what to expect on each floor:

1F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
2F: Visible stairs
3F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
4F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
5F: Visible stairs & Urns (5,000GP, left / Magic Pot, right)
6F: Visible stairs
7F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
8F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
9F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
10F: Visible stairs & Urns (10,000GP, left / Magic Pot, right)
11F: Visible stairs
12F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
13F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
14F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
15F: Visible stairs & Urns (Magic Pot, left / 15,000GP, right)
16F: Visible stairs
17F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
18F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
19F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
20F: Visible stairs & Urns (20,000GP, left / Magic Pot, right)
21F: Visible stairs
22F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
23F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
24F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
25F: Visible stairs & Urns (Magic Pot, left / 25,000GP, right) - get AB SPLITTER from Magic Pot as well
26F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
27F: Create stairs (safe side = left)
28F: Create stairs (safe side = right)
29F: Create stairs (center)

When you finally reach the roof, a scene unfolds between Reina and her dragon. During the flashback, choose NOT to cut the dragon’s tongue out. Your humane choice nets you PHOENIX, a new summon creature. Telepo out and walk back across the desert to the waiting chocobo. Fly back to your airship. Rest and restock supplies before going off to fetch the final Lithograph.


Travel northwest to the blinking dot marked on your underwater map. After docking the sub, walk through the cave until you emerge outside. Save your game before entering the waterfall up ahead. Battle the pair of Gargoyles at the entrance then enter a cavern full of waterfalls. Head west, using the water to drop lower when necessary. Grab ETHER from a chest on the far left and a TURTLE SHELL from the chest above it. Now head northeast to a chest containing an AIR LANCET. Exit north. Use either path, as both lead to B2.

Swim over to the northwest corner, where you will find a switch. Equip the Dash ability in order to reach the chest before water starts to fall again. If successful, you’ll receive a PROTECT RING. On the eastern side of the cavern, there’s a chest with a GIANT DRINK. Follow the darkened path in the southeast corner to a chest containing a RUNE EDGE. Use the southwest exit to get to B3.

Once there, head north, looping around to a chest containing PHOENIX DOWN. Follow the southwestern path to a chest with a WALL RING then go south to a Save Point. After using it, continue south into the next cavern. The room on the left offers a chest with an ARTEMIS BOW. The lower left chest contains 12,000GP. Beware of traps in the floor as you head north. Have a Geomancer in your party just to be safe. Navigate around the holes and get an ENCHANTER from the chest in the previous cavern. On your way back, intentionally fall into the hole to get to B5.

From where you land, flip the switch on the left to remove the spikes surrounding the chest below (stepping on the spikes when they rise up will harm you without Antitrap equipped). Go around the holes to get a DOUBLE AX from the chest. To the east, you’ll find a chest containing a MAGISHURIKEN and to the west, one holding an AEGIS SHIELD. Use the wall switches to access them. Now, drop through the hole next to the chest where you found the Ax.

Grab the final LITHOGRAPH. When you try to exit via the stairs, a monster appears. Although Leviathan just saved your butt, if you want to earn him as a summon creature, challenge the big sea dragon to a fight.

BOSS >> Leviathan (40,000hp)

Summon Golem to help boost your defense and, as usual, cast Haste2 to increase the party’s speed. Equipping Coral Rings will prevent Leviathan’s strongest attack, Tidal Wave, from hurting (or possibly killing) the party. Cast Bolt3, Meteo spells, throw Magishurikens, or summon hard-hitters like Odin. If you like, put Mimes in your party to copy these attacks as well.

After acquiring the LEVIATHAN summon, drop down the waterfall at the bottom of the room to get back to the world map. Return to the submarine.

Collect the last 3 Legendary Weapons from the Sealed Castle and wrap up any other outstanding business you have in the Merged World. For example, buy as many Phoenix Downs, Cottages, and curative items (Elixirs, Softs, Holy Water, etc.) as you can afford. Your next stop is the N-Zone, which is the last area of the game. Although you can leave the N-Zone once you are inside of it, there is but one regular Save Point and you cannot use Telepo to warp out. In other words, make sure you are absolutely ready before flying over the black spot that used to be Tycoon Castle.


Leave the ship and walk through the desert, moving east until you reach a door. After a brief scene, enter a small, vine-covered room. Use the pulley to get to the room below. Go south and grab items from 4 chests that contain a COTTAGE, ETHER, DARK MATTER, and ELIXIR. Continue south to the next screen. Use the pulleys to get over to the chest in the northeast corner. After collecting an ELIXIR from it, go through the door on the left.

In the next room, get a BLOOD SWORD from the chest at the end then use the door on the right to reach another pulley room. Climb up and exit to find that you’re inside Mirage Village’s basement. The residents are all frozen in time, but you can still use the restoring pot on the way out. Exit the village to arrive in a forest. Head east.

Open a chest in the northeast corner to acquire a DRAGON FANG then travel west. Loop clockwise to look for chests, which can be a bit difficult, given the spotlight view. If you go southeast, you’ll find a chest with a POWER ROD. West from this chest is one containing a RIBBON. Head south from here to find a chest with an ENCHANTER. Now, look in the southeast corner for a tree with a knot. After examining it, try to jump down the hole and a monster appears.

BOSS >> Woodsprite (18,000hp)

If you attack her with spells, she casts Reflect on herself; if you use physical attacks, she’ll counter with Drain or Bio. Dispel her reflect status if you plan on using magic or wait until the effect wears off. The boss is a speedy bugger so cast Haste2 on your party to keep up. High-level spells like Flare, Holy, and Meteo work nicely when she’s not in reflect-mode. So does Drain.

After eliminating her, jump into the hole and follow the path to a waterfall area. Go east across the falls. Along the way, you may run into Golem. If you did not get the summon creature earlier on North Mountain, now’s your chance. At the very end of the eastern path, you’ll see a mechanical-looking creature roaming about below. This is Omega, an optional boss that is absurdly tough to beat. If you choose to engage Omega now, make sure you equip Fire Rings and as many Ribbons as possbile on all party members first.

OPTIONAL BOSS >> Omega (55,530hp)

If you go into this battle unprepared, Omega’s Atom Ray will pulverize the party, guaranteed. The boss is extremely fast so keep up with it by applying Haste2. If you have a Sorcerer in your lineup, cast Bolt3 on all weapons as this seems to be most effective against Omega. If you’ve upgraded a Hunter so that they’ve learned SShot, that’ll be extremely helpful, too. The ability acts like a 4x Cut allowing you to attack four times in a row. Throwing MagiShurikens is always good. Casting Reflect on your party significantly reduces Omega’s spell damage but you’ll be unable to use Cure3, so has obvious downfalls. Good luck!

Whether you choose to fight Omega or not, enter the cave to the north and grab a CORAL RING and ANGEL RING from the far right waterfall. Move through to the next section, where you’ll find the only free Save Point in the N-Zone. Take advantage of it.

Next, you’ll have to get past Omega without being seen. Omega walks back and forth in the same pattern, so sneak to the bottom of the screen and run by when he is walking up. Go through the door and you’ll find yourself in a study. Read the two books on the shelf for some interesting information, then open the book on the desk for your next boss battle.

BOSS >> Apprehender (22,200hp)

Apprehender comes from a book, so that should be your clue to use nothing but fire. Stick to hitting him with Fire3 and Miming it with your other characters. Cast Guardian to help decrease the damage you will take from the boss’s attacks and use Cure3 if badly injured. You should take down the boss pretty easily if your characters are level 38 or higher.

After defeating Apprehender, you are supposed to go back through the door you just entered - however where you’ll end up depends on whether the book is opened or closed. If you go through the door when the book is open, you’ll end up in the N-Zone Castle. If the book is closed, you’ll end up back at the waterfalls. If you are nervous about making it further without dying, close the book and return to the nearby Save Point, avoiding Omega on your way over there. Otherwise, open the book and head to the castle.


Invisible bridges connect the platforms in front of you, so use the Secret ability to identify them if you want to avoid increased enemy encounters in this area. Eventually, you’ll reach the castle gates. Pass through and continue to the atrium. Once there, explore the left and right towers to gather WINGED SHOES and THOR’S HAMMER.

Next, you’ll see stairways on the top and bottom of the central block. The bottom one leads to a dead end, so skip it and enter the top door, which takes you to the basement. Ignore the green wizards imprisoned in the upper middle and lower right cells for now. Instead, make your way over to the southwest corner of the basement. Heal your party before approaching the lower left cell. When asked if you are the ones with the Crystal Shards, say “Yes!” to initiate another boss fight.

BOSS >> Azulmagia (27,900hp)

Use Bio spells against Azulmagia as well as strong physical attacks. Holy weapons are fairly effective against her, as is Flare. Using $Toss or throwing Magicshurikens is good in a pinch, too.

After defeating the boss, a handy new Save Point appears. Use a Cottage and save before tackling the little bouncing wizards. Each trio guards a treasure chest: the top one contains a pair of RED SHOES while the lower chest holds a PRISM DRESS. All of the wizards are weak to Holy magic. After defeating the groups, the wizards transform into Jura Avis, an optional boss.

OPTIONAL BOSS >> Jura Avis (15,000hp)

Among its many nasty attacks, the dragon-like creature uses Maelstrom and Entangles the party, so have healers present at all times. Those equipped with Flame Rings or Ice Shields will suffer less damage from two of the boss’s elemental attacks. Rangers using the Killer Bow will do the most damage. For kicks, use the Condemn spell, Doom if you have it.

Whether or not you chose to fight the bouncing wizards, go to the upper right corner where you’ll find an imprisoned woman. A giant eyeball blocks access to her. Engage the creature in order to advance.

BOSS >> Catastroph (19, 997hp)

This guy can be your easiest N-Zone boss if you go into battle prepared. For an easy win, cast Float on all of your characters and equip just one of them with a Wall Ring. Catastroph will continually attempt to ground your party using Gravity100. The spell will work on three members but will reflect off the character wearing the Wall Ring. As the boss continues to cast it, just pound on him with your weapons.

Save your game after the battle then head towards the upper-right staircase. A flirtatious woman will appear. After a little sweet talk, she dashes upstairs. Follow her into the throne room. Once there, you’ll see two doors. One is a shortcut to the door you couldn’t open in the atrium but if you use it, it will lock behind you and you’ll have to backtrack through the basement. Instead, try to pass through the upper left door. At first, it will repel you but after a few attempts, the flirt emerges to reveal her true colors.

BOSS >> Halycanos (33,333hp)

Halycanos’ kiss turns your party into frogs, thus limiting their effectiveness. Use a Maiden’s Kiss or Esuna to get back in fighting shape. Cast Guardian and Haste to give party members an added boost. Offensively, Flare, Holy, and Bahamut all do wonders against her. You can try to cast Mute, but since it will usually fail you are better off concentrating on offensive magic. If you have a Lancer in your party, use the Leap skill. Also Golem provides another barrier of protection against the boss.

After defeating Halycanos, return to the Save Point. Heal, save, etc. then consider a couple of optional events before tackling the next boss. If you take the upper route into the courtyard, there’s a rare chance that you’ll encounter Yojimbo. Though it may take hours to find and defeat him, doing so earns you an opportunity to steal his STRATOS katana, which is the most powerful weapon in the game.

Also, you can go downstairs to snag a MAN EATER sword from the powerful boss that lurks there. Ideally, your characters should be at level 40 before engaging Twin Tania.

BOSS >> Twin Tania (50,000hp)

Twin Tania is both fast and versatile, so prepare accordingly. If you have Coral Rings, equip them since the boss uses Tidal Wave rather frequently. Cast Guardian and high-level Haste. Using !Blue, !Time, and !White magic, along with Holy Lance and Excalibur to hurt the boss. If you choose to summon, send Leviathan after Twin Tania then Mimic it twice if possible. If you can, consume a Giant Drink to double your HP. It’ll help you stay alive when the boss uses Gigaflare. Continue pounding him with Holy and Water attacks while maintaining the party’s HP. There’s a slight chance you can summon Odin to kill Twin Tania in one shot, but this only occurs if Odin appears while the boss is gathering power to unleash Gigaflare. To increase the odds of this happening, cast Slow2 on Twin Tania.

Afterwards, it would be wise to trek back to the basement and save your game. When you are ready to continue, return ti the area where you fought the boss and ascend the stairs to be warped into the void.


First go down and to the right to get a MAGISHURIKEN from the chest. Head south afterwards until you reach some stairs on the left. Go up and around to the warp point, where you’ll find your old pal, Gilgamesh.

BOSS >> Gilgamesh (HP n/a)

Although Gilgamesh will run away during the battle, it’s still a good idea to cast Guardian on your characters to avoid being unduly damaged by his initial hits. Try stealing a GENJI SHIELD before Gilgamesh stops the fight.

After Gilgamesh clears out, use the warp tile to zap to the next area. Once there, travel northeast and descend the stairs. Snag a MAGISHURIKEN from the nearby chest then continue southwest. Along the way, you may encounter a powerful creature called the Crystal Dragon. Either way, go under the bridge and work your way east. There is a chest down the stairs to the far right with an ELIXIR in it. After collecting it, hit the Warp Zone. When you come out, head west then north.

On top, you’ll see a gray treasure chest at the bottom of a staircase. In order to get the RAGNAROK SWORD inside, you’ll have to defeat Shinryu, another optional boss. I suggest ignoring it for now, but for those insane enough to want to battle it, peace be with you.

OPTIONAL BOSS >> Shinryu (59,052hp)

I confess I’ve never beathen this boss, so you’re guess is as good as mine in terms of strategy. Coral Rings, though, will help absorb damage from its Tidal Wave attack. Using a team of Lancers may not be a bad idea, since their Jump ability takes them off screen most of the time and causes decent damage. Sorry I can’t be more helpful...

Either way, continue upwards then veer left to get another MAGISHURIKEN. Head east to reach the Warp tile. After using it, go up and around until you spot a glimmering green glob.

BOSS >> Necrophobe (44,044hp)

Necrophobe is protected by four small, but potent, barriers that all have Reflect cast on them. When the fight starts, each barrier will cast Flare on the party, which can really put a frown on your face. Immediately heal the wounded then cast Guardian. Since elemental magic will reflect off them, summon Bahamut or use $Toss instead. After eliminating the barriers, just beat up Necrophobe until Gilgamesh steps in. At this point, try stealing from both enemies before Gilgamesh ends the battle.

Once Necrophobe is gone, a vital Save Point appears. It not only heals your party, but serves as a safe haven while increasing your levels before engaging the final boss. When ready, take the staircase up to the warp point. After watching a lengthy cutscene, you can return to the Save Point one final time to spare having to sit through X-Death’s speech again in case you die. When ready, continue forward to face the giant tree.

BOSS >> X-Death (49,000hp)

In his first form, X-Death’s worst attack is White Ball, which will kill your character and turn him to stone. He also knows Meteo and Flare, which can be a pain. Start off by attacking the boss with Flare and/or Meteo while others buff the party (cast Guardian, Haste2, use Giant Drinks, etc.). Depending on which attacks X-Death unleashes, you’ll want to keep everyone alive and fully healed. Then on offense, hit him with METEO and MIMIC it as many times as possible. If Faris is a Mime, you can save a ton of MP by mimicking Meteo or Flare. Since you are only attacking one target, save Bahamut for X-Death’s final incarnation.

FINAL BOSS >> Neo X-Death (50,000hp x 5)

Among his nasty attacks, Grand Cross is probably the worst since it causes a slew of ailments - Mini, Toad, Stone, Poison and Death to name but a few. The boss’s Ultra Gust can hit for up to 2,500 damage per person, so make to sure to cast Guardian and Golem for protection. Meteo and Megaflare also cause headaches, plus his normal attack can drain up to 2,000 HP. Keep in mind, he still uses some of X-Death’s attacks including Delta Attack and White Ball. If Bartz used a Giant Drink, he stands the best chance of staying alive the longest. Have him mix Ether and Phoenix Down to revive any fallen comrades (or mix Ether and an Elixir to fully heal HP/MP). Re-cast Guardian as soon as wears off.

Offensively, summon Bahamut, but only if everyone’s HP is high and no one is turned to stone. Neo X-Death has five main body parts, each of which has a whopping 50,000 HP. For this reason, stick with Bahamut as much as possible since he injures all parts. $Toss is the next best thing. There will be many times during the battle when you only have one functioning character, but don’t give up! You’ll know you are getting close to killing him when some body parts take 0 damage when you cast spells or $Toss.

Upon winning, you’ll see a little bonus scene for every character that survived the boss battle. You’ll also see each of your character’s stats including skills they learned and whatever job they had in the final battle. You can view the FMV movie again if you like, after “The End” card comes up.



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