final fantasy IX
  playstation 1 walkthrough



* Items: Potion
* Gil: 47
* Steal: Mage Masher / Wrist / Potion

After watching the opening scenes , you’ll see a figure enter a dark room. With match in hand, search the back of the room for 47 gil and a Potion then light the candle in the middle. Name your hero (Zidane is the default). Once the room is illuminated, friends come in and greet Zidane. The conversation stops when a dragon-headed man breaks open the door.

For your first battle, just attack and try to steal items from the man. Once his mask breaks off, the man reveals himself as Baku, one of your friends. When Baku asks what the mission is, answer, “to kidnap the princess” (if you choose “to kidnap Queen Brahne”, you’ll get some witty dialogue then be asked again). After making the right choice, the theater ship arrives in Alexandria.


* Items: Phoenix Pinion / Ether / Eye Drop / Potion x 5
* Gil: 291 (total)
* Cards: Sahagin / Lizard Man / Goblin x2 / Skeleton / Fang x 2
* Key Items: Ticket

A little mage enters town and promptly gets knocked down by a passerby. When you gain control of the mage, turn left and search for a Potion. After getting it, enter the house on the right. Inside, examine the wall hanging, which makes the little mage dizzy. Check the dining table for another Potion and search next to the bed to get 9 gil. Climb up the ladder to reach the bedroom. Look for a Fang Card inside the dresser then leave the house.

Search across from the house for another Potion then head south to the next area. Explore the back row of houses to acquire a Sahagin Card and a Lizard Man Card, then look behind the statue for a Potion. Once you've gathered all of the items, return to the previous area and head north.

After seeing some nobles pass by, search within the tall grasses to get 33 gil and a Goblin Card. Enter the tavern afterwards. Scour the floor for 27 gil, and the tables for a Flan Card and Potion. Speak to the patrons then leave. Head left to the next area. Enter the building on the right, which is an Item Shop. Search the floor for 38 gil and buy items if you wish.

Back outside, head north to the next area. Once there, go to the ticket booth in the center. You can ask about the play being performed or talk about Alexandria but eventually choose to show the ticket master your ticket. He will tell you it’s fake but offer 3 cards as consolation: Fang, Goblin, and Skeleton. The ticket master suggests you speak with Alleyway Jack if you want to know more about cards.

Enter the first building on the right. It’s the Synthesis Shop. Look for some Ether then go through the back door to find the Weapon Shop. You can’t buy or forge anything at the moment, so leave. Back outside, head north towards the two soldiers guarding the door. Grab a Phoenix Pinion from the cart on the left then talk to the kids playing jump rope. You can win prizes if you successfully jump the rope without falling:

20 times = 10 gil
50 times = Cactuar Card
100 times = Genji Card
200 times = Alexandria Card
300 times = Tiger Racket Card
1,000 times = King of Jump Ropes item

After jumping rope, enter the Inn behind the kids. There are no rooms available right now but you can go upstairs and view the town from a balcony if you want. Leave the Inn and head left down the alley.

You’ll see a carpenter fixing a sign. Once he leaves, Rat Kid enters and asks you to become his slave. Decline his offer and head south. Go inside the house on the left and search for Eye Drops. Upstairs, grab 3 gil from under the bed (if there’s a little girl at the top of the steps, exit and wait until the girl leaves). Leave the house and head south, past the bell tower, to the dock. Speak with the boy standing on top of a wooden ramp. He’ll give you a Bomb Card if you help find his cat. If you want the card, go all the way back to the beginning of town and walk around until you find the cat (I found it near the fountain). The kid will thank you for finding his cat before running off. Go back to where he was on the ramp and he’ll give you the Bomb Card. When finished, head north, back through the alley and into the ticket booth area. Turn around and return to the alley to find Rat Kid there.

Rat Kid will ask again if you want to become his slave. This time, say yes. Watch him steal the carpenter’s ladder and when he leaves, go over to the man coming in from the north. QUICKLY talk to him or else he’ll mug you. Ask him if he is Alleyway Jack. Indeed, he is. You’ll be brought to the tavern automatically where Alleyway Jack will teach you how to play a card game called Tetra Master. For a complete list of card game rules and strategies, I suggest you visit another site. Worth mentioning, though, is what the markings on each card seem to represent (from L to R):

1st digit = Attack Power
2nd letter = Method of attack
(P for physical / M for magical / X targets lowest defense / A targets lowest digit)
3rd digit = Physical Defense
4th digit = Magic Defense

Note that cards evolve the more you use them (i.e., letters & numbers rise). Play a few rounds with Alleyway Jack if you feel confident. When finished, leave the bar and head back to the alley. Continue south and enter the bell tower on the left.

Once there, Rat Kid will tell you to go up first. Do as he says. Suddenly, a moogle comes crashing down. Kupo will explain that moogles are used to save games. After Rat Kid goes up the ladder, another moogle shows up. Stiltzkin explains that he is going on a long journey and says goodbye to Kupo. When he leaves, go talk to Kupo who will tell you about Mognet - the moogle’s Mail Delivery system. He will give you a letter to deliver to Monty. Afterwards, save your game. Search the grassy areas for a Tent and a Potion then climb up the ladder.

After a short talk with Rat Kid on the roof, turn left and cross the plank to the second roof. Search the white roof cap for 29 gil. Go farther north until Rat Kid asks your name (Vivi is the default). Rat Kid will tell you his real name is Puck. After that, use the planks to get to the next roof on the right. Examine a bird’s nest on the lower right side to get 63 gil then return to the roof on the left. Continue north and use either plank to get across to the next roof. Examine the bird’s nest on the edge to get 92 gil. After collecting the money, use the plank on the right to reach Puck and sneak inside the castle.

After the FMV, the Tantalus crew will act in the play, “I Want To Be Your Canary”. Partway through the performance, a battle will commence. Even though this is only a play, use physical attacks to damage the other actors. The SFX commands are fun to watch but don’t cause any damage. After beating King Leo (Baku), he’ll leave the stage. Now, watch a duel between Zidane and Blank. When they reach the audience, you’ll take over the fighting sequence. Use your controller to quickly push the correct buttons as soon as you see them pop up on your screen.

After the duel, the audience evaluates your performance. If you managed to punch each button quickly, you’ll get 2 points. If you pressed the button but it took some time, you’ll only get 1 point. If you pressed the wrong button or didn’t press anything at all, you’ll earn 0 points. The audience gives you gil based on how well you did. Ultimately, the goal is to please Queen Brahne so that you can earn a nice item later on.


* Items: Elixir x2 / Phoenix Pinion / Potion / Phoenix Down
* Steal: Leather Hat / Silk Shirt

After the duel, Zidane and Blank steal some armor to disguise themselves. When you regain control of Zidane, head left to the next screen and go up the stairs. On top, you’ll bump into a hooded girl. When prompted, choose to examine her face. When Blank arrives, the hooded girl runs down the stairs. Realizing she is actually Princess Garnet, they follow her.

Meanwhile, the queen’s sidekicks, Zorn and Thorn try to visit Brahne in her theatre box. After watching a scene involving the Knight Captain and Beatrix, name the captain (default is Steiner). When you’re able to control Steiner, head south. Enter the room on the right. Speak to the 2 Pluto Knights inside then grab a Phoenix Down from the bed near the doorway. [From this point forward, talk to ALL Pluto Knights you encounter.] Talk to Mosh, the moogle, to save your game. Exit the guardhouse and go up the stairs on your left. Head south to the Queen’s theatre box and speak with her. The gift you receive depends on how well Zidane & Blank performed in the duel:

Score 1-49 = get Ether
Score 50-79 = get Elixir
Score 80-99 = get Silk Shirt
Score 100 = get Moonstone

After getting the reward, exit and head north to the balcony overlooking a grand staircase. Once there, you’ll see a Pluto Knight running around. Speak to him then enter the banquet room on your right. Talk to the Pluto Knight inside then leave. Now, head left from the balcony and enter the dining room. Speak to the dishwasher then head further left to enter the kitchen. Speak to the cook and others then return to the balcony area. Take the grand staircase down to the first floor.

Enter the room on your right and speak with the scholars there. Search the shelves for a book about Ice Caverns then leave. Enter the study room on your left and speak with the people there, especially the Pluto Knight in the lower left corner. Search the shelves for a book about Dali then leave. Back at the staircase, head south and exit the castle.

Speak to the 2 guards on either side of the fountain then go down to the waterfront. Talk to the Pluto Knight sitting there. Head right and talk to the Pluto Knight guarding the door. Return to the fountain area and head left. Talk to the Pluto Knight who is hitting on a female soldier there then enter the door. Once inside, head north. Take the spiral staircase up to the top, stopping once to speak with the final Pluto Knight. He will tell you how many knights you’ve spoken to so far and explain what their specialties are. [If you spoke to all 8 of them, he’ll give you an Elixir.] If you missed any, feel free to go back and find them, otherwise continue climbing until you reach the top. Once outside, Steiner sees Zidane chasing the princess around the opposite tower. Watch the FMV that follows.

After the FMV, Garnet disappears into a room on the Theatre Ship. Follow her inside. Speak to Ruby then follow the princess downstairs. After learning her full name, Cinna enters and tells you to follow him. Once gone, Steiner arrives with a knight. The knight volunteers to go down the hatch first but gets stuck. When you regain control of Zidane, you’re in the engine room. Examine the engine valve. Turn it left then right to drop down a couple of chests. Look for a Phoenix Pinion behind the engine and a Phoenix Down in a partially hidden chest on the bottom floor. Exit to the left and find Steiner in the next room. He challenges you to a fight.

Just use normal physical attacks and try to steal items from him. After receiving about 150 HP worth of damage, Steiner becomes angry and uses Armor Break on the knight. The knight’s armor tears apart revealing his true identity, Blank! Oglops pour out Blank’s armor, providing the couple an escape.

Zidane and Garnet end up on stage, followed by a confused Steiner. Watch the play until Vivi runs out and accidentally burns Garnet’s hood off. Witnessing this, Steiner and two of his men initiate another battle. Just beat him up until the fight ends. As the group attempts to depart on the Theater Ship, Queen Brahne orders an attack. Watch an FMV of the ship getting hit then fight Steiner once more. He doesn’t notice that there’s a big Bomb lurking behind him. Fight him until the Bomb explodes. Watch an FMV of the ship losing control and the Brahne scene that follows.


* Items: Phoenix Down

After a post-crash scene with Baku and his crew, Zidane emerges from the woods. A moogle flies over and teaches you about ATEs (Active Time Events) that show scenes happening elsewhere at the same moment. View the “Forest Keeper” ATE now to see Garnet and Vivi in danger. Search the debris on the left to get a Phoenix Down then save your game with Mosco the moogle. When ready, head south to enter the Evil Forest.


In the first area, get Zidane up a few levels by fighting some creatures. Afterwards, go back and save your game. Return to the forest and move on until you find Vivi. Steiner will be here, too. Continue forward until you reach the monster that has captured Garnet.

HP 513 / AP 3
Steal: Leather Wrist, Broadsword
Drops: Eye Drops, Phoenix Down

Strategy: During the fight, Zidane will reach Trance Mode. Use his Dyne ability and try to beat the monster as fast as possible, before it steals all of Garnet’s HP. If Garnet dies, it’s game over. After saving Garnet, Vivi will be captured. He’ll use Fire on the monster from within. Have Zidane and Steiner act as support for Vivi until the monster is defeated.

Just before dying, the plant sprays Vivi and Steiner with poisonous seeds.


* Items: Potion / Ether x3 / Bronze Gloves / Iron Sword / Rubber Helm / Leather Hat / Wrist
* Gil: 116
* Steal: Iron Sword / Hi-Potion
* Key Items: Blank’s Medicine

Back inside the ship, Blank tends to Vivi and Steiner is taken to a storage room. After Zidane and Baku argue, search near the globe for Bronze Gloves then head left to the next screen. At the top of a spiral staircase, you’ll see 3 ATEs. After viewing them, continue down the stairs. Below, examine a chest for a Wrist then talk to Blank. He tells you to visit Vivi. Enter the door on the right.

Talk to Vivi then examine the chest near the door for Ether. Climb up the ladder and grab 116 gil from under the pillow. After getting the items, leave Vivi’s room. You’ll see a flashback of Zidane and Garnet first meeting at the palace. Opt to “go look for her”. Blank enters and suggests you talk to Baku about your decision. Head left towards the next screen. Examine the chest to get another Ether then go downstairs.

Inside the Cargo Room, search for a Rubber Helm then head right and enter the Baku’s room. He will not be pleased with your decision to leave Tantalus. When Baku leaves, grab a Potion from the chest then exit. Find Baku in the Cargo Room and choose to fight him. Use physical attacks and try stealing a couple of things from him. After the battle, head left. Enter the room that Marcus was guarding a while ago.

Talk to Steiner and convince him to join you. They automatically leave the room together, so turn around and go back inside to get Ether from the chest. Afterwards, return to Vivi’s room and speak with him. If you want to rest, return to Vivi’s room and examine his bed. Choose to rest when asked. Now, go back to the Cargo Room and head south to the next screen. Blank gives you a special medicine that cures the poisonous effects of plants in the forest and reminds you to set your Abilities. Afterwards, search the chest in this room for a Leather Hat then exit through the bottom right door.

Back outside, talk to Cinna to buy items. Talk to moogle Mosco and read a letter from Ruby before saving your game. When ready, enter the Evil Forest.


* Items: Potion / Phoenix Down
* Key Items: Moogle’s Flute / Continental Map

Get both Steiner and Vivi up a couple of levels before moving on to the next screen. Once you reach the area where you fought Plant Brain, you’ll see an ATE showing musicians trying to keep morale up. After viewing the ATE, move forward and enter the hole. Head northeast until you reach a moogle next to a gurgling spring. Just as you enter, another ATE occurs involving Baku and Blank.

Afterwards, examine the water gushing out of the spring. It will restore your HP/MP completely. Talk to Monty the moogle, to save your game and read a message from Stiltzkin. Give him Kupo’s letter then head east. Keep moving forward until an FMV takes over. Afterwards, head north and enter the big tree at the end of the path.

HP 533 / AP 5
Steal: Eye Drops, Iron Helm
Drops: Potion, Phoenix Down

Strategy: Use Vivi’s Fire magic and Steiner’s Sword Magic. Have Zidane steal first then use physical attacks. If the boss blinds you, use Eye Drops to heal. After you deal about 700 HP damage, Blank will come in and help. Continue pummeling the big plant until it dies.

After the battle, Zidane uses Blank’s Medicine to cure Garnet. The group is suddenly ambushed by a bunch of plant-like creatures. When you regain control of your characters, start running. If the small creatures catch up to you, you’ll have to fight them. Just keep running until an FMV takes over. Blank throws a map to Zidane just before the forest petrifies everything, including Blank.

After fleeing the forest, the group sets up camp and calls it a night. In the morning, Zidane tells Garnet they should find a cavern to the south. Afterwards, a moogle comes flying over and initiates an ATE called “Teach me, Mogster! Lesson 1”. In it, two moogles offer some tutorials on game play. After viewing the lessons, Monty the moogle gives you the Moogle’s Flute, which enables you to call on Moguo (his moogle buddy) anywhere on the world map.

WORLD MAP: Mist Continent

Since this is your first time out on the Mist Continent, explore a little bit before heading over to the Ice Caverns. Start by going all the way to the east and enter the archway.

Note that you will encounter a few special creatures during your travels. One is called the Ragtime Mouse. He asks questions that you answer with ‘True’ or ‘False’ to earn gil. If you answer all 16 of his questions correctly, he’ll give you a Protect Ring & 59,630 gil. You’ll also earn 22,852 EXP. All of his questions relate to things you read on signs, plaques & posters around the world. Reading these things also improves your Treasure Hunter Ranking, which comes into play later on.

NORTH GATE (Melda Arch) - Optional

* Items: Eye Drops / Potion

Walk up to the large gate and announce yourself to the girl inside. You can buy potions from her. Check behind the right fence to find 2 chests with Eye Drops and a Potion. After that, leave the North Gate.


Head over to the Ice Cavern, which is slightly south of Evil Forest. Call on Moguo by pressing the [Square] button. Use a Tent to rest and save your game before entering.


* Items: Tent / Phoenix Down x2 / Hi-Potion / Ether / Potion x2 / Mage Masher / Leather Wrist

After the group conversation, hop up the ledge on the left and open the chest for a Tent. Hop back down and move north until you reach the next screen. In here, there are stairs to the left and right. Take the right stairs first, stopping to examine an odd-looking wall at the top. Vivi uses his Fire Magic to break the ice and reveal a chest. Grab Ether from it. Go back down and head around the left stairs to get a Potion from the chest below. Go back around and take left set of stairs up until you reach the next screen.

Follow the maze-like path to the upper right corner. Cross the log on the right to get to the chest with a Potion. Cross back over and have Vivi use Fire magic on the log to drop it down so that you can reach the Mage Masher below. From here, head north and examine another odd-looking wall off the left path. Have Vivi use Fire magic to reveal a chest containing an Elixir. Continue northeast until you reach the next area.

Move forward and grab a Phoenix Down from the chest on the right. Examine an ice wall further up on the left to open a new path leading down to another chest. It contains a Leather Wrist. After getting it, head north until you reach the next area.

Here, you’ll see two paths. Take the left path first to find a moogle trapped in ice. Vivi sets the moogle free, which prompts the ATE, “Teach me, Mogster! Lesson 2”. Learn about status effects, elemental properties, and the card game if you like then talk to Mois (the moogle) to get a letter for Gumo and save your game. Now, return to the previous screen and take the right path. After watching the cutscenes, prepare Zidane for a solo battle. When ready, head east to face a couple of large enemies.

HP: 229 / AP: 5
Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt
Drops: Hi-Potion, Phoenix Down

HP: 472 / AP: 5
Steal: Ether, Mythril Dagger
Drops: ??

Strategy: Defeat the Black Waltz first as he is able to heal the Sealion. After he dies, you’ll probably achieve Trance Mode. If so, use Zidane’s Dyne ability to kill Sealion quickly. If you can’t use Trance, just use normal physical attacks and plenty of potions to stay alive.

When rest of the party regains consciousness, return to the battle area. Run up the slopes on the right and exit the cavern. Outside, Zidane suggests that Garnet change her identity in order to fit in. Select a name for her (default is Dagger) then head out to the World Map.

SOUTH GATE - Optional

Before heading to Dali, travel directly south through a forest and enter the South Gate. [Try finding a Mu – the first of 8 special creatures - in the forests between South Gate & Dali. Give it an Ore to get 10AP.]

Once inside, ask the guard questions while waiting for Part-Time Worker Mary to arrive. You can buy items from her or rest for 100 gil. Afterwards, exit the South Gate.


From either South Gate or the Ice Cavern, head northwest until you see two structures. Enter the one on the left to arrive at the Village of Dali.


* Items: Potion x 4 / Antidote / Ether / Phoenix Down / Eye Drops / Phoenix Pinion / Iron Helm / Leather Wrist
* Gil: 371 (total)
* Stellazio: Aries

Upon entering, Zidane insists the party rest so they get a room at the Inn. The next morning, watch an ATE then explore the guestroom. Grab an Antidote from the chest on the right then search the left side for a hidden chest containing a Potion and pay 10 gil to have your Color Fortune read. When finished, leave the room. After viewing an ATE, save your game with Gumo the moogle in the lobby. Remember to give him the letter from Mois then leave the Inn.

Outside, you’ll see another ATE. Afterwards, enter the Weapon Shop directly across from the Inn. Buy any equipment you don’t already own then explore the shop to find some tips on playing cards and setting abilities. When ready, leave the shop and head north.

Check a wall next the shop for 120 gil. Enter the house near the large wheel to meet Mayor Kapu who says he’s too busy to see you. Exit and speak to Vivi near the windmill. He has been listening to a Chocobo that seems to be trapped underground. After talking with him, Zidane heads back towards the Inn and doesn’t see two kids abduct Vivi. Watch a couple of ATEs then return to the Weapons Shop and speak with Garnet. When given the option, respond to her in the kindest way. Leave after she does and head back north. Take a peek in the window of the Inn to see Dagger practicing her speech. Enter the building with a yak’s head over the door and speak to the owner’s daughter to buy items. Afterwards, head right and visit the pumpkin patch. The gardener prevents you from getting to a chest in the patch so just make a note to come back later for it. Return to the Inn and speak with Dagger in the guestroom. Afterwards, you’ll see an ATE showing Steiner helping the girl clean up at the pub.

When you regain control of Zidane and Dagger, leave the Inn. Go back to where you found Vivi earlier. The couple explores the hole and hears Vivi crying, below. Enter the windmill to the left of the pub. You’ll need the Mayor’s Key to unlock the door on the right (acquired later in the game) so, for now, look behind the gear and grab the Aries Stellazzio then climb up the ladder. You’ll see 2 chests that you can’t get to while the windmill is turning, so head back down. Examine the circular piece of metal on the floor. Open the hatch and climb down.

Once underground, move forward and use the small lift to get down. Grab 156 gil from the chest in front of you then continue north until you reach the next area. Zidane and Dagger overhear some men talking inside a hut near the Chocobo and watch as they drag Vivi away. When they leave, examine the hut to find a chest containing a Potion. Exit and look for a chest below the hut to get Eye Drops. Move forward to the next area.

Speak to Kumop the moogle, who is hiding in a barrel. He wants you to deliver a letter to Mogki. Save your game then climb the boxes behind the moogle to get Ether out of the chest on top. Hop back down and examine the pulley near the door. Kick it to drop down the chest, allowing you to grab a Potion. After getting the items, continue to the next area. Navigate through the crates to find 2 chests containing an Iron Helm and Leather Wrist then continue through the doorway to the next area.

After rescuing Vivi, grab 95 gil from the chest near the door Afterward, enter the door. Fight off a few enemies then grab a Phoenix Down from the chest in front of you. Look behind the mist-making device for a Phoenix Pinion and Potion. Exit the room and follow the path near the machine into the egg-making room. Continue north. After watching a few cutscenes, you’ll take over as Steiner.


* Items: Hi-Potion
* Gil: 135

Follow Morrid down the hill. Grab a Hi-Potion near the southern exit and 135 gil near the fence facing Dali. Enter Morrid’s house. Notice that he likes coffee. After learning that the cargo ship has arrived, head south.

Steiner finds a barrel in the field near the cargo ship. Choose to poke it. As soon as Vivi, Zidane and Dagger emerge from the barrel, a large creature attacks.

HP 1,030 / AP 5
Steal: Leather Plate, Steepled Hat
Drops: Ether

Strategy: Try not to use Vivi’s Black Magic as the boss will retaliate with a more powerful version of it. Have Steiner use Sword Magic instead. Have Zidane steal then use physical attacks and let Dagger be the healer.

After the battle, the party can choose to go back to the Inn and rest or board the cargo ship. If you want to save your game and replenish health, choose to rest at the Inn - otherwise head over to the ship. Watch the cutscene and an FMV of the airship taking off.


Onboard, Vivi attempts to talk to the Black Mages. Take the ladder up and talk to Steiner. Go left and enter the control room. Watch a brief FMV of Black Waltz #3 approaching, followed by some dialogue on deck. After a very sad FMV showing the Black Mages being slaughtered, go out to help Vivi and Steiner while Dagger steers the ship.

HP 1,128 / AP 0
Steal: Linen Cuirass, Steepled Hat, Silver Gloves
Drops: ?

Strategy: Vivi will be in Trance right away, so use his Double Black Magic skill to cast spells two times in a row. Have Steiner use Sword Magic and have Zidane steal everything then physically attack. If your HP runs low use potions, though this shouldn’t be necessary.

Once you deal enough damage to him, Black Waltz #3 escapes. Apparently Zorn & Thorn were behind the attack. After a conversation on deck, sit back and watch a stunning FMV.


* Items: Hi-Potion / Echo Screen / Ore / Ether / Leather Plate / Leather Wrist / Steepled Hat / Coral Ring / Bronze Vest / Silver Gloves / Glass Armlet
* Gil: 610 (total)
* Cards: Mimic
* Key Items: Kupo Nut / Mini-Burmecia / Moogle Suit / Autograph / Master Hunter

Soldiers halt the party when they arrive. Dagger shows them her pendant and they call in Minister Artania, who allows the group to proceed. Follow him down the corridor, past a fountain, heading south to the elevator lift. Once aboard, Artania will explain the different levels of Lindblum Castle. When you arrive at the upper level, the party is taken to see Regent Cid who has been turned into an oglop! After hearing how he ended up becoming an oglop, the party will be invited to eat and rest.

Zidane enters a pub in the Industrial District. After speaking to a girl sitting at the counter you’ll get to name her (default is Freya - she will become a party member later on). After several cutscenes, another ATE takes over. It’s the “Teach me, Mogster! Synthesis Lesson.” Upon exiting the tutorial, Zidane finds himself in a room at the Inn. Enter the adjoining room and save your game with Moodon the moogle. He has a letter from Ruby for you. Head down the stairs and exit the Inn, which activates another ATE showing Steiner eating pickles. Afterwards, enter the building across the street. Watch another ATE showing Vivi shopping. The shopkeeper gives him a Kupo Nut and tells him about the Festival of the Hunt. After the ATE, leave the airship dock and continue moving north until you reach the next area.

Examine the pickle stand that Steiner visited earlier in the ATE. Enter the house north of the pickles to meet Card Freak Gon. Challenge him to a card game if you like then nab a Hi-Potion and Echo Screen from the two chests. Exit the house and take the upper right path. Enter the building to the right of the fountain, which is a Weapons Shop. Buy what you want then leave. Enter the building next door and visit the Items dealer. When finished, exit and continue northwest to the Synthesis Shop. Search next to the old man on the left to find a pair of Silver Gloves then buy some synthesized goods. After shopping, return to the previous area and take the left path. Search the trees on the right for a Tent then enter the church. Inside, climb the scaffolding to find a Leather Plate. After speaking to the worshippers, leave. Return to the Aircab Station and take it to the Industrial District.

Exit the station and head north up the stairs. Enter the pub on the left where you met Freya earlier. Read some notices on the wall and talk to the waitress about Dark Stew, then leave. Outside, grab a Bronze Vest to the right of the entrance then move north and enter the house at the end. Inside, grab a Mimic Card and Steepled Hat from 2 chests on either side of the bed upstairs. Leave the house and back to the aircab station. Get a Leather Wrist near the entrance to the station then take the aircab over to the Theater District.

Exit the station and watch an ATE showing Steiner learning about steam technology. Afterwards, look for 127 gil in the bushes towards the lower screen then head northwest down the stairs. Enter the clock tower on the left, which is actually the Tantalus Hideout. Inside, Zidane rests, prompting an ATE of Dagger in the palace guestroom. After the ATE, two kids enter and speak to Zidane. When they leave, grab 282 gil, 68 gil, and 97 gil from the 3 chests on the floor. Climb up the ladder and get a Mini-Burmecia from under the bed. Exit the Hideout and watch an ATE of Baku and crew discussing how to cure Blank’s petrifaction.

Head south down the stairs to the front of a theater. Talk to the fan club chairman who is holding back a throng of Lowell fans. Watch as the movie star escapes them dressed in a giant moogle suit. Follow him back to the aircab area and enter the house on the right. Once inside, talk to Lowell and he will give you his Autograph. Search behind the red chair to find the Moogle Suit and grab some Ore from a chest below the stairs. Exit and take the aircab back to Lindblum Castle.

Exit the castle station and follow the red carpet up to the fountain area. Take the stairs on the right. Use the door on your left to enter the guestroom. Inside, Steiner informs you that Dagger is missing. After he leaves, grab a Glass Armlet from a chest near the bed and Ether from the chest near the moogle upstairs. Give Mogki (the moogle) the letter from Kumop. He then asks if can deliver a letter to Atla. Save your game then return to the fountain area. Zidane hears Dagger singing but the guard prevents you from taking the lift up to find her. Return to the bedroom area and take the stairs on the right down to a sleeping soldier. Wake him up. After stealing his uniform, return to the lift guard who now lets you pass.

Ride the lift to the upper level and take the left path up to the engine room. Speak with the worker there then go up to the roof. After the FMV, Dagger and Zidane go over to a telescope. While looking through the viewfinder, locate the following areas:

- Ceebell River
- Marshland
- Aerbs Mountains (left)
- South Gate
- Unknown Forest
- Aerbs Mountains (right)

After using the telescope, watch a series of cutscenes until the Festival of the Hunt begins. After equipping Zidane with his best weapon and armor, save your game. Take the aircab to the Theatre District.

The goal is to kill as many roaming monsters as you can in 12 minutes and earn the most points. Fangs are a bit harder to catch but yield the most points, followed by Mus & Trick Sparrows. During the Hunt, you can travel to all 3 districts to fight monsters. Just make sure you end up back in the Business District with at least 2 minutes to spare so that you can battle the large Zagnhol, which is worth anywhere from 54-99 points when killed. He’ll be located on the northeast path near the Item Shop.

Freya will be fighting the Zagnhol, too. To assure your victory, do not let her take the final blow unless you want her to win the Hunt. (If you want Vivi to win, have both Freya and Zidane kill themselves during the fight with Zaghnol.) When time expires, the winner will be announced.

In the Royal Chamber, the winner is given the title of Master Hunter and receives a prize. If Zidane won, he gets 5,000 gil. If Vivi won, he gets a Theatre Ship Card. If Freya won, she gets a Coral Ring. Suddenly, a Burmecian Soldier enters bringing bad news. Watch a few cutscenes and when you regain control of your characters, go back to the lift and ride it down to the Base Level. (Freya, by the way, officially joins the party.)

When you arrive at the Base Level, board the left trolley to get to Dragon’s Gate. Once there, you can buy items from a vendor and talk to Moonte the moogle to save your game and read a letter from Stiltzken. When finished, exit to the World Map through the gate.


The group is supposed to go to Gizamaluke’s Grotto, which is north of Dragon’s Gate. But before traveling there, visit a few locations on the Mist Continent: Qu’s Marsh (farther north), Chocobo’s Forest (a small, round forest to the northeast), and the South Gate (father east).


Move forward down the path until you see Mogster and Moggy, the two moogles who have been teaching you things throughout the game. If you need to brush up on any lessons, ask Mogster. If you ask him for directions, he’ll tell you to talk to the Qu folks here. Go through the dark patch of grass behind the moogles.

Head north through the tall grass, until you reach a pond where a Qu is trying to catch frogs. Catch a frog and offer it to him/her (the Qu’s sex is ambiguous). When prompted, select a name for the Qu (default name is Quina). Quale arrives at the pond and scolds Quina. You’ll be brought back to his house automatically. Quale will ask that you bring Quina with you on your journey. Accept his offer. After watching the cutscene, return to the pond to catch more frogs and win prizes (note that there are 4 Qu Marshes in the world where Quina can catch frogs and 99 total frogs to catch):

2 frogs = Ore
5 frogs = Ether
9 frogs = Silk Robe

When finished, equip Quina and leave the marsh. Head east to the Chocobo’s Forest.

Note that Quina can learn Blue Magic skills by eating enemies once their HP drops to 1/4 or less. In Trance Mode, she can “Cook” creatures & learn skills with even more HP remaining. Try getting her to learn Frog Drop by eating a Gigan Toad in Qu’s Marsh. The amount of damage caused using Frog Drop is calculated by multiplying her level with the number of frogs she’s caught in all of the ponds around the world.


* Items: Gysahl Greens
* Key Items: Chocograph Piece

Upon entering, you’ll meet a moogle named Menethe and Choco the chocobo. The moogle gives you Gysahl Greens and says he’ll tell you a secret after you call Choco out on the World Map. Thus begins a fairly elaborate mini-game that is explained in detail on other sites. Here are the basics:

First, locate Chocobo tracks on the World Map (there’s a cluster of them just outside the forest). While standing on them, use a Gysahl Green to call Choco over to you. Mount him and return to the moogle. Menethe gives you a Chocograph Piece and tells you that Choco trains by digging up treasures. Pay him 60 gil to play Chocobo Hot & Cold - where you can dig up treasures, earn points, level up Choco, and find Chocograph maps showing clues to treasures in other locations around the world:

Kweh. = Search elsewhere
Kweh!? = Getting closer
Kwehhh!? = Very close
K-KWEHHH!!! = Treasure located. Press [Square] button rapidly to dig it up

General Tips:
- More time will be added to the clock the better you and Choco get at digging.
- Choco learns special skills the higher his beak level gets.
- Trade in points for items (the more points you earn, the better the item).
- A Depth Level Meter indicates how deep the treasure is (deeper often yields better items).
- If you dig up a Chocograph map, ask Choco to display it so he can find stuff in the world.
- If you run out of Gysahl Greens, buy them from the moogle for 80 gil.
- Monsters will not attack you while riding Choco.

When you’re finished, return to the World Map to find Choco waiting for you (he will remain wherever you last dismounted, as indicated by a pulsing yellow dot on your map). If you have any Chocograph maps, feel free use them. Otherwise, mount Choco and ride east to the South Gate. (If you opt to come back later to start this mini-game, head east on foot.)

SOUTH GATE – Optional

* Items: Ether
* Key Items: Moccha Coffee

This is the place where Baku’s group went after escaping the Evil Forest. Head north and search near the stairs for Ether. Return and examine the spring water on the lower right to recover the party’s HP and MP. Search near the big tree trunk there for some Moccha Coffee. When finished, exit to the World Map.


From the South Gate, head northwest, back over the little bridge, to Gizamaluke’s Grotto (the entrance is embedded in the side of a mountain). Rest and save your game before entering.


* Items: Magus Hat / Mythril Gloves
* Key Items: Gizamulke Bell x 4 / Holy Bell

Once inside, turn right. Speak to the downed soldier to get a Gizamaluke Bell. Use it on the door near the grotto entrance and go inside. Zorn and Thorn are there and make you fight 2 Black Mages. After beating them, move forward and kill another Black Mage to get another Gizamaluke Bell. Heading north, you’ll see 2 bell doors on top of a platform and a bell door farther to the right. Use Gizamaluke Bell on the left door and move down to the injured soldier. He gives you another Gizamaluke Bell. Return to the previous area. Use the bell on the far right door and enter.

Move up the circular staircase, grabbing a pair of Mythril Gloves along the way. Make your way around to the bridge and search below it to get a Magus Hat. Keep moving forward until you reach the moogle calling out to one stuck inside the big bell. When she asks for the Kupo Nut, have Vivi give it to her. The trapped moogle will break free of the bell and the pair will run away. Get another Gizamaluke Bell from the chest in the middle and use it on the upper right door in the room.

Inside, you’ll see the moogle couple, Mogmi & Moguta. Read the letter from Moodon then rest and save your game. Take note of the vine-covered wall to the north. It leads to the World Map but if you use it, you’ll encounter a Grand Dragon that will instantly kill your characters at their present levels. Instead, head back to the room with the large bell. Moguta stops you and gives you the Holy Bell before you leave.

Back in the room with the big bell, go to the door on the left and use the Holy Bell. Prepare your characters well before entering.

HP 3,175 / AP 5
Steal: Magus Hat, Elixir, Ice Staff
Drops: Tent

Strategy: Gizamaluke is a pretty tough foe. If Zidane has the Ogre equipped, have him use Soul Blade to blind the creature. Have Vivi cast Thunder and Freya use her Jumping Spear. Use Potions and Phoenix Downs liberally until you beat the boss.

After the battle with Gizamaluke, the scene shifts to Dagger and Steiner.

SOUTH GATE (Grand Citadel / Bohden Station)

* Items: Potion
* Key Items: Gate Pass

Steiner arrives at South Gate carrying a big bag and convinces a couple of guards to let him enter. Once inside, speak to the woman on your right and choose to “console her” so that she gets out of the way. Next, speak to the young man standing to the south and choose the top option again. Talk to the two workers on the left then return to the young man and speak with him again. After he moves, start walking towards the upper right archway and a guard will summon you. Go over to him and get a Gate Pass. Afterwards, continue to the arch. (Note: To get the chest, you have to return here when you have the mountain-crossing Chocobo or the Airship.) Wait under the arch as Dagger changes her clothes. After a brief conversation, the two will automatically arrive at Bohden Station.

Buy stuff at the Item Shop then go southwest to find a chest that contains a Potion. Talk to Grimo, the moogle, who wants you to deliver a letter to Nazna. Save your game then head up the stairs. At the top, talk to the train conductor and choose to depart. Select a seat and chat with Part-Time Worker Mary. After some more dialog, the scene will switch back to Zidane and Co. leaving Gizamaluke’s Grotto.

Before going to Burmecia, travel northeast and enter the archway, which is the North Gate.

NORTH GATE (Burmecia Arch) – Optional

* Items: Hi-Potion / Tent

The group discusses a battle that has just taken place there. Afterwards, go to the gate and open 2 chests for a Hi-Potion and Tent. Return to the World Map.

From the North Gate, continue heading north until you reach Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain.


* Items: Soft x2 / Phoenix Down / Potion / Tent / Ether / Kupo Nut / Mythril Spear / Lightning Staff / Germinas Boots
* Key Items: Protection Bell
* Stellazio: Cancer

After the group finishes talking, they enter Burmecia. Head north and search behind a crate on the left to find the Cancer Stellazzio. Continue forward to the next screen.

Zorn and Thorn are at it again. Fight off two Black Mages then enter the door to your left. Inside, open the chests on the floor for a Potion and a Soft. Go back outside and all the way to the right. Climb up the stairs and enter the top door. Once inside, search for a hidden chest behind the stairs to get a Soft. Continue up the stairs and head left (the chest in the corner is a fake. You’ll have to fight a Mimic if you examine it).

In the next area, note the bell door and continue moving left. Very carefully, walk over to the chest on the left side otherwise the floor will collapse. If successful, you’ll get Germinas Boots. Now, go all the way back to the area where you fought the Black Mages and go through the door on the left again. Go up the stairs and cross the path (which is the floor that fell from above). Head right, avoiding the Mimic chest, until you reach the next area.

Walk to the lower right corner and choose to go out on the balcony. Zidane will jump over to the other room automatically. Speak to the Burmecian Soldier inside then look under the bed for the Protection Bell. Search for a hidden chest to the left of the bed to get Ether. Jump back across the balcony and return to the bell door you passed earlier. Ring the bell and the door will open.

While the party talks at the base of a wide stairway, a Burmecian family runs down towards them. When they leave, head upstairs. Enter the door in the middle and help a Burmecian couple avoid being hit by a crumbling statue. Afterwards, you’ll be taken outside automatically. Go up the stairs on the right. On top, you’ll see 2 doors. Enter the left one, as the right one is impassable. Examine 2 chests near the door for a Phoenix Down and Tent then enter the door at the far end (the chest to the right is another Mimic).

Here, you’ll see two houses and the path to Burmecia Palace in the center. Go inside the left house first. After Freya takes the Mythril Spear, leave and enter the house on the right. Search behind the moogle for a Lightning Staff. As you do so, Stiltzkin enters. Talk to him to get a Soft, Hi-Potion, and Ether for 333 gil. After that, speak to Alta, the moogle. Give him the letter from Mogki. Atla gives you a Kupo Nut in exchange and wants you to deliver a letter to Monev. Save your game, use a Tent, or buy new equipment at his Mogshop. When ready, leave the house and head up the center path towards Burmecia Palace.

Once there, choose to leave Freya alone. After climbing up the statue, the group eavesdrops on Queen Brahne planning an attack on Cleyra. During their conversation, a Burmecian Soldier enters. The party jumps to his aid.

HP 3,630 / AP 0
Steal: Phoenix Down, Chain Plate, Mythril Sword
Drops: ---

Strategy: This fight starts off slow and easy but after a few turns, it completely changes pace. Beatrix will eventually pummel your party with physical and magical attacks that can cause over 500 HP of damage each time - and that’s not the maximum amount she can dish out. Be sure to equip Vivi with the Lightning Staff and Freya with the Mythril Spear. If Quina has learned Mighty Guard, use it. Have Zidane steal what he can then use physical attacks. You can’t really die in this fight - nor can you win. Beatrix leaves your last remaining member/s with 1 HP of health before ending the fight. (Note: If the entire party is killed before she uses Shock Break, it’s Game Over.)

Watch the FMV that follows, then save your game and switch to Disc 2.



* Items: Phoenix Down

At the beginning of Disc 2, watch a couple of cutscenes then take over as Dagger. Once the train arrives at Summit Station, head up the stairs and enter the rest area. Grab a Phoenix Down from the chest near the entrance. Speak to the shopkeeper to buy both items and equipment then head over to Nazna the moogle on the right. Give her the letter from Grimo and take the letter for Mochos then save your game. Talk to the other patrons then speak to the man on the left behind the counter. When the train from Lindblum arrives, Dagger hears a familiar voice. Head outside to see Marcus and Cinna arriving. Re-enter the rest area and speak to them, and finally to Steiner. When the train to Alexandria pulls into the station, board it.

HP 1,272 / AP 5
Steal: Steepled Hat, Lightning Staff, Flame Staff
Drops: ---

Strategy: Have Marcus steal from Black Waltz then attack along with Steiner. Have Dagger cast Protect on the party and heal as necessary. You’ll defeat him pretty quickly.

After the battle, the party re-boards the train and continues towards Alexandria.


* Gil: 1,610

At the Alexandria Station, head north and do some shopping with Part-Time Worker Mary, whose shop is on the right. Continue heading north to the next screen. You’ll see two paths: the left one goes to Dali and the right one goes to Treno. Take the right path, cross the bridge, and move south to find a chest with 1,610 gil. Head east to the next area. Show the guards your Gate Pass and exit to the World Map. [Note that Marcus joins your party briefly. Equip him with better stuff if you can spare it.]


From the South Gate, head southeast until you see the city of Treno. If you want to level up before entering, head over to the forest next to Treno and fight a few Mandragoras. They come in packs of 2-3 and offer lots of EXP and gil. Also, try finding a Ghost near the cliffs outside Treno. Give it some Ore to get 10AP.

For the sake of convenience, I’ve also included an optional place to visit before entering Treno, Quan’s Dwelling. To find it, head west past Treno through the forest towards the mountain. Locate the cave entrance on the left side of the mountain.


* Items: Ether x 3
* Stellazio: Scorpio

Once inside, move forward and go down the stairs on the far right. Open the chest to get Ether. Head left and go behind the big tree trunk to get to the rope. Slide down to the spring. Inspect the water to recover the party’s HP/MP then open the chest on the right to get another Ether. Search the ground near the chest for the Scorpio Stellazzio. After getting the items, climb back up the rope and enter the doorway on the right.

Climb the ladder on the left to get another Ether. Search the room to find a note from Quan then head right. Outside, examine the clock then go over to the ledge where you notice foam in the sea below (these 2 areas become important later on). For now, exit the dwelling and head over to Treno.


* Items: Ether / Mythril Dagger / Power Belt
* Gil: 2,217 (total)
* Cards: Yeti
* Stellazio: Gemini / Taurus
* Key Items: Supersoft

Upon entering Treno, you’ll see a cutscene and then take control of Steiner. A couple of ATEs will pop up - but you can only choose one (if you choose “Treno Tradition” press the [X] button as soon as you see the field icon appear so that Dagger gets mugged for less gil. Also, make sure Steiner doesn’t speak to Dagger until he finds the mugger). After watching the ATE, go to the fountain on the left and throw 10 gil into it 11 times to get the Gemini Stellazzio. After receiving it, head northwest to the next area.

After watching another ATE, head left towards a tower. Grab a Mythril Dagger from the chest near the stairs and check the tower’s door to see that it’s locked. After another ATE, head right. Go through the intersection and up the turret to an outdoor café. Continue forward and enter the mansion on the left. If you watched the ATE of Dagger, you’ll spot the thief who mugged her earlier. Talk to him to get a Power Belt. Continue south around the upper balcony until you arrive at the Synthesis Shop. Buy or forge equipment here then leave the mansion. Outside, go north until you reach the next area.

Search near the lake on the left for Ether then enter the House of Stella. Give Queen Stella all of the Stellazios you’ve collected so far to receive prizes. Leave and go south past the café patrons. After watching another ATE, head right to the front of the Card Stadium. Head inside to play a couple of games or buy some average cards at the Card Shop near the entrance. When finished, head left to the next area.

Move past the drunk at the top of the stairs to the platform where a moogle is flying around. Enter the big door on your right. Walk across the cage and speak to the shop owner to buy some weapons. Ask about the monster in the cage below to learn that you can fight it. Be aware that it’s a real toughie and only one character can battle it at a time. If you beat it, you’ll win a prize. Also note that the creature changes during subsequent visits to Treno, giving your characters an opportunity to win new prizes. At the moment, it’s doubtful Steiner can beat it, so leave when you’re finished shopping.

Outside, speak with Mogrich the moogle to read a letter from Stiltzken and save your game. Head north to the next area. Search the ground on the left for 2,225 gil then enter the Auction House. After speaking with Dagger, you’ll assume control of her. Note that you can participate in the auctions any time you wish. Just make sure you have enough gil on hand as it becomes rather expensive. Return every so often to see what Key Items and new equipment is being offered that day.

From the Auction House, head east and save your game with the moogle near the Weapon Shop. Go up the stairs on the right and continue past the drunk until you reach the intersection. Once there, head south to the next area. Move forward and use the ladder on your right to get to the area below. Grab a Yeti Card from the chest next to the shopkeeper then buy some items from her. Search behind the fruit cart for the Taurus Stellazzio and grab 1 gil from the chest in the lower right corner. After getting the items, climb back up the ladder and enter the house on the left. Inside, pay 100 gil to rest if you want then go downstairs and talk to Marcus. He’ll tell you to prepare for the journey, so finish up any business in town (bring the Taurus Stellazio to Stella, for example) and return to Marcus when you’re ready to leave.

Take the stairs down to the dock and speak with Baku to board the boat. Watch a few cutscenes until the party reaches Doctor Tot’s lab. After speaking with him, the group returns to the Inn. Exit and head south. Continue moving left until you reach the tower. The door is now unlocked, so enter and take the spiral staircase up to Doctor Tot, who gives the group Supersoft. When you regain control of Dagger, talk to Doctor Tot. Watch few cutscenes then determine whether you want to explore the town further or leave. When ready to depart, climb the ladder on the right and enter the hole.


* Items: Phoenix Down / Chain Plate

Talk to Mochos the moogle at the landing. Give him Nazna’s letter and save your game. Head southwest. Grab the Chain Plate from a chest on the right and Phoenix Down from a chest at the end of the path. Examine the lever and choose to pull it. Now, return to the moogle and head southeast.

Go north until you meet up with Doctor Tot. Pull the lever to summon the Gargant trolley then follow Doctor Tot to the previous screen. Head south and pull the lever and the end of the path to drop a bowl of food. The Gargant will stop and eat, allowing the group time to board it. During the journey, the Gargant starts acting strangely. The group exits to see why.

HP 2,296 / AP 0
Steal: Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork
Drops: ---

Strategy: Beware of the snake’s Devil’s Kiss spell as it will cause major status effects. To avoid this, have Dagger cast Shell on everyone and cure as necessary. Use Steiner and Marcus as the primary attackers. If you feel like stealing, do it quickly as the snake will escape after receiving enough damage.

Once the snake leaves, the party continues their journey to Alexandria.


When the group arrives at the castle, Zorn and Thorn trap them. The scene shifts back to Zidane’s party.


Zidane’s group decides to go to Cleyra and is automatically taken to the World Map. From Burmecia, head west towards the desert. Cleyra sits inside a large sandstorm. Go up to it and save before entering.


* Items: Phoenix Down / Tent / Remedy / Ether / Potion / Hi-Potion / Elixir / Gysahl Greens / Magician Shoes / Flame Staff / Ice Staff / Desert Boots / Mythril Vest / Mythril Gloves
* Gil: 900

At the base of the tree, head north. Pull the lever at the top of the steps to open the circular door and enter. Once inside, move forward and open the chest on the right for a Phoenix Down then continue north to the next area. Go right and find a chest near the bottom of the screen for Magician Shoes. Continue north towards the sandfall. Open a hidden chest under the leaves of the tree for an Ice Staff then take the right path outside.

Follow the ledge north and enter the cave on top. Open the chest for Ether then head south and examine the small tree hole. Put in your hand in it to activate a new sandfall. Return to the previous screen and climb up the vines near the sand. Enter the hole on top.

Back inside, head left through another hole. Open the chest on the left for a Needle Fork then go up the slope on the right. Grab a Tent from the chest then head left over the sandfall to Monev, the moogle. Give her Atlas’ letter, rest, and save your game. Afterwards, continue north up the path to the next screen.

In here, you’ll see two paths again. Take the left path first to get a Flame Staff. Return and take the right path until you reach a bridge. Cross it and enter the hole on the other side. Search behind the center tree to find a pair of Desert Boots then enter the hole on the left (behind the tree) to get a Mythril Vest. Exit and head north until you reach the next screen. Grab a pair of Mythril Gloves from the chest in front of you then continue heading north. Pull the lever at the end of the path, which seals one sandfall and activates another. Now, return to the place with the big tree and search the right side of the room for a Remedy. Now, take the far left path to the next screen.

Open the chest for a Potion then take the right path. Grab an Elixir from the chest at the end of the path then return to the previous screen. Now, take the left path to a series of sandy whirlpools. Navigate through them by pushing the X button rapidly. Grab 900 gil and a Hi-Potion from the two northern chests then head west until you reach a ladder. Look behind it to get Gysahl Greens then climb up. Continue forward to the Cleyra Settlement.


* Items: Ore / Ether / Echo Screen x2 / Remedy / Gysahl Greens / Phoenix Pinion x2 / Thunder Gloves / Magician Shoes / Yellow Scarf / Silk Robe
* Gil: 1,250

Shortly after entering, Freya runs off the meet the king and Oracle Kildea offers the rest of the group a tour of the settlement. Take the tour to familiarize yourself with various areas. When you regain control of Zidane, go up the center staircase. Look for a Phoenix Pinion on the stairs as you go.

At the intersection, turn right. Watch an ATE then search around the flowers for some Ore. Climb the stairs on the right and keep going forward until you reach the family whom you met in Burmecia earlier. The father, Dan, will offer to sell you equipment. After shopping, enter the Inn behind him. Search the floor for an Echo Screen and 1,250 gil. Pay the innkeeper 100 gil to rest then head upstairs. Check the dresser near the bed for Ether then talk to Mopli, the moogle. Read a letter from Ruby and save your game. Afterwards, leave the Inn.

Back outside, climb the stairs on the right and search for a Remedy as you go. On the next screen, watch a couple of ATEs then go across the bridge on the left. Watch another ATE then talk to Star Maiden Nina who sells items. Grab a Phoenix Pinion to the right of her then take the left bridge down to Clerya’s water source. Search near the sign for a pair of Thunder Gloves then return to where Star Maiden Nina is. Head north up the center stairs to the front of the cathedral. Grab Gysahl Greens by the entrance and search the grass near the cathedral for an Echo Screen.

Before entering the cathedral, return to Cleyra’s Trunk and get the treasures you weren’t able to access earlier (in the area where the trees are filled with sand). If you don’t get them now, you can’t later on: After watching Quina’s “Yummy Yummy” ATE, return to the Cleyra entrance. Find Quina looking at the swirling sand in the alcove on the right. After telling Zidane how hungry she is, she’ll jump into the sand. Both will be sucked down and land on a ledge with 2 chests. The lower one contains Magician Shoes and the other a Silk Robe. After grabbing the items, cross the tree branch on the left. Halfway across, you’ll see a field icon pop up. Choose to jump down. Head left and visit the moogle in the adjacent area to save your game. Continue back up the trunk and return to the cathedral.

Talk to the Oracles inside the cathedral to learn that you must wait for Freya at the Inn. Search around for a Yellow Scarf before leaving. Just as you reach the Inn, a Burmecian arrives to tell you that an Antlion is mauling a kid in the sandpit below. Enter the Inn and save your game with the moogle upstairs then head down to the town entrance. Inside the alcove, you’ll see the Antlion holding Prince Puck. After it releases him, prepare to fight.

HP 3,938 / AP 5
Steal: Mythril Vest, Annoyntment, Gold Helm
Drops: Ether, Annoyntment

Strategy: Watch out for the boss’s Sandstorm attack, which deals large amounts of damage. Have Vivi cast Blizzara constantly to deal out the most damage while Zidane steals. Have Freya use Reis’s Wind and Quina use White Wind (if she’s learned it) to restore the party’s health as necessary.

After the battle, Freya performs a dance with other Burmecians at the palace. When finished, trouble hits the settlement. Watch another cool FMV then switch over to Steiner and Marcus, who are imprisoned in Alexandria’s dungeon.


Watch sequences involving your allies trapped in Alexandria, ending with Zorn and Thorn extracting all the eidolons from Dagger.


* Items: Remedy / Ether / Phoenix Down / Phoenix Pinion / Elixir
* Gil: 950
* Cards: Nymph / Zuu

Back in Cleyra, you’ll take control of Freya. Go to the Inn first. On the second floor, you’ll see Stiltzkin. Buy a Hi-Potion, Ether, and Phoenix Pinion from him for 444 gil then talk to Mopli. Read a letter from Monev and save your game. Dan will be in the lobby if you want to buy any last-minute equipment. When ready, exit the Inn and return to the town entrance. When you gain control of Zidane, head south down the Cleyra Trunk.

On the way down, several Alexandrian Soldiers ambush the party, but they pose no real threat. When you reach the wooden bridge, Puck arrives to tell you the town is under attack. Return to town.

At the entrance, fight some more Alexandrian Soldiers and a Black Mage or two. Afterwards, head over to the Antlion pit to find Stiltzkin and Mopli. Grab 950 gil from behind the sign then talk to Mopli. He has a letter to deliver to Serino. Save your game. Continue up the stairs until you reach the Oracles who ask which direction they should go. Tell them to go to the right and follow. Head north until you reach the Burmecian family. When asked, tell them to go left. Fight a lone Black Mage then follow the family. In the next screen, guide the family again. Choose to go right and cross the bridge. Fight some Alexandrian Soldiers then follow the Burmecians and Oracles. In the next screen, tell the Burmecian family that it is still not safe yet.

Back at the cathedral, the group is surrounded by Black Mages. A mysterious figure arrives and saves the day. Once you enter the cathedral, you’ll learn that is was Sir Fratley, Freya’s long-lost love, who saved the group. When Fratley leaves, Beatrix arrives and steals the harp jewel. When you regain control of Zidane, speak to each of the surviving citizens in the cathedral to get a Remedy, Phoenix Down, Elixir, Ether, and Phoenix Pinion. Speak to the kids to get a Nymph Card and a Zuu Card. After preparing your characters for battle, talk to Mopli and save your game. Exit the cathedral.

HP 4,736 / AP 0
Steal: Phoenix Down, Thunder Gloves, Ice Brand
Drops: ---

Strategy: Beatrix will be as hard as the first time you fought her. Right away, have Vivi cast Slow on her, followed by Blizzara and Fira while Zidane steals. Have Quina cast Mighty Guard and Freya cast Reis’s Wind on the party. Use Phoenix Downs to revive any fallen members. Once Beatrix takes enough damage, she’ll cast Stock Break and reduce your entire party’s health to 1 HP before ending the fight.

Afterwards, Beatrix uses the Black Mages as a teleporter and the party follows. (Note that Quina will remain behind but return to the party later on.)


After watching an FMV, the group arrives aboard the Red Rose. When you regain control of Zidane, head up the stairs. Follow the corridor to the back door and eavesdrop on Beatrix who is meeting with the Queen.

After the cutscene, head back down the stairs. Just as you reach the bottom, you’ll notice a moogle running about on the top floor. Go back up and speak with Serino, the moogle. Give him Mopli’s letter and read one from Moodon. Save your game then return to the bottom deck. Talk to Vivi, who asks if they should use the pods to teleport again. Say yes, and off you go…


* Items: Tent / Ice Brand

Steiner and Marcus are stuck in a suspended cage and you must swing it back and forth at the right moments to crash it open. Once freed, you gain control of Steiner. While being chased by Alexandrian soldiers, run to the far left and climb up the 2nd ladder. On top, head left to the next screen. After Marcus leaves, Zidane’s crew arrives via the teleport pods. You’ll be given 30 minutes to rescue Dagger so move quickly through the next few areas, avoiding as many guards as possible.

Follow the group west. After Marcus closes the gate, you’ll take over as Zidane. Head south to get outside. At the fountain, continue north until you reach the castle entrance. Once inside, take the stairs up and around to the area where you first saw the princess. Enter the northern door. Inside the Queen’s chamber, examine the sconce with the purple flame. Pull it to reveal a hidden path. Use it to enter the bowels of the castle.

Continue forward to the rotating platform. Ride it to the ledge with two chests. Grab a Tent and an Ice Brand then hop back on the platform and take it to the other side. Run all the way down the spiral staircase until you reach a big circular platform. Enter the door to the north.

HP 4,896 & 2,982 / AP 0
Steal: Partisan, Stardust Rod / Mythril Armor, Mythril Armlet
Drops: ---

Strategy: They’re not as hard as they look. Have Vivi cast Blizzara on them and Steiner use Sword Magic while Zidane steals. After sustaining enough damage, they run away.

After the fight, run forward to Dagger who is lying on a pedestal. Watch an ATE then take control Zidane, as he’s carrying Dagger. Talk to Mosh, the moogle, near the front of the chapel and read a letter from Kupo. Rest and save your game before heading back up to Queen Brahne’s chamber.

HP 5,709 / AP 0
Steal: Phoenix Down, Thunder Gloves, Ice Brand
Drops: ---

Strategy: As before, have Vivi cast Slow followed by Blizzara, and let Zidane steal items. Have Steiner use Sword Magic and Freya cast Reis’s Wind followed by her Lancer ability. If your HP drops, have Vivi or Freya do the healing. After a while, Beatrix will use Climhazzard, bringing everyone’s HP down to 1.

After the battle, Beatrix has a change of heart and decides to aid your party. Watch the cutscene then battle a Bandersnatch using only Freya and Beatrix while the rest of the group escapes. When you regain control of Zidane, go down the spiral staircase. About halfway down, Steiner chooses to aid Freya and Beatrix. When he leaves, continue to the big circular platform and enter the chapel. Talk to Mosh, who has a letter for Monty, and save your game. Exit and descend the southern stairs.

Shortly after arriving in this area, Zorn and Thorn reappear. Marcus and Blank enter and hold them off as the party escapes on a Gargant.

HP 3,352 / AP 7
Steal: Phoenix Down, Adaman Vest, Oak Staff
Drops: Ether

Strategy: The snake returns and this time, he’s not as easy to beat. Right away, have Dagger cast Shell and/or Protect on the party then use Vivi to cast Blizzara. When it coils up, have Zidane steal from it and heal the party with Dagger. Since this fight is long, you can steal most everything. Don’t bother attacking when it’s coiled up, because it barely does any damage at all.

After the battle, watch an FMV of the gargant crashing through the tunnel and a scene with Brahne hiring a couple of bounty hunters.


* Items: Mythril Vest / Mythril Wrist / Peridot Gem / Ogre

Upon your arrival, you’ll meet Ramuh, the God of Lightning. He explains that if you find all five of his manifestations and compile a story correctly, he’ll join his powers with yours. When you gain control of Dagger, turn around and head north to the previous screen. Here, you’ll find Ramuh’s first manifestation and be told the “Hero” part of the story. Afterwards, return to the previous area.

Head south down to Monty, the moogle. Give him the letter from Mosh and save your game. Continue down the south slope and search for a chest near the water to get a Mythril Vest. Now, walk into the pond and move behind the structure on the right to see another manifestation of Ramuh and hear the “Human” part of the story. Afterwards, move left through the water until you get to the next screen.

There are 2 chests here, one on the left and one on the right above a cliff. Go towards the left chest to see another manifestation of Ramuh and hear the “Cooperation” part of the story. Afterwards, grab the Ogre from the chest then go under the green path, moving north to the next screen. Move forward in the water to see another manifestation of Ramuh and hear the “Silence” part of the story. Return to the previous screen.

Climb up the green slope to an intersection. Once there, take the upper path over the little bridge. Keep moving forward until you see a field icon pop up. Jump across to the cliff and open the chest for a Mythril Armlet. Afterwards, you’ll automatically jump down into the water. Head south and ascend the green slope again. When you reach the intersection, head southeast along the leftmost path to see the last manifestation of Ramuh and hear the “Beginning” part of the story.

After seeing all 5 manifestations, head down to the moogle and save your game. Backtrack through the water to the cliff that you jumped off earlier and continue forward until you see Ramuh himself. He’ll ask you to arrange the manifestations and create a meaningful story. Arrange the first 3 sections as follows: Beginning, Cooperation, Silence. For the final section, choose either Human or Hero. The outcome will be the same - you’ll just hear different dialog. Ramuh asks if you are satisfied with your choices. Tell him you are and he will give Dagger the Peridot Gem (Ramuh incarnated as an eidolon).

The party heads through the hole and Dagger asks if they should jump off now or wait. If you have finished all business in this region, choose to jump off. After viewing a couple FMVs, the group arrives in battle-torn Lindblum.


* Items: Phoenix Pinion / Ether / Ore
* Gil: 4,595
* Cards: Lindblum
* Key Items: World Map

When you regain control of Zidane, go to the Inn and talk to Moodon, the moogle. Give him the letter from Serino and read one from Ruby. The moogle asks you to deliver a letter to Moonte. Save your game and leave the Inn. Once outside, head north. On the next screen, search the rubble for a Lindblum Card and enter the Card Freak’s house. Grab a Phoenix Pinion and Ether from the two chests then leave. Continue north until you reach Minister Artania, who automatically takes you to see Regent Cid.

Watch the cutscene to learn your new objective and get 3,000 gil from Cid to prepare the group before leaving. You’re taken back to the Business District automatically and a man tells you to talk to him when you’re ready to go. First, enter the Equipment Shop on your right. Talk to the owner and he’ll give you discounts. Next, speak to the woman outside the shop to buy items (her store was demolished). Head over to the Synthesis Shop and forge/buy new equipment, especially the Exploda weapon. When you’re finished shopping, head down to the Aircab Station and watch an ATE along the way. Speak to Justin, leader of the Vigilantes, who is standing near the station then board the aircab. Ride it to the Theatre District.

Take the stairs down to the Tantalus Hideout. Collect 262 gil, 993 gil, and 340 gil from the 3 chests on the floor inside. Exit and head south towards what used to be the theatre entrance. Talk to Lowell, who’ll be pleased to hear there’s acting work in Alexandria. Return to the aircab area and head east into the artist’s house. Grab some Ore from a chest near the stairs then leave. Take the aircab back to the Business District.

Talk to the man near the fountain and he’ll take you to Cid, who is waiting at Base Level. After watching a couple of ATEs, Cid gives the party a map of the entire world. When you arrive at Dragon’s Gate, buy things from the vendor then talk to Moonte, the moogle. Give him the letter from Moodon and save your game. When ready, exit to the World Map.

If you want to take a side trip to Chocobo’s Forest, do it now. Otherwise, head north to Qu’s Marsh.


Ask the moogles for directions and learn that the entrance to the Outer Continent is somewhere within this marsh. Head forward through the tall grass to find Quina near the frog pond (naturally). S/he will join your party again. Continue forward to Quale’s house and speak with him. Exit and head east. Here, Quina chases some frogs off the screen and accidentally leads you to the Excavation Site entrance. When you regain control of Zidane, enter the site and walk down the stairs.


* Items: Ether / Lamia’s Tiara / Survival Vest

As you start moving forward, a huge machine comes rumbling towards you (if it catches up, you’ll have to fight it). Run quickly to the right while dodging some swinging blades. Continue running and dodging blades through a couple more screens until you can jump over a hole. The machine (which is impossible to beat) will blessedly fall down the hole and leave you alone.

Just when you thought it was safe, you’ll encounter Lani, the queen’s bounty hunter, who has come for Dagger’s pendant.

HP 5,708 / AP 0
Steal: Coral Sword, Gladius, Ether
Drops: ---

Strategy: Dagger should act as healer while Vivi casts his most powerful Magic. Quina and Zidane should use normal physical attacks. Lani is very tough to steal from but have Zidane try. After receiving enough damage, Lani ends the fight.

When Lani departs, head north down the stairs. At the bottom, go left towards a patch of yellow flowers. Pick one then move in front of the big hole in the wall. A Gargant arrives and eats the flower, allowing you to hop on and ride it. [From now on, when I say “ride the Gargant”, just assume you’ll need to pick flowers first. You will always find them near the spot where you summon the gargant.]

Once he drops you off, head up the northern stairs and speak with the treasure hunter to get directions. Afterwards, head northeast to the next screen. Summon the Gargant. When you arrive in the new area, head right and flip Switch #1 at the end of the path. Return to the previous screen and ride the Gargant again. When you arrive in a new area, go up the stairs on the left and head north to the next screen.

Grab some Ether from the chest then return to the previous screen. Go down the stairs and head north. Move forward until you reach Switch #2. Flip it then go back and ride the Gargant once more. After the trip, head right and flip Switch #1 again. Summon the Gargant and ride back to the treasure hunter. Now, head south and talk to Stiltzkin, who sells you a Phoenix Pinion, a Remedy, and Ether for 555 gil. After buying the items, talk to Mogki, the other moogle. Read a letter from Kuppo, use the Mogshop, and save your game. Head right on the path next to them and summon the Gargant.

After the trip, speak to another treasure hunter who sells equipment. After shopping, go up the northern stairs and flip Switch #4. Head right to the next screen and hop on the Gargant. After the trip, head east and open the chest at the end of the path to get Lamia’s Tiara. Return to the previous screen and ride the Gargant back to Switch #4. Flip it again. Afterwards, head right and ride the Gargant once more.

After the trip, move southeast down the path until you see a bunch of vines. Cling to them and move right until you’re washed down into the pond. While in the pond, press the X button to have Zidane jump out of the water. Walk up the slope and climb the vines. Jump off onto the upper right path. Follow it to a mining site.

Speak to the treasure hunter there. Offer him a potion and he’ll give you a pick to use. Go to the upper right platform and pummel the rocks on the wall at the end of the path. After 4 or 5 hits, you’ll hear something. Keep pounding the rocks until the moogle inside is free. Kuppo, the moogle, wants you to deliver a letter to Kupo. Buy items from his Mogshop, rest, and save your game. If you continue digging, you can find lots of good stuff (Madain’s Ring, Hi-Potions, Echo Screens, Ore, etc.) but be aware that it will take anywhere from 9 to 50 separate strikes to uncover each treasure. Talk to the treasure hunter when you’re ready to stop.

Take the lower right path to the next screen. Search to the left of the stairs for a Survival Vest then return to the mining site. Now, take the left path back to the vine-covered wall. Climb up the vines to the top ledge on the left. Flip Switch #3 then drop down into the water. From the waterfront, head right to the next area. Call the Gargant one last time then exit to the World Map.

WORLD MAP: Outer Continent

You’re now on the Outer Continent where there is no mist. Walk forward, underneath the suspended arch, and around to the beach. Head right. If you move farther right, you’ll find another Qu Marsh. Enter if you wish. Otherwise, climb up the plateau (away from the beach) and head west towards the golden arch you passed under earlier. Once there, enter the town of Conde Petie.


* Items: Phoenix Pinion
* Gil: 4,500 (total)

Rally-ho! The locals greet you warmly as you enter Conde Petie. Watch an ATE then find 2,700 gil to the left of the entrance. Enter the door beside the 2nd villager. After watching another ATE, you’ll see two doors to the left and stairs to the north. Enter either of the two doors on the left. Watch another ATE then talk to the woman in green and choose to rest. After resting, grab 1,800 gil from one of the beds then leave the Inn. Go up the stairs to the north.

In the next area, watch another ATE then head south and talk to Vivi. This prompts yet another ATE. After viewing it, go down the stairs on the right to enter the Item Shop. Zidane sees a Black Mage there and Vivi chases after it. After watching the cutscene, return to the Item Shop. Buy/sell and talk to Mogmatt, the moogle. He wants you to deliver a letter to Suzuna. Search the southern corner of the shop for a Phoenix Pinion then save your game. Take the upper right path over to the Equipment Shop. After buying and selling, return to the entrance and head out to the World Map.

Travel east of Conde Petie towards the ocean then head southwest through the brush, until you find a dark green patch of forest near the back of a larger forested area. [Try finding a Lady Bug in the forests between Conde Petie and Black Mage Village. Give it 2 Ores to get 20AP.]


* Items: Gysahl Green / Ether / Elixir / Black Belt
* Gil: 2,843 (total)
* Stellazio: Virgo

Once inside, you’ll spot a Black Mage running off to the right. Read the sign in the middle of the road and heed its advice. If an owl flies away as you run down a path then you are running in the correct direction. Continue doing this until you spot the Black Mage again and are able to chase him into the village.

Just as you enter the village, an ATE takes over. When you regain control of Zidane, enter the Equipment Shop on your left. Buy/sell then leave the shop and grab an Elixir to the right of the door. Take the lower right path over to Mogryo, the moogle, who wants you to deliver a letter to Mocchi. Save your game then enter the house behind him. Search for a Gysahl Green and talk to Quina, who is trying to eat the Chocobo Egg. Leave the house and head back to the town entrance. Once there, head northwest until you reach the next screen.

You’ll see two huts. Enter the right one first, which is an Item Shop. Get Ether next to the bookcase then exit to the left and enter the Synthesis Shop. After a scene with Dagger, search for a hidden chest containing 2,000 gil. Take the ladder up to the roof. Head north and search for 843 gil. Go back down and talk to the Black Mage to forge or buy equipment then leave. Outside, go left and you’ll see Vivi run by. Follow him inside the Item Shop. Use the back door and cross the wooden bridge. Enter the Inn and talk to Vivi in the guestroom. Afterwards, you’ll be asked if you want to rest. Do so. Watch a few cutscenes that take place in the middle of the night.

The next morning, the group reconvenes at the entrance. Before leaving for Conde Petie, head left past the Synthesis Shop and speak to the two Black Mages at the cemetery. Afterwards, enter the Synthesis Shop, climb the ladder, and walk south to the end of the overhang. You’ll hear two mages talking below. Climb back down and return to the Item Shop. Ask the shopkeeper for ‘the usual’. When he goes to look for it, use the ladder behind the counter to enter his room. Search near the bed to find a Black Belt. Climb back down and exit through the back door. Enter the Inn. Search the right side of the guestroom for the Virgo Stellazio then leave. Visit the moogle in front of the chocobo hut and read a letter from Stiltzken. Save your game and exit the village.

Head out through the brush then travel north back to Conde Petie. Save your game before entering.


Once inside, go to the Item Shop. Take the northern stairs up to the twins who are guarding the Sanctuary entrance. Speak to them to learn that you must participate in a ceremony before being allowed to pass. Return to the front of the Inn and talk to Father David who is strolling the hallway outside.

After Dagger and Zidane exchange vows, either choose to visit the twins at the gate or have Quina and Vivi get married also - worth choosing just to watch the silly scene, but not required since they’ll join you either way. Whichever choice you make, head back to the twins near the Equipment Shop to be let through. As the couple(s) pass, they witness a girl and a moogle steal some food and run away. Follow them.


* Items: Remedy / Ether / Tent
* Key Items: Blue Stone / Red Stone / Yellow Stone / Green Stone

Continue forward until you see the girl dangling from a branch. Once freed, she’ll introduce herself (default is Eiko) and join the party. Equip her immediately so she can start learning abilities. Like Dagger, Eiko can summon eidolons.

Head left and climb up the vines to the chest containing a Remedy. Continue heading right until you see a small shrine. Examine it and choose to take the Blue Stone then return to the previous area. Climb down the vines and take the lower right path east. Continue forward until you see another vine. Climb up and head left to the previous screen. Open the chest for a Tent and take the Red Stone from the shrine then climb back down the vine. Move east to the next screen then head north until you see Stiltzkin. Talk to him to buy a Magic Tag, Tent, and Ether for 666 gil. Afterwards, talk to Suzuna, the other moogle. Give her the letter from Mogmatt, rest and save your game.

Notice there are three paths to the south. Take the rightmost path down to a larger shrine and insert the 2 colored stones collected so far. Return to the moogles. Now, take the left path over to a ladder. Climb up and move forward. After a brief FMV, follow the roots on the right.

HP 8,106 / AP 9
Steal: Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork, Phoenix Down
Drops: Tent

Strategy: Try to finish off this boss as fast as you can. If the battle takes too long, he will use Earthquake and Hiphop to knock out your entire party. He can also heal himself. Concentrate your attacks with Vivi and Zidane. Eiko and Dagger should use their summons, especially Ramuh, and act as healers.

After the fight, take the Yellow Stone from the shrine in front of you then head east. At the fork in the road, take the lower right path. Grab the Green Stone and get Ether from the chest next to the shrine. Now, return to the previous screen and follow the northern path until you reach the World Map (you can insert the other 2 Stones later).


You’ll pop out on the other side of the mountain. Head north towards the brown structure near the ocean. [Try to find a Yeti in the forests next to Madain Sari. Give it 2 Ores to get 20AP.] Save your game before entering Madain Sari.


* Items: Tent / Ore / Phoenix Pinion
* Key Items: Kirman Coffee
* Stellazio: Libra

Several moogles emerge to greet the party as they arrive. They follow Eiko back to her house. After a few cutscenes and an ATE, you’ll take control of Zidane. Search behind the fountain for the Libra Stellazzio and find the hidden chest near Dagger for a Tent. Go left and talk to Vivi. After the ATE, try entering the door. A moogle named Morrison tells you to return after Eiko is finished preparing the meal. During the next ATE, Eiko must choose what tasks to assign her moogle helpers: Go fishing, dig for potatoes, and help in the kitchen. (If you listened carefully to what each moogle said at the beginning of the ATE, you will have figured out their particular talents.) Depending on your choices, the meal will either turn out tasty or terrible.

When you regain control of Zidane, return to the fountain area and head north. Talk to the moogle (Moco) guarding a restricted area. Watch as Quina jumps into the water looking for yummies then head back to the moogle by Eiko’s door. Morrison will give you a tour of the Eidolon Wall while Eiko is cooking. Head back to the restricted area. On your way, you’ll see another ATE: Eiko must decide how many people to cook for. Select a number above 10 (11 is ideal). Choose whether or not to add an oglop to the stew and, when prompted, let Mocha lend a hand in the kitchen.

After the ATE, talk to Morrison by the restricted area then head south from the fountain to find Dagger. Talk to her and return to the restricted area. Morrison now lets you pass. After viewing the Eidolon Wall, you’ll see another ATE. In this one, choose to ask Quina for cooking advice. Afterwards, enter Eiko’s door.

The party finally eats Eiko’s meal. Once finished, explore the back of the room for Ore and a Phoenix Pinion. After getting the items, grab the pot from the table and take it to Eiko in the kitchen. Find Kirman Coffee on the left side of the kitchen then speak to Eiko a couple more times. Return to the dining room and try to leave. A moogle named Momatose enters and suggests you rest. Do as he says. The next morning, the party heads off to the Iifa Tree.


Head directly south and enter the Conde Petie Mountain Path. Continue south to the yellow shrine. From there, move north to the World Map. Head southwest towards the large green tree. Save your game before entering. [Try finding a Nymph in the forests near the Iifa Tree. Give it 3 Ores to gain 30AP.]


* Items: Ether / Elixir / Hi-Potion / Remedy / Phoenix Down / Ruby / Brigandine Vest / Lamia’s Flute

Have Eiko break the seal to receive the Ruby gem (which can be equipped) then move forward into the Iifa Tree. Follow the branches straight down to Mocchi, the moogle. Give her Mogryo’s letter, rest and save your game. Continue forward until you reach a circular elevator. Have Zidane step on it to descend.

Below, keep moving forward along the main branch until you see a partially concealed chest on a branch above you. Locate a switch below the branch on the right side. Flip it to drop the chest and grab a Phoenix Down. A little further down, grab a Hi-Potion from a chest to the south then return to the main path. Keep moving along until you spot a dark knot in one of the branches on the right. Examine the hole to get Ether. Continue forward until you get to an intersection. Get Lamia’s Flute from a chest on the lower left path. Further left, find a hidden chest containing a Remedy then head back up to the main path. Continue south until the party reaches a big green spire.

Step on the leaf to descend. On the way down, zombies attack in waves. Beat them down until you regain control of Zidane. Speak to Vivi then fight off a few more creatures. Eventually, you’ll reach the floor below.

Once there, go down the stairs on the left and then take the stairs on the right to the bottom level. Search next to the stairs for a chest containing an Elixir and go behind the tree trunk to find a Brigandine Vest. Afterwards, talk to Eiko. Move to the far left and search for a field icon. Pressing X seems to affect Dagger. Run up and check on her.

HP 9,765 / AP 9
Steal: Brigandine, Magician Cloak, Oak Staff
Drops: Elixir, Phoenix Pinion

Strategy: He’s undead, so throw an Elixir on him (or have Eiko or Dagger cast Life on him) and he’ll die instantly. You may want to have Zidane steal items first but watch out for his Lv5 Death spell, which will instantly kill any characters that have a level in multiples of 5 (i.e. 20, 25, 30). Avoid this by equipping Eiko with the Phoenix summon.

After defeating Soulcage, the party leaves the tree. Watch the FMV and the cutscene that follows then exit to the World Map. Head northwest and enter the Conde Petie Mountain Path. Continue back to Madain Sari.


* Items: Tent / Elixir / Phoenix Down / Survival Vest / Exploda
* Key Items: Memory Earring

Follow Eiko back to her house and take the stairs down to the room below the kitchen. Talk to the moogles gathered there then enter. Watch the cutscene and when you regain control of Zidane, grab a Survival Vest from the chest on the floor and a Phoenix Down from the bookshelf. Leave and head over to the Eidolon Wall.

Talk to Morrison in front of the door and ask him to heal your party then take a peek inside. You’ll see Lani, the bounty hunter, dangling Eiko. Another moogle arrives and gives you the Exploda and an Elixir. Talk to Morrison again and ask for Mog. Afterwards, choose to save Eiko. Once inside, Lani’s cohort shows up and shames her into leaving. He then challenges Zidane to a one-on-one battle.

HP 8,985 / AP 9
Steal: Poison Knuckles, Ether
Drops: Tent

Strategy: Red is hard to hit when he’s moving, so steal and/or use potions during those moments. When he says, “Here I go!” it means he’s about to attack, so strike until he starts jumping around again. Immediately heal yourself if your HP falls below 650 since Red can attack 2 or 3 times in a row. If you’ve equipped the Counterattack ability, it’ll make the fight a whole lot faster.

When the battle ends, Red returns the stolen item then leaves. Go back to Eiko’s kitchen and enter the room below. After Eiko takes the Memory Earring, return to the dining room. Talk to Momatose, the moogle, to rest then head right to the next screen. When prompted, tell Eiko to come along. After the scene with Mog, go to the front of Eiko’s house and search for a field icon, which prompts a scene with Dagger singing.

Watch the FMV and cutscenes, ending with the party back at the entrance. The redheaded man approaches and is invited to join the party. Name him (default is Amarant) and equip him. Select a party before heading back to the Iifa Tree.


* Items: Moonstone

Travel south and enter the Conde Petie Mountain Path. At the yellow shrine, head left on the lower root path until you reach the ladder. Descend and head south down the far right path past the moogle. Insert the yellow and green stones in the large shrine to receive a Moonstone. Afterwards, head all the way back to the yellow shrine area and go north to the World Map. Head forward to the Iifa Tree.


* Items: Aquamarine

When the scene ends, you can switch party members or keep the ones you have. Make your way back up the tree until you see a scene with Kuja and a Silver Dragon. Afterwards, you are given yet another opportunity to switch party members. Watch the cutscenes to advance the story until you are forced to fight 2 Mistodons – who are fairly easy to beat.

After the fight, watch several new cutscenes. When you regain control of Zidane, head slightly north to find Mocchi, a hidden moogle. Read a letter from Stiltzken and save your game. Now move south down the branch as quickly as you can, for the Mistodons are chasing you. At the bottom, find Dagger, who receives Aquamarine (the eidolon Leviathan) and uses it to try and save her mother. Watch the stunning FMVs that follow. When prompted, save your game and switch to Disc 3.



* Items: Phoenix Pinion x2 / Ether / Lapis Lazuli / Opal / Topaz / Amethyst
* Gil: 3,927
* Cards: Shiva / Ramuh / Hippaul’s Collection (Ironite, Goblin, Fang)

Upon your arrival, you’ll see a few scenes showing what everyone is doing in and around Alexandria. Outside the pub, you’ll take over as Vivi. Go inside the pub and talk to Zidane who is very despondent. Talk to the bartender to learn that Ruby has started a theatre company. Leave the bar and head right. Watch an ATE then travel south until you find Hippaul’s mother who is walking down one of the streets.

Racing with Hippaul:
If you talk to Hippaul’s mother, she’ll ask you to race her son so he can get into shape. During each race, just alternate pressing the Circle and Square buttons. Exercising causes Hippaul to level up (if Vivi wins, Hippaul levels up faster). Every 10 levels he reaches, his mother gives you a card:

Level 10 - Wyerd Card
Level 20 - Carrion Worm Card
Level 30 - Tantarian Card
Level 40 - Armstrong Card
Level 50 - Ribbon Card
Level 60 - Nova Dragon Card
Level 70 - Genji Card
Level 80 - Athlete Queen (Key Item)
Level 100 - no incentive, except the challenge!

After racing Hippaul, return to the previous screen and head left, which triggers another ATE. Afterwards, visit the Item Shop on the right then head north to the next area. After watching 2 more ATEs, visit the Equipment Shop (you can play a silly version of Three Card Monty with the Nero brothers there) and Synthesis Shop to forge or buy stuff you don’t already own. Afterwards, head north to the dock. Search the northwestern stairway to get a Phoenix Pinion. Search the other side to get 3,927 gil and behind the fountain for Lapis Lazuli. Return to the previous screen and head west down the alley. Talk to Blank, who asks if you want to watch Ruby’s show. Decline his offer for now and continue south.

Enter the bell tower where you first met Stiltzkin. He will be there with Artemicion, the Mognet mailman, and Kupo. Talk to Stiltzken to buy a Phoenix Pinion, Hi-Potion, and Elixir for 777 gil. Climb up the ladder and ring the bell to get a Shiva Card and Ramuh Card (if Vivi chose not to become Puck’s slave at the beginning of the game, you’ll also get an Ironite Card, Fang Card, and Goblin Card). Climb back down the ladder and speak to Kupo. Give him the letter from Kuppo and read one from Mogrika. Save your game then return to the alley and talk to Blank. Tell him you’ll watch the play and head down the stairs.

While Vivi waits for the play to begin, Doctor Tot gives Dagger back her original eidolon gems (Opal, Topaz, and Amethyst) and then helps Eiko write a love letter to Zidane. Shortly after, you’ll take over as Eiko inside the castle. Head north. At the balcony overlooking the grand staircase, go left. Baku bumps into Eiko there and takes her letter to the fountain, where Beatrix inadvertently picks it up.

Meanwhile at the tavern, the Tantalus gang tries to cheer up Zidane. When you regain control of him, leave. Watch an ATE then head left. Continue north past the ticket booth to the castle gate, where Freya and Amarant are squaring off. Afterwards, ride the boat to the castle grounds. Search the dock to find a Phoenix Pinion and Ether. Continue north until you see Steiner carrying Eiko. After several cutscenes, the group boards the gargant trolley. After watching another ATE, the group arrives in Treno.


* Items: Chimera Armlet
* Cards: Namingway

When the party splits up to go sightseeing, Doctor Tot recommends that Zidane register for the Card Tournament. After watching an ATE, leave Doctor Tot’s tower. Watch another ATE and when prompted, have Vivi stay in Treno. Once outside, go right. Watch a couple more ATEs then head north at the intersection, going down the turret stairs to the members-only café. From there, head north. Enter Stella’s House and give her the new Stellazzios you’ve collected. Exit and head south to the auction house. Bid on a few items, especially Dark Matter, then visit all of the shops in town to buy some goods or forge new weapons. Save your game with the moogle near the Equipment Shop then head south to the Card Stadium. You’ll see an ATE on the way, which yields a Chimera Armlet.

Once at the Card Stadium, register at the counter then go inside to automatically begin the tournament. You have to win 3 card games to become the champion. After the first victory, watch an ATE then go back inside and play Round 2 (if you didn’t let Vivi go home, you’ll be able to challenge Mario for the Namingway Card). After the second victory, leave and save your game. While traveling back to the moogle, watch two more ATEs.

Before playing the final round, it is recommended that you make a solo trip back to Dali to complete a side-quest and get some treasures that will otherwise be unavailable. (Don’t worry. The card tournament will wait.) Leave Treno via the World Map.


Head northwest and enter the South Gate (Zidane will be fighting random battles on his own but none of the creatures will pose a threat). Head west through South Gate. At the crossroad, take the northern path up to the other gate. Ask the guard to let you in. If he’s resistant, keep asking until he lets you pass through. Back on the World Map, continue forward until you reach Dali.


* Items: Elixir / Cachusa
* Key Items: Mayor’s Key / Mini-Brahne / Burman Coffee
* Gil: 30,000

Once there, sneak into the Mayor’s house and look for his key without waking the person in the center of the room. You’ll be given a list of places to search. Select each one two or three times in a row to assure the guy stays asleep. While searching for the key, locate the Mini-Brahne.

Once you find the key, go to the windmill next door. Use the Mayor’s Key on the locked door. Search behind the Chocobo to find a chest with 30,000 gil. Check the same spot again to find Burman Coffee. Return to the windmill room and climb up the ladder. Now that the gears are stopped, grab an Elixir and a Cachusa from the 2 chests. Exit and head right to get to the pumpkin patch. Go right to get back on the World Map.

Enter the Dali Observatory. Give the 3 coffees you’ve found to Morrid, who is sitting on the stairs. He tells you that he’ll send you a model of the Theater Ship (it will be on the bed at Tantalus Hideout in Lindblum later on). When finished, exit to the World Map. Head south, through the gates, and back over to Treno. Save your game before entering.


* Items: Rebirth Ring
* Cards: Oglop

Return to the Card Stadium for the final round. You have to battle Erin, who plays only with Oglop Cards. If you beat her and win the tournament, you’ll receive a Rebirth Ring. There’s no time to celebrate though, as Eiko arrives with bad news.


* Items: Angel Earrings

After watching a few cutscenes and an FMV, you’ll take control of Dagger. She must assign the palace knights to various duties while the city is under siege. You’ll receive different items from Beatrix depending on how well you choose. If you successfully assign 1 pair, you’ll get Ether. If 2, you’ll get an Elixir. If 3 or 4, you’ll receive Angel Earrings. Earlier in the game, when Steiner commanded his troops to find Garnet, you were told what each knight’s specialty was. If you can’t remember, and you really want those Angel Earrings, have Garnet order the knights as follows:

- Protect the townspeople > Weimar & Haagen
- Begin preparations to fire the cannon > Dojebon & Mullenkedheim
- Gather information > Blutzen & Kohel
- Contact Lindblum and ask for reinforcements > Briereicht & Laudo

When everyone leaves, Dagger loses consciousness and you take control of Beatrix and Steiner, who are trying to ward off the enemies invading town. Use this opportunity to level up Steiner, since he has been away from the group for a long time. While Beatrix is definitely the stronger of the two, have her be the healer whenever Steiner’s HP gets low.

After the battles, you regain control of Dagger. Go up the staircase and head south. On the next screen, head left up the stairs then enter the northern door. Once inside, use the door on the left to get to a winding staircase. Go all the way up to the top. Watch the FMV sequence and when you regain control of Dagger, head into the tower that just appeared. Continue until you see a big eye on the floor. Watch the cutscenes and FMVs. When you take over as Zidane, you can fight an optional boss before joining Dagger in the tower (if you skip it now, you cannot do it later).

To find the boss, enter the library to the left of the grand staircase. Once there, head to the lower left corner and examine the book on top of a bookcase.

HP 21,997 / AP 30
Steal: Ether, Elixir, Silver Fork, Demon’s Mail
Drops: Running Shoes

Strategy: Tantarian’s major attacks are Paper Storm (causing massive Wind damage to your entire party) and Doom (causing Death after a count of 10). Be prepared to use a lot of Elixirs and Phoenix Downs. The goal is to attack the book until it opens to page 150 or above. This is when the boss’s true form emerges - and your attacks will cause real damage (in it’s closed form, attacks do basically nothing). Once hit, Tantarian closes up again and you have to keep repeating the process until he dies.

After defeating Tantarian (if you chose to), go up to the tower where Dagger is. When the others leave, climb to the top and watch as Alexandria is destroyed.


* Items: Elixir x2 / Remedy / Lapis Lazuli / Egoist Armlet / Chimera Armlet
* Gil: 7,069
* Key Items: Strange Potion / Beautiful Potion / Unusual Potion
* Stellazio: Sagittarius

After watching several cutscenes, you take control of Zidane back in the palace guestroom. Open the 2 chests to get an Egoist Armlet and Elixir. Talk to Mogki, the moogle, who wants you to deliver a letter to Moodon. After saving your game, try to the leave the guestroom. Blank stops you. Ask him where to find Dagger. After an ATE showing Quina’s arrival, take the lift up to the top level and meet Dagger by the telescope. She is so distraught she’s lost her voice. Leave the area to activate another ATE. Return to the lift and talk with Blank who tells you see Regent Cid. Head north to the Royal Chamber. Once there, Artania will escort Zidane to the conference room.

During the meeting with Cid, watch a couple of ATEs then return to the guestroom to find Dagger. Afterwards, you’ll be taken back to the Royal Chamber where Doctor Tot tells you to find 3 special potions (Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, and Strange Potion) in town. If successfully used, they may rid Cid of his oglop curse. After watching another ATE, take the lift to Mid Level and ride the aircab to the Theater District.

Outside the station, Zidane meets the couple he saved back in Burmecia. After watching an ATE, enter the artist’s house on the right. Grab a Lapis Lazuli from a chest near the stairs. Talk to the artist then search near the stairs again to get the Strange Potion. Back outside, head left towards the Tantalus Hideout. Once Zidane gets the Unusual Potion from Cinna, return to the hideout and enter. Take 4,826 gil, 970 gil, and 1,273 gil from the three chests on the floor then leave. Return to the aircab station and fly to the Business District.

Enter the Inn and go upstairs. Give Moodon (the moogle) Mogki’s letter and save your game. Leave and head north to the next screen. Search next to Card Freak Gon’s house for the Sagittarius Stellazzio then enter. Once inside, grab an Elixir and a Remedy from the 2 chests. Exit and continue north to the fountain area. Talk to the lady near the Equipment Shop to get the Beautiful Potion. Now that you have the 3 potions, take some time to buy/sell equipment and visit the Synthesis Shop. When finished, ride the aircab back to the castle.

Take the lift up to the Royal Chamber and watch Doctor Tot use the potions on Cid. Sadly, it doesn’t work and Cid is left even worse off than before! Watch the remaining cutscenes and an ATE until you regain control of Zidane. Take the lift down to Base Level and use the trolley that goes to Serpent’s Gate. Once there, locate a hidden chest containing a Chimera Armlet then head south to the harbor. Walk down the dock and board the ship.

Quina greets the group on board and Cid asks you to choose your party members. Note that Dagger, in her distraught state, will lose concentration during battles (thus, wasting a turn) so select Eiko if you want a guaranteed healer present. Select others based on who needs the most leveling up. After choosing a party, you’ll be taken to the World Map.


Now that you have a ship, you can go wherever you want - but note that you can only disembark on shores and beaches. Read the tutorials on how to maneuver the ship. Use the Triangle button when you want to go on deck to change party members. After exploring, fly north to the Outer Continent and park on the shore that is south of Black Mage Village. Head through the brush and save before entering the village.


As soon as you arrive, Vivi runs off. When you gain control of Zidane, head over to the cemetery and listen to the mage’s story. Afterwards, go to the Chocobo Shack to see the newborn Chocobo. Once the party receives information on Kuja’s whereabouts, leave the village and return to the airship.


Travel to the eastern side of the continent you’re on now and look for a long, dry strip of beach. Disembark and head north through the desert until you see 4 swirling quicksand holes. One of them is the entrance to the Desert Place. The others are monster traps. If you want to avoid fighting the Antlions, stand so you can see all 4 whirlpools at the same time and wait. Choose the one that never has puffs of sand coming out of it. That one is the Desert Palace. After choosing correctly, the party will be whisked down the hole.


Apparently, Kuja knew you were coming and set up a trap. He says he’ll let you and your friends go if you do him a favor. You really have no choice, so agree. When you regain control of Zidane, go south. Stand in between the two Black Mages to be transported to Kuja’s room.

Once inside, speak to Kuja to learn that he wants you to go to Oeilvert and get the Gulug Stone for him. In order to complete this task, he offers his airship and tells you to pick 3 friends to bring along. Select your party carefully (in Oeilvert, magic is useless, so take 2 fighters and a healer). After the group assembles, head right and over the stairs then continue moving left until you reach the Hilda Garde airship. Board it.

WORLD MAP: Forgotten Continent / Hilda Garde 1 Airship

The airship takes you to the Forgotten Continent automatically. Once you land, check your map. You’ll see that Oeilvert is located directly south of your current location. [Try finding a Jabberwock in the forests east of Oeilvert. Give it an Emerald to gain 30AP. There’s also a Qu Marsh to the north in case you want to visit it.]

Disembark and head south into the canyon. Once there, head west. The sky will darken, indicating you’re on the right track. Eventually, the path spirals and spits you out near a beach. Head further west and enter the next canyon, which also spirals. Follow it to the end where you will finally see Oeilvert.


* Items: Remedy / Elixir / Rising Sun / Diamond Sword / Feather Boots / Shield Armor / Power Vest / Gaia Gear
* Key Items: Gulug Stone

Right away, you’ll meet Mimoza the moogle, who wants you to deliver a letter to Mooel. Use her Mogshop and save your game then head north towards the large door. When it opens, go inside. [Tip: When you encounter enemies made of stone, toss a Soft on them for an instant kill.]

In the main area, there are 3 paths: upper left, lower right, and the stairs. Open the chest behind the stairs for a Remedy then go up. Open the chest on top for a Rising Sun. Return to the main area and take the right path. Talk to Stiltzkin and buy a Hi-Potion, Emerald and Elixir for 888 gil. Talk to the other moogle, Mooel. Give him the letter from Mimoza and save your game. Return to the main area and take the left path.

Open the two chests here for a Diamond Sword and Shield Armor. Take the southwest stairs down to the next area. The 2 yellow lights will not respond to you. Get a Power Vest from the chest then go up the stairs. You’ll see 2 more yellow lights. Open the chest here for the Feather Boots then head up the stairs. Continue forward until you see an odd black ball. Examine it. It won’t respond to you either. Head left to the next screen then move southeast back to the main area.

Take the lower right path back to the moogle and save your game if the enemies here are giving you any trouble. Afterwards, return to the main area and go up the stairs. Head left. Examine the blue switch and make it turn red. Open the chest near the switch for an Elixir. Return to the main area and take the left path. Approach the center circle and watch the holographic image of a planet. After witnessing it, head down the southwestern stairs to the yellow lights. Switch them on in the following order: Upper left, upper right, lower right, and lower left. When sequenced correctly, you’ll hear the evolution of the Invincible. Go back up the stairs and head left until you reach the black ball. Examine it and a projection of a city will appear. Afterwards, head left.

Return to the moogle room and enter the middle circle. Once there, search for a field icon to learn that the light here is for another purpose. Go to the upper right corner and grab a Gaia Gear from the chest then return to the main area. From there, take the left path. Continue forward and enter the blue door to the north.

Inside, the faces on the wall tell you a story. Afterwards, return to the moogle and save your game. Move over to the center circle and watch two planets merge into one. Take the upper right doorway to the next screen. Examine the green circle to make the elevator go down. Below, examine the device to reveal the Gulug Stone. Just as you’re about to grab it, a boss fight begins.

HP 20,002 / AP 11
Steal: Holy Lance, Power Vest, Elixir
Drops: Ether, Pumice Piece

Strategy: This fight will be long and hard so be patient. The Ark uses Whirlwind most of the time, which causes Confuse. Equip the Clear Headed ability on party members to guard against this. Equipping Auto-Float helps, too. Amarant’s Throw ability works well (especially if you toss a few old weapons at him). For Zidane, steal then use physical attacks. For Freya, cast Reis’s Wind and use Jump. Ark has tons of HP so just keep attacking & healing until he falls.

After the battle, grab the Gulug Stone. The scene shifts to the party members who were left behind at Desert Palace.


* Items: Promist Ring / Black Hood / Anklet / Venetia Shield / Shield Armor / N-Kai Armlet
* Cards: Namingway
* Key Items: Hourglass Key

Back in the palace, Kuja gives Zidane 10 minutes to arrive or the rest of the party will be killed. When you gain control of Cid, head south to the intersection then go east into a room. You’ll have only 6 minutes to get the key that is tied to a monster’s cage. When the monster isn’t looking, press the Circle button as fast as you can. When the monster turns around, stop pressing the Circle button. If the monster catches you moving, you’ll have to start over. Once Cid has the Hourglass Key, he goes over to a scale with 4 objects below. Choose to examine the objects then select the 3 heaviest ones to put on the scale. One object is made of wood, and the others are Clay, Stone, and Iron. Put the last 3 on the scale and choose to climb up. Once Cid is on top, he’ll turn the hourglass over to save the party.

When Cid is finished, the remaining party members escape from their cells. Controlling one of them, go back into the room with the hourglass and talk to Mojito, the moogle. He wants you to deliver a letter to Mogsam. Use his Mogshop and save your game then exit. Head west then climb up the stairs to the next screen.

Examine the left angel and a red light will appear on the right angel. Examine the red light then inspect the bloodstone to get a Promist Ring. After getting the ring, continue north up the stairs. Here, you’ll see a statue of a woman flanked by two gargoyles. Examine the right gargoyle then the left gargoyle, and finally the statue in the center. Move to the right to see a blue staircase appear. Go up the blue stairs to the next screen. Light the candle on the right then go back down the blue stairs. Head left to the next area.

Move up the stairs to a tiled platform. Light the 3 lamps there to open two doors. Go through the upper left door and move around until you reach the other side of the platform. Light the 3 lamps you find there. The statues to the left will vanish. Now, extinguish the flames on the right and upper right lamps to re-open the 2 doors. Use the upper right door and return to the other side. Light the 2 lamps in the center of the room. The statues to the right vanish. Now, turn on all of the lamps in this area: 3 to the right, 3 to the left, 2 in the center, and finally the one to the south. Examine the red light and inspect the bloodstone on the center statue to get an Anklet. Exit through the newly opened door on the right.

In the next area, light the candle near the 2nd statue. Examine the red light and inspect the bloodstone to get Shield Armor. Head north around the balcony and go up the stairs. Light the candle at the top of the staircase then move forward until you reach the library.

Inside the library, light the candle on the left to activate the ladder on the right. Go up the right ladder to the 3rd floor. Light the 3rd floor candle to reveal a door. Enter it and inspect the bloodstone to get an N-Kai Armlet. Return to the library and go down the stairs. Use the left ladder to get to the 2nd floor. Light the 2nd floor candle to reveal another door. Enter it. From here, head left up the stairs and all the way to the end, lighting 2 candles on the way. After lighting them, return to the library. Once there, light the right candle on the 1st floor. Another door will be revealed. Enter it and light the candle inside. Return to the library. Head left through what looks like a stained-glass window and talk to Mogsam, the moogle. Give him Mojito’s letter, rest, and save your game. Head left to the next area.

Here, you’ll see 2 candles flanking a gargoyle. Light both then grab a Black Hood from the new bloodstone. Go through the door to the opposite side. You’ll see a candle below a painting and another gargoyle with 2 candles. Light all 3 then grab a Venetia Shield from the new bloodstone. Now, extinguish the candle to the left of the gargoyle and run back around to the first balcony. Extinguish the candle to the left of this gargoyle and a crystal stairway will emerge.

Before using it, unequip all of the bloodstone equipment you’ve collected and return to the moogle. Save your game. Return to the balcony and climb up the crystal stairway. Light the last candle and meet the defense system of the palace.

HP 12,119 / AP 11
Steal: ---
Drops: Elixir, Ether

Strategy: If, for some reason, you still have any of the bloodstone equipment on, the boss will be enhanced. If not, the fight should be pretty easy. Just for fun, try tossing a Tent on him. It often causes multiple status ailments. Do this only at the beginning though, otherwise you’ll heal him. Use physical attacks, magic and summons (Leviathan is particularly damaging). He’ll go down in no time.

After the battle, re-light the candle at the top of the stairs then go back down and search for a field icon. Hop into the light to be transported.

When Zidane’s group arrives in the airship dock, head over to the blue teleporter pad. Step on it to get back to Kuja’s chamber. Once there, go up the stairs and enter his room. Kuja tricks Zidane into thinking his friends are dead. Meanwhile, Zorn and Thorn kidnap Eiko. When the obviously alive gang arrives, Kuja steals the Gulug Stone and flees. Search behind the stack of books for a Namingway Card then select a party and leave the room. Continue forward through the next screen. Step on the blue portal to the left of the stairs to get down to the airship dock.

Head east towards the airship to see that Kuja has already taken it. Move north to the next screen. Kick the lever here to unfold a ladder. Climb down and head northwest until you reach the World Map.

WORLD MAP: Lost Continent

The Blue Narciss automatically follows Hilda Garde 1. Eventually you reach a shore. Select a party and disembark. Head west and enter Esto Gaza. [Try finding a Feathersuckle outside Esto Gaza near some Chocobo tracks. Give it a Moonstone to get 30AP.]


* Items: Wing Edge

Go inside the building and speak with the Bishop to learn that Kuja and some Black Mages just passed by carrying a little girl. When you regain control of you characters, leave the building and come back in again. You’ll now see a lot of people.

Talk to the bishop again and choose to rest for 100 gil. Afterwards, head right and visit the shop that sells both items and equipment. Search the counter to the right for a Wing Edge. Return to the bishop’s area and take the stairs up to the next area. Talk to Mogrika, the moogle. Give her Moolan’s letter and read one from Artemicion. Save your game then head east over the little bridge. Move forward until you reach Mount Gulug.


* Items: Wing Edge / Ether / Elixir / Red Hat / Gaia Gear / Demon’s Mail / Ribbon
* Gil: 9,693

Head into the cabin on the left and grab 9,693 gil from the southwestern corner. Climb the ladder and search for Ether on the floor near a clay pot. Head left and climb down the large ladder. At the bottom, find a Red Hat. Go back up the ladder and enter the cabin to the right of this one. Move through it. Go over to the well and examine the rope to slide down. At the bottom, head right. Inside the cabin, speak with Moolan, the moogle. Give him Mogrika’s letter and take one for Mogtaka. Search the lower right corner of the room for a Wing Edge then rest and save your game.

Head right and enter the door at the end. Move up and around the wood stairways until you reach a dead end. Search there for Gaia Gear then backtrack to the moogle’s room (you’ll have to fight a Red Dragon on the way). Save your game with Moolan if you wish then head left. Continue heading left, past the rope, to the next screen. Enter the cabin straight ahead. Grab Demon’s Mail from the chest then exit. Enter the northern doorway next to the cabin. Inside, go up and talk to Mogtaka, the moogle. Give her Moolan’s letter, use the Mogshop, and save your game. Afterwards, continue up the stairs. Move forward and enter the next cabin.

As you open the chest, a Red Dragon will attack. After defeating it, grab the Elixir and leave. Return to the moogle room then head right, back to the rope. Examine the lever to the left of the well and pull it down 3 times until you see the rope unfurl. Hop on the rope and slide all the way down. Below, you’ll fight two more Red Dragons. After beating them, go through the broken wall to find Eiko.

Zorn and Thorn attempt to extract Eiko’s eidolons but fail as Mog, her protector, emerges as an eidolon herself! Eiko’s new summon decimates them. After the battle, Eiko receives the Ribbon (which is Mog incarnated as eidolon Madeen). Not to be discounted, Zorn and Thorn merge into one larger beast and a boss fight ensues.

HP 24,348 / AP 11
Steal: Demon’s Vest, Golden Hairpin, Vaccine
Drops: Vaccine

Strategy: Use Mini on the boss to make the fight a whole lot easier. If your characters have Antibody equipped, they will avoid the boss’s Poison attacks - otherwise use Remedy potions to heal. Unleash your most powerful magic, summons, and physical might. Remember to heal your characters when their HP reaches about 1/2 so that you won’t have any trouble reviving a KO’d character.

After the battle, Vivi comforts the Black Mages while the rest of the party meets Lady Hilda, Cid’s long-lost wife. Watch the cutscenes and you’ll be taken back to Lindblum automatically.


Back at the castle, Lady Hilda changes Cid back into a human. After a night’s rest, you’ll take control of Zidane. Talk to Mogki, the moogle, who has a letter to deliver to Kumool. Save your game then take the lift up to the conference room. Watch several cutscenes and a few ATEs to learn where Kuja has gone. As the party prepares to go to Ipsen’s Castle, Steiner enters and tells the group that Dagger is missing. Zidane tells the gang to wait in Lindblum while he finds her.


* Items: Garnet

Zidane sends Marcus and Blank off to search for Dagger. At the docks, Baku suggests Zidane talk to Beatrix but when he tries to follow her, he can’t seem to catch up. Eventually, Beatrix finds Baku and Zidane is told to go look for Dagger near the “resting place”. Beatrix gives him the Garnet gem to take to her (it contains the eidolon Bahamut). When Zidane arrives at Brahne’s grave, he sees that Dagger can talk again! Watch the FMV where Dagger embraces a new look. Afterwards, you’ll be inside the Hilda Garde 3.


* Items: Tent

Once on board, Sailor Erin offers a tutorial on how to maneuver the airship and a crewmember tells you to speak with him if you want to change party members. Select a party and take control of Hilda Garde 3. (If you search near Amarant on the outer deck, you’ll find a Tent.)

After exploring, head northwest to the Forgotten Continent and locate Ipsen’s Castle inside an enclosed canyon. Once you enter the perimeter of the castle, you’ll be prompted to select a party.


* Items: Ancient Aroma / Maiden Prayer / Dagger / Javelin / Cat’s Claws / Rod / Golem’s Flute / Barette / Air Racket
* Key Items: Fire Mirror / Earth Mirror / Water Mirror / Wind Mirror
* Stellazio: Aquarius

Upon entering the area, Amarant tells the group he can find the seal and break it on his own. Allow him to go. After that, choose a party and head up the stairs to Ispen’s Castle. (Note that everything is inverted in this place. Your best weapons become your weakest and vice versa.)

Inside, immediately search to the left for a chest with a Dagger then to the right for the Aquarius Stellazzio. After getting these, enter the door to the north. Inside, head forward and open the chest to get Cat’s Claws, then talk to Kumool the moogle. Give him Mogki’s letter, use the Mogshop, and save your game. Afterwards, head right and examine the pole. Slide down to the next area.

Climb up the ladder in the northeastern corner of the room. Hop off onto the balcony and head left, until you reach a doorway. Enter it and move through to an adjoining doorway, which leads to a ladder. Climb up and hop off to the left when you reach the next level. Move around the ledge until you find the chest with a Javelin. Now, return to the ladder and hop to the right side. Move forward until you find the hidden chest containing a Broadsword. Go back to the ladder and climb down to the bottom ledge. Head right and go up the stairs to the next ladder. While climbing, hop off the first chance you get and move north around the balcony to the chest containing a Rod. Return to the ladder. Start climbing again until Zidane automatically jumps off.

Enter the doorway into a room with red carpet. Head south and examine the carving on the eastern wall. When prompted, do these in the following order:

- Examine it
- Push it
- Pound it
- Think
- Push it
- Try something drastic
- Rest

The wall will unseal and push Zidane through a door. Go right to find a chest with a Barette. Return to the red carpet room and use the elevator to the north. At the top, you’ll find Amarant. After he leaves, examine the back wall and take the 4 mirrors (Wind, Water, Fire, Earth). As you attempt to leave, the guardian appears.

HP 29,186 / AP 11
Steal: Orichalcon, Mythril Claws, Elixir
Drops: ---

Strategy: If any of your characters have learned Auto-Regen, Auto-Life or Chemist, the fight will be easier than normal. Physical attacks do little damage against this boss so use magic - particularly Thundaga & Flare. Bahamut kicks butt, too. The boss is difficult to steal from, so be patient if you choose to.

After the fight, head south and ride the elevator down. Leave the red room using the stairs on the right. Climb down the ladder to the next screen. Jump off and head left, over to the next ladder. Take it down to the doorway. Enter and move through the adjoining doorway. Head east to the next ladder. Climb down and take the path back to the pole. Shimmy up to the moogle room.

Once there, the party notices that floor traps have been activated. Locate the trap that is directly above the treasure chest in the room below. It’s towards the upper right corner. If you accidentally step on the wrong trap, just shimmy up the pole and try again. When the correct trap is used, open the chest for a Maiden Prayer then jump down and take the pole back up to the moogle room. Use the northwest exit to get back to the first room in the castle.

You’ll see that a new staircase has appeared inside the center archway. Use it to get to the upper area. Once there, head right. On the next screen, head west and continue through the doorway. Step on the middle platform to descend. Below, open the chest for a Golem’s Flute. Note the 2 red pots flanking an empty shelf. Move them as follows:

- Move the right pot to the middle shelf
- Move the left pot to the right shelf
- Move the middle pot to the left shelf
- Move the right pot to the middle shelf

If done correctly, electricity from the big sword will surge into the right pot. Examine the electrified pot to get Ancient Aroma. Head south and ride the elevator back up. Once there, follow the upper left path to a chest containing an Air Racket. After getting it, take the upper right path to the previous screen. Backtrack to the front of the castle and exit.

Outside, the party comments that Amarant hasn’t come out yet. Zidane offers go in alone and search. When you regain control of Zidane, head through the right doorway to get to the moogle and save your game. Afterwards, slide down the pole. When you hear someone calling out, head south to find Amarant lying on the ground. Climb back up the pole and exit the castle. Once outside, the party makes plans to use the mirrors in 4 separate locations. You’ll be taken aboard Hilda Garde 3 automatically.


Zidane selects the pairs that will go to each location. A crewmember offers to help you locate the 4 shrines you need to visit. First, fly to the Water Shrine by heading directly south of Ipsen’s Castle. Search for a structure in the ocean inside a whirlpool. Hover above it and press Circle to disembark.


WATER SHRINE: Eiko and Dagger (Team #1) are dropped off. When you regain control of Hilda Garde 3, head northeast of Esto Gaza on the Lost Continent and search for a mountain filled with lava, surrounded by ice. Hover above it and press Circle to disembark.

FIRE SHRINE: Freya and Amarant (Team #2) are dropped off. Now, maneuver the airship southeast of Oeilvert on the Forgotten Continent. Locate a narrow canyon that has a couple tan-colored vines growing inside the crevasse. Hover above it and press Circle to disembark.

WIND SHRINE: Vivi & Steiner (Team #3) are dropped off. Next, fly the airship to the Outer Continent, southwest of the Desert Palace, to a grassy field where you actually see the ground shake. Hover above it and press Circle to disembark.

EARTH SHRINE: Zidane and Quina (Team #4) arrive. After a brief chat, head left down the stairs. Navigate through the floor traps by quickly pressing the X button whenever you see a field icon. Watch a few scenes that show what other teams are doing at their locations then approach the mantle where you’re supposed to put the Earth Mirror. The others do the same with their mirrors – and wake the Four Guardians.

Zidane and Quina have to fight the Earth Guardian alone. Prepare for a tough battle.

HP 20,756 / AP 11
Steal: Rubber Suit, Avenger
Drops: Phoenix Pinion

Strategy: The boss’s primary attacks are Earthquake and Firaga. If Quina has learned Bad Breath, use it on Earth Guardian and he will be inflicted with Mini, Slow, and Blind therefore making the fight a lot easier. Have Quina use Mighty Guard on the team then let Zidane swing away. Keep your health up using potions or Quina’s White Wind and the boss should go down pretty quickly.

After the battle, a few cutscenes ensue and you regain control of Hilda Garde 3.


The group is supposed to go to Shimmering Island, but you’ll want to visit Daguerreo first. Fly the airship south of Oeilvert to an island with waterfalls. Land near the falls and take the bridge across.

DAGUERREO – Optional

* Items: Elixir x2 / Aquamarine(s)
* Cards: Flare / Meteor
* Stellazio: Capricorn

Upon entering, move forward to the intersection then head right, down to the water. Once there, search to the south for the Capricorn Stellazzio. Continue moving right through the water until you reach the next screen. Examine the gold platform to rise to the 2nd floor. Talk to the Synthesis Expert, who is sitting behind a desk. He sells great stuff so buy all that you can afford. Afterwards, talk to the Four-armed Man to learn your Treasure Hunter ranking (see FF9 Extras to learn more about rankings). He also holds some rare cards, so play a few rounds with him if you wish. When finished, speak to Noggy, the moogle, and save your game. Head left to the next area.

Talk to the sales clerk behind the counter to buy items then listen to her argue with a customer. If you agree with all of the customer’s comments, he might give you a Flare Card. If you agree with all of the sales clerk’s comments, she might give you a Meteor Card. Try getting both. Afterwards, examine the stone block on the wall next to the sales clerk. When prompted, press the button to hear something activate below. Head further west and talk to the librarian who lets you rest for 100 gil. After resting, speak to the scholar next to her. He’s looking for a book about eidolons. Go all the way to the right and examine a pile of books on the floor. The one he’s looking for is there. Return to the scholar and tell him you’ve found the book. He’ll leave, allowing access to the path he was blocking. Head down the aisle (in between the bookshelves) and search for a field icon. Choose to go downstairs. When you see Zidane appear below, move forward to the next screen.

Grab an Elixir from the bottom of the stairs on the left and head all the way to the right to get another Elixir. After getting them, talk to the man doing research there. If you have a Namingway Card in your inventory, he’ll ask to see it and allow you to rename your characters. Afterwards, return to the 2nd floor. Head north through the doorway and speak to the weaponsmith down below. You’ll learn that he can’t sell you anything until his lift is repaired. Return to the 2nd floor of the library and head east, back to the moogle’s room. Use the gold platform to get down to the water and exit. Go back up to the main path and head left.

In this room, speak to Oracle Kildea, who is happy to see Zidane then examine the 3 levers next to him. Lower the left lever twice (until the left block is on the ground) then examine the hole that’s revealed. Examine the staff that’s leaning against the bookshelf and Zidane will insert it in the hole. Now, lower the right lever twice. Step on the block and ride up to the weaponsmith who is now open for business. After shopping, head right, all the way back to the moogle. Save your game then take the gold lift down to exit.

On the main path, head north and examine the dragon shrine. For every 4 Ores you insert, you’ll get 1 Aquamarine. It’s cumulative – so if you leave and return, the shrine remembers how many Ores you’ve offered in total. Leviathan’s attack power increases with every Aquamarine you collect, so get as many as you can (see FF9 Extras for more info on gems and their effects). When you’re finished exchanging gems, exit Daguerreo and return to the airship.

There are a few other areas you should visit before heading off to Shimmering Island. They are listed in random order, below (check your map and press [X] on the location names to fly there automatically). If not, skip down to the next World Map section.


* Items: Amethyst / Sapphire x2 / Topaz / Opal / Peridot / Remedy
* Gil: 8,057
* Cards: Alexandria
* Stellazio: Leo

Right as you enter, search the left side for a Sapphire then head north. When you reach the area where the ticket booth used to be, talk to the little girl running around to get the Alexandria Card. Search the northeast corner for 365 gil, the southeast corner for a Remedy, and the lower archway for an Amethyst. After getting the items, head down the alley. Go down the stairs and enter Ruby’s Theatre. Search the floor for 2,860 gil then exit. Return to the previous area and head north to the dock.

Search the left stairway for a Topaz and the right stairway for 4,832 gil then get on the boat. At the castle dock, search the left corner for an Opal and the upper right area near the fountain for a Peridot. Head north and talk to the Pluto Knight stationed there. Find a Sapphire in the rubble next to him then head west. Enter the castle and use the door on the left to get to the Neptune room.

Once inside, search the northeast corner for the Leo Stellazio then ride the Neptune raft to the harbor. After you disembark, move forward across the stone bridge and talk to the Alexandrian soldier stationed there to learn that access is restricted. Return to the Neptune room and ride the raft back to the castle. Head back to the dock and ride the boat back to town. Continue south until you exit to the World Map.


* Items: Diamond / Extension

Head north through the open bell door. On the next screen move forward and use the lower left door to get to the staircase. Wind around until you reach the center platform then enter the moogle’s room. Inside, speak to Moguta, who will ask for a Kupo Nut. Give it to him and she’ll give you an Extension. [Whenever you get a Kupo Nut bring it to him for other prizes, but note that you can only carry one at a time in your inventory.]

Climb the vines on the back wall to get to a ledge on the World Map. Once there, search the forests to find a Galda. Give it a Lapis Lazuli to get a Diamond and 40AP. Fight a few Garudas (and possibly a Grand Dragon) then return to the Grotto via the larger forest. Backtrack to the entrance and exit to the World Map.


* Items: Phoenix Down / Elixir

Upon entering, read the warning sign at the edge of the path. Continue forward until you reach two chests containing a Phoenix Down and Elixir. After getting the items, backtrack to the World Map.

SOUTH GATE (Grand Citadel) – Optional

* Cards: Elixir

Show your Gate Pass to the guards to be let in. Once there, climb up the ladder and open the chest Steiner couldn’t reach earlier to get an Elixir Card. Afterwards, return to the World Map.

SOUTH GATE (Treno Arch) – Optional

* Items: Elixir x 2
* Gil: 3,206

The gate is directly south of the Ice Caverns in a gorge near the river’s end. Once there, speak to Mosco, the moogle (who is hiding inside a hollow tree trunk) to save your game. Open the chest next to him to get an Elixir then head north to find another Elixir near the gate itself. When finished, exit to the World Map.

TRENO – Optional

* Key Items: Mini-Cid / Griffin’s Heart / Una’s Mirror / Doga’s Artifact / Rat Tail / Magical Fingertip

First, head over to the Stella’s House and give her the Stellazios you’ve collected to get more prizes. Next, head to the auction house and buy the following Key Items (if you haven’t done so already): Mini-Cid, Griffin’s Heart, Una’s Mirror, Doga’s Artifact, and Rat Tail, and Magical Fingertip. If you run out of gil or don’t see the items listed, return to Treno later and bid on them. [The Mini-Cid is the 4th and final figurine in the set. If you got all 4 (Brahne, Burmecia, Theatre Ship & Cid), your Treasure Ranking increases. The Magical Fingertip will be used in Daguerreo later on.]

After getting the items, speak to the nobleman walking towards the café. Sell him Una’s Mirror (decline his first offer and accept his 2nd). Next, go to the Synthesis Shop and talk to the scholar. Sell him Doga’s Artifact (accept his first offer). Return to the café and speak to the adventurer wandering there. Sell him the Griffin’s Heart first and then the Rat Tail (decline both 1st offers and accept his 2nd ones). By doing all of this, you should receive a fair profit on the gil spent while bidding.

Finally, fight the monster in the cage below the weaponsmith’s shop if you want to. Note that the type of monster you fight changes depending on where you are in the game. During Disc 3, it’ll either be a Catoblepas or an Amdusias. If you wait until Disc 4, it’ll be a Behemoth. When finished, leave Treno.


While there are several other things to do in the world, none of them are essential. Just make sure you complete all business in the areas listed below, for they will close once you enter Shimmering Island:

- Ice Cavern
- South Gate
- North Gate
- Conde Petie
- Oeilvert
- Mountain Path
- Esto Gaza
- Dali Observatory
- Pinnacle Rocks
- Fossil Roo (must have Quina in your party to enter via Qu’s Marsh)

When finished with the side trips, fly to Esto Gaza. From there, head southeast and search for a mountain on an island with icebergs (if you get lost, just check your map). When you arrive, the ship will be sucked in. Watch an FMV of the Hilda Garde as your party dives into the heart of Shimmering Island.


* Items: Elixir / Remedy / Coronet / Mythril Racket / Dragon Wrist / Demon’s Mail / Minerva’s Plate

When you land, you’ll meet up with Garland briefly then he’ll disappear. Change party members if you like then head south to the next area. Here, you’ll see a girl who looks like Zidane. Go down the stairs on the left then jump across to the chest containing a Coronet. Keep jumping forward until you reach another chest with a Dragon Wrist. Return to the area where you saw the girl and head north. Keep moving forward until you see the girl again. Grab an Elixir from the chest on the left then follow her to the next screen.

Keep moving forward until you see a spider’s web on the lower right side. Climb down the web and then climb down a second one to get a Remedy. Climb back up one level and head left to jump across the gap. Get a Mythril Racket from a partially hidden chest at the end of the path. Return to the gap and choose to go down. Open another chest for a Demon’s Mail then follow the girl.

Move north up the first set of stairs then, at the next screen, head left around the wall (you won’t be able to see yourself as you move down, so use the [Select] button to navigate). Open the chest below for a Minerva’s Plate. Go back around and continue up the stairs. Move forward until you reach Bran Bal.


* Items: Elixir x2 / Wing Edge

Watch the FMV then select a replacement for Dagger, who has passed out. Afterwards, head left. You’ll see many people with tails wandering around. Speak to some of them then enter the first building on the left. Zidane decides to let Dagger rest here. When you regain control of Zidane, re-enter Dagger’s room and grab an Elixir from the chest next to Steiner. Talk to Freya if you want to rest then exit the room.

Enter the next building to the north. Try talking to the people inside then go down the stairs on the far right. Below, talk to the girl you saw at the entrance of Terra to learn about the Genomes. Search next to her for an Elixir then go back upstairs. The girl tells Zidane that Garland is waiting for him.

The scene shifts back to the gang resting. Watch an ATE involving Quina then take control of Eiko. Leave the room to prompt another ATE. Afterwards, head right. After watching another ATE, enter the first door on the right. Once inside, you’ll see another ATE. Talk to Quina, who now joins you in the search. Exit and go inside the next building on the right.

Open the chest for a Wing Edge then examine the blue urn. Examine it again to free the moogle inside. Talk to Moorock (the moogle) who wants to try out Mognet. After accepting his letter to Mozme, do some serious shopping at the Mogshop and save your game. Stiltzkin enters. Talk to him to buy a Diamond, Elixir, and Ether for 2,222 gil. When ready, leave the room.

Outside, head south and talk to Vivi, who joins in the search. Continue moving south until you see Amarant, who joins the party, too. Now, enter the green light and continue forward until you see the girl. Talk to her to learn that Zidane went to meet Garland. Eiko runs off to tell everyone the news.


* Items: Elixir / Holy Miter / Carabini Mail / Battle Boots / Kupo Nut
* Gil: 20,007

When you regain control of Zidane, move north until you reach Garland. When he finishes talking, follow him. Jump across the floor pads towards Garland as he speaks to you about Kuja, Gaia and Genomes. Watch the cutscenes, ending with Zidane walking away from his friends.

In the next screen, Zidane engages in a battle with Amdusias. Just keep attacking the creature until Freya and Amarant arrive to help out. After the fight, Zidane wanders off again. In the next area, Steiner and Quina are engaged in battle. Zidane helps them then leaves. In the next screen, Zidane fights another enemy. When the creature uses Smash to bring your HP down to 1, Dagger enters and heals you. After the battle, Zidane finally snaps out of it and rejoins his companions.

Head east to reach the other party members. Select a party then talk to Moorock (the moogle) to rest, shop and save. Note that you can also switch party members by speaking to the moogle. Afterwards, head left through the door until you reach the chair Zidane was sitting in earlier. Examine it to get a Holy Miter then return to the previous screen. Head left past the moogle to a room full of stanchions. Examine the control panel to the left of the entrance. Push the button to activate the stanchion lights. You’ll have 30 seconds to reach the bridge on the other side while avoiding the blue lights.

Once across, head south until you see a machine with red spires poking out of it. Examine it to learn how to control the platforms in the next room. Set it to Heading #3 (don’t worry about the altitude) then go west to the next room. Move past the first 2 platforms and up to the 3rd one. Summon the elevator pad and ride it up to Platform #5. Disembark and move all the way up to Platform #7 (the one closest to you). Summon the elevator pad and ride it up to the chest containing 20,007 gil. Now, go all the way back down (use the same platforms in reverse order) and return to the switch room.

As you enter, the rest of the party arrives and suggests that one team should stay behind to work the switches while the other team uses the pads (use the ATE command to switch between the 2 groups). Set the machine to Heading #4 and regain control of Zidane. Use the 1st platform to rise up to the 5th one. Disembark and head left all the way up to Platform #8. Summon the elevator pad and choose to go to the top floor.

Once there, head east and step on the red transport pad. Choose to go up. On top, you’ll see a maze of paths and pads. From your current location, head west to the first blue pad you see. Take it down then move south to a chest containing Carabini Mail. Return to the blue pad and ride it back up. Head east, past the red pad, to the next blue pad. Take it down then head left. Get an Elixir from the chest and return to the pad. Ride up and head west to the red pad. Use it to return to the first transport room. Move south through the big circle to another red teleport pad. Ride it up to the maze room.

Back inside, head south to the lower blue pad. Take it up one level and head north to the next blue pad. Use it to go up another level. Grab Battle Boots from the chest then use the pad to go back down. Move over to the lower blue pad and take it back down to the first level. Once there, head north to the blue pad. Ride up to Mozme, the moogle. Give her Moorock’s letter and she’ll give you a Kupo Nut. Switch party members, rest and save your game. When ready, enter the door on the right.

HP 24,055 / AP 13
Steal: Kaiser Knuckles, Dragon Mail, Elixir
Drops: Wing Edge, Elixir

Strategy: For this boss fight, you should have Auto-Potion, Auto-Regen, and Auto-Life abilities equipped if you want to survive. It’s not that this fight is really hard, but the next two upcoming battles ARE hard, and having these abilities will help drastically. The Silver Dragon uses sleep attacks, so Insomniac will help, as will any other anti-sleep equipment. Use Dagger to summon Bahamut as much as possible and use Eiko to summon Madeen. And, if possible, use Zidane to steal any items that he can before you kill off the Silver Dragon.

Immediately after the dragon is defeated, you’ll fight Garland.

HP 40,728 / AP 0
Steal: Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle Boots
Drops: ---

Strategy: If Zidane has the Man Eater ability, equip it and pummel Garland. Have Dagger & Eiko summon Madeen, Bahamut and Odin. Vivi should use his best Magic and support Dagger in healing the party. Casting Reflect on the party also helps. If you feel confident, try stealing some items.

After the battles, watch an FMV and a couple of cutscenes then take on Kuja.

HP 42,382 / AP 0
Steal: Light Robe, Carabini Mail, Ether
Drops: ---

Strategy: Kuja is stronger than Garland so it’ll take a lot more firepower to bring him down. Try throwing a Tent on him at the beginning to weaken his defenses. Don’t bother using Vivi’s Black Magic as it will do less than half the normal damage. Have Dagger summon Odin and Bahamut. Eiko should be the healer, using Phoenix and Carbuncle if necessary. Have Zidane steal items from Kuja only after he’s weakened. Eventually, Kuja goes into Trance and unleashes Ultima on your party to end the fight.

After the battle, watch another scene and a spectacular FMV. When you take control of Zidane, head north. Run down the steps and across the hologram bridge that appears. Go up the next set of stairs (in between the eyes) and return to Bran Bal. Watch a few cutscenes, ending with another great FMV. When prompted, save your game and switch to Disc 4.



As you boot up Disc 4, you’ll see the party has returned to Black Mage Village and have brought the surviving Genomes with them. After a few dialog scenes, the group decides to head back to the Iifa Tree. Select your party and board the Invincible.


* Stellazio: Pisces

As soon as you start flying, you’ll see the world covered in mist. First, go on deck and head south. Look for the Pisces Stellazio in a chest on the left then speak to all your party members. Before going to the Iifa Tree, you’ll probably want to finish up most side-quests and mini-games. Below, are some optional places to visit and things to do:

Visit Treno - Give the Pisces Stellazio to Stella to get the Robe of Lords. Ask her about the 13th secret one. Once found, bring it back to her to get the Hammer.

Visit Quan’s Dwelling (bring Vivi, Quina & Zidane) - Find the 13th Stellazio (Ophiuchus) near the water. Examine the clock to see a special scene with Vivi and get Running Shoes. Throw a Dead Pepper in the ocean to call Choco and receive 9 Ores, 15 Topaz, a Tiger Racket, & Red Rose Card.

Visit Lindblum - Go to Tantalus Hideout to see that the Mini-Prima Vista Mr. Morrid sent you arrived (you can’t grab it, but it counts towards your inventory).

Visit Daguerreo - Bring the Magical Fingertip you got at the auction to the old man in the upper library to get the Excalibur. Buy new equipment and talk to the Four-armed Man. If he runs away, find him at the entrance to learn his true identity and get the Rank S Medal. Exchange Ores for Aquamarines at the Dragon Shrine or synth gems.

Visit Gizamaluke’s Grotto - Give Kupo Nuts to the moogle to receive various prizes.

Visit the 4 Qu Marshes - Have Quina catch 99 frogs then battle boss Quale.

Visit Alexandria – Go to the bell tower and buy Stiltzken’s final set of items for 5,555 gil. If you bought all items from Stiltken up to this point, speak to him again to get a Ribbon. Talk to Kupo to get a letter for Atla. Vivi can play jump rope with the 3 girls there, too.

Visit Madain Sari – Enter with Dagger in your party. After seeing Lani, leave & return without Dagger or Amarant. Find Lani again & go to the Eidolon Wall. Listen to the chimes then walk clockwise around the statues 8 times. On the 9th round, you’re HP/MP gets restored. Read the walls, ending with Ifrit’s, to learn some key secrets – including Dagger’s real name.

Find Mognet Central (on an island in the Outer Continent) - Use a Dead Pepper on the crack in a mountain to enter. Talk to Artemicion then deliver mail to 8 moogles around the world, starting & ending with Kupo (must have Quina in your party to get into Fossil Roo). Afterwards, talk to Ruby in Alexandria to get Superslick. Return to Mognet Central to fix the mail delivery system and get a Protect Ring.

After finding the 8 Gaia Spirits (the ones you give items to in random encounters), go to Vile Island and find Yan (the 9th Spirit) to get a Rosetta Ring.

Dig for treasures with Choco. Find all 24 Chocograph Maps & acquire Dead Peppers to unlock secret places around the world.

Visit Chocobo’s Air Garden (must have all 6 Chocograph Pieces and a Dead Pepper) - Fight boss Ozma to get Pumice (Dagger’s powerful Ark eidolon).

Kill lots of dragons to enhance Freya’s Dragon Crest ability, steal lots of items to enhance Zidane’s Thievery ability, and eat lots of frogs to enhance Quina’s Frog Drop magic.

Collect as many gems as you can to boost your eidolons’ power:

Phoenix (Phoenix Pinion)
Atmos (Amethyst)
Leviathan (Aquamarine)
Shiva (Opal)
Ifrit (Topaz)
Bahamut (Garnet)
Ramuh (Peridot)
Carbuncle (Ruby)
Madeen (??)
Fenrir (??)
Ark (??)

When you’re finished with everything above, fly to the Iifa Tree and enter the mysterious purple orb that is floating above it. Watch another FMV and then…


Right when you enter, you have to fight a boss.

HP 54,940 / AP 13
Steal: Remedy, Dragon Wrist, Grand Armor
Drops: Wing Edge, Ether

Strategy: Have Dagger summon Bahamut or Odin, or both. Use her to heal and summon for the entire fight. Have Zidane physically attack then steal useful items. Steiner and Vivi make a great team with their Flare, Firaga, and Thundaga abilities - as well as Steiner’s Climhazzard. Use Amarant’s Aura ability to cast Auto-Life and Regen on party members as well as Throw all unused weapons. Eiko’s Holy magic works great, too.

After defeating the dragon, the party finds itself in a creepy place called Memoria.


* Items: Angel Flute / Rune Claws / Mace of Zeus

Upon entering, Garland tells Zidane where they are. Choose a party and equip them with their strongest weapons and armor. Head north into the main castle. Right when you enter, you’re given the option of returning to the Invincible. Decline (if you’ve finished up all business in the regular world) then inspect the hologram orb. Use it to rest, switch party members, and/or save your game (no moogles in this area, I’m afraid). When finished, continue forward and enter the doorway.

Go down the circular stairs and out onto a balcony. Head up the stairs on the right then take the next set of stairs on the left. Keep winding upwards until you reach the last set of stairs heading left. Check the small alcove on the left to find The Tower weapon (it will only be here if you’ve met certain previous conditions). Have Zidane equip it right away. Continue heading north to the next screen. Move forward to initiate a boss fight.

HP 59,497 / AP 10
Steal: Genji Armor, Ultima Sword, Masamune
Drops: Phoenix Pinion, Ether

Strategy: Maliris is the first of Four Chaos Guardians and she’s pretty tough. Use Zidane’s Thievery skill and steal as many items as you can, since she has some amazing weapons. Use Vivi to cast Water & Blizzaga and have Steiner use his Blizzaga sword, since she’s weak against Ice and Water. Dagger or Eiko should act as healers and use their summons.

After the boss battle, continue forward through the next doorway. Watch a cutscene then head north onto the small platform. Find a hidden save point to the right and an Angel Flute to the left. Save your game and swap party members if you wish then continue moving to the right. Go up the stairs to the stormy rooftop. Under certain conditions, you may find a secret card player to the left, so play a few rounds if you want. Afterwards, head right and continue until you see a field icon pop up. Zidane watches Dagger as a girl, getting into a boat in the storm. After seeing this, head up the stairs and look for some Rune Claws on the landing to the left. At the top, fight the next boss.

HP 59,494 / AP 10
Steal: Blood Sword, Grand Helm, Feather Boots
Drops: Wing Edge, Phoenix Down

Strategy: The second Chaos Guardian is also a toughie. He’s weak against Earth magic, so have Vivi and Steiner both use Meteor and Comet. Have Eiko summon Fenrir and Madeen and use Holy magic. Be aware that Tiamat might blow one or two of your characters off-screen with an attack, so be prepared to fight solo.

After the battle, continue forward through the eyeball doorway. On the next screen, go up the stairs and follow the path until you reach an outer-space area. Once there, Garland tells Zidane about Terra and Gaia merging. Continue up the twisting path to the next screen. Use the hologram orb to save your game, rest, or change party members.

Run under the waterfall to watch a scene with Quina trying to swim. When it ends, you can do one of two things: Either continue forward up the stairs or head right (behind the coral reef) and fight an optional boss, Hades. To do this, press [X] while Zidane is not visible, until a voice asks who disturbs his sleep. If you choose to stay, you will fight him.

HP 55,535 / AP 30
Steal: Reflect Ring, Running Shoes, Battle Boots
Drops: Wing Edge

Strategy: To defeat Hades, it is recommended that your characters have Auto-Life equipped as he casts many Death spells once his counter reaches zero. Use Steiner and Vivi to cast their most powerful magic and use Steiner’s Climhazzard for some easy damage. Steal with Zidane and use Eiko or Dagger’s summons in between healing/reviving the party.

After the fight, Hades offers to synth 2 Pumice pieces for you. Combined, they create Dagger’s powerful Ark summon. Whether you have the 2 pieces or not, speak to Hades again to see that he is, in fact, the Legendary Synthesist. Buy all that you can afford then head up the stairs and prepare to meet the Third Chaos Guardian.

HP 59,496 / AP 10
Steal: Genji Helmet, Wizard Robe, Glutton’s Robe
Drops: Phoenix Pinion

Strategy: Start off by killing Kraken‘s two tentacles or else they will attack your party relentlessly. Use Firaga with Vivi and Steiner, plus Climhazzard and Flare. Use Zidane to steal, followed by physical attacks. Have Dagger summon Bahamut a few time then heal the others when needed.

After the battle, continue up the stairs. Find a hidden save point near the clock to the northeast, on the ledge. Save your game, rest, and switch party members if you want then head left and go up the stairs. Enter the door and climb up the ladder near the large fireball in the sky. At the top, search the northwest part of the platform to get the Mace of Zeus. Equip this to Vivi then climb the next ladder. Enter the purple doors and fight the last of the four Chaos Guardians.

HP 60,000 / AP 10
Steal: Genji Gloves, Siren’s Flute, Black Robe
Drops: Phoenix Pinion, Ether

Strategy: Lich is the toughest Guardian of them all. He’s weak against Wind and Thunder, so use Meteor and Thundaga with Vivi, and Shock and Climhazzard with Steiner for some good damage. Once weakened, use Zidane’s Thievery skill and steal what you can from Lich. Eiko’s summons (mainly Madeen) also work well as does her Holy magic.

When the fight ends, head left to find a hidden save point. Save your game, rest, or change party members then head north through the door and float off into space. Just move Zidane to the very top of the screen as he’s floating. Follow the crystal road until you find another hologram orb.


This is the last save point you’ll find before facing the final bosses, so prepare well. Rest up, choose your strongest team, set your strongest abilities, and save your game. Note that the orb contains a new option (Transport). If, for any reason, you want to head back to the ship, do it now. Otherwise, enter the white light.

HP 55,535 / AP 0
Steal: Elixir, Duel Claws, Black Belt
Drops: Wing Edge

Strategy: This guy has no weaknesses. Start off by tossing a Tent or two on him so his stats drop then have everyone just go buck-wild. Use Zidane to physically attack. Have Steiner and Vivi cast things like Thundaga, Flare, Shock, Climhazzard, etc. Have Eiko summon Madeen and Phoenix if needed, then use Holy magic. If you have Auto-Life and Auto-Regen (or Amarant’s Aura ability), you should do well.

Return to the previous hologram orb and rest/save one final time then return and fight Kuja.

HP 42,382 / AP 0
Steal: Ether, White Robe, Rebirth Ring
Drops: ---

Strategy: Trance Kuja’s attacks are fiercely strong and after you do some real damage to him, he uses Curaga on himself. Start off by protecting the party using Eiko’s Carbuncle, Amarant’s Aura, Quina’s Mighty Guard or Auto-Life spells. Don’t have Zidane steal unless you REALLY want what Kuja has – you cannot afford to waste a turn. Have Zidane physically attack and Steiner use Climhazzard. Have Vivi use Flare or even Doomsday (only use this if your party has Auto-Regen and Auto-Life or else you’re screwed, and only do it towards the end of the fight). Eiko’s Madeen summon and Holy magic work extremely well, too.

Once Kuja performs Ultima, he transports your party to another place...


Watch scenes then select a party for the final showdown.

HP 54,100 / AP 0
Steal: Elixir
Drops: ---

Strategy: Be prepared to revive and heal characters often. Necron’s Grand Cross attack will literally kill half your party, maybe all of them. If you don’t have Auto-Life, Auto-Potion (ideally with Chemist ability) and Auto-Regen equipped or cast on everyone, the battle will be extremely difficult. Note that you’ll need to use several Magic Tags, too, as the boss Zombies people before wiping them out. Equip or cast Haste on as many people as possible to increase your turns. As before, use Eiko’s summons and have her cast Holy in between healing or reviving. Don’t try to steal from Necron, unless you are insane. Use Steiner and Vivi’s magic attacks - especially Flare, Meteor, Shock and Climhazzard.

After the intense battle, watch the amazing ending sequence (about 30 minutes long) where all is revealed. After the credits roll, let “The End” appear and a cool mini-game will begin. Also, if you kept Cinna’s Hammer, you’ll see an additional scene.



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