the eyes of ara
  game guide


During the opening tutorial, follow on-screen prompts to familiarize yourself with mouse actions, navigation, object manipulation, etc.  The left icon shows how many Collectibles are available in the current area, and the right icon lists game functions such as inverting X/Y axis, adjusting audio, etc.  Note that your data is auto-saved each time you quit.


After the boat stops, look down and open the briefcase.  Click on the Gate Key to add it to your inventory.  Click on the Photo to add to your collection, and read the E-mail to learn that you’re a technician, hired to investigate a curious radio signal.  Click on the path to reach the back gate.  Insert the key to unlock it and pass through to arrive at the castle’s side entry.

Spin the cylinder on the left to reveal a Gear Piece.  Add it to your inventory.  Read the Note on the barrel near the door to learn about the castle’s former occupants.  Look down to find a Note near the bridge, written by one of the locals who was frightened away. 

Examine the wooden board near the bridge.  Spin it to reveal another Gear Piece.  Open your inventory and connect the two gear pieces, forming a single Gear.  Insert the gear in the placard above the door to unlock it.  Enter the castle’s power room.


Examine the power generator.  On the left are 5 switches.  On the right, you’ll find a fuse box with numbers printed on each side (1, 2, 3 and 2,3,1).  Turn right and read the Generator Manual on the workbench.  Note the switch positions (down, down, up, up, down, up) as well as the 3-part fuse drawing.  Open the drawer and add Coins x3 to your collection.

Open the junction box above the workbench and set the switches to positions shown in the manual.  Do the same with the 5 wall switches near the locked gate and on the generator itself.  When all are done, the cell opens.  Go inside and collect Coins x2 from the table.  Flip the lever above to open the box on the barrel.  Take the Fuse then return to the generator.

Open your inventory and rotate the 3 fuse sections, routing wires to number pairs.  Insert the fuse into its slot, then push the red button. When the generator starts up, the gate opens.  Go upstairs.



On top, turn around to face the stairs and collect the Photo propped behind the beam.  On the desk, collect Coins x2 and read the Delivery Manifest.  Take the Wheel Rod off the desk and place it in the center pedestal.  Turn the wheel to align circles and unlock the door.  Enter the castle’s main foyer.


On the staircase wall, are concentric rings with blue symbols.  To the right is a grandfather clock.  While turning away from the clock, you’ll hear a crash sound - the result of a broken urn.  Further right is the door you just came from (Supply Room).  On the left is a table with 3 plates connected to wires leading to a gated area and two doors.  The green door near the stairs has two missing levers.  On the back wall is a boarded up archway and a pedestal with a blue symbol.  Go upstairs.


Note the 4 icons on the armor shield (fleur-de-lis and crescent moons).  Turn toward the pillars and collect Coins x2 from the balcony railing.  Two gold discs are attached to the columns, each with a slider - currently inactive.  A blocked archway with 6 stone faces is at the far end.  The door next to it is locked. 

Take Plate Disc #1 off the red pedestal and go downstairs. Place the disc on the table to open the upper office door.


A radio on the left produces white noise.  Turn the dial to hear eerie feedback then click the red button to turn it off.  Read the Diary Page under the box.  Collect a Photo on the window sill and look down to find a circular map on the floor.  Unlatch a box on the ceramic bust table.  Take the Map Circle and place it on the floor.  Rotate the rings to form a solid map.  When set correctly, an overhead light turns on, shining on the bookcase.  Tilt the yellow book to open the glass lid and take Plate Disc #2.

On the desk, take the Split Dagger and read the Green Journal entry (dated 1/22/95) explaining that the dagger blades can swivel.  Collect Coins x3 from the gilded box on the desk then exit the office.

Upon returning to the balcony, you’ll see books strewn on the ground and hear a painting rattling on the wall.  Touch the boat painting to release a bright blue object that flies away.  Go downstairs and place the disc on the table to unlock the door on the left.


A pair of blue rugs lean against the closet.  Check the glowing area behind them to find a Yellow Orb.  Add it to your inventory.  Open the closet door and take the Lever Handle on the upper shelf.  Read the Diary Page next to it.  Examine the Zodiac puzzle box on the top utility shelf.  Click on the inlay to form the ‘Pisces’ sign and collect Coins x3 inside.  Below, pick up the Torn Shapes Drawing on the left carton.  Write down the pattern shown. 

Look up at the ceiling to find a knot pattern engraved on the tiles - note it for later.  On the left column, click on the square button to turn it blue.  Click another button on the right shelf to turn it blue.  Activating the two buttons opens the glass lid on the table box.  Take Plate Disc #3 and return to the foyer.  Place the disc on table to unlock the gated room on the right.


In the center is a hex-shaped puzzle box showing 4 celestial symbols.  Turn around and collect Coins x2 off a table near the open gate.  Press the red button between the shelves to turn on a blue light, which activates the laser discs on the balcony.  On the right shelf, examine the Celestial Drawing tucked under a clay pot.  Write down which symbols are swapped and crossed out.  Use these clues to open the hex box in the center. 

When the box opens, take the Lever Rod.  Open your inventory and attach the rod to the handle to create a single Lever.  Collect the Photo tucked between books on the shelf near the mounted swords and shield.   Before leaving the room, look up at the ceiling to find another knot pattern engraved in the parquet.


Open your inventory and bend the dagger until the blades are at a 90-degree angle, facing away from you.  Insert the dagger in the clock face, then click on the clock buttons until only two are lit (12 & 3).  Turn the dagger to 3:00 to open the glass case below.  Look down and take the second Lever from the case.

Retrieve the split dagger to return it your inventory.  Walk over to the green door and Insert the 2 levers into their slots.  Pull both levers down (quickly) to unlock it.


Watch as two blue objects fly around and exit through vents in the wall.  The small room features a sealed door with a triangular metal lock.  Face the fish painting and look down.  Open the box at the foot of the table to collect Coins x2.  Examine the Torn Shapes Drawing on the clock table.  Write down the sequence.

Turn towards the green door and look down to find a Stone Face on the wall.  Click on it to turn the eyes green.  On the center table sits a pewter slot device attached to cables passing under two wooden doors - one door leads to a formal dining room and the other into a small vestibule with a window.


Another pewter slot device sits below the window.  On the back wall is an inactive clock dial.  Examine the Zodiac puzzle box on the table near the door.  Click lid pieces to form the ‘Cancer’ sign.  Take the Photo inside.  Read the Diary Page on the carton below, hinting at a secret entry.  Another Stone Face sits above the door.  Click on it to turn the eyes green.  Exit and follow the black cable into the dining room.


Another bright blue object escapes through a vent as soon as you enter.  Within the room are 4 square slider bars.  One is sitting on the dining table.  The others are attached to a circular star chart, a painting of a woman, and a metal device on the side table.  A fifth box with a slider latch sits on a table near the entry.

On the fireplace mantle is a glass case with a triangular device locked inside.  Above it, hangs a blank canvas.  Collect Coins x2 from the ceramic bust table.  Pass through the far door to reach a storage pantry.


Note the locked chest requiring a 4-digit code.  On the barrel next to it sits another pewter slot device.  Turn left and look up to find a Stone Face above the lamp.  Click on it to turn the eyes green.  On the table below, read the History Book showing two knotted ceiling patterns - write down the direction each engraving faces.  The text offers clues on how to sequence them.  Collect a Photo tucked above the archway leading to the kitchen.


Take the Photo off the refrigerator.  Examine the trash can below to find Astra’s Note describing artwork.  Next to the trash can hangs a stone tablet with 6 empty diamond shapes.  Find six Green Diamonds in the kitchen:

- In the bowl below the stone plaque.
- In the sink.
- Under the kitchen table.
- Under the barrel next to the archway.
- On the hanging pot rack.
- In gilded box on wall shelf near fridge.

Place the 6 diamonds in the stone tablet to spin the center around, revealing a Clock Face.  Add it to your inventory.  Examine a white plate on the storage shelves near the arch to get Coins x2.  Leave the kitchen and make your way back to the vestibule with the empty clock dial.


Place the clock face on the gold dial.  Open your inventory and rotate the split dagger 90-degrees, facing towards you.  Insert the dagger into the clock face and turn it to open a secret staircase on the left. 

Inside the stairwell, you’ll see a green door on the left and spiral steps leading to the top of the turret.  Turn left and look up to find a big stone jutting out of the wall.  Click on the stone, causing it to fall.  Collect the Photo in the recess.  Enter the green door to arrive on the other side of the balcony overlooking the castle’s foyer.


Examine the table up ahead.  On top are 3 glass cases and 6 rods below.  Recall shapes shown on the two torn drawings you found earlier.  Turn the rods to match square/triangle positions seen on the notes.  Although the middle section is torn, you can infer which shapes are missing.  Once set, the glass cases open.  Take the three Digital Image Panels for your inventory.  Arrows on the frames allow you to toggle through the images.

While facing the foyer, manipulate the gold column discs/sliders to direct laser beams at two of the staircase symbols.  Take the Shield off the armored knight to add to your inventory.  Read the “Micromegas” Book on the left edge of the balcony.  Note that “Micromegas” refers to small/large, and is an actual short story written by Voltaire in 1752.  It recounts the journey of an alien being from Sirius’ star system and his companion from Saturn.  The text is part of Chapter 2.   

Open the box on the right end table to collect Coins x2, then check under the table for another gilded box containing Coins x2.  While facing the green door, look up and click on the Stone Face to turn its eyes green.  Exit the balcony and ascend the spiral stairs to reach the top room.


Inside the spire, watch as more blue objects escape into wall vents.  Examine the lotus-shaped device on the pedestal.  Turn the gold base to unfurl its petals and take the glowing Yellow Orb for your inventory.  Search cobwebs under the left barrel to collect Coins x3.  Backtrack to the castle’s foyer afterwards.   


Back in the foyer, look for a Photo at the base of the grand staircase - it’s on the floor near a large urn.  Now examine the bureau to the right of the green door.  View the Flame Nebula Poster rolled up there.  Write down its catalog number (NGC 2024).  Read the Constellation Book showing the star pattern in Orion.

Now return to the storage pantry next to the kitchen.  Input the 4-digit code seen on the Flame Nebula poster to unlock the chest.  Grab the glowing Yellow Orb inside.  Backtrack to the foyer and ascend to the balcony.


Face the armored knights on the balcony.  Open the shield in your inventory and rotate the moon/fleur-de-lis shapes to mirror those seen on the left knight.  Place your modified shield on the right knight to open the back wall.  The stone tablet depicts the Orion constellation, with three holes in its belt.  Insert the 3 yellow orbs you collected to uncover a Blue Orb.  Add it to your collection.

Now turn around and face the foyer.  Manipulate the two gold column discs/sliders to shoot laser beams on the two remaining staircase symbols.  Once all 4 beams are set, a blue ball of energy bursts forth, landing on the pedestal below.  Go downstairs and examine the pedestal to acquire another Blue Orb.

Enter the storage room.  Look up at the parquet ceiling to find 9 knot symbols.  Rotate the symbols to match positions shown in the engravings book you read earlier.  When set correctly, a Toy Figurine drops to the floor.  Add it to your collection.

Now enter the gated room and look up at the ceiling to find 6 more knot symbols.  They need to be rotated in a specific order to match the engravings book diagram (Top row = 1 4 5 / Bottom row = 2 3 6).  When set correctly, a hidden passageway opens behind the bookcase.  Go inside.


Upon entering the cobweb-filled passage, turn left and look up.  Pull a chain in between the bricks to open the floor hatch below.  The hatch leads to a ledge overlooking the cellar.  Take Astra’s Painting off of the easel to start your “Chapter 3” collection.  Face the back wall and look down to find a lever.  Pull it to open a treasure vault below.  You can’t access anything else from this vantage point, so climb up the ladder.

Back in the passageway, examine the wood beam above the hatch to get Coins x2.  Face the opposite wall and look up to find another Stone Face.  Click on it to turn the eyes green.  Now enter the opening at the end of the passage to emerge in the storage area behind the kitchen pantry. 

There, you’ll find another radio broadcasting creepy static.  Turn it off.  Check the floor near the wall opening to find a Toy Figurine wedged behind the cartons.  Return to the castle’s foyer afterwards.  Once there, pass through the green door and make your way over to the front end of the kitchen pantry.


Examine the pewter slot device on top of the barrel.  One of the digital image panels can be inserted here; the trick is figuring out which picture to use.  In the kitchen you'll find a painting with a matching pewter frame.  Set a digital panel to show the “Windmill” and insert it into the barrel device.  Now track down the other two slot devices.  One is inside the vestibule, and the other is in the sealed door anteroom.

Once again, look for artwork with pewter frames - for the vestibule, set the digital panel to show a “Sword” and for the anteroom, set the panel to show a “Flag”.  Once all three images are inserted into their respective slots, you’ll hear a ‘click’ sound, indicating that something has opened.  Enter the Dining Room.


Unlatch the box near the front door.  Slide the metal arrows over to open the lid and remove four Square Tokens.  Insert a token into the dining room table device.  Slide it over to reveal a control panel with 4 wheels.  Each wheel has a distinct number of colored shapes surrounding it: 6, 5, 4, 3.  The largest wheel (3 shapes) can be rotated; the others have to be set remotely. The goal is to match shapes connected to pairs of wires.

Insert a token onto the wall painting and slide it over to reveal a Mantle Picture, showing a man standing next to the fireplace.  Remove the canvas to uncover a 5-sided color wheel.  Turning the wheel alters its counterpart on the control panel.  The outer circles mark where wires connect. 

Insert a token in the slider on the end table to access the metal disc on top.  Rotate the disc to open the lower drawer, revealing another Mantle Picture.  Remove the canvas to uncover a 4-sided color wheel.  As before, the outer circles mark where wires connect and turning it alters its counterpart on the dining table.

Now examine the circular star chart in the corner of the room.  Insert the token and slide it over to turn on a light that projects white constellation lines.  Unlike previous sliders, this one has multiple arrows that allow you to spin the lines around.  The goal is to rotate the chart dials until each star touches a line in what appears to be the Pegasus constellation.  Once set correctly, the chart opens, revealing another Mantle Picture.  Take it to uncover a 6-sided color wheel.

Now rotate all of the wheels until shapes are paired with wires on the dining room table panel.  Once set, press the red button to flip the panel, revealing the final Mantle Picture.  Place the 4 mantle pictures (from largest to smallest) on the blank canvas above the fireplace.  When finished, the glass lid on the mantle box opens.  Remove the Triangular Mechanism and bring it to the sealed door in the anteroom.


Upon returning to the anteroom, you’ll see two glowing objects flanking the sealed door, as if waiting for your arrival.  Insert the triangular mechanism in the door to unseal it, causing the blue lights to fly away.  If you are a ‘completionist’, don’t worry that you haven’t found all Chapter 1 collectibles (or stone faces) yet - you’re not supposed to.



Having entered an entirely new section of the castle, more static can be heard from a radio on the left.  Turn it off.  Take the Cross Piece off the pedestal next to the locked gate, noting the Zodiac sign for ‘Gemini’ etched on it.   Take Coins x2 from the bowl on the right and read the Green Journal (dated 3/12/95) on the table near the armchair.  

Search the bookshelf above the picture frame to find a Brick Drawing with certain bricks marked with X’s.  Write these down.  Open the tall cabinet on the left and take the other Cross Piece off the shelf.  Join the two pieces in your inventory, then rotate one end to create a single Cross Key.  Insert it into the gate lock to open the stairwell.  Go upstairs.


Watch as more blue objects fly away when you enter the large room.  To the right, a green dagger sheath sits on the end table.  Look down to find a Zodiac puzzle inlaid on the lower cabinet door.  Click on pieces to form the ‘Capricorn’ sign and add Coins x3 to your collection.  On a shelf near the spiral stairs, remove a Photo from the picture frame, uncovering the boat picture behind it. 

On the long side table, examine the rolled Gemini Twins Poster, showing Castor & Pollux.  Read the nearby Constellation Book to view Gemini’s star pattern and to learn that the celestial brothers are jointly known as the Dioskouri.  The twins are associated with horses and spears - two major themes throughout this area.

In the corner hangs a shield surrounded by spears.  The shield’s gold button is currently inactive.  Examine two rolled posters on the center table.  One shows the Eskimo Nebula (NGC 2392).  The other shows the Medusa Nebula with Sh2-274 written on it.  Jot down both numbers.  

On the back wall, there’s a grandfather clock with movable hands.  Above the clock is a stone symbol covered by grating.  Input the Eskimo Nebula numbers on the 4-digit keypad to open the grate.  Turning the stone allows you to scroll through celestial symbols.  There are three other stone columns in the room just like it. 

Open the closet near the spiral stairs to find a drawing etched inside.  Set the 4 celestial symbol columns to match and a staircase lowers.  Climb up to arrive in an L-shaped hallway.


On the right, is a sealed door with a familiar triangle mechanism attached to it.  Another empty dagger sheath sits on a table near the stairs.  On the left are two doors and a wall panel with circular depressions connected to cables.  The far door is locked, but write down the shapes carved into the wood.  Enter the first door.


Open the linen closet and collect a Photo tucked between boxes on the bottom shelf.  Look up and pull the cord on the ceiling to lower a ladder leading to the attic.  Wait to explore it.  Another green dagger sheath sits on the window sill above the tub.

Open the cabinet below the sink to find 5 levers.  Turn around and examine the painting of 5 birds flying over the ocean at sunset.  Mark their heights relative to the horizon line.  Set the sink levers to match bird heights (1/2/3/3/4) to open a drawer.  Take the Blue Rocket inside.  Now explore the upper half of the hallway.


On the right side of the hall, you’ll find a locked chest with an empty lever slot next to it.  Below the lever is a Zodiac tile puzzle.  Click on sections to form the ‘Gemini’ sign and take the Toy Figurine revealed.  Read the Diary Page on the bureau.  

The table on the far end has a gilded box containing a Silver Key.  Add it to your inventory.  Two doors on the left lead to bedrooms ; the door at the end is locked.  Enter the first door to reach the children’s bedroom.


Inside are two beds with a bright cosmic panel in the center.  Hex buttons surround the device - when pushed, they turn blue.  Look under the blue bed to find a Photo and Clementine’s Blue Journal with many pages torn out. 

Use the silver key to unlock a chest near the red bed.  Take the Blue Rocket inside.  Search under the end table to find a Purple Drawing of ‘Crazy Catherine’ getting zapped.  The text provides vital clues related to the crossed-out bricks diagram you found earlier.  Write down the relevant information.

Turn left and open the wardrobe.  Examine the Drawing on the top shelf showing lamp sconces and arrows.  Open the black box on the dresser across from the beds.  Put the 2 blue rockets on the spindles to play music, which you may recognize as ‘My Darling Clementine’.  When the tune ends, a lamp turns on at the far end of the room.  Examine the painting hanging above the table, with 4 sections out of order.  Click on the sections to align them properly.  When finished, a box opens below.  Take the Triangle/Square Rod.

On the far end of the room is a hex-shaped box inlaid with celestial symbols.  Rotate the center to move the star, moon, and comet symbols around until they are paired up.  When set properly, the box opens, revealing a 3-sided device.  Click it to turn on a blue light.

On the wall next to the door hangs a panel with rows of letters and 6 gold dots.  Write them down.  Below, look for a loose floorboard next to the dresser (behind the cobwebs).  Slide the board up to reveal a Toy Figurine.  Add it to your collection.  Return to the hallway and enter the second door now.


Read Astra’s Note in the overturned basket near the art table.  Open the wardrobe to release a glowing ‘eye’.  Collect a Photo on top of the wardrobe and examine Alex's Drawing next to it, depicting a green Frankenstein monster and a ghost peeking out from a bookcase. 

Face the door and collect Coins x2 near candlesticks on the right bookshelf.  On the left shelf, look behind the cobwebs to collect Coins x3.  Read the Art Book titled ‘Study of the Masters’.  Note the paintings shown, as well as their dates:

1787 - Death of Socrates
1692 - Allegory of the Arts
1297 - Expulsion of the Demons from Arezzo

Two of the paintings hang in the room - both are scrambled and have 4-digit dials on the frame.  Either input dates (easy) or unscramble the paintings (rewarding).  If you choose to unscramble the paintings, clicking on tiles three times moves entire sections - use the first two clicks to orient individual pieces, then note which group turns on the 3rd click.  Knowing that pieces always move clockwise, you can adjust entire sections easily.

Once the paintings are aligned correctly (or 4-digit dates are entered), the frames rise to uncover gold and silver portholes.  A glass cabinet below one of the paintings holds a metallic device but remains locked. 

At the foot of the bed is a chest.  Slide the latch to open it.  Inside is a star-shaped indent and cherub circles on the lid.  Turn the cherubs to align the image and remove the Metal Cross from inside.  A similar chest sits on the table in back.  Unlatch it to reveal a cross-shaped indent.  Insert the Metal Cross then align the lid painting to uncover a Metal Star, as well as 6 letter dials.  Above the letters is a dot formation.  Place the Metal Star in the cherub chest’s indent to reveal another 6-letter dial with gold dots on the lid. 

Use the wall chart hanging in the kid’s room to solve the two chest puzzles.  Figure out which letter to enter by counting the number of gold dots from top to bottom - the lid dots represent top and middle letters - the bottom dots represent the lowest letters (as shown in the kid’s room).  Names you arrive at should be familiar.

After setting the letters correctly, two chests open, revealing two cylinders along with slots.  Rotate sections of the 3-Pronged Cylinder to line up pictures of a horse and two armored knights (position the legs to match the box slot, with the horse facing you).  Rotate sections of the 2-Pronged Cylinder to line up pictures of horses (the metal seam should be visible, with the horses in profile).  When aligned correctly, the bottom ‘legs’ collapse, flattening out the cylinders. 

Insert the flattened 3-pronged cylinder into its slot to open the bottom of the chest.  Take the Circle/Triangle Rod inside.  Insert the flattened 2-pronged cylinder in the other chest to reveal a Silver Disc.  Place the disc in the porthole under the ‘demon’ painting to open the glass cabinet below.  Click on the triangular object inside to turn on a blue light.  Read Astra’s Note regarding the glowing blue objects.  Return to the hallway afterwards.


Insert the two shape rods in the holes on the wall.  Each time you rotate a rod, a green bar lights on the panel below.  The circle under the panel resets the lights or confirms the sequence.  Turn rods to match the pattern etched on the left door.  The last 3 lights should remain unlit.  Click on the lower button to confirm the order - when done correctly, the left door unlocks.  Go inside.


Inside the disheveled guest room, you’ll see a blue device flying around.  Look up at the ceiling rafters to find Shapes etched on a beam above the chair.  Write them down.  Another green dagger sheath sits on a table between two brightly lit sconces.  Wood paneling near the chair has a ‘Gemini’ keyhole.  Recall the drawing showing lamps and arrows.  Rotate the left lamp 180-degrees (south) and rotate the right lamp 90-degrees (east).  Once set, a panel on the back wall opens.  Take the Stone Plate inside and click on the triangular device to turns its light blue.

On the left side of the room, a stone carving hangs on the wall.  Look up and take the Yellow Diamond off the wood beam.  Check the shelf above the mattress to find another Yellow Diamond.  Examine the cardboard box next to the mattress showing the Leo Zodiac sign along with two black dots.  Examine the box below the tipped clock to find an Aries Zodiac sign with two dots.  Write down both sequences.

Look under the picture frames sitting against the right wall to find a third Yellow Diamond.  Examine the cardboard box next to the wardrobe closet to find a Virgo Zodiac sign with 2 black dots.  Write down the sequence.  Open the closet and collect Coins x3 off the bottom shoe boxes.  On the top shelf, you’ll find a box with 3 Zodiac dials.  Set the dials to match signs shown on the cartons in the room (the black dots reflect positions).  When the box opens, take the final Yellow Diamond.

Open your inventory and place the 4 yellow diamonds on the stone plate.  Insert the plate on the wall carving to spin it around, exposing a Gold Disc.  Add the disc to your inventory.  Now face the door to find a scrambled painting matching the cosmic chart in the kid’s bedroom.  Align the rings to turn on 3 blue hex lights.  Write down their positions then return to the hallway.

Go over to the wall rods and match shapes to the pattern seen on the guest room rafter.  Press the lower button to open a panel near the sealed door.  Collect the Photo from the opening.  Now enter the kid’s bedroom.


Look at the cosmic chart between the beds.  Turn on 3 hex lights to match the guest room painting.  Clicking on hex buttons may dim or light others, so figure out the pattern.  Once the blue lights are set correctly, the glowing orb in the center spins around, leaving an empty grate behind.  Return to the guest room and retrieve the Yellow Orb from the cosmic painting.

Now enter mom’s studio and insert the gold disc in the porthole above the bed.  Doing so opens a secret entryway behind the shield on the left.  Enter the new room.


Inside, multiple blue ‘eyes’ sit motionless; one is perched above the canopy bed.  A triangle mechanism is encased in glass on the headboard.  Unlatch the chest at the foot of the bed to retrieve Four Daggers.  Note the plaque on the lid.  To the left, a TV screen is tuned to white noise.  Examine the TV stand to add Coins x2 to your collection.  Further left is a computer.  The on-screen prompt indicates a disk must be inserted.  The desktop image shows Gemini Twins and two icons that contain green arrows.

Open the closet on the left to find a gold shield with 7 hex buttons.  Pressing the buttons turns them yellow.  Turn around and look up.  Examine the chandelier hanging from the ceiling.  Of the 7 bulbs, note which ones are lit (on) and which ones are dark (off).  Match the bulb pattern on the closet shield then click the ‘sun’ symbol in the center to lower the chandelier.  Remove the Yellow Orb from the center.

Examine the painting above the fireplace, showing the “Death of Socrates”.  Either enter the painting’s date (from Astra’s art book) or rotate sections to align the image.  Once set, the blue eye on the mantle flies into the fireplace and a metallic device lowers.  Click on the device to turn its light blue.

On the table next to the fireplace is a Green Journal (dated 8/1/95).  Read it to learn more about the blue objects flying around and their particular attraction to Clementine.  At the far end of the room are two doors.  Enter the door on the left.


Open the cabinet under the sink and take the Lightbulb from its box.  Read the Micromegas Book next to the toilet (Chapter V), which continues the story of Sirius and Saturn’s voyage.  Examine the painting above - a reclining man with an unsheathed sword and shield - and write down the pair of numbers shown (17 05).

Open the linen cabinet near the door and collect Coins x2 off the middle shelf.  Look up to find an orange Zodiac tile above the doorframe.  Arrange the pieces to form the ’Libra’ sign.  Take the Photo from the hole.  Return to the master bedroom and unlatch the door on the right, creating a shortcut into the hallway. 

Insert a dagger in the green sheath on the lower hallway table to light it.  Enter the bathroom afterwards.


Insert a dagger in the green sheath near the tub.  Use the ceiling ladder to enter a dark attic.  Look up and unscrew the broken bulb, causing it to shatter.  Insert a fresh lightbulb into the socket then pull the cord.  Once lit, turn off the radio hissing in the background.  Kid’s drawings are strewn on the floor; some can be examined close up - themes include boats and blue, spoked orbs. One shows a girl with red hair standing on a tower.  Another shows mom painting a house with three figures below.

Collect Coins x2 off the cooler near the paint cans.  On the right, look for a Toy Figurine propped against the unused doorframe.  On top of the carton, you’ll find a lockbox requiring a 3-digit code.  Recall the ‘Medusa Nebula’ poster seen earlier.  Input those digits (274) to unlock the box.  Remove the Lever inside.

Exit the attic and go over to the empty lever slot in the hallway.  Insert the lever to unlock the chest next to it.  Take the Yellow Orb from the chest then return to the attic.  Unlatch the wooden doors in back of the attic to reveal a stone carving of the Gemini constellation.  Insert the 3 yellow orbs you’ve gathered into the missing star holes.  Doing so uncovers a Blue Orb to add to your collection.

Turn to face the paint cans with a white canvas draped over something.  Search behind the canvas to find a small button device.  Press the button to illuminate an easel near the radio.  Click on the easel to add Astra’s Painting to your collection.  Look up to find a Gemini Key sitting on the rafter above.  Leave the attic and return to the guest room. 


Insert the Gemini Key in the keyhole near the chair to uncover a Photo for your collection.  While here, place one of the daggers in its green holder.  Exit the room and go downstairs to the library.


Place the final dagger you acquired in the green sheath on the table.  Now examine the tall clock and use clues found in the master bathroom to determine how to set the hands.  Basically, ‘1705’ is military time for 5:05 PM.  After setting the correct time, a secret entry opens behind the bookcase.  Pass through to arrive in a nook below the stairs.

Take the Blue Orb off the pedestal.  Turn right and look up to find a gilded box perched on the rafter.  Open it to add Coins x2 to your collection.  Look at the shapes drawn on the left support beam.  Write down the sequence.  Turn around and examine the bricks on the back wall.  Recall the drawing you found earlier with certain bricks marked with ‘X’ as well as the ‘Crazy Catherine’ note referring to the 5th brick’s placement.

Start by pushing all of the bricks forward (out).  Now depress 5 bricks (those without X’s on the drawing) in any order you wish, so long as the last brick pushed inward is the middle one in the third row.  When done correctly, the bottom of the wall opens.  Enter the hole.


The purple-themed room suggests dark magic was performed here at one time.  Read the Diary Page on the table with the crystal skull and sword.  Face the bookcase on the left and look up to find a lever.  Pull it down to open the chest in the corner.  Inside is a Polaroid camera and a Photo to add to your collection.  Leave the room and make your way back upstairs.


Walk over to the shape rods on the wall.  Turn the rods to match the shape sequence seen on the rafter in the secret nook.  Set a rod horizontally to reflect straight lines in the pattern.  After inputting the sequence, press the lower button to open a secret panel near the bathroom door.  Collect Coins x4 from the recess. 


If you inserted all four daggers in their holders, the plaque in the chest will be green.  Examine it to acquire a Floppy Disk.  Insert the disk in the computer and you’ll be prompted to enter a password.  The 9-letter word was mentioned in the Gemini Twins constellation book (DIOSKOURI).  Use the small arrow keys to select letters/move cursor.  Use the large arrow to confirm actions.

Read Log Entry 21/06/95, which mentions a key and a secret crawlspace.  Read Log Entry 30/06/95, which warns that the Eyes are growing stronger.  After reading both logs, select the ‘Open’ message, then press the large arrow key to open the glass box on the headboard.  Remove the familiar Triangular Mechanism.

Now examine the desktop icons on the computer screen.  One shows a box with a green arrow.  Use the arrow keys to select it.  Confirm by pressing the big arrow and watch as a panel slides open near the TV.  Enter the hole.


Before using the floor hatch, turn around and collect Coins x5 off the ground - the final collectibles for this area.  Enter the hatch to arrive on the map side of the balcony overlooking the grand staircase.  Take Astra’s cosmic flame Painting off the previously inaccessible easel.

Turn towards the hatch ladder and look down.  There, you will find the last Stone Face on the base of the wall.  Click on its eyes to turn them green.  Backtrack to the hallway afterwards to find blue ‘eyes’ congregated outside the sealed door.  Place the triangular mechanism on the door to unseal it - thus opening the next major area in the game. 

Before entering, backtrack to the first part of the castle to take care of the stone faces on the balcony.


Upon returning to the foyer, go upstairs and click on all of the eyes to turn them green.  Once set, the stone door finally opens.  Inside, you’ll find many guns and deer heads mounted to the wall, suggesting the room belonged to the castle’s previous owner, Contington, who went mad and shot himself to death.

On the table near the window, align a Zodiac puzzle box to form the ‘Leo’ sign and collect Coins x3 inside - thus, completing your collection for this section of the castle.  When ready, make your back to the unsealed door in the 2F hallway and enter the Keep.



Inside the large dome, blue eyes hover.  A tall pole ascends into a ceiling hole.  You’ll find a familiar sealed door on the far right and another that requires server access.  To the left, is a huge Greek statue with a 6-letter panel holding a yellow orb.  Next to the statue is a closed floor hatch with a hex-shaped indent.

Face the entry door and look behind the red urn to find a Zodiac puzzle panel.  Click tiles to form the ‘Virgo’ sign and take the Photo revealed.  Turn around and examine two small tables on the right.  One has a bowl containing Coins x2.  The other table has a square button that connects to wires on the floor.  Use arrow switches on the floor to re-route wires so that you can power up two roller machines, one at a time. 

Once powered, turn the blue rollers until they match Zodiac signs shown on two columns in the room - Capricorn and Libra.  Take Levers from the mechanical arms that fold out.  Insert the levers in slots near the pole.  Pull them down to unfurl a spiral staircase.  Go upstairs.


A loud ‘eye’ whizzes by as soon as you emerge in the room - it’ll be following you around as you explore.  Examine the Star Chart on the wall, noting that some stars are solid and others are hollow.  The table next to it has 3 glass tubes with red level indicators and a locked box requiring a ‘’knot’ key.  On the wall near the stairs is a small, wooden object that can be rotated, but it’s missing a part. 

On the back wall, is a ship wheel with Roman numerals.  Gold knobs prevent you from turning the wheel.  A hex slab is encased in glass next to the wheel.  Examine the Dots & Lines Drawing on the cardboard box.  Write down the 3 configurations.  Look under the clock table to find a gilded box containing Coins x1 then enter the door next to it.


Inside, you’ll find lots of tech gear, including a computer and an oscilloscope.  The computer screen indicates that the system is locked remotely.  The screensaver shows what appears to be the Greek god Perseus slaying the sea serpent Cetus with a bow and arrow.  A glass jar with a red hex slot contains a dark orb sitting on a coil.  At the end of the room is a gate requiring computer access.  Look for a gilded box on the component shelving (top left end) to collect a Photo.

Look at the two whiteboards in the room.  One shows a ‘Phase 2’ energy experiment involving oscillation waveforms.  Read the Green Journal (dated 2/12/96) to learn about Uncle Christopher’s latest experiments.  The ‘Phase 3’ whiteboard shows a robot and radio telescope lenses.  Collect Coins x2 off the whiteboard’s ledge.  Now enter the arched doorway.


Four stone busts line the right side of the hall, with dates carved on them and arrow dials at the base.  Look up and take the Photo lodged behind the shield.  On the left side of the hall, read two “Edge of Infinity” Books and draw the 4 constellations pictured: Orion, Draco, Auriga, and Leo.  Next to the books is a glass case with a large gold emblem locked inside.  An arrow dial with two dots hangs above it.

The next table has a box containing a familiar Knot Key.  Add it to your inventory.  Examine the Tube Level Diagram and write down what’s shown.  Enter the door at the end then immediately re-enter the statue hall to gain a new perspective.  Look down and collect Coins x2 off the stone ledge near the table.  Now enter the tower’s stairwell.


Inside the stairwell, you’ll see stairs leading up and down.  Click on a loose brick above the hallway door to drop it, revealing a Photo for your collection.  At the bottom of the stairs, you’ll find another locked ship wheel and a battery generator on the floor.  Press the wall button to turn on power.  Look under cobwebs at the base of the stairs to find Coins x2.  Now head to the top.


Read the Ice Dragon Book on the window sill to learn about Draco, the northernmost constellation in the sky.  Turn on the projector in the center to illuminate moveable wall panels showing sections of stars.  The other button toggles through various constellation lines.  While facing the panels, look up and take the Photo sitting on a brick below the right beams.  Return to the Research Room afterwards.


Use the Knot Key to open the box on the table.  Inside, is a square button.  Now face the 3 thermometer tubes.  The diagram in the hallway showed tube levels, as well as how to count stars on the wall chart.  The Dots & Lines Drawing sitting on the carton points to stars that you must add (solid) or subtract (hollow) to arrive at height numbers.  Use buttons below each tube to raise/lower the thermometers. 

Once set to their correct heights (10/3/6), the box with the Hex Slab opens.  Take the slab and descend to the Dome.  Insert the hex slab in the floor hatch near the statue to create a staircase.  Go down to the basement.


Inside are three computer terminals, each showing a different planetary symbol (Jupiter, Earth, Neptune). Nearby is another monitor, asking you to insert a ‘boot disk’.  Examine the table in the middle of the room to find a Lever Handle.  Add it to your inventory.  Open the tool drawer to find a Numeric Printout with planetary symbols - one symbol is missing from the torn edge.

On the left wall is a familiar knot engraving that points down to a glass box containing a Photo.  On the right, there’s an engraved tile on the floor that points to a column next to it.  Look up to find several moveable ceiling tiles engraved with the same symbol.  To open the photo box, rotate knot engravings to create a single path.  Starting with the floor tile, turn symbols so that they point towards another in the same row.  End with the tile pointing down at the photo.  When done correctly, the box opens.  Take the Photo then go downstairs into the castle’s cellar.


Below are 3 empty lever slots next to a barrel with an ornate lockbox.  If you opened the treasure vault earlier (via the secret passageway in the main castle’s gated room), go over and collect Coins x10 strewn among the shiny dishware.  Now turn to face the stairs and examine the ground below the stone arch to find a Lever Rod.  Combine the two pieces in your inventory to form a single Lever

The stairway arch can be opened by pulling two chains on the left and right walls (above the stairs and sewer grate).  When the wall parts, it reveals a constellation tablet.  Like previous Orion and Gemini slabs, this one is missing 3 yellow stars.

Turn to face the sewer grate and look behind the barrels to find a complete Lever.  Look above the barrels and slide open a loose ceiling tile to uncover a Photo.  Concentric circles on the arched wall are currently inactive.  Next to the barrels hangs another ship wheel locked by pegs.   Examine the water below it to find the third Lever

Place the levers into the 3 slots.  To open the box, they must be pulled in a certain order.   Look at the rim of the barrel to find dots forming a pattern.  Flip levers (from L-R) as follows:  3/1/2/1/3/1/3.  When done correctly, the lockbox opens.  Take the Boot Disk inside and return to the server room.


Insert the boot disk in the server to bring up the monitor’s keyboard.  Open the Boot Log file to see a list of the last 8 session dates and durations.  Clicking on the ‘Initialize’ screen fails, but shows you how the 3 terminals on the opposite wall are named.  Select the ‘Print’ box then click the big arrow to print out a page on the right.  Take the Square Holes Overlay from the printer.

The 3 terminal monitors are active now - each asks for a 5-digit code to be entered.  Open your inventory and place the Square Holes sheet over the Numeric Printout.  Align the holes until they show 5 numbers and a planet symbol (the trident symbol is torn but can be implied).  Enter the 5-digit passwords in each monitor to reboot the system then return to the server and click ‘Initialize’.  Now that the server is online, a new boot log entry is added, showing the ‘current’ date (10-01-17).  Return to the Constellation Tower afterwards.


Click the projector button until lines show the Draco constellation (depicted in the Statue Hall book).  Move panels to align the stars and lines.  When done correctly, cable boxes on the floor blink green.  Follow the blinking cable lights back to the Laboratory.


The cable terminates at the computer, which is now active.  Use the keyboard arrows to open four Research Logs related to the Eyes’ energy output.  The ‘Phase 3’ research file is corrupted.  After reading the logs, press the Oscilloscope’s button to activate the waveform screen.

Turn the ‘Amp’ and ‘Frequency’ knobs until the waveform matches the first shape shown on the whiteboard.  When you get close to the correct setting, a phase rod will emit smoke and the orb in the containment jar will start to glow.  Slowly tweak the knob settings to increase power, until the rod sparks out.  Repeat the process for the second setting.  For the third waveform setting, turn knobs until the blue orb bursts forth a shockwave that causes the back gate to open.  Ascend the spiral stairs.


Inside the gorgeous room, watch as our solar system twirls overhead.  Eight paintings hang in the room, each marked with a planetary symbol.  In the center is a slider pointing to short and long lines.  The floor panel next to it has a keyhole, along with two celestial symbols.  If you can spare the time, lay down on the floor pillow and watch the planetarium show for at least 5 minutes to earn a Steam Achievement. 

Examine the table on the back wall (with the blue lamp) to find two rolled posters.  One shows the Inner Planets and the other shows the Outer Planets, along with their symbols.  Look for a loose floorboard to the right of the Jupiter painting.  Slide the plank to uncover a Toy Figurine.  Read the Diary Page next to it.  Check under the brightly lit Venus painting to find a Wooden Bit leaning against the side table.

Read the Green Journal (dated March 3, 2002) on the round table near the stairs.  The text mentions that the Eyes come from a distant star around which a Jupiter-like planet orbits, and describes three distinct stages of their journey to Earth.  Use this information along with the solar system posters to set the center device.

For the first stage, move the slider over to the ‘short’ line, then turn off all wall icons except those associated with the 4 inner planets (Mercury, Venus, Earth, and Mars).  Press the red ‘Activate’ button and watch as the Sun grows larger, providing a closer view of the solid planets’ rotation.  A blue console light turns on as well.

For the second stage, move the slider over to the ‘long’ line then turn off all wall symbols except those associated with the 4 outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune).  Press the ‘Activate’ button and watch as the gas giants come into full view.  Another blue console light turns on.

For the final stage, turn off all wall symbols except Earth and Jupiter.  Select the ‘H-shaped’ icon on the floor panel (instead of the ‘Sun’) then Activate.  Watch as blue lights leave their home planet, making their journey across the galaxy towards Earth.  When the sequence ends, the gate in front of the left spiral staircase opens.  Go upstairs.


There are lots of things to explore while the Eyes stare at you.  The computer on the desk controls the telescope.  The screen shows two sets of coordinates:  Right Ascension (hours/minutes/seconds) and Declination (degrees/ feet/inches).  You can only adjust 3 of the settings.  Press the wall button near the staircase to open a slice of the dome.  Look through the telescope’s eyepiece to view stars in the night sky.  Take the Sun Key out of the pencil cup on the desk to add it to your inventory.

Turn around to face the wall with the ship painting.  Read the Green Journal on the bedroll (dated Nov. 19, 2002) mentioning the need for recalibration, as well as puzzles designed to amuse the children.  Write down the puzzle code drawn in the journal.  The table on the right contains a Starman Drawing with the Roman numeral ‘3’ (III).  Examine the Waveform Drawing underneath it, with Roman numeral ‘4’ (IV) and spokes.  Write everything down.

The ship wheel hanging nearby is marked with Zodiac signs and six boxes.  Three are dark and three show 2-digit numbers.  Spin the wheel to see how the numbers change.  Examine the utility shelf next to the wheel to find another Micromegas Book, where the philosophical debate between Sirius and Saturn continues.

Another table holds a glass box containing a familiar Triangle Object.  Next to the box are two 4x4 light grids.  The grid on the left has 3 celestial buttons attached to it (Aquarius, Moon, and Comet).  The grid on the right has one symbol attached to it, matching the ‘Starman’. 

On the far end of the room is another utility shelf.  Examine the wall behind the blue rugs to find an arrow slider.  Move it down to reveal a hole with Coins x4.  In order to solve all the puzzles in this room, you need to gather more information.  Start by returning to the Research Room.


insert the Wooden Bit in the wall panel near the stairs.  Turn the two wooden pieces until they interlock.  Slide down the top bit to open a secret panel.  Crawl through to emerge inside a gated room behind the lab.

A radio on the shelf emits familiar static.  Turn it off.  Read the Diary Page tucked behind the woman’s portrait.  On it, are clues to setting the Statue Hall dials.  Write down the pertinent information.  Look behind empty picture frames on the floor (near the draped fabric) to find an Orbital Drawing.  Jot it down. 

While facing the window, search above the clock shelf to find three posters.  Two of them show the Spanish Dancer Nebula (NGC 1566) and the Dancing Rings Galaxy (ARP 147).  Write down the numbers.  The third poster displays the Sun, along with its familiar icon.  Search the floor below the poster to find a Zodiac puzzle box.  Click on the lid to form the ‘Aquarius’ sign and collect Coins x2 inside. 

Leave the storage area and make your way back to hallway statues.


Use clues found on Clementine’s diary page to number the arrow dials below the busts.  Arrange the statues by the year they were born (earliest to latest) then turn dials accordingly.  Point to dots matching the last digit in each birthdate.  When you’re finished, move the dot above the glass case to claim the Lyre Emblem inside. Bring it to the lower Dome.


Walk over to the Greek statue holding the yellow orb.  Open your inventory and flip the lyre emblem around to discover a name.  Input the god’s name (HERMES) in the panel below the statue.  Insert the emblem in the indent and watch as the statue’s arm lowers.  Remove the Yellow Orb.

Now walk over to the door on the far end of the Dome to see that the blue panel is now active.  Input the 4-digit ‘Spanish Dancer Nebula’ code to gain access.  Enter the new room.


The playroom features a stone wall plaque with four purple diamonds encased in glass boxes.  Each box is connected to a black cable leading to one of the puzzles in the room.  Search behind the carton on the right to find a Green Spaceship.  Add it to your inventory.  Look for a Coded Note tucked between books near the green pot and write down the letter/number combos shown.  Likewise, search the shelves for a Zodiac Diagram, with three signs pointing to a ‘star’.

Above the pink lamp is a wall button.  Click it to turn it green.  On the far right bookshelf, click another button next to 3 toy spaceship pads to turn it green.  On top of the bookshelf, collect another Green Spaceship.  The lower shelf has a lockbox with a 3-unit dial.  Look at the Coded Note options and by process of elimination, figure out which letters/numbers to input.  For example, the first dial only allows you to pick letters ‘G thru K’ or numbers ‘1-5’…thus eliminating several codes on the sheet of paper.  For cheaters, just enter 5-5-3.  Add Coins x2 to your collection.

Similar to the coin box, figure out which code to enter in the 3-unit panel next to the door.  In this case, the third dial must be a number, so through process of elimination, ignore all codes written on the paper that do not end with a number.  For cheaters, just input W-J-4.  Correctly solving the code puzzles turns on a purple light near the diamond boxes.

Now face the windowed wall and open the gilded box on the table.  Read the Diary Page inside to gain more insight into Clementine’s interaction with the Eyes.  Look up and click on the ceiling beam button to turn it green.  Look behind the empty picture frames on the floor to discover the last Green Spaceship.  Place the three toys on the bookshelf pads to light another purple dot on the box panel.

Click on a button near the wall sconce to turn it green then examine the electronic device on the table.  Push the button attached to the device to turn on another purple light.  Open the lower cabinet door to reveal an arrow bar.  Slide it down to illuminate the final purple light.  Having completed all the puzzles, the glass boxes open.  Remove the Purple Diamonds and place them on the stone tablet.  Collect the Yellow Orb revealed.  Return to the Planetarium afterwards.


Insert the Sun Key in the lower panel to reveal a single dot icon.  Recall the Orbital Drawing you found in the secret storage area showing an arrow pointing from the Sun, down to a single dot.  Infer from this that you must reset the planetarium lights in stages to “shrink” the Sun.

First, select the Sun icon and the ‘long’ line on the control panel.  Darken all symbols except the four outer planets.  Activate the planetarium lights to reduce the Sun’s size a little bit.  Now turn on all planets to shrink the Sun further.  Finally, turn off all planets and slide the control bar over to the ‘short’ line.  Select the Dot icon and activate the sequence to witness the Sun shrinking down to the size of a ball.  Take the Yellow Orb and go down to the Cellar.


Place the 3 yellow orbs on the constellation slab to illuminate the last three stars.  Take the Blue Orb revealed.  Now go over to the three levers.  Recall the ‘Dots & Lines Drawing’ you saw in the telescope room’s journal (the one with Roman VI).  Move the levers up/down to match the drawing (dots indicate which lever to pull).

Once the sequence is finished, the pegs on the ship wheel retract.  Turn the wheel until the top number displays ‘VI’.  Before tracking down the other ship wheels, return to the Server Room and take a look at the computer.

Notice the black ‘dot’ icon on the bottom right corner of the desktop.  Use the arrow keys to select it and watch as a big black circle fills the screen.  Press the ‘up’ arrow key to move the black dot below it to the center.  Click the big arrow again and you’ll hear something open.  Re-enter the cellar.

The concentric rings above the sewer grate have now opened, revealing a scrambled painting.  Manually align the rings to form a solid image; there’s no shortcut this time.  Number the rings 1-5, with ‘1’ being the fixed circle in the center.  Align Rings 2 & 3 with the center image.  Once the 3 inner pieces are aligned properly, look at the outermost ring.

Use the surrounding bricks to judge how far Ring 5 has to turn to line up with Rings 1, 2, and 3.  For example, if you think of the bricks as a clock, then the ‘head’ shown on Ring 5 needs to roughly end up at the 10 o’clock position.  Visualize how many bricks you’d have to move clockwise to reach that spot, then turn Ring 5 in the opposite direction (counter-clockwise) that amount.  Now turn Ring 4 clockwise by the same amount.  Then turn Ring 3 twice as much as the others, moving counter-clockwise.  Turn Ring 2 clockwise the same amount as you moved 4 & 5.  This method should get you pretty close.  Repeat the procedure to incrementally adjust the ring positions until everything lines up.

Once finished, the sewer grate lowers.  Crawl inside.


Within the dark room, you’ll see lots of kegs stamped with the local brewery’s ‘Mountain Brau Beer’ logo.  Examine the vat in the corner to salvage Coins x3.  Face the cloth banner and look for a chain above the workbench.  Pull it down to open the back gate.  Climbing the ladder deposits you in the stairwell below the Constellation Room - a shortcut that will come in handy later.

For now, remain in the brewery and look up at the ceiling to find 4 tiles that can be manipulated.  Apart from blank spaces in between, they are like any other Zodiac puzzle.  Rotate the ceiling tiles to form the ‘Taurus’ sign and you’ll hear something open.  Return to the cellar to see that the other sewer grate has lifted.

Enter the tunnel and examine the pile of rubble at the end to add a Toy Figurine to your collection.  The ladder on the left provides a shortcut to the first section of the castle, depositing you in the cell next to the power generator.  When ready, backtrack to the Lab to resume your alignment of ship wheels.


Recall the Waveform Drawing (with spoke lines) found in the telescope room.  Set the oscilloscope to match the drawing.  Although no evident change occurs in the room, you can tell if the waveform is set correctly by checking the ship wheel in the Research Room next door.  Once the pegs are retracted, you’re in good shape.  

The spokes on the waveform drawing hint at which Roman numeral to set the ship wheel to.  Infer that the missing spoke is ‘4’ and turn the ship wheel to display ‘IV’ on top.  Now go to the constellation tower.


Click the projector button until you see a constellation pattern matching the ‘Starman’ drawing you found in the telescope room.  Once set, move the wall panels to align the stars and lines.  Descend the spiral stairs to reach the ship wheel on the bottom.  The pegs should be retracted now, so set the wheel to show Roman III (3) on top.  Once finished, return to the telescope room.


Look at the ship wheel on the wall to see that the three lower squares now show 3 blue ‘wheel’ icons.  Now look at the 3 symbols on the 4x4 grid table (Aquarius, Comet and Moon).  Turn the ship wheel to determine which trio of numbers relate to each symbol.  Write down your results.

Go over to the computer and input Aquarius’ coordinates.  The first number sets ‘degrees’, the second number sets ‘minutes’, and the third number sets ‘inches’.  Once the three coordinates are entered, press the big arrow to turn the telescope.  Peer through the eyepiece to view Aquarius in the night sky.  Jot down the position of the largest stars (divide the sky into columns).

Go over to the 4x4 grid and click on dots matching star positions.  Once the 4 blue dots are aligned correctly, press the Aquarius button to turn it blue.  Repeat the process for the Meteor and Moon symbols.  Once all three are lit, the glass box on the table opens.  Take the familiar Triangle Mechanism.

Now focus your attention on the other 4x4 grid connected to a single ‘Star’ button.  Determining proper coordinates is not as simple.  Recall the Zodiac Drawing you found in the kid’s playroom, with three signs pointing to a ‘star’.  Go over to the ship wheel to see that the 3 signs (Pisces, Aries, and Virgo) are represented. 

Turn the wheel to show the Pisces sign on top, and write down the digits on the LEFT.  Now turn the wheel to show the Aries sign and write down the MIDDLE digits.  Turn the wheel to show Virgo on top and write down the digits on the RIGHT.  Combine the three numbers (left, middle, right) to arrive at telescope coordinates.  Input the coordinates (22-07-53) on the computer, turn the telescope and peer through the eyepiece to see 6 bright stars.  Note their positions and match dots on the 4x4 grid.  Press the ‘star’ button to turn it blue and watch as the wooden lockbox opens.  Take the Red Hex Knob inside and return to the lab.


Insert the hex knob in the containment jar and remove the final Blue Orb.  Having completed your collection for this chapter, go down to the Dome and insert the triangular mechanism on the sealed door to unlock it. 



Displayed in the room are collectibles you’ve found throughout the game.  Below each set sits a square button.  If any parts are missing, the button will be encased in glass.  Such is the case with Christopher’s coin collection (5 are still missing).  Examine complete sets and push the button to light up a particular color:

Blue - Clementine’s photos
Red - Astra’s paintings
Yellow - Alex’s figurines
Green - Christopher’s coins (currently locked)

Read the Green Journal on the desk (dated May 2, 2006) to learn that a storm prevented Christopher from activating the cosmic beacon he built; the Eyes have been waiting for someone who can finish the job.  Examine the rolled poster showing the Ara Constellation - a shape that should be recognizable by now.

Turn to face the entry door and look up to find a Triangle Device above the arch.  Add it to your inventory.   Now face the collection of blue orbs.  Assuming you found all of the them, the wall lowers revealing a door.  Enter the tower’s stairwell.


On the right is a radio producing creepy static.  Turn it off.  Look up at the door arch to find another Triangle Device that you can add to your inventory.  Examine the 123 Zodiac Cipher sitting next to the radio.  Write it down.  Open the drawer to collect Coins x3.

Start ascending the stairs.  After a few Eyes whiz by, stop to look around.  Face the left wall and collect Coins x2 off the stairwell’s window sill.  This should complete your coin set.  If so, return to the Collection Room.


Push the green button on the coin display and watch as a stone pedestal rises from the floor.  On it are 4 dials that you can scroll through to view various constellation patterns.  In order to set the dials correctly, consider the pentagon-shaped pedestal itself.  Where have you seen others just like it?

Locate 4 stone pedestals in the castle - you’ll find one in each of the previous areas:

Prologue - pedestal near the Boat Dock
Chapter 1 - pedestal inside the Supply Room
Chapter 2 - pedestal in Secret Nook behind the Library
Chapter 3 -  pedestal in the Research Room

For each stone pedestal discovered, note crack marks etched on the side.  Draw the 4 shapes.  Return to the Collection Room and set the constellation dials to match the crack marks, arranged chronologically.  When set correctly, the wall lowers revealing a door.  Enter the bonus area.


Inside, you’ll find all sorts of gadgets related to the game with certain areas devoted to Ben Droste’s allies.  At the end of the room is a hex wheel with a matching floor hatch.  Solve 6 simple puzzles, each involving a familiar object, to illuminate the hex wheel dots:

- Pull the fireplace chain
- Push the gold shield button
- Rotate the metal shape rod on the column
- Move the arrow dot on the Eye pedestal
- Set power switches under the pizza box table (code is marked on the castle painting)
- Click a stone face to turn its eyes green (above the ‘Ara’ display)

If you repeatedly jiggle the big gold urn on the floor, you’ll earn a Steam achievement, as well as a Gold Token.  Additionally, find and read all six Backer’s Books to earn another Steam achievement:

- Behind the fireplace tools
- Behind the dog photo
- On a ledge above the doorway
- On the crystal skull table
- On the floor near a pair of shoes
- Behind the beer keg

When all 6 hex lights are turned on, click the wheel to unfurl a spiral staircase leading down to the cellar’s brewery.  As far as I can tell, nothing is gained by staying there.  When you’re ready to finish the game, return to the tower stairwell.


Keep ascending until you arrive in a room with a ladder.  Search rope coils on the floor to find a note showing an arrow pointing to Dots.  Look for another scrap of paper under the container behind the ladder, showing Zodiac Equations featuring the signs you noted earlier.  Write these down as well.   Climb up the ladder to get outside.


Emerging on top of the tower, you’ll see the beacon construct attached to two metal boxes.  Insert the triangle devices you found earlier to open them.  Inside the left box are 3 wheels, a 3-digit panel, a Zodiac Equation, and a green ‘Start’ button.  The right box contains 4 wheels, 5 line fragments, and a red ‘Start’ button.  Turning the gold wheels affects more than one panel slot.

The dotted note you found in the stairwell offers clues on how to connect the line fragments.  Basically, start with 3 lines on the left and end with 1 line on the right.  Press the red button afterwards to open part of the beacon.

The left box number is arrived at by studying notes found in the stairwell.  On the Equations drawing, dashes represent ‘0’ and Zodiac signs represent 1, 2, 3 (as shown on the other stairwell note).  Exchange all dashes and signs so that you can view the 5 equations in strictly mathematical terms:

10 = 4
30 = 12
211 = 37
103 = 19
1000 = 64

The first and last equations tell you that a ‘Base-4’ method is being used to calculate sums:

1st digit = how many 1s
2nd digit = how many 4s
3rd digit = how many 16s
4th digit = how many 64s

Knowing this, solve the math problem on the green box.  The symbols translate to ‘2012’ therefor add: 

(2 x 64) + (0 x 16) + (1 x 4) + (2 x 1)

Enter the sum on the box’s dial (134) then press the green button.  Once the beacon starts spinning, a blue activation screen pops up requiring a 10-letter password.  The word has been referenced throughout the game.  What have the Eyes focused their attention on?  Or, more precisely, who?  Enter the password and watch the scene that follows.


One final puzzle can be solved by paying attention to the end credits.  Three Zodiac Equations appear on screen as credits roll.  Write down what you see.  You can replay the end credit sequence as many times as you wish.

Convert the 3 equations using the same Base-4 method, then go to the Telescope.  Input the 3 coordinates (49-m/20-degrees/12’) then peer through the eyepiece to see what is ‘written in the stars’.  Congratulations!


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