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MYSTERIOUS UNISON - Optional Dungeon

The Mysterious Unison is an optional dungeon filled with new enemies, rare treasures, and a quest that allows you to add one final member to your party. To reach it, return to Noise Dunes. Loop through the main area four times to reach the Oasis, where you’ll find a Save Pont and a large building. Use the Hero’s Crest to unlock the front door.

• Enemies: Mercurius, Roaming Pirate, Ryuuguu, Perfect Melon, Astral Lied
• Treasure: Soul Shard x7, Titiana’s Bow, Power Staff, Iron Gloves, Pervius, Morgenstern, Score Piece 23, Athena’s Tear, Nagul Fang, Nil Coat, Azure Umbrella, Seven-Branched, Dragon Armor, Score Piece 24, Royal Staff, Freudhersch, Alfheim, Peacock Dress, Nemesis Sword, Skofnung, Mirror Shield, Niflheim, Cupid’s Head, Best Lot, Achilles’s Armor, Lord’s Reign, Solomon’s Ring, Retaliator, Sheol Sword, Score Piece 25, Bezwell’s Sword

Upon entering, the team encounters Claves, who asks that you restore her by recovering seven Soul Shards scattered throughout the dungeon. Claves will join you in the search, though she’ll start around Level 20.

When you take control, use the Save Point then walk down the hall on the right to reach a teleport pad guarded by an enemy. Defeat the Mercurius to unblock the pad and increase your Party Level.


At Party Level 6, Harmony Chains increase to 6, however you can no longer simply push the Triangle button to execute them. Attack, Special Attack, and Guard/Counter will be assigned to random buttons during battle from now on. As a result, you must pay attention to the screen instead of instinctively hitting the buttons you are used to. On the plus side, your Item Slots increase to 50 and unused Echoes carry over to the next battle. Even though it’s annoying, try to master the new button-swapping thing, because successfully executing 6 Harmony Chains will prove lethal to all enemies in your way.

When ready, step on the teleport pad to reach Basement Level 1.

Basement Level 1
Move forward to a 4-way intersection. Turn left and continue through screens (and enemies) until you reach a T-junction. Go left again to reach a chest containing TITIANA’S BOW. Backtrack to the T-junction and head northeast. After rounding the corner, you’ll arrive at another T-junction. Turn left again to reach a chest containing the first SOUL SHARD.

Return to the T-junction and head south. Follow the path all the way back to the 4-way intersection. Once there, turn right (east) to find the next teleport pad. Use it to reach Basement Level 2.

Basement Level 2
Note that you can go directly to the Save Point at the entrance from any teleport once it’s been activated. After saving your game, select whichever floor you want to return to - in this case, 2F.

From the 2F warp pad, move forward until you reach a T-junction filled with pirate enemies. Head south (right) from here, following the path all the way down to a chest containing a POWER STAFF. Backtrack to the T-junction and head north now. At the next T-junction, veer southwest and continue until you get to a chest with IRON GLOVES. Return to the T-junction and travel southeast now.

Ignore the next junction and continue straight down (south). You’ll eventually come to another split in the path. Ignore it and continue forward to a chest holding a PERVIUS. Now backtrack to the split you just passed and head north. At the next T-junction, go east until you reach an area called “The Well Rope”. Once there, prepare your party for battle. When ready, approach the boss that is standing on the warp pad.

BOSS >> Deep Lurker

Strategy: If you’ve acclimated to the Moving Commands obtained after reaching Party Level 6, then this boss fight will be easy. If not, you could have some problems. Just build up Echoes and unleash Harmony Chains nearly every turn. If successful, not only will you damage the boss for over 300,000 HP, but also get a healing dose in the chain as well. Keep your eye on the button command screen so you know which one to press next.

For defeating the Deep Lurker, you receive the second SOUL SHARD. Now that the pad is unblocked, use it to teleport to the next floor.

Basement Levels 3 & 4
Levels 3 and 4 are connected by various teleports, so you’ll be tackling both floors simultaneously. Starting on Basement Level 3, continue forward past a T-junction, to the southwestern edge, where you’ll find a chest. Open it to receive a MORGENSTERN. Backtrack to the T-junction and head southeast. Step on the teleport pad at the end to reach Basement Level 4.

On 4F, move forward through some S-shaped curves until you reach a T-junction. Head north to reach a chest containing SCORE PIECE 23 then backtrack to the junction. Go southwest to the next teleport pad. Step on it to return to Basement Level 3.

Back on 3F, move forward, past a T-section, to the very end of the path where you’ll find a chest containing the third SOUL SHARD. Return to the T-section afterwards and head northwest to the next teleport. Step on the pad to return to Basement Level 4.

Back on 4F, go straight up to another teleport pad. Use it to reach the 5th floor.

Basement Level 5
This floor is a bit larger than previous ones, so you’ll encounter more enemies as you proceed, including new Perfect Melons. Do not underestimate the little creatures; they pack a big punch. Warp to the Save Point before returning to this floor if you have any doubts about your party’s strength -- otherwise, start by heading northwest. Ignore the first T-junction and proceed forward to another. Head northwest and at the next T-split, go west to find a chest containing ATHENA’S TEAR.

Backtrack to the previous split and go south. At the next split, head northeast. When you reach the 4-way intersection, continue heading northeast. Round the corner and go down to a chest containing a NAGUL FANG. Now return to the 4-way intersection.

Once there, head northwest until you reach a T-junction. Go northeast. After rounding a corner, you’ll come to another T-section. Head northeast again to reach a teleport pad. Use it to get to Basement Level 6.

Basement Level 6
There are no enemies on this floor, so rest easy. Head south until you reach a T-junction. Once there, speak with the red bubble floating in the middle of the path on the right. The bubble (Mute) will ask what you’d like to do: Shower or Eat.

If you select “Shower”, Mute will ask for 10,000 Gold. Pay up if you want to rest your party.
If you select “Eat”, Mute will ask for 99,999,999 Gold, the price you must pay to get its Soul Shard. You’ll easily acquire Mute’s outrageous asking price by fighting creatures on the upper floors. For now, leave the 6th floor via the transport on the southeast end. Warp to Basement Level 7.

Basement Level 7
This floor is a giant grid where one can easily get lost if you don’t pay attention to Area & Section names. There are no enemies or treasures here, so it’s really just a question of proper navigation.

From your starting position on the teleport pad, head northeast. Continue heading northeast past the next few junctions (A3-S3, A4-S3, A5-S3). Upon reaching the fourth junction, head southeast to A5-S4. Continue heading southeast through the next two junctions (A5-S5, A5-S6). When you get to the 4-way intersection, travel northeast to arrive at the portal dock. Step on the teleport pad to reach Basement Level 8.

Basement Levels 8 & 9
Similar to Levels 3 and 4, Basement Levels 8 and 9 are connected by teleports, however these floors are far more complex. Although there are multiple ways to travel between portals, this walkthrough offers the most direct route to finding all of the treasure.

From your starting position on 8F, head southeast past the T-junction. Go straight down to the end to find a chest containing a NIL COAT. Backtrack to the T-junction and head northeast until you arrive at a 4-way intersection. Each route leads to a teleport pad. Start by going southeast and use the pad at the end to get to Basement Level 9.

On 9F, move forward to a T-junction. Head northwest and at the next T-junction, turn right (northeast) to find a chest containing an AZURE UMBRELLA. Now backtrack to the warp pad you just used by going southwest, southeast, and northeast. Step on the teleport to return to 8F.

Back on 8F, walk up to the 4-way intersection. Head northeast to a new teleport pad. Use it to reach another part of Basement Level 9.

Back on 9F, continue forward past the T-section to a chest at the end, which holds DRAGON ARMOR. After getting it, return to the warp pad you just used by heading northwest. Warp back to Level 8.

On 8F, walk down to the 4-way intersection again. This time, go northwest up to the next teleport pad. Use it to transport to another section of Level 9. On 9F, go straight through to the next portal, which returns you to Level 8.

From here, head northwest. At the T-junction, go right (northeast) to the next teleport. Step on it to reach the next section of Level 9.

On 9F, head northeast to a T-junction. Go south to reach a chest containing SCORE PIECE 24 then return to the junction and head northeast. Use the portal up ahead to return to the 8th floor.

Once there, follow the path around two corners until you get to a T-junction. Continue southeast to a chest holding a SEVEN-BRANCHED. Backtrack to the T-junction and travel southwest now. Use the teleport at the end to return to 9F.

Back on 9F, go northeast past the T-split. Use the teleport at the end to return to Level 8.

On 8F, move forward until you reach a T-junction. Take the southwest route down to a chest containing another SOUL SHARD. After getting the item, backtrack to the teleport you just used to the north. Step on it to return to Level 9 once more.

From here, move forward to the final T-junction. Go southeast to reach the teleport that finally takes you up to Basement Level 10.

Basement Level 10
On Level 10, you will find a total of 10 treasure chests, as well as enemies that drop 600,000 Gold per kill. Engage all of the blue Ryuuguus as you travel through to start amassing the gold you need to pay Mute on Floor 6.

Start by going south past the first T-section. At the next one, head northeast to a chest containing a ROYAL STAFF. Backtrack to the T-section and continue heading south. Turn northeast when you can to find a chest with a FREUDHERSCH. Now head southwest until you can travel southeast. At the next T-junction, go northeast to find the third chest. After collecting an ALFHEIM from it, return to the T-junction and head northwest. Ignore the next two splits and continue to the top.

The next five chests are located on southwestern offshoots so you’ll be traveling in a set pattern for a while. Go southwest to the first of five chests and collect a PEACOCK DRESS. Backtrack to the T-junction and head southeast until you can veer west again. Ignore the next T-section and continue heading west to a chest containing a NEMESIS SWORD. Backtrack to the T-junction and repeat the process (head south then follow the western path past the junction) to collect the next three chests. They contain a SKOFNUNG, a MIRROR SHIELD, and a NIFLHEIM.

After getting the Niflheim, backtrack to the T-junction and head southeast once more. This time, continue southeast past the T-junction to find a chest containing CUPID’S HEAD. After collecting it, return to the T-junction and travel northeast. Ignore the next junction and continue heading east to the tenth chest, which contains a BEST LOT accessory for Beat. Now backtrack to the junction and go northwest.

At the next T-junction, head east. Use the teleport pad at the end to warp to Basement Level 11.

Basement Level 11
On this floor, you’ll want to fight large enemies called Astral Lieds. Each creature drops 1,500,000 Gold and since they usually appear in pairs, you’ll earn the remaining gold you need to pay Mute very quickly. There are a few chests to collect along the way as well.

Start by moving forward to a T-junction. Head northwest and the next junction, go southwest to a chest containing ACHILLES’S ARMOR. Backtrack to the junction and go north now. Round a corner and ignore the next T-split. Continue around the next corner to another T-junction. Go northeast and at the next split, veer northwest. Follow the S-shaped path up to a chest containing a LORD’S REIGN.

Return to the previous T-junction and continue heading southeast. Round a corner and eventually you’ll arrive at a 4-way intersection. Take the northwestern path up to a chest containing a SOLOMON’S RING. Backtrack to the 4-way intersection and go southeast now. Follow the curved path to another T-junction. Head northwest and at the next junction, go northeast. Open a chest at the end to receive THE RETALIATOR.

By now, you should have the 99, 999,999 Gold needed to pay Mute on Floor 6. If so, return to the teleport pad to pay Mute a visit before proceeding. To reach the teleport from here, backtrack to the previous T-section and head west. After rounding the corner, go north past the next junction then veer west. Walk through the S-curves then continue southwest to the portal.

(If you already paid Mute, skip the two paragraphs below and proceed as follows: Backtrack to the T-section and head southeast. Ignore the next split and continue forward to another. Head northeast to face a boss.)

Basement Level 6 - revisited
Warp to Basement Level 6 and pay Mute to get the fifth SOUL SHARD. Use the warp to go down to the entrance so that you can save your game before returning to Level 11. This will be the last opportunity to do so before facing the next boss.

Basement Level 11 - cont’d
After teleporting back to 11F, head northeast until you can veer southwest. Continue heading southwest at the next two junctions. When you reach the third junction, go northeast. Prep your party for battle before entering the last straightaway.

BOSS >> Rondo

Strategy: The new-and-improved Rondo (complete with fresh hairdo) is an extremely tough boss. All of her attacks deal between 12,000 to 20,000-damage, and she has the capacity to hit twice in a row. Her Grand Venom attack can poison characters as well. If Viola is in your party (recommended), she should do nothing but heal using both Special Attacks and Items. Have either Allegretto or Salsa rack up Echoes then have Jazz use them to start a Harmony Chain blitz. Other than having two people attack while your third member heals, there is no surefire strategy for beating Rondo. Generally though, you’ll be wiped out quickly if you fail to guard. Characters equipped with HP regeneration rings will fair better. Keep at it, and you’ll eventually deplete all of Rondo’s HP.

Upon beating Rondo, the party receives the sixth SOUL SHARD and the portal to Level 12 is unblocked. When ready, warp to Basement Level 12.

Basement Level 12
From the 12F warp pad, move forward through several enemies until you reach a T-junction. Head northeast. After rounding a corner, you’ll arrive at a 4-way intersection. Take the southwest path down to a chest containing a SHEOL SWORD then backtrack to the 4-way intersection. Go northeast to another 4-way split and continue forward to reach a chest holding SCORE PIECE 25. Return to the 4-way split and head northwest now.

Follow the winding path to a T-junction. Once there, head northwest again. At the end, you’ll find a chest containing BEZWELL’S SWORD. From here, travel southeast past the next two junctions. Round a few corners and you’ll eventually reach the portal exit. Step on the pad to warp to the final level.

Basement Level 13
Use the portal on 13F to warp back to the Save Point at the entrance before moving forward. Prepare your party for the last boss fight in this dungeon. When ready, return to Basement Level 13 and move forward to face off with the Annihilator.

BOSS >> Annihilator

Strategy: The Annihilator is perhaps the strongest enemy in the entire game, so you should use nearly every item in your Item Set and all of your best Special Attacks to keep yourself above water. The boss is slow but packs a wicked punch. Most of its attacks will cause 6,000 to16,000-damage. As usual, guard as best you can. When the boss is near death, it’ll start healing itself for 100,000 HP each turn, so you’ll need to work extra fast using nothing but Harmony Chains to bring the Annihilator’s health back down. Have Viola work in some long-ranged shots at this point, but don’t become lax about healing. Spade Clovers are a real lifesaver and there’s no need to hoard them at this point.

After the battle, you’ll receive the seventh SOUL SHARD and Claves joins your party for good. Step on the final teleport pad to return to the entrance. In doing so, you’ll trigger a biographical sequence on Chopin called “Heroic”, which only appears after completing the Mysterious Unison.

When it ends, save your game and climb the stairs on the left to leave the dungeon.

ENCORE GUIDE - Chapters 6 & 7

CHAPTER 6: After beating Fugue in Agogo Forest, the party automatically returns to Baroque. Enter the Warp Room to find two active warp pads. One takes you to the To Coda Ruins and the other allows you to choose your destination. What follows is a linear guide describing what you can achieve before warping to To Coda Ruins:

o Treasure: Fish Incense, Score Piece 26, Score Piece 27
o Sessions: Easygoing Flat

Warp to Tenuto and you’ll arrive at the entrance to the village. Speak with the man (Easygoing Flat) sitting at the bottom of the stairs on the right and play a few sessions with him. Use Score Piece 24 to get SCORE PIECE 26 (Rank-A). Use Score Piece 23 to receive FLORAL POWDER (Rank-B) and Score Piece 6 to earn a SILVER BULLET (Rank-S).

Enter the top right house and look for FISH INCENSE inside a pot next to the woman who is brushing the floor. Next, locate an orange cat near the stream in front of Polka’s house. Perform a session with the feline (Solitary String) using Score Piece 21 to get an ELITE EZI (Rank-A). Enter Polka’s house and speak with Solfege to learn more about Polka’s stone and go to the Flower Field for more dialogue with the flower pickers, if you wish.

Now enter Heaven’s Mirror Forest via the upper right path. Travel north until you reach the clearing where you fought a boss in Chapter 1, just beyond the Save Point. Continue up the path into Heaven’s Mirror Field and look for a large green toadstool on the left. Talk to the squirrel sitting on the edge of it to acquire SCORE PIECE 27. Return to Tenuto Village afterwards and warp back to Baroque.

o Treasure: Score Piece 28, Score Piece 29, Score Piece 30, Score Piece 31
o Sessions: Petty Oud, Strolling Ghost Note, Disappointed Note
o Trade: Heart Pendant > Pot

After warping to Forte, enter the Tavern and go upstairs. Search the tables to find SCORE PIECE 28 (it will only be there if you spoke to Grandma in Baroque’s hotel during Chapter 4). Leave the Tavern and head towards the Inn. Search the right corner near the entrance to obtain SCORE PIECE 29. If you like, pay 100 Gold to rest at the Inn; otherwise, go up to the castle gate.

Speak with the old man at the bottom of the stairs to trigger a scene with Polka. When it ends, return to the old man and speak with him again to acquire SCORE PIECE 30. Go upstairs and talk to the guard (Petty Oud) standing in front of the right gate. Perform a session with him using Score Piece 30 (the one you just received) and you’ll get a RAPTURE HEAD (Rank-B) for Viola. Now leave Forte from the south to get to Hanon Hills.

Just past the first enemy, you’ll spot a new figure in the shaded area off the road. Perform sessions with Strolling Ghost Note using Score Piece 9 to receive a LAUGHING EZI (Rank-A) and Score Piece 1 or 21 to receive a BIG PAPER FAN (Rank-B). Keep heading south until you arrive at Fort Fermata’s Central Road North.

If you spoke to the Former Developer in Ritardando and the Former Servant in Baroque, you can begin the second trading quest now by seeking out Chord in Fort Fermata’s locked room. The route to the locked room depends on how you left the arrangement of paths when you last visited. It is on the western side of the fort, accessible from the outer ring. Use the Fort Fermata Key to open the room. Inside, you’ll see a figure slumped on the floor next to a broken pot. If you have the Heart Pendant equipped to anyone, Chord will not talk to you. With it in your inventory he will, and exchanges the Pendant for a POT.

Get back to Central Road and leave the Fort from the southern exit. Look for a guy on the Cabasa Bridge (Disappointed Note) who’ll perform sessions with you. Use Score Piece 19 to get SCORE PIECE 31 (Rank-A). Play another session using just about any Score Piece (1-3, 7, 8, 15-17) to acquire a HUNTING KNIFE (Rank-B). Now walk all the way back to Forte.

Upon returning to town, seek out Petty Oud at the Castle Gate again. Play Score Piece 31 with him to receive a DIAMOND BRACELET (Rank-A). Warp back to Baroque afterwards.

o Trade: Pot > Goat Stew

Enter the house in the upper right corner. Speak with the woman inside to exchange the Pot for GOAT STEW. Return to Baroque via the warp pad.

o Treasure: Score Piece 32
o Sessions: Gentle Harp, Lonesome Loco

Back in town, head south and enter the last house on the right. Inside, you’ll find the dogs barking and the wife distressed about her missing husband. The team learns that her husband was last seen in Sharp Mountains. Go there when ready.

Continue up the path until you reach the Second Point area. Once there, turn right and walk under the overhanging rocks where you’ll hear a dog barking. Continue around the corner to find the missing husband and his dog fending off a big white rat. Prepare your party for battle and approach the creature.

BOSS >> Tracer

Strategy: Tracer can damage characters within range for 9000 HP or more, so use Angel Trumpets if necessary. It can also heal itself for around 68,000 HP, so hopefully you built up Echoes while climbing the mountain to deplete the boss quickly using Harmony Chains. Despite its powerful attacks, this isn’t a particularly hard battle compared to other bosses, so just keep at it until the rat falls.

After the battle, you earn a SAINT’S MIRROR and ARTEMIS’S BOW, and will automatically return to the couple’s house in Baroque. Once there, they give you the final piece of music: SCORE PIECE 32.

Leave and re-enter the house. Talk to the wife again to learn that her name is Gentle Harp. Play a couple of sessions with her using Score Piece 16 to get a WEEKLY EZI MAGAZINE (Rank-A) and Score Piece 22 to acquire a BUBBLE STRAW (Rank-B).

Seek out Lonesome Loco again (the boy standing at the right of the fountain) and play Score Piece 32 with him to get a TOPAZ BRACELET (Rank-A).

o Treasure: Pyro Blade
o Sessions: Sullen Melody, Lonely Pitch

Warp to Andante and enter the storage room between the bridges where you’ll find Sullen Melody. Perform a session with her using Score Piece 30 to receive an AMETHYST BRACELET (Rank-A). Leave Andante and head east into Lake Reverb.

Perform a new session with Lonely Pitch using Score Piece 20 to earn an EZI PHOTO (Rank-A). Follow the trail east and enter the cabin at the end. Search the second room in the Hideout to find a chest with a PYRO BLADE for Jazz. Equip the Onyx Bracelet on him if you want to use this sword to counter its status effects of Burst and Stop. Return to Baroque.

o Sessions: Precocious Flute, Twilight Juju
o Trade: Goat Stew > Coupon

Warp to Agogo Village and go to the cave entrance using the upper left path. Play a new session with Precocious Flute using Score Piece 29 to obtain a SMALL EZI (Rank-A). Leave Agogo Village using the northeast path to reach the Chorus Plains.

Go over the bridge and continue up the left embankment until you find the Goatherd. Give him the Goat Stew to receive a COUPON. Continue north through the Chorus Plains until you reach the dock. Speak with the man on the right (Twilight Juju) to play a few sessions. Use Score Piece 6 to get the EZI FREE PASS (Rank-S), which allows access to the Church of EZI bonus dungeon in Sharp Mountains. Also play Score Piece 7 to get a CLUB CLOVER (Rank-B) and use Score Piece 15 to receive a SWIMMING EZI (Rank-A). Return to Agogo Village afterwards and warp back to Baroque.

o Sessions: Methodical Gospel

The warp deposits you next to the Save Point on the beach. Walk into town and go up to the Church. Look for a person sitting in the third pew on the left. Perform a session with Methodical Gospel using Score Piece 27 to receive an EZI PENDANT (Rank-A). Leave town via the warp.

o Sessions: Sister Loving Trumpet, Tenacious Cornet

Take the warp to Cantabile Inn and go inside. Enter the left guestroom to find Sister Loving Trumpet. Play sessions using Score Piece 23 to earn a HIPPOLYTE’S BELT (Rank-A) and Score Piece 12, 24 or 28 to get a SNOWPUFF COOKIE (Rank-B). Her sister (Tenacious Cornet) is hiding near the table next to the window. Play a session with her using Score Piece 13 to get an EZI POCKETBOOK (Rank-A).

Save your game outside then travel north into the Woodblock Groves. Make your way straight through the first area into South Center. Use the third jump point to reach the lower path. Head north towards the Bloody Onion enemy. Look for a white circular shape marking the left path. On the other side of this path is a furled leaf device. Prepare your party for battle before examining it. When ready, input the code: 3-2-1-4.

OPTIONAL BOSS >> Captain Dolce, Bass, Guitar

Strategy: Dolce and her pirates have had an upgrade and this battle is much tougher than the last. Despite this, your strategy should remain the same: take out the two pirates first then focus on Dolce. No matter how effective your Harmony Chains are on her, the three combined can wipe out your party in one turn. As before, she’ll use Full-Moon Bind to cause Stop status on characters. If you can prevent this, the fight will be much easier.

For beating Dolce this time, you’ll earn a WILDERNESS weapon for Salsa and a chest appears. Open it to get the SEVEN STARS accessory, which increases everyone’s experience by 20% when equipped on an active party member.

To return to the Inn, use the path between the white circle and the switch. Jump down at the first bridge and follow the path north then around to the right. Continue south past Hungry Drum and jump off the bridge to the lower path that leads to Cantabile Inn. Warp back to Baroque from there.

o Trade: Coupon > Honey

Exit the city to the south. Go through Hanon Hills until you reach the caravan Merchant. Exchange the Coupon for HONEY, and the Merchant will mention a magic candy that allows you to communicate with animals. Walk back to Forte afterwards and warp to Baroque.


Enter the castle and go upstairs to the Second Floor Hallway. Enter the Laboratory on the far west end. Speak with the Magic Researcher inside to ask about the special candy and he’ll give you a recipe: Honey, Agogo Droppings, and Magic Water. The Researcher takes your Honey and offers a clue on where to find the Droppings - Agogo Village. Warp there when ready.

o Trade: 20 photos > Agogo Droppings

Talk to the boy with the camera near March’s house. He wants 20 photos, each showing a different type of monster. Speak to him a second time to hand over any photos you have. Quality doesn’t matter but he will not take any duplicates. The boy will tell you how many more you need.

Take pictures of different types of monsters in any location you wish. Once you have given the boy 20 unique monster photos, he will give you AGOGO DROPPINGS. Warp back to Baroque after getting the item.

o Trade: Agogo Droppings > Odd Candy

Visit the Magic Researcher on the second floor of the castle. After giving him the Agogo Droppings, he tells you to go and rest at the Hotel in town. Do exactly as he says because staying at a different establishment won’t work. Rest for free and watch a scene that takes place overnight. In the morning, return to castle and speak with the Magic Researcher to receive ODD CANDY.

o Trade: Odd Candy > Glass Ball

Once you have the Odd Candy, take the warp to Forte City and walk through Hanon Hills back to the Merchant and his caravan. Hand over the Odd Candy to get a GLASS BALL. Return to Forte and warp to Baroque.

o Trade: Glass Ball > Orb

Speak with the priest that’s hanging out below the Tavern. Try giving him the Glass Ball and he’ll return it to you, explaining that you must visit the Aria Temple first. Head south to leave the city and continue through Celestra Forest until you reach Aria Temple.

Enter the temple and climb up the rope in the middle room. On the second floor, go to the stairs on the north end and ascend to the Corridor level. Follow the empty corridor around to the southern stairs that take you up to the top floor. Enter the room where you fought Rondo and investigate the shadowy figure in back. Retto will automatically exchange the Glass Ball for an ORB. You can’t trade the Orb until Chapter 7, so exit the Temple and return to Baroque.

Carry on with the main walkthrough until reaching the top of Xylophone Tower in Chapter 7...

o Trade: Orb > Lion’s Chime (final item)

After Retto opens the barrier, you will not leave the Tower. Walk along the outer ring until you reach a vessel near a small door. Examine the vessel and Retto will place the Orb in it, which opens the door. Go through and open a chest to get the final trade item, a LION’S CHIME accessory. Use the warp pad outside the tower to return to Baroque.

o Sessions: Henpecked Phil’s Dad

Enter the Inn and talk to Phil’s dad (Henpecked Phil’s Dad) and he will agree to perform a session. Use Score Piece 26 (which you obtained in the Mysterious Unison) to receive a SILVER STAR (Rank-A) for Allegretto. You can also get a PEACOCK’S FEATHER (Rank-B) by playing Score Piece 12, 15 or 31. Return to Baroque afterwards.

o Sessions: Quack Ukulele

From Baroque, enter the Sharp Mountains. Turn right at the first junction to reach the small shrine. You’ll find Quack Ukulele waiting there. Perform a session using Score Piece 25 (which you obtained in the Mysterious Unison) to get the GOLD MOON (Rank-A). Equip it on Polka to increase everyone’s experience by 5% and recover 10% of her HP per turn. You can also get a PEACOCK’S FEATHER (Rank-B) by playing Score Piece 2, 3, 7, 8 or 9.

Backtrack to the junction and head left now. Kill the lone enemy in the corner to reveal a plaque on the wall. Examine it to trigger a conversation. Assuming you acquired the EZI Free Pass from Twilight Juju in Chorus Plains earlier, you can now enter the Church of EZI - an optional dungeon that is only available in Encore mode. Save your game at the Sharp Mountains Base before entering the cave.

CHURCH OF EZI - Optional Dungeon (Encore only)
o Enemies: EZI Devotee, EZI Torch Bearer
o Treasure: Glory, Mjolnir, Hell’s Cannon

At the end of a short tunnel, you’ll be inside the Church of EZI. Inspect the pillars for some information if you like, then fight the first enemy on the right. If you have trouble beating it, leave the dungeon and return later once your characters are stronger (after visiting the Mysterious Unison dungeon in Chapter 7, for example). Even at Level 55, the enemies here will be tough and you’ll definitely need Party Level 6 if you haven’t already obtained it.

Path to Peace
The route is too narrow to avoid enemies so just do your best. After turning the corner, enter a new passage. Fight an enemy right in front of you then walk up the red carpet until you arrive at a large, round room with a statue in the middle. There are two sets of enemies here and an opening at the far end. You can avoid the side enemies by edging down the steps to the lower part of the room, where the statue warns about the poisonous floor. Pass through the archway to reach the next area.

Passion Proving Passage
When you arrive, an Enlightened EZI statue explains that there are alarms in the next few rooms that you must avoid. After using the Save Point, enter the first hallway.

Looking down from a bird’s eye view, you’ll notice the floor is striped red and beige, with statues shining light over the paler strips. Your goal is to avoid walking in the lit sections. Doing so will trigger a battle and put your team back at the start.

The second room is arranged so you cannot see the statue close to the doorway when you first enter. The light is shining vertically. Walk straight ahead and down the middle poisonous path to reach the exit in the top right corner. The third area appears to have no light shining so just walk straight ahead into the next chamber.

Courage Checking Chamber
There are no more instructions, but walk forward until you get the bird’s eye view again. This room is much larger and the statues don’t reveal their lighted alarm so you have to work out where it’s directed. Each statue has a range of 5 tiles, so count the tiles to make sure you avoid the invisible alarm. Although the poison patches are safe from alarms, stepping through it can reduce everyone’s HP to 1 if you linger too long. Use restorative items to keep everyone in good health as you move along.

There are three levers inside the chamber. Each one will change the position of the statues, moving them all either clockwise or counter-clockwise by one position. In order to access the treasure chests before exiting, proceed as follows:

Start from 3 tiles to the left of the right wall and walk up into the poison. Go left to reach the west wall of the first area safely. You can investigate the picture on the wall for a scene. Ignore the chest on the left and walk around to the right to acquire GLORY, a powerful cane for Serenade.

From this chest, walk straight down to the horizontal wall and go right 5 tiles until you reach a statue. Walk through the poison to the north wall then back down through the next pool of poison. Stop when you are level with the dividing wall and before you reach the statue facing to the right. Turn right and count 5 tiles in front of that statue before taking one step down and then going left. There’s a single tile wide safe path that leads to the lever, running one tile up from the south wall. Use the first lever to turn the statues counter-clockwise.

Now walk north through the poison again and turn right at the final tile. Continue heading right through 4 more tiles, passing between two statues that eventually place you on the right side of the middle wall. Move around to the left, hugging the wall until you reach a diagonal line of statues. Head north from here. When you reach the patch of poison, turn left. Stop one tile before reaching the west wall and head south. Open the chest in the corner to obtain a MJOLNIR weapon for Crescendo.

From this chest, return to the poison patch and make your way up to the northwestern corner of the room, past a statue on your right. Use the second lever to move the statues back to their original positions. Starting from the statue on the left side of the picture, walk south until you’re back at the middle wall. Turn right and move 2 tiles forward. Go down 3 or 4 tiles and turn right again. When you reach the sixth (safe) tile, go up 1 tile and you should be facing the back of another statue. Turn left to access the chest, which contains a HELL’S CANNON weapon for Beat.

Walk through the gap and move towards the eastern wall, staying a couple of tiles away from it. Head north, moving parallel with the wall until you reach the third lever. Use it to turn the statues counter-clockwise again. Investigate the third picture if you like; otherwise go left, taking care to avoid the statue adjacent to the left wall since it’s is facing down. Go to the back of statue on the north side of the horizontal wall and continue north to the exit.

To fight an optional boss in this area, do the following: Return to the chamber. Instigate a battle so that you’re sent back to the start. Navigate through the room and switch the first two levers. Trigger the alarm from the statue that’s directly opposite the exit to Placid Parish to force the boss to appear.

OPTIONAL BOSS >> Dandelion

Strategy: Your position to the boss depends on which tile you stepped on to trigger the alarm. The fifth tile starts the team closer to the boss, whereas the first and third tiles spread the party out a little. As usual, the boss uses multi-hit attacks and guarding will save the day. It resists most items so don’t waste time using them. Many attacks will bounce off Dandelion when it buries itself in the floor. If you start the battle with Echoes built up, the boss will perish quickly. If not, prepare for a long battle waiting for your attacks to connect.

When you beat Dandelion, you’ll receive SACRED MAIL and sometimes a second item, and the party will be back at the start of the statue rooms. You can fight Dandelion as many times as you like, so save your game and do it again; otherwise enter Placid Parish.

Placid Parish
Walk through the poison and speak with the merchant on the left. His shop doesn’t sell a lot but you should have plenty of gold to buy 99 of everything. The platform on the right is an Inn. Pay 321 Gold if you want to rest there. Check the large wooden plank in the building on the left to get some valuable information and use the Save Point in the third building further to the left. Use Spade Clovers as you move forward through poison to the next area.

Wonder Way
Walk straight through, and heal your party before entering the Awesome Altar.

Awesome Altar
After a strange scene, engage the dungeon’s final boss.

BOSS >> The Great EZI, EZI Holy Light x2

Strategy: The EZI Holy Lights use HP draining attacks as well as skills that heal the boss for 98000 HP per turn. They are deadly if you fail to guard. The Great EZI uses Roller, which (as the name suggests) rolls over those in its path, both forward and backward, shaving off around 10,000 HP and 40,000 HP respectively. The boss will revive its sidekicks and fully heal them, so you might not feel like you’re making much progress. However, the boss needs their light to cast healing spells so eliminating them is still advantageous. Just keep the boss away from the light as much as possible and let Harmony Chains do their job.

Upon winning, SCRAPBOOK is added to the Main Menu and the party automatically returns to the church entrance in Sharp Mountains. Walk back down the slope to Baroque and warp to Xylophone Tower when you’re ready to continue the game...



Score Pieces are added to the main menu in the order found - the numbers below will match how they are displayed so long as you do not skip any:

01. CHAPTER 1 - Agogo Village - In a small fruit stand to the right of March’s house
02. CHAPTER 2 - Fort Fermata - In a chest next to the north gate after defeating boss
03. CHAPTER 3 - Cantabile Inn - In a boat on the path near Save Point
04. CHAPTER 3 - Woodblock Groves, North Central - In a chest on a ledge above the Save Point
05. CHAPTER 3 - Andante - On a shelf in the storage room near Sullen Melody
06. CHAPTER 3 - Andante - Find note on lower floor then look behind rocks near the first bridge
07. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque Ship, East Hallway - In bedroom on the right (bookshelf)
08. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque Ship, Deck - In a crate on the right
09. CHAPTER 4 - Pirate Ship Dolce, Basement Level 4 - In a chest inside the second cabin on the right
10. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque Castle, First Floor East - Inside the second room
11. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque Castle, Second Floor East - In an office at the end of the corridor (clock)
12. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque City, Hotel - In second floor guestroom on the left
13. CHAPTER 4 - Baroque City, South Entrance - Search the second snowman
14. CHAPTER 4 - Sharp Mountains, Second Point - In a niche off the path
15. CHAPTER 4 - Sharp Mountains, Lodge - Inside the fireplace
16. CHAPTER 4 - Wah Lava Caves, Middle 3 Section - In a chest
17. CHAPTER 5 - Ritardando, Bakery - Inside a basket in back
18. CHAPTER 5 - Ritardando, Bakery - On left shelves
19. CHAPTER 5 - Ritardando, Mandolin Church Catacombs, East Section - In a chest
20. CHAPTER 5 - Baroque City, Bar Cellar - Inside a barrel after defeating Dolce
21. CHAPTER 6 - Celestra Forest - From a merchant on the bridge after gaining the Aria Temple Key
22. CHAPTER 6 - Cello Tree - In a large tree root on the right
23. CHAPTER 7 - Mysterious Unison, Basement Level 4 - In a chest
24. CHAPTER 7 - Mysterious Unison, Basement Level 9 - In a chest
25. CHAPTER 7 - Mysterious Unison, Basement Level 12 - In a chest

The following Score Pieces can only be obtained during Encore playthroughs via warp:

26. CHAPTER 6 - Tenuto Village - Perform with Easygoing Flat using Score Piece 24
27. CHAPTER 6 - Heaven Mirror’s Forest - Talk to a squirrel sitting on green toadstool in North forest
28. CHAPTER 6 - Forte City - On a table upstairs in the Tavern
29. CHAPTER 6 - Forte City - On the right side of the Inn’s front door
30. CHAPTER 6 - Forte Castle Gate - Speak with old man near stairs twice (must talk to Grandma in Ch.4)
31. CHAPTER 6 - Cabasa Bridge - Perform with Disappointed Note using Score Piece 19
32. CHAPTER 6 - Baroque City - Received as a reward for rescuing wife’s husband in Sharp Mountains


Gentlemanly Pop -- Forte City, Castle Gate (top left-night or near stairs-day)
Rank S = Score Piece 8 -Lion’s Mane (Encore)
Rank A = Score Piece 2 -EZI Cracker
Rank B = Score Piece 1/3 -Peach Cookie

Wiseman Maracas -- Glissando Cliffs, Area 1 (standing on far right ledge)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A= Score Piece 5 -EZI Certificate (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 23 -Tailored Clothes (Encore)

Thief Slur -- Forte Dungeon (in cell)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 17 -Emerald Bracelet (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 14/16/20 -Copper Necklace (Encore)

Hungry Drum -- Woodblock Groves, South (near pond)
Rank S = Score Piece 1 -Brilliant Brooch
Rank A = Score Piece 8 -Gold Necklace (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 4/7/9/17 -Poison Whitecap

Lonely Pitch -- Lake Reverb (side of road)
Rank S = Score Piece 23 -Onyx Bracelet (Encore)
Rank A= Score Piece 20 -EZI Photo (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 1/3/9/14 -Shadow Tail

Sullen Melody -- Andante, Storage Room (top level)
Rank S = Score Piece 10/12/15 -Floral Powder (Encore)
Rank A= Score Piece 28 -Amethyst Bracelet (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 1/5/13 -Peach Cookie

Captive Conga -- Pirate Ship Dolce, Basement Level 3 (top left room)
Rank S = Score Piece 3 -Dark Brooch
Rank A = Score Piece 4 -EZI Scarf
Rank B = Score Piece 16/18/20 -Twilight Feather (Encore)

Impatient Pizzicato -- Baroque Castle, First Floor East Hallway
Rank S = Score Piece 3/14 -Angel Trumpet
Rank A = Score Piece 22 -Ruby Bracelet (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 2/9/17 -Peach Cookie

Celebrity Marcato -- Baroque Castle, Second Floor (center hall)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 1 -EZI String Phone
Rank B = Score Piece 7/9/17 -Club CLover

Lonesome Loco -- Baroque City (to the right of fountain)
Rank S = Score Piece 15 -Sky Blue Brooch
Rank A = Score Piece 30 -Topaz Bracelet (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 22/28 -Fallen Feather

Contrary Marimba -- Baroque City (bottom of staircase)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 6 -Smiling EZI
Rank B = Score Piece 5 -Glowing Tail

Killer Bell Lyre -- Sharp Mountains, Sixth Point (hiding in alcove off path)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 14 -EZI Egg
Rank B = Score Piece 3/7/18 -Star Cookie

Worrywart Horn -- Ritardando (near fountain)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 3 -Cherry EZI
Rank B = Score Piece 1/17/23 -Snowpuff Cookie

Shallow Sweet -- Baroque Castle, Second Floor West (guestroom)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 12 -EZI Pajamas
Rank B = Score Piece 3/28 -Poison Whitecap

Granny’s Girl Quena -- Baroque Hotel (second floor guestroom)
Rank S = Score Piece 10/25 -Obsidian Mirror
Rank A = Score Piece 7 -EZI Paddle
Rank B = Score Piece 1/9/16 -Fish Incense

Conceited Choir -- Baroque Castle, Side Garden (lower left)
Rank S = Score Piece 11 -Odd Chocolate
Rank A = Score Piece 18 -EZI Handkerchief
Rank B = Score Piece 1/3/18 -Snowpuff Cookie

Aloof Fiddle -- Mt. Rock, Mineshaft
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 11 -Sunlight Guards
Rank B = Score Piece 12/28 -Floral Powder

Precocious Flute -- Agogo Village, Cave Entrance
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 29 -Small EZI (Encore)
Rank B = Score Piece 2 -Guardian Clothes

Glamorous Oboe - Elegy of the Moon (near Xylophone Tower entrance)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A Score Piece 28 -EZI Bun (Encore)
Rank B n/a n/a

Desolate Goro/Saburo -- Noise Dunes, Tower Entrance (a rock in sand)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 10 -Shadow Helm
Rank B = Score Piece 13 -Chapel EZI

ENCORE ONLY: These musicians appear in Chapters 6 & 7:

Easygoing Flat -- Tenuto Village (near steps)
Rank S = Score Piece 6 -Silver Bullet
Rank A = Score Piece 24 -Score Piece 26
Rank B = Score Piece 23 -Floral Powder

Solitary String -- Tenuto Village (cat near Polka’s house)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 21 -Elite EZI
Rank B = n/a

Methodical Gospel -- Ritardando (Mandolin Church pew)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 27 -EZI Pendant
Rank B = n/a

Twilight JuJu -- Chorus Plains (lakeside dock)
Rank S = Score Piece 6 -EZI Free Pass
Rank A = Score Piece 15 -Swimming EZI
Rank B = Score Piece 7 -Club Clover

Strolling Ghost Note -- Hanon Hills, North (under shade of tree)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 9 -Laughing EZI
Rank B = Score Piece 1/6/21 -Big Paper Fan

Petty Oud -- Forte Castle Gate (a guard on the right)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 32 -Diamond Bracelet
Rank B = Score Piece 30 -Rapture Head

Disappointed Note -- Cabasa Bridge (on Fort Fermata side)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 19 -Score Piece 32
Rank B = Score Piece 1/2/3 -Hunting Knife

Sister Loving Trumpet -- Cantabile Inn (left guestroom)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 23 -Hippolyte’s Belt
Rank B = Score Piece 12/24 -Snowpuff Cookie

Tenacious Cornet -- Cantabile Inn (left guestroom)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 13 -EZI Pocketbook
Rank B = n/a

Henpecked Phil’s Dad -- Forte City Inn (after visiting Elegy of the Moon)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 26 -Silver Star
Rank B = Score Piece 12/15/31 -Peacock’s Feather

Gentle Harp -- Baroque City (residence with dogs, after rescuing husband)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 16 -Weekly EZI Magazine
Rank B = Score Piece 22 -Bubble Straw

Quack Ukelele -- Sharp Mountains (by EZI Shrine at fork)
Rank S = n/a
Rank A = Score Piece 25 -Gold Moon
Rank B = Score Piece 2/3/7/8 -Peacock’s Feather

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