dragon quest VIII - extras
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Copper Sword Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife (Atk +13)
Rusty Old Sword Liquid Metal Sword + Mystifying Mixture + Cowpat (Atk +45)
Holy Silver Rapier Templar’s Sword + Holy Talisman (Atk +54)
Uber Falcon Blade Falcon Blade + Meteorite Bracer (Atk +55, Attack 2x per round)
Fallen Angel Rapier Holy Silver Rapier + Devil’s Tail + Wing of Bat (Atk +61)
Zombie Slayer Zombiesbane + Holy Talisman (Atk +65, Effective against Zombies)
Double-Edged Sword Uber Double-Edge + Devil’s Tail (Atk +76 / Cursed, receive dmg. when attacking)
Uber Double-Edge Double-Edged Sword + Saint’s Ashes + Saint’s Ashes (Atk +76)
Mercury’s Rapier Fallen Angel Rapier + Mercury’s Bandana x 2 (Atk +78 / Agility +20)
Dragon Slayer Dragonsbane + Mighty Armlet (Atk +83 / Effective against Dragons)
Blizzard Blade Bastard Sword + Icicle Dirk + Cold Cheese (Atk +90)
Uber Miracle Sword Miracle Sword + Life Bracer (Atk +95 / Heal some HP when you Attack)
Shamshir of Light Rune Staff + Light Shield + Shimmering Dress (Atk +110)
Liquid Metal Sword Rusty Old Sword + Orichalcum + Slime Crown (Atk +118)
Dragon God King Sword Dragon God Sword + Liquid Metal Sword (Atk +137)


Iron Lance Cypress Stick + Dagger (Atk +24)
Long Spear Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Iron Lance (Atk +30)
Holy Lance Long Spear + Gold Rosary (Atk +34)
Sandstorm Spear Partisan + Saint’s Ashes (Atk +67 / Surround enemies when used as an item)
Demon Spear Poison Needle + Devil’s Tail + Battle Fork (Atk +86)


Reinforced Boomerang Boomerang + Iron Nail (Atk +32 / Hits all enemies)
Razor Wing Boomerang Edged Boomerang + Wing of Bat + Steel Scythe (Atk +42 / Hits all enemies)
Flametang Boomerang Swallowtail + Flame Shield (Atk +63 / Hits all enemies)
Metal Wing Boomerang Razor Wing Boomerang + Metal King Spear (Atk +70 / Hits all enemies)


Stone Axe Cypress Stick + Stone Hard Hat (Atk +20)
Golden Axe Iron Axe + Gold Nugget (Atk +27)
Iron Axe Farmer’s Scythe + Farmer’s Scythe (Atk +38)
Bandit Axe Battle Axe + Thief’s Key (Atk +55)
Moon Axe Golden Axe + Moon’s Mercy (Atk +60)
King Axe Golden Axe + Slime Crown (Atk +80)


Sledgehammer Giant Mallet + Iron Helmet + Iron Helmet (Atk +33)
Uber War Hammer War Hammer + Mighty Armlet (Atk +69)
Megaton Hammer Uber War Hammer + Conqueror’s Axe + Orichalcum (Atk +108)


Hell Scythe Steel Scythe + Poison Moth Knife + Hades’ Helm (Atk +65 / Paralyze an enemy)


Falcon Knife Slime Earrings + Agility Ring + Tough Guy Tattoo (Atk +34 / Atk 2x per round)
Assassin’s Dagger Eagle Dagger + Poison Needle (Atk +37 / Randomly kills an enemy instantly)
Imp Knife Assassin’s Dagger + Devil’s Tail (Atk +52 / Absorb MP when you Attack)


Leather Whip Devil’s Tail + Saint’s Ashes (Atk +6 / Hits a group of enemies)
Snakeskin Whip Leather Whip + Scale Shield (Atk +23 / Hits a group of enemies)
Dragon Tail Whip Snakeskin Whip + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale (Atk +47 / Hits a group of enemies)
Demon Whip Scourge Whip + Devil’s Tail (Atk +72 / Cursed / Hits a group of enemies)
Scourge Whip Demon Whip + Saint’s Ashes (Atk +99 / Hits a group of enemies)


Magma Staff Wizard’s Staff + Rockbomb Shard (Atk +28 / Casts Bang when used as an item)
Staff of Anti-Magic Wizard’s Staff + Rune Staff (Atk +41 / Casts Stop when used as an item)
Staff of Resurrection Rune Staff + Yggdrasil Leaf + Life Bracer (Atk +77 / Casts Vivify when used as an item)


Hunter’s Bow Short Bow + Chain Whip (Atk +30)
Hunter’s Bow Cypress Stick + Cypress Stick + Strength Ring (Atk +30)
Eros’ Bow Hunter’s Bow + Garter Belt (Atk +45 / Can Confuse an enemy)
Cheiron’s Bow Eros’ Bow + Power Shield (Atk +63 / Heals 30HP to all when used as an item)
Odin’s Bow Great Bow + Eros’ Bow + Cheiron’s Bow (Atk +125)


Wayfarer’s Clothes Plain Clothes + Plain Clothes (Defense +7)
Boxer Shorts Bandana + Bandit’s Grass Skirt (Defense +8)
Leather Armor Magic Beast Hide + Wayfarer’s Clothes (Defense +11)
Leather Kilt Boxer Shorts + Magic Beast Hide (Defense +12)
Leather Kilt Leathr Whip + Bandana (Defense +12)
Templar’s Uniform Wayfarer’s Clothes + Templar’s Shield (Defense +13)
Leather Dress Magic Beast Hide + Dancer’s Costume (Defense +15)
Scale Armor Leather Armor + Dragon Scale (Defense +17)
Bronze Armor Chain Mail + Bronze Shield (Defense +24)
Iron Cuirass Iron Shield + Iron Shield (Defense +25)
Fur Poncho Magic Beast Hide + Magic Beast Hide (Defense +29 / Fire and ice Atks reduced by 20)
Robe of Serenity Cloak of Evasion + Boxer Shorts (Defense +34 / Protects against Sleep)
Bunny Suit Silk Bustier + Bunny Tail (Defense +38 / Changes Jessica’s appearance)
Zombie Mail Platinum Mail + Devil’s Tail (Defense +42 / Cursed)
Zombie Mail Silver mail + Zombiesbane (Defense +42 / Cursed)
Silver Cuirass Iron Cuirass + Silver Platter + Silver Platter (Defense +44)
Magic Armor Full Plate Armor + Ruby of Protection + Prayer Ring (Def. +55 / Mgc Atks reduced by 15)
Sage’s Robe Scholar’s Cap + Magic Robe (Defense +55 / Magic Atks reduced by 25 points)
Magical Skirt Magical Mace + Magical Hat + Bandit’s Grass Skirt (Defense +55 / Magic Atks -2/3rds)
Dancer’s Mail Dancer’s Costume + Silver Mail (Defense +57)
Dragon Mail Silver Mail + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale (Defense +60 / Fire and ice Atks weakened)
Shimmering Dress Spangled Dress + Ruby of Protection + Gold Bracer (Defense +67 / Reflects spells)
Spiked Armor Magic Armor + Edged Boomerang (Defense +68 / If Atked, enemy is damaged)
Platinum Mail Zombie Mail + Saint’s Ashes (Defense +72 / Magic Atks reduced by 15 points)
Angel Robe Flowing Dress + Magical Skirt (Defense +73 / Protects against Death spells)
Bandit Mail Heavy Armor + Bandit Axe + Bandit’s Grass Skirt (Defense +80)
Crimson Robe Sage’s Robe + Magic Water + Nook Grass (Defense +82 / Ice Atks reduced by 20 points)
Dark Robe Cloak of Evasion + Wing of Bat + Devil’s Tail (Defense +87)
Mirror Armor Silver Mail + Mirror Shield + Mirror Shield (Defense +92 / Reflects spells)
Princess Robe Angel Robe + Gold Rosary + Shimmering Dress (Defense +94 / Magic Atks less 30 points)
Gigant Armor Bandit Mail + Mighty Armlet + Mighty Armlet (Defense +95 / Fire, ice, Atks reduced by 30)
Divine Bustier Dangerous Bustier + Shimmering Dress (Defense +105 / Changes Jessica’s appearance)
Metal King Armor Liquid Metal Armor + Slime Crown + Orichalcum (Def. +120 / Prot. against Breath Atks)


Leather Shield Pot Lid + Magic Beast Hide (Defense +4)
Scale Shield Leather Shield + Dragon Scale (Defense +7)
Bronze Shield Leather Shield + Bronze Knife (Defense +10)
Templar’s Shield Templar’s Uniform + Iron Shield (Defense +14 / Fire, ice, magic Atks reduced by 5)
White Shield Iron Shield + Silver Platter (Defense +24 / Fire Atks reduced by 10 pts.)
White Shield Light Shield + Fresh Milk + Fresh Milk (Defense +24 / Fire Atks reduced by 10 points)
Magic Shield Steel Shield + Ruby of Protection + Prayer Ring (Defense +27 / Magic Atks reduced by 15)
Dragon Shield Steel Shield + Dragon Scale + Dragon Scale (Defense +30 / Fire and ice Atks weakened)
Ice Shield Magic Shield + Icicle Dirk (Defense +33 / Use in battle to weaken ice Atks)
Flame Shield Magic Shield + Flametang Boomerang (Defense +34 / Use in battle to weaken fire Atks)
Power Shield Magic Shield + Strength Ring + Cured Cheese (Defense +38 / Casts Healmore in battle)
Saintless Shield Mirror Shield + White Shield + Holy Water (Defense +46 / Fire and ice Atks reduced by 2/3)
Silver Shield Mirror Shield + Amor Seco Essence + Magic Water (Defense +48 / Fire Atks reduced by 20)
Ruinous Shield Metal King Shield + Devil’s Tail (Defense +50 / Cursed)
Thantos’ Shield Goddess Shield + Devil’s Tail (Defense +55 / Cursed)
Goddess Shield Thantos’ Shield + Saint’s Ashes (Defense +55 / Fire, ice, magic Atks halved)
Metal King Shield Ruinous Shield + Saint’s Ashes + Orichalcum (Defense +65 / Fire, ice, Atks reduced by 30)


Pointy Hat Leather Hat + Iron Nail (Defense +7)
Turban Bandana + Bandana (Defense +8)
Feathered Cap Chimaera Wing + Leather Hat (Defense +9)
Bunny Ears Hairband + Bunny Tail (Defense +14)
Stone Hard Hat Stone Axe + Pointy Hat (Defense +15)
Fur Hood Feathered Cap + Fur Poncho (Defense +18)
Bronze Helmet Stone Hard Hat + Bronze Knife + Bronze Knife (Defense +20)
Hermes’ Hat Feathered Cap + Mercury’s Bandana (Defense +20 / Warp to previously visited areas)
Mercury’s Bandana Agility Ring + Bandana (Defense +23 / Agility +15)
Silver Tiara Coral Hairpin + Silver Platter (Defense +24)
Happy Hat Feathered Cap + Elevating Shoes (Defense +31 / Restore MP as you walk)
Hades’ Helm Mithril Helm + Devil’s Tail (Defense +33 / Cursed)
Scholar’s Cap Magical Hat + Scholar’s Specs (Defense +33 / Intelligence +10)
Thinking Cap Scholar’s Cap + Iron Headgear (Defense +38 / Intelligence +15)
Mithril Helm Hades’ Helm + Saint’s Ashes (Defense +38)
Raging Bull Helmet Mithril Helm + Cowpat + Fresh Milk (Defense +42)
Golden Tiara Thinking Cap + Silver Tiara + Gold Nugget (Defense +43)
Phantom Mask Iron Headgear + Dark Robe (Defense +48)
Skull Helmet Sun Crown + Devil’s Tail (Defense +49 / Cursed)
Sun Crown Skull Helmet + Saint’s Ashes (Defense +52 / Protects against Sleep and Chaos)


Strength Ring Seed of Strength + Prayer Ring (Atk +5)
Titan Belt Strength Ring + Leather Kilt (Atk +10)
Mighty Armlet Strength Ring + Titan Belt (Atk +15)
Life Bracer Recovery Ring + Gold Bracer (Defense +5 / Max HP +30)
Prayer Ring Seed of Magic + Gold Ring (Defense +5 / Restores 30MP, but can break after use)
Ring of Truth Gold Ring + Sandstorm Spear (Defense +10 / Protects against Surround)
Ring of Immunity Gold Ring + Poison Needle (Defense +10 / Protects against Poison)
Holy Talisman Holy Water + Gold Rosary + Tough Guy Tattoo (Defense +10 / Protects against Death)
Full Moon Ring Gold Ring + Poison Moth Knife (Defense +10 / Protects against Paralyze)
Ring of Awakening Gold Ring + Dream Blade (Defense +10 / Protects against Sleep)
Ring of Clarity Gold Ring + Fallen Angel Rapier (Defense +10 / Protects against Confuse)
Ruby of Protection Seed of Defense + Prayer Ring (Defense +15)
Recovery Ring Prayer Ring + Seed of Life (Defense +15 / Recover HP as you walk)
Catholicon Ring Full Moon Ring + Ring of Immunity + Ring of Truth (Def +15 / Wards Sleep, Paral., Confuse)
Elevating Shoes Fishnet Stockings + Happy Hat (Agility +5 / Gain EXP as you walk)
Skull Ring Sorcerer’s Ring + Devil’s Tail (Agility +15 / Cursed)
Agility Ring Seed of Agility + Prayer Ring (Agility +15)
Meteorite Bracer Agility Ring + Agility Ring + Orichalcum (Agility +50)
Sorcerer’s Ring Skull Ring + Saint’s Ashes + Saint’s Ashes (Intelligence +10 / Max MP +30)
Scholar’s Specs Seed of Wisdom + Ring of Awakening + Ring of Clarity (Intelligence +15)
Goddess Ring Recovery Ring + Golden Tiara + Orichalcum (Intelligence +20 / Recover MP as you walk)


Strong Medicine Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb (Restores 50HP to a party member)
Amor Seco Essence Holy Water + Strong Medicine (Restores 60HP to a party member)
Rose Root Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb (Restores 70HP to a party member)
Rose Root Medicinal Herb + Strong Medicine (Restores 70HP to a party member)
Special Medicine Strong Medicine + Strong Medicine (Restores 90HP to a party member)
Yggdrasil Dew Magic Water + Yggdrasil Leaf (Restores all HP to all party members)
Magic Water Holy Water + Seed of Magic (Restores 30MP to a party member)
Elfin Elixir Magic Water + Yggdrasil Dew (Restores all MP to a party member)
Mystifying Mixture Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Moonwort Bulb (Cures Confuse)
Mystifying Mixture Holy Water + Cowpat + Wing of Bat (Cures Confuse)
Strong Antidote Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb (Cures Poison / Heals 30HP)
Special Antidote Medicinal Herb + Antidotal Herb + Antidotal Herb (Cures Poison / Heals 60HP)
Special Antidote Strong Antidote + Strong Antidote (Cures Poison / Heals 60HP)
Rose-Wort Medicinal Herb + Medicinal Herb + Moonwort Bulb (Cures Paralyze / Heals 60HP)
Rose-Wort Strong Medicine + Moonwort Bulb (Cures Paralyze / Heals 60HP)
Moon’s Mercy Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb + Moonwort Bulb (Cures Paralyze / Heals 110HP)
Lesser Panacea Special Medicine + Special Medicine (Cures Poison and Paralyze / Heals all HP)
Greater Panacea Special Medicine + Special Medicine + Special Medicine (Cures all HP + all status...)
Greater Panacea Rose Root + Rose-Wort + Lesser Panacea (Cures all HP + all status ailments except death)
Holy Water Amor Seco Essense + Rock Salt (Keeps weak monsters away)
Chimaera Wing Wing of Bat + Wing of Bat (Warps you to a previously visited location)
Sage’s Stone Gold Nugget + Orichalcum + Yggdrasil Dew (Casts Healus when Item used in battle)
Timbrel of Tension Sun Crown + Magic Beast Hide + Tough Guy Tattoo (Increase party’s Tension in battle)
Premium Mold Red Mold + Waterweed Mold + Yggdrasil Leaf (Used for mixing items)
Thief’s Key Bronze Knife + Iron Nail (Opens some locked chests early on in the game)


Cool Cheese Plain Cheese + Waterweed Mold (Munchie breathes Cold Breath in battle)
Chilly Cheese Cool Cheese + Waterweed Mold (Munchie breathes Frozen Breath in battle)
Cold Cheese Chilly Cheese + Waterweed Mold + Waterweed Mold (Munchie breathes Frozen Blizzard)
C-C-Cool Cheese Cold Cheese + Premium Mold + Dragon Dung (casts Steadily Rumbling Shiny Ice Breath)
Mild Cheese Plain Cheese + Amor Seco Essense (Munchie heals 30HP to all party members in battle)
Cured Cheese Fresh Milk + Premium Mold + Amor Seco Essense (Munchie heals 100HP to all chrs.)
Angel Cheese Fresh Milk + Premium Mold + Yggdrasil Dew (Munchie casts Vivify on the party in battle)
Hard Cheese Plain Cheese + Rock Salt (Munchie casts Increase on the party in battle)
Soft Cheese Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder + Rock Salt (Munchie casts Sap on an enemy in battle)
Chunky Cheese Plain Cheese + Magic Water (Munchie casts Barrier on party in battle)
Highly-Strung Cheese Super Spicy Cheese + Cold Cheese + Rock Salt (Munchie increases party’s Tension)
Plain Cheese Fresh Milk + Rennet Powder (Munchie breathes Fire Breath in battle)
Plain Cheese Scorching Cheese + C-C-Cool Cheese (Munchie breathes Fire Breath in battle)
Spicy Cheese Plain Cheese + Red Mold (Munchie breathes Blazing Flame in battle)
Super Spicy Cheese Spicy Cheese + Red Mold + Red Mold (Munchie breathes Violent Flames in battle)
Super Spicy Cheese Spicy Cheese + Nook Grass (Munchie breathes Violent Flames in battle)
Scorching Cheese Super Spicy Cheese + Premium Mold + Dragon Dung (Munchie breathes Red Hot Fire)


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