dragon quest VIII
  playstation 2 walkthrough


Name your hero then watch a scene introducing Yangus and Trode. When you take control, speak to your companions then fight the 3 Slimes that attack. After defeating them easily, Medea arrives and the main title sequence begins. When it ends, you’ll be in the town of Farebury.


Agree to Trode’s request then start gathering information on Rylus by speaking to everyone you see. Some conversations will also trigger sidequests - the man who lost his wife’s ring, for example. Press Square to bring up a map of Farebury showing particular areas of interest. Your ultimate destination is the pub but explore all of the other buildings first (including any barrels and urns outside) to pick up items. Save your game by ‘confessing’ to the woman inside the chapel. When ready, enter the pub and approach the dark-haired man in back to witness a scene involving a run-down fortuneteller named Kalderasha. When it ends, speak to the man sitting on the right to learn that Rylus perished in the fire. Afterwards, talk to Kalderasha to trigger a scene during which a boy announces that a monster has invaded the town.

Go down to the gate where you left Trode. When he asks if you found Rylus, answer ‘yes’. Kaldersha’s daughter, Valentina, arrives and asks that you come to her house by the well. Do as she says. If you haven’t done so already, climb down into the well to find a chest containing a Leather Shield then enter Valentina’s house. Loot some items inside then speak to her to learn that she wants you to find a crystal ball for her father. Agree to help her then return to Trode outside town. When the scene ends, you’ll be inside the Inn, rested and restored. Save your game by speaking to the priest inside the chapel then exit town via the southern gate.

Your next destination is the waterfall cave south of Farebury but spend some time leveling up in the surrounding area before going there. Be aware that when fighting monsters, increasing Tension not only affects the strength of a character’s attack but also the potency of healing spells and other magic. Also, there are chests scattered throughout the world’s landscapes that this walkthrough will not attempt to detail. After leveling up a bit, go back to town to rest at the Inn (costs 6G), buy better equipment, and save your game. When ready, journey to the cave.


Head east until you reach a chest containing a map of the Waterfall Cave. After viewing it, follow the southern path to an opening with 3 chests and a man who appears to be lost. The chests contain a Chimaera Wing, Medicinal Herb, and Leather Hat. Continue forward until you reach a crossroad. Head south to the 2nd level of the cave.

Once there, head east until you reach a creature holding a big wooden hammer. Talk to the creature and choose to fight when prompted. Your sheer bravery impresses him and he lets you pass through without incident. Continue forward to the crossroad. Speak to the blue Slime creature on the left and answer ‘no’ when he asks if the path is a dead-end. Afterwards, follow the southern path to a chest containing a Copper Sword. Equip it then backtrack to the intersection and follow the western path to the 3rd level.

Move forward and examine the crystal ball near the waterfall to trigger a scene with Geyzer. When he asks if it belongs to you, answer ‘yes’ then prove it by fighting him.


Strategy: The boss will continually try to Curse your characters. If successful, they will not be able to move for a turn. Geyzer’s attacks land for 16-20 damage; hopefully you have some herbs equipped or have enough MP left to cast the Heal spell to keep your team alive. Alternate between healing and attacking until the boss falls.

Afterwards, you’ll receive 107XP, 108G, and a Seed of Strength. Watch the scene that follows, during which you’ll get the Crystal Ball. Leave the cave.


Before returning to Farebury, head slightly southwest until you reach a path leading to the top of the waterfall, where you will find a hut. Grab a Seed of Agility from a sack inside then speak to the man who has lost his toolkit. To find it, go down the hill and search under the red-leaf tree to the east. Return the toolkit and the man will give you 8 pieces of Plain Cheese. If you visit him later on in the game (after acquiring the ship), he’ll give you new types of cheese: Mild, Cured, and Angel varieties. After a third visit, he’ll offer 3 pieces of Highly-Strung Cheese.


Go back to the house by the well and speak to Kalderasha. When the scene ends, you’ll be in the upper bedroom, rested and replenished. Go downstairs to initiate another scene then talk to him again when you regain control. He tells you the man you’re looking for has been seen near the southern checkpoint, close to Alexandria village. When ready, exit Farebury via the southern gate to trigger a scene with Trode.

Follow the path down to the crossroad. Once there, head east. At the next crossroad, head south. Cross the dilapidated bridge up ahead and continue along the path until you come to a wooden archway on the left. Pass through to enter Alexandria.


Upon your arrival, two kids pick a fight but an old woman steps in before you can do any harm to them. When you regain control, check your new map then start exploring the village. There are a few new items for sale at the armor booth and the Inn charges 8G to rest. After saving your game in the chapel, visit the mansion in the upper part of town.

Explore the lower rooms for items then go upstairs. You’ll find the two kids who accosted you earlier (Bangerz & Mash) guarding Jessica’s bedroom door. After talking to them, enter the room on the left and climb the stairs in the back. Speak to the chambermaid on the 3rd floor to trigger a scene involving a mouse. Afterwards, examine the mouse hole near the barrels and choose to send Munchie inside.

Now controlling Munchie, hop down the stairs and climb up the broom handle next to Jessica’s desk. Examine the letter on top. Choose to take it then go back through the mouse hole. Munchie hands over Jessica’s letter, which tells you she’s gone to a tower in the east. Go back to Bangerz and Mash. Choose to show them the letter and agree to leave the mansion if what it states is not true. Once Bangerz sees that Jessica is not in her room, he agrees to help you open the Tower of Alexandra.

Save at the chapel then exit the village and head east. If you stray off the path to the left, you’ll encounter Buffalo Bill, one of many ‘special’ creatures that drop Monster Coins if defeated. The coins can be sold for 200G, 500G, or 1,000G each depending on whether they are Copper, Silver, or Gold. Continue east past the crossroad until you reach the entrance to the Tower.


After Bangerz opens the front door for you, enter the tower and go upstairs. Pass through the northern door then take the spiral staircase down to the first floor. Use the door facing northeast to get back outside. Grab a map of the Tower from the chest up ahead then head west. Ascend the stairs at the end of the path and enter the southern door on top.

Back inside, you’ll see a door and two ladders. Unlock the door then climb down the ladder on the right to reach a storage room. Open the chest to receive a Seed of Agility then smash the barrels to get additional items and gold. Climb back up and use the other ladder to reach the 3rd floor. Go outside then enter the northeastern door. Examine either of the blue symbols on the wall in the next chamber so that you spin around to the other side. Go upstairs and use the blue symbol on the western wall to spin into the next room. Pass through the next symbol door to reach a stairwell.

Crush barrels in the corner to get an herb then ascend the stairs. On the 5th level, use the blue symbol up ahead to spin around to the next stairwell. Go up to the 6th floor and follow the corridor around to another blue symbol. Enter and head left for an urn to crush then head right. Open a chest at the end to acquire a Scale Shield. Equip it if you want then go back through the blue symbol door. Follow the hallway around to a staircase and ascend to the 7th floor. Examine the statue up ahead to trigger a scene with Jessica. When it ends, leave the tower and return to Alexandria village.


Talk to Bangerz outside of the Inn then go inside to rest for free. In the morning, visit the mansion where you’ll witness a scene upstairs between Jessica and her mother. Go inside Jessica’s room and take her outfit from the wardrobe closet then exit the mansion. Talk to the kids running around town to learn that Jessica left for Port Prospect. Stock up on supplies and save your game before exiting Alexandria.

Head east and at the crossroad, go south. About halfway down the path, veer left to get down to the beach where you’ll find a chest near some palm trees. It contains a Seed of Strength. Fight the Family Doctor creature near the surf if you want another Copper Monster Coin; otherwise return to the path above and continue traveling south until you reach Port Prospect.


As usual, check your map to see what the port town offers then start exploring. You’ll find a woman in one of the stalls who will explain what each weapon skill offers and how many points you’ll need to reach the next level. Spend 10G to rest at the inn and save your game in the chapel then go down to the boathouse.

Approach the back of the building to find Jessica arguing with the quartermaster. Once she spots you, she’ll ask you to rid the sea monster that is preventing ferry travel. Agree to help. Save your game, stock up on supplies, etc. then speak to Jessica when you’re ready to begin the mission. Out on the open sea, a giant sea creature eventually stops the ferry from going any further.


Strategy: Khalamari’s standard swipe causes about 23 damage to one person and his Mow Down attack hits all for 15+. His deadliest attack is Flame Breath, which causes 30-50 damage and may kill characters that are not at full health. To avoid this, have one party member exclusively perform healing duties while the other attacks and the boss will fall fairly quickly.

You’ll receive 311XP and 230G afterwards. Watch a scene during which Khalamari gives you a Gold Bracer and the ferry returns to port. Back on dry land, rest, save, etc. then return to Jessica on the dock. Agree to have her join your party then watch a scene aboard the ship. When it ends, explore the interior cabins. After crushing several barrels and urns in the horse stall, go downstairs and enter the captain’s quarters.

Open a chest in the corner to receive a Bronze Knife then speak to Trode who is sitting at the table. He gives you the Alchemy Pot he’s been working on late at night, which allows you to combine items to create new things (go to the Extras page for more information). The scene continues afterwards showing the ferry’s arrival in Peregrin Quay.


Leave the ship and explore the docks where you will find a priest and several vendors. Speak to the fellow in back standing by the 3 locked chests then enter the inn up ahead. Talk to the thief sitting at the table to get his Iron Nails. Combine these with the Bronze Knife in the Alchemy Pot to make a Thief’s Key that will allow you to unlock certain chests throughout the world (you’ll hear a ‘bell’ chime when the pot is finished cooking).

After resting at the inn (costs 18G), use the back door to get outside. Follow the path south, veering off occasionally to collect items from chests or to fight the Mullet Mallet for a Copper Monster Coin. Eventually, you’ll pass a barn and some vegetable gardens. Continue along the riverfront until you reach an abbey.


Talk to the priest standing next to the door to save your game then enter the abbey. Go through the door in the upper right corner to reach a courtyard with a fountain. Speak to the guards in front of the Templar’s quarters to trigger a scene involving Marcello. When it ends, explore the exterior passages for a couple of items then leave the abbey. Back outside, cross the bridge and follow the southern path to a crossroad. Take the southwestern route to the town of Simpleton.


Enter the tavern on the right. Speak to the man playing cards in back to trigger a scene. Once things settle down, Angelo gives you a ring and tells you to visit him back at the abbey. When you regain control, go back to the tavern and speak to the vendors on the 2nd floor to see what new items are for sale. Save your game and/or rest at the inn then head back to Maella Abbey.


Talk to the guards in front of the Templar’s quarters, who let you inside to return Angelo’s ring. After passing through, head right and take the stairs down to the dungeon. Enter the interrogation room to witness Angelo arguing with Marcello. When the scene ends, go upstairs and head out the back door. Speak to the guards blocking the house up ahead to learn that the jester has recently passed through the abbey. Answer ‘yes’ when they ask if you are looking for the same man. Return to the main building to find Angelo in the hallway. Agree to help him then exit the abbey.

Once outside, cross the bridge then head east along the grassy path next to the river. Defeat the Hollow Knight to get a Copper Coin as you pass by. Go between the hills to reach the ruins Angelo told you about. Use his ring on the stone marker there to gain access to the underground dungeon.


Pass through the first chamber then descend either staircase to reach the floor below. An alcove to the east contains two chests. The one on the left is actually a Cannibox enemy and the one on the right is locked. If you created a Thief’s Key in the alchemy pot, use it to open the chest and obtain a map of the ruins. The western alcove has a couple of armoires. Grab Iron Nails from one of them then climb down the ladder on the left.

Examine the bookshelves below to get a new recipe then go through the doorway. Enter the first room you come to. Unlock the chest inside to get a Bronze Shield then enter the door on the right. Follow the hallway to a room with a stairway. Descend to level 4. Move through a room filled with purple liquid to reach the other side. Go upstairs and move forward to an intersection with doors on the left and right. Smash pots and barrels in both rooms to get gold and items then head north until you reach a room with a purple-clad being standing in the center. Before approaching him, open the armoire on the right to get a Bandit’s Grass Skirt. Heal your party members before talking to the tortured soul.


Strategy: The boss calls for backups at the beginning of battle. Have Jessica cast Snooze on his underlings so that you can stay focused on the big guy. The Soul’s regular attacks hit for about 18HP while his Sizzle attacks hits all for about the same amount. Increase tension levels then use your best spells or abilities to inflict the most damage.

After the battle, the party receives 780XP, 226G, and a Gold Rosary. The Tortured Soul also fully restores the party’s HP/MP. Go through the upper left passage. Climb the ladder at the end of the path to reach the back of the abbey.


Smash some barrels to get a Mini Medal then go around to the front of Abbot Francisco’s house. Read books on the first floor to get a new alchemy recipe then go upstairs. Once the jester vanishes, talk to the man in bed (Francisco) to trigger another scene. Marcello takes the party to the interrogation room and you’ll resume control in a cell. Talk to each of your comrades until Angelo arrives. When you regain control, enter the iron maiden. The secret passage deposits you in the barn east of the abbey. Exit to trigger a scene then follow Angelo back to the abbey.

Speak to the priest in front to save your game then return to Abbot Francisco’s house in back. Cross the fiery bridge. After the group breaks open the door, enter and talk to Angelo, who is cradling one of the fallen guards. When asked, tell Angelo you’re with him, and the team will run upstairs to confront Dhoulmagus. Watch the scene that follows.

When you regain control, talk to your companions then leave the guest room. Speak to the men guarding Marcello’s chambers to gain entry. Once inside, examine the bookshelves for 2 new recipes then talk to Marcello. After he gives the party a very useful Map of the World, go downstairs and approach Angelo by the front door to initiate a scene. Once Angelo joins the party, leave the abbey.

Head south towards Simpleton. Rest and save there if you like; otherwise, continue southeast. Ignore the next crossroad and continue east. Along the way, you can collect another Copper Coin by fighting the Root of Evil off the path to the right. A sign further up indicates that you’re heading towards Ascantha Castle but before getting there, you’ll reach a small dwelling on the left. Enter it.


Check the armoire to get a Silk Robe and crush the barrels to get another Mini Medal then speak to the elderly resident. Answer ‘yes’ when he asks if you’re on your way to the castle. Exit the house and cross the bridge. Examine the cow next to the chapel to get some Fresh Milk (it’s the only cow in the game that replenishes its supply of milk, btw) then go inside and talk to the woman dressed in blue to rest for free. In the middle of the night, Trode and Angelo converse outside. When you take control the next morning, examine the armoire for a Seed of Magic and save your game with the priest. Leave Riverside Chapel and continue heading east along the path. Get more Fresh Milk from the cows you pass as you head into Ascantha.


Check your map for key areas then explore the grounds. You’ll find new recipes on the bookshelves inside the church and a Lady’s Ring in the well on the left (bring it to the distraught husband in Farebury before he leaves) . For 40G you can rest at the Inn.

Enter the castle and explore the rooms on each floor for items as you make your way up to the very top. Once there, you’ll witness a scene with Emma, the king’s maid. When it ends, follow her downstairs and talk to her. She suggests returning after dark so occupy yourself until then.

Return to the castle’s throne room after dark to witness King Pavan grieving over his wife’s death. Go up and explore his bedroom then return to the floor below to trigger a scene with Emma, who asks you to visit her grandmother. When ready, leave Ascantha to see a scene with Trode by the cart. When it ends, go back to the house near Riverside Chapel.

Emma’s grandmother will be inside spinning yarn. Talk to her to learn how to get to Wisher’s Peak. Rest and/or save your game in the chapel then go behind grandma’s house to find a path leading down to the river. If you happen to engage any Metal Slimes along the way, try to defeat them before they run away to gain great XP. Follow the river south until you reach a cave entrance.


Head east through the cave until you reach a chest containing a Wizard’s Staff. Grab it then return to the initial chamber. Once there, head south. At the split, head west to find a staircase. Ascend to a patch of ruins. Continue west until you can veer east up a hill. Enter the hole on top. Follow the western path to a chest containing a Map of Wisher’s Peak then backtrack to a rope in the previous part of the cave. Climb it to get back outside.

Once there, head west. Cross the bridge up ahead then climb the hill on the right. Head east until you reach a chest containing a Templar’s Shield. Have Angelo equip it then backtrack and continue climbing up the slopes until you reach the very top. Stand in front of the window and wait for the moon to rise, casting a shadow on the wall in front. Examine it and choose to enter the new realm.


Hop across the disks to reach the building above. Enter to trigger a scene. When it ends, speak to Ishmahri, who will accompany you back to the castle. When prompted, choose to return to the normal world.


Take Ishmahri up to see the king and watch the scene that follows. When you take control in the banquet room, talk to your comrades then leave Ascantha to trigger a scene with Trode. Yangus suggests visiting his hometown, so off you go.

Veer off the path, traveling south through the trees. You can collect another Copper Coin by defeating the Little Nipper on the beach below; otherwise continue traveling south until you can veer north around the cliff. You’ll eventually reach a cabin near the water’s edge. Enter it.


Rest for 40G, save your game with the traveling priest, and check the bookshelf inside for a new recipe. Afterwards, leave the cabin and head south until you reach a path between two hills. Follow it to a building.


Climb the ramp on the right and try to speak to the man on top. As soon as you leave, a scene transpires. Go back and talk to Morrie. When he asks if you’re a traveler, answer ‘yes’ and he’ll give you 3 Memos. Read them for information on the 3 monsters he wants you to collect:

Memo #1 - Smiles (spotted near a dilapidated castle)
Memo #2 - Lonely Joe (located on the path leading to Abbey Ruins)
Memo #3 - Squiggles (at the water’s edge near a lady bandit’s house)

Although you cannot complete this subquest right away, here’s the drill: Go to the areas above and locate the ‘special’ monsters. After defeating each of them, choose to send them to Morrie’s Place. Once you’ve collected all three, return to Morrie’s Place and speak to him on the roof. After he takes the memos from you, go down and talk to him at the front entrance to gain entry into his club.

Save your game with the priest near the bar then go downstairs to the arena and locate Morrie. When he asks if you want to own a Monster Team, answer ‘yes’ and he will tell you it costs 200,000G. Tell him you do not have the money and Morrie will offer to pay the fee. Select a team name or have Morrie choose one for you. The 3 monsters you collected earlier form your initial team but you can swap them out for better monsters as you travel the world. If your team wins 3 back-to-back arena battles, your ranking improves. Morrie gives you a Monster Arena Key so that you can visit anytime you want from now on. Talk to the people in the arena to get some tips then open your Misc. menu to see that a new Monster Team category is available. View it to see your team’s stats, etc. Ranks and prizes are as follows:






Strength Ring; Morrie lets you recruit up to 6 monsters



Bunny Suit; Morrie lets you battle your own monster team in arena



Ring of Clarity; Morrie gives you the ‘Call Team’ skill



Mighty Armlet; Morrie lets you recruit up to 9 monsters



Saint’s Ashes; nothing extra from Morrie this time



Bardiche of Binding; Morrie gives you a 2nd ‘Call Team’



Hero Spear; Morrie unlocks Rank S


no fee

Dragon Robe; Statue of Hero erected outside

For now, leave the arena and get back on the path. Head west until you reach the town of Pickham.


Trode decides to wait at the pub while the rest of you look for Brains, Yangus’ old friend. As usual, check your map to get your bearings then explore the town for recipes, items, and information. Brains house is accessible from the rooftop but he’s not home now. Once you learn this, speak to Trode in the pub next to the Inn. A noise outside alerts the group to trouble. Leave the pub to see that Trode’s cart and horse have been stolen. Talk to the people on the street to learn that the thief was seen fleeing down Beggar’s Alley. Enter the storage room next to the casino on the east side of town to find Mitts, the horse thief.

After Mitts gives Yangus the money he earned for selling the horse (1,000G), go to the bar in front of town and ask the bartender to let you inside the back room. Enter and talk to Dodgy Dave to learn that he already sold the horse to Red, a female bandit who lives southwest of Pickham. When ready, leave town and head southwest up the hill. Veer west to get through the mountain pass. You’ll eventually reach a small bridge leading to a house surrounded by water. Go across and talk to the guy guarding the door.


Raid the house for items then talk to Red who is sitting near the fireplace. She offers to give back the horse if you bring her Venus’ Tear from a cave to the north. After agreeing to this, leave her house. Visit Medea in the barn on the right or just cross the bridge and head north up the hill.

Continue forward until you see a big rock formation sitting in the middle of dirt below. Locate the entrance to the labyrinth, which is directly north around the big rock.


Move forward to trigger a scene with Yangus. When it ends, head west and enter the door up ahead. At the end of the hall, go downstairs and follow the lower passage to a 4-way intersection. Take the western route to an area with 3 doors. The room on the left contains urns and a chest with a Mini Medal. The room on the right has two chests. One is a Cannibox enemy and the other contains a Kitty Shield. The center door is fake.

Return to the 4-way intersection and head north, past a hole in the ground, to a hallway with two doors. Examine the door on the left to release a coil that pushes you down into the hole where there is a chest. Open it to obtain a Map of the Labyrinth then trudge through the purple liquid to reach the staircase on the opposite side. Go up to the 2nd level then head south to get back to the 4-way intersection. Once there, go north and enter the door on the far right.

Descend the stairs and follow the hallway to a statue blocking a doorway. Examining it allows you to grab on. Move the statue away from the door then press X to release it. Enter the new area and head south. Go downstairs then follow the corridor around to an intersection. Take the eastern route to an urn with a Mini Medal then backtrack and head north.

Move the statue up ahead so that it’s sitting on the dark tile. Doing so lowers a drawbridge. Cross it and follow the corridor around to a door. Read the inscription on the back wall inside to learn that you must ‘look to the sky’ to solve the puzzle in this room. Press R3 and look up to view a hole in the ceiling. Go over to the statues in the corner and move them so they are lined up on the tiles relating to the hole above (e.g. both statues should be positioned 1 tile away from the edge). Once they are positioned correctly, stand on the tile below the hole in the ceiling to ascend.

On top, read an inscription on the right to fully heal your party’s HP/MP then ascend the stairs. Examine the chest up ahead to initiate a battle with the Trap Box.


Strategy: Have Angelo cast Kabuff to increase the party’s defense then use him for healing duties. The boss casts Crackle on the party, hitting each for 20-40 damage. He also casts Snooze (sleep) and Fuddle (confusion) so heal often to keep as many people alive as possible. Have the hero increase tension then use Flame Slash to cause decent damage. Yangus should increase tension and use whatever weapon he’s most proficient at.

For defeating the Trap Box, you’ll receive 1,020XP, 660G, and the Venus’ Tear item Red wants. Go back down and heal the party then leave the labyrinth. Return to Red’s house.


Talk to Red to initiate a cutscene. Afterwards, leave the house to see that the horse and cart are waiting outside. Yangus suggests going back to Pickham to see if Brains is there yet. On the way back, detour west to defeat Squiggles on the beach. When prompted, choose to send the creature to Morrie’s Place.


Go up to the roof and enter Brain’s house. Talk to him to trigger a scene in which you’ll learn about a ship buried in the wasteland to the west of Port Prospect. Before leaving town, visit Dodgy Dave. There are 6 particular items he is looking for. If you have one of the items in your inventory, he’ll ask for it on the spot and offer something in return. If you deny his initial request, Dodgy Dave will ask for the next item on his list:




Special Medicine



Reinforced Boomerang



Ring of Immunity

Bandit Axe


Robe of Serenity



Sandstorm Spear

Happy Hat


Crimson Robe

Big Boss Shield


When you’re finished up in town, warp to Port Prospect. Head west from the entrance, traveling in between the cliffs until you reach a dirt path. Follow it to the hut on the hill.


Climb into the well next to the hut to find a Slime with a crown stuck on its head. Help pull it off to acquire the Slime Crown then speak to the little Slimes to get a new recipe and some tips on locating the magic ship. Speak to the nun inside the hut to save your game and rest there for 12G. When you’re ready to continue, leave the hut and go to the end of the dirt path. Veer north to enter the dusty wasteland below.

Once there, head northwest towards the dark spot on your map. A scene takes over as you approach the ancient ship. Trode suggests visiting his castle to get information on how to move it out to sea. If you want to find a couple of chests, spend some time exploring the rest of the wasteland; otherwise continue northwest up the hill and navigate through the winding paths until you reach grass. Head north to a cave entrance. Pass through to the other side.


Travel west until you come to a church overlooking the ocean. Save your game there and rest for 60G. There’s an item seller sitting at the table if you need to restock supplies. At some point, check the Alchemy Pot to see that Trode has adapted it to fit 3 ingredients. When rested and ready, leave the church. Travel east back down the slope then go north until you arrive at the gloomy castle.


Defeat the creature at the entrance then choose to send Smiles to Morrie’s Place. Afterwards, examine the front gate to trigger a scene in which Jessica uses magic to remove the thorns. Watch Trode’s flashback then look for an alternate way to get inside the library, which is in the southwest corner of the castle. Start by entering the door in the northeastern corner.

Once inside, go upstairs to the 2nd floor. Enter the door facing north then follow the hallway west until you reach a door on the left. Enter and follow the balcony around to the next door you see. Open the chest outside to acquire a map of the castle’s interior then return to the balcony. Head west and enter the room at the end. Use the southern door to reach a room with two chests. The one on the left contains a Magic Key that will unlock the chest on the right, as well as all other chests in the world. Get a Templar’s Sword from the other chest and collect items from the barrels and urns inside then backtrack to the balcony.

Head east to the previous hallway then take the northern stairs up to the 3rd floor. Follow the hallway around to a door facing north. Pass through this room to get to the next hallway. After looting the room in front of you, head west down the hall until you get to the door at the end. Grab gold from the barrels inside then go through the southern door to get back outside. Enter the turret in the northern corner and take the spiral staircase down to the 1st floor. Once there, move past the first door and enter the throne room on the right instead. Go through the door in the southwestern corner and continue forward until you reach the library.

Move forward until a cutscene occurs. When it ends, unlock the door on the left for easy access to the exterior grounds then search the bookcases for new recipes. The book containing information about the ancient ship is near the vine-covered window in back. Reading it causes the moon to cast a shadow on the wall. Examine the wall and choose to enter the Moonshadow realm.


Cross the floating disks to get to Ishmahri’s house. Talk to him to learn that a special harp is needed to grant your wish. Speak to your comrades for clues on who might own such an instrument – someone you’ve already met, a person of royalty. Return to the normal world and warp to Ascantha.


Speak with King Pavan in the throne room to trigger a scene, during which you’ll be escorted to the castle’s underground vault. Once Pavan leaves, go through the tunnel opening and travel south to a crossroad. Take the path on the right down to a chamber with patches of grass and water. Head west through the next opening and go up the ramp. Continue through the northern passage to get back outdoors. Once there, travel north until you reach another cave opening. Enter it.


Move forward through the tunnel until you get to an opening on the right. Follow the path to a watery chamber. Look in the western corner for a chest containing a Map of the Mole Hole then go through the southern opening. Follow the path to an intersection. Speak to the mole in the western niche then head east to the 2nd level.

Move forward into a large room and take either path to the next chamber. Head south and talk to the mole that asks that you help free them from the boss who stole the king’s harp. Open the chest next to him to acquire a Stone Hardhat then enter the hole in the center of the room. Go down to the 4th level where you will find the boss surrounded by smaller moles. Talk to the boss and he will ask if you want to hear his music. Answer ‘no’ to initiate a fight.


Strategy: The 4 Soul Moles that accompany the Don will become confused when the boss plays his music, thus helping you out by attacking him or each other. Leave them alone until their confusion wears off and focus on the Don instead. His normal attacks cause about 40 damage and when he shakes the ground in fury, all will get hit for about the same amount. Just stay healthy, increase tension, and use your best attacks on him. He’ll summon more moles when he’s down to one so keep at least one alive until the very end.

After the battle, you’ll receive at least 1,364XP, 408G, and the Moonshadow Harp. Leave the cavern and return to Ascantha Castle to tell the king you retrieved the harp. When ready, return to Trodain.


Wait until night falls then enter the library from the door you unlocked earlier. Go back to the Moonshadow Realm and show Ishmahri the harp. Watch the pretty scene that follows.


Trode will tell you how to navigate the ship on open waters. When you take control, sail west towards a tiny island, fighting creatures that attack the party while out at sea. You’ll be prompted to anchor the ship when you hit land that can support a dock. Disembark on the tiny island.


Head north to the castle. Talk to the people inside to learn that a princess who collects trinkets lives there. The sailor at the table tells you a ‘jester’ was seen traveling west towards Baccarat. There’s a Slime who sells items and a banker downstairs as well. Deposit some gold if you wish; otherwise go upstairs and enter the first door you see.

Approach the bed to trigger a scene involving a sickly king and Princess Minnie, who asks if you brought any trinkets for her. Tell her ‘yes’ then read the books in the room to learn what prizes are available in trade. Go downstairs and talk to Minnie to give her the Mini Medals you’ve collected so far. Prizes vary depending on how many medals you give her:

28 = Fishnet Stockings
36 = Posh Waistcoat
45 = Staff of Divine Wrath
52 = Gold Nugget
60 = Meteorite Bracer
68 = Miracle Sword
75 = Sacred Armour
83 = Orichalcum
90 = Metal King Helm
99 = Minnie’s Secret (Dangerous Bustier)
110 = Maximillian’s Secret (Flail of Destruction)

Come back to her periodically as you obtain more medals. For now, leave the castle and board your ship. Sail west, going through the crevasse in between the two western continents. Keep going until you see a church on the hills to the left. Dock your ship there.


Search behind the church for a chest containing a Tattoo then rest for free and save your game inside. When rested and ready, travel south down the dirt path until you come to a bridge. Defeat the Raging Rooster there to acquire a Copper Coin then continue along the path until you reach a town near a big pool of water. Go upstairs and enter.


Explore the town for items and information. Rest at the Inn for 16G then search behind the banker’s desk for a chest containing a Ruby of Protection. Go up to the 2nd floor of the Inn to overhear a conversation between the bartender and casino employee. When the scene ends, go down to the basement and talk to the bartender. When he asks if you can keep a secret, answer ‘yes’ to learn that Golding’s kids are searching for Dhoulmagus on an island to the north. When you’re finished up in town, go back to the Seaside Church and board your ship. Sail north and dock your ship on the island’s western shore.


Talk to the man standing next to the other boat then head north towards the dark cloud covering the center of the island. About halfway there, you can detour east into an alcove with a chest containing Zombie Mail, however equipping it on Angelo will only curse him so just keep it in your inventory for now. Backtrack and continue north until you reach the ruins on top.

Watch a scene showing Dhoulmagus entering the doorway up ahead. When you take control, examine the stone monument in the center of the courtyard to learn that only a magical light can break the dark aura entombing this area. There are a couple of empty chests and a barrel containing a Mini Medal in the hut on the right. Enter the central doorway afterwards.

Move forward through the darkness until evil laughter pushes you back to the entrance. Go out and talk to the trio assembled near the monument to learn that you’ll need to acquire a magical mirror in Argonia before you can go any further here. Leave the ruins and board your ship. Set sail back to Baccarat.


Rest and/or save in town then travel southeast over the hills until you reach a path on the other side. Follow it down to a sign that tells you Chateau Felix is up ahead. Head west up the hill to visit the chateau.


Talk to the fellow standing in front of the huge leopard building to trigger a scene. When Tom asks if you’re here to see Master Felix, answer ‘yes’. Tom will ask 3 questions that you must answer correctly before he’ll let you inside. If you mess up, just take his test again. Answer as follows:

- Question #1: Kitty in the rain > Take it home and convince family to let it stay
- Question #2: Hunting with the king > Free it
- Question #3: Fighting the big cat > Let it join you on your journey

Once inside, talk to the man sitting behind the desk to trigger a scene. Offer to help Felix and he will tell you about 4 Sabrecat statues that all point to the tree where his friend is. Felix gives you some Sand of Serenity to give to his friend once you locate him. When the scene ends, go outside and talk to Tom to acquire a Sabrecat to ride.

While riding the big cat, go down the hill then head southeast so that you’re on the path behind the chateau. After crossing the bridge up ahead, ride north towards a Sabrecat statue overlooking the water. Cross a second bridge then veer west, riding over the hills to a clearing below. If you arrive at dawn, you’ll see a bright green tree. If you arrive at any other time during the day or night, you’ll just see a pile of rocks. If necessary, wait there until the tree appears then go over and talk to the blue Sabrecat underneath it. When Baumren asks where he’s supposed to be going, give him the Sand of Serenity to clear his confusion. When the scene ends, Baumren will be gone, as will your ride (look for a valuable Yggdrasil Leaf underneath the tree before leaving).

Warp back to the chateau and speak to Felix, who gives you Baumren’s Bell to use whenever you want to summon a Sabrecat to ride. Leave the chateau (by foot or feline) and get back on the southeastern path behind the hill.

Cross the bridge and keep going until you reach a crossroad. Take the southern path towards Lake Argon. Eventually, you’ll come to a tent on the side of the road. Speak to the blonde outside during the day if you want to buy/sell items and get a new recipe from the guy inside the tent. Afterwards, continue traveling southeast past the next crossroad. Approach the castle up ahead to trigger a scene with Trode then enter Argonia.


Consult your map to see what the town offers then start exploring. The Inn charges 80G to rest and there are many items to collect in the surrounding houses and shops. After exploring the town, go to the castle.

Once inside, look at a map showing the castle’s layout then start gathering more items and information. Approach King Clavius in the throne room on the 2nd floor to initiate a cutscene. Speak to the king afterwards to ask about the magical mirror. He agrees to give it to you once you help his son complete Argonia’s hunting ritual, however the bratty prince has gone missing again. Talk to people in the hallways to learn that Prince Charmles has locked himself in a room on the 3rd floor.

Go up and knock on the back door of the servant’s quarters. The prince will not let you in so you’ll have to exploit his fear of lizards in order to smoke him out. Take the stairs up to the west wing’s 4th floor and enter the room off the hallway. Open the locked chest inside to get a Cloak of Evasion then examine the crack in the wall between two urns. Choose to send Munchie inside.

Now controlling Munchie, descend the stone steps and approach the green lizard in the center of the room. Push it into the illuminated hole so that it drops onto the prince’s head below. After Prince Charmles flees the room, send Munchie back to the hero. Explore the rest of the castle for items then return to the throne room on the 2nd floor.

After the cutscene ends, save at the church then exit Argonia. Outside, Prince Charmles gives you a phial of Lizard Humour to use when you reach the hunting grounds. Head east and at the crossroad, travel southeast until you reach an outpost.


Talk to the man holding a pitchfork to trigger a scene. When it ends, talk to the woman inside the house to rest for free. In the morning, speak to the kid outside to learn that Argon Lizards love Salamango fruit. Use the Lizard Humour Charmles gave you earlier to mask the party’s scent before passing through the stone archway.

Approach the red lizard up ahead and it will run away. The prince cautions you to slow down and sneak up from behind. Before re-engaging the lizard, take the eastern path up to a chest containing Dragon Scale. Backtrack to the entrance and take the northern path up to a sack tied to a tree. After grabbing a Mini Medal, return to the entrance and slowly head north. Sneak up on the small Argon Lizard from behind.


Strategy: Have Jessica cast Sap to reduce the lizard’s defense while Angelo casts Kabuff to increase the party’s defense. The hero and Yangus should perform whichever attacks cause the most damage. Jessica should use Oomph on someone to cause double damage. Put the lizard to sleep if you need time to heal. Follow this strategy on all of the Argon Lizards you face and they will perish quickly.

After the battle, you’ll receive 650XP, 102G, and an Argon Heart but Prince Charmles tells you it’s too small. Approach the lizard sleeping near the water up ahead and Charmles will suggest finding something to wake it up. Cross the log to the west and examine one of the Salamangos on the ground to trigger a scene. Grab one afterwards and carry it over to the sleeping lizard. Toss it towards the creature so that it wakes up and attacks. Use the strategy mentioned above to defeat it.

The Argon Heart you receive afterwards is again too small so head east. Pass under a grass-covered bridge then veer west up the hill. Go around to the bridge where you will see a lizard sleeping in an alcove on the left. Grab a Salamango fruit from the ground up ahead then toss it towards the sleeping lizard. Once it starts eating the fruit below, jump down and engage it. After defeating the 3rd small Argon Lizard, the prince decides it’s time to rest.

In the morning, Yangus tells the group he’s found a big one. When you take control, head south and view the giant lizard roaming the ground to the west. Jump down and engage the boss.


Strategy: Fight the big lizard the same way as the smaller ones, noting that it will take a bit more time to whittle down its greater HP. The lizard’s Leap attack causes 50+ damage to a single character, whereas it’s Mow Down attack causes 16-25 to all. Keep the party healthy and the boss will fall relatively quickly.

Afterwards, you’ll receive 2,830XP, 520G, and a Great Big Argon Heart. The prince is finally satisfied so leave the hunting grounds. Rest up at the outpost then head back to Argonia.


On your way back, look for a purple door northwest of Argonia. If you have the Ultimate Key, use it to enter. The girl in the back room will offer your lead character a Puff-Puff. Results vary depending on who your lead character is. You can change the leader by selecting ‘Line Up’ in the ‘Miscellaneous’ menu.


Upon arriving, the prince sees that the annual bazaar is taking place and dismisses the party. Check out the stalls to see the wealth of items they offer (at a certain point in the game, the bazaar will move inside the building next to the church). Before entering the castle, fetch Prince Charmles who is conducting business with a man in the upper east side of town. Talk to him to trigger a scene, during which Charmles gives you the authentic Argon Heart. The shady dealer sells one unique item, a Prayer Ring. Buy the overpriced if you want; otherwise go to the castle and enter the throne room.

After witnessing the ceremony, talk to the king peering out a window. Having made good on the deal, Clavius tells you to go up to the 4th floor vault to pick up your reward. You’ll find the room in the east wing of the castle. Enter and loot the 4 chests inside to get a Battle Fork, Mini Medal, Magical Hat, and Devil’s Tail (cursed). Examine the blue disk in the center to receive the Magical Mirror.

Exit the vault to trigger a scene with the castle’s appraiser who tells you the mirror has lost its magic. When asked if magic is central to your errand, answer ‘yes’ and he will suggest seeking out the wizard who lives deep in the forest west of Argonia. Go down and talk to Cash and Carrie in the lobby of the castle then leave Argonia.

Outside, travel west until you reach the item vendor’s tent. Buy/sell then continue traveling west through the mountains just beyond the tent. Keep following the dirt path until you reach a house.


Talk to the blue Slime inside to learn that the old man who lives there is not home right now. Raid the house for a couple of items and a recipe then continue west along the path until a scene takes over.

When the scene ends, talk to Medea and choose to let her drink from the spring again. Trode will ask you to bring her back here periodically. Agree to his request then drink from the spring yourself to restore the party’s HP/MP. Return to the Seer’s house afterwards and talk to him in the library.

The Seer confirms that the Mirror you received from Ascantha has lost its magic and suggests finding a Sea Dragon who casts a certain spell that will power it up. If you sailed the channel en route to Baccarat, it’s likely you already engaged one and are familiar with its Gigaflash spell. Either way, warp to Seaview Church.


Put the Mirror in your inventory then save your game inside the church. Board your ship and sail south between the western continents until you come upon a Sea Dragon. Use the Mirror on your first turn and wait for the dragon to cast Gigaflash. After he casts it, the mirror will transform into the Sun Mirror. Defeat the dragon then warp or sail to the Dark Ruins.


Examine the stone monument and choose to place the Sun Mirror in its recess. Doing so illuminates the entrance. Go inside and talk to the blue flame creature in the center of the room. Afterwards, enter the door on the right and go up to the balcony. Once there, open the chest on the right to acquire a Map of the Dark Ruins. Now return to the lower chamber and enter the door on the left. Go up to the balcony and locate a gold lever at the end of the path. Pull it to create a staircase in the chamber below. Go down and ascend the stairs. Enter the door in the upper right corner. Talk to the red flame creature up ahead then use the door on the right to reach the basement.

Once there, ascend the steps on the left and follow the ledge to a lever. Pull it to lower the wall below then go down and head north. Veer east at the first opportunity and continue forward until you find another lever. Use this one to make the wall behind you rise. Climb the next set of stairs you see and follow the ledge to the southeast corner. Once you’re back on the ground, move forward until you find a lever on the left. Pull it to make the wall in front of you rise. Use the previous staircase to get back to the other side of the room. Once there, climb the western staircase and follow the ledge over to 2 chests in the northeast corner. They contain a Mini Medal and Dragon Scale.

Now backtrack to the last wall you raised. Use the lever to lower it then move past the next staircase to the one at the end of the western path. Pull the lever on top then go back to the last set of stairs you passed. Pull the lever on top to drop a wall then use the previous lever to drop another one, allowing you to access the path in the middle. Head north through the new opening to reach the 2nd basement level.

In the next room, take the western stairs down to the lower platform. Once there, descend the stairs on the right and talk to the flame creature below to view the room’s mural up close. The stairs on the right lead to a chest with a Mimic enemy. Fight it if you wish; otherwise, descend the stairs on the far left. Continue down to the next platform then head left to reach a chest containing Saint’s Ashes. After obtaining the item, return to the previous platform and take the opposite stairs down to the 3rd level.

Talk to the flame creature in the next chamber to learn that you must use the statues in this room to hit the wings of the Empyrea bird that is depicted on the wall in front of you. Climb to the top of the statue on the left. Stand on the red or blue buttons to position the first beam over the bird’s left wing. Use the other statue to position the 2nd beam on the bird’s right wing. When done correctly, a cutscene takes over showing a new staircase. Descend to the next area.

Move forward and enter the cavern on the right. Stepping inside the pool of water restores your party’s HP/MP. Note that the upcoming boss fight will be very difficult to win if your party is underleveled. Make sure you have the best armor and weapons equipped with plenty of healing items in stock before continuing down the stairs. At the very least, deposit your gold in a bank so that you will not lose half of it if the party is wiped out.

When ready, enter the door at the bottom of the staircase to trigger a scene. Approach the pink circle in the room to initiate a battle with Dhoulmagus.


Strategy: Use your first turn to increase the party’s defense (Kabuff) and hero’s offense (Oomph). Don’t bother with Sap, Fuddle, etc. as the boss is immune to them. On his first turn, Dhoulmagus summons 2 Doppelgangers to fight with him and then tosses Debris that may kill weaker characters. Ignore the Doppelgangers unless area attacks such as Boom happen to hit them and focus on the real boss. Have Jessica use mostly support magic and Angelo act as healer throughout the entire battle while Yangus and the hero use their most powerful attacks. Don’t bother increasing anyone’s tension, as the boss will void it. Dhoulmagus uses a slew of different attacks that hit single characters or the entire party for 20-100 damage, so heal constantly and be prepared to revive fallen characters. Dhoulmagus can also put your party to sleep and cure his own using Multi-Heal. Recast Kabuff and Oomph when they wear off (or when Dhoulmagus removes them) and just keep attacking until he falls. Once the real boss is gone, the other two are a piece of cake.

Afterwards, you’ll receive 4,300XP but the battle is not over. Dhoulmagus transforms himself into a winged demon and attacks again.


Strategy: Dhoulmagus adds a couple of new attacks/spells to his arsenal, such as shocking your party with an Intimidating scream, however he’s alone this time so the fight should be slightly easier. If you have a decent Monster Team, summon them on the very first turn to do some preliminary damage on the boss. After that, the only thing to be concerned with is health and available MP. If you used up most of your healing items and MP during the last battle, it’s more than likely you’ll die during this round. If your party happens to perish, simply restock supplies and return to reengage his 2nd form (e.g. you don’t have to fight the first battle again). Going in with full HP/MP makes all the difference in the world.

After the second battle, you’ll receive 12,000XP. Watch a scene in which Trode arrives and Jessica picks up the stolen scepter. The group decides to rest up in Argonia for a while.


Back at the Inn, the party realizes that Jessica is missing. Leave the guestroom and talk to the woman downstairs to learn that Jessica was last seen traveling towards the northern checkpoint. Save your game and finish any business in town then exit Argonia.

Travel south and at the crossroad, head north towards a waterfall. Cross the rope bridge and go through the checkpoint gate up ahead. Follow the northern path until you reach the town of Arcadia.


All of the residents are currently blocking doors and paths, so just follow the route they’ve laid out until you reach the mansion towards the top of town. Explore the rooms on the 1st floor for a few items and a new recipe then go upstairs. Enter the room in the southeast corner to trigger a scene, in which you’ll witness a possessed Jessica threatening the mansion owner.

When the scene ends, get a recipe from the bookshelf on the left then speak to Dominico. He wants you to retrieve 2 magical stones from a family who lives by the fountain in town. Accept his request. Search the back bedroom to acquire a Wizard’s Staff then exit the mansion. Talk to David, who is standing next to the dog cage on the right. When he asks if you are traveling, answer ‘yes’ and watch the rest of the scene. Afterwards, explore the town.

There are several items and recipes to collect within the masonry workshops and some new things for sale in the stores. The market to the north of the mansion gates is only open at night. Pay 2,000G to get a ‘mystery item’ (Seed of Skill) from the ghoul who runs it. The family you are looking for lives in a house to the left of the Pub. Speak to the young man sitting at the table inside to receive a Stone Sword and learn that his father, Rydon, is working in a tower north of town. Save your game in the church then leave town via the northern exit.

Follow the trail north and fight the Poisonous Sniper up ahead to get a Copper Coin. Recruit him for your Monster Team if you wish then continue further north to a crossroad. Take the southern route to a tower.


Insert the Stone Sword in the keyhole to unlock the front door. Get a Map of Rydon’s Tower from the chest inside then open the gate and go upstairs. Enter the door on top and speak to the blue Slime creature standing next to the statue on the right. Push the statue to see that they will come into play later on. For now, step on the center walkway to tip it into the room below. Do not get off. Instead, walk up the ramp to tip it in the opposite direction. Once you’re on the other side, ascend the stairs.

Push the statue on top so that it sits on the tile next to the ramp. Doing so causes the ramp to drop down and lock in place. Head northeast to find a lever. Use it to drop the drawbridge then go back down the western staircase and climb up the ramp. Ascend two more flights of stairs to get to the 5th level. Once there, step on the center walkway so that it tips you into the room below. As before, walk up the ramp to tip it in the opposite direction. Go upstairs and push the statue onto the tile next to the ramp to secure it. After doing so, go downstairs and climb up the ramp to level 6.

Once there, descend the stairs. Pull the lever on the right to drop another drawbridge then step on the red walkway to lower it. Get off this time and go over to the statue next to the stairs. Push it onto the tile in front of the stairs so that it rises to the top. Go up and place it on the tile next to the red walkway. Once its secure, go downstairs and take the ramp back up to the 6th level. Ascend the gold ladder to trigger a scene involving Rylus then ascend the staircase in the far eastern corner.

Push the statue onto the ramp tile to secure it then go down and climb the ramp. Open a chest on the platform above to acquire a Recovery Ring then return to the floor below. This time, pull the statue off the ramp tile then go downstairs and climb the red ramp to reach the next floor. On level 10, look for a wooden ladder near the center masonry piles and climb up. Open a chest to the south to acquire Cheiron’s Bow then go over and talk to Rydon. He tells you the magical gemstones were used when creating a statue named Alexandra. Leave Rydon and warp to Alexandria when ready.


If you recall, the statue is where you first encountered Jessica in the Tower of Alexandra. Rest and save in town then travel east to the tower. Examine the statue on top to see that its eyes are made of the very gems you need. Attempt to exit the room and a scene will take over. When it ends, pick up the Kran Spinel gems at the base of the statue then leave the tower. Return to Arcadia.


Go up to the mansion and enter the courtyard to witness a humiliating scene involving David. Afterwards, talk to Dominico in his quarters upstairs. When he asks if you have the jewels, answer ‘yes’ then accept his request to serve as guards until Jessica returns. Enter his secret library and loot 3 chests to receive a Mini Medal, Magic Vestment, and 650G. Examine the books on the shelves to learn about the wizard’s lineage and to acquire the Big Book of Barriers. Bring the book to Dominico. After he fully heals the party, leave the mansion to encounter Jessica accosting David.


Strategy: Compared to Dhoulmagus, Evil Jessica is ‘easy peasy’ to defeat. Start by raising your party’s defense then attack her with your best skills. Jessica will hit individuals with her staff, causing about 50 damage, but the rest of her attacks are group based (Kasizzle, Kafrizzle, Kasnooze, etc.). After a couple of turns, she summons several Shadow creatures to help her fight. They are weak and easy to defeat but their numbers can whittle down your HP quickly if you leave them unattended. Use Zap or a similar group spell to decrease their numbers, keeping a few alive so that she doesn’t summon more. Focus your attacks on Jessica, heal frequently, and cure any status effects she inflicts. After eliminating her, take out the remaining Shadow creatures in one hit.

Afterwards, the party receives over 8,000XP and some gold. Just as Evil Jessica prepares to wipe out the town, Dominico casts a powerful barrier that zaps the cursed scepter from her hands. When he asks if you’d like to finish her off, say ‘no’ (Trode will stop you if you answer ‘yes’). After you explain the situation, the party will be back at the Inn. Upon awakening, Jessica realizes the scepter is missing and asks the guys to look for it.

Return to the mansion and speak to Dominico in the 1st floor dining room. Exit to trigger a scene then go outside to witness David being attacked by Leopold the dog, who holds the scepter in its jaws. After the dog flees, speak to David and watch the sad scene that follows. Accept Dominico’ task to destroy the dog and he will imbue Jessica with the power to cast Kasizzle and Kacrackle. Leave the mansion and watch as Jessica awkwardly reveals her feelings. When she asks if her comments sound strange, say ‘no’ if you want to be kind.

Make sure to re-equip Jessica when she rejoins the party. When ready, take the northern exit out of town. At the crossroad, travel northeast until you reach a chapel by the side of the road.


Talk to the folks inside, save your game, and rest for 60G if you need to then continue on your journey. Head northwest until you reach a cave opening. Talk to the guard posted inside to learn that the dog came through this way. Follow the path until a scene takes over. When it ends, exit the cave and head north through the snowfall until an avalanche strikes the party. Upon awakening, you’ll be inside a house.


Leave the guestroom and go down the hallway on the right to get some items from the room at the end. Afterwards, go downstairs and talk to Marta, who is stirring tea by the stove then talk to your comrades. If you agree with Angelo’s assessment of Marta’s dog, you’ll insult Trode. Get a new recipe from the back bookshelf then speak to Yangus or examine Boris (the dog) to initiate a scene, during which Marta tells you about an old ruin behind her house and mentions a town to the north called Orkutsk. In the morning, she gives you a bag to deliver to an herbalist named Marek and sends you on your way.

When you regain control, head south back towards the cottage. Go inside the barn on the left to get a Mini Medal from a barrel then head further south if you want to visit the ruins she told you about. Entering the herb chamber on the right triggers a scene, in which Marta explains that visitors are not allowed inside the back room. Leave her cottage and travel northwest.

At the first opening, detour south if you want to fight and/or recruit a Roboster MK1 monster. Further south, you’ll find a chest near a tree containing an Agility Ring. As you head north out of the alcove, climb the icy ledge on the left to reach a chest with a Holy Silver Rapier then continue north over the hill. Approach the archway below to trigger a cutscene then enter Orkutsk.


Start exploring the village, which is shaped like an octagon. In terms of the shops, armor is sold during the day, whereas weapons are sold only at night. The Inn charges 100G to rest and you can witness a scene involving Angelo if you talk to the kid praying in church. Use the back door in the Pub to reach the exterior courtyard and enter the house in the center. Speak to the mayor sitting at the table to learn that Marek’s room is below. Raid the upstairs for items then go downstairs.

Explore all of the rooms for items and recipes as you make your way to Marek’s room in the southwest corner. Once you see he is not there, talk to the man in the hallway who suggests speaking to the Item dealer to find out where Marek went. Use the northwestern staircase to reach the back of the shop. Talk to the dealer to learn that Marek is tending herbs in a cave outside of town. The other staircase leads to the back of the weapon’s dealer shop where you can pilfer more items. Leave the underground area from the way you entered.

When ready, exit Orkutsk and travel northwest through the snowfield until you reach a cave opening. The ledge to the right of the entrance has a chest containing a Mini Medal. Grab it then enter the cave.


Go down the ramp on the left. Below, you’ll see two openings. Take the northern route to a room with a chest containing a Map of the Grotto then backtrack and head east. Move forward until you see an opening on the right. Loot the room for items then go out and continue north into a large chamber. Head northwest to trigger a scene showing an icicle dropping down. Afterwards, slide across the slippery ice then climb the rocks in the upper left corner. On top, carefully walk across the ice bridge to the southern ledge where there is a chest containing 100G. Walk back across the ice bridge to get to the northeast exit. Descend to level 2.

Move forward into a room with two openings. Follow the left one to a chest tucked behind icicles. Open it to receive an Elfin Elixir then go back and take the western path into the next part of the cavern. Veer north when you can and loop around to a set of stairs. Descend into a room with two chests containing a Devil’s Tail and 2100G. Go back upstairs and head west over the slippery ice. Get a couple of items from urns in the northwestern alcove then head southeast. Scour the next room for items then take the southwestern stairs down to the 3rd level.

Move forward into an opening where there are more urns to crush. After getting items from them, head north then veer east. Approach the ramp on the left to cause an icicle to fall. Follow the lower path around the rocks, eventually heading west towards the shard so that two more drop and form a bridge. Once all three icicles have fallen, loop back to the ramp. Cross the icicles on top then take the northern stairs down to level 4.

Once there, head southeast into the next area. At the crossroad, continue southeast around the rocks, causing another icicle to fall. Run around the area until you form a bridge of three then backtrack towards the entrance and follow the southwestern path to a rocky ramp. Go up and collect an Icicle Dirk from a chest on the southern ledge then cross the icicle bridge you created. Head northwest to a staircase leading down to the next part of the cavern.

Examine the cluster of icicles on the right to trigger a scene. When the man asks if anybody is there, answer ‘yes’ and choose to send Munchie in between the icicles. Controlling Munchie, move past the man and go into the crevasse at the bottom of the rock cliff. Approach the drip of water to cause an icicle to fall then return to the hero on top. When you regain control, head west and cross the icicle Munchie created to reach the man, who introduces himself as Marek. When he asks if you have a package for him, answer ‘yes’ then use Marta’s Bag to warm him up. When prompted, allow Marek to travel with you then exit the grotto.

A band of wolves attack as soon as the group emerges from the cave. Three or four decent area attacks should take all of them out before they have a chance to call for reinforcements. Watch the scene that follows then return to Orkutsk.


Upon entering, Marek says he wants to discuss something privately with you in his room. After shopping, resting and/or saving your game in town, go to his room below the mayor’s house to trigger a cutscene. After agreeing to accompany Marek to his mother’s house, a patient walks in and delays his departure. Travel to Marta’s Cottage without him.


Enter the cottage and fight the wolves that have invaded both floors. After defeating them, enter the ruins behind the cottage and approach the room up ahead to initiate a scene. When it ends, talk to Marta until she asks if you met with Marek. Answer ‘yes,’ then leave the ruins to continue the scene outside. After Marta hands you the Ultimate Key (an item that allows you to open almost any door in the world), defeat the last batch of Hellhounds that attack and watch the sad scene that follows.

Marek suggests seeking the help of the Godbird Empyrea to track down the cursed dog that has flown away. Read the inscriptions on the stone monuments in the back room to learn that you’ll need a sea chart in order to find the bird. Exit the room to trigger a scene with Trode, who recommends going east to look for it.

Before continuing with the main quest, you may want to take advantage of the key that Marta gave you. The Ultimate Key will open all of the gated areas with treasure chests you’ve been passing throughout the game. Rooms that immediately come to mind are ones in Princess Minnie’s Castle (first floor), Red’s Hideout (bottom floor), Pickham (northeast apartments), Trodain Castle (2nd floor, east wing), and Arcadia (behind Item shop). This is also an excellent time to complete a subquest in Baccarat. If you want to get on with the main storyline, skip the section below.


The mansion in Baccarat is open now. Go inside and enter the room on the left to witness Cash and Carrie arguing about who will become heir to Golding’s fortune. Before talking to them, raid the mansion and patio in back for items. Once you’ve gathered all the goodies, talk to the siblings to learn that each wants your group to escort them to the Dragon’s Graveyard. After selecting one of them to guard (doesn’t matter which one), you’ll rest overnight. In the morning, talk to the female warrior near the gate outside to learn that Dragon’s Graveyard is in a desert to the south. Leave Baccarat when you’re ready to begin the journey.

To get there quickly, use Baumren’s Bell to hitch a ride on a Sabrecat and go south to the very bottom of the continent. You’ll eventually come to an opening between the cliffs where a sign alerts you to dangerous enemies up ahead. Continue south between the cliffs until you reach an expanse of sand. Veer left towards a chapel where you can rest (costs 60G), restock supplies, and save your game. Talk to the warrior sitting in the pews to learn a new recipe as well.

When ready, leave the Desert Chapel and head directly south across the sand until you reach a small alcove with a well. Open a chest on the left to get a Dragon Scale then climb into the well. Stand in the air vent below. When the air settles, you’ll notice a couple of cacti have appeared there. Climb back up to see that you’ve just been transported to a new area. Open another chest above to receive some Dragon Dung then head southwest over the top of the tallest sand dune.

Below, you’ll see a field of bones and another well. Using the air vent inside this one will transport you to a well near the chapel in case you want to save or rest there again. When ready, approach the mouth of the carcass to trigger a scene involving whichever sibling you chose to escort. When the scene ends, you’ll be inside the graveyard.

Head east to a chest containing a Map of the Dragon’s Graveyard then go north. Cross the bone bridge to reach an alcove in the southwest corner, where you’ll find a chest containing a Mini Medal. Exit the alcove and veer west until you get to the second part of the level. Once there, head west over the lower bones to reach a ledge with a pouch containing Dragon Dung. Backtrack to the previous part of the chamber and cross the central bone bridge. Veer south to reach an escort who tells you the other sibling has gone on ahead. If you follow the western bridge, you’ll eventually reach another Baccarat employee who tells you the same thing. Talk to her if you like; otherwise head southwest, moving in between the dragon carcasses to the western exit.

Grab a Dragon Shield from the chest there then return to the previous room and head south. Continue forward through the next opening where you’ll find a downed guard who tells you the other sibling is in trouble. Climb the ramp next to the guard and cross the western bridge to reach the southwest exit. Enter the silver doorway in the far corner to trigger a scene, in which you’ll see the sibling surrounded by two large enemies. Examine one of them to instigate a fight.


Strategy: The Red Horn is more powerful than its blue counterpart so focus on taking it out first. As usual, increase the party’s defense with Kabuff and reduce the enemy’s defense with Sap. Cast Oomph on your strongest attackers then use powerful attacks to whittle down the Red Horn’s HP. The duo’s attacks will cause anywhere from 50-230 points of damage per hit so prepare to heal frequently and revive fallen characters as necessary. The Blue Fang will be much easier to take out once the Red Horn is eliminated.

Upon defeating the duo, you’ll receive 8,190 XP and 2,700 G. Watch the scene that follows then go through the western doorway. Touch the crystal ball on the pedestal to hear the ancestor’s message to Cash and Carrie. The scene ends back in Baccarat. In the morning, go downstairs. When the siblings ask if you slept okay, say ‘yes’ and they will give you 600 tokens to use in the newly opened casino. Leave the room to trigger a cutscene then go to the casino in front of town. Play bingo, roulette or slots inside and check out the prize booth to see what rare items they offer. When ready, leave Baccarat and continue with the main quest.


Board your ship and sail to the island east of Orkutsk. Check your map after you dock and follow whatever route gets you to the building in the middle of the island.


Go upstairs to do some shopping or rest at the Inn. The two chests next to the weapon dealer contain a Seed of Wisdom and Mini Medal. Speak to the folks wandering around to learn that the sea chart you need is in a pirate’s cove to the east. Go up to the cathedral and save your game then use one of the back doors to reach the building attached to the long bridge. Enter to trigger a scene with Marcello. Afterwards, leave the building to witness a scene between two guards.

When ready, board your ship and sail east towards Trodain, which you can identify by the dark clouds that envelop it. There’s a small prison island just below Trodain but docking there right now is a waste of time. Instead, enter the channel in between Trodain and Farebury and sail south until you reach a bridge. Turn to the left while under the bridge and enter the secret cove.


Walk across the dock and enter the door on the left to get some items from urns then head right and smash barrels to get some gold. Enter the gate next to the barrels to trigger a scene showing Red’s arrival. After she leaves, go downstairs. Move forward until you reach a door on the right. Crush some barrels in the room then go through the door next to them.

Open the chest inside to acquire a Map of Pirate’s Cove then return to the main hallway. Follow the passageway on the left to a gate. Search the cell beyond for an item or two then backtrack to the hallway and head east. Go through the door at the end of the path and talk to Red, who hints that there may be something important in the room. Search the bookshelves for a couple of recipes and a message from Captain Crow. Examine the decorative wheel on the back door and choose to turn it. Watch a scene then go down to level 3.

Head south at the bottom of the stairs. Enter the door facing east and loot the room for an item. Pass through the door up ahead and descend the stairs to level 4. Move forward, ignoring the door on the right, until a scene takes over. When it ends, enter the doorway and head north until you reach an opening in the wall. Go through to a cave with a chest. Get a Mini Medal from it then backtrack to the circular room. Cross the stone bridge and examine the crank attached to the wall on the left. Turn it so that the water recedes. Leave the room and go back upstairs to level 3.

Once there, head west to get back to the main hallway. Travel south and enter the door on the right. Open the two chests inside to get a Bone Shield and Hades’ Helm then return to the hallway. Enter the door at the end of the hall. Go through the hole in the wall and continue forward to another door. Once inside the circular room, climb down the ladder in the center.

Pass through the doors below to reach the passageway blurred on your map. Go through the door at the end to trigger a scene where Red attempts to open a chest but unleashes the ghost of Captain Crow instead. Heal your party then speak to Crow to initiate a battle.


Strategy: Crow follows the same general pattern of psyching himself up then attacking either a single individual or the entire party with an ice spell. Since Crow frequently removes any enhancements you’ve used on your party, cast Sap to decrease his defense instead. If he connects after psyching himself up to the max, be prepared to heal or revive any members that cannot withstand the 200+ damage he causes. Jessica’s Blow Kiss spell effectively charms him about a third of the time, so exploit this. Use Multishot if Angelo is using a bow and have the hero use Flame or Falcon Slashes while Oomph’d to cause some decent damage.

Upon victory, you’ll receive 9,750XP and 2,675G as well as a Pirate’s Hat. Watch a scene then open the chest up ahead to acquire the Illuminated Sea Chart. Return to your ship afterwards.

Once on board, use the Sea Chart to illuminate a path on the world map showing where you need to sail to next. The most direct route is to sail west from the island of Neos. When you reach the ‘X’ mark on your map, you’ll see a cluster of rocks jutting out of the ocean. Steer the ship into the center of them to trigger a scene. When you regain control, follow the white water towards the southern cliffs until another scene takes over.

Once on dry land, head east up the winding path. At the top, head further east until you reach a village in between two hills.


Explore the village for items and talk to the locals to learn more about the Godbird. The chest in the Item dealer’s hut contains a Special Medicine. If you talk to the man standing next to the horses outside, he’ll ask if you want to trade your horse for his. Naturally, answer ‘no’. When ready, go up to the Inn and speak to the Village Chief to learn that chasing the bird’s shadow sometimes opens a portal between the light and dark realms. Rest at the inn for free and save your game with the priest then exit the village.

Travel northwest until you reach the stone arch on top of a hill. If you approach it during the day, you should be able to see Empyrea’s shadow crossing the landscape. Chase the bird’s shadow all around the island until you end up on the western cliff overlooking a poisonous pond. When the shadow circles there for a moment, approach it to trigger a scene. Enter the portal that appears.


The party arrives in a black & white version of the island with new inhabitants to battle. Head southeast to get back to the village. Upon your arrival, the Village Chief asks if you’ve come through the Dark Eye. Answer ‘yes’ and he will ask you to stop by his hut after you’ve explored the village. There are fresh items to pilfer throughout and a new chest in the Item dealer’s hut that contains a Special Antidote. When ready, enter the Inn and speak to the Chief. Agree to help him discover why Empyrea has been attacking the village and he will tell you how to find the bird. Rest and save then exit the village.

Go up to the stone archway to trigger a scene showing the colorful bird’s arrival.


Strategy: The bird casts Zap on the party, uses its talons to harm individuals for about 150 damage, or blinds all with Dazzle spells. She will negate any enhancements you make to the party fairly quickly and Sap will not decrease her high defense so don’t bother using any of those spells. Instead, have one character act solely as healer while the others battle with all their might. When Empyrea’s HP gets low, she’ll start casting Midheal on herself. You should be able to finish her off pretty quickly afterwards.

Upon victory, you’ll receive 10,150XP and a Seed of Magic. Watch a cutscene where Empyrea explains her conflict with Gemon. Agree to help her retrieve the stolen egg and answer ‘yes’ when she asks if you’re ready to fly to her nest and you’ll be whisked away to the top of a mountain.


Enter the cave up ahead. Once inside, go up the ramp on the left to reach a chest containing a Map of Godbird’s Eyrie. Go down and head west to get to the exit. Back outside, travel east up the hill and enter the hole on top. Head north through the cave until you reach a crossroad.

Follow the eastern path to a new chamber. Open the chest up ahead to acquire a ? then backtrack to the crossroad. Once there, follow the southern route past an opening on the right until you reach a passageway facing east. Open the chest at the end of this path to obtain a Gold Nugget. Leave the alcove and continue north to get back outside. Climb up the hill then go through the next chamber and out the other side.

When you get to the 4th level, pass under the archway then head north up the ramp. On top, veer east to get back outside. Go up the hill to reach the 5th level of the caves. Backtrack to the previous level then follow the western path to get back outside. Climb up the hill and enter the 5th level from this side. Head west and take the spiral path up to the very top. Heal your party before speaking to the large creature outside.


Strategy: Ignore the Dark Turkey and Dark Condor that accompany Gemon, as he will only summon more if you happen to kill them. Reduce Gemon’s defense before he casts Bounce on himself to make your work easier. Have Jessica cast protective spells (especially ones that reduce fire-based damage) while Angelo keeps the party healthy and alive. Yangus and the hero should stick to physical attacks while his reflective shield remains intact. As soon as it wears off, have everyone blast him with magic spells. Once Gemon falls, dispose of the other two creatures.

After the battle, you’ll receive 9,666XP, 198G, and the boss drops a Seed of Skill. Watch the scene that follows, during which you’ll be offered the ability to fly. By all means accept the offspring’s wish. Examine the nest to acquire the Godbird’s Soulstone, which will turn you into a bird, allowing you to fly while in the world of Light. Afterwards, Empyrea carries the party back to the ‘normal’ realm.


Use the Soulstone to discover remote parts of the world you can fly to. A few are listed below:

- After the bazaar in Argonia moves, go to the Inn and rest until evening. At night, walk up the hill to the Chancellor’s house, where you will learn that the family has been kidnapped by trolls. Enter the glowing mirror to begin a rescue mission in another dimension.

- Look for some ruins in the forest towards the eastern shore. Land there and cross the bridge up ahead. Speak to the creatures below to learn that one buries shiny objects in the sand and the other mentions the kind human that once lived there. Read an inscription on the wall beyond the pond, where a prophet named Egeurs explains what will happen to the 7 Sages once the dark force is lifted from the land.

- Fly to Savella Cathedral and land on top, where the Lord High Priest’s residence is. Go down to the gate to witness a conversation between Marcello and the High Priest then enter the residence. Explore the 1st floor for items then go upstairs. Talk to the High Priest in his chamber during the day. Get an item out of the bedroom on the left then leave the residence. Locate two birds on the coast west of Savella Cathedral to acquire a Seed of Life and Seed of Magic.

- Once you have defeated all 295 monsters, speak to King Trode by pressing the ‘Start’ button. He will give you a Gospel Ring. Equipping it gives the wearer Defense +5 and eliminates all random enemy encounters.

When you’re ready to advance the storyline, fly to the southeast continent and land on the small isle tucked between the mountains along the western shore (it is north of the Swordsman’s Labyrinth and west of Wisher’s Peak). Once on the ground, head east until you reach a new village.


Check your map to see what the town has to offer then move forward to trigger a scene. When it ends, you’ll take control of Trode. Enter the building beyond the bridge. Speak to the bartender and he will offer a drink for 9G. Buy one to trigger a scene, in which the bartender explains the history of the gully. Afterwards, explore for items and recipes then rest and shop downstairs.

Exit from the upper level and go to the building past the church on the far right. Speak to the creatures inside, then to Raya. When she asks if you encountered David during your journey, answer ‘yes.’ Tell her you’ll try to turn their dream into a reality and Raya will unlock Tryan’s treasure room for you. Return to the pub and exit from the lower level. Follow the path to the Treasure room where you will find several urns/barrels to crush and 2 chests containing a Staff of Anti-magic and the Darktree Leaf. When ready, leave the gully.

Use the Darktree Leaf to place a marker on the world map showing the present location of Leopold who is flying around the world. Use the Soulstone to turn into a bird so that you can chase the winged dog down. Eventually, you’ll see a scene where the evil dog alights near the Lord High Priest’s Residence on top of Savella Cathedral. Land there.


After watching a scene showing Leopold breaking in, enter the residence. After High Priest Rolo tells you the Lord is in danger, go upstairs to the Lord High Priest’s chambers. Inside, you’ll see that the dog has the guards surrounded. Speak to Leopold once you are prepared to fight him.


Strategy: Leopold smacks individuals for 260+ damage, uses Intimidate to shock the party, and casts Cold Breath that causes 40-80 damage apiece. Buff up your party in all ways possible (Kabuff, Oomph, Accelerate, etc.) and increase your primary fighters’ tension, while the others heal, then just wail on the dog until he falls.

After the battle, you’ll receive 10,200XP. Watch a cutscene showing Marcello’s rise to power as your party (along with High Priest Rolo) is sent to Purgatory Island.


When you regain control, speak to everyone in the cell then examine the gate to trigger a scene. When it ends, speak to the priest on the floor near Angelo to watch as the guards change shift. Talk to Jessica afterwards and then to Rolo, who devises an escape plan.

When the scene ends, you’ll be back on board your ship with Trode. Check the world map to see that evil now threatens the sacred island of Neos. Go there when ready. [Note that if you visit Marek in the ruins behind Marta’s Cottage, he will give you 4 bunches of Nook Grass upon learning that Evil Leopold was defeated.]


Enter the shrine building at the top of town to witness Marcello’s cynical speech. After the Godbird intervenes on your behalf, prepare to fight the former Templar captain.


Strategy: Marcello’s standard attacks (Wind Sickles and Kafrizzle) cause 50-80 damage. His Heaven’s Portal attack causes far more damage and is really the only one to be concerned with. Cast Sap to reduce his defense and Kabuff to increase yours then fight with all your might until he starts to remove the party’s enhancements and heal himself. This signals he is close to dying, so just keep everyone healthy and pound on him until he falls.

Upon victory, you’ll receive 11,020XP. Watch the scene that follows, during which Angelo receives the Templar Captain’s Ring, then leave Neos. Check the world map to identify where the evil force now resides and fly there when ready.


Go through the doorway up ahead and at the first intersection, head west. Enter the room on the left and read the books inside to gather a few new recipes. Go out the back door in this room to find a chest containing a Map of the Citadel then return to the intersection.

Follow the eastern path past a couple of rooms and go up the stairs at the end. Move forward, ignoring the first room on the left, until you reach a room in the northeast corner. Ascend the stairs inside. Open the chest on top to acquire a piece of Orichalcum then go back down. Head southwest to the room you passed earlier. Crush the barrels inside to get a slew of items as you make your way to the stairs in back. Climb up to the roof.

Move forward then descend the stairs on the left. On the platform below, descend the stairs in the lower left corner to find a lever. Pull it to create a staircase on the right. Use the stairs to get to the fountain below. Once there, head west. Climb the staircase on the left. Once on top, enter the opening on the right and continue through the next doorway. Move forward until you reach a door on the left. Grab a Dark Robe from the armoire and a recipe from the bookshelf inside then return to the hallway.

Continue traveling south up the next staircase and down to the other side. Go through the doorway up ahead and move forward until you are back outside. Cross over to the western side and enter the doorway there. Grab some Premium Mold from an urn then descend the stairs. At the bottom, go through the opening on the left to reach the next area. Read an inscription on the southern wall that warns to never retrace your steps in the spiral city then continue through the opening on the opposite side of the room.

Push the statue up ahead to unblock a doorway. Go through and follow the path to the left of the stairs to get back outside. Head south to a chest containing the Sage’s Stone then continue through the eastern passageway. Go upstairs and use the lever on top to create a set of stairs that provides a shortcut back to the entrance. Take advantage of the stairs if you want to save, rest, or shop elsewhere in the world before continuing up the northern ramp.

Once you reach the top, head east until you come to a doorway. Enter and go through the doorway in between the staircases. In the next room, take the western staircase down a level. Once there, head west past the first staircase to the one on the opposite side of the room. Descend and head north to the next staircase. At the bottom, take either path over to the stairs at the far end of the chamber. Descend into a u-shaped area that resembles a town.

Read an inscription on the wall up ahead that relates to the 4 statues near the stairs. After reading it, the party’s HP/MP will be fully restored. Move counter-clockwise around the edge of the fake city until you see it start to corrode. After the next revolution, cellblocks will appear. Keep going around until you reach a staircase opposite where the 4 statues once stood. Descend into a fiery chamber and go through the door up ahead. Move forward until a scene takes over involving Rhapthorne.


Strategy: The boss casts Cold Breath, Kafrizzle, Kaboom, Dazzle, etc. and will follow up one of these with a desperate attack that may kill any character who cannot sustain a 250+ hit. Rhapthorne may also put characters to sleep or dispel the party’s enhancements. Enhance your characters anyway as it will force him to use one of his turns to dispel. If you exhibit patience and heal often, the boss will fall fairly quickly.

After the battle, your party will be fully healed but will not receive any XP or items. Head south until you trigger another scene showing the citadel falling apart. Run back to the spiral city and move clockwise through the falling debris until you reach a statue that comes to life.


Strategy: Two Dancing Flames accompany the boss. All 3 of them can be taken out quickly if you have Jessica protect the party from fire-based attacks and Yangus or Angelo cast Kabuff to beef up the party’s defense. After that, just wail on them with your best attacks and they will be down in no time at all.

Afterwards, the party receives 2,200XP, 329G, and a Bandit’s Grass Skirt. Keep running clockwise until you get to the wall where you can restore the party’s HP/MP. Use it then keep going until a scene takes over near the stairway exit.


Strategy: The statues will use whichever spells their corresponding party member has learned. For example, the Angelo statue will heal the others or use air-based spells. They are extremely easy to defeat using area attacks and a few well-timed swings.

Upon defeating the statues, you’ll receive 2,270XP. Go upstairs and backtrack through the levels until another scene takes over, showing two sea creatures attacking.


Strategy: The duo will cast Kasap during their first few turns. Counter this by casting Kabuff on the party twice and then have Jessica Oomph the hero. If the hero has learned Gigaslash, use it continually. In doing so, the pair will likely fall before they ever have a chance to strike.

After the battle, you’ll get 2,700XP and Yggdrasil Dew. Continue north to the stairs. Pass through the room on top to trigger another scene showing pieces of the citadel forming to create a huge enemy.


Strategy: He’s large but not terribly difficult as he has but one attack: a fist slam that connects for about 200 damage. Cast Kabuff twice to reduce the impact and Divine Intervention to reduce his magic defense. After that, just hack and heal until he falls.

The party receives 2,480XP and a piece of Orichalcum afterwards. There’s nowhere to go on foot now, so use your Soulstone to fly out of the area. Watch the scene that follows, during which Empyrea deposits the party on Empycchu Island.


The giant bird explains that a shield makes Rhapthorne’s new incarnation impervious to harm. In order to break it, you must track down special orbs that contain the power of the 7 Sages. Empyrea gives you an Echo Flute to help you locate these orbs. In reality, you will not need to use the flute if you can recall where each of the sage’s heirs died. Collect the orbs in any order you wish (note that while in Baccarat, you can earn 200 casino tokens by helping some residents defeat a King Squid near the item shop):

1. PURPLE ORB: Farebury (in the charred remains of Rylus’ house)
2. BLUE ORB: Tower of Alexandra (near the statue on top)
3. GOLD ORB: Maella Abbey (in Abbot Francisco’s residence; upper bedroom)
4. YELLOW ORB: Baccarat (in Golding’s mansion; upper bedroom)
5. GREEN ORB: Arcadia (next to the dog cage where David died)
6. RED ORB: Marta’s Cottage (in front of the southern ruins entrance)
7. SILVER ORB: Savella Cathedral (in Lord High Priest’s residence; upper chamber)

Once you’ve found the 7 orbs, return to Empycchu island. Make sure there is one empty slot in each character’s inventory then approach the stone arch to trigger a scene. When Empyrea asks if you’ve collected all of the orbs, answer ‘yes’ and she will reveal the scepter of Trodain, which no longer carries a curse but rather holds the souls of the sages. Tell her you understand what you must do and she will ask if you are ready to depart. If so, answer ‘yes’. Empyrea will fully heal the party and give each member a Godbird Scepter to use when facing the Lord of Darkness. Afterwards, you’ll be flown to meet the shielded boss.


Strategy: Your only goal during this encounter is to remove Rhapthorne’s shield. The only way to achieve this is by having party members simultaneously pray with Godbird Scepters in hand. When all four use the item during the same turn, one of the sages will fuse with its orb. Since there are 7 sages to fuse, the party will need to repeat the procedure 7 times. Rhapthorne will attack while you’re trying to accomplish the task so the strategy is this: Alternate turns between using the scepter and healing/protecting the party. If your characters are well leveled and have good armor on, you can get away with two turns of ‘group prayer’ followed by one turn of full healing.

After successfully fusing the 7 orbs, the sages remove Rhapthorne’s protective shield and restore the party’s HP/MP. Now he’s all yours.


Strategy: Since this is the final battle, give it all you’ve got. The boss has learned a few new attacks such as Meteor Shower and Anger of Gods, but your strategy should remain basically the same as the other times you’ve faced him. He will still attack twice in one turn so beef up your offense and defense, forcing Rhapthorne to waste one of his moves on dispelling them. In particular have Jessica protect the party from fire and ice spells since he tends to use them frequently. Eventually, Rhapthorne will cast Meditate to heal himself then unleash all of his magic power at once, causing 200-400 damage to each character. Revive whoever dies with Yggdrasil Leafs or spells then get back to the business of attacking him. Use healing items lavishly as there’s no sense in hanging on to them at this point. While it may seem redundant to have two characters fully heal the party during the same turn, it may prove to be a lifesaver.

After defeating the Lord of Darkness, Empyrea will fly the party to Trodain Castle where Trode and Medea are waiting.


Once the curse is lifted, the residents of the castle emerge from their dark slumber and all is well with the world again. After several months pass, the day arrives for the princess to travel to Savella and wed Prince Charmles. Leave your quarters and walk down the hall to trigger a scene with Angelo then speak to the guard below to learn that Medea’s bedroom is on the 3rd floor. Go up to the 2nd floor to get to the west wing of the castle. Take the stairs up to the 3rd floor and move forward until you trigger a scene with Jessica. When it ends, continue down the hall and enter the room next to the guard. When Medea asks if it’s time to leave, say ‘yes’ and watch the scene that follows.


Leave the inn and approach your comrades near the stairs to trigger another scene. When it ends, join the crowd gathered in front of the cathedral. After Yangus pushes you to the front, approach the guard at the entrance. Answer all of his questions with ‘yes’ to get inside. After events unfold there, go downstairs to trigger another scene. Talk to Medea afterwards and answer ‘yes’ if you want to see the happy ending.

After the end credits, you’ll be prompted to save your game data. Do so if you want to unlock bonus areas (the Dragovian Path, Sanctuary & Trials) or complete any other business in the world.



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