legend of alon d'ar
  playstation 2 walkthrough


The game begins with a lengthy cutscene that introduces you to Jarik, a farm boy, whose quest is to find out why he has a mystic sigil burned into his hand.

Once you gain control of him, grab a pail of water from the well and put out the nearby fire. Open the chest to find a Steel Buckler and Wither Bane. Wither Bane is a plant that grows wild near rocks in the area. It can be refined into a free healing potion by an herbalist, so collect as many as possible while you explore the region. Talk to all of the townspeople, especially Riley, who lost 5 DRINKING HORNS. If you find all of them, he’ll give you a reward, so start searching.

Behind town, you’ll find a grey stone building known as the Keep. Enter it and make note of the small, locked box sitting on a nearby table. Move down the hallway and speak to the guard. He’ll let you into a private room where you can learn about other lands by reading the books on the shelf. Afterwards, examine 2 unlit torches on the opposite wall. Doing so reveals a secret passageway. Enter and go to the far end where you’ll see a blue crystal lodged in stone. Move to the right and grab the hammer. Use it to break off the crystal. In addition to the crystal, you’ll receive a small key. Note that it does not unlock the box you’ll find to your left. When given a choice, do not use the hammer to break it open. Instead, return to the main room and use the small key to unlock the first box. Inside, you’ll find a silver key that opens the 2nd box- thus allowing you grab a potion, a dagger, and some gold. Leave the Keep and continue exploring.

Seek out the fellow who lets you train for battle in his corral. He offers 3 training sessions that familiarize you with various weapons and magic skills. As a general note, the battle system in this game takes some time getting used to and leaves much to be desired. For example, once you enter a ‘combat zone’ you cannot flee, move, defend or parry. You just have to wait out the attack until your red bar depletes so you can make a move. Worse yet, once you’re mobile, you’ll waste a great deal of time clicking through inventory choices while creatures rapidly eat you alive. Be warned that you’ll die countless times in the game. I will try and offer tips along the way to help you avoid this pitfall. In any event, after you’re finished training, leave the corral and return to town.

By now, you should have all 5 Drinking Horns and a lot of Wither Bane. Give the horns to Riley and speak to the herbalist standing near the Save Point. Ask her to refine your plants and buy a few more if you can afford to. Don’t worry about saving money right now. Health potions are what you’ll need for the journey ahead. Check your inventory by pressing the (square) button. Make sure you have the shield and dagger equipped and a lot of potions available on your belt (the remaining ones will be stored in your inventory – use the R1 button to view that screen). When ready, head northeast to leave town.


As you travel down the grassy path, you’ll meet several people. The first is Minri, who wants you to collect 30 SILVER ACORNS. Get used to collecting things for other people throughout the game if you want to earn extra Proficiency Points (PP) and rewards. In mostly all cases, however, the collections are optional. Anyway, continue snaking your way down the path, looking for Acorns and collecting more Wither Bane if your pack can hold it.

Further up, you’ll meet Pia who gives you a lesson on Earth Magic and Laran, who gives you a Shortstaff in exchange for your hammer. When you reach the clearing, fight a few Skurling battles or move stealthily past them to the bridge. Talk to Deryn, a weapons dealer, who needs help clearing out Skurlings from a nearby cave. While you may be tempted to buy a new weapon from him, I suggest keeping your dagger for the time being. Its speed and piercing abilities are ideal against the creatures in this particular region. Keep the Shortstaff, too, as it will come in handy later on.

Make your way up to the Save Point then fight a few more battles in the immediate area to gain some PPs. After acquiring at least 100 PP, start modifying some of your skills. Click (square) button and toggle through the screens until you see the Skills Menu. For now, it’d be wise to focus points on the Katar you’re holding. Select ‘dagger’ from the Weapons list and apply points to Speed and/or Damage. This will help increase your chances of staying alive in the cave you’re about to visit.

Once you’ve fought a few battles and leveled up, travel down the well-worn path to the left of the Save Point. Make sure to use some of those potions during battle when you’re HP gets dangerously low. If you run out, collect more Wither Bane and use it to restore 30 HP at a time.


At the cave entrance, you’ll see a pack of Skurlings roaming about. You have to take on all 3 of them at once, so only enter when you feel you’re ready.

Once they are defeated, go to the table on the right and read part of ShadowFire’s journal. It seems you are to collect the missing parts - 100 JOURNAL PAGES in fact. Unlike other collectables that are localized, the Journal Pages are spread throughout the world. They are divided into 4 Chapters. Once you’ve finished reading the portion on the table, you’ll receive 1 page (hereinafter referred to as J-Pages) and a Stone Orb that allows you to cast Earth magic. If in fighting previous battles you were lucky enough to acquire some Spike Potions, these will help replenish your Magic Points (MEP) when using the Stone Orb in battle. Orbs, like weapons, can be equipped - and you can spend PP to advance your magic skills with them. For now, you can learn Stun, which basically lowers a creature’s defense and buys you some time to whip out that dagger to finish ‘em off.

As you explore the cave further, you’ll find an elevator that is unusable at the moment. Further back, move a couple of barrels to find an acorn then go up the ramp on the right to find another acorn and view the large oak tree. Leave the cave.

Outside, Deryn and his wife will give you a Leather Jerkin as a reward for clearing out the cave. Spend some more time looking for acorns and/or Wither Bane if you want to. Otherwise, head north into the pass.


Soon you’ll meet Skojin who informs you that the dead are rising up ahead. Night falls as you get the news. Luckily, Jarik has a little lantern that turns on above his head when it starts to get dark. This is certainly useful for illuminating your immediate path but makes it rather difficult searching for those pages, acorns and plants. Don’t worry though. You’ll be revisiting these areas in the future.


When you reach the signpost that reads ‘To Graveyard’ equip your Shortstaff, for it’s blunt attack works well on the undead creatures you’re about to face (piercing weapons have little effect since they can’t bleed). While it is wise to explore the entire valley region for acorns, etc., at this point head left towards the town of Pilgrim’s Hatch.

En route, you’ll notice a green, glowing structure. When you approach it, a Sarojin mage appears and explains how the portal works. Take advantage of the portal to fully replenish your HP/MEP, save your game and buy new skills to learn. As before, I recommend learning only those skills that apply to your currently available weapons and magic. If you randomly spread PPs in a bunch of different directions you will remain weak against more powerful enemies. Try beefing up your Earth magic and Staff skills since those are immediately useful to you. When finished, continue down the road towards the village.

Lord Kort’s house is over on the left. Knock on the door and speak to him. He asks that you rid the village of a Skurling nest before he’ll give you his portal key. Continue along the road until you reach Pilgrim’s Hatch. Before entering, head towards the pond on the right and visit the weaponsmith’s shop. If you happened to acquire a Rusty Sword during one of your battles (near the graveyard), he’ll fix it for free - thus, giving you a nice Short Sword to add to your inventory. Search the crate on the side of his shop for an acorn while you’re there.

After defeating the Skurlings and their clay nest, feel free to shop. Remember to exchange any Wither Bane you may have collected for potions and buy a protective armlet from the magic seller if you can afford to.

Before heading back to Lord Kort, now’s the time to fully explore and level up a bit. Visit the graveyard to get that Rusty Sword (if you haven’t done so already) and help a Sarojin Mage fight off a couple of Harpies. If I remember correctly, you’ll acquire a Charged Staff during the battle. If so, sell your regular Shortstaff and start using the magic one. As you gain more skill in both Staff weapons and Earth magic, the Charged staff will be very powerful indeed.

When ready, return to Lord Kort’s house to obtain a portal key. He’ll ask that you check out the graveyard but suggests not doing it at night. Since there’s nothing more to gain by revisiting it right now, follow the path back to the green portal. Now that you have a key, you can access the 3rd menu choice: a 3-D map of the world showing which destinations are open or closed to you at the moment. Select Dagan as your destination and off you go.


Upon your arrival, you’ll meet another Mage who likes to tell stories. Once he leaves, complete any business you have at the portal and head onto the sandy path. You’ll meet Zoe who wants you to collect 30 TREE FROGS for her. If you thought the acorns were tough, these little reddish-brown buggers are downright impossible.

There’ll be many times throughout the course of this game when you’ll feel like the authors wanted to torture players rather than entertain them. By now, you’ve probably figured out that this is a game of extreme patience rather than special skill. Those with an unhealthy streak of stubbornness will do quite well while others will hang up their hats in total frustration about two pages from now. If you have the will, let’s carry on...

Navigate through the swamps, using the totem markers for direction. Stock up on Palm Nuts (which are similar to Wither Bane) so that you can make potions later. The creatures here are poisonous and can drain HP very quickly, so make sure to keep your health up. Earth magic (Sandstorm in particular) works well on them, buying you just enough time to load a sword or dagger and go in for the kill. Occasionally, you’ll want to venture off the path to grab treasure out of submerged chests - but do this only if you can withstand the onslaught of swamp lizards, who are particularly attracted to the motion of water.


As soon as you arrive, you’ll meet Takir who’ll ask to join you. Now that you have another member in your party, seek out the village master and learn how to simultaneously control characters and/or start multi-player mode. After the tutorial, explore the village thoroughly, including the water that contains some non-obvious treasures and gold.

Speak to the weapons dealer who allows you to take an Ornate Axe from the platform above his shop. Takir already comes with a set of decent weapons on his belt (and skills to use them) so there’s no reason to buy him any new ones right now. Save your money for potions and defensive items such as bracers, shields or better armor. Locate the Dagani herbalist (whose shop lies in an alcove beyond a pile of broken crates) to turn in your Palm Nuts for potions.

After stocking up and saving your game, take off down the path behind the shrine of Takir’s ghostly brother.

Now that you control two characters, experiment with different weapon combinations. Some of Takir’s weapons, like the Chopintu, are very slow but cause a great deal of damage. Counter his lack of speed by equipping Jarik with something fast like a dagger or an orb. Alternately, equip Takir with a bow for long-range attacks while Jarik battles in close with his sword. If while fighting you receive new weapons, make sure to check if they are better than the ones you are currently carrying and use them instead.

Keep following the totem markers until you arrive at a beach, where a friendly Dagani presents you with a WATER Orb (which I recommend equipping Takir with since he already has a fundamental knowledge of water spells). Take the raft across to the deep swamps.


After disembarking, continue following the totem markers until Takir talks about giving an offering to the oracle. You can do one of two things: If you’re in good health and have potions in stock, head west to fight the Amareth (a big tree) and gain his heart as an offering. If you need healing, head east to the oracle and touch it to fully heal the party, then backtrack to fight the big tree.

When traveling west, you’ll find the Amareth located just south of a poison fog. Like all trees, this one is susceptible to chopping weapons, so it’d be a good idea to have at least one of your party members wielding an axe. After defeating it, grab a couple of J-Pages in the vicinity then bring the Amareth Heart to the oracle. In doing so, the party receives information pertaining to their quest. Once this is done, return to the path and head south again.

Along the way, you’ll encounter a Sarojin woman who has lost her memory. She asks that you find a cure and bring it back to her. Note the location and move on. As night falls, the party arrives on dry land.


Heading into Palash territory, the party comes across a dead Amareth. Takir warns that the red ones are stronger than the grey ones. Later, fire will be your best weapon against the Amareth. Continue along the trail until you reach a Save point. There you’ll meet PearlDust, who tells you to follow the stone markers down into La’Shon where you’ll most likely find the remedy you are seeking. The chest behind her contains a Sarojin Hammer, a weapon that is useful for cracking hard shells and stunning opponents.

Directly ahead, you’ll find an Amber Bead. If you collect all 30 AMBER BEADS, you’ll receive a rare magical necklace called the Poshogon. Start making your way down the winding path, fighting off those rock-looking creatures with your new hammer. I found it to be painfully slow, but hey it’s up to you.

Continue following the stone markers until you notice a glowing purple one. Here you’ll meet SnailChaser who informs you that the purple markers lead to the Spire of Suspicion (where the 1st of 4 tombs awaits) whereas the well-worn path leads to the village of La’Shon. S/he also tells you the Red Amareth you need to find lies farther inside DarkFell territory, off the beaten path. For now, head east into town.


Near the empty tents you’ll meet LongTooth, who is preparing to set up an outpost in the pass between La’Shon and the far end of Palash to ward off powerful DarkFell forces that have set a 3rd type of marker in the region. Continuing east from LongTooth’s area, you’ll find another portal. Use it, then head south into the village.

Speak with BrambleFoot at the blue-flamed kiosk in the middle of town. He will give you a bell that cures forgetfulness if you bring him the Diadem of the Dreaming Beast. You can find the Diadem underneath WhipTail’s Tomb at the Spire of Suspicion.

This game should be called ‘The Legend of Errand Boy’...

Shop and stock up on potions. If you have enough gold, you can buy a FIRE Orb here. Fire works well on almost any creature. When ready, leave the camp and head west towards the purple markers. After speaking with LongTooth at the outpost, head south.


When you enter DarkFell Territory, you’ll start to see a new set of wooden markers. Continuing south, you’ll run into BrokenClaw, who informs you that the path ahead is blocked by monsters. Prep your equipment and forge on.

If you head west at the crossroads, you’ll find a Save Point. Heading south takes you around a mountain lake where you can collect more amber beads and fight a variety of creatures. The southern path eventually dead-ends, so head back around the lake to the Save Point. Continue moving north, going around what appears to be a DarkFell Village, until you reach the Red Amareth tree. If you purchased a Fire Orb earlier, use it along with an axe and the giant tree should fall quickly.

When the battle ends you’ll receive the Jade Scarab, which you must take to WhipTail’s Tomb. Head south from the tree up a hill to find 2 treasure chests and a J-Page behind tents. Return to the crossroads and travel east (you can’t go west just yet) back to the Save Point.

Continue following the purple markers (northeast then south) along the grassy path, keeping an eye out for a sharp left turn. When you find it, go up and grab an Ancient Scroll then head back down to the road and continue forward. Eventually, you’ll reach a cliff with an Amareth straight ahead and a Save Point to the right. Move past the tree and down to the Spire of Suspicion.


Drink from the stone cauldron next to the Translocation Node to replenish the party and talk to BrightEye. Afterwards, head over to the Spire.

Drindithar, an eternal, emerges and calls forth 2 Amareths that you must fight. After defeating them, you’ll receive the Diadem. Search the immediate area for a couple of J-Pages then inspect the body in the tomb. In order to reach the crystal, Jarik must take on his newly acquired 2nd form. Select ‘Juggernaut’ in his weapons menu and grab the Golden Crystal.

Make a trip around the upper path circling the spire to grab a couple more amber beads then return to the entrance and speak with BrightEye, who will transport you back to La’Shon village.


Speak with BrambleFoot to exchange the Diadem for the Bronze Bell, stock up on potions, and head back to Dagan. Night falls as you leave, making it difficult to see the copious rock-like creatures that attack out of the shadows. Try using your new best friend, Juggernaut, when facing a herd of them. He packs a mean punch.


On the sandy path, navigate through the wandering Amareth who are confused and will not harm you. When you reach the swamps, head east to the Sarojin woman waiting near the stone ruins. Once cured, she reveals herself as JadeThroat. She gives you a Ring of Revealing and suggests the party travel to Whitewater Gorge in order to use it.

If you need healing, visit the oracle further ahead. Otherwise, take the southern path back to the raft dock, grabbing a few Palm Nuts and/or tree frogs as you go.

After crossing the deep waters, you can buy another Water Orb from Ramal or just continue north back to Gomira village.

Upon your arrival, you’ll find that the village has been abandoned and is overrun by monsters. Fight your way through, following the swamp path back towards the Whitewater Gorge embarking area. Use the portal on the right to save, heal or learn new skills before asking the boatman to take you across.


Once you land, check out the northern tip of sand for an Ancient Scroll then take the eastern path up, collecting J-Pages as you go. Soon you’ll meet Tahir, a healer, who wants you to collect 30 MOORLET EGGS so he can make a special potion. If you agree to help him, he’ll give you an Antivenom potion. Hold onto it, as someone you meet later will need it.

Night falls as you continue north up the canyon road. When you arrive in an area with many stone signposts, read them to help you navigate. The one directly ahead points towards Dagan, the road you just took. The western road appears to be private property and the eastern road takes you to the Twisting Deeps - a place that AmberTail tells you to avoid right now. Your only real option at this point is to head south towards the Marketplace. While walking, collect some Cactus Flowers (for healing potions) and Flower Spikes (for magic potions). The Flower Spikes look like aloe plants with tall white flowers.

Approach the two Daganis standing near a stone bowl and prepare to attack. It seems one of them was a Changeling - mute creatures that take on a different form. The authentic one, Tuako, gives you a potion for saving his life. He also sells a few magical weapons and bracers. Continue south towards the marketplace.

You’ll reach an open area filled with treasure chests, however you’ll have to fight some hard-shelled critters to access them. After collecting the loot, head west up to the marketplace.


At the entrance you’ll meet Brin, who sells shields and weapons. Buy from him or scope out the other stalls for better deals. Talk to everyone in the marketplace, especially Euke, who will give you a rare Magic Potion (replenishes 400 MEP) if you promise to find out what happened to Pelewan. Euke, by the way, is the acorn collector - so if you happened to find all of them, hand them over to receive a ring. The frog collector gal is here, too. Turn them over to receive a shield.

Once you’ve finished shopping, head on over to the library. Its gated entrance can be found behind one of the lower stalls. The librarian allows you to read books based on the amount of scrolls you’ve collected. If you have all 5 ANCIENT SCROLLS, she’ll let you read 4 books and give you a key to the back door of the library, which provides a shortcut through the Gorge.


Leave the marketplace and head directly north up to another portal. After completing your business there, continue west up the canyon path to find a Moorlet Egg and a small treasure box. Backtrack to the portal and head east into an open canyon area. While exploring, beware of Changelings disguised as humans. Veering northeast, look for the signpost that leads to Orin and follow it.

Shortly after moving onto the Orin-bound path, you’ll meet Mayllon, who warns you to watch out for Moorlets and their poisonous tails. If you read the monster book in the library, you know that Moorlets are fleshy creatures susceptible to piercing weapons such as bows, spears and daggers.

A little further down the road, you’ll meet Gymal who sells (thank God!) WHITE Orbs. Buy 2 if you have the cash and equip each character with one. Its healing spells will make it unnecessary to buy potions (other than magic replenishers) ever again. Note also that each time you pass Gymal he will heal your party.

Carry on and keep picking up those Moorlet Eggs and J-Pages. Soon you’ll meet Koldor who wants you to help him recover 12 RARE WEAPONS that were stolen by creatures in the Twisting Deeps. He’ll give you a powerful weapon called the Dragon’s Dawn if you bring the collection back to him. Your journey to the Twisting Deeps will come soon enough. For now, head down the canyon road to the Orin road marker.


Here, you’ll meet Pelewan who lost the brooch Euke asked him to deliver. Apparently, it was stolen by Ratsprats. If found, he’ll reward you. Before crossing the Gargoyle Bridge, head west to find a Moorlet Egg behind some barrels. Return to the Orin sign and head north over the bridge. Two Changelings await on the other side. Once defeated, keep going north until you reach a rocky clearing. You’ll find one of the Ancient Scrolls near a group of Moorlets and a Save Point to the right.

If you keep heading east, you’ll find a series of Moorlet lairs and a few more eggs. Eventually, you’ll notice a woman in distress. Her name is Pazinah and she has been blinded by Moorlet poison. Offer her the Antivenom potion you received earlier. Once cured, she tells you to seek out the herbalist, Kayreeda, in the marketplace for a reward. Go back if you want (restocking supplies might make it worthwhile) or continue exploring the region.

Towards the south, you’ll find Moorlets guarding treasure. Once defeated, grab an Amulet of Silence, Bow and Studded Armor out of the chest. Venturing beyond Pazinah in an easterly direction (away from any markers), you’ll find a Save Point. Just beyond, locate 2 giant green copper heads that lead into an alcove swarming with Moorlets. After killing them, search behind some barrels for an egg. More importantly, use the Ring of Revealing here to unveil a hidden spire.

Prepare to be ambushed by Gargoyles as you take the thin, northeastern path up to the secret Boggroat Cave. Pushing against the dark wall crumbles it, revealing an angry Boggroat inside.


One strategy for defeating the Boggroat would be to cast Water and Earth spells on it, buying enough time to transform Jarik into the Juggernaut. Once transformed, he can pummel away while Takir equips a slower but more lethal weapon such as a Chopintu or Axe. Heal when necessary using the White Orb’s Healing Mist property, which both characters benefit from.

After defeating the Boggroat, you’ll receive a key to open his treasure chests. In one, you’ll find the Sphere of Calling. In another, you’ll find a potion and several weapons - the best of which is an Ice Dagger, a very useful magical weapon. The third chest contains armor and weapons, plus a Spi Boost potion that can permanently raise a character’s Spirit points. Exit the cave and save your game.


Back at the crossroads where all the road signs are, you’ll meet RazorClaw. He wants you to help find ScarletScale who was last seen somewhere in the canyons to the west. Since the road to Orin leads west, go in that direction.

Try out that new Ice Dagger on a couple of Gargolyes as you journey onward. Look further west for a chest containing a Dagani Bow, Sturdy Shield and Cactus Potion. Heading east, you’ll see 2 barrels. There’s gold underneath one of them. You’ll find other treasures and eggs while moving through this region, so explore freely. Eventually, you’ll want to end up at the road leading north into Orin.

Along the way, you’ll come to another crossroad. Going right takes you over to a Sarojin Mage who offers to transport you to the Sunken Market below. Going left takes you in a circle where you’ll eventually end up at the same spot - but allows you to find a couple more J-Pages. Either way, pay a visit to the market where you can purchase a SOUND Orb and associated weapons if you like. When finished, go over to the T-Node and ask the Mage to beam you back up. Continue northeast to a Save Point and beyond, into the green grass of Orin.


Now that it’s daytime, head east towards the graveyard as Lord Kort had earlier requested. To your right, you’ll hear a couple pleading for help. After defeating the numerous undead creatures that surround them, you’ll receive a Tattoo of Power (aka Dark Defender). Equip it and continue towards the graveyard (of course you can shop at Pilgrim’s Hatch or visit the portal first. BTW, the Wither Bane has grown back so if you’re short on cash, collect some and take it to the herbalist to refine, then sell it back to her.

Enter the graveyard and examine the large headstone. As you do this, a glyph appears on a nearby slab. Examine the slab to receive the Wraith’s Bane, a magical bow. Equip it, for its White Fire spell works well on the undead creatures that will attack as soon you attempt to leave.

Return to Lord Kort’s house to give him the information you found in the graveyard. Before leaving, stock up on as many magic potions as you can in Pilgrim’s Hatch then follow the road northeast to Drommar’s Door.


Enter through the wood doors and head north. Here, you’ll meet Vohunna, who speaks of a magic necklace you’ll acquire if you find 30 SHARDS that complete it. NOTE: Unlike previous collections, you must find all 30 shards in the Kemmaran Highlands before leaving, as you will not be welcomed back in the area after this visit. The area is vast, so search well as you move through each part, unless you want to spend a few hours retracing your steps. The necklace, which is capable of regenerating HP, is well worth getting.

After pausing for another one of Jarik’s dark visions, continue on. Soon you’ll meet crazy Nirogan, who wants help clearing out Skurlings that have been damaging his crops. Continue past him to another wooden door.


After the guard lets you in, use the Save Point then head over a bridge to the Windsinger shrine where you’ll be granted the gift of sight. While it suggests following the crystal markers to Matron’s Camp, head down the southern slope first to collect some shards and fight a few Skurlings.

Within this lower patch of trees you’ll find a magic merchant who sells bracers. Additionally, if you aid Kamal in battle, you’ll receive 100 gold. After thoroughly exploring the area, return to the Save Point. Once there, use the magical mist trail to get across the chasm.

Follow the crystal markers, veering off the path every so often to search for shards.


When approaching the entrance to Dragon’s Maw you’ll learn you cannot enter, so continue following the markers until you reach a crossroad.

Take the upper path north towards a merchant selling WIND Orbs. Just beyond him, take the short bridge across to the trading post. Note that there is no herbalist here, so I hope you stocked up on magic potions in Orin. If you have the gold, buy a couple of tattoos then talk to the guy standing near a couple of treasure chests. Geshan, as it turns out, needs help retrieving his flute box from the Gargoyles that surround it. If you feel like helping him, take the far left path out of the trading post area.

Before heading down to fight the gargoyles, veer left to grab a shard and some treasure. Make sure you are well-healed (and strong enough) before approaching the beasts below as they will come at you in two waves - 7 gargoyles total - with no break in between. If you are fortunate enough to defeat them, bring the flutes back to Geshen who will reward you with 500 gold.

Go back down to where you found the box and explore the surrounding areas. If you head west through a stone archway, you’ll battle a few more gargoyles but find a couple of shards. If you head south, you’ll pass a broken bridge and circle back to the trading post road. Take the bridge over and back down to the valley. Now, continue up the crystal marked path.

After withstanding a Skurling ambush, continue to the Save Point (thank GOD!) where you will meet Hurmiz who asks that you destroy some Skurling nests. To access the nests you must veer off the path (look for the entrance between a set of large boulders). I confess I lost my bearings whilst looking for the friggin’ things, so I ended up fighting most of them much later. If you happen to find the main compound now, use Juggernaut to pummel the crap out of them. Otherwise, read on.

Follow the crystal markers past a cornfield until you reach an opening where there’s a choice to either continue following the markers (left) or enter a thin opening between some boulders (right). Veering right leads into a valley where you’ll find an abandoned tent. Again, there are two exits from this valley - one left and one right.

Talking the right exit (heading east) brings you into an area where sheep roam. Just ahead is a set of ruins. Here, you’ll meet an herbalist who will not sell you anything until you clear out the Zombies inhabiting the ruins. Unless you are absolutely desperate for potions, I highly recommend waiting to fight this battle until after you are able to save your game (coming up in a moment). I died countless times here and considered it one of the toughest battles in the entire game. But, of course, the choice is yours.

Whether you choose to fight the hordes of undead now or later, head east through the archway into Matron’s Camp.


You can save your game, etc. at the portal straight ahead, do some shopping, and explore a path at the far end of camp for a shard (this path overlooks the Skurling compound mentioned earlier, by the way).

Speak with Matron who is standing between two Daggers of Virtue (aka bitchy guards) opposite the portal. Naturally, she wants something in return for her help: a Hakar’s Tooth. Head east from camp towards the Hakar cave.

Fight a few undead guys, collect a couple of shards and treasures, then cross the bridge. Pass through the stone archway and cross a second, longer bridge. Before entering the cave, grab a shard and more treasure from the southeast corner of the island.

Gargoyles attack as soon as you enter, so heal up before facing the Hakar. One strategy would be to use Fire spells against him and morph into Jug while Takir focuses on healing and White magic. Speed is the key to defeating this guy. After the battle, you’ll receive a Hakar Tooth. Explore the cave further for a shard. The treasure box contains Matron’s Hammer (a magical weapon), a Wind Orb and Fire Halberd. Heal before leaving the cave. You never know what may lurk outside. Backtrack to the camp.

Upon your return, you’ll discover Matron is gone. Complete whatever business you have in camp and head down to the ruins to fight the Zombies (if you haven’t done so already). After surviving the onslaught, grab a Stonecutter’s Axe from the small chest. To the right, you’ll find a shard and to the left, a Ullapa plant for the herbalist. Bring the plant to her and she will FINALLY open up her shop and allow you to buy potions. Search the grove of trees near her for another shard then head southeast down a path to another valley.


Find a shard near the lakefront and kill off a few Gargoyles to reach the guarded treasure chest. Now, return to the ruins and head west. Follow the crystal markers until you can turn right. Keep heading west on the new path until you see a couple of Skurling nests tucked away behind a group of boulders. Go inside and break them up, one by one, grabbing any treasures or shards left behind.

When finished, take the westernmost route out and continue following the crystal markers until you come upon one final nest. Mash it and move on. Eventually, you’ll run into Hermiz who rewards you with 500 gold for taking care of the nests. Use the Save Point and continue forward, past the trading post area, to the entrance of Dragon’s Maw. After fighting off a few Changelings with Karinna, she’ll allow you to enter the sacred place.

Once inside, you’ll find the usual shopping options. Take some time searching for shards before walking across the bridge to witness Tylonee’s trial.

Matron approaches and asks that you give the Hakar Tooth to a merchant in the Maw. Since she won’t let you cross her bridge, go back and search the tents for a Windsinger named Ravarti. She’ll give you the Tattoo of Spirit Wind in exchange for the tooth. When ready, leave the Maw and return to the Drommar’s Door gate.

A guard will explain that once you leave you cannot return, so if you haven’t found all those shards yet, start looking. If you found all of them and received the necklace, leave the Highlands.


As you make your way back to the Orin side, crazy Tahir gives you a message from Zonra’s ghost. Further up, speak to the guards who have trapped a wild Hakar.


As soon as you pass through the gate, you’ll meet up with Tylonee and her little dragon buddy. She joins the party. Now that there are three members, you may want to redistribute your weapons and orbs towards their strongest abilities. Tylonee already comes with a good 2-Handed Sword, a Wind Orb, and Throwing Knives. Develop these skills further or poach her stuff and build up new strengths. Since her HP is pretty low right now, I suggest letting her wear Viviana’s Amulet (your shard reward) so that she can auto-regen HP.

The party’s next bit of business is to speak with Nefreet, the wise elder, who can offer clues as to where the next tomb lies. Spend some time at the portal before following the signs back to Hollow Grange.


Seek out Nefreet, whose house lies behind the herbalist. She will tell you how to find Drommar’s Tomb. Back you go, towards Orin.


When you reach the small bridge, cross it at head to the Skurling-infested cave you visited earlier. The couple you helped out will still be there. Now that you have more people in your party, you can operate the elevator though you’ll be controlling each member separately for a while.

Move Players #1 & #2 onto the wood elevator platform and have Player #3 stand on the floor button to raise it. Have Player #1 step on the upper floor button and move Player #2 into the wood ‘box’ where they can pull a lever. This lowers the elevator so that Player #3 can get on the platform. Have Player #2 flip the lever again to raise the platform, then have her/him step out of the lever box. When all 3 players are gathered on the top level, you can explore.

Move someone over to the bedroom area. The chest contains gold and a Charged Staff, one of my favorite magical weapons. On the table, there’s a portion of ShadowFire’s Diary, which suggests entering the tunnel. Look under the bed to find an Evil Bracer, Spi Boost, etc.. Return to the group and assemble the party at the tunnel’s entrance.


Follow the white scarab floor markings. As you head south, you’ll find the 1st of 30 ANCIENT ARTIFACTS scattered in the Deeps. They look like machine gears. A little further up, a fiery P’Gok appears. Move towards it and meet BronzeScale, who needs help finding a Magical Shovel. He says it’s hidden behind a secret door. The white mist behind him restores the party’s HP/MEP so make note of the location.

Continue north past the miner until you reach a Save Point. As you wind your way through the cavern, you’ll notice a few dark openings in the walls. Creatures tend to emerge out of them in mass, so be prepared.

Soon you’ll reach a crossroad. Going west keeps you on the white scarab path. Going south follows dropped Journal Pages. Follow the J-Pages. Eventually, you’ll find a bedroom area. The box on the desk contains ShadowFire’s Iron Key and a Lapis Key Ring. Examine the bed for a J-Page. Move northeast from this area and go back up the stone ramp. Now, head north.

Soon, you’ll reach an intersection where you can turn left, right or continue going straight. Explore all options if you wish, but eventually take the southern route that leads to a wooden door. Fight off the creatures inside then examine the area for J-Pages and treasure. Go the bookshelf and read ShadowFire’s note. Search under the bed for a Torc.

Continue south from the room, turning left at the first available opportunity to get a couple more J-Pages. Continue following the white scarab path until you reach a fiery wall. Peering in, you’ll notice a treasure box. For now, backtrack north to the entrance. Heal yourself in the white mist if necessary. Talk to the friendly M’Tons before exiting the cavern.


From the Save Point outside, head southwest down to a giant oak tree. Stepping in front of it opens a door. Enter and make your way down the grey corridor. When you reach the tomb, approach the figure standing next to it. Although the ethereal will try to dissuade you, go fight it.

Afterwards, examine the body in the tomb. As soon as Jarik plucks the sword from Drommar’s corpse, Leyalla appears. She is, in fact, a Changeling - and the new sword Jarik possesses has the ability to reveal such truths. (Unless you’ve spent some time beefing up Jarik’s 2-Handed Sword skills, you may want to have Tylonee equip it for now.)

Pick up a couple J-Pages and listen to another message from the oracle as you leave. Back in the corridor, a supernatural voice calls out ‘Alon D’Ar’. No one in the group recognizes the words.

Once outside, head back to the bridge and speak to the M’Ton. It asks that you deliver a cursed item (the Demetia Thorn) to the Frost Peaks. In return, he allows you to raid his cave. Head east up the slope and through a patch of trees to the M’Ton cave. Grab the loot out of 3 chests then return to the bridge and head back to Orin.


Go visit Lord Kort. He will give you a portal key if you clear out Zombies in the graveyard, so do as he says. After the battle, you’ll receive a Bone Hammer. Bring it back to Lord Kort, complete any business you may have in town, and head over to the portal. Select Dagan as your destination.


Follow the totem markers east towards Gomira Village. You’ll pass a couple of Dagani merchants along the way. (BTW - You should have received a magical Cygel Staff while fighting monsters in Orin. It’s Incinerate spell works very well on the Amareths here.)

When you get to the village, go over to the burial shrine of Takir’s brother. His ghost will appear to teach the group a chant and deliver a special ring. Afterwards Leyalla arrives, bringing news of Lord Grandar. When she leaves, retrace your steps back to the Whitewater Gorge dock.


Disembark and head east up the path to the marketplace. Speak to Brin, the weapons dealer. He will tell you how to gain access to the Twisting Deeps via the Palash gate. Do the shop/swap thing if you want (the White Orb guy is back at his stall, by the way) then head up to the portal and take it to La’Shon.

This game is filled with needless linear traveling. The constant back-and-forth does not advance what is an already thin storyline but rather seems like electronic ‘filler’. Oh well.


From the La’Shon portal, head west and speak to JadeThroat. Continue west until you reach the purple markers. Turn left and follow them to LongTooth’s outpost. You’ll learn the path ahead is blocked by an evil spell, which can only be unlocked with a Black Skull Key. Since you no longer have portal privileges, you’ll have to walk back to Dagan to get the skull key.

Follow the purple markers back to the La’Shon signpost. From there, head northeast through the maze of hard-shelled creatures back up to Dagan.


Continue through the swamps, moving counter to the totem arms. Veer southeast just before getting to the ruins/oracle area. The poison mist has lifted, granting you access to a new path.

Look for a couple of treasure chests in the water near the Dagani merchants as well as a J-Page. One of them (Burrik) wants you to locate some stolen merchandise - a lockbox left behind in caravan wreckage. Another one wants you to find out what happened to his nephew who was last seen at the sacred circle near the village. For now, head further east.

You’ll find a Save Point to the right just before reaching a poisonous set of ruins. Here’s another place where the group splits up to perform individual tasks: Have Takir (who is immune to swamp gas) walk through the fog and into a turret where he can activate a blue switch that unlocks the door. Have all 3 party members gather on the platform beyond the stairs. Morph Jarik into Jugs so he can push the log into the water. Reassemble the group on the lower wooden walkway and leave. (I confess I found this entire exercise useless. Did I miss something’)

Head east into the water to fight off some powerful DarkFell forces. Once defeated, you’ll receive the Black Skull Key. Follow the remaining troops east until you reach the stone circle. A scene plays out where the entrance to Charak’s Tomb gets crushed. The group must now find another way to enter it. Search the area for treasure (and frogs) then make your way back across the log and over to the Dagani merchants.

You can either head straight back to Palash with the skull key or do some more exploring. Towards the southwest (?), if you veer off the path and get in the water, you’ll find a passageway leading behind a group of tall boulders (it was previously obscured by poison mist). Battle your way through the DarkFell forces to their secret hideout. Lots of treasure waits inside. [Insert lockbox & Dagani nephew info here - if found]


Upon reaching the western entrance to Palash, you’ll see a Sarojin use the Changeling spell on some creatures. Follow them into La’Shon. After using the portal and/or shopping, make your way back up to the outpost. Jarik uses the Black Skull key to lift the spell and open the path. Before leaving, LongTooth asks that you check on BrightEye at WhipTail’s Tomb.

Follow the purple markers past a group of abandoned tents. Head east from here, following the markers around the big pond. Detour into the DarkFell village, fighting your way through to the other side. Continue south until you reach a fiery pit. Grab an amber bead then make your back up to the tent area.

Continue following the purple markers until you reach the Amareth bluff. Save your game then head left through the boulders. After fighting off a few Amareth, take the road down and speak to BrightEye near the tomb entrance. (BTW - If you weren’t able to do so earlier, walk around the upper circle to find a couple more amber beads.) When finished at the spire, take the western path to the entrance of Twisting Deeps.


Touch the purple scarab to unlock the misty door. As soon as you enter, you’ll find a couple of Ancient Artifacts on the ground. Follow the purple scarab markings down into the cavern, until you have a choice to turn either left or right. Choose to go right (away from the purple scarabs) and enter an alcove where AmberTail stands waiting. After grabbing some items out of the chest, head back up and follow the purple scarab path.

You’ll see some M’Tons roaming around in the distance. Ignore them and continue east. Soon you’ll arrive at a green portal.

The first time I played this game, it crashed and burned shortly after reaching this point. The data became so corrupted I could not continue (backgrounds vanished and Jarik’s body fell into a black, endlessly looping void; the party moved through the body of a person you’re supposed to interact with in order to leave, etc.) In short, I was trapped and had to start a brand new game. Whether this was a software, hardware, or memory card glitch I’ll never know - but to be safe, I recommend not overwriting the game data you save at this portal when you reach another Save Point until you exit the Deeps.

Complete your business at the portal then head west to the gated door. You’ll notice it is locked, so continue down the scarab path, heading northeast. You’ll pass a wall of blue mist (peering inside reveals a chest) and soon arrive at a new road marker. Since you’re barred from following the green scarab path right now, follow the white scarab one over the bridge.

Once across, detour to find another Ancient artifact then continue along the scarab path. Up ahead, the party witnesses some Changeling magic. Grab another Ancient Artifact before following them. Use the Save Point up ahead (recall my earlier advice) and then approach SilverScale, who runs off and leaves you to fight his cronies. Be sure to pick up more Ancient Artifacts as you pursue him.

Shortly after passing through the green arch, you’ll find the 1st of 12 KOLDOR ITEMS in a treasure chest. (Koldor is the guy you met earlier in Whitewater Gorge who had his weapons stolen.) Soon, you’ll come to an intersection in which you are forced to keep going east.

After fighting a few more Changelings and grabbing the 2nd Koldor treasure, head over to the misty green spire. Passing through it will heal the party. Grab another Ancient Artifact and head over to SilverScale, who is standing next to a T-Node. After his escape, head southwest up a ramp to a bridge. Note the bright, sunny spot on the other side and the second T-Node location. Return to the green spire area and head west.

A little farther along, you’ll see green light illuminating a lower path. Follow it to the M’Ton who needs help fighting off a group of monsters. Afterwards, head west to the Save Point and locate a 3rd Koldor treasure near the pond. Go north from the Save Point to find an Ancient Artifact then return and veer southeast, heading up an incline to a series of cell doors.

Fight the beasts guarding the cells to acquire a key. Use it to open the door on your right. Open the chest to get another key, as well as some treasure. Use the 2nd key to open the door father up where you will find SunDeep. After he explains what the sigil on Jarik’s palm means, he joins the party.

Being a Sarojin Mage, SunDeep is a very useful party member, however at this stage he is fairly weak in terms of fighting. Check the skills menu to see what he’s already adept at and immediately equip him with whatever weapons and armor you can spare (ideally, long-range weapons and orbs so that he can remain farther away from melees).

You’ll fight a few giant ‘Okra’ creatures as you make your way back to the Save Point. Piercing weapons do little damage against them. Jug’s punch and earth magic seem to work best. Head east from the Save Point back to the green healing spire. Here, SunDeep will explain why T-Nodes are different colors and how they work. Afterwards, head up to the bridge so that SunDeep can regain his strength in the patch of bright rocks.

Apparently, you need to find some scrolls before leaving the Deeps. Touch the T-Node near the bridge to get SilverScale’s key then head down and touch the other T-Node to transport to the portal near SilverScale’s private room.


After listening to SunDeep’s rap about the blue T-Node, the party goes into solo mode: Move someone over to the desk to get the scroll which SunDeep reads out loud. Examine the bookcase to learn about the area’s monsters. Pick up the Ancient Artifact nearby.

Have SunDeep use the T-Node to zap into another room where he can grab the Chandarath Scroll and 2 Key Rings (Opal & Agate) from a chest. Zap him back to the party and notice a new chest has appeared. It contains an Absorption Orb, which you’ll probably want SunDeep to equip. As you leave, he mentions 5 special weapons known as the Dragon Ordeals and suggests speaking with the M’Tons farther south.

From the portal, travel northeast then veer south until you arrive at the stone marker. Take the green scarab path.


SunDeep, who is clearly a chatty one, lectures the group about the Chadarath and the meaning behind Alon D’Ar. Continue to follow the green scarabs until you enter a cavern full of giant Okras. In the northern corner, grab a Koldor item from the chest. In the southern corner, examine the lever in front of a white mist wall. To use it, you’ll need the complete set of Ancient Artifacts. I’ll assume you don’t have all of them yet, so return to the scarab trail and continue until you reach a 2nd lever. Flip it to move a piece of path towards the group. Puzzle time.

While in solo mode, your first goal is to get everyone over to the center spire. To solve this puzzle, I’ll refer to each character as a number (P-1 through P-4), with SunDeep always being P-4:

a.) Have P-1 go to the first switch and activate it, which will move an L-shaped piece of path.
b.) Have the remaining 3 characters move over to the 2nd switch, with one of them activating it.
c.) Have P-1 pass the others and go to the 3rd switch. Activate it and move everyone over to the spire platform. Your next goal is to reach the blue T-Node.
d.) Have P-1 & P-2 go back to the 3rd switch and stand there.
e.) Have P-3 flip the 4th switch on the spire platform.
f.) Move P-1 to the 5th switch and activate it. This will connect the spire platform to a new path.
g.) Move P-1 to the 6th switch and activate it.
h.) Move P-2 to the 7th switch and activate it, creating a path to the blue T-Node.
i.) Have P-4 (SunDeep) move over to the blue T-Node. Touch it and zap him to a ledge where he can pull a lever. Zap back and go to the spire platform.
j.) Have P-1 flip the 6th switch and move P-3 & P-4 over to it.
k.) Have P-1 flip the 6th switch again. Move the entire party over to the 8th switch.
l.) Move P-1 to the 9th switch, activate it and have the rest of the party join him/her.
m.) One by one, move each character onto solid ground, with SunDeep going last.

When the group rejoins on the northeast side of the cavern, you’ll find an Orb of Defense and a Kolder item in the 2 chests. Grab another J-Page there as well. The yellow T-Node, if touched, will zap you back to the beginning of the puzzle.


Follow the green scarab path past a Save Point, until Jarik has another vision. Up ahead, the party meets an M’Ton who says he’s tending to his garden (he must like Okra - I hate Okra... it’s bitter and squishy). Grab a few more J-Pages as you continue east.

Soon you’ll reach a stone archway with a lush garden beyond. Head south across the bridges until you spot Lord Grandar up ahead. At the first intersection, head west towards a big rock. From here, take a sharp right turn and go northeast.

Continue until you reach another intersection. If you turn left, you’ll find a J-Page just before reaching a dead-end. Return to the intersection and go right. Once on the new path, head northeast where you’ll spot Lord Grandar again. Follow him until you reach yet another intersection. Take a sharp left to grab some treasure, then return to the intersection and continue southeast.

Just after someone mentions losing sight of Grandar, head northeast onto a thin path between trees where you’ll see a spire up ahead. Use it heal the party then enter the icy white elevator.


As soon as you reach the upper level, you’ll see Lord Grandar running up ahead. Use the Save Point then head south towards a chest. Grab the treasure and head west. You’ll see a couple of green M’Tons on your left, but rocks block access to them, so continue straight up the snowy path. After grabbing some more loot out of a chest, the party notices the Temple of the Ice Hakar.

As you approach Lord Grandar he flees, leaving the party to fight a couple of big Ice Hakars. Fire spells and Jug’s punch provide good offense while SunDeep (or whoever has the Orb of Defense equipped) casts protective spells on the party. Once defeated, continue south towards another treasure chest. From here, head northwest towards Lord Grandar. He will run away again, leaving you to fight another Ice Hakar.

Continue northwest towards the green M’Tons. Grab treasure out of 2 chests - one contains a magical Balkstaff which should be given to the person most proficient in Absorption Arts. Fight off the big green guys then head southwest. Grab treasure out of the chest in the snowbank, fight off a couple more Ice Hakars then head west up a new path where the party faces 4 green M’Tons simultaneously.

Further up, the party faces another group of M’Tons. Once defeated, you’ll receive an Ancient Heal, which restores 1,000 HP to a single party member. Approach Lord Grandar and the Ice Hakar. This time, he will not run away. Use the Drommar’s sword ‘reveal’ ability on Lord Grandar to see he is only a Changeling. It makes for an easier fight.

Afterwards, Jarik places the Dementia Thorn in a stone keyhole. Doing so allows the party to receive a Crimson Crystal and fully heals them. Grab treasure out of a nearby chest and head back down the path.

When you reach the bottom, head southeast into a lower alcove. Defeat some Ice Hakars down there then grab Stun Grenades and a magical La’Shon Halberd out of the treasure chest. Leave the alcove and take the northeast path back up to the Save Point. Before getting in the ice elevator, fight a few green M’Tons to your right and grab the treasure they guard. Take the ice elevator down.


Use the healing spire if you wish then make a right turn and continue northeast. When the road forks veer left, staying on the lower path until you reach the M’Ton Gatekeeper. In speaking with the Gatekeeper you learn that he will only let the entire group pass if you bring him a set of Memory Crystals. Use the Save Point before heading over to the T-Node that will transport the party back to Whitewater Gorge.


That little hard-shelled dude finally decided to wake up and attack as soon as you arrive at the Whitewater portal. Creatures appear to be getting stronger, the party notes.

Now you can take full advantage of your party’s Sarojin Mage and do some independent exploration. If you check the map menu you’ll notice you can return to all areas except the Kemarran Highlands. If you want to complete some collections, level up further, shop in specific markets, etc. now’s the time to do it. In terms of this walkthrough however, we’ll keep moving forward.

Visit HighCrest in the library. He tells the group what he knows about Memory Crystals (aka Tears of Zonra). While you are free to walk down to the raft dock (which is, in hindsight, much faster) I used the portal to get back to Dagan.


Head south from the portal back to Gomira Village. Go behind the wreckage in the water (over where the herbalist’s stand used to be). You’ll see a Dagani up ahead. As you approach, he runs, leaving you to battle a few DarkFell creatures. Afterwards, the fatally wounded Dagani asks you to tell his uncle he died in battle.

From the village’s Save Point, head southeast into the swamps. You’ll meet some new Dagani merchants just before reaching the raft dock. Take the raft across to the Deep Swamps.

Head east to the oracle and learn that you have to rescue its Dragonet, which was stolen by a Boggroat. Return to the poisonous ruins (where you rolled the log into the water earlier) and, in solo mode, bring each member onto the upper platform. Once there, use the T-Node to zap to the other side of the ruins. Walk down the steps and enter the cave.


After defeating the Boggroat, Tylonee’s Dragonet and the oracle’s Dragonet have a little chat, after which you’ll receive the Emerald Crystal. Search deeper in the cave to find a Mossy Skull Key. Grab a Runed Sword from the chest and a J-Page from the wooden bed.

As you exit, Tylonee reveals why she bears the mark of shame. The group must now journey back to the Twisting Deeps. There are a couple of ways to get there - use any portal or journey by raft to Whitewater Gorge and take the canyon route. I chose the canyon route, since I’d never explored it.

Either way, bring news of the fallen Dagani to his uncle (near the merchants) and receive 500 PP. Leave Dagan via the Palash road or take the raft back to Gomira and leave via the portal near Whitewater’s dock.


If you returned to Whitewater by portal, return to the library and use the backdoor shortcut to get to the Twisting Deeps road marker. Head east up the new path. When you reach a clearing, you can either go north or continue east. Going east, you’ll find a chest. Continuing north from there, you’ll fight a few more Changelings and be able to grab a Moorlet Egg and J-Page. Soon you’ll reach a misty entrance to the Deeps, where the trail post shows an Agate Scarab.


Follow the Agate (aka yellow) scarab marks south into the cavern until you reach an intersection. Take the left path to a treasure box surrounded by 4 dragonheads

After taking the Dragon’s Fall (magical Chakra) from the chest, Pazuzu’s ghost appears and bars your exit. In solo mode, move:

Jarik - West
Takir - East
Tylonee - North
SunDeep - South

Once the dragonheads are deactivated, a T-Node appears. Use it to transport the party to the other side of the cliff. Follow the path down and continue south along the red scarab trail. Pick up an Ancient Artifact and make your way to the T-Node near a bridge. The party will notice a few giant stone heads. Cross a 2nd bridge and find another Ancient Artifact then continue south until you reach a stone trail post.

The yellow path ends here and you have 2 choices: Going south takes you farther into the Deeps and east takes you to Orin. For now, take the eastern path leading to an open area below.

Behind a big rock you’ll find another trail post where you have 3 choices: North goes to Orin, south goes further into the Deeps, and the red scarab path leads to Zonra’s Tomb. Before choosing any particular path, explore the open area.

Heading west from the trail post you’ll find a treasure chest. From there, continuing north brings you to a couple of Ancient Artifacts and another chest. Near the pond, you’ll find a Koldor item. Further east you’ll find the entrance to SilverScale’s Lair and a chest containing the Miner’s Shovel. If you want to deliver it now, head east through the stone archway and make your back to BronzeScale near the white healing mist. He’ll give you a La’Shon Halberd in return. Once finished, head back to the open area.

From the pond, take the southwest path (away from any scarab marks) to a side area where there are more treasure chests, Ancient Artifacts and a Koldor item. Taking the northern exit from this area brings you back to the lower trail post. Before following the red path, go back up to the first trail post and see what lies down the southern white scarab path.

Follow the path south to find a Koldor item just before passing through a stone archway. Wind your way down the long spiral path until you reach a yellow-lit doorway. To the right of the door, find another Koldor item. Continuing SE takes you to a locked gate.

Continuing SW through the yellow-lit door leads to a Save Point, beyond which you’ll find 2 sleeping gargoyles on top of a green box. Move past them to find an Ancient Artifact near the bridge. Before crossing it, use the T-Node to zap over to a ledge. Grab a Koldor item and zap back to the bridge. Once across, you’ll find another stone trail post: The green path leads to the M’Ton region and the white path leads further into the Deeps (eventually merging with 3 other paths). At this point, I chose to backtrack - taking the spiral path back up to the red scarab trail in the open area.

Follow the red scarab trail until you see a bridge up ahead. Before going to it, veer SE into an alcove to find an Ancient Artifact and 2 chests. Head back and approach the bridge. Halfway across, Jarik warns the group that once they cross, there’s no turning back - so if you have any unfinished business to attend to (collections et al) go back and do them now.

In terms of collections, I have LOTS of unfinished business - but being an impatient person, I chose to forge ahead.


Before dealing with the green crystal wall, search to the right for treasure. Afterwards, approach the wall and watch as Jarik uses a crystal to clear the green mist. Enter and follow the red scarab trail until you reach a fork in the road.

Turning left (NW) leads to an area overlooking some large stone statues and a waterfall. Turning right (NE) leads around some rocks to a yellow mist door. Jarik uses another crystal to open it. Continuing along the red scarab trail directly north leads to a red mist door. Jarik uses another crystal to open it.

After passing through, the group can either head right (towards the water) or left (towards the main hall). Take the left route to use a Save Point. The T-Node is unusable, so head back and take the upper path north. You’ll find a J-Page at the end of a long, tiled walkway. Afterwards, head through the stone arch and continue until you reach a blue mist door. Use the final crystal to open it.


The party arrives in a grassy area. Fight a few red creatures then cross the bridge. After using the Save Point, approach the circular structure. In solo mode:

- Move 3 characters onto the 3 square pads to lower the entrance walls.
- Move the 4th character inside. Have him/her step on a 4th pad, which allows the outer characters to enter.
- Stepping on a brown tile strip to the right raises a wall, so move each character to the left side. Once here, the group rejoins.
- Heading left around the circle takes you over another tile strip, which raises a wall leading to the inner path.
- Keeping moving clockwise until you reach a 3rd tile strip. Step on it to lower the walls. Immediately turn around and go back to the inner path opening.
- Once inside the 2nd circle, follow the same procedure - moving clockwise to raise walls and counter-clockwise to lower them. The trick here, though, is that the brown strips are very close together near the 3rd opening, so walk the party in slowly.

The moment you step inside, a spirit creature attacks. Watch a lengthy cutscene and battle another creature to receive the Memory Crystals. (I don’t know about you, but I find the VO performances agonizingly bad.) After Jarik has his Alon D’Ar epiphany, leave the tomb.

Grab a J-Page in the southern corner before heading back to the Twisting Deeps entrance. As you approach, the oracle appears a gives the group a message.


Follow the red scarab path back to the main hall and use the T-Node to get to SilverScale’s portal. Once there, follow the white scarab path east until you reach the green path.

Follow the green path south until you reach the platform puzzle area. Use the T-Node to zap to the other side. Continue until you see an M’Ton in distress. Apparently, you can’t do anything to help so move on.


Go over the bridges and take the southeast path down. After fighting a big P’Gok, you’ll find a red elevator. Since you aren’t allowed to use it yet, backtrack and take the southern path. Veer right through the trees towards the M’Ton Gatekeeper. Before talking to him, follow the NW path further to find a Save Point and 4 spires next to the lake. These relate to the 4 chapters of the journal, for which you’ve been collecting all those pages. Head back to the Gatekeeper who will now let you enter the elevator.


After reaching the top, fight a few Ice Hakar then navigate around the ice cliffs until you see a couple of M’Ton standing in front of a purple vortex. They need help shutting off the flow. Move behind the vortex to find their cave. Grab a lever part from the rack straight ahead and fight some Ice Hakars to receive a Death Bracer.

Return to the purple vortex. Have Jarik morph into Jugs so that he can operate the lever. Once the vortex is closed, go back to the elevator entrance and head north. After Jarik’s vision continue forward to the temple. Morph into Jugs to bang open the door (I’m not entirely sure if this was necessary). Once inside, talk to the Master Stonemover. He’ll give the group a stone hammer and activate the T-Node back to Dagan.


Head south from the portal back through Gomira village, ride the raft, and go over to the area where the merchants used to be standing. You’ll find a chest with a Water Orb, Red Chopintu and Strength Bracer inside. Continue towards the poison ruins. At the Save Point, head east to the crushed tomb area.

Before crossing the log, the oracle appears and says goodbye (as if anyone cares). Jarik uses the M’Ton Hammer to restore the tomb and then receives a new form - that of Alon D’Ar (who, if you ask me, looks more like a blue transvestite than a Supergod). You can access his new form via the Morph menu and though it casts a host of lv.6 spells, I can’t really tell what effect any of them have - other than the fact that they all take w-a-a-y too long to cast.

Even if your characters max out on weapon and magic skills, your best offense will always be Jug’s punch, which makes battles rather tedious. In addition, taking the same friggin’ routes back and forth to fight the same creatures over and over again, without any satisfaction that your characters are getting stronger than them - well, I’m determined to finish this turd of a game but I’m not havin’ any fun doin’ it. Are you?

After more bad dialog, the group decides to go to P’Gok. You can get there in one of two ways: Walking back to the Dagan portal or walking through Palash to the La’Shon portal. I chose the Palash route because if I see this swamp one more time I’m gonna puke...


Fight your way down to the La’Shon portal and use it to get to the Twisting Deeps. Take the white path to the green path, go through the garden and over to the red P’Gok elevator.


Use Drommar’s sword to reveal the host of Changelings that kick your ass the moment you arrive or your party will be toast - forcing you take that charming walk all over again. Heal after every battle and save your game as often as you can in this region.

Obtain the Dragon Ordeals then head left to free everyone. Once you’ve found Gandar, leave the area. You’ll come across some ponds. One will have rocks near it. Use Juggernaut to push them in the water then cross to find a Translocation point that takes you to the lost city of the Chandarath.


The creatures in this area drop good healing items fairly often so feel free to use them liberally. Take advantage of the 2 save points, especially before facing Zederarath.

Zederarath will call forth many creatures: Changelings (both disguised and in real form), Warlords, and a host of Juggernauts (some appear to be statues). Use the Dragon Weapon skills to make the battle go faster.

Face the final boss and then watch the ending.



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