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(Buildings in order of availability)

In The Beginning Florence La Rosa Colta
Sixty-Four Squares Florence Santa Croce
Descendants Florence Ospedale Degli Innocenti
“Infinite Knowledge” Monteriggioni Villa Auditore
“Instruments of Power” Tuscany Torre del Diavolo
“Brothers” Tuscany Santa Maria Assunta
“Keep On Seeking And You Will Find” Tuscany Torri del Salvucci
“Martyrs” Tuscany Antico Teatro Romano
“Hat Trick” Tuscany Monte Oliveto Maggiore
“Apollo” Florence Mercato Vecchio
“The Inventors” Florence San Lorenzo
“Titans of Industry” Forli-Romagna Avamposto Veneziano
I am Become Death, Destroyer of Worlds” Forli-Romagna Abbazia di San Mercuriale
“Bloodlines” Venice Ponte di Rialto
“Guardians” Venice San Giacomo di Rialto
“The Cavalry” Venice Gilda Dei Ladri di Venezia
“The Bunker” Venice Campanile di San Marco
“Synapses” Venice Torre Dell’ Orologio
“The Fourth Day” Venice San Pietro Di Castello
“The Origin of the Species” Venice Scuola Granda di San Marco


Florence Glyphs

  • Building: La Rosa Colta
  • Description: Located directly northeast of the first Assassin’s Tomb. It’s where you meet Paola early in the game.
  • Location: On top of the building, just below the floral balcony.
  • Building: Santa Croce
  • Description: A bit to the east. It’s the building where Uberto is assassinated in.
  • Location: The north side of the building, on a wall accessible from the lower part of the roof.
  • Building: Ospedale Degli Innocenti
  • Description: This is the only dark grey building (on your map) in the northeast corner of Florence.
  • Location: On the eastern part of the roof, look for two pieces that jut out with windows, etc. The glyph is on the side of one of these.
  • Building: Mercato Vecchio
  • Description: Open-air marketplace toward the west. Looks like a plaza with a lot of columns.
  • Location: North of the market area, there is a building with a small dormer (sub-roof & window).  Look on the side of the dormer.
  • Building: San Lorenzo
  • Description: A large building north and a little west. It has a few domes and crosses on each.
  • Location: The glyph is on northwest part of the building’s tower near a dome. Look on the side facing the rest of the building.

Monteriggioni Glyph

  • Building: Villa Auditore
  • Description:  The mansion
  • Location: When facing the mansion entrance, climb the front wall and go to the top left.

Tuscany Glyphs

  • Building: Torri Del Salvucci
  • Description: Two towers located very close to each other.
  • Location: Climb onto the small patch of rooftop between the two towers. The glyph is on the side of one of the towers.
  • Building: Torre Del Diavolo
  • Description: A tower slightly north of the center of the city, recognizable by small ledges jutting out from the top.
  • Location: The glyph is located at the top of the tower.
  • Building: Monte Oliveto Maggiore
  • Description: The abbey located in the far southeast of the map. You get an assassination mission here.
  • Location: The glyph is on the east side of the tower sticking up from the main building, where the tower meets the rooftop.
  • Building: Santa Maria Assunta
  • Description: The dark grey building (on your map) in the center of the city.
  • Location: Near a small, square-shaped courtyard with a tree. The glyph is a bit northwest, behind some columns.
  • Building: Antico Teatro Romano
  • Description: Outdoor theatre southwest of the city.
  • Location: The glyph is under a bridge on the southeast side of the grounds

Forli Glyphs

  • Building: Abbazia Di San Mercuriale
  • Description: A church with a really tall viewpoint tower. A little north of the center of the city.
  • Location: On the west part of this structure arewalls that surround a small courtyard with columns. The glyph is on the inner part of the west column wall.
  • Building: Avamposto Veneziano
  • Description: The only major building in the far northeast corner of the map, near the docks.
  • Location: Go to the viewpoint tower and climb the third beam to a ledge that you can shimmy all the way around. Look on the north side of the tower.

Venice Glyphs

  • Building: Ponte Di Rialto
  • Description: The large bridge that is a bit east of the center of Venice
  • Location: The glyph is underneath the east end of the bridge, just above the water
  • Building: San Giacomo Di Rialto
  • Description: The small building near the Ponte Di Rialto
  • Location: The glyph is on a wall below a rooftop statue
  • Building: Gilda Dei Ladri Di Venezia
  • Description: This is the place where Antonio makes his home, in the northwest
  • Location: Climb the adjacent (north) wall from Antonio’s door and look for a wall near the roof with the glyph on it
  • Building: Campanile Di San Marco
  • Description: The tall brick tower near the Basilica Di San Marco, in the southeast
  • Location: Climb the tower until you get to a platform near the top. The glyph is on the floor of this platform
  • Building: Torre Dell ‘Orologio
  • Description: The structure that surrounds the Basilica Di San Marco, particularly to the north of it.
  • Location: On the floor of a white balcony with railings, above the two bridges
  • Building: San Pietro Di Castello
  • Description: Building in the far southeast district of Venice; also has a viewpoint
  • Location: On the east side of the building, just below the roof
  • Building: Scuola Granda Di San Marco
  • Description: A building that is toward the northeast with a blue roof, next to another building that appears dark grey on your map.
  • Location: On the building with the blue roof, there is a wall with some murals on it. Look on the other side to find the glyph.


66 Viewpoints

100 Feathers

  • Florence - 27
  • Villa – 4
  • Tuscany – 11
  • Forli/Romagna – 12
  • Venice – 46

330 Treasure Chests

  • Florence - 71
  • Villa – 27
  • Tuscany – 46
  • Forli/Romagna – 45
  • Venice – 125
  • Appenine Mountains - 16


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