assassin's creed II


playstation 3 walkthrough

After an opening scene, you’ll take control of “Subject 17”, Desmond Miles.  Follow Lucy to the Animus device.  Press any button to access memory data and to view the birth of your alter ego, Ezio Auditore, an Italian ancestor.  After learning button commands for moving various body parts, you’ll be back with Lucy.  Continue to follow her instructions.  Use R1 to run when allowed.  Eventually, you’ll reach a group of guards in the parking lot.  Press Square to fight them off.  Continue to do as Lucy says until you reach the faction’s control room.  Once there, speak to your three comrades.  Afterwards, get in the Animus device to be transported to Florence, Italy in the year 1476.
Boys Will Be Boys
GOAL:  Fight Vieri de’ Pazzi’s men.
When you gain control of Ezio, pummel the guys in front of you using the Square button. Time your punches correctly to achieve a combo effect. The R1 button lets you block or deflect and you can lock on to individual targets with L1. After beating up the first gang, a larger group arrives. Defeat as many foes as you can. The fight ends automatically when your health bar (top right corner) reduces to one square.
Federico suggests seeing a doctor but you’ll need some money first. Loot fallen foes by holding down the Circle button while standing over their bodies. Once you’ve collected 200 florins, Federico will prompt you to move on. Feel free to loot the rest of the bodies before speaking to him. The ! symbol notes Federico’s position on your map. Press Triangle to talk to him.
You Should See The Other Guy
GOAL: Follow Federico to the doctor.
Hold R1 and X together to keep up with Federico as he climbs boxes, jumps across beams, and hoists himself onto rooftops. Drop down from the roof to the plaza below and approach the guy wearing a bird-like mask. After the doctor heals you, a new challenge becomes available.
Sibling Rivalry
GOAL: Win the race against Federico.
You need to get to the top of the church before Federico does. He’ll take an indirect route, so exploit this by climbing straight up the face of the church. As before, hold R1 and X to sprint and climb quickly. Get to the glowing circle before Federico to win.
Afterwards, climb the adjacent tower to trigger a brief title sequence.
GOAL: Pay a surprise visit to the beautiful Cristina Vespucci.
Before paying a visit to your lover, sit on the tower’s glowing perch and press Triangle to get an overview of the area. In total, there are 66 Viewpoints such as this found throughout the game. To get down quickly from any perch (marked with white bird droppings), perform a Leap of Faith. Hold R1 & X together while moving forward to dive safely into the haystack below.
Wait for Vieri and his men to pass before leaving the hay. Use the L2 button (Contextual Camera angle) to get a bird’s eye view of your immediate surroundings. When safe, head over to Cristina’s house, marked by a yellow icon on your map. Step on the white circle to trigger a scene then climb up to her window. Follow button prompts (Triangle, Circle, Triangle) to initiate a romantic encounter.
In the morning, you’ll have to flee some guards. Run to the nearest hiding spot (marked with blue dots on your mini-map) and stay there until the circle surrounding your map stops pulsing. In general, use items covered with white sheets to start your free-run sequences and look for haystacks, rooftop hutches, wells, etc. to hide in until the coast is clear. After successfully evading the guards, the mission ends.
* Doctors Available for Healing
* Races unlocked

Go to the next ! marker shown on the map. Talk to Giovanni at the entrance of your family’s palazzo.
GOAL: Deliver Giovanni’s letter to Lorenzo de’ Medici.
Read Giovanni’s letter by pressing the Select button (optional) then head over to the yellow marker on your map. Loot any treasure chests you find along the way (you’ll hear a ‘tinkling’ sound when you get close to one) and stop by the shops in town. Although you can’t purchase weapons or armor yet, visiting the shops creates new entries in your Database folder. Get a better look at the area by climbing the Viewpoint tower closest to the yellow marker. Once you’ve synchronized the view on your map, you’ll see that your destination is set in an alley between buildings guarded by enemies. If you want to avoid a fight, climb to the roof and use the nearby ladder to reach the man below.
After speaking to the man, return to Giovanni who suggests helping your mother and sister. Both women are waiting in the palazzo’s courtyard. I started by talking to Claudia, the young woman sitting on the bench.
* Courier Assignments unlocked

Beat A Cheat
GOAL: Find and punish Duccio for Claudia.
Duccio’s location is marked on your map. A scene occurs as you approach. When it ends, beat him up using the Square button. You can also headbutt him (Triangle), knee him (X), or throw him (Circle).
* Beat Up Missions unlocked

After defeating Duccio, sync the basilica’s Viewpoint if you haven’t done so already. Look for two chests inside the huge white tower before reaching the top. One is on the ground floor; the other sits on scaffolding near the windows. When ready, return home and speak to your mother in the courtyard.
Friend of the Family
GOAL: Help Maria with her errand.
Escort Maria to Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop. Blue diamonds below Maria’s picture represent her health. If you avoid causing a stir and just walk slowly with her, there should be no reason to worry about it. When prompted, agree to carry the artist’s stuff back to the house. Use the Circle button to pick up and/or drop objects. Place Leonardo’s box on the white checkpoint to finish this mission.
Next, talk to your little brother outside the palazzo.
Petruccio’s Secret
GOAL: Obtain eagle feathers for Petruccio before he gets in trouble for sneaking out of bed.
You need to collect three feathers in less than 3 minutes. Their locations are marked on your map. The first feather is on a flat roof near the villa’s entrance. Pass through the white circle to collect it then look for the other two on rooftops farther away. The last one is near a Viewpoint Tower. After gathering all three, the timer stops. Return home and speak with Petruccio inside.
* Feather Locations unlocked

In total, there are 100 Feathers scattered throughout Italy. Collecting them is optional - however, you'll miss out on a couple of rewards. When you’re ready to start the next mission, knock on the door and speak to Giovanni again.
Special Delivery
GOAL: Deliver two letters and retrieve a third from the pigeon coop for Giovanni. Then, return to him.
Use the rooftops to reach the three yellow markers on your map in any order you wish. A Contextual angle becomes available at the pigeon coop by pressing L2. Use it to witness people running on the street.
After completing the errands, return home. Enter and press Triangle when prompted to avoid getting hit in the head by your housekeeper. Watch the scene that follows.
GOAL: Reach Giovanni’s cell at the top of the Palazzo della Signoria and find out why he has been imprisoned.
Make your way toward the next ! marker to gain useful information about Detection and Notoriety. Giovanni’s cell is located within a restricted area (shaded in red). Entering any red zone automatically makes you notorious so guards will be on high alert. Approach the tower from the western edge. Beat up the archers stationed near the scaffolding before climbing up to Giovanni’s window.
After Giovanni informs you of a secret chest you must find, you’ll automatically drop into the haystack below. If you didn’t synchronize the Viewpoint on top of the tower prior to this trip, climb back up and get it now; otherwise, return to the family’s palazzo.
Family Heirloom
GOAL: Recover Giovanni’s documents and deliver them to Uberto Alberti.
Once inside, turn on Eagle Vision by pressing the Triangle button. The way into Giovanni’s secret room will be shimmering in white. Access it by pressing Circle. Open the chest inside to acquire the Assassin Robes, a sword and broken hidden blade, as well as the documents Giovanni wants delivered. Equip the sword by pressing Right on the d-pad before leaving.
Fight the two guards outside with your newly equipped weapon. After defeating them, go to Uberto’s house, marked in blue on your map. On the way there, stop by a blacksmith. If you have 2300 florins, Leather Spaulders will be available for purchase. If you’re short on cash, buy maps from an art dealer to make treasure hunting easier. Guards are less of a concern now that you can fight back. Feel free to practice your fighting skills along the way.
Watch a scene at Uberto’s house, after which you’ll acquire your first Codex page. You can’t do anything with it yet, so just head over to the white checkpoint in the plaza.
* Assassin Robes acquired
* Broken Hidden Blade acquired
* Codex Page acquired

Last Man Standing
GOAL: Attend the acquittal of Petruccio, Giovanni and Federico.
The acquittal is taking place just up the stairs from you. Go there for a scene during which your sword is taken by a swarm of enemies. You’re best option is to flee. Dash to the rooftops and continue running and jumping until you ditch them. Upon reaching a safe spot, the mission ends... as does Memory Sequence 1.
The plan is to meet at Annetta’s sister’s house, which is marked on your map and close to a new Viewpoint that you can sync. Because you are notorious now, try to avoid unnecessary contact with guards. The La Rosa Colta is just north of the Duomo. As you approach the building, a red Eye symbol pops up on the Database picture - meaning there’s a Glyph to be found somewhere on the landmark. In total, there are 20 Glyphs imprinted on landmarks throughout Italy. Climb the structure and look for a strange symbol glowing on the wall just below the floral roofline. To active the Glyph, turn on Eagle Vision while facing it. After a few seconds, you’ll hear an odd transmission then a puzzle appears:
GLYPH PUZZLE #1 - In The Beginning
Five of the ten paintings have something in common. The clue mentions “pick’ and “core” so select the five paintings that contain images of fruit grown on trees. If you can’t figure it out, the paintings are: The Fall / Hercules in the Garden of the Hesperides /Atalanta and Hippomenes / Judgment of Paris / Idun and the Apples
Selecting the correct paintings unlocks a passcode and gives you a short piece of video relating to the “Truth.” All clips you acquire are stored in your Database file and will play out of sequence, based on the order of landmarks found. There is a set order to the puzzles, though, regardless of which Glyphs you find first.

When ready, go to the front door and speak to the proprietor, Paola.
Fitting In
GOAL: Learn the ways of the courtesans.
Paola will teach you how to Blend and Steal. In the first tutorial, follow Paola through the streets, using passing crowds as cover from the guards. Depending on how each group moves, you may get forced out of your blend. Try to blend again with another group nearby. In the second tutorial, hold X while bumping into pedestrians to steal from them. Do not linger afterwards, or the person you stole from may stir up trouble. After successfully stealing from five different people, return to Paola.
* Blend skill learned
* Steal skill learned

Ace Up My Sleeve
GOAL: Visit Leonardo da Vinci at his workshop to see if he can repair Giovanni’s blade.
En route to Leonardo’s workshop, you’ll likely have to cross guard-infested areas. Try hiring some courtesans to help you blend in for a while or use the rooftops to hop across town. Note that archers are posted above now. Since you are still unarmed, try limiting your encounters.
When you reach Leonardo, he’ll fix your hidden blade and says he can upgrade the weapon if you bring him more Codex pages. Equip the blade by pressing Up on the d-pad then use it to assassinate the guard hassling Leonardo. Sneak up and press Square to dispose of the foe in one thrust. Afterwards, carry the body back to Leonardo’s workshop. Place it on the white circle inside to complete the mission.
* Hidden Blade acquired
* Assassination skill learned

If you haven’t done so already, now would be a good time to sync some Viewpoints so that you can see where more Codex pages are located. Defeat guards to gain access to the rooms the pages are stored in. When you’re ready to start the next mission, return to the courtesan house and speak to Paola. During the conversation, press Square to show her your new blade.
Judge, Jury, Executioner
GOAL: Visit the art show at Santa Croce, find Uberto and exact revenge.
Hit the Select button if you want to watch Shaun’s video bio on Uberto Alberti; otherwise go to the next mission marker, which is set on a rooftop overlooking the Santa Croce building. As you approach the landmark, another Eye icon pops up, indicating there’s another Glyph close by. Climb the roof on the north side and take out the archer posted there. Turn on Eagle Vision to find the glyph.
GLYPH PUZZLE #2 - Sixty-Four Squares
Solve three circular slider puzzles by aligning each ring properly to form a picture. Start by aligning faces then manipulate the remaining rings until you complete each portrait. After solving the 3 puzzles, you’ll acquire another piece of Truth video.

Once you’re ready to start the next mission, climb up to the roof and step on the checkpoint to eavesdrop on Uberto. When you regain control, take a Leap of Faith into the hay below. You must follow Uberto without being detected, so blend with crowds moving through the plaza. Guards block the art show entrance so continue past it and hire the courtesans around the corner. Escort them back to the entrance where they will distract the guards, allowing you enough time to slip by. Enter the Santa Croce courtyard and turn on Eagle Vision to easily spot Uberto. He’ll be the only figure appearing in gold. Slay him quickly with your hidden blade.
After successfully assassinating him, flee the area. Once the coast is clear, return to Paola’s house.
* Conspiracy Documents acquired

Laying Low
GOAL: Reduce your notoriety by removing posters, bribing a herald, or killing a corrupt official.
New icons pop up on the map showing locations of posters, heralds and corrupt officials. The red diamond shape surrounding your status indicates how notorious you are. Posters are plentiful and easy to tear down but it’ll take longer to reduce your notoriety that way. Killing a corrupt official without being detected by guards is a bit more difficult but is the fastest way to reduce your notoriety. Bribing heralds works well since you can always steal back the money afterwards. Whatever method you choose, the mission ends once you’ve reduced your notoriety gauge to zero and can walk safely through the streets again.
Before returning to Paola, there’s another Glyph you can find on the northeastern edge of Florence. It’s the large grey structure on the upper left side of your map, the Ospedale Degli Innocenti. Look for the Eye icon as you approach the landmark:
GLYPH PUZZLE #3 - Descendants
Examine three photos through an infrared filter to find the Pieces of Eden (shaped like a soccer ball). First is a photo of Franklin Delano Roosevelt. Hit X to turn infrared on and move the search box over to the space below FDR’s hand to find it. The second is on Houdini. The Piece of Eden is below his hand, too. For the third one, of Gandhi, the Piece of Eden is near his right forearm. Solve all three to acquire the next piece of Truth video.

When ready, return to Paola for a scene with mom and sis.
GOAL: Escort Maria and Claudia out of Florence to the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni.
You need to guide Claudia and Maria out of the city. With the guards no longer hounding you, this is fairly simple. Just walk casually through the streets towards the various checkpoints on your map. Don’t do anything suspicious or violent and you’ll be fine. Obnoxious bards will slow you down but resist the urge to punch them for now. If too many get in your way, hold R2 to access your inventory then select money and hit Square to toss some coins in their direction. Tossing money on the ground works well to distract guards also.
When you near the exit, you will see it’s well guarded. Hire the nearby courtesans, then lock onto a guard with L1 and hit Triangle to let the courtesans do their thing. With the guards distracted, slip out of the city. Walk down the road towards Tuscany until Memory Sequence 2 ends.
Roadside Assistance
GOAL: Escort Maria and Claudia to the Villa Auditore in Monteriggioni.
Continue walking with Maria and Claudia until Vieri and his men stop you. Use the Hidden Blade to kill foes trying to harm the two women. Ignore the others. Help arrives eventually and you are given a sword. Focus on enemies directly attacking Claudia and Maria first. Deal with the rest after that. Watch the scene that follows then speak to Uncle Mario.
Casa Dolce Casa
GOAL: Explore the Villa Auditore with Mario.
Simply walk with Mario up to the Villa. Note the Eye icon that appears when you reach the top. Mario gives you some cash to spend at the blacksmith and doctor. Before shopping, climb the left side of the Villa Auditore to find the next Glyph puzzle.
GLYPH PUZZLE #4 - Infinite Knowledge
Look for more Pieces of Eden in a series of historical photos. The first is a photo of a soldier in Vietnam. Locate the Piece of Eden in the mouth of the bazooka he carries. In the second photo, focus on the soldier’s helmet in the background. In the third photo, look for the discrepancy amongst the soldier’s bayonets slightly right of center. The last picture is of Buddha. Focus on the fireball the creature on the right is holding.

After solving the glyph, go ahead and sync the Viewpoint on top of the Villa. Once that’s done, feel free to check out the rooms inside or just head back into town and visit the blacksmith. Buy the Leather Greaves and a Dagger. Next, go to the doctor and buy some medicine if you need it. After completing your shopping duties, the mission ends.
You may have noticed four empty pedestals in the garden surrounding the villa. To activate them, find eight small statues scattered around town and place the correct pair on each pillar. You’ll receive 2,000 florins for each restored pedestal - not a bad haul.
When ready, talk to Claudia in the Villa’s foyer. After a brief scene, speak to Mario in his study.
* Medicine Pouch acquired
* Dagger acquired
* Leather Greaves acquired

Practice Makes Perfect
GOAL: Learn how to fight from Mario.
Follow the button prompts to learn some new combat skills: Quickstep, Counter Kill, Taunt, and Escape. Complete each skill three times then spar with Mario to end the tutorial.
* Quickstep skill learned
* Counter Kill skill learned
* Taunt skill learned
* Escape skill learned
* Courier missions unlocked
* Races unlocked

Next, speak to the guy in Mario’s study to learn that your uncle has left town. Afterwards, go upstairs and talk to Maria and Claudia in the bedroom. Put any feathers you’ve collected in the chest on the bureau. Once you've collected 50 feathers, the Condotierro War Hammer becomes available in the Villa's blacksmith shop... and if you collect 100, Mario will present you with the Auditore Cape. If you haven’t done so already, go up to the attic where you’ll find a couple of treasure chests and portraits of slain enemies. Finish up any additional business in town (the blacksmith sells some new stuff, for example) then go outside and find a horse to ride. Hold R1 to move faster and R1 with X to gallop. Make a left at the fork to reach Tuscany.
Before going to the ! marker, sync the Viewpoint further north. Syncing the first one opens up others on the map, as well as new Codex page locations. Unless you’re in a hurry to reach Mario, take your time exploring both the town and surrounding areas. Five new Glyph puzzles are available in the region by finding the following landmarks:
- Torre del Diavolo (a tower north of art seller; Glyph is toward the top)
- Santa Maria Assunta (the large church in the center of town; Glyph is located on a wall in the adjoining courtyard)
- Torri dei Salvucci (the city’s tallest tower; Glyph is in a nook between two facing towers)
- Antico Teatro Romano (the western amphitheater; Glyph is under the center bridge)
- Monte Oliveto Maggiore (an abbey southeast of town; Glyph is on a wall next to the Viewpoint tower just below the roofline)
Feel free to complete them now or later, and in any order:
GLYPH PUZZLE #5 - Instruments of Power
You’ll see two sets of paintings. In the first set, the clue is the word “cut” so select paintings that contain some sort of blade: Perseus / Atilla the Hun / Sigmund / King Arthur / Joan of Arc. For the second set of paintings, the clue word is “lean”. Choose paintings that feature staffs of some kind: John the Baptist / Alexander the Great / Shabataka / Peter / Moses. Completing this puzzle unlocks another fragment of video.
GLYPH PUZZLE #6 - Brothers
You need to complete four slider puzzles but this time, some rings cannot be moved alone. Moving one will move another so pay attention. If one ring has to be moved for another to be aligned, then find the ring in that pair that can also be moved by itself and purposely misalign it so that when you move them as a pair, the single one is aligned again. After solving the 4 slider puzzles, you’ll see the images side-by-side. Hit X to get the passcode and video clip.
GLYPH PUZZLE #7 - Keep On Seeking and You Will Find
You start with another set of paintings. The clue describes various paintings featuring “red” objects: Jason, Greece Prehistory / Jesus Christ / David and Goliath / Christ Disrobed / Joseph. After selecting the correct five, locate a Shroud fragment contained on the crucifixion painting. It’s toward the lower right. Audible beeping becomes more rapid the closer you get.
GLYPH PUZZLE #8 - Martyrs
Locate the Piece of Eden on two paintings, using the beeping noise to tell you if you’re getting close. For the first picture, it’s about halfway up the Czar’s staff. For the Joan of Arc picture, it’s on her left sword. Next, you’ll see a map with some images. Take the fire symbol and put it on the Joan of Arc painting. Then move the center photo of Rasputin onto the Czar image.
GLYPH PUZZLE #9 - Hat-Trick
The first picture is of Houdini. Move the cursor over his heart and press X. Do the same over Gandhi’s heart. For the third part, press X to access the Dallas archive then look at the background images for a numeric key (6=1). Align the code wheel on the right to match. Once the wheel is set, you should be able to fill in the 3-digit code: 3-1-2

When ready, go to the ! marker south of town to finally catch up with Mario.
What Goes Around
GOAL: Help Mario and his men assassinate Vieri de’ Pazzi.
Follow Mario and his mercenaries up to the city walls. Climb over the broken wall while they distract the guards at the gate. After reaching the checkpoint, press R2 and equip your new throwing knives. Use them to take out three archers posted on roofs near the gate.
Once that’s done, interact with the gate lever. Help Mario’s mercenaries slay the entry guards. After disposing of the first batch, guide your team toward the next set of guards. Send your men into battle by locking onto an enemy then pressing Triangle. Feel free to join in or let them fight on their own as you head to the next marker. Talk to the injured mercenary near the fountain.
At the next marker, help Mario rid enemy forces. He will eventually tell you to move on and find Vieri. Abandon the fight and do as he says. If you gained notorious status again, tear down some posters along the way. Your mercenaries cannot follow you when climbing so have them wait while you ascend to the rooftop checkpoint.
Watch a scene then head towards the final marker, which is on top of a turret. Take out as many guards as you can before engaging Vieri. After delivering the final blow, you will automatically end up back at Villa Auditore.
* Throwing Knife skill learned
* Knife Belt acquired
* Codex Page acquired
* Letter from Fra Giocondo acquired

Go to the checkpoint near the training field for a scene with Mario and his crew.
A Change of Plans
GOAL: Learn about the Villa and discover the Codex pages hidden there.
Follow Mario to the foyer then read Fra Giocondo’s letter by pressing Select. Afterwards, speak to Mario in his study to learn more about the Codex pages displayed there. Encrypted pages (such as the one you just received from Vieri) will stay in your inventory until you have Leonardo translate them. You’ll receive an extra health square for every four you decode - and you’ll increase the Villa’s value by adding decoded pages to the wall in Mario’s study.
When you regain control, climb up to the Villa’s Viewpoint and sync it again so that locations of 4 new Codex pages appear on the map. Three of the pages are stashed in town. The fourth Codex page is outside of town, near a small cottage. Collect all four to end Memory Sequence 3.
* Codex Pages x4 acquired

Speak to Claudia in the workroom next to Mario’s study. She explains how the Villa earns money, which you periodically collect from the chest behind her. Next, talk to the Villa’s architect to learn how renovating the city will increase your income. The amount of income generated every 20 minutes depends not only on the renovations you make, but on things you acquire (artwork, feathers, armor & weapons, statues, etc.)
Return to the Codex room and speak with Mario. After he opens the secret passage, follow him down into the sanctuary where Altair’s armor is stored. In order to access the armor, you’ll need to find 6 Seals that are hidden in secret tombs throughout Italy. When ready, leave town and return to Florence either by horse or using the Fast Travel station.
Back in Florence, two years have passed. You’ll arrive in front of Leonardo’s workshop regardless of travel method. Visit Leonardo so that he can decipher the new Codex pages you’ve found.
Practice What You Preach
GOAL: Practice several new assassination techniques while Leonardo tinkers with the Codex pages.
Learn three new assassination moves by practicing on straw dummies in Leonardo’s backyard. First, jump into the hay then press Square to assassinate the dummy standing next to the cart. Next, climb up to the white marker on the left then press Square to assassinate the dummy below. Finally, climb the back wall and assassinate the dummy standing on the balcony. Return to Leonardo afterwards to receive the Double Hidden Blade, which allows you to assassinate two enemies at once.
* Air Assassination skill learned
* Ledge Assassination skill learned
* Hiding Assassination skill learned
* Second Hidden Blade acquired
* Hidden Blade Armor Plate acquired
* Races unlocked

As you travel towards the next ! marker, spend some time touring new areas of Florence that have opened up. Sync the Viewpoint on the west end of the city to reveal others. Along the way, you’ll pass a couple of Glyph structures, too. One is located on San Lorenzo, the red-domed church towards the northwestern edge of town that also serves as a Viewpoint. Look for the Glyph in a niche between two smaller domes:

GLYPH PUZZLE #10 - Apollo
For the first part, use audible beeps to find an image of the lunar lander to the left of the moon, out in space. For the second part, solve another slider puzzle by lining up gaps in the rings. Note which rings move together and which move alone so you can fix them. For the final part, locate the Piece of Eden on a moon-landing photo. It’s on the bottom near the astronaut’s left foot.

You’ll find another Glyph on the Mercato Vecchio, which is a large marketplace near the next mission marker. It’s on the side of a dormer across from the open-air market:
GLYPH PUZZLE #11 - The Inventors
For this one, simply take the electricity marker and pass it over each of the lightbulbs. Next, hit X to get a set of photos. On the first one, look for a Piece of Eden above the door. For the second photo, you get infrared. Scan the book Tesla is holding to get the passcode and another video clip.

After dealing with the puzzles, go to the ! marker on your map.
Fox Hunt
GOAL: Locate La Volpe (the Fox) somewhere near the Mercato Vecchio.
Walk to the marketplace and use Eagle Vision to locate the person highlighted in gold. As soon as you approach him, he takes off with your money. Run full sprint and when you get close, tackle the thief by pressing R1 + Circle. The streets are crowded and he changes direction often, so keeping up can be tough. Just stay on the thief until you bring him down. Watch the scene that follows, during which your money is returned to you.
Sync the nearby Viewpoint (if you haven’t already) then seek out La Volpe on the stairs near the dock to start the next mission.
See You There
GOAL: Meet La Volpe at Santa Maria Novella.
Follow La Volpe up to the roof. After stepping on the white checkpoint there, you’ll have 1 minute to get to the roof overlooking Santa Maria Novella. In order to make it there on time, avoid climbing. Instead, use the beams in front of you to reach the adjacent building then run across the rooftops on the left until you can cross over cables to get to the finish.
Once you reach the marker, a scene occurs, during which you’re shown the way into Santa Maria Novella’s secret catacombs. To get there, either jump across the street and climb down, or use Courtesans to distract the guards. Inspect the glowing skull handle on the wall to enter.
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - Novella’s Secret
GOAL: Infiltrate Santa Maria Novella’s Catacombs to reach the Templar meeting.
You are automatically notorious here so be on the lookout for guards. Move forward and use the switch on the right to open the gate above. Pass through to the next area. Use bars and beams to get across the collapsed stairwell, eventually reaching a ledge with the next lever. Pull it to open another gate. Jump across the gaps then platform some more to reach the third lever. After using it, perform a Leap of Faith into the haystack below. Go through the open door for a quick scene.
When it ends, enter the room and jump over the debris on the left. Use broken bricks on the wall to shimmy over to the ledge on the left. Hoist yourself up and kill the guard patrolling there. Ascend the stairs to another guard. After killing him, use the swing bar up ahead to reach some beams. Grab onto the hanging lantern so that it deposits you in front of a glowing floor switch. Active the device to drop a box and raise a casket.
Walk across the wooden planks then drop down and collect florins from the chest below. Climb back up and look to the eastern wall for some stones to grab. Use them to reach the ledge above then jump over to the adjacent balcony. From there, hop over to the suspended casket. Head south now, using the swing bar to reach the next floor lever. Flip it to open the door leading to the Great Hall.
Now retrace your steps back to the suspended casket area. Once there, walk across the planks and turn right. Look for a beam you can take a Leap of Faith from. Drop down into the hay and wait for guards to pass if you want to assassinate them from a hiding spot; otherwise, use brute force to take out all three. Once they are disposed of, go through the door and chase the remaining guard.
At certain points he’ll shut gates, forcing you to find alternate routes. They are always nearby but if you have difficulty finding them, don’t worry. The guard will not move again until you catch up. When you reach the long, straight hallway, dash towards the stack of boxes on the left. While still in a full sprint, climb the boxes and when you near the end, hit Square to perform an air assassination. If you miss your target, he’ll close the door on you. Climb the scaffolding on the right to get inside the guardroom and kill the lot.
Once that’s done, run up the wall and flip the last switch. Continue forward to eavesdrop on the Templar meeting. When it ends, enter the burial chamber to find a sarcophagus and 3 treasure chests. Open the sarcophagus to receive the first of six Seals. Exit through the shimmering door to end the mission.
You’ll emerge near the southern docks for a scene with La Volpe. Before going to the next ! marker, check your map to see that another Tomb location has popped up in Florence. Tackle it now if you wish by heading over to Santa Maria del Fiore (e.g. the Duomo). The tomb entrance is on the north side of the basilica. Kill the guards stationed nearby if you need to, then interact with the glowing skull handle.
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - Il Duomo’s Secret
GOAL: Explore Basilica Santa Maria del Fiore and find the Assassin’s Seal hidden within.
Once you have control, use the step stool beside the door to scale the wall. When you get up to where the murals are, shimmy over to the right and pull yourself up. Jump to the beam facing north and from there, across two platforms. Jump to the next beam then zigzag across the room, using beams, overhangs, and chandeliers - until a ladder drops down. Use it if you fall off after this point. Continue zigzagging through the room until you reach a ledge draped in red. Use the nearby swing bar to get to another platform where you can release the next shortcut ladder.
Hop onto to the tall stone balustrade that encircles the center. Take it all the way around to the other side, using balconies, beams and chandeliers to get there. From the other end of the balustrade, jump onto a suspended board then hop onto the nearby beam. Climb up the wall to a platform where you’ll find a series of beams. Traverse them until you reach a set of paintings. Use them to climb higher.
On top, you’ll find another set of beams. Take the left route over to another set of wall paintings. Climb up to the balcony and walk around to the other side. To reach the treasure chest above you, head towards the wall paintings on the left. Do a backwards jump onto the chandelier then hop across to the balcony. After getting the florins, climb the wooden wall near the chest and use the swing bar to reach the other side of the building.
Jump over to the ladder and continue upward. Hop across a few gaps in the walkway then climb the broken brick wall. Hoist yourself onto the beam and leap over to a stairwell leading to the very top of the chamber. Raid all the chests for money, and open the sarcophagus to acquire another Assassin Seal. Exit through the glowing window.
You’ll re-emerge at the very top of the dome. Look for a couple of treasure chests and collect a feather from the top of a cross while here, then take a Leap of Faith to get down quickly. Although the next mission marker is close by, now would be a good time to head back to the Villa. In addition to collecting income, you can put the new Assassin Seals in the sanctuary while there.
Eventually, return to Florence and go to the next ! marker, which is on the street near Leonardo’s workshop.
Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing
GOAL: Prevent the conspirators from attacking the Medici family.
Once inside the green zone on your map, turn on Eagle Vision and look for the person highlighted in gold. After spotting him, a scene occurs during which Lorenzo comes under attack by Francesco and his men. Join the fray, paying particular attention to those attacking Lorenzo.
If his health gets too low, defend him directly. When it’s just you against Francesco, counter and then retaliate with a quick combo. When he is near defeat, he’ll flee. Don’t pursue him, as doing so will fail the mission. Continue defending Lorenzo until a scene takes over.
Escort Lorenzo home, following the markers on your map. You’ll encounter fewer guards if you take the alleyway route. If a fight ensues, focus on enemies attacking Lorenzo then move ahead to the next checkpoint. Once you reach his house, a scene occurs, during which he tells you to kill Francesco de’ Pazzi.
Talk to the guy outside (Poliziano) when you’re ready to begin the hunt.
Farewell Francesco
GOAL: Find and kill Francesco de’ Pazzi.
Make your way to the marker overlooking Palazzo della Signoria, which is in a restricted zone. On the way, you’ll pass several large battles taking place on the streets. Feel free to join in, as you shouldn’t gain much notoriety from it at this point.
When you reach the marker, Francesco appears. Climb up to the base of the tower where he’s stationed. Take out the archers near the scaffolding on your way up. Once you clear them out, approach Francesco and he will flee. Hop onto the eagle’s stoop and take a Leap of Faith into the hay below then start chasing him on foot. Francesco is not all that fast so you shouldn’t have any trouble catching up and assassinating him. Watch the scene that follows, ending Memory Sequence 4.
SEQUENCE 5 - LOOSE ENDS (1478-1480)
Talk to Lorenzo on the bridge up ahead. He gives you a Codex page and some new information on the Pazzi conspirators. Press Select if you want to view Shaun’s video bio on them once the scene ends.
* Codex Page acquired
* Beat Up Missions unlocked
* Courier Assignments unlocked
* Assassination Contracts unlocked

The next marker should be familiar to you by now. Bring your new Codex page to Leonardo. After he deciphers it, your hidden blade will be able to dispense poison. Using poison on a target causes them to go berserk and attack their own allies just before dying. It’s a good way to rid several targets with little effort.
* Poison Blade acquired
* New Secondary Memories unlocked

Travel to Villa Auditore now. Conduct your regular business (collect money, renovate, buy new armor and weapons, drop off feathers and Codex pages, etc.) and when ready, speak to Uncle Mario to begin the next mission.
NOTE: If you redeemed a code from Gamestop, the bonus Palazzo Medici mission will be available now. Go to the marker labeled “Templar Lair.” Find the entrance on the side to begin the “Home Invasion” mission. If you didn’t redeem any codes, go meet Mario on the practice field.
Evasive Maneuvers
GOAL: Meet Mario on the practice field to train.
Mario will teach you two new skills: Dodge and Disarm. To Dodge, lock onto a target then hold R1 and hit X just before an enemy attacks. Use the Left Analog Stick to determine the direction in which you dodge. Disarming is much like countering. Use it when you are unarmed or have Fists selected. After completing the brief training session, a messenger tells you to meet Mario’s crew in the countryside.
* Dodge skill learned
* Disarm skill learned

Finish any remaining business you have in Monteriggioni then set off for Tuscany. Once there, you’ll see three mission markers - two in the city of Forli and one in the eastern countryside. Go to the city first. If necessary, lower your notoriety by tearing down posters, etc. before approaching the first contact. Also, if you haven’t synced the Viewpoints or collected Codex pages and Glyphs in Tuscany yet, feel free to take care of that stuff now.
When you’re ready, head to the marker on the southern edge of the city. Talk to the man who is highlighted in white.
Come Out and Play
GOAL: Locate and assassinate Bernardo Baroncelli.
Enter the green zone on your map, which is slightly northeast of your current location. Once there, put on Eagle Vision and look for the figure highlighted in gold. If you study his movement, you’ll see that Baroncelli constantly circles the area, pausing at certain places before moving on. There are a couple of ways to kill him stealthily. The best method is to approach the green zone via the rooftops. When Baroncelli isn’t looking, take a Leap of Faith into the haystack near the stairs. Blend with the crowd directly below, waiting on the outer edge for your target to pass by. Kill him before he has a chance to react. Another method is to wait inside the well. When Baroncelli stops in front of it, go for a Ledge Assassination.
If you fail to sneak up on Baroncelli, he’ll run. Be prepared to barrel through numerous guards as you chase him down. Don’t be distracted by them; stay focused on your target. Execute Baroncelli then flee the area to finish the mission.
You’ll find your second contact to the north, towards the center of the city.
Town Crier
GOAL: Assassinate Antonio Maffei on top of a tower in San Gimingnano.
Maffei has perched himself on the city’s tallest tower. Since you cannot climb up directly, you’ll need to use the surrounding towers to get over to him. Start by climbing the shortest one, taking out any archers that hassle you along the way. You’ll have to continually go around each side to get higher. When you reach the top, use a ledge assassination on one of the archers and your Hidden Blade on the other.
From here, you can go straight to Maffei’s tower by walking across the suspended cables. Go to the other towers though if you want to eliminate more of the archers. After safely making it across the last cable, begin climbing. It will take you to a walkway where three archers patrol. Use your Hidden Blade to take each one out when the others are not in view. Once cleared, either climb up and assassinate Maffei or wait for him to pace the walkway below. After a successful kill, the mission ends.
If you check your map, you’ll see an Assassin’s Tomb icon at the base of this tower. If you feel like tackling it now, go down the alley on the east side of the building and look for the glowing skull handle in an alcove about halfway through:
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - Torre Grossa’s Secret
GOAL: Infiltrate Torre Grossa and find the Assassin Seal hidden within.
Jump onto the wall behind you and shimmy over to the gate on the right. Pull the lever and go upstairs. Kill three guards patrolling the wine cellar. After ridding them, climb the stack of barrels in the southwest corner. Jump onto the cloth-draped platform then leap across to the ledge on the right. Shimmy over, pull yourself up, and head north along the narrow wooden walkway. Jump to the ledge on the left when you can. Scoot all the way around until you can pull yourself up onto a platform draped in white cloth. Go upstairs and jump onto the balcony rail. Assassinate the guard that passes.
Use the swing bar above the staircase to get to the wall on the other side. Head left, employing wall rings to reach the chest at the end. After collecting the cash, pull the lever on the right to open a gate. Pass through to the library.
Get rid of the guards patrolling near the bookcases. Once they’re disposed of, hop across the bookcases to reach a short beam. Use wall rings to hoist yourself up to the balcony. Assassinate two more guards then use chandeliers to get back across the room. Grab onto the wall tiles or use windows to reach the middle platform. Once there, use swing bars and ropes to get up to the second balcony. Kill the lone guard patrolling there.
Before entering the open door, head east to the opposite end of the balcony. Use wall rings above the locked door to reach the building’s rafters. Crisscross through the rafters towards the opposite corner where you will find a wall ledge. Use it to reach another secret chest. From there, climb onto the crates and jump straight across, back to the balcony. Go through the open door now.
You’ll be at the bottom of a thin tower. The way up is pretty straightforward - just use beams, wall rings, ledges and windows to spiral to the top. Take out a couple of guards along the way. Towards the end, look for a vertical beam with black rings to climb. Follow it up to the sarcophagus chamber. Loot three chests and open the sarcophagus to obtain another Assassin Seal. Exit using the ceiling hatch then perform a Leap of Faith to get back down.
When you’re ready to continue with the assassination missions, exit the city. Grab a horse and ride southeast to the large abbey on a hill. If you didn’t visit here earlier, look for a Glyph at the base of the Viewpoint tower. To start the mission, speak to the mercenary standing near the front stairs. He’ll give you some Smoke Bombs to use as a distraction. Equip them now if you wish, but I found they were more useful later on.
The Cowl Does Not Make The Monk
GOAL: Infiltrate the abbey and kill Stefano da Bagnone.
Climb up the face of the church then head left to reach the rooftops overlooking two adjoining courtyards. Some guards are disguised as monks, so rely on Eagle Vision to see which ones might attack you. Your main target, as usual, is highlighted in gold. There are several ways to assassinate Stefano. I used one of the eagle perches to drop into a haystack then simply rushed him when he got close enough. Another method is to blend in with friendly monks until you get close enough to him. If you wait too long to attack, Stefano will flee so make short work of him to avoid a chase.
Once Stefano is dead, the guards dressed as monks will attack you. Smoke Bombs come in handy here, allowing just enough time to escape the abbey. Find your horse if you can and gallop away from the scene to successfully end the mission.
* Smoke Bombs acquired
* Smoke Bomb pouch acquired

If you check your map, you’ll see a new marker has been added in the northeast. Ride there and speak to the man in the yard to get mission details.
Behind Closed Doors
GOAL: With the help of Mario’s mercenaries, subdue the villa guards and kill Francesco Salviati.
Use your team of mercenaries to fight the guards outside while you take out the archers on the roof. Once they’re dealt with, move toward the red marker, using rooftops to enter the villa. Open the gate so that your team can help out. Use throwing knives to dispatch the guards on either side of the gate or anything else to reduce the overall number of enemies before approaching the gate switch - otherwise you’ll be swarmed before you know it.
Within the group of foes, there’s one that looks out of place. He’ll be holding an axe and wearing a tattered pajama-like outfit. This is your target, Salviati. He’s an easy kill if you go for a Disarm. After finishing him, you can choose to flee or fight the remaining enemies. Read the letter from Jacopo afterwards or just go to the rooftop marker back in town.
With Friends Like These
GOAL: Tail Jacopo de’ Pazzi to the Templar meeting, then assassinate him.
A large crowd will leave the building in front of you. Use Eagle Vision to pick out Jacopo. He will remain marked by a blue arrow once you ID him. Follow Jacopo as he walks through the city. You can tail Jacopo from the rooftops or blend with crowds on the street. Either way, if you lose sight of him or if something blocks your view, a timer will appear. Get him back in your sights before the timer runs out or you’ll fail the mission.
When he reaches the city’s exit, either use the ladder on the right to get outside or hire courtesans to distract the guards so that you can pass through without being detected. En route to the amphitheatre, he’ll stop and pick up his security detail. Hang back until he moves again. When the guards have turned away, climb over the low walls to reach the white checkpoint before being detected. Watch the scene that unfolds.
Quickly hit Square when prompted to own two of the guards. Afterwards, fight the remaining crew. Countering works well against them or try disarming the spear guy at the start and use it against the others. When all of the guards are dead, approach Jacopo who is lying wounded on the ground. End his well as Memory Sequence 5.
SEQUENCE 6 - ROCKY ROAD (1480-1481)
You’ll be back in Florence in the year 1480. If your Villa chest is near full, go there now; otherwise wait until your encounter with Leonardo, which is coming up shortly. When ready, head over to the ! marker and speak with Lorenzo in the courtyard to receive a gift: the Medici Cape. While wearing it in Florence or Tuscany, your notoriety will not increase (no more posters to tear down, in other words), however guards will still react to basic criminal behavior.
Your next objective is to stop by Leonardo’s workshop. Upon reaching it, you’ll learn that Leonardo has gone to Venice.
* Medici Cape acquired

Head over to the east gate and exit the city. Acquire a horse and ride towards the mountains. Step on the white marker up ahead to trigger a scene.
Romagna Holiday
GOAL: Drive Leonardo’s carriage toward Venice.
You have to steer Leonardo’s carriage down winding roads without tipping it over. Making the task more difficult are the enemies pursuing you. If they jump onto the carriage, make some sharp turns or use tree branches to knock them off. If they manage to reach you in the driver’s seat, press Circle repeatedly to toss them off.
When you reach the bridge, archers will shoot fire arrows onto the road. Dodge them as best you can, while continuing to shake off enemies that try to board the carriage. Once you make it through the mountains in one piece, you’ll see a scene.
On foot now, fight the group of guards that rush over. Try to disarm the Brute right away then finish the others one by one. Note that you can explore the Appenine Mountain region to collect chests scattered along the road from this point forward. For now, though, step on the white marker to complete the mission and enter the wetlands.
* Races unlocked
* Assassination Contracts unlocked
* Courier Assignments unlocked
* Beat Up Events unlocked

You’ll be outside Forli, which is a fair distance from Venice. Your first bit of business is to find a horse and ride east to the Viewpoint. Once synced, other Viewpoint icons will appear on your map. Spend some time visiting them before going to the mission marker so that you can get a better look at the town and surrounding region. More importantly, syncing Forli’s viewpoints will reveal the locations of more Codex pages and another Assassin’s Tomb. Should you decide to tackle the Tomb now, go to the southwestern docks and jump in the water. Look for a small platform jutting out of the water. Swim over and activate the skeleton handle:
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - Ravaldino’s Secret
GOAL: Infiltrate Rocca di Ravaldino and find the Assassin Seal hidden within.
Jump in the water and swim to the other side. Climb up the boxes in the corner and grab the wall. In order to reach the platform behind you, hold R1 then press X to jump backwards. From here, use beams etc. to zigzag across the room until you reach a lever device. Activate it then run through the gate before it closes.
After passing through, turn around and climb the beams on the left to reach a secret room with a chest. Loot it then jump back across the beams. Up ahead, you’ll see a watery area. Dive in and press X while underwater to swim underneath the gate up ahead. Use beams on the other side to hop across the water. Use covered barrels to grab the wall then jump backwards onto the opposite ledge.
Now zigzag up the wall, jumping backwards when necessary, until you reach a guard. Perform a Ledge assassination on him then climb out. Hop across beams to reach an area with stacked crates. Once there, dispatch guards posted on the other side of the room. Now head south, following the path next to the stairs to another set of guards. After killing them, use covered barrels near the western wall to get up to the next level.
Assassinate the patrolling guard then use more barrels to climb onto the wall shield. While hanging from the shield, jump backwards to a platform with another lever. Once you pull it, dash across the beams and swing bars before the gate closes. Proceed to the next lever and quickly jump across more beams. Now, use the set of beams on your left to jump onto the wall. Use shields to shimmy across. Drop down onto a short beam and enter the next area.
Walk down the ramp. Climb the wall at the end and assassinate the guard stationed there. Afterwards, go downstairs to the horse stables. Kill three more guards, including a Brute. Once cleared, climb the covered barrels to reach a wooden wall. From there, hop across beams to get to the platform above. Use some covered crates to jump onto the blue wall shield. Enter the hole in the wall to reach the final lever.
In order to reach the distant gate before it closes, jump onto the broken wall up ahead then hop to the left. Use the short beam in front of you to climb onto the pillar. Now jump away from it to the platform on the right side. From here, make a mad dash across swing bars and beams to get through the gate before it closes. Provided you make it in time, you’ll reach the tomb. As usual, plunder the treasure chests and grab another Seal from the sarcophagus. Exit using the floor hatch.
There’s one final piece of business to take care of in town before heading off to the ! marker. Locate a Glyph on Abbazia Di San Mercuriale, the largest building in Forli. It’s above columns on the south side of the building’s courtyard:
GLYPH PUZZLE #12 - Titans of Industry
You start with another combination puzzle. The hint, though, is not as obvious. Look for it in the bottom left: 4=1. Align the red wheel so that 4 matches the grey wheel’s 1. Doing so allows you to set the correct code, which is 2-4-0. Next, drag the dollar sign over each bulb to pop them. Doing so brings up a photo of Einstein. Tag the Piece of Eden he is holding.
After that, another combination puzzle appears. This time, though, the red dial contains symbols instead of numbers. Study the pictures. Look for the number 2 on the automobile and one of the symbols (II..) on the newspaper article. Match these up on the dial and you’ll see that some of the symbols you need are missing. Scroll through the available symbols to find which ones naturally follow in sequential order. So, if the code is 139, the 3 symbol should be “|||” and 9 should be “|..” When set properly, you’ll receive the passcode and a new video clip.

Another Glyph is located on the northeastern tip of the map at Avamposto Veneziano, which very close to your next mission. It also serves as a Viewpoint. Get a horse and ride over to the cylindrical tower. You’ll find the Glyph on the north side, about halfway up:
GLYPH PUZZLE #13 - I am Become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds
Another combination puzzle appears. Look for clues in the photos: You should see a Triangle on the bomb photo and the number 9 on a photo of the Trinity site tower. Align them on the wheels to see that the shapes for 5 and 2 are missing. Once again, discern a sequential pattern. The solution should be Circle + Square + Square for 5, Circle for 2, and Triangle for 9. Next, put the marker on the red button to detonate the atomic bomb. After that, you get a blank picture and need to ID something on it. A noise indicates how close you are. Locate some digits near the bottom left to complete the puzzle.

Now, head to the ! marker in front of the ferry and speak with Leonardo. Watch the scene that follows.
Tutti a Bordo
GOAL: Help the screaming woman get back to the docks.
Swim over to the boat with the marker on it. Once on board, stand near the oar and press Circle to start rowing. Use your left stick to steer the boat towards the stranded woman. After rescuing Caterina, bring her back to the dock. Watch a scene, during while you’ll acquire a ferry pass. Memory Sequence 6 ends as soon as you board the ferry, but Venice will have to wait a bit...
Suddenly, you’re back at Animus headquarters. Now controlling Desmond, speak to Shaun if you want, then go downstairs to the cargo area. Approach Lucy. She wants to test your abilities by activating the warehouse’s defense system. Locate 4 red alarm buttons within the large room. Two are on the ground level and two are above. Switch them all to green then return to Lucy when she calls for you. Go upstairs afterwards to trigger a strange dream.
Chase the gold target that appears before you. If you lose sight of the person, use Eagle Vision. Follow them up to the top of the tower. If you have trouble climbing when you get to the balcony with the beam, stand underneath the very tip of the beam then hold R1 and hit X without touching the left analog stick. After a scene on top, you’ll be back at headquarters. Talk to Lucy if you want; otherwise, get back in the Animus device to transport to Venice in the year 1481.
Leonardo is your first mission giver. Before speaking to him, scale the Viewpoint in front of you to get some bearings.
GOAL: Take a quick tour of Venice with Alvise.
Simply follow Alvise and Leonardo through parts of Venice. Watch some scenes along the way, including one where a female thief bumps into you. The tour ends in front of Leonardo’s new workshop. Press Circle when prompted to bid him farewell.

* Assassination Contracts unlocked

When you regain control of Ezio, knock on Leonardo’s door so that he can decipher all of the Codex pages you’ve acquired in his absence. You can find more Codex pages in Venice by syncing the available Viewpoints. Note that one tower is impossible to climb at this point, so just leave it for now. While touring the parts of Venice that are currently open, you’re bound to come across a few buildings containing Glyphs. One is on the San Giacomo Di Rialto church to the east. Look for the Glyph on the west side of the roof near the large bell:
GLYPH PUZZLE #14 - Bloodlines
After listening to a lengthy audio rant, select the 5 paintings that involve mythological carnal unions: Danae Visited by Zeus, Jupiter and Io, Leda and the Swan, Cupid and Psyche, and Rape of Europa.

You’ll find another Glyph next door to the church, underneath the Ponte Di Rialto. You can see the large wooden bridge from the church’s rooftop and get to it quickly simply by diving into the water. Swim to the east end of the bridge and look for the Glyph on one of the support beams underneath:
GLYPH PUZZLE #15 - Guardians
Complete the slider puzzle, which should not be too difficult by now. After setting it correctly, you’ll see a map with several red targets. Move the marker over each to obtain the passcode and another video clip.

If you like, check back in at the Villa to deposit your deciphered Codex Pages, Assassin Seals, etc. When ready, go to the next mission marker on the northwest side of Venice.
That’s Gonna Leave A Mark
GOAL: Help Rosa get to the river.
Fight the enemies that appear, paying special attention to those directly harming Rosa. Afterwards, follow her through the city. She’s quick so bowl down anyone in your way to keep up with her. More fights will erupt as you proceed; just continue to protect her by going after the ones attacking Rosa directly.
Some thieves join your cause just before Rosa collapses. Pick her up and carry her towards the yellow marker. Let the thieves take care of any remaining enemies that attack. One or two guards might still chase you. If this happens, put Rosa down and kill them. When free of foes, pick her up and continue toward the checkpoint. Upon reaching it, a scene occurs during which you are told to protect the group’s gondola.
Cross the water and start taking out enemies one by one. You’ll need to do a lot of platforming to keep up with the gondola on its path. Just keep moving and when enemies appear, take care of them. You’ll need two throwing knives to kill each archer if you choose that strategy; otherwise, your sword is a better option. Keep protecting the gondola until it slips inside an entrance. Climb over buildings if necessary to meet the crew at the landing dock. Approach the gondola to trigger a scene.
When prompted, pick up Rosa and carry her down the alley. Place her on the table and help tend her wounds when asked. Once Rosa has been taken care of, the mission ends. There’s a Glyph located just above you, on the north side of the Gilda Dei Ladri di Venezia. If you want to take care of it now, climb up to the roof and look for the Glyph on a wall near a group of thieves:
GLYPH PUZZLE #16 - The Cavalry
After an audio message, you’ll see a map with a bunch of locations written on it. If you move the marker over a name, it jumbles them around. To solve this part, select Tunguska. For the next part, place your cursor on the sword and stab the picture. Easy peasy.

Now climb down and talk to Antonio in his home. Press Circle when prompted to taste his new concoction... coffee. Afterwards, you’ll see three markers appear on the map. Speak to Rosa, who is standing just outside Antonio’s door, first.
Monkey See, Monkey Do
GOAL: Learn Rosa’s Climb Leap technique.
Get to the marker at the top of the scaffolding using the method you just saw demonstrated. While crouched on the wall, hold R1 and X. Now press Circle while pushing the Left Analog Stick up to quickly grab ledges you weren’t able to reach before. Once on top, Rosa tells you to meet her at the base of the eastern Viewpoint you could not sync earlier (assuming you tried). Go there and talk to Rosa.
* Climb Leap Skill learned

By Leaps and Bounds
GOAL: Ascend the tower as quickly as possible using the climb leap.
You’ll have 5 minutes to get to the top of the tower, which is more than enough time. Find a nearby climbing path. I found that climbing the building across the alley then jumping across worked well. Once you’re affixed to the tower, use the Climb-Leap ability to grab ledges that seem slightly out of reach. Shift around the tower to get to the top. Remember to synchronize the Viewpoint before dropping down if you have time left on the clock. Speak to Rosa to stop the clock and end the mission.
There’s another marker close to your current location. Talk to the thief standing on the roof above Leonardo’s workshop.
GOAL: Free the captive thieves from Emilio.
Three different groups are being held in heavily guarded areas around the city. Their locations are marked with blue icons on your map. To avoid unnecessary fighting, approach an area from above. Use the haystacks or wells below to stealthy take out as many guards as you can before freeing the thieves from their cell. Escort the group back to Ugo on the rooftop using the easiest route possible. If you select difficult routes for them to follow, or fail to protect the thieves from hostile guards, some may perish. So long as one thief makes it back to the rooftop checkpoint alive, you can move onto freeing the next group.
After successfully escorting the three groups back to Ugo, he’ll tell you to meet him later for another job. Talk to him on the northwestern docks when ready.
Clothes Make The Man
GOAL: Rob the chests carrying the armor of Emilio’s guards then steal a boat and bring it to Ugo.
Three markers appear on your map showing you the chest locations. Each chest is guarded and more enemies will rush over if you simply barge in. Start by going to the closest marker. Try approaching it from the canal side, so that you can steal the chest contents without any guards noticing. The second chest is further east. Take advantage of the nearby haystack to clear out those guarding it. Raid the chest to the north last as it is near the boat you have to steal. Hire a group of mercenaries or thieves to help even out the fight.
After taking care of the chests, proceed to the boat dock. The gondola you need to steal is in a restricted area so hop aboard quickly and start rowing before guards have a chance to swarm you. Steer it toward the checkpoint. Hop off at the dock to end the mission.
When you’re ready to start the next mission, go to Antonio’s house.
Cleaning House
GOAL: Identify and kill the traitorous thieves.
Search within the separate green zones on your map for the three targets that Antonio wants you to kill. Their exact location isn’t clear, so use Eagle Vision to pick them out. Each will be highlighted in gold - and each employs helpers, so come prepared. One will be on a rooftop, one will be on a ship, and one will be in the fish market.
After killing the three thieves, return to Antonio’s house.
Everything Must Go
GOAL: Work with Antonio and his thieves to defeat Emilio.
Watch a scene inside during which you learn Antonio’s plan. Quickly press Triangle when prompted to seal the deal with him. Your first order of business is to take out five archers that guard Emilio’s compound. Follow the rooftops east toward the red markers. When in range, use Eagle Vision to detect which archers are the primary targets.
Once the archers are down, reconvene with your allies at the checkpoint. Kill the guard posted across from Antonio, Rosa and Ugo then approach the trio for a scene.
When it ends, hire some thieves to help distract those guarding the entrance to Emilio’s palazzo. Afterwards, climb up to the roof. Use Eagle Vision to spot Emilio in the courtyard. Assassinate him before he escapes on his boat. Don’t be overly concerned about the team of guards that chase you - they will all disappear as soon as Emilio falls.
After that, approach Rosa to trigger another scene and end Memory Sequence 7.
You now have access to the eastern part of Venice, where you’ll find more Viewpoints to sync, Codex pages to collect, and another Assassin’s Tomb to visit. Also, look for two more Glyphs near the restricted area to the south. You’ll find one on the Campanile di San Marco, which also serves as a Viewpoint. It’s on the floor near the top of the tower:
GLYPH PUZZLE #17 - The Bunker
This combination puzzle is rather tough. Finding a key in the pictures may take a while, but eventually you should see the number ‘4’ flash on and off in the background and notice a “<” symbol in the bottom left picture of the WWII tank. Start by lining up < and 4 on the wheel. To figure out the missing codes, you need to count how many angles each shape contains. Knowing that the < shape has one angle and represents 4 is your starting point.
To find 7, identify the shape containing four angles (it look kind of like a tilted ‘e’). The shape for 9 is given to you and contains six angles (a bowtie). To find 1, identify the shape containing eight angles (the diamond within a diamond). After setting the correct code, you’ll see a photo. Locate the Assassin emblem in the top right corner of the building’s second floor to unlock the passcode and get another piece of video.

Another Glyph is directly across the plaza on the roof of the Torre dell’ Orologio. Climb up and use Eagle Vision while standing inside the square-shaped balcony (adorned with blue drapes) to find it on the floor:
GLYPH PUZZLE #18 - Synapses
This combination puzzle is painfully tough. The numbers you are given are 6-0-3. Start by locating both parts of the key in the bottom right CAT scan pictures. There is a 5 in one, and a T-like symbol between two others. Line up 5 and the T symbol on the wheels. You’ll see that the picture for 6 is given to you (TTT) but the other two are absent. To figure out which shapes go with 0 and 3, you need to do math. Examine the synapse picture on the left. Add the sequence of numbers written on it to arrive at the correct pictures. Assume that T represents 1, and the < shape represents 10.
To find the picture for zero (0), add 1+2+6+2+1+5 to get 17. Since the < shape equals 10, look for the symbol containing one < and 7 stacked T’s. To find the picture for three (3), add 17+3+5+6 to get 31. Select the symbol containing three <<< and one T. After completing the counterintuitive math puzzle, just pass your cursor over all of the brain synapses (8 total) to activate them.

Although you could tackle the Assassin’s Tomb located on the roof of the heavily guarded basilica right now, I suggest waiting until Antonio shows you a safer way to get inside. For now, go to the next ! marker and step on the white circle to spy on the Templars.
Birds Of A Feather
GOAL: Tail the Templars to eavesdrop on their meeting.
Blend with groups or hire courtesans in order to follow the Templars without being detected. When they reach the bridge leading to the basilica, either hire thieves to lure away the guards so you can continue tailing them, or take an indirect path that allows you to safely get them back in your sights within 30 seconds. When they enter the plaza outside the basilica, a scene occurs. Afterwards, continue following them through the plaza, hopping from group to group for cover.
When they reach the edge of the plaza, the Templars will slip inside a corridor and stay there for a moment. Blend with the nearest crowd and when the Templars start to walk again, move quickly through the adjacent corridor on the left. Blend with the group of courtesans on the other end and stay there until the Templars pass by. Once you’ve given them enough distance, continue tailing them through the streets.
Stop whenever they stop, and if there is no crowd to blend with, duck behind something to obstruct any possible view. Just take it slow and avoid bumping into guards or anyone that carries a box. The mission ends once you successfully reach the Rialto bridge.
* Assassination Contracts unlocked

When ready, go to the next mission marker. Speak to Rosa in Emilio’s former palazzo to trigger a scene.
If At First You Don’t Succeed...
GOAL: Discover a way to infiltrate the Palazzo Ducale.
While Antonio is talking, head south toward the yellow marker. After stepping on the checkpoint there, continue further south to the Campanile tower you found the glyph on earlier. Step on the checkpoint in the gap behind it to trigger a scene. When it ends, steer clear of the red restricted area as you make your way over to a third checkpoint near the docks. Climb the Viewpoint tower to reach the next checkpoint. Wait for Antonio to get there and watch the scene that follows.
If you haven’t already synced this tower’s Viewpoint, do so before taking a Leap of Faith into the hay below. Antonio will take the long route down. Wait for him to catch up then continue towards the next marker, which is on the north side of the restricted basilica.
Once there, use the barrels and suspended planks to climb up the side of the building. When you reach the top, step on the checkpoint to trigger a scene involving Carlo Grimaldi. Afterwards, you’ll be back down in the plaza. Watch Shaun’s video bio on Grimaldi by pressing Select if you wish.
Before paying a visit to Leonardo, which is the new mission marker, tackle the Assassin’s Tomb now that you know a safe route up to the basilica’s roof. The entrance is close to where you just were with Antonio. Look for a small ladder near the statues. Climb down and activate the skull handle.
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - San Marco’s Secret
GOAL: Solve the riddles of Basilica San Marco to find the Assassin Seal hidden within.
As soon as you enter, you’ll see the sarcophagus. Get down to the church floor and try opening it. Doing so causes four tiles to rise off the floor in the adjoining chamber. To get the Assassin Seal, you need to complete 4 separate trials that can be done in any order. Each involves a lever you must pull before time runs out. The timer begins as soon as you step on one of the floor tiles:
East - Run to the corner behind the sarcophagus and climb up the draped boxes. Jump to the left then hop onto the platform above the sarcophagus. From there, jump to the north wall and climb the railing. Follow the balcony around to the left side. Jump to the top of the wall and hop all the gaps to the south wall. Shimmy over and climb the railing. Now, get on top of the large pipe organ and swivel the camera angle until you spot the suspended lever in front of you. Jump to it.
South - Use the covered boxes on the left to reach a platform. Grab the swing bar and make your way over to the south wall. From there, head towards the narrow wall and follow it all the way to the right, under an arch. Grab the ledge on the right and continue moving to the right until you are underneath the arch. Once there, climb up to the railing. Follow the balcony left and then turn right. Jump across the hanging crosses. When you reach the opposite balcony, turn right. Jump across some beams to reach the south wall again. Climb up the rose window until the camera perspective changes. Press X to jump away from the wall and reach the lever.
West - Go to the left and find the little altars. Climb the painting to get on top of the first one then hop across the rest. Jump to the ledge on the column here. Shimmy around it to the other side and drop onto the beam. Continue across more beams. At the end, turn left and climb up the wall. Now, just climb up the cross as high as you can and jump away to a swing bar. Swing twice to reach the lever.
North - Climb the small platform on the right. Jump to the stone structure in front of you, and the larger one in the center. Next, jump north to the wooden poles and hop across those to the platform at the north wall. Jump to the ledge on the right and shimmy around a bit. You should see some small rings above. Climb up these. Shift around until you can get up to and over the balcony railing. Go left towards the crates in the corner. Use these to grab the wall. At the top, jump away and you’ll latch onto a beam. Pull yourself up and from there, it’s just a short hop to the lever.
Once all four levers are activated, the floor opens to reveal the real tomb. Drop down and pilfer all chests and take the Seal. Exit through the glowing wall panel on the right. You’ll re-emerge in the plaza.
Take the Seal back to the Villa now if you like (gather income, etc.); otherwise go to the next mission marker.
Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
GOAL: Test Leonardo’s flying machine.
Leonardo’s flying machine cannot sustain altitude on its own, so just do your best to stay in the air as long as possible. Watch the scene that follows.
Well Begun Is Half Done
GOAL: Take care of the guards so Antonio and his men can light the fires needed to provide lift for the flying machine.
Clear four areas marked on your map. Use Eagle Vision to spot enemies highlighted in gold within each red zone. Though they are your main targets, others you need to kill will surround some. The first area is very close. Two Brutes are standing near each other. Approach them and go with a double Hidden Blade kill. Your next targets are on a ship filled with other enemies. Disarm the Brutes first then work your way from there. The third area is on a rooftop. Use throwing knives to kill the archers or just push them off the edge.
The last area has targets that are split up. There’s a lone Brute you can easily attack from behind with the Hidden Blade. Several guards surround the other target. Start with the Brute to scare off most of the others then finish the rest to complete the mission.
When ready, make the long trip to the next ! marker, which is on a rooftop.
Infrequent Flyer
GOAL: Pilot Leonardo’s flying machine to the Palazzo Ducale.
You need to stay aloft by flying over the fires while simultaneously trying to avoid the archer arrows. As Leonardo suggested, you can kick some of them off by locking onto them with L1 and flying as straight at them as you can. Don’t take unnecessary risks though; the machine is fairly unstable and you’ll likely crash more often than nailing a target. Try to do it at least once to get the Flyswatter Trophy then focus on flying directly over the fires to stay aloft. Although there are many routes to take, I found the best way was to head north until you can veer east toward the river. Pass over the fires on the boat and continue east from there, before turning to the right to reach the basilica’s rooftop landing spot.
Once you make it, a scene occurs. Get into position quickly before any archers spot you. If they do, you’ll need to start over. Use columns to hide behind and try to sneak in for Hidden Blade kills. Or use the columns for air assassinations. After killing three archers, drop down onto the window marker to trigger a scene.
When it ends, battle your way down the staircase. There are no Brutes, so have fun eliminating every enemy. After that, you’ll find Grimaldi just standing there, trembling. Deliver the coup de grace. Exit the basilica and find a safe spot to become anonymous again. Once you do, the mission ends, as does Memory Sequence 8.
* Codex Page acquired

You’ll start out in front of Leonardo’s workshop in the year 1486. Enter for a scene, during which Leonardo modifies your weapon and gives you a mask to wear during Carnevale.
Knowledge Is Power
GOAL: Practice with the Hidden Blade’s pistol modification.
Go to the waterfront marker where you’ll find three targets across the canal. Lock on to each target and hold Square to shoot them. The longer you keep Square held, the better your aim will be. After shooting all three, return to Leonardo. Watch a scene then press Select to get Shaun’s video bio on Marco & Dante if you like.
* Pistol attachment acquired
* Carenvale Mask acquired

While wearing the Carnevale mask, you will not become notorious. Take advantage of this by exploring the newly opened southern section of Venice. Start by syncing some Viewpoints to reveal the locations of more Codex pages and the final Assassin’s Tomb. Look for the tomb entrance on a roof at the base of the southernmost Viewpoint tower:
ASSASSIN’S TOMB - Visitazione’s Secret
GOAL: Solve the riddles of Visitazione’s Catacombs to find the Assassin Seal hidden within.
Move forward and take a Leap of Faith into the hay below. Watch a scene with the guards stationed there then assassinate the Brute. Approach the other guard and he’ll take off running. Chase him down. Like the first tomb, he’ll close gates every so often so you’ll have to find alternate routes to meet up with him. Towards the end, go for an air assassination using the final set of beams and swing bars. If you do it in time, the guards in the next chamber will not be told of your presence. If the guard beats you to the door, climb up the large tree root on the right side of the door, drop down and kill the guards.
Once the guards are disposed of, open the next door to reach an area filled with water. Use the lever on the path to start a timed mechanism. The goal is to lock four bars in place before time runs out. Start by jumping across the spires to reach the upper platform. Once there, you’re told about the Advanced Wall Jump. To reach the bar on the left, run up the wall then press X while moving the Left Analog Stick in the direction you want to go. If done correctly, upward momentum will carry you in that direction. Swing forward and climb the steps to the statue. Use the Advanced Wall Jump again to get to the platform on the left. Go across the beam and swing bars ahead to reach another platform. Do another Advanced Wall Jump to the right to get to the next bar. Go forward to the west wall, traversing a few gaps to reach the third swing bar. Hop across a spire to the right then move forward and jump onto the wall on the left. Run the wall and do another Advanced Wall Jump to get to the platform on the left. Take this to some beams and then to a swing bar, a spire, and another swing bar. Turn this corner to get to the last bar lever.
If you stumble at any point or fall into the water (or time runs out), just swim back and reset the floor mechanism. Luckily, once you’ve locked a bar in place, it will remain that way allowing more time to do the rest. After locking all four bars in place, a path to the sarcophagus chamber will open. Loot the treasure and take the final Seal. Exit through the floor hatch and reappear out of a manhole on the street.
Now would be a perfect time to return to the Villa and claim the Armor of Altair. If you skipped any Seals, go get them now. Altair’s stylish, repair-free armor is worth it. When you’re done tending to business at the Villa, return to Venice and go to the next mission marker for a conversation with Antonio.
Damsels In Distress
GOAL: Chase down and kill the murderer.
The murderer is not far from the brothel. Dash towards the marker shown on your map. You’ll find the murderer attacking another courtesan in the alley. If you get too close, he’ll kill her. Get close enough so that you can draw your pistol and shoot him from afar. If you miss, you’ll need to keep chasing him towards his next victim. Be prepared for a possible swarm of guards to attack after killing him. Either fight or flee.
Once you’ve dealt with the murderer, return to the brothel.
Nun The Wiser
GOAL: Speak to Teodora about Marco Barbagio.
Walk with Teodora and Antonio until a scene takes over. When it ends, three icons appear on your map. They represent Carnevale games taking place in the city. You need to win all of them, plus one more that appears later, to acquire the golden mask. The games can be completed in any order. I started with the closest one:
Ribbon Round-Up
GOAL: Obtain more ribbons than the competition from the ladies of Carnevale.
Several blue markers appear, indicating groups of masked ladies carrying ribbons. You need to collect at least 25 ribbons before time runs out in order to win. To get them, bump into a group of women and press X to steal their bundle. Depending on the size of the group, you’ll either receive a small, medium or large bundle of ribbons. Be careful not to steal from regular women, as they will alert the guards.
After winning the ribbon game, go to the marker north of here. Speak to the man posted there to begin the next game.
GOAL: Defeat your competition in a game of capture the flag.
The first person to capture and return three flags wins. You’ll start out on the roof, and your opponent will start out on the street. For the best results, follow the same route each time. Run forward to the edge of the roof overlooking the flag, then drop down fast. If you can sustain the damage caused by jumping straight down off the roof, it’ll save a lot of time. Just remember to heal afterwards.
If you get to the flag first, dash back to the rooftop starting position before your opponent has a chance to steal it. If your opponent gets to the flag first, give chase. He’s fast but if you catch up with him, try tackling him to steal the flag back. Once you manage to capture and return three flags, the game ends.
Talk to the man standing at the next marker to begin the third Carnevale game.
And They’re Off
GOAL: Finish the race and beat the speed record set by the last contestant.
You need to clear 16 checkpoints in less than 2 minutes to win this race. It might take a few tries to memorize the course, but overall it’s a pretty straightforward platforming routine. Basically, you’ll run through streets, onto balconies and across roofs, looping back down to the boats.
After winning all three games, a new marker appears near the docks. Go there when ready.
Cheaters Never Prosper
GOAL: Defeat every opponent.
Brawl several opponents using only your fists. None will be difficult to defeat if you remember to dodge and counter. After pummeling the initial unarmed trio, you’ll fight Dante Moro himself. He’s a little bit tougher, but not by much. Upon suffering a humiliating defeat, Moro sends in four armed guards. Just disarm them and kill them with their own weapons to end the fight.
Watch the scene that follows then return to the brothel.
Having A Blast
GOAL: Steal the golden mask from Dante Moro to enter the party and assassinate Marco Barbagio.
Enter the green zone on your map and use Eagle Vision to spot Dante Moro. Hire courtesans to distract Moro long enough so that you can steal the mask from him without getting caught. When he turns away, bump into him and press X to nab it. After acquiring the golden mask, head over to the yellow marker and crash the party.
Pass through the archway for a quick scene with Teodora. When it ends, proceed to the next checkpoint for another quick scene, after which you’ll automatically become notorious. Quickly hire some courtesans and stay blended with them until the timer runs out. When Barbagio appears, you can take Teodora’s advice and use the pistol to shoot him down, or just run straight at him for the kill. Either way, toss a Smoke Bomb afterwards to gain a little escape time. The mission ends once you successfully flee the party.
Make your way back to the brothel. Try to reduce your notoriety along the way by tearing down posters, etc. Upon reaching the yellow marker, Memory Sequence 9 ends.
You start out on the Rialto bridge where a messenger tells you to find Antonio. Seek him out at the marker and watch the scene that occurs. When it ends, a new marker appears to the east.
* Assassination Contracts unlocked
* Races unlocked

Press Select to see Shaun’s video bio on Silvio Barbagio if you wish. Before moving on, spend some time exploring the eastern side of Venice, which has just opened up. The Castello district offers more Viewpoints to sync, as well as Codex pages and the final Glyph locations.
Look for a Glyph on Scuola Granda Di San Marco, which is a Viewpoint building near the north end of the district. You’ll find the glyph on top, behind the arch-shaped mural:
GLYPH PUZZLE #19 - The Fourth Day
The clue mentions something “once worshipped” so select pictures containing the sun. If you need help, they are: Nazca Textile / Aztec Calendar Stone / The Eastern Gate / Sistine Chapel Ceiling Fresco / Book of the Dead. For the last part, locate earth on the giant sun, using the clicking noise to help you.

The last Glyph is located on the San Pietro Di Castello towards the southeastern edge of Venice. Look for it on the eastern side of the building:
GLYPH PUZZLE #20 - The Origin of the Species
The initial slider puzzle is tough, because so many rings are forced to move together. Start by making sure the globe in the center is being held by the hand underneath it. After that, move pairs of connected rings back and forth until all are aligned. For the second part of the puzzle, select the eye on top of the picture to get an image of DaVinci’s famed Veruvian Man. Next, solve another combination puzzle. The phrase, “Nothing is true. Everything is permitted” is your clue. Literally change the “ - - - “ to any symbol, since all is permitted. Finally, pass the marker over all of the skeleton’s bones so that it ends up holding a Piece of Eden.

If you managed to solve all prior Glyph puzzles, a fully rendered movie will automatically play, showing the clips you’ve been collecting in sequential order. Beyond getting a message that the Animus team needs time to analyze the data, nothing particularly special occurs...
When ready, climb up to the next mission marker, which is in front of a hutch on the roof. Speak to the injured man there.
Caged Fighter
GOAL: Liberate Bartolomeo D’Alviano from his cage.
When you reach the marker to the north, it turns into a yellow search zone. Look for a guarded cage between buildings near the waterfront. You’ll hear Bartolomeo complaining, as you get closer. Defeat the guards and rescue Bartolomeo. Enemies may continue to attack as you escort him to the checkpoint. Stick to the streets and take out any foes that hassle Bartolomeo directly. Hire thieves or mercenaries to help out along the way if you need to.
Watch a scene upon reaching Bartolomeo’s house. Afterwards, fight two tough enemies. Once they are defeated, enter his yard to end the mission. When ready, knock on Bartolomeo’s door and watch a scene inside.
Leave No Man Behind
GOAL: Liberate the mercenaries who are being held captive throughout the Castello district.
New markers on the map indicate where Bartolomeo’s mercenaries are being held. Go to each location, fight the captors, and free the men from cages. Some mercenaries will run off but most will tag along and help you fight en route to the next set of prisoners. The last group of enemies will be a little larger but you should have plenty of help defeating them at this point. The mission ends once the last guard has fallen.
Go back to Bartolomeo’s house when you’re ready to start the next mission.
Assume The Position
GOAL: Escort the mercenaries to the strategic locations marked by Bartolomeo.
Your goal in this mission is to attack three positions occupied by guards using some of Bartolomeo’s crew. Lead your mercenaries to the first red marker. Remember that they can’t climb buildings so you’ll need to stick to the streets. If you encounter any guards patrolling, quickly dispatch them.
Once you reach a targeted area, have your crew help defeat all enemies posted there. Step on the checkpoint when you’re done. Some mercenaries will take the guards’ positions and a new group will follow you to the next target area. You’ll encounter more patrols on the way to each destination. If you can, take out the Brutes first to avoid losing too many mercenaries. After taking all three positions, the mission ends.
Return to Bartolomeo’s house for a scene.
Two Birds, One Blade
GOAL: Signal the attack then assassinate Dante and Silvio.
Go to the eastern Viewpoint and start climbing. Use the Climb Leap move to reach the checkpoint on top of the tower’s cross. After signaling the attack, you’ll see Bartolomeo fighting with Dante on the street. Dive off the cross into the canal water and make your way over to the battle. Dante will flee when he sees you coming, so just help Bartolomeo defeat the remaining enemies. Watch his health. If it starts to dip, protect him directly. Afterwards, head north with Bartolomeo. Continue protecting him until you reach the checkpoint.
When you finally reach Dante, start whacking away at him. You can’t disarm him even when he is weak, so don’t bother. Just counter or dodge his axe attacks until he runs away again. Chase him down before the timer runs out. Stick to the rooftops as much as possible to avoid enemy encounters. If he boards the ship with Silvio, climb the crane overlooking the boat and try to perform a double Air Assassination. If that’s not possible, just take them out one at a time. Watch the scene that follows, ending Memory Sequence 10.
* Letter to Dante Moro acquired

After a scene with Rosa, Leonardo arrives. Walk with him as he talks. When the conversation ends, the northeast section of Venice will open up to you at last. Sync the first Viewpoint there to reveal the rest. The last remaining Codex page is close by, just a short distance to the east. Grab it now and spend time getting any others you missed along the way.
If you haven’t visited the Villa in a while, take a trip there now. Eventually, return to Venice and go to the shipyard in the northeastern district of Cannaregio. Make your way up to the marker on the walkway near a turret to trigger a scene.
All Things Come To He Who Waits
GOAL: Capture the cargo from the ship.
You must tail the courier carrying a package without being detected by him. Unlike previous missions, the person you are following can run, jump and climb. Your best bet is to stay on the rooftops because it’s quick and easy, save a few tough gaps. Avoid climbing if possible, especially when the courier starts to run. As usual, any little obstruction that blocks your view of him starts a timer. If you follow the courier on foot, be aware that he turns around often to see if he’s being followed, so stay out of sight when he stops. Also, there are several guards along the route and many people carrying boxes that you’ll need to avoid. Either way, do your best to keep up with the fast-moving man.
Eventually, after a long time of tracking him, the courier will reach a heavily guarded compound. Watch the scene that occurs there. When it ends, you’ll have 90 seconds to find a way inside and swap places with him. The rooftops and entrances are guarded so ignore them; instead, dash around to the canal and jump in. Swim between the buildings and look to the left for a back way into the compound. Quickly assassinate the guard posted there. Sneak up on the courier in the next room and assassinate him. Immediately open the chest to begin the next mission.
Play Along
GOAL: Assassinate the Spaniard.
Follow the guard to his destination while carrying a box of goods. Do not draw attention to yourself as you navigate through the streets. Making the task more difficult are others carrying boxes that you need to avoid. When you see a box-carrier approaching, just stop and wait for them to pass. If you bump into them and they drop their goods, nearby guards will hassle you mercilessly, making it impossible to keep up with the lead guard.
When you reach your destination, a scene occurs. Press Square when prompted to kill the dude you were following as well as his two cohorts. Now fight the Spaniard by countering and dodging until he brings in reinforcements. Try disarming them. Continue fighting until help arrives. Focus your attention on Borgia at this point, letting your allies take care of the rest. Keep slashing at him until the battle ends.
Watch a scene during which you receive the Venetian Cape. Execute a Leap of Faith to formally end the mission... as well as Memory Sequence 11.
* Apple of Eden acquired
* Venetian Cape acquired

During a brief respite at Animus headquarters, the team informs Desmond that some memories are missing. Shaun describes key events that took place during the missing timeframe. In truth, Memory Sequences 12 & 13 were not finished by the game’s release date. As of this writing, you can download Sequence 12 (Battle for Forli) from the PS3 Store or via the Extras menu on AC2’s disk. If you did not purchase any extra chapters, pick up with Sequence 14.
Back as Ezio, you’ll be in Villa Auditore ten years later. Ezio has grown a beard reflecting the passage of time. If you are missing any Codex pages, Mario’s study will be off limits. You cannot progress in the game until all twenty Codex pages are deciphered, so revisit areas and acquire missing ones now. Luckily, the maps for each city will display missing Codex page locations even if you don’t have the necessary Viewpoints synchronized. Bring them to Leonardo in the Villa’s workroom (where the architect was stationed) to decrypt them. Enter the study afterward and talk to Mario.
X Marks The Spot
GOAL: Decipher the Codex pages to discover the location of the Vault.
Place the last few Codex pages on the wall if you haven’t already. With Eagle Vision turned on, stand in front of the wall and align the pages so that they form a map of the world. Next, place the Apple of Eden orb on the glowing pedestal. If done correctly, a scene plays out.
When you’re ready to go to Rome, talk to Mario.
In Bocca Al Lupo
GOAL: Infiltrate the Sistine Chapel and assassinate Rodrigo Borgia, the Spaniard.
Look at the map to see that your route here is fixed. From the dock where you start, climb crates and hoist yourself up onto the beam. Jump over to the suspended plank then climb up the wall using all of the techniques you’ve learned. Perform a Ledge Assassination on the first guard then kill the other three guards using any method you wish. Operate the lever once they’re down.
Go through the gate and kill two guards stationed on the other side. Use crates to jump onto the beam and go across to the balcony on the other side. Assassinate another guard then operate a nearby lever to open the gate below. Pass through and take out four more guards. Afterwards, step on the white checkpoint at the top of the turret. Watch a scene during which you acquire a horse.
Fight with your sword while mounted, or dismount and battle the oncoming forces on foot. Either way, your horse cannot jump the gap up ahead so one way or another, you’ll need to carry on alone. Once you jump across the gap, enemies emerge from the open gate. Defeat any that get in your way then climb up the turret. Sneak attack one guard and rush the other with Hidden Blade kills. Take a Leap of Faith into the next area.
A few enemies stand between you and the next tower. Disarm the Brute spearman before dealing with the others. Remember to use potions when your health dips. If you run out of vials, frisk fallen guards to acquire some more. You can resupply other items (Smoke Bombs, Throwing Knives, etc.) using the same method, by the way. There is no haystack directly below the next tower, so just climb down the hard way.
Use the two haystacks up ahead to assassinate the patrolling guards from a hiding spot, or just charge in and waste them. Once they are disposed of, climb the next tower and Ledge Assassinate the lone guard. Rush the other two for a Double Hidden Blade kill. Perform an Air Assassination from this tower on the guard below. Climb the next wall and kill the guard posted there quickly.
Now scope out the area below to see what your best options are given six guards you’ll have to face. Attempt a Double Air Assassination on the two guys below to start things off. Try to steal a Brute’s weapon as soon as possible since that will enable you to kill him and at least one other enemy easily. Continue this strategy until all enemies are defeated. Jump onto the balcony in the corner and operate the lever to open a door below you. Enter the restricted zone when ready.
You need to remain undetected while moving through the chapel so use groups of monks to blend in. There are only two guards here; one on the left and one ahead of you guarding a lever. Both can be assassinated easily from behind. Use the lever and turn right.
Three guards patrol the second corridor. Pick a hiding spot and wait for the guard who walks in circles to move past you. Blend from one group of monks to the other until you reach those guarding the lever. Stab them in the back in order to free up the lever. Enter the chapel afterwards.
Hop across the rafters to reach the suspended plank hanging directly above your target. Lock on to Borgia and perform an Air Assassination. Watch the scene that follows, during which clones of Ezio appear. They are not very strong but will help you fight Borgia. This is a blessing since Borgia has the durability of a Brute. You cannot counter him, nor can you disarm him. Since standard attacking is difficult, try using your fists. I found the dagger worked better than other weapons against him. Also, consider flinging some throwing knives at him when he’s battling one of Ezio’s clones. They deplete his health pretty quickly.
Eventually, Borgia flees and you need to find a way to open the secret passage he used. Use Eagle Vision to identify a pair of buttons flanking the altar. Press both then climb down into the chamber. Approach the Spaniard to trigger a scene.
Fight Borgia using only your fists now. Combos will not work but countering his attacks is easy. Try kicking or headbutting him, also. When Borgia’s health reduces to about one square, choke him to death by mashing the Square button.
Watch the scene that follows then enter the Vault. Sequence 14 ends and you are given a path to a white marker.
Stepping on the checkpoint initiates a long scene, leading to more questions than answers, frankly. When it ends, you’ll be back at headquarters with Lucy & Co.. As credits roll, you’ll gain control of Desmond again. Follow the team down to the garage where you’ll have a chance to fight some old Templar foes. Thanks to the ‘bleeding effect’, Desmond has gained possession of the Hidden Blade. Use it well.
After slicing them up, approach the truck. Watch the final scene. When the credits finish, you’ll be back in Villa Auditore where you can complete side missions, collections, etc. at your leisure. Pat yourself on the back for a job well done!


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