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A symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
The feeling of not being wanted, alone / Fear of losing something you value / Discarding a facade or persona that no longer suits you / Feeling guilt about neglecting somebody loved
Your inner core; gut instincts; natural drives (hunger, longing, desire, etc.) / Digesting information; your ability to 'stomach' something; feeling stress or tension; mustering courage
Lacking control in a situation, or feeling that someone else is in control / Being removed or separated from something against your will
An internal sense of not having developed to your full potential, or that psychological hurts have distorted some aspect of your being
Failing to bring something to fruition; terminating something prematurely / Feeling disconnected from your inner child
Seeking a superior or wider perspective than your present standpoint allows / Feeling inferior in relationship to what is above you / What you strive for; looking for a higher purpose; acting above board / Something beyond your grasp of understanding / If you are standing above, high up: Having a wider viewpoint; being intellectual or aloof; feeling superior or in a position of advantage; wanting to rise above a situation
The taking in of ideas or feelings; integrating new information
Accentuating a 'foreign' thought or feeling, unfamiliar aspects of self being brought to your attention (your feelings about the language or country it's spoken in will offer further clues) / (see RACE)
Moving too quickly through a process, lack of concentration / Anxiety, self-punishment, not believing in your abilities / Hidden aggression; rebelling against authority / Unexpected change
Distress; self doubt
Something burning away at you, or searing feelings toward someone else / Erosion of confidence
Roles you play; parts you'd like to act out / Desire for recognition or attention; wanting to impress others / Giving out false impressions of true self; indulging in fantasy / (see FAMOUS PEOPLE)
Needing to address a situation or emotion / If the address is known to you, consider your association with or feelings about the place. If unknown, look for hidden meaning within the name of the street, numbers, etc.
Inner journey of discovery; actively exploring something new; taking risks
Trying to sell yourself on an idea or plan; advertising your feelings or promoting yourself to others; attracting public attention (the product being advertised offers further clues)
Your conscience; what you desire to say or do but haven't
Being daring in a new area, taking risks in life / Freedom and independence / An event, emotion, or person that is in the past or far away from you which has a long way to travel before getting back to conscious thoughts / If crashing: Feeling out of control; anxiety bringing down your ambitions or adventurousness / If grounded: Frustration at not getting anywhere
Departures; changes; delays / Self-assessment in regard to independence and new opportunities
Concerned with the timing of a situation; a sense of urgency in what you are doing / A feeling of shock or alarm / Fear of growing old or not having enough time to implement plans, achieve goals
Wanting to extract or separate yourself from a difficult emotion or situation; distilling information; trying to alter the way you feel, loosen up about something / Attempting to blot out feelings; an inability to accept reality as it is; feeling insecure
Urges or feelings you find hard to identify with or have never experienced / Feeling like an outsider in a group or society
A dark or secret area of self that needs to be confronted, cleaned up; limited options; being narrow-minded / Pursuing an interest (up your alley)
Loss of adequacy; feeling dysfunctional or poorly equipped / Loss of whatever the limb represents
An actual emotion, which can be safely expressed in a dream
Your biological needs and responses; instinctive drives, desires, behavioral patterns; sense of fate / The natural self tamed by civilized values / Predatory tendencies / If harming: Denying your primal nature / If eating: Integrating your natural wisdom and energy / The type of animal, what it is doing, and how you react to it offers further clues / (see CAT, DOG, COW, HORSE, PIG, RAT, MOUSE, etc.)
Perseverance; diligence; teamwork / Seeking safety in numbers, not acting independently; feeling small or insignificant; something pestering you
Attempting to 'hone in' on a problem
Time-honored values and traditions; elements of past experience that might well be worth keeping; something that is capable of weathering time; proven wisdom; aging / Hanging onto the past; wanting to be unique or valued; antiquated beliefs or outdated ways of thinking / (see OLD)
Reaction to facing your subconscious fears; suggests a great gap between the way things are and the way you'd like them to be
Your inner complex; parts of self (emotions, thoughts, beliefs, etc.) that you need to 'own up' to / A complex situation that involves others or other parts of self; something you have not fully bought into / (see BUILDING)
Issues related to friends / Something you regret; feeling misunderstood; accepting an error
Attempting to channel emotions to a place where they can be safely addressed, controlled / Emotional health, level of contentment / Conventional ideals restricting your spiritual flow / (see WATER)
Looking for protection, support / Concerned with ceremony or outer beauty / An internal battle which you feel you must triumph over / Superiority, dominance, rivalry
Digging up the past / Past experience that may benefit your current situation
Your focus of attention or area of conflict / Your mental capacity to bring large amounts of information and experience together in considering something
Your ability to love, give, take, defend, reach out, persuade, etc. / If injured: Loss of confidence in abilities / Left arm: Supportive feelings / Right arm: Extroverted activity
The need for order, discipline, or precision in overcoming a conflict; feeling that additional resources are needed to combat a problem / Feeling dominated, controlled, restricted or overwhelmed
Your creative potential; the value you place on creativity; your ideals; seeking an improvement on reality / Restoration, renewal / Joy without profit
Self-expression; the desire or ability to create something / Finding creative solutions to a problem / Being in contact with your irrational, creative side; taking a right-brained approach to something / (see PAINTING)
Growing self-awareness; rising feelings / Raising your standards; attaining a goal / (see STAIRCASE, LADDER, MOUNTAIN, ELEVATOR, etc.)
Wanting to rid yourself of old feelings, memories or habits; something in your life that has been extinguished / Wanting others to 'butt out' of your affairs
Gathering information; pulling aspects of yourself together to form a cohesive whole; joining a common cause / Repetitious thinking or routines; being too predictable; achieving standard results; manufacturing or dismantling something
The release of negative feelings, frustrations you are unable to express in waking life / If being attacked: Feeling threatened by external events or internal emotions, impulses or ideas / If attacking: Defending yourself against something you feel threatened by; attempting to destroy some urge or feeling / (see FIGHT, WAR, STAB, etc.)
Past experience; memories; a mental approach to life
Witnessing an emotion or process in yourself; attempting to distance yourself from an aspect of your life; adopting a passive stance / Desire for attention; baring your soul; feeling judged
Qualities or feelings you associate with an actual aunt that mirror aspects of yourself / Family connections; a mother substitute; developing patience / Wordplay on 'ant'
Mellowing feelings; a falling out / Sensing that something has ended or is winding down
Recognizing an achievement; showing appreciation / A sense of entitlement



B symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
A new idea or activity / Immature behaviors or emotions; gullibility / Helplessness; vulnerability; needing emotional nourishment or attention; innocence / Fear of responsibility / If old head on baby body: Immature sexuality and emotions
Strength, particularly moral fiber / Something you've banished to the 'back of your mind' / Feeling unsupported; retreating; reverting to an old behavior; feeling criticized; delaying, hindering, or reversing a decision; damaging someone's reputation / If attached to your back: Feeling dominated by someone or something / (see BEHIND)
Something that is not prominent or obvious to you yet; things you take for granted / Surrounding circumstances that help explain a current situation; past experience
Unnecessary or excessive emotional clutter / Possessiveness; material responsibilities / Being held responsible for something; letting a secret out / Skills, methods, plans, devices or responsibilities you carry / (see KNAPSACK, LUGGAGE)
Your public persona; being seen for what you really are; wanting to be noticed / Romance; social positioning
Interaction (attention and response) between people; cooperation / Challenges; overcoming obstacles; staying focused (keeping your eye on the ball); making a decision (ball's in your court) / Neglecting your responsibilities (dropping the ball) / Competition; prowess; playfulness; sex / (see SPORTS)
Something that requires precision, cooperation, or balance; staying alert (being 'on your toes'); wanting to be graceful or poised / Self-expression; feeling unrestricted; ability to move through life's obstacles with ease and grace
Feeling free or unrestricted, in a party mood / Exaggerating or inflating something; full of hot air / Emotions that are about to burst; feeling deflated / If floating: Feeling out of control or at the mercy of prevailing conditions
Having a strong attachment to something (a person, emotion, idea, etc.); something that you feel is 'bound' to happen; wanting to repair something / Your sense of belonging; fellowship; inner harmony
Investing your resources in something; depending, trusting, or counting on something you've invested time or energy on (could be a person); withdrawing; feeling tapped out or robbed of energy / Financial anxieties or insecurities; solvency
Making a statement; publicly declaring your beliefs
Your aspirations; strength; libido; how you relate to groups; social influences / Something 'barring' you from success; avoiding confrontation with loneliness, anxiety, sense of failure, etc.; escaping the pressures of daily life
Having a dynamic, sensuous, theatrical, brilliant, versatile or passionate style / In art, it is the Age of Expansion following the Age of Discovery
Repressed emotional issues; the root (or basis) of a problem or situation / Your subconscious mind; intuition
The need for relaxation / Cleansing old feelings; wanting to 'come clean' or be rid of guilt / Immersing yourself in something, becoming deeply involved or engrossed
Purification; release of tension; letting go of emotions, fantasies or desires which you need to discharge / Wasting your energy on something / Privacy
Your personal energy. If charged, feeling fired up or enthusiastic. If dead, feeling tapped out or exhibiting negative energy / Feeling assaulted or beaten down
On the brink of change or understanding / Seeking clarity, emotional boundaries / Feeling stranded
Feeling disconnected or connected to others; isolation or inclusion
Feeling threatened, overwhelmed or vulnerable; feeling burdened; not wanting to disturb emotional issues that may be sleeping within you; feeling lost (losing your bearings) / Hibernation; introspection; seeking support or strength / Wordplay on 'bare'
Creating or camouflaging your identity / A barrier to intimacy; opposing something boldly / If long: Insight; spiritual wisdom / If fake: Concealing something; not expressing yourself truthfully / If dreamer is male: Maturity; initiation into manhood / (see HAIR)
Depending on the dream context, a bed can represent sex, rest, passivity, privacy, intimacy, secrets, renewal of energy, or illness / A situation, comfortable or otherwise, you have created in life / Putting something to rest / May expose what you are doing in the subtle areas of relationship (condition of the bed offers further clues) / (see SHEETS)
Areas of your life that relate to privacy, sex, intimacy, or rest
Painful emotions; feeling 'stung' by remarks; having issues with your 'honey' / Being a follower or busybody / If unafraid of bees: Hard work, cooperation; becoming organized; feeling energized or upbeat (buzzed)
The past; what you have left behind / What you have chosen to, or want to, forget / Secrets; things you are not aware of / If behind something: Repressed urges; feeling inferior / If in back of a house: Need for privacy; intimacy; surreptitious behaviors / (see BACK)
Neutrality; detachment / Weak communication
Reaching a point of clarity / A warning signal that something needs your attention / (see ALARM)
Something you feel is 'beneath you'; being judgmental / The nonintellectual parts of self; feeling inferior / Something you can now look back on from a detached viewpoint / (see UNDER)
Tightly restrained sexuality or emotions; feeling squeezed or insecure / Protectiveness
Traditional moral standards; a belief system set by one's religion / Spiritual lessons, inspiration, or awareness / Seeking comfort
Personal effort or motivation that gets you somewhere; needing to strike a balance (work vs. pleasure, intellect vs. emotions, etc.) / Wanting freedom without responsibilities; revisiting adolescent behaviors; backpedaling / Cycles within your life; getting back to basics
Feeling overwhelmed by something or someone; inflating a situation or issue beyond its actual significance; something that is dominating your attention / Being egotistical; wanting to dominate or control others
Seeking freedom; abandoning psychological or physical realities / Changing your perspective; rising above a situation
New beginnings; an opportunity for dramatic personal growth or transcendence; a spiritual awakening; experiencing a breakthrough; conceiving something new / Anxiety regarding a commitment; concerns involving an actual pregnancy
Aggression; putting undue pressure on a situation or person / Feeling attacked by anxieties or your own urges / Feeling unprepared, unwilling or unable to communicate ideas, feelings
The unconscious, unknown, hidden, or avoided parts of self / Depression, fear, despair, mourning, guilt, confusion / An unwillingness to relinquish control over things / If wearing black: Hidden feelings / If black animal: Unconscious drives or urges / (see DARK)
Potential merging of conscious (white) and unconscious (black) material to form a greater self ; an internal change / Stubbornness; not allowing variables to color your perspective / (see PATTERN)
Emptiness; lack of interest or results; void of ideas; wanting to blot something out / Something that requires further information; starting fresh
Hiding, concealing, or protecting something; feeling smothered / An all-encompassing feeling or belief; uniform thinking; unwillingness to make exceptions
Unwillingness to 'see' something, such as inner traits you don't like; losing sight of something / Feeling directionless
Your energy and sense of existence; your life force and power; feeling invigorated / Feeling emotionally drained / Anger, cruelty, ruthlessness, hatred, pain, suffering, or hardship
Your intuition; having a wide awareness of life / Spirituality; inspiration; inner peace; contentment; truth; understanding; sincerity; humility / If dark tone: Coolness of nature; negative thoughts or depression (as in 'feeling blue')
(see SHIP)
Your identity; the external form of your internal nature / Physical life; material existence / Self-esteem, self-worth / If naked: Feeling vulnerable or exposed; shyness / If dead: Personality traits or attitudes that have been denied expression / (see individual body parts)
Explosive situations; sudden, anxiety-producing events / Something that might 'blow up' in your face if followed through / Your own aggression
Unsupported feelings or rigid beliefs; feeling tired or overworked; issues that remain from a dead relationship or previous way of life; having grounds for complaint (a bone to pick) or disputing something (bone of contention); wanting to be appeased (thrown a bone) / Moral strength (backbone); building yourself back up; starting something from scratch; getting to the core of something; sharpening your knowledge (boning up), etc. / (see SKELETON)
Memories; things you have learned from past experience / Other people's attitudes / Self-investigation; a learning curve
What dictates you; issues related to authority or control; anxieties involving work or career; lack of self-confidence; wanting to take charge of a situation / Being bossy; feeling superior
Concerned with affairs of the heart; receptivity / If empty: A part of your life which needs filling; 'bottled up' emotions; disengagement from a person or event / If full: An influence entering your life to change it; seeking union or emotional nourishment
Things you keep hidden from self or others / Feeling confined to a person, idea or emotion; wanting to break loose from a limitation / Seeking protection, insulation from unpleasant thoughts or emotions
Childhood feelings; your potential / If a male dreamer: The difficulties faced, habits acquired, or attitudes imprinted on you by experiences at that age / If female: Developing the ability to express your masculine side (being tougher, more action-oriented, etc.); feelings about a son
(see MATE)
Feeling out of control; needing to stop or slow things down / Wordplay on 'break'
Basic needs; what sustains you; shared experience or intimacy (as in 'breaking bread' with someone) / An idea or emotion that has given rise in you / Concern over pedigree or wealth (being 'well-bred', having 'bread')
Shattered idealism, hope or faith (broken heart, promise, or spirit) / Changes; surpassing what has gone before (break with the past, break old habits, break new ground, break a record) / The need to relax a stance or ease an uncomfortable situation (give yourself a break, break the ice) / Figuring something out (break the code) or lessening the impact of something (break a fall) / Failing to honor a promise or agreement (break your word)
(see CHEST)
Strength, protection, steadfastness / Something that is weighing you down or tough to handle / The need to construct more practical, solid solutions to a problem / Built up expectations
A transition or transitional phase / Connection between yourself and a relationship, self and opportunity, etc.; striking a balance / Moving beyond something without getting emotionally involved; rising above a situation; pulling yourself together
Earthiness; feeling grounded; being practical; physical concerns / Dormancy; depression; dullness; being in a state of spiritual decline; materialism
Daydreams, illusions; something delicate and easily lost / Feeling fragile or emotionally insulated / Taking yourself lightly; having a childlike spirit
Small annoyances / (see INSECT)
Your inner structure. Different rooms or areas depict different parts of your body and personality, and the functions they serve. If the building is recognized, then you also need to define what essential connections you may have to it / If a public building: Structures of thought and beliefs based on social conditioning / (see HOUSE, HOME, HOTEL, APARTMENT, CASTLE, OFFICE, MUSEUM, THEATER, ROOM)
Heated emotions; deeply felt urges; releasing emotional energy
Laying to rest a belief, feeling, or habit that is no longer useful or alive / Hiding something
Social conditioning; going along with the crowd rather than directing your own course; something you are doing in public / If missing the bus: Social opportunities you have missed out on; feeling left behind
Cathartic change; evolution from one state of mind to another; learning to release the past and embrace something new; reinventing yourself / Nervousness, sensitivity; failure to invest time in something; 'short-lived' feelings, pursuits, etc.
Feeling insecure or emotionally exposed; someone who is 'pushing your buttons'; acting irrationally; panicking; withholding your true feelings or opinions / Being sharp-witted, of sound mind (having all your buttons); being precise (on the button); punctuating something or completing final details / A cute or dainty person



C symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
The complexities of a person or situation (what is shown on the outside does not expose all of the qualities or feelings taking place inside) / A situation or emotion that is coming to a head
Supporting a heavy internal weight; situations that may prove hazardous if not handled properly
A difficult or prickly situation / Being defensive or inaccessible
Impressions you have, how you picture things; something you've noticed (about self, others, life) but not yet processed into waking awareness / Focusing your attention on something; wanting to distance yourself from a situation, memory or emotion / (see PHOTOGRAPH, MOVIE, LENS)
A temporary phase; taking a break from regular routines / Wanting others to share your cause; acting in a deliberately artificial, vulgar or banal way
Giving yourself permission; having a 'can do' attitude; accomplishing a task; wanting to preserve something / Lack of freshness or spontaneity (e.g. canned laughter); being fired or quitting something
Attempting to direct or control your emotions / Rebirth / (see WATER)
Your inner light, energy; sexual drive / If lighting: Hope, prayer, not giving up; seeking someone's blessing / If burning: Reaching understanding, enlightenment; seeking truth; awareness of aging / If blowing out: Disappointment; a sense that you're 'blowing it' / If unlit: Lack of vital energy; surrendering an important part of yourself / (see WAX)
Pleasures; something that is appealing / Trying to sweeten a situation; pleasures that make you feel guilty if you indulge in them; easy victories; bribery
Your motivating drives / If a driver: Taking responsibility for your direction in life / If a passenger: Being passive; letting others influence your decisions / If watching: Unwilling to take control or accept responsibilities / If stalled: Lack of motivation, direction / If parked: Taking time out; giving yourself a break
Something that requires skill, strategy, or luck; something that 'suits' you (consider the meaning behind clubs, hearts, diamonds, or spades for further clues) / Bluffing your way out of a situation; something that is unlikely to succeed (cards are stacked against you); something falling apart (house of cards) / If a greeting card: Receiving or sending a message; communication / (see LETTER, GAMES)
Dropping social or moral restraints; letting go / Cheap thrills; feeling like a 'freak' / (see GAMES)
The creative but practical part of self / The tendency to construct new ideas or attitudes using old methods / Wanting to repair or restore something / (see WOOD, FURNITURE)
Comfort, or lack of it, in life / Feeling of being walked on / Covering up your true nature / Expanding beyond your basic needs
Using your abilities; carrying out a plan / What you 'carry' with you in life (as in carrying a grudge or carrying things too far) / If carrying a person: Treating someone, or some part of self, as a child or invalid; feeling you are 'carrying the load' in life / If being carried: Avoiding responsibilities; a return to childhood
Holding onto an illusion; perceiving yourself, those around you, or a situation as comical, or as not having much validity or seriousness / Desire for lightheartedness, fun / Feeling like you should become more animated
Security; a defensive attitude / Attitudes forged in childhood that no longer fortify you / Ambition, extravagant behavior
Your intuition, instincts / Exhibiting sensitivity, grace, agility, femininity, independence, resiliency, mystery or playfulness / Your secret desires, sensual pleasures / Being aloof or 'catty' / If young: An immaturity in any of the areas described above / (see ANIMALS, PET)
Entrance to your unconscious parts / Rebirth; discovering hidden treasures within yourself / Exploring your deepest fears; withdrawing, retreating, seeking refuge
Reaching your limit
Putting something or somebody to rest; reaching completion or peace / Buried feelings
Important change; formal acceptance of something / Calling attention to something that may appear trivial in your waking life; wanting public recognition or acknowledgment
Feeling bound or restricted by something or someone / Being overly attached to, or dependent on, something or someone / A bond or link; teamwork
Needing to sit down and discuss something; relaxing a stance; staying in your comfort zone / Inactivity; adopting a passive attitude; feeling weak / Your sense of status
Being pursued by fears or emotions that you need to confront / If chased by thing or shadowy creature: Past traumas; a childhood hurt / If chasing: Something or someone you are aggressively pursuing in life
Feelings that are 'churning' inside you; ripening ideas; wanting to be in charge or on top (the big cheese) / Something tacky or of poor quality (cheesy)
Playing complicated mind games / Using strategic moves to render somebody or something powerless (checkmate); feeling used by someone (pawn); cheating, being conned (rooked) / (see KING, QUEEN)
Pride; stored up emotions / If part of the body (as in breasts): Sexual desire or dependency; social confidence
Ideas being hatched; using your intellect; trying to solve a riddle; seeking an environment that fosters growth / Nesting instincts; security / Lack of courage; 'featherbrained' ideas; 'pent up' emotions; something foul (fowl)
Vulnerable, naive, or innocent parts of your personality seeking to develop, open up / Immaturity, childish attitudes / Fun, joy, spontaneity; the desire to return to a simpler, less complicated life / (see BOY, GIRL, YOUTH)
An inner conflict; repressing an emotion, urge, or thought / Failing to speak the truth; feeling 'choked up' about something / (see SUFFOCATION, NECK)
Your religious beliefs or feeling about organized religion / Dogmatic thinking
Anxiety or release from it / Dependence; wanting support or help in alleviating stress / May be associated with feelings about cancer
Something that has come full circle; wholeness, harmony, completion / Being unfocused; running in circles
The mental and emotional environment in which you live / Seeking communication or commerce with others, or other parts of self / Your relationship with society; your sense of community / Concerned about acting in a civilized manner; feeling crowded / If an unknown city: Introducing yourself to new, different attitudes or way of life / If lost: Feeling uncertain regarding your place in life or position in society / If alone: Feeling isolated, out of touch
Heightened knowledge; high ideals; on the brink of a major decision / Self-imposed, dangerous barriers that separate you from a wider view of life; distancing yourself from difficult thoughts, emotions or choices; feeling on edge / (see MOUNTAIN)
Desire to move beyond your present circumstances; growth with effort; ambitions / Progress; reaching an understanding / (see MOUNTAIN, STAIRCASE, LADDER, TREE, UP)
Restrictions you put on yourself in terms of duty and timing: meeting a deadline, managing time more effectively, taking action before time runs out, dealing with something that is long overdue, or that it's time for a change / Boredom; a sense that you are merely 'passing time' or 'wasting time'
What you feel connected with or have ties to; intimacy / Nearing a decision or solution to a problem / Familiarity
Protecting something you do not want discovered or shutting out something you do not want to face / Making a decision to end a stage of your life / Lack of access, opportunities
Stored-up emotions and attitudes which may need cleaning out / Closing yourself off; not allowing your true self to emerge; hiding from something; secrecy
Your persona; the stance or attitudes you use to interact in public (the way you want others to view you) / Self-respect, confidence / If undressing: Revealing your true character; a move towards intimacy; rejection of old roles / If dressing: An exploration of new roles or ways of thinking; fear of being exposed / (see PANTS, SHIRT, SKIRT, SHOES, BELT, UNDERWEAR, JACKET, etc.)
If bright: Spiritually uplifted feelings / If dark: Depression, feeling overshadowed by something
Trying to decipher a message or figure something out
Something that stimulates you; a wake-up call / Somebody or something that is giving you a hard time (a roasting) / If a coffee shop: Wanting social stimulation
Change taking place in your life / Token gains being made; needing to make a choice / (see SILVER, GOLD, MONEY, PENNY)
Held back emotions, especially fear / Loneliness; feeling neglected or 'left out in the cold' / Acting coldly; being frigid; needing to 'chill out'
Strong feelings; emotional tones. Where a dreamer is largely intellectual, the color would stand in place of the emotion instead of alongside it / (see individual colors)
Trying to straighten something out; getting your thoughts in order; searching your memory
A projection of yourself, offering a rounder perspective of the journey underfoot - a companion point of view / (see YOUTH, OLD, MAN, WOMAN)
Logic; discipline; taking a mental approach; downloading your thoughts; committing something to memory / Crashing; experiencing a 'system overload'; anxiety about technology; pretending to be smarter than you are (artificial intelligence)
Opening up, relieving a burden, forgiving yourself / A need to verbalize, express and share the deepest parts of yourself with others
Rebuilding who you are; going through a transformation
Working at making something more palatable or easier to accept / Your ability to nourish others (or self) emotionally, physically, spiritually or intellectually / Family responsibilities; comfort / Inventing something; cooking up a plan / (see FOOD, OVEN, KITCHEN)
Bonds you have with another person; ties to a situation / Something that is holding you back; dependency
Hidden or unavoidable choices; confrontation; feeling stuck / Changing your direction; passing a critical point / Taking short cuts, cutting corners / If turning a blind corner: Summoning the courage to take a necessary risk in life / (see LEFT, RIGHT)
Deadened feelings; something that has expired and no longer serves a purpose; wanting someone out of your way / (see DEATH, CEMETERY)
Passing from one state of mind to another / If not moving: Not being able to get out of an unsatisfactory situation; stuck between choices, not ready to advance
Restrictions; holding yourself back in some way / Presenting yourself as you think others want to see you
Hiding your true self or inner feelings behind a facade of duplicity / Lack of honesty / The roles you play, or would like to play, in life / (see CLOTHING, MASK)
Self-analysis; needing to relax your stance / Laziness; concealing something; 'couching' your statements or feelings
If foreign, a different attitude emerging; experiencing a different mental or emotional 'climate' than one's norm. You need to explore your personal associations or ideas about a particular country to gain further insight
Natural feelings; spontaneity; a relaxed state of mind
Interrogation; feeling judged or judging others; seeing yourself or others as superior; needing to take action (having the ball in your court) / Flattery; courting an emotion, idea, or person
Self-giving, nurturing, mothering / Chewing things over / Sucking up to somebody, being servile or passive; getting 'milked' by someone; acting bitchy
A flaw in your thinking; a weakness / Having a breakthrough; figuring something out / Feeling out of touch; experiencing extreme inner stress; something that has reached a breaking point
Disturbing issues or emotions that you feel you have no control over / A need to slow down before things get out of hand / (see CAR, AIRPLANE)
Trepidation; taking a careful approach / Lowering your standards; infantile behavior
An ignored or rejected part of yourself that you need to become acquainted with / (see MONSTER)
Cheating yourself of your potential; loss of self control / Feelings of guilt, shame, or powerlessness
Being judgmental of self or others
An obstacle, usually of a feeling nature, to overcome before change can be achieved; bearing a heavy burden; being 'cross' with someone or 'crossing the line' / Protecting yourself against something you believe to be evil or harmful; being a martyr; indulging in something that is forbidden / Making a choice
A decision to make regarding the direction your life will take; weighing your options; sacrificing something in order to move forward / A personal crisis; confusion
A feeling of unity or belonging / Confusion on meeting many opinions (too much going on at once); feeling suffocated / Lacking personal direction; feeling anonymous, misplaced or 'crowded out' / Fear of public opinion, expectations
An emotional journey / Wanting to form new relationships, connect with others, or become part of other people's lives / Taking the easy route, not being challenged (as in 'cruising through life')
Breaking through to higher levels of consciousness; something that is clearly understood / Purity; something that transmits enormous healing properties or magnifies your capabilities
Sense of efforts leading nowhere; a dead end
Receptivity; offering yourself; female sexuality / Carrying a pessimistic or optimistic attitude (half-empty or half-full)
Your inner resources; stored reserves / Hidden memories or emotions; being trapped in old feelings or habits; needing to recapitulate / Being 'open' or 'closed' to other people
Feeling wounded, cynical or angry; demeaning someone or using cutting remarks / Removing something unwanted or unnecessary from your life; cutting back on an activity or behavior / Feeling castrated or cut off from sexual feelings / Seeking independence or wanting to sever ties to someone / Initiation; exploration or improvement (cutting through)



D symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Relishing life / Unity; sexual harmony; intimacy; romantic involvement / If awkward: Lack of harmony connected with what is depicted; 'dancing around' a problem
An internal conflict; anxiety over something you fear / A sense of threatening change, afraid to lose something with the change
The unknown; something not defined by your intellect or conscious mind; not having enough information to make a clear decision / If frightening: Depression, confusion, secrets hidden from self or others, negative influences, feeling lost / (see NIGHT)
Your relationship with an actual daughter; emotional bonds; a need to be mothered / If dreamer is female: Yourself at that age / If dreamer is male: Your 'feeling' self as it attempts to mature
A new or unexpected change on the horizon; a breaking situation or realization (something dawning on you); hope
Being conscious; the ability to 'see' yourself; your known aspects or traits; clarity of vision / Your mood (bright, sunny, overcast, etc.)
Unwillingness to listen or hear something; refusal to allow something in / Feeling that others are not hearing what you have to say
Wanting to rid yourself of something / The end of an aspect of your life (internal or external); killing off old patterns / Completion; finality; suppressed grief; retreating from the challenge of life
A decline or deterioration in some area of your life; negligent behavior; something you feel 'rotten' about
Failure of expectation; disappointment; reviewing your own imperfections
Undergoing major changes; a breakdown of old attitudes and approaches
Leaving a situation, such as a relationship or job; seeking independence / Wanting to get away from a responsibility or difficulty / Breaking off from habitual or old patterns of behavior
True depression in your waking life / Low energy; lack of options; self-punishment
(see DOWN)
Feeling abandoned, lost, or deserted; feeling emotionally barren or drained; fear that your resources have dried up / Holding onto illusions
Work; discipline
Repressed natural drives that have not been lived out; fear of releasing natural drives you deem evil or wicked / An arch rival; somebody who is malicious, mischievous, or daring / Facing the negative consequence of an action; being careless, reckless or cruel; causing a stir; choosing the lesser of two 'evils'; adopting an unpopular or opposing view for the sake of argument / Adding spice or interest to something
Your life through conscious expression / Secrets you have with yourself; memories / (see WRITING)
Working hard to expose or bury something; getting to the bottom of an issue / Making trouble for yourself; overextending yourself; cutting remarks
Social or family contact; the need for interaction / Your appetite for something
Looking for or taking a course of action; seeking guidance / Taking charge; calling the shots
Actions or feelings that you feel are grubby or immoral; letting yourself down / Inability to accept something as reality; needing to ground yourself / Defaming somebody
An emotion, idea or situation that is becoming visible to you or is in public view
Something you are barely conscious of or do not identify with strongly / A long time off
Attending to something that is in need of healing; self-diagnosis concerning your well-being / Dependence upon an authority figure for a sense of wholeness; seeking support or guidance / Possibly in need of actual medical attention
Dealing with faithfulness, loyalty, or companionship issues / Wanting unconditional love or friendship / Aggressive male sexuality; obedience, laziness, exhaustion; being a showoff; performing menial tasks for others; wanting protection; being on guard / If a puppy: An immaturity in any of the areas described above
Feeling stiff, wooden, or ragged; acting fake / Playing around; childishness / Prettiness; girlishness
If open: Discovering something new; an opportunity worth exploring; something welcomed; being open-minded / If closed: Something that should be left alone or untouched; inappropriate timing; something that is no longer accessible to you / If someone is at door: Allowing others into your space / If front door: Public self; your relationship with people in general / If back door: Private or secret activities / If shutting: Shutting yourself off from others; fear of intimate contact; ending a relationship or phase of life / (see OPEN, CLOSED)
Willful exploration of the unconscious; meditating; going within; getting more down to earth / Regressing; lack of progress; feeling 'down'; loss of status or prestige; setbacks
Displaying your feminine side; your style in dealing with women (formal, casual, etc.) / Wordplay on 'address'
Working through emotions that resist your insight; fear of being examined too closely / Being put through routines or instilling them in others / Sex without emotion; fears preventing intimacy
Absorbing information about yourself; taking something in (feelings, surroundings, opinions, etc.)
Looking for a method to get to where you want to be; internal forces that drive you / Aiming at something, making your intentions clear; gaining momentum / Something or someone that is causing stress or 'driving you nuts' / (see VEHICLE)
Overwhelmed by unresolved feelings, old issues or a current crisis / Fear of going under emotionally; feeling helpless
Escaping a problem or pain, wanting quick relief / Sedating a drive or impulse; poisoning yourself with negative thinking; being unable to think straight; refusing to face reality / (see PILL, MEDICINE, POISON)
Keeping pace; finding a good rhythm; feeling beaten down / Goading yourself into action (e.g. drumming up enthusiasm)
Lack of self-control; wanting to be free of responsibilities; unable to cope / Feeling inarticulate; indulging in sloppy behavior or thinking
An aspect of your life or personality that has been neglected for a long period of time / Waiting for a situation to calm down before taking action
An underdeveloped or malformed part of your personality / Having a diminished self-image; feeling belittled or belittling others / Making something out to be less than it really is



E symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Communication; distant connections
Needing to listen more carefully or turn your attention to something; being attentive / Giving time to someone (lending an ear); keeping updated on events, trends or opinions (ear to the ground); learning to improvise (doing it by ear); feeling overwhelmed (up to your ears); an inability or refusal to take something in (in one ear, out the other), etc.
Your true essence; being down to earth / Maternal or survival instincts / Needing to deal with or face reality (grounding yourself)
The dawning of a new phase or cycle in your life; recapitulating / The Far East is often associated with spirituality and may therefore indicate a need to focus on your spiritual development
Satisfying your needs or 'hunger' in any area of life (sexual, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, etc.) / Taking in new ideas or concepts; digesting information; nourishing your soul / Something that is bothering or slowly destroying you (eating away at you); retracting or recanting (eating your words); an outcome that surprises you (eating your hat); mulling over an idea (chewing on something) / If eating repulsive food: Trying to 'stomach' something that makes you 'sick' / (see FOOD)
Cause and effect / Something that evokes memories; reinforcement of an idea / Imitating somebody or something
Being on the brink of change; crossing personal boundaries / Feeling irritated or anxious / Wanting to have, or having, an advantage / (see CLIFF)
Fertile ideas or emotions; something that will grow (good or bad) if nurtured; motherhood
Infinity; cosmic consciousness; DNA / Balance and stability; justice; experiential learning; patience; sensitivity; reliability / Possibly a homonym for 'ate'
Flexibility, adaptability / Needing to stretch your resources further; stretching yourself too thin
A big shock / The end of a certain sensibility / Indulging in something that represents total self-destruction; using your energy or power in a destructive way
Strength, intellect, memory, reverence / Needing to develop a thicker skin; being nosy; facing disappointment after learning all that you can about something / If white: Something rare or valuable but costly to maintain; acquiring something you do not want; a failed endeavor
Mood shifts (emotional highs and lows); the ups and downs of life / Sex (possibly concerned that it is boring and mechanical) / Making a potentially difficult task easier
The beginning of a repeated cycle; a last-minute effort / Two components that are in conflict with one another; fostering separation rather than unity
Lack of pleasure, enthusiasm, or good feelings / Loneliness; a sense of isolation; experiencing a lack of options
The defenses you use to protect yourself from deeply feeling the impact of the world, relationships, love, anxiety or pain (what encloses or traps you in the dream gives a clue to what constrains you in waking life)
Self-sabotage; an internal conflict / Betrayal; opposition
What motivates you; a driving force in your life / The heart
A new area of experience / If a secret entrance: Opening up to a hidden or previously unknown aspect of self / (see DOOR, ARCH)
Preparing yourself for a project or venture; having the necessary tools to solve a problem or complete a task / May refer to male genitalia
(see PENIS)
Avoiding difficult experiences, thoughts, or feelings; avoiding responsibility; a fear that needs to be confronted / Breaking free; releasing yourself from a restrictive or harmful situation
Preservation of the past; wanting to save something that is of value; journeying through foreign or deeply rooted parts of yourself / Culture; history / (see COUNTRIES)
Relaxation; a peaceful time; the more subtle feeling areas of relationship or experience / Unrealized hopes; aging; nearness to your 'shadow' side (the parts of self you do not like but are conscious of)
Working out old issues or feelings experienced in a former relationship; reliving memories that you have not outgrown; fear of committing to a current partner / If someone else's ex: How you deal with yourself as being wanted; anxiety about not being lovable or attractive
(see TEST)
Learning through trial and error; testing a new theory, idea or emotion
Anger or rage; repressed desires or drives that are likely to explode; volatile situations / Releasing long-term negativity; feeling under great pressure; exhibiting self-destructive tendencies; being out of control / Social upheaval; events that are happening rapidly
Your perceptions or point of view; how you see the world and yourself / Needing to take a good look at something or observe something closely / Awareness; curiosity; having vision or focus / Attracting attention to yourself; being watched or barely watching / If eyes are closed: Ignoring something deliberately; not paying attention; having a hidden agenda



F symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Your self-image; how you present yourself to the world / Expressing an emotion; a reality that needs to be faced or confronted; concerned with appearances or how others see you; dwelling on surface issues; acting deliberately; losing your dignity or wanting to 'save face'; seeking anonymity / (see EYES, NOSE, EARS, LIPS)
Unfullfilling work; drudgery / Habitual reactions; conforming to group thought; lacking in individuality or originality / Being industrious; factoring something in
Fear of being inadequate or underperforming / Anxiety over unrealistic goals; something that is not working and needs to be altered / Competitiveness; allowing yourself to be governed by societal standards; feeling weak
A public activity / The range of human fate (rich to poor, failure to success, etc.) / The ups and downs of life / (see CARNIVAL)
Loss of confidence; something that threatens your usual sense of security (relationship, income, social image, belief, etc.) / Coming down to earth from lofty attitudes; needing to establish balance and stability; being unable to maintain a required pace or level of activity; declining interest in something; a fallout / Fear of letting go / If positive: An attitude which allows you to fail without being overly afraid of getting hurt; surrendering yourself to something pleasurable
Your own potential; what you would like to be / Depending on how you relate to the famous person, your ability to accept yourself as respected or appreciated / Characteristics or qualities you project on the famous person that you would like to see in yourself or others / (see ACTOR, ROYALTY)
The magnitude of a situation / Repressed emotions; using a defense mechanism to bolster feelings of inadequacy; feeling that you are 'carrying more weight' than you can handle / Overindulgence; talking nonsense; taking an action that has a 'fat chance' of succeeding
Feelings associated with, or characteristics of, your actual father / Leadership; needing to take charge of a situation or become proactive / Authority, physical strength, protection / If negative: Introverted aggression, fear of not being loved or accepted / If dead: Beginning independence; repressed emotions about parent; not feeling provided for
Something that needs to be embraced, addressed or released / Self-doubt; avoidance; lack of trust
Feeling light and free; something that tickles your fancy / Embellishing something; adding details / Wanting recognition for an achievement; attracting like-minded people / Seeking comfort
The price you must pay to achieve a goal
Your foundation in life; that which anchors or grounds you / Personal values; the principles you 'stand on' which give you direction / Feeling anxious; looking for stability; being totally involved in something; departing gladly / Being independent, practical or reliable; keeping active, staying alert (on your toes) / Wordplay for 'feat'
Indecision; a failure to commit / Self-imposed boundaries that prevent you from fully expressing yourself; an obstacle to growth that needs to be overcome / Social barriers; feeling excluded or shut out / Territorial feelings; being defensive
Natural inclinations or moods; how you react when away from other people or social pressure / Your field of study or area of activity
Adolescence / Having an understanding of the relationship between vibration and the 'law of attraction,' and being able to manipulate it with ease
Unresolved internal conflict; expressing anger or frustration over difficulties in regard to independence or self-confidence / Defensiveness; feeling attacked by another person's opinions / Competing with others; desire to hurt somebody or damage their reputation / Seeing a tough time through
Attempting to view yourself or a situation objectively / Putting yourself on record; an aspect of your past or a character trait that you'd like to preserve / Escaping the reality of a difficult or painful situation; feeling 'exposed' or 'negative'
Discovering some aspect of yourself; gaining access to, or use of, something previously hidden or unrecognized (a talent, belief, emotion, etc.)
Something being pointed out to you (consider what the finger is doing for further clues) / Feeling perplexed (can't put your finger on it); wanting to leave your mark; being accused or making an accusation; grasping a situation, etc.
Heated emotions; burning desires; passion; sexuality; potency / Your vital energy or life force / Feeling 'fired up' about something; feeling 'burned' by someone / Spiritual rituals or initiations / Being unable to find a point of clarity or truth; being too close to something / May relate to an 'old flame' or a situation in which you are adding 'fuel to the fire' / (see CANDLE, OVEN)
How you deal with your passions, outbursts of emotion, or misplaced energy / Sexual prowess or release; feeling 'hosed' or out of control; attempting to extinguish a feeling or desire
Attitudes and urges you have in common with humanity; higher wisdom; going with the flow / Tackling issues; feeling misplaced or that you don't belong; absence of passion or enthusiasm; getting caught; being hooked on something; wanting to 'hook up' with someone / If dead: Not expressing basic urges / If eating: Spiritual nourishment
Communication, expression, versatility, intellect, function / Your physical experience; experiencing life through the five senses, through the use of your hands, etc.
Pride; identity; patriotism / A signal, cue, or warning / If white: Surrendering or seeking peace / The flag's pattern or colors offer further clues
Rising above a situation; releasing burdens / Being indecisive; allowing yourself to be carried along by events; feeling a lack of connection or direction; being unattached or uncommitted / Surviving; staying afloat / Total attunement; a letting-go of conscious striving, trusting the unconscious mind's invitation to 'be' instead of 'do'
Overwhelming or uncontrolled emotions you are 'swept away' by; feeling inundated or bombarded / (see WATER)
Your foundation; your basic attitudes and level of confidence; what supports you / A need to create some stability or become 'grounded' / Being shocked or stunned, 'floored' by something
Wanting to be true to your nature rather than imitating classical styles / Beginning to put things in proper perspective
Beauty; inner development; blossoming feelings or abilities / Love, tenderness, sexual openness, appreciation, puberty / If dead: Dying love or abilities; old age; the end of innocence / (see GARDEN, COLOR)
Gaining independence; expressing your potential; breaking free of mental or emotional restrictions; rising above a situation; accomplishing something easily / Escaping the gravity of an oppressive, conscious circumstance; distancing yourself from reality; being indecisive; losing your temper; having delusions of grandeur
Confusion; ignorance; inability to see the real issues at hand; feeling uncertain about what lies ahead; not wanting to see or acknowledge something
Being led by an attitude, hope or habit / If followed by others: Taking the initiative; continuing hope / If following others: Being pursued by a memory, pain, guilt or ambition
Something that needs to be contemplated (food for thought) / Your sense of well-being or comfort; needing spiritual, emotional, physical or intellectual nourishment / The type of food offers further interpretational clues / (see EATING, RESTAURANT, KITCHEN, CANDY, MEAT, FRUIT, etc.)
Natural growth; strength; diversity / Feeling overwhelmed or lost; unable to see a clear path; narrow-mindedness / (see TREE, WOOD)
Wanting to penetrate a mystery; relinquishing or handing something over against your will; a reluctant exchange; a feeling that someone may be trying to deceive you / If a fork in the road: Needing to make an important choice or decision
Seeking an established, uncontroversial approach to solving a problem / Seeking a logical relationship between opposite desires / Fear of taking risks
Basic principles you structure your life on; needing to come to terms with fundamental issues / Inner strength; confidence; sense of support / Laying down roots; preparing for a new project or cycle of life / (see HOUSE)
Feeling alive, rejuvenated, or youthful / Beauty; splendor / Gushing or overflowing emotions; sexual release
Symmetry; permanence; wholeness; natural law; tolerance / Cycles beginning and ending (e.g. four compass points, four seasons, etc.) / Being in support of something, standing 'for' it
Slyness; cunning; cleverness; outwitting your foes; acting unpredictably / Pursuing somebody or something that is very attractive to you
Releasing something inside; easing a restriction / Wanting something that doesn't cost you anything; not feeling personally invested
An aspect of self that serves you; a companion point of view - an alternate (usually positive) perspective on the same goal / Needing encouragement; needing to accept something (make 'friends' with it) / Feelings or qualities you associate with an actual friend
Unconscious growth; transforming from one state to another; expecting somebody to change according to your needs; accepting others for who they are; failure to commit / Difficulty expressing yourself; jumping to conclusions
Something that lies ahead or is expected to come / What is seen and understood; what is being confronted; feeling the impact of something / A 'front' or facade; the outward appearance you use to create an impression; deception or insincerity / Leadership; something happening on the 'home front' / Wordplay on 'affront'
The outcome of a project; growth from experience or effort / Sexuality; pregnancy; temptation; something forbidden / Abundance; good health
Something in life you're finding hard to cope with
Sustenance; the driving force behind a project or issue
Laying something to rest, moving on; a need to let go of somebody or an old issue / Fear of losing somebody you love; showing respect / (see CEMETERY, CORPSE, DEATH)
The heart / (see FIRE, OVEN)
Notions about self; self-image / Attitudes or habits you've developed from family or home life; beliefs that you 'furnish' your mind with / (see TABLE, BED, DESK, CHAIR, CUPBOARD, CARPET, etc.)
Something that is blurred or distorted; not having a clear picture of something / May refer to hair, or the police



G symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Life's challenges (do you cheat or play fair?); competition / Childishness; not taking life or situations seriously / Inner conflicts (a sense of win or lose, taking risks or playing it safe, the game of love, etc.) / Willingness to participate in something / (see BALL GAMES, SPORTS)
Feeling vulnerable, weak, or outnumbered / Controlling through intimidation; a group of aggressive tendencies
Hiding; seeking protection from your environment; not participating in life; stagnating / Cluttered thinking; things you don't need but can't get rid of / Refueling yourself; storing up your energy, resources, or tools to meet life
Mental or emotional clutter that you need to rid yourself of / Trashy thinking; destructive behavior; something that is deemed worthless or useless; dismissing something without hearing it through first; being wasteful
Your inner life; something you are trying to cultivate in yourself; an area of growth or change / If beautiful: Satisfaction; peace of mind; tranquility; sanctuary / If overgrown: Part of self that needs tending to; feeling wild or out of control / If dead: Not recognizing your inner beauty; stagnation; lack of growth
Fueling an idea or emotion; running out of energy / Toxic feelings; internal discomfort; being full of 'hot air' / The need for laughter; lightening up / (see FUEL)
If open: An opportunity for change; entering a new phase / If closed: Feeling guarded, restricted; unable to move forward
Shifting attitudes / Psyching yourself up for a task; gaining momentum / Putting in place a component that will make things run more smoothly; being well-equipped
Something that is rare or valued within yourself or others
How you relate to sex or your own sexuality / Feeling exposed, insecure or vulnerable / (see PENIS, VAGINA)
Repressed fears; harmful thoughts or attitudes / Absorbing bad influences; surrounding yourself with people or things that do not contribute to your well-being
Memories; a continuing influence from the past; feelings that still haunt you / Something that lifts your spirits
Beneficial exchanges with self; intuition; unconscious knowledge / What is received out of a relationship; feeling recognized or loved; being affirmed; generosity / If giving: Giving of self; hoping receiver accepts or likes you / If receiving an unwanted gift: Difficulties in accepting someone or something within yourself
Your caring, emotional self / Young sexuality; sweetness; vulnerability; innocence; receptivity / If dreamer is female: Yourself at that age / If seeing your mate with another girl: How you deal with your sense of being wanted; anxiety about not being attractive or lovable; suspicion
(see MATE)
Invisible yet tangible barriers you erect or feel around others (fear, self doubt, etc.); a reflection of you who are or think you are, the way you should be / Changing your perspective; viewing things in a different way; seeing through somebody / If unclear: Desire for privacy; keeping parts of yourself hidden / If breaking: Breaking a relationship; shattering an illusion; reaching a breakthrough of understanding / (see WINDOW, BOTTLE, LENS)
Protection; insulating yourself from contact; denying self-expression; being out of touch; hidden gestures / Something that requires a delicate approach / (see HAND)
Your inner light; warmth / Vague awareness; finding a source of brightness or hope in a gloomy situation
Being fixated on something or someone; something that you feel is 'bound' to happen; strong attachment to something (a person, belief, emotion, etc.)
Inner goodness; the best or most valued aspects of self; qualities that do not 'tarnish' with time / Something prized or valuable that you want; precious or rare opportunities / Kindness or generosity (having a heart of gold); a sure bet (as good as gold); ; being driven to do your best (going for the gold) / Warmth, light; your brightest moments; an optimum time of life (golden age, golden years)
Precision, exactness / The need for leisure; slowing down the pace / Feeling 'teed off'; wanting to join the 'club', change 'course' or dig yourself out of a 'hole' / (see SPORTS)
Completion; reaching adulthood; transitioning to the 'next level' of ability or way of thinking; accomplishing something in a series of 'gradual' steps / A sense of fulfillment or achievement
Working against the flow; opposition; lack of clarity / Something of minor significance in the whole of a situation / Abundance, health, vitality
Family traditions, established values, or things that have withstood the test of time / Innate wisdom; aging; maturity; unconditional love; patience / Personal feelings connected with your actual grandparents
Continuing growth; openness; relaxation / Feeling 'mowed down' by something or someone; outgrowing something; squandering an opportunity / Could be associated with marijuana
Having a rough time / Something uncomfortable, harsh, or grating
Morbid or serious thoughts; unhappy, colorless existence / Neutrality; unwilling or unable to decide on something; officiousness
Acting slippery, elusive, or slick / Needing to loosen up / Bribery
Potential for growth, healing, or positive change; fertility; harmony with nature / Inexperience or immaturity; needing to pay attention to your heart / If dark green: Envy, jealousy, growth of negative attitudes
Breaking something down into more manageable or useful units / Toil; working hard to achieve something / Needing to halt an activity or release stress
(see PEOPLE)
Protecting an emotion or attitude that you do not want to face or have others see / Being wary; feeling blocked or restricted; a need to control something; holding back
Experiencing a lack of inner peace; needing to take responsibility for something; wanting to correct a wrong (what you feel guilty about may well be in symbols and need clarifying)
Something that is hard to accept or 'swallow' / Greed; overindulgence / Stifled expression; something that causes fear
Anger; aggression; unreleased fears or anxiety / Defending yourself against criticism or your own emotions; being able to overtake a situation or add impetus / 'Shooting' off your mouth / Male sexuality; ejaculation
Emotional or sexual release; orgasm / Inability to control your emotions



H symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Your self-image / Attitudes, intellect, understanding, strength, potency / Pettiness; shock; being irrational; living in your head as opposed to your heart / If pubic or chest hair: Virility; sexuality / If cut: Denial of sensual or physical drives; changing your image / If long: Freedom; seeking thrills; permissiveness / If light: Awareness; comfortable attitudes / If dark: Suppressed attitudes; dark thoughts; sultriness / If fake: Lack of self-acceptance; hiding the truth; fear of judgment
Feeling divided, incomplete, in between, or in conflict over something / Lack of motivation; not being thorough or totally committed / Something you are only partly aware of; having vague intentions / Sharing expenses or duties
Transitioning from one area or aspect of life to another; connecting different parts of yourself / Group activity; meeting other people, how you allow them into your life
Aggression; expending a great deal of energy to break through resistance or break old patterns of behavior; forcing somebody or something to yield or cooperate / Exhaustion (feeling hammered); needing to work something out through discussion or debate (hammer it out); being in hot pursuit of something (hammering away at it); getting caught (nailed)
Self-expression; creativity / Your abilities - to give or receive, help or harm, build or destroy, etc. - as revealed through specific body language (what the hand is doing) / Your grasp of life, getting a handle on things, getting in touch with yourself, letting something go, leaving something alone or untouched, the hold people or ideas have on you, feeling held up, something that is useful or handy, needing a hand, living hand to mouth, reaching for the sky, etc.
Needing to come to grips with something, or get a handle on it / Something that requires a delicate or careful approach
Not moving; choking off some type of energy; dependance on others to provide support / Hang-ups; doubts; phobias; being unwilling to do something; feeling suffocated; holding tightly onto someone or something; breaking off communication; needing to calm down / Self-conviction; determination; adapting to something (getting the hang of it); needing to wait (hang on)
Experiencing happiness in a dream is usually compensatory in nature. You create comfort in order to avoid evaluation of daily reality, or things that are difficult and painful to deal with
Safety, refuge / Anchoring or grounding yourself / Holding onto a feeling / (see WATER)
Donating mental energy to something; concealed or repressed thoughts; a role you've taken on / Something that has become stale or tired (old hat); asking for favors (hat in hand); deciding to stay where you are for a while (hang your hat); honoring something (hats off), etc.
Your rational self; having a 'good head' on your shoulders / Thoughts, opinions, intellect, decisions, intentions, ego / A situation that has become too difficult to manage (in over your head); feeling overwhelmed or confused (head spinning); being impractical (head in the clouds); needing to make a choice (heads or tails); making poor choices or not thinking things through all the way (being a knuckle head); your direction (where you are headed); a need to get moving or leading the way (get ahead, getting a head start); disapproval or agreement (shaking or nodding your head); tackling something directly (head on); feeling passionate about something or someone (head over heels); something that holds dire consequences (heads will roll); your boss or somebody in charge (head honcho); seeking something or being sought out (headhunting); being overly proud (swollen head); fellatio (giving head); getting nowhere (banging your head); being even-tempered or reliable (level headed); a drug user (headbanger); not wanting to see or acknowledge something (head in sand); thinking something over or questioning it (scratching your head); rushing into something (head first); seeking therapy or psychological assistance (head shrink) / (see FACE)
Big emotions; having your heart in the right place / A loved one; a situation that requires sincerity, compassion, empathy or sympathy (needs to be heartfelt); a need for honest or intimate communication (heart-to-heart); being timid or shy (faint-hearted); lacking motivation or enthusiasm (heart's not in it); feeling startled, shocked, excited or frightened (heart stops); exhibiting kindness, forgiveness, or generosity (heart of gold); needing to get to the point (heart of the matter); something that warms or pleases you (heartened); wanting to commit something to memory (know it by heart); pursuing somebody or something that is desirable (setting your heart on it); openly expressing your feelings (wearing your heart on your sleeve); feeling sad, upset or regretful (sick at heart)
A burden; something weighing you down; needing to lighten up / Endurance, stability; giving weight to something
Something linking you to the past; good or bad tendencies that have been passed on from family or acquired from society
Self-imposed misery; feeling damned / Absorbed in difficult, heated emotions; deep guilt / (see DEVIL)
Reaching out, recognizing you may need assistance / Unexpressed desperation / Coming to the aid of someone; working as a team
Avoiding something you don't want to see or feel / Secrets; deliberately obscuring an issue (having a hidden agenda); subconsciously using a situation or emotion to hide what is really important; feeling threatened by something or obsessing over it; seclusion; unexposed parts of yourself (hidden talents, attributes, etc.) / Could relate to animals or getting beaten
Getting a wider perspective; reaching a limit; having high hopes; getting high on life; performing at your peak / Feeling superior; being bossy, snobbish or dictatorial; having an exaggerated perception of a problem or obstacle; indulging in extravagant behavior; feeling invincible; feeling stranded or far away from reality; being nervous or easily upset (high strung); escapism or avoidance (getting high) / If below and looking up: Feeling inferior, overwhelmed or intimidated / (see ABOVE)
Minor achievements or challenges; short-term goals / Something that has past its prime or doesn't amount to much; aging / Feminine sexuality; voluptuousness / (see UP, DOWN)
Reviewing the past; hanging on to old values / The person you were at some period in life; feelings or attitudes associated with a particular period of history
Being unable to release or let go of something; wanting to control or manipulate something / Trying to hold yourself together emotionally; trying to 'grasp' a situation; a need for contact or intimacy; feeling excited or waiting for something to happen (holding your breath); being held responsible (holding the bag) or apportioning blame (holding someone responsible); withholding something or waiting for better offers (holding out); being self-sufficient (holding your own); possessiveness or unwillingness to bend (holding tight); unreleased anger or resentment (holding a grudge); comparing yourself to others (holding a candle); having a good chance of winning (holding all the cards); reminding somebody of a mistake (holding it over their head); accepting something despite not liking it (holding your nose); etc.
A void in your life; depression; seeking refuge or a place to hide until things improve; a situation you might 'fall into' / Female sexuality; penetration / If hole in clothing or objects: Faults; weaknesses; a story that is 'full of holes' / If hole in head: Letting everyone know what you think; gossip / Wordplay on 'whole'
Yourself, your internal 'structure' / An awakening; something that affects or touches you personally (hits home); tuning in or focusing on something (homing in); the final part of a journey (the home stretch); completing a task or mission (home free) / If a past home: Parts of your character developed at the time you lived there / If a future home: The direction you would like your life to take, or fear it might / (see HOUSE, individual rooms)
A familiar way of life; the way you usually go about things / Influences from the past affecting your present situation
Sexual guilt or imbalance; feelings of sexual inadequacy; unconscious pain in regard to the opposite sex; desire for parental love or self love / Conflict or anxiety about your own sexual preferences
Any period of romance, joy, friendship, cooperation or unity between two people or groups
Feeling caught, trapped, connected or drawn to something / A passion or addiction; something with a catch in it / Buying into something without hesitation; not attending to some matter (playing hooky); ridding yourself of blame or responsibility (off the hook)
Being fickle, unsettled / Feeling supercharged, high / Anger, bitterness / Desire to get moving
Energy, exuberance, power; sexual drive; being a free spirit / Having sound judgment (horse sense); playing roughly (horsing around); needing to wait or calm down (hold your horses); something or someone that is separate or unique (horse of a different color); hard negotiations (horse trading) / Wordplay on 'hoarse'
Self-examination; a need for inner healing; worries about your health; operating in an unhealthy manner
Direct expression of that feeling. Consider who or what the dream suggests you feel hostile towards
Heated emotions that have left their mark / Feeling anxious, angry, or unsettled (hot under the collar); someone who has a bad temper (hot head); passion or sexual attraction (having the hots); getting in trouble (hot water); somebody successful (hotshot); a showoff or exhibitionist (hot-dog); something that is popular or in demand (hot ticket); fresh news (hot off the press); exaggeration, talking nonsense (full of hot air); etc.
An impermanent state of mind you find yourself living in; short-term situations; how you feel you are being received or treated / Retreating from anxiety or stress; escape or separation from primary relationships; activities taking place outside the home
Watching time pass; wasting time; anxiety over a deadline / A classic figure / (see TIME)
Yourself. Different rooms or areas depict different parts of your body and personality or the functions they serve. If the house is recognized, then you also need to define what essential connections you may have to it / If cramped: Feeling restricted or in need of change / If being repaired or renovated: Reassessment, change of attitudes or character; personal growth / If falling: Feeling stressed; letting old habits or attitudes crumble / If intruders outside: Social pressures or response to criticism / If people inside: Accommodating other facets of self / If a row of houses: Other people; social order / (see HOME, individual rooms)
Cleaning out nonfunctional, negative attitudes, thoughts or experiences; keeping your internal 'house' in order
Craving physical, emotional, mental or spiritual nourishment; seeking greater knowledge
Actively searching for unknown qualities of self
(see SPOUSE)



I symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Blocked or unexpressed emotions; rigidity; inhibition / Being cold emotionally or sexually; feeling numb or unsure; wanting to hold off on something for awhile (put it on ice); wanting to ease an uncomfortable situation (break the ice)
Avoidance; refusal to confront something within
Feeling guilty about something / Adopting a nonconformist attitude; feeling above the law
Painful memories or feelings that have been held inside; discomfort or nervousness; a collapse of confidence; unhealthy behaviors or fears that have given rise in you / May point to a physical condition that requires attention
Feeling a lack of power or authority when confronted by others; inability to sufficiently define ideas or express feelings; fear of saying something stupid or being criticized for your opinions
Feeling out of control, not being able to keep your 'shit' together / Releasing or cleansing wasteful thoughts or feelings
Negative thoughts or emotions that are festering inside you; taking in behaviors or attitudes from others; imposing your beliefs on others; aggravating a situation
Looking for outer pacifiers rather than resolving relationship conflicts; releasing sexual feelings or desires; feelings of sexual inadequacy or guilt
Something of substance you need to incorporate within yourself / Feeling the influence of other people's opinions or will being forced on you; social pressure to conform or be obedient; sexual intercourse / (see DRUG)
Communication, documentation; seeking a permanent solution; something that has left a mark on your character / Murky thoughts or emotions / (see PEN, WRITING, BOOK)
Something irritating or 'bugging' you / Feeling insignificant; feeling 'stung' by a person or event / (see PARASITE, BEES, SPIDER)
(see SEX)
Your connection with other people, or humanity as a whole; being plugged in to life and all its possibilities
Loss of control; lack of reason; abandoning yourself to irrational or repressed urges
Inner fears or difficult emotions that need to be challenged and released / A sense of needing to 'defend' yourself; an invasion of privacy; feeling vulnerable / If female: Could be repressed desire for a male partner or desire for a better sexual relationship
Personal insights; creatively addressing an issue / Concocting something; contrived behavior or excuses
Something that is beyond your scope of perception or that you choose not to see / Embarrassment; feeling emotionally transparent
Determination; being strong-willed or unbending; pressing forward with a plan; attempting to 'iron out' a situation or address something you've neglected; taking on too many things at once
Feeling stranded, lonely or isolated; mistrusting or ignoring others; feeling safe from the world by introversion / If swimming to an island: Moving towards independence; becoming self-sufficient
Impatience; having the urge to do something / Feeling agitated over something minor; scratching the surface of a problem
Purity, strength, natural beauty / Something precious to you, possibly gained through exploitation / Lofty attitudes; preoccupation with remote considerations rather than practical everyday life / (see ELEPHANT, WHITE, PIANO)



J symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Concerned with formalities / A facade, cover-up, or protective shell / (see CLOTHING)
Beating the odds; achieving success / Gambling that something will pay off
Self-punishment / Limiting or restricting yourself; fear of being trapped emotionally or physically; getting involved with someone or something that is likely to cause trouble; isolation
Wanting to preserve something; caught up in a sticky situation / An unworkable plan; forcing yourself, or others, to do something; feeling stuck or crushed / Something that obstructs your flow of energy; sending mixed signals; being on the same wavelength as others
Trying to contain or preserve something / Shock or discomfort
Brightening something up, making it more interesting or appealing / Being attuned or in concert with your inner rhythms; soulfulness; ability to improvise / (see MUSIC)
Things you treasure in yourself or others (the color or type of jewel suggests what area of life you give value to) / Something rare, precious, or hard to come by; love given or received / Pretensions; wanting to be noticed
Not taking people, situations, or emotions seriously; diminishing the value of something / A release of tension; needing to 'lighten up' about something / Feeling ridiculed or teased; playing the fool
Your direction in life; new undertakings or experiences being met / Self-exploration; an excursion to survey what is possible, rather than a quest to achieve it / (see DAY, NIGHT, CAR, SHIP, AIRPLANE, HILL, etc.)
The standards of society or parents that you impose upon yourself; wanting sufficient knowledge or skills to assess something meaningfully / Self-condemnation; judging others
Power, current, energy, vigor, vitality / Something tantalizing or appealing / (see FUEL, ORANGE, LEMON)
Being impulsive or daring; taking a risk; feeling excited; accepting something gladly; immersing yourself in something fully; sexual desire / Evading a situation; acting prematurely; feeling frightened, edgy, or unsettled; being disloyal, forceful or subservient / Experiencing a big growth curve; at the starting point of a new journey
Your instinctive, wild side; non-socialized feelings or urges / Feeling entangled, overwhelmed, or out of control
Indulging in something that does not nourish the body or soul; cluttered thinking / Discarding or releasing something; scrapping an idea
Self-judgment; feeling guilty about something / Feeling that you're being judged by others; peer pressure / Debating an issue to establish the facts



K symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Information allowing solution to a problem (note what the key is opening) / Opening up areas of yourself previously 'locked up'; opportunities opening up; further realizations being made / If lost: Inability to find a solution; lost or hidden opportunities; seeking guidance
Self assertion; enthusiasm; feeling motivated; launching a new activity / Resisting change; protecting yourself from a perceived harm; aggression; regret; behaving unethically or causing a scene; feeling defeated; wanting to get something in motion; needing to relax or 'kick back'; removing something unwanted from your life
Having fun; being playful / Acting childishly; teasing or deceiving others / (see CHILDREN)
Being forced to do something against your will; feeling victimized / If you're the kidnapper, it may imply that you're taking advantage of somebody
Intense, unexpressed negative emotions that are debilitating you; an interior or exterior influence that is 'killing' your self-confidence or sense of identity; being prepared to do anything in exchange for something wanted; wasting time or energy / (see KNIFE, GUN, CHOKING, etc.)
Dominance; ruling influences; superiority / An authoritative or patriarchal figure in your life; a mentor / (see ROYALTY, CHESS)
Bonding, sharing, communicating / Expressing appreciation, affection or love; receiving satisfaction; a desire for sexual or emotional intimacy / Betraying somebody or a part of yourself; procrastination; taking leave of something or someone / If watching your partner kiss someone else: Fear of infidelity; feelings of inadequacy / (see LIPS)
Measuring your health or level of well-being; changing your nature; creatively working through issues; cooking up new ideas / Seeking warmth or nourishment of body and soul; attending to family responsibilities
The resources or difficulties you carry in life / A burden
Displaying humility or reverence; being in awe of something / Feeling subservient, or acknowledging your dependence on something or someone / Feeling defeated
Intellectual sharpness or aggression, depending on how the knife is used / Penetrating ideas or emotions; creating something new for yourself or removing unwanted parts; feeling exposed or betrayed; wanting clarity or substance (cutting through the crap); hurtful comments (cutting remarks); wanting to harm others or remove their influence; wanting something to cease (cut it out) or wanting a quick resolve (cut to the chase); feeling cut off from reality, etc.
Understanding or 'grasping' something; what you hold onto / A turning point in opportunity; masculine sexuality
Something trying to get your attention; heralding the arrival of something new / Stopping a behavior (knocking it off); frustration (knocking your head against the wall); being surprised or stunned (knocked out); superstition (knock on wood); criticism (knocking it); pregnancy (knocked up), etc.
Experiencing tension or a tangle of feelings / Relationship bonds; how tied you feel to another person, emotion or situation
Indecision; lack of focus; wasting time rather than 'knuckling down' / Yielding or submitting to something, perhaps without fully thinking it through; being told off; acting stupidly / If white: Extreme anxiety or fear



L symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Something that applies to you; a stigma; passing judgment; adhering to a point of view; identifying an issue / What is written or contained on the label offers further clues
Confusion; a complex or intricate situation / (see MAZE)
Romanticism; sexuality; intimacy; patience / Something that is complicated or intertwined; delicate situations or feelings
Ascending or descending feelings about reaching your goals; awareness that a series of steps or certain risks are necessary to reach a goal / Your social standing / If climbing up: Slow but steady progress; open to new challenges / If climbing down: Insecurity or declining feelings; retreating into fear
A reflection of your inner emotional state (calm, serene, stagnant, agitated, murky, drained, etc.); conditional love / (see WATER)
An inner realization; 'shedding light' on a specific subject or area of concern; seeking guidance
The moods, attitudes, and feelings that make up your inner life; reorganizing or familiarizing yourself with your environment / If gloomy: Pessimism; self doubt / If sunny: Hopeful; optimistic / If scenes of past residence: A stance you developed from that period of life / If blurry: An inexpressible mood, too complex or vague to focus on
If unfamiliar: Something that is being communicated to you from within, but is still unclear / If familiar: Your dominant opinions or assumptions about the language or nation provide clues (e.g. Germans are talented engineers or remind you of war, etc.) / May suggest that you need to clean up your language or become more aware of your body language
Falling behind; pursuing something that will not last, or no longer serves you / Reaching closure; allowing something to expire / Durability; something of lasting importance or value
Being inadequately prepared for something; anxiety about a forthcoming event or project; allowing something to deteriorate too far before attempting to correct it / Delaying a decision; getting a slow start on something
Release of tension; a reaction to something you do not want to accept, making a difficult situation or realization bearable / Feeling ridiculed or judged; embarrassing yourself or others; taking things too lightly; wanting to be more spontaneous
Cleaning up your act; changing your attitude / Publicly airing personal problems or mistakes; having the dirt on someone; not acting above board
Part of yourself that needs frequent attention lest it becomes unruly or out of hand; feeling exposed or drawing too much attention / (see GRASS, YARD, GREEN)
Something that's weighing you down / Insincere encouragement; feeling manipulated; seeking guidance; following others / Feeling motivated; taking charge; setting an example
A new beginning; freshness, vigor / Browsing or casually exploring (leafing through something); following someone's example / If dying: Detachment; lack of vitality / Wordplay on 'leave'
Loss of emotional energy; something that is not stable or particularly reliable / Breaking confidence / (see WATER)
Basic responses; instinctive drives; toughness / If wearing leather: Expressing yourself in a fundamental way
Letting go; detaching yourself from a situation or person; taking a break / Exclusion
The less dominant or expressed side of yourself; passive or hidden parts of your nature / Your unconscious side - the internal world of feelings, memories, creativity, and values / Inward flowing; female energy / The future; having 'left' a situation; feeling 'left out' / (see RIGHT SIDE)
Your foundation; what motivates you; your source of confidence; your standing in life / Feeling supported; taking action; seeking balance; giving something your best shot / Feeling worn out; being prepared to sacrifice a lot for something you want badly; feeling nervous or unsteady; fear of moving forward; feeling stuck, etc.
Bitterness; a sour mood / Getting or giving something that is fraught with problems, defective / Something refreshing
Your point of view; the manner in which you view life / Focusing on an issue; looking at something from a different angle / Filtering emotions or information / (see CAMERA, GLASS)
Strength; power; speed; agility; prowess; rivalry; libido
Message to self; thoughts or intuitions concerning the person the letter is from or addressed to; wanting contact; vibes you you give out or receive from others / Perfectionism; attention to detail / (see WRITING)
Your inner knowledge; wisdom and skills you have gathered / Mental growth; using your intellect; needing to collect your thoughts / Silencing yourself / (see BOOK)
Not being honest with yourself; deceiving others / Not rising to a challenge; surrendering control; giving up / The need for rest
Awareness; your ability to see, understand and have insight / Hope; coming to a realization; taking something into account; lightness of heart; releasing yourself from dark feelings; a need to lighten up or soften your stance; making light of something / If very bright: Intuition; enlightenment; intent / If a spotlight: Focusing attention on a specific issue
Lack of enthusiasm or energy; a reluctance to move forward / Feeling insecure; anxiety regarding sexual performance
Personal boundaries; a dividing force; trying to straighten something out; making a connection / Moving in a fixed direction, choosing the path of least resistance, or going along with the majority; following a line of thought / Being glib or insincere, usually to impress others; something happening down the line, being next in line, putting yourself on the line, acting out of line, learning your lines, reading between the lines, firing line, hotline, etc.
Your pride; strength; independence / Aggressive tendencies; feeling threatened / (see CAT)
Communication; imparting awareness either through a kiss or through speech / Sexuality; sensuality / Feeling annoyed or stifling your feelings (biting your lip); being courageous or composed (stiff upper lip); talking back to someone (giving lip); anticipating something pleasurable (smacking your lips); taking action rather than just paying 'lip service'; being on edge or on the edge of a breakthrough / (see KISS)
Emotions that flow within you; your ability to adapt; situations or events that flow smoothly / In a bottle: Suppressed feelings; being influenced by another person's emotions; stagnancy
Focusing on a central issue or something important within yourself / Everyday life, daily interactions; having the space to be yourself
Instinctive drives; being able to adapt easily to changing circumstances / Skittishness; viewing yourself or others as cold or fake / If a chameleon: Desire to fade into the background; needing to change your tone
Anticipation; waiting for something; ready to reveal something to others / Trying to influence an outcome
Wanting to keep something hidden or protected; an inability to express urges or feelings; feeling trapped or unable to progress; stubbornness; sexual tension; being denied access
Something being extended or drawn out; something that happened a long time ago, or is a long way off / Yearning, sadness / Taking a risk that is not likely to succeed (long shot)
Confusion; lack of motivation or ability to make clear decisions; losing focus or direction; placing too much importance on something; feeling hopeless / If losing something: A lost opportunity; losing sight of important things or whatever is depicted; something that is unrecoverable
Relaxing, letting go / Lack of motivation; wasting time / The state of your social life
A direct expression of that feeling, or a compensation for not receiving it. Consider the way love is symbolically being expressed in the dream
Your idealized inner self; vanity / Your sexual desires or needs; desire for intimacy or pleasure; familiarity / If your actual lover: Present feelings or fears about the relationship / (see INFIDELITY, SEX)
The habits, attitudes and emotions you carry with you in life; what you possess / Preparing to leave the past / (see BAG, KNAPSACK)



M symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Your body's automatic functions and drives; repetitive reactions or behavior / Convenience; wanting others to do the hard work for you; lack of originality or spontaneity; habitual or mechanical behavior; not thinking before carrying out a task / If intricate: Adopting a methodical approach
Inner anger; old drives that have not integrated fresh information or experience / Something wild or extraordinary
Extreme anxiety; negativity that is destroying you from the inside
Creating an illusion; wanting to accomplish something without effort or difficulty; desire to control situations / Your inner magic; realizing that you hold far greater creative powers than you acknowledge; adding sparkle to your life
A powerful attraction; feeling drawn to something or someone
Trying to clean up a situation / Feeling unappreciated, inferior, or dominated; being in service to others; not putting your needs first / Wordplay for 'made'
Receiving information; sending out a message / Wordplay for 'male' / (see LETTER)
Masculine aspects of self (inner realms of strength, logic, action, etc.) What the man is doing - how he behaves, looks, or interacts - indicates what part of you is being characterized / Needing to be frank or open about something; being practical, or action-oriented / (see FRIEND, LOVER, STRANGER)
An expanded sense of self; the parts of you needing more room / Extravagant feelings or desires; having a broad scope of options or big dreams
Determining where you want to be in life; charting a course of action; assessing your options / Entering uncharted territory; looking for guidance / Plotting something
Something you are sold on, or buy into; striking deals or bartering with yourself / Making preparations; sorting through choices, taking stock; investing in something or someone; selling yourself short, etc.
A false persona; how you want others to view you / Insecurity; fear of judgment; avoidance / Latent qualities you can express when needed
Craving comfort, love, or physical intimacy; wanting to be pampered / Detoxifying or purifying yourself
An outlet or release from pent up or unsatisfied sexual needs; an inability to express yourself sexually in the waking state / (see SEX)
Dreaming about your boyfriend or girlfriend reflects current feelings about the relationship and qualities you associate with the actual person / If a former mate: Unresolved issues or feelings about the relationship / If seeing your mate with another lover: How you deal with your sense of being wanted; anxiety about not being attractive or lovable; suspicion
Solving a problem through the use of logic; making a calculated guess / Feeling that things are not 'adding' up, that problems are 'multiplying', sensing a 'division' with someone, looking on the 'plus' side, etc. / (see NUMBERS)
Celebrating your youth; the bloom of lustihood; spring fever / 'Dancing around' a sexual issue
Finding your way out of a complex situation / Feeling lost or confused; feeling emotionally disorganized or conflicted
Physical satisfactions and needs; seeking the essence of something / Wordplay on 'meet'
Getting down to the nuts and bolts of something; assessing or repairing a damaged part of yourself; wanting to maintain your drive, or tune up your skills / Acting mechanically; maintaining your normal routines; clutching on to something or someone; something that is driving you nuts / Feelings nuts, wanting to bolt, etc.
Giving yourself whatever applies to your need or aids your well-being / Bitterness over an event or condition that you must accept in order to heal; experiencing the effects of your actions / (see DRUG, PILL, DOCTOR)
Feeling interconnected; having different parts of yourself work together effectively / Wanting to blend in
Your strength of will or obstinacy / Hardness of feelings; restrictions placed on you by the real world or your own imagination / Wordplay on 'mettle'
(see DWARF)
Needing nourishment, nurturing, or mothering; kindness / A relationship that has gone sour / Taking something as far as you can (milking it); being drained of resources, (milked); making too much of something (crying over spilt milk) / (see COW)
Tapping your inner resources; what you treasure / A sense of ownership; claiming something that is yours
Concern over your image, how others perceive you / Self-examination; reflecting on past events, behaviors, thoughts or beliefs; willingness to look at the flip-side of something / If a hall of mirrors: Going through an identity crisis
A desire, craving, or longing; the inability to let go of something / Not taking advantage of an opportunity; failing to see or understand something; carelessness; avoidance / A young or unmarried woman
Something to which you aspire; an ideal; showing off a part of yourself / Molding, fashioning, or forming a plan or opinion / Displaying something; being on display
Paying fine attention to detail; focusing on a minor component of the whole / Creating structure in your life through binding or joining
Self-worth; personal potency / The price you pay to achieve your desires or goals; anxiety over financial affairs, career, or domestic transactions
Internal drives or emotions you are frightened of; something you dread facing / Traumas from the past that threaten to surface into the conscious mind
Wanting recognition or prominence; looking for something lasting or of great significance to join; enduring memories; something venerated / A phallic symbol
Hidden influences; cycles / Romance, joy, attraction, intuition, female sexuality / Lunacy, madness, impulsiveness, idleness / If seeing only moonlight: Romantic view of the world; not seeing things too clearly; looking within
The beginning of a new phase; youthfulness; freshness, enthusiasm, alertness, vigor / Wordplay on 'mourning'
Stagnation / Something that is growing on you
Haven; comfort; warmth; wisdom / Your nurturing abilities or ability in relationships; your impressions of motherhood; things you associate with your actual mother / If negative: Will based on irrational likes and dislikes; emotional dependency; lack of bonding / If dead: Beginning independence; repressed emotions about your parent
Youthful drive and motivation / Physical energy; restlessness; male sexuality; ego; power; control
Something big in your life; something that stands above the commonplace; big challenges or goals / Reaching a wider awareness of your life or situation; making too much of something / (see CLIMBING, UP, DOWN)
Feeling the loss of something important to you; holding onto old beliefs or ideas and reluctant to let them go / Wordplay on 'morning'
Minor irritations, fears, or worries / Timidity; shyness; feeling inadequate or lacking in courage; feeling unattractive or plain
Self-expression; communication; taking in something new / Pleasure; sexuality; sensuality; receptivity / Fear of being swallowed up; engaging in gossip; divulging a secret; something that is difficult to accept / If tightlipped: Being inflexible or resisting change / If chewing: Considering some action or idea
Inner features (emotions, ideas, impulses, etc.) that you wish to distance yourself from or project on others; observing the roles you play in life; lack of involvement in real life / If old: Memories or repeated patterns of behavior / If directing: Wanting to control the actions of others or the direction of your life; manifesting future dreams
Becoming grounded; feeling connected to life / Feeling stuck or bogged down by emotions; messy or uncomfortable situations; feeling unclean, impure, or harboring guilt; being critical or insulting; feeling thickheaded, lacking clarity
Experiencing heavy, unaccustomed stress or anger in your waking life and seeking to relieve it; killing off hated aspects of yourself; not taking responsibility for your actions / If fleeing from a murderer: A fear that is threatening your self-confidence / If killing with rage: Repressed emotions that cannot be expressed socially; unresolved childhood anger / If being murdered: Feeling like a victim; feeling threatened by outer forces or your own emotions
Building up strength; feeling strong about something; becoming fit / Trying to force your way into something
Your memories; the living past within you / Your cultural heritage or valued knowledge acquired from ancestors
Seeking inner harmony or inspiration / Your mood; tuning in to subtle feelings or realizations that are difficult to define; something that pleases you; facing the consequences of your actions / (see JAZZ)
Curiosity about something going on around you / Something that remains unexplained or secret



N symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Somebody or something that has holding power or provides a bond; trying to get a clear picture or 'nail down' something; being inflexible; completing a plan or finalizing something; perfect timing; calling someone's bluff; sexual conquest; fighting hard, giving it all you've got; becoming enraged / If biting nails: Excitement; suspense; nervousness; something eating away at you
Feeling exposed or vulnerable; fear that others will see what you really feel, think or desire; sexuality, sensuality; desire to be attractive or noticed; not feeling socially adequate / Revealing your true personality; total honesty; baring your soul / (see NUDITY)
Your feelings for the person, place or thing associated with the name. Also, wordplay in the name could suggest something else / Making a statement or declaration; something that fits you perfectly; being judgmental, disloyal or abusive; acting on behalf of a greater cause (in the name of); riding on someone else's reputation (name dropping); making a name for yourself
Being narrow-minded; having a limited view of things; feeling confined or restricted; being strongly focused on a goal
Your true nature or personality / Feeling connected to earth / Your environment / Something that comes naturally to you / (see EARTH, PLANTS, FOREST, JUNGLE, TREE, LEAF, FLOWER, etc.)
Contemplating something; giving birth to new ideas or experiences / Maternal ties; developing independence or remaining dependent
Imminent concerns; something that is attainable or reaching consciousness; a feeling of closeness; being too close to a situation
Communication; seeking relationship between your feelings (body) and thoughts (head); a general area of concern (neck of the woods) / If stiff: Being stubborn or inflexible; feeling annoyed / If supple: Being relaxed or easy-going; intimacy / If covered: Suppressing your thoughts or feelings; holding back the truth
Enduring temporary but acute pain in order to mend a psychic wound / Worrying or waiting anxiously; piercing thoughts or emotions; something that nags at you; engaging in a seemingly hopeless task / (see SYRINGE)
Doing a good deed; considering the needs of others; your sense of community; something going on 'close to home' that you need to pay attention to / Dominant feelings or opinions you have about an actual neighbor or your neighborhood
Information that you have just become, or need to be, aware of / Something publicly known about yourself; gossip
Your unconscious; turning inward to discover fears, insights, memories or mysteries that were previously unknown to you / Unwillingness to see things clearly / Loneliness; depression
Holding on to very strong conflicts that need to be addressed and released; ongoing trauma caused by your deepest fears
The end of a cycle; childbirth; humanitarianism; courage, determination, forgiveness / The ability to express concern; something that happens frequently
Your ability to make decisions in the face of disagreement (note what you are saying 'no' to) / Refusing to accept something; negativity
Things that are going well or headed in the right direction
Curiosity; intuition; recognizing what lies immediately before you / Feeling disgruntled; refusing to budge; prying into somebody else's business; feeling superior; accepting something despite not liking it (holding your nose); dishonesty; controlling behavior (being led by the nose); snobbishness (nose in the air); self-sabotage (cutting the nose to spite the face) / Wordplay on 'knows'
Dropping a facade; revealing your true nature / Expression of natural feelings or a desire to be intimate; the bare essentials / If anxious: Fear of exposing your true feelings; feeling vulnerable; fear that people may not accept you as you are
Numbers have either personal or symbolic significance depending on how they relate to surrounding aspects in a dream. Very big numbers suggest much of yourself is involved in whatever symbol appears in quantity (for all other numbers, see specific entries in the dictionary) / If generic: A sense that time is running out; needing to make a calculated move / (see MATHEMATICS)
Self-diagnosis; trying to bring something back to health (e.g. revitalize a relationship, belief, goal, etc.) / Wanting to be nurtured or taken care of; being dedicated to something or someone / A medical issue that needs attention
Crazy, funny, or foolish behavior / Feeling passionate about something / Self-protection; stubbornness



O symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Shaping your basic nature through personal effort / Creative or sexual energy wishing to leave its mark
A hindrance; something that causes uncertainty or prevents you from moving forward in life (inhibitions, fears, beliefs, etc.)
Vast, overwhelming feelings; applying enormous emotional energy to something / Your soul; inner wisdom / (see WATER)
Being productive; working hard to achieve something; intellectual energy being applied to something; a preoccupation / Your feelings about work, your profession, or how you structure your time
Your relationship with authority; your sense of right and wrong / Sanctioning something; attempting to coordinate or direct some function within yourself
Seeking to relieve or heal a psychic wound; something that applies to your needs or situation / (see MEDICINE)
Something or someone associated with the past; former times; what has been established and well worn within you through the course of time / Something that no longer serves your interests; old-fashioned behaviors or beliefs / If old people: Wisdom; tradition; past experience; grandparents / If old building: A past way of life, or former life with another person / If old things, furniture: Outworn activities, ideas or beliefs
Seeking peace, wanting to make peace / Feeling like the pits; being 'pressed' for something (time, knowledge, an answer, etc.) / (see FOOD)
New beginnings; unity; wholeness; independence; individuality; leadership / Concerned with winning or being the first at something; loneliness; favoritism; something that is unique or is noticeably different; wanting to stand out
Attempting to extricate yourself from an unhealthy emotion or attitude; removing or repairing something in your life; damage control / Fear of illness or poor health / If operating machinery: Something that is currently in use or in effect; planning an activity or course of action; maneuvering
Warmth; vibrancy; stimulation; attraction; encouragement; sexual energy; shrewdness; ambition / Your social side
Bringing different aspects of yourself together (mind, body, spirit, etc.) into one harmonious whole / Social cooperation; becoming attune to other people's needs; synchronizing or arranging events / (see MUSIC, THEATER)
Your sexual energy; a creative breakthrough / An attempt to satisfy sexual or creative needs that are denied or repressed in waking life / (see SEX)
Overindulgence; an exaggerated expression of a need for sex; acting out a sexual fantasy / (see SEX)
Feeling unloved, abandoned or rejected; separation of any kind
Gestation of a concept; pregnancy; trying to rise to the occasion / Transforming unpalatable situations or feelings into ones that are easier to 'digest'; rising feelings that need to be assimilated; heated situations or emotions; feeling 'burned' by someone
Seeking wisdom; learning to discern rather than judge



P symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Feelings you are 'wrapped' up in that have yet to be explored; an impression you want to give out to others, or impressions you receive from others but do not fully understand / A surprise; acquiring new information; the revelation of a secret
Attempting to organize your thoughts and feelings in preparation for change, or the next stage of life / Giving up; letting go of emotional baggage; trying to contain yourself / (see LUGGAGE)
What 'colors' your view of things; showing or not showing your true colors; the impression you give to others; wanting to add color to your life; changing your tone / If artistic: Creativity; a desire to express yourself; a picture of your inner situation / (see ART)
Being receptive to new ideas or feelings; something that has succeeded or 'panned out' / Something that is unlikely to last; trying to maintain focus while things are in motion; being severely critical of something or someone
Dealing with surface issues rather than facing potentially greater, underlying truths / Seeking support or connection
Lack of control; confusion; inability to make a quick or accurate decision
Being in charge; dominance (who 'wears the pants'); masculinity; socialized sexuality; protecting your standing / Something carried out to the extreme; exerting yourself; having a frantic desire for something or someone
Communication; looking for a means of self-expression or something that establishes your identity / Coming to an agreement; formalizing a plan; having a theory that has yet to be tested; flimsy ideas; finding evidence of a pattern / If blank: Unexpressed sentiments or ideas; feeling a lack of communication with someone / If wrapping paper: Depending on the color or quality, how you feel others see you; the exterior impression you are getting or giving in a relationship / (see LETTER, BOOK, WRITING)
Trying to establish your identity by displaying assets, skills; celebrating your achievements / Being a showoff; having fun at someone else's expense; spoiling the show
Extreme fear, guilt, indecision, etc. that prevents you from moving forward in life; avoiding responsibility; adopting a stance of extreme resistance to something; withdrawing from life
Something draining your energy; interactions that makes you feel uncomfortable or ashamed; selfish behavior; feeling that others are leeching off you; feeling that you are, or someone else is, too needy or dependent in a relationship
A temporary respite from reality; needing to meditate or renew your energy; readjusting after a serious personal conflict or the ending of a passionate affair; something or someone classified as high maintenance / If lost: Struggling with relationship or other issues; feeling alienated by someone
A period of indecision; trying to find your place in life; feeling stuck in daily routines; lack of movement / (see GARAGE)
Your social skill; how you relate to people in groups; social pleasures; cheerfulness / Being involved in something willingly or unwillingly (being a party to it) / If hosting: Your relationship with different aspects of self; what you offer others / If the guest of honor: Wanting social acclaim or love; feeling loved
Letting circumstances carry you along, either because you are passively allowing them to or because you feel powerless to change / Handing your responsibilities over to others; being dependent on or motivated by someone else's viewpoints; allowing a secondary part of self (such as pride) direct your decisions
Revealing a lack of maturity with respect to the emotion associated with that color / A new emergence or revival of a feeling associated with that color (see individual colors)
Your approach to life, relationships, work, etc. (the condition of the path offers further clues) / A course of action or line of thought you are currently following / If a garden path: Feeling misguided or deceived
Habits or patterns of behavior that need altering / Trying to create order out of chaos; coming up with a cohesive plan or model from which to operate / The detail and form of the pattern may offer further clues
Something wonderful / Health, wholesomeness; your inner glow / (see FOOD)
Inner wisdom; transforming long-term irritations into valuable life lessons / Cultivating your inner treasures; polishing your skills; a bright idea that is worth cultivating / Pregnancy / If enclosed in a shell: Hidden beauty; self-doubt
Placing a great deal of importance on something; being in a position of importance or superiority / If observing someone on a pedestal: Feeling dominated or inferior / If you're on the pedestal: Wanting to be noticed or considered important
Making slow but steady progress / Something that is dull or lacking in originality
Desire to communicate more effectively; expressing yourself in an assertive or confident manner; seeking a permanent solution / Feeling restricted or hemmed in; confining yourself to certain ideas or beliefs
Expressing thoughts or ideas, knowing they can be retracted or changed / Sharpening your skills; something that is being pointed out to you; wanting to erase a bad decision or mistake
Drive, power, potency, strength, ambition, confidence, ego / Sexual flow; creative expression / If female: Your relationship with, or desire for, a mate; relating to your masculine side / If small or flaccid: Low self-esteem; feeling emasculated or sexually incapacitated; being too passive; experiencing sexual guilt / If enormous: Being egocentric, shallow, or overly aggressive
Your thoughts / Being cautious with money / Handling small issues wisely and large ones foolishly / (see COINS, MONEY)
Interaction with aspects of self; humanity as a whole / Loss of individuality; an abdication of personal responsibility by going along with the majority / If several people: Involvement of many aspects of self; social ability / If a large crowd: Enormous involvement of self in an issue; feeling of being scrutinized or on display
Wanting to add a little spice or zest to your life / Being hot-tempered or irritable
Feminine energy; something alluring; indulging in pleasures
Desire for companionship, affection, or loyalty; feeling dependent upon someone else's wishes, or 'trained' to behave a certain way; natural drives that have been tamed or domesticated; reevaluating your object of affection / Sulking over something 'petty'; wanting to be pampered
Memories; a longing for the past; wanting to be remembered or noticed; wanting things to stay the same; your self-image or the image you have of others; the way you see things / If taking a photo: Developing awareness; taking notice of something; events that you want to distance yourself from or are focused on / (see BLACK & WHITE, COLOR)
Inner harmony; getting in tune with yourself; recognizing the 'key' issue; being tolerant / Discordance; off-key remarks; seeing things in 'black and white'; feeling strung out
A need to be humble or feeling humiliated; accomplishing something with ease (easy as pie); something that is unrealistic (pie in the sky); having a stake in something (finger in the pie); sensual enjoyment; sexual openness / The type of pie offers further clues (e.g. apple pie may remind you of home) / (see FOOD)
Getting to the point of a current situation; penetrating thoughts or emotions coming through to you; exposing something for what it truly is
Overindulgence; greed; being directed by physical needs rather than spiritual ones; stubbornness; uncouth behavior; something that is in a poor state and needs to be cleaned up / Something that makes you happy despite its flaws; being content
Collection of thoughts and feelings that need to be processed, sorted out, or discarded (what the pile contains offers a clue) / Hoarding; stacking the deck in your favor; taking on too many things at once
An experience you are making yourself meet because you think it's good for you; something you 'swallow' (pride, opinions of people, etc.) in order to make peace / An attempt to heal internal feelings through external means; taking preventative measures / (see MEDICINE, DRUG)
Support; strength / Counting on someone else to provide your strength or support / Moving from one problem to another
Comfort; support; looking for more intimacy with your partner / A need for rest, tenderness, or softness
Affection, health, freshness / If very pale: Baby feelings, weakness; superficial feelings, pleasantness
Channeling your energy, or blocking the flow / Speaking up, being heard, expressing yourself / An impossible goal; coming to terms with the truth; making peace
Needing to extract yourself from a situation in order to see the bigger picture / A desire to escape from your current circumstances / Being self-absorbed, oblivious to others (living on your own planet)
Depends what it is used for in the dream. Can imply security if part of a floor, or loss of support if unattached to anything / If for making something: Potential; 'making something of yourself' / If attached above: Feeling threatened; setting up your own demise in work or a relationship / (see PANEL)
Personal development or productivity; areas of progressive change in your life; ideas or beliefs that are taking root inside / Falsely incriminating someone; laying blame on others / If dead or dying: Loss of vital enthusiasm; dying pleasure; stagnation
Something that feels shallow, fake or insincere; artificial beliefs or concerns / The ability to be flexible
Acting out a feeling or desire, depending on what the 'game' is - can be as simple as a need for fun or suggest something more serious: Playing hard to get, playing dumb, playing fair, playing the field, playing along, playing it cool, playing it by ear, playing your cards right, playing no part in it, playing with fire, playing dead, playing hooky, rough play, child's play, foul play, etc.
Willing or unwilling descent into the depths of your unconscious / (see WATER)
Your personal thoughts or secrets; hidden talents; a sense of ownership; what you possess / Opportunism or betrayal (lining your pockets); a sure bet (in the pocket); being under someone's control (in their pocket); feeling shortchanged or in debt (out of pocket); spending too extravagantly (money burning a hole in your pocket), etc.
Something that is sabotaging your well-being (harmful attitudes, emotions, beliefs, etc.) / Unsuitable relationships; toxic behavior
Being held up or holding off / Male sexuality; phallic symbol / Wordplay on 'poll'
Seeking support or protection; a desire to take control, create structure, or adhere to socially acceptable rules of behavior; your conscience; a sense of duty or responsibility; issues with authority / If being chased: Feeling guilty over something you have done; being intimidated by something or someone
Cleaning up your act; buffing up your knowledge or skills / Putting the shine back in your life; renewing luster; putting your best foot forward
Your inner world of thoughts, fantasies and feelings / Lack of a spiritual outlet (man-made or conventional ideals are restricting your spiritual flow) / Gathering your resources / (see WATER, SWIMMING)
Your social personality; how you portray yourself to others / If enclosed: A tendency to distance yourself from others; a desire for privacy / If open: Having an outgoing nature or welcoming attitude
Lack of intimacy; shallow unions / Fear of exposing part of yourself; sexual guilt
Filled with enthusiasm, excitement, or ideas; trying to maintain focus while things are in motion / Anger or frustration; reaching a 'boiling point' / May be a reference to marijuana
Being lazy or inactive; feeling 'fried' / A delicate or awkward situation; a 'half-baked' plan; carrying a 'chip' on your shoulder / (see FOOD)
Drives or opinions you are being shaped by; something that you need to 'shape up'
Gestating a new idea; manifesting a desire / A desire or fear of becoming pregnant
Your present concerns; needing to be fully 'present' or focused on the moment / Presenting yourself or an idea to others / (see GIFT)
Leadership, authority issues; political concerns / Character traits or feelings you associate with the person depicted in the dream
Feeling confined to a situation; limiting or restricting yourself / Self-punishment
Concerned with social formalities in interpersonal relationships / Dancing around an issue
Needing to relax or let go of activity / Feeling injured; afraid to stand up for yourself; feeling weak or tired; introversion; retreating from the world; non-involvement; waiting; sex / Having a tendency, being 'prone' to certain feelings, reactions, etc.
Gaining momentum; the driving force behind something / Going in circles
Fantasizing about being sexually uninhibited; wanting to break away from moral restrictions; sexual neediness unconnected to feelings of care or respect; being indiscriminate / Selling yourself short, or out / If dreamer is male: Being ill at ease about sexual practices; wishing a woman was more available, easier
(see BAR)
Being drawn to something; doing something about a situation; getting your act together; making it through a difficult time; doing your share of the work; cooperating with others / Deceit; trickery / If being pulled: Being influenced by something or someone; feeling unsupported; parts of your own nature that are at odds
Your identity; what you value and try not to lose; your inner resources; generosity / Concerned with financial security or wealth / Expressing doubt or dissatisfaction
Perpetual negative thoughts that are poisoning your outlook; being infected by fear, anger, self doubt, jealousy, etc. / Inner seething over something that needs to be vented
Taking charge; being positive in what you want; exerting your will; being pushy; challenging yourself; saying or doing the right things to get what you want (pushing the right buttons) / If being pushed: Feeling coerced or taken for granted; needing encouragement; feeling stressed
Confusion; seeking a solution by putting all of the pieces together / Reaching a logical conclusion



Q symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Feeling cut off, confined, isolated, or ostracized / Something unhealthy that detains you from growing
An inner conflict or debate; inability to decide on important issues / Unexpressed anger or resentment
Your higher self (if female); mother issues; sense of duty / Wanting increased status or power; jealousy over the attention others command / (see ROYALTY, CHESS)
Uncertainty; expressing doubts about something; searching for a reasonable answer
Feeling insecure or helpless; emotions that take away your confidence / Something that gives you a 'sinking' feeling
Creative expression; skill; pulling together several seemingly unrelated components into a successful, workable whole / Trying to 'patch up' a relationship or other difficulty / (see BLANKET)
(see TEST)



R symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Dreams that focus on a race other than your own suggest that you are measuring yourself against other people or want to find common ground / Could also symbolize the human race; humanitarianism; finding your ancestral roots; believing that success lies in getting ahead of other people; rivalry; equality / (see ACCENT)
Moving too fast; feeling pressure to solve something quickly / Rivalry, competition; believing that success lies in getting ahead of others
Feeling ragged or unkempt / Complaining
Something barring you from success; wanting support or security / Complaining bitterly; being highly resistant
An emotional process or outpouring; something that takes away your enthusiasm or spoils your mood; being thrown into something suddenly; postponing an action; sweating it out; wanting to precipitate something / (see WATER)
Harmony, balance; feeling lucky or blessed / New hope emerging triumphantly from a difficult period; having, or wanting, a colorful personality or lifestyle
Feeling abused, disrespected, violated or drained; feeling anxious about your own sexuality; feeling another person is disregarding your personal needs or feelings; reliving traumatic memories associated with an actual rape / If you are the rapist: Knowingly taking advantage of someone or violating their trust
Feeling irritated; being impatient or hasty; acting without thinking / Something that produced a strong or marked effect on you; an outbreak of unexpected and unpleasant instances taking their toll on you
Pestering issues that gnaw at you; decaying conditions; self-destructive behavior / Betrayal, distrust / Needing to take some time out from the 'rat race'; adapting to harsh circumstances
Making contact; attempting to grasp, control, or impact a situation or person / Reaching an understanding; extending yourself; requesting assistance
Assessing a situation; scanning internal memory for information; figuring out the hidden meaning behind something; reading too much into something; expanding your knowledge; needing to be heard
Passion, heated emotions, sexuality / A warning signal; something that restricts progress (red tape); being in debt (in the red); embarrassment (red-faced); following a bad lead (red herring); feeling appreciated or welcomed (red carpet), etc.
Cooling down your emotions; a romance that is cooling off; needing to chill out; being frigid sexually or emotionally / Something you want to preserve or put in 'cold storage'
Your basic reactions, such as fight or flight, attraction or repulsion, need for food, sex, etc. / Primitive behaviors; survival instincts / (see SNAKE, LIZARD, FROG)
Getting yourself out of a bad situation or state of mind / If being rescued: Something or someone who intervenes in your life to change your mood or direction; being reliant on others for your survival needs / If rescuing others: Feeling responsible for another's needs; taking control of your own needs / If rescuing an animal: The effort you make in dealing with a difficult feeling or relationship
Abandoning a commitment or hope
Hunger for company or social interaction; feeling overwhelmed by decisions or choices that you need to make; seeking a nourishing atmosphere / Searching for emotional or sexual satisfaction; wanting controlled intimacy / (see FOOD)
A setback; needing to take a step back and rethink your situation / Backpedalling, retracting; wanting to distance yourself from a situation
Going in circles, not making progress / Coming full circle, completing a cycle
The dominant, confident, action-oriented side of yourself / Your conscious side - the external world of activity and environment; sanity; your ability to reason or think logically / The correct action to take (right choice); something that needs to be attended to immediately (right away); needing to correct something (make it right); something you approve of or makes total sense (right on); being conservative or acting in accordance with accepted standards / (see LEFT SIDE)
What you are attached to or engaged in; making contact; coming full circle; unity / If a wedding ring: The state of your relationship; your feelings about commitment / If an heirloom: Your family's influence; vague memories / If a noise: Something that rings true to you; something taking its toll or causing alarm / Wordplay on 'wring'
Feelings that flow through you; being immersed in something (are you floating along, jumping in, drowning, afraid to get wet, resisting the current, channeling your energy, or simply watching life flow past?); wanting unconditional love / If dry: Emotional detachment; a situation that has run its course; lack of positive energy
The direction or approach you are taking in life, love, work, etc. - Are you at a crossroads? Putting the road behind you? Reaching the end of the road? On the road to recovery? Taking the easy road? Going the wrong way? Sidetracked? Paving the way? / Your method of travel provides further clues (e.g. walking barefooted may represent slow progress or making life unnecessarily difficult for yourself) / (see CAR)
Emotional deadness; controlled behavior; lacking soul / Living on autopilot; being mindless or thoughtless; wanting control
Looking for stability; something you can depend on or is built to last; a solid, dependable person / Needing to make a tough decision and feeling stuck; somebody who is emotionless or impenetrable; keeping things calm or stirring things up (rocking the boat); sinking into depression or reaching a new low (hitting rock bottom); seeking comfort or wanting to be soothed (rocking); physical endurance; creative expression (rock & roll), etc.
Your frame of mind; seeking protection; something barring you from higher consciousness; extreme anger (going through the roof) / If on a roof: Reaching a high point in understanding; having high expectations; feeling ungrounded
Your inner contents; particular aspects of your personality or feelings you contain (warm, spacious, cold, sinister, etc.) / Allowing yourself room to grow; making room for others / If finding extra rooms: Discovering previously unknown aspects of self / (see HOUSE, LIVING ROOM, BEDROOM, etc.)
Feeling tied down or held back; terminating something for good; gathering or holding something together; gaining new experience or skills (learning the ropes); letting someone fail through their own actions (give them enough rope)
Love, beauty, cheerfulness / Romance (could be 'thorny' or in 'full bloom'); expecting a good outcome (coming up roses); feeling comfortable or at ease (bed of roses); finding your inner beauty or appreciating someone else's / The color and condition of the rose offers further clues
Allowing something to decay or fall to pieces; neglecting something; losing your moral values / Nonsense, rubbish
A decision you've made; the road taken / If regularly traveled: A routine; something that is familiar to you / Wordplay for 'root'
Organization, discipline, orderliness, neatness / Emotional progress; propelling yourself forward / Inner conflict or strife; a noisy disturbance
A feeling or drive ruling your life; expecting special treatment / Aspiring to fame or greatness; seeking attention or accolades; wanting somebody to bow to your wishes; grandiosity / (see KING, QUEEN)
Emotions, passion, sympathy / Extending yourself to others / (see JEWELS)
Self-sabotage; punishment you unconsciously feel you deserve for an act or desire that causes guilt; looking back on the negative areas of your life / Failure of plans; something that is not likely to be successful; deliberately spoiling something
If running toward something: Exuberance; feeling easily motivated; wanting to sustain something; trying to keep pace with others; needing to take things in stride; having a 'run-in' with someone / If running away: Avoiding your fears; not meeting problems in a way that will solve them; feelings of guilt / If experiencing difficulty running: Feeling worn out; anxiety over situations that are not running smoothly; running out of options
Negligence; something that has deteriorated with age; forgotten or underutilized skills; fear of aging; trying to weather through a tough time



S symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Martyrdom; feeling unappreciated or unworthy / Overcoming pride; giving up something that was once important but no longer serves your best interest; making a tough choice
Taking charge; being in control / A burden; riding on someone else's reputation
Your ability to traverse the storms and calms of life; actively exploring your emotions, weathering through them / Deciding on a course of action; needing to change course or adopt a different tack; wanting to achieve something with minimal effort / Weather conditions offer further clues
Someone seeking to influence you; buying into an idea; being willing or unwilling to pay the price for something you want; selling yourself short / Your business sense; personal assets / (see SELL)
Adding flavor to something that is bland; aggravating a situation; making a pain worse (rubbing salt in the wound); not trusting something fully (taken with a grain of salt) / Tears; sorrow / Reliable, honest, trustworthy, hardworking (salt of the earth)
The passage of time; something temporary or unreliable / Lack of security; friction; wanting to smooth things over or avoid the rough edges; failing to acknowledge an issue; letting something or someone slip through your fingers
Luxury / Something that soothes you, touches you; something that runs smoothly
Reshaping old attitudes or beliefs; something you have observed but are not acknowledging; revisiting a failure or decision too many times, not being able to let go of it; waiting to see how things shape up; indecision (seesaw) / Sex as the relationship meets hesitations; masturbation / Could be related to snoring or sleep
Weighing your options; striking a balance; measuring the importance of something; the degree of something (on a small or grand scale); something that has a major or deciding influence (tips the scales); concerns about your weight / Judgment; law; seeking justice / If fish scales: Protection; camouflage; something that has been neglected; pestilence
Revisiting negative memories; influences still remaining from a past hurt; something that has been permanently damaged; feeling wounded
Stifling yourself; failing to communicate the truth / Craving something; wanting immediate satisfaction
Intuitions or hunches that summarize how you feel about a situation (life 'stinks', something smells 'fishy', the 'sweet' smell of success, etc.) Scents also serve as reminders of people, places or things / Searching or investigating (sniffing out); following your instincts
Your internal learning process; studying yourself / Habits of behavior, feelings, choices, or drives developed in your school years; experiencing a learning curve in the 'school of life'
Intellectual curiosity; analyzing the deeper aspects of a situation; applying critical thought to something; experimenting / Fear of critical people, or of looking at yourself analytically
Feeling cut off or disconnected; enforcing separation / Cutting something down, reducing its impact; being sharp; cutting through the crap / Shaping thoughts or emotions; patterns you've created
Heated emotions; fear of getting 'burned' by someone
Aggravating a situation / Coming up with a brand new plan (starting from scratch) or abandoning an old one (scratching it); thinking something over (scratching your head); not seeing an underlying issue (scratching the surface)
Self-protection; reviewing something before proceeding; wanting privacy / Deception; separating yourself from reality; putting up a front
Messing up, failing at something / Distorting something; using force or coercion to get what you want (or it being used against you); feeling screwed over / Feeling insane or unstable; not holding it together / Sex
(see OCEAN)
Attempting to find something (a past way of life, an old love, an answer to a pressing problem, etc.) / A feeling of having lost something (youth, sex appeal, motivation, etc.)
Figuring out the proper timing for something; something that's readily available (in season) / Adding zest to something or reducing its harshness / (see SPRING, SUMMER, AUTUMN, WINTER, SALT, PEPPER)
Controlling your emotions / Bracing yourself for what lies ahead; surviving the impact of an emotional injury that you feel is inevitable
Unconscious thoughts being revealed; hidden parts of yourself / Concerned that others are not telling you the full story
Avoidance of painful or difficult feelings; an attempt to relieve anxiety, fear, guilt or grief / (see DRUG, MEDICINE, PILL)
Sexual drives that have not matured into satisfactory expression in your relationship with a real partner; damaging your reputation by giving false impressions to those who count / Fantasy of being loved
Something new germinating inside you (an idea, emotion, belief, hope, etc.); something that has potential for growth / Doubting something or someone
An exchange of ideas or energy; a convincing argument; profiting from information (what is being sold offers a clue) / Self-worth; paying the price for an action; selling yourself short; letting go of something that is no longer valuable / Betrayal (selling someone down the river); insincerity (selling a bag of goods)
Feeling inferior; serving others; wanting your needs served; being pampered / Waiting for something to happen; keeping others waiting
Spirituality; human wholeness; perfection; faith; sensitivity; healing / Being naturally philosophical; acting as a healer
A reflection of your sexual satisfaction (or dissatisfaction) in waking life; sexual inhibitions or limitations that you place on yourself in waking life that can safely be expressed in a dream / Consider the setting or drama the sexual element occurs in for further clues / (see ORGASM, PENIS, VAGINA, PROSTITUTE, LOVER, KISS, etc.)
Past experiences or beliefs shading your present point of view; something that alters your perspective or opinion / Protection; concealment
Unknown or 'darker' aspects of self; undiscovered potential within / Feeling that you are being overshadowed by something or someone
Visual presentations of your internal structure or mood / Needing to get your act together (shape up); being out of shape / (see CIRCLE, SQUARE, SPIRAL, SHELL, PATTERN)
Feeling threatened, vulnerable, or victimized / Preying on others; staying in motion
How you express love; your outward beauty; what you seek in a romantic partnership, or the condition of an existing one / (see BED)
Putting on a hard facade to conceal your inner softness; the defensive covering you use to avoid hurt; fear of becoming vulnerable / Withdrawing from the outside world; being tightlipped; protecting a secret; feeling bombarded
Putting a lot of personal energy into something; new information coming to light
Your journey through the sea of life; how well you navigate through the rough and smooth parts, especially in terms of emotions / Undergoing major transformations; processing large emotional issues / If sinking: Feeling overwhelmed by life; fear of a relationship ending / (see CRUISE, OCEAN)
Issues related to the heart; feelings and emotions; an emotion you connect to someone else / Your status or the status you give to others; being generous (giving shirt off back); acting shallow or snobbish (stuffed shirt); financial risks (losing your shirt); being impatient (shirt in a knot) / (see CLOTHING)
Your position in life; the condition of your chosen direction / Needing to seize opportunities when they present themselves (if the shoe fits); viewing something from a different perspective (in their shoes); taking over for someone else (filling their shoes); etc. / Consider the type of shoe and its condition for further clues
Anger; fear or defense against meeting feelings / Aiming for a specific target, goal or idea / Talking without thinking (shooting your mouth off); ruining your chances (shooting yourself in the foot); getting nowhere (shooting blanks); success that fades quickly (shooting star); something that is too easy (shooting fish in a barrel), etc.
Your current needs or desires; something you are looking for or want to equip yourself with; seeking self-definition; buying the affection of others / Consider the type of shop and goods being offered for further clues
Feeling inferior or demeaned; not being in a position to see the full picture / Something you've considered briefly or that will last only a short time; something imminent, arriving shortly; acting short with someone
A traumatic injury to your feelings; something that is worn out or broken / Taking a wild guess (shot in the dark); attempting something new (give it a shot); trying your best; being the decision-maker (calling the shots); needing energy or encouragement (shot in the arm); being adept (a good shot); feeling worn out, etc.
Feeling the weight of responsibilities; carrying blame; needing comfort or support; working hard at something
Making room for something; clearing the path; digging deep within yourself / Covering up something you can't face; digging up dirt on someone
Cleansing or rejuvenating yourself (emotionally, spiritually, etc.); something pouring down on you (praise, compliments, negativity, etc.) / (see WATER)
Embarrassment; lack of confidence; feeling 'small' or insignificant; psychological issues that you feel require a 'head shrink' / Returning to a childhood feeling state; something that is becoming less threatening or interesting; reducing something powerful into a manageable size
Qualities you associate with an actual sibling; feelings of kinship or sense of rivalry / If older: Experience; your capable outgoing self / If younger: Vulnerable feelings; yourself at that age
Supportive feelings; wanting someone to agree with you, or be 'on your side'; taking sides; looking at secondary options; getting sidetracked; camaraderie; seeing another side of yourself or someone else (e.g. the dark side or flip side)
Receiving a message (words or symbols on the sign offer important clues) / Saying goodbye to something (sign off); enlisting or applying for something (sign up)
Your identity; endorsing or committing yourself to something / If signing a document, the parties involved may provide further clues
Disallowance or lack of communication / Not wanting to be noticed, avoiding attention; being withdrawn, inexpressive or afraid of judgment / Seeking peace, meditating
Sensuality; softness; luxury / Wanting something to go smoothly or smooth over; wanting to be suave / Protecting yourself from a harsh or unfriendly environment
Worthiness; preciousness / Something of value to personal development; feeling privileged; looking on the bright side / Tarnished feelings; aging; looking for a quick fix
Expressing your inner feelings; being in tune with life / Tired routines or excuses (singing the same old song); 'off-key' remarks
Feeling disheartened / Tapping into your emotions (going with the flow, feeling clogged up, being turned 'on' or 'off', acting like a 'drip', etc.); being well-equipped; facing a challenge (sink or swim)
Despairing; losing ground; losing confidence; giving up / (see MUD, WATER, EARTH)
Your present situation or position you hold / Waiting; being uninvolved (sitting back); being noncommittal (sitting on the fence); feeling vulnerable (sitting duck); judging someone or self (sitting in judgment); being in a favorable position (sitting pretty); needing to relax / If sitting up: Taking notice; becoming more involved
Harmony; happiness; love; compassion; imagination; sex / Having vision; a magnetic or well-loved person; choosing between two equals or something that is nearly the same
The importance you place on something, or what feeling impact it has on you; measuring yourself in relationship to the person or object depicted
The death of a relationship or empty phase of life; something that is not fully developed; unresolved issues (skeletons in the closet); mortality / Looking at the 'bare bones' of a situation, gaining deeper insight / (see BONES)
Your contact with the outside world; what tactics you use to deal with others; feeling sensations / Seeing beyond facades; being more sensitive towards others; feeling irritated or annoyed; finding different ways of doing things; taking a risk; accomplishing something by a narrow margin; feeling threatened, etc. / If shedding: Changing an old attitude or way of life
Signals you send out; what you convey to others / Overt sexuality (the color, style and length offer further clues about what is being done with sexuality in a social sense) / Avoiding or 'skirting' an issue
Your potential / Freedom; life without limits; aiming high; your spiritual connection; something heavenly or expansive / Expressing your mood (sunny, gray, stormy, clear, etc.)
Social embarrassment
Not using (or unaware of) your own power; being subservient, allowing others to control you; feeling chained down by something; being unable to shake off old beliefs or habits; lack of self-worth; feeling demeaned
To dream of sleeping, trying to sleep, or pretending to sleep is an ego defense mechanism - an attempt to avoid becoming aware of subjects the unconscious has made apparent in the dream / Needing to let go of an issue (put it to sleep); being sexually indiscriminate (sleeping around); needing time before making a decision (sleep on it), etc.
A cover up; holding something back / Overtly expressing your emotions (wearing your heart on your sleeve) / If rolling up your sleeves: Preparing for an important or difficult task
Feeling imbalanced, out of control / A mistake or oversight; forgetfulness; talking without thinking; releasing yourself from an obligation or ignoring it; letting something go, perhaps unintentionally; choosing a dangerous path; not performing as well as you are capable of
Something that is not significant or important; outgrowing something / Feeling inferior, inadequate, embarrassed, or shamed / Being judgmental, belittling others
Feeling confused or hazy; something that has dissipated or gone 'up in smoke' / Giving out false impressions, diverting attention from the real issue / Communication; signals, warnings / Ritualistic behavior; destructive habits
Transformation from one state to another (could be bad or good, as snakes carry both healing and poisonous energy); choosing an indirect route or being unfocused / Sexuality; sexual energy; temptation; being afraid of your own power; feeling 'coiled up' or ready to strike out / Sneaky characters; nasty gossip
Unable to breathe easy about something / Resistant to letting go of old patterns / Boredom
Rejuvenation, purification, peacefulness; wanting a fresh start / Emotional coldness; chilled feelings / Trickery; feeling ripped off; something that has very little chance of success, or could potentially grow larger and get out of hand (snowball)
Feeling you need to 'clean up your act' in some way / Sense of guilt over not being truthful, needing to 'come clean'; clearing away negative or impure thoughts / Feeling self-important or preaching to others (on a soapbox); being melodramatic
Protecting your foundation, what you stand for; insulating yourself from something that could harm your standing / Being hit with big news; delivering or sustaining an emotional blow (as in socking or being socked)
(see COUCH)
Applying strength and self-discipline to meet internal conflicts; carrying on despite adverse circumstances / Feeling bound by social or personal restrictions, or a sense of duty; controlling or being controlled; ranking yourself against others / If united: Being willing to face internal conflicts or pain; going along with the crowd / If opposing: Things you feel in conflict with; an internal war of emotions
Your relationship with an actual son; your extroverted self / If female: Your ambitions; potential; hopes / If male: Yourself at that age; envy of youth and opportunities; rivalry / Wordplay on 'sun'
Self-expression, inspiration; merriment, joy / Tired excuses or routines (singing the same old song) / If a known song: Consider the lyrics or your history with the song to gain further insight
Things that have gone awry / Getting to the bottom of something, finding the underlying cause
Possibly an obvious statement that you need more 'space' in life or a relationship; wanting to escape the confines of daily existence; expanding your frame of reference / If floating in space: Lack of direction; feeling ungrounded
Looking to express yourself; a need for communication; receiving a message (pay attention to the words being said)
Feeling out of control or unable to cope with events; growing anxiety or intensity of feelings / Being impatient; high expectations not being met; making hasty decisions
Irrational fears or heightened sensitivity; dependent emotions or conflicts you feel 'caught in'; connections to your mother; acquiring information by snooping; a person or situation that is 'creepy' / Being industrious; being patient; achieving balance / (see WEB)
Feeling overwhelmed or confused; going in circles / The byproduct or consequence of something that you're doing; a side effect / Twisting facts in order to sway someone's opinion
Evolution, development, flow; movement towards greater awareness and insight; positive energy / Something that has become twisted or distorted; things you repeat over and over, like habits; lack of progress; negative energy; anxiety
Absorbing or comprehending something; attempting to 'clean up' your act; parasitical behavior (sponging off someone)
Doing something gradually or slowly; receiving or providing information in small doses / Wanting preferential treatment, or giving special privileges to someone (silver spoon) / Depending on others to provide you with nourishment or stimulation; feeling responsible for the welfare of others
Competition; cooperation / Internal struggles where one part of your psyche or personality is attempting to 'win' over another / Your attitude (e.g. being a good sport or a spoilsport); playing 'mind games'; boasting; pride / Your personal association with the sport in question provides further clues / (see BALL GAMES, GOLF, TENNIS, etc.)
Your feelings about an actual marriage; how you relate to intimacy in body, mind and spirit; sexual or emotional desires; habits of relationship developed with your own parent
New beginnings; a time of growth; youthfulness / Something sudden or unexpected; an emotion springing up inside you
Covert behavior; invading someone's privacy; meddling with things that are not your business / Feeling spied upon
Stability; reality; physical experience; fairness; balance / Someone who lacks sophistication (a square); being open and honest (on the square); paying what you owe (squaring up); going back to where you started (square one); fairness or value (square deal), etc.
Feeling wounded by someone else's remarks or actions; betrayal / Attempting something (taking a stab at it)
A stage of your life; planning or organizing something / Being overly dramatic; putting on an act / (see THEATER)
Taking steps towards something; making progress or falling behind / A rise or fall in understanding (reaching clarity or having setbacks); a rise or fall in status by your own estimation; feeling uplifted or downtrodden / (see SPIRAL)
Persistent problems or prevailing difficulties that you have been unable to shed
Approval; acknowledging something as being valid; something that is permanently fixed in your memory / Repressing, crushing, or destroying something
A statement or declaration of what you believe in or represent (what you stand for), requiring expenditure of effort / Your standing in society / Facing a challenge; enduring or tolerating something; something that is noticeably different (stands out); being unfriendly (standoffish); viewing something from a different perspective / If having difficulty: Something you dislike greatly (can't stand); backing off (standing down)
Hopes or wishes / Your spiritual connection; intuitions about the cosmos; sense of destiny / Wanting to stand out; desire for fame or recognition
Being afraid to express yourself; being stiff or inflexible; fear of moving forward in life; feeling that someone is acting unresponsive or cold; deadened emotions or indifference
Taking something (love, money, opportunity) under false pretenses; something that draws your attention or focuses on you (stealing the show); moving quietly or in a stealthy manner (stealing away) / If being stolen from: Feeling cheated or unloved / Wordplay on 'steel'
Lack of warmth or emotion; being totally inflexible / Something that is resilient, durable, or strong; reinforcing something; being resolved / Wordplay on 'steal'
A focus on detail; progress defined in a clear series of 'steps' / Being cautious (watch your step); doing something that is inappropriate or disrespectful (stepping out of line); hurting or offending somebody (stepping on their toes); resigning or not getting in the way (stepping aside); increasing the pace (stepping on it) / (see STAIRCASE)
Something evident or worthy of notice (sticks out) / Branches of your life that were not developed, left to wither, and broke off; feeling stuck / Wanting to make something permanent; people, feelings or ideas you are attached to
Hardness; loss of feeling; blocking or preventing something; feeling 'stoned' or out of it; acknowledging your own flaws / Doing your utmost in examining a situation (leaving no stone unturned); something that is close by (a stone's throw); trying to accomplish an impossible task (blood from a stone)
Getting to know all 'departments' within yourself; great inner resources and opportunities for growth available to you if you learn where to look / What is 'in store' for you / Compartmentalizing problems; hoarding; safeguarding / (see SHOP)
An unknown, unfamiliar aspect of self; parts you avoid 'meeting' in everyday life
Testing the limits of something, or making it go further than it was originally intended to / Needing to increase your capacity (stretch yourself) or feeling overworked (stretched too thin) / Embellishment (stretching the facts) / The final part of a journey or project (home stretch)
Attempting to make something secure; wanting to mend a situation or relationship; trying to hold something together / Feeling bound or tied down; complications or conditions attached to something; a sequence of events / Pretending that you believe something (stringing along); needing to 'pull a few strings' to get something off the ground; being reactive or 'high strung'; being kept 'dangling', etc.
Undergoing a learning curve; giving careful thought to something; committing something to memory / Something carefully practiced or contrived
Feeling restricted or stifled; an inability to communicate thoughts, feelings, or desires; lack of self-expression / Inner panic; warns to get out of a bad relationship or other constrictive situation that is closing in
The sweetness of life; pleasure; romance / Being complimentary but insincere; a relationship that is starting to decay; a substitution for love / (see CANDY)
What you carry inside yourself, such as longings, attitudes, fears / A desire for independence or to go somewhere
Adulthood; reaching maturity; projects coming to fruition / Extroversion, warmth, joy, brightness
The conscious mind / Brightness, joy, growth, outwardness / Taking advantage of a good situation / Wordplay on 'son'
Completion of a cycle; a verdict being reached / Ending; aging; winding down
Having a wide variety of options; wanting to make healthy choices / (see MARKET, SHOP)
Bogged down by feelings that undermine your confidence or well-being; absence of clarity or vision
A sense of having your individual identity (ego) smothered or overwhelmed, not only by the external world of public opinion and expectations, but also by the interests and demands of your unconscious mind
Clearing away mental or emotional clutter; developing a fresh attitude; being thorough / Avoidance; going against your intuition; getting 'swept up' in something
Indulging in something pleasurable; an infatuation / (see CANDY, SUGAR)
Exploring the depths of your emotions (being comfortable or struggling, dealing with surface feelings or being totally immersed, etc.) / If drowning: A sense of 'going under' emotionally / If not getting in: Hesitation about a change; not wanting to react emotionally; avoiding a challenge / (see WATER, OCEAN, POOL, RIVER, etc.)
Something you need to factor in, or 'inject' into the situation; drawing from experience; wanting a 'quick fix' to a problem / Intercourse; sexual vigor / (see NEEDLE, MEDICINE)



T symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Delaying a decision; making an offer or proposing something; gathering information / Social and family connections; communal activity; loyalty / If dressed: Needing to address something; attempting to create a good social image / If bare: Not giving much of yourself / If broken: Dissension; something you cannot hold inside any longer
A form of self- expression. Consider the animal and what the tail is doing for further clues / Following or being followed; a choice (heads or tails); running away (hightailing it); sexual excitement (chasing tail); a situation where the minority controls the majority (tail wagging the dog); a short period of time / Wordplay on 'tale'
Self-expression; a need for communication; coming in contact with whatever is depicted
Feeling proud or superior / Feeling overshadowed or overwhelmed / Exaggerating something
Controlling your natural drives or instincts; being docile; feeling sluggish; curbing wild behavior; acting insipidly
Something or someone absorbing your energy; needing to change your 'tone,' or look beyond the surface / Vanity
Feeling confused, overwhelmed, or trapped
Defensive aggression; protecting yourself against verbal or emotional assaults / If a water tank: The womb; satisfaction; wanting to protect or contain your emotions
Feeling restricted or bound by something; wanting to mend something / Putting the pieces together; putting yourself on record / Bureaucracy (red tape)
Developing a liking for something; wanting something very badly / Operating in a socially acceptable manner; having good taste / Something you disapprove of; giving somebody a taste of their own medicine, etc.
Relaxing, taking a break; feeling satisfied; taking your time with something / Wanting good fortune to come your way; feeling fortunate
Imparting knowledge, guidance, or advice / A source of superior knowledge or wisdom; learning by example / Seeking approval; issues with authority; self-punishment
Feeling sad, torn apart, or ripped off / Severing ties to something / Rushing into something without thinking / Scolding or lecturing somebody
Adolescent behavior; growing pains / A time of uncertainty; something that is about to spring into maturity; struggling for autonomy
Your level of maturity; inner wisdom; ability to make decisions / Being well prepared (armed to the teeth); aggression (baring teeth); experiencing stress or anxiety (gritting teeth); accomplishing something by a narrow margin (by the skin of your teeth); approaching something with ferocity and force (fighting tooth and nail); extreme discomfort (setting your teeth on edge); moving into a new phase of life (teething); gossip / If teeth are falling out: Apprehension about maturing, facing independence or responsibilities / If false teeth: Lies told; not keeping spoken promises
A need to communicate with others or other parts of yourself; getting messages that you need to listen to; trying to attract someone's attention, or someone who is trying to get your attention
A reflection of your inner drama; attempting to view life objectively; broadcasting your feelings / Something that is distracting you; being passive, not getting involved / What is playing on the television offers further clues
Completion of a cycle; perfection; wholeness / Being extreme, ignoring the middle ground
Witnessing cause and effect; going back and forth on an issue; needing to assert yourself more strongly / Scoring at love; courting someone; having your needs served; taking advantage of something or someone; acing a situation, etc. / (see SPORTS)
Self-assessment; testing your will, endurance, or capability; being challenged or pushed to the limit; evaluating something (testing it out); wanting to establish credibility (acid test); feeling 'testy' / Fear of being examined too closely
If thanking someone: Acknowledging and accepting some aspect of that person within your own self
Observing how your thoughts, feelings, hopes, fears, and fantasies 'play a part' in your life; being theatrical or overly dramatizing a situation; being emotionally caught up in something / If looking at a stage: What is claiming your attention at present; assessing a new role or idea / If on stage: Going through a stage in life; wanting to be noticed or feeling publicly scrutinized
Fear that you might lose something, or that what you already have will be taken away (self-esteem, options, a lover, wealth, etc.) / Fear of being taken advantage of; feeling invaded; being too attached to material possessions / If you are the thief: Capitalizing on someone's vulnerability; leeching off others; being an opportunist; guilt over being 'needy'
An irritating; a difficult or unpleasant situation; something to be avoided, or protected from
Commonality; continuity; feeling connected to something / Close calls; opportunities that may pass if not seized upon quickly
A triangle (love triangle, mother/father/child, holy trinity, etc.) / Synthesis; movement; candidness; truth; a creative solution; balancing both good and bad
Self-expression; communication / 'Cutthroat' behavior; being reactive or critical; being forced to do something; stifled anger or creativity; fear of expressing your true thoughts or feelings; inability to accept or 'swallow' something
Releasing tension; breaking down barriers of reserve; lightening up / Something delightful or titillating; sexual pleasure; playful teasing
A period of life (past, present, or future); a particularly formative or important moment; something that occurs with frequency; concern over the timing of a situation / Something that has expired; meeting a deadline; needing to wait; being punctual; having time on your hands; your window of opportunity; the duration or term of a commitment; staying in sync; being impatient, etc. / (see DAY, NIGHT, MORNING, EVENING)
Expanding your mind; ability to be flexible; opening up to new ideas / Containing yourself; not hearing what someone has to say (tin ear); being out of practice (rusty)
Trying to re-align your energies or absorb a shock; feeling deflated or under pressure; something that is wearing you down; not getting any traction; a person or situation that is causing friction; needing to get a grip on yourself; feeling 'tired'
Needing to relieve yourself of something; flushing unwanted aspects of self; wasted efforts / (see BATHROOM)
Speech; expression of how you truly feel / Fooling around or being playful (tongue in cheek); containing yourself or remaining quiet (holding your tongue); scolding someone (a tongue lashing); being surprised or aghast (cat got your tongue)
Practical abilities you have; suggestion of things you might need to work on (e.g. hammer out a problem, cut away old attitudes, drill down to your real feelings, etc.) / Male sexuality / (see HAMMER, DRILL, SAW)
Unconscious aggression; destructive thoughts, emotions or behavior / Sexual release / Being jettisoned or shot down by someone
Related to survival, emotions, reproduction, the heart and creative processes / Feeling incapacitated; losing your head over something
Making contact; getting in touch with yourself or others; communicating your intentions or feelings; intimacy; something that rouses your emotions / Establishing a connection between two things; adding details (touching up); being sensitive (touchy); visiting an issue briefly (touching on it); grounding yourself (touching down); starting an argument or fight (touching off); being unsure of an outcome (touch and go); acting crazy (touched in the head), etc.
Recovering from an emotional upset; cleaning up a mess / Giving up, accepting defeat
A way of life; a reflection of your personal development / Working fast and hard on something (going to town); abandoning something (ghost town); the only option currently available to you (only game in town); engaging in idle gossip or rumors (talk of the town); feeling small or unimportant (one-horse town); going on a spree (painting the town red); being socially sophisticated or fashionable (man about town), etc. / (see CITY, HOMETOWN)
Childhood attitudes; wanting to add more fun in your life; feeling manipulated or 'toyed' with; not taking somebody or something seriously; contemplating an idea / If a cuddly toy: Desire for a non-threatening emotional or physical relationship / The type of toy seen and its condition provide further clues
Trying to reach a goal; the direction you are headed in (on track or going off track); what you are currently focused on; preparing yourself for something; increasing your level of skill; social conditioning / If going through a tunnel: Sexual intercourse; wanting to connect with someone of the opposite sex
A change in attitude about something or someone; gaining a new perspective
Messing something up, being destructive; feeling trashed / Discarding things that are useless or not of service to you; somebody or something that does not measure up to your standards; trash-talk; negative emotions or thoughts piling up
What you are doing with your life; an inner journey; moving out of a comfort zone to discover something new; broadening your horizons / (see AIRPLANE, SHIP, CAR)
The things you treasure in life and within yourself / Hidden abilities ready to unearth; something that is enormously valuable in bringing wholeness and health
You. The total living structure of your internal self and your potential for growth: The roots (your foundation, what grounds you and connects you with earth); the trunk (the way you direct your energies); the branches (areas of development and experience, the fruit of your endeavors, etc.); the top (ambitions, hopes) / Family lineage / If dead: A past way of life; investing in something that will not produce results / If falling: Something threatening your identity / If oak: Strength; wisdom / If flowering: Fertility; abundance / If willow: Flexibility; depression / If grouped: Your humanity; connectedness to others / If planting: Moving or laying down new roots
(see THREE)
Pathways you have created into your subconscious; a breakthrough / Going within; burrowing; digging up dormant emotions or issues; memories of being in the womb; latent sexual feelings; taking shortcuts / If seeing light at the end: Hopefulness; a sign of progress
A change; gaining a different perspective; moving in a new direction
Your alter ego / Feeling polarized on an issue, or trapped in the middle / (see TWO)
Unity; balance; harmony / Duality; indecision; comparison; opposition



U symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Aspects of yourself that you find repulsive or embarrassing; repressed emotions, memories or urges that need to be resolved; low self-esteem / Something that offends you
An actual uncle (your feelings about him or his dominant characteristics); a less familiar male aspect of self
The person you are beneath your social mask; feelings and urges you have but may not admit to; the less expressed or less capable side of your nature; something you hide / If under something: Feeling suppressed, weighed down, or worried about something; feeling like the underdog / If seeing something under you: Feeling like the top dog; looking down on others; getting a wider view of things
Your private self; things you keep hidden from the general public; your sexual identity; intimate sexual feelings; seduction
Revealing your true self; exposing the truth; feeling uninhibited; seduction; vulnerability
Identification with a role; feeling social pressure to conform; something that is consistent; social correctness / Work; duty, obligation; order; authority
Something important you are learning; seeking higher knowledge, or a higher source of wisdom / (see SCHOOL)
Gaining a wider view of things; experiencing a breakthrough or heightened awareness; progress; promotion; using your mind; being trustworthy or honest; being in good spirits; needing to lighten up; a spiritual connection; something suspicious
Emotional or sexual release; feeling 'pissed on' or 'pissed off'; feelings of shame or humiliation; desecrating something; feeling relieved / Actual bladder pressure that has made its way into your dream state



V symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Female energy; receptivity, openness, warmth, intuition, creativity / Repressed sexual memories; sexual guilt or anger at a partner / If dreamer is male: Feelings or fears about meeting a woman's full sexuality; unresolved issues with your mother
Fertility; comfort; security; getting down to earth; working hard for what you want / Depression; hitting a low point
Sucking energy from others or having your energy drained
Someone or something you have lost sight of; fear that something or someone might disappear from your life / An autonomous part of self that you cannot yet direct
Covering or concealing something unpleasant / 'Glossing over' the facts
Showcasing your inner beauty; receptivity; being open to suggestions / A container for your heart's desires; displaying your feelings
Guarding your inner treasures; fortifying or protecting your wealth / Shifting your perspective; rising to the occasion; taking a leap of faith
Health, nourishment; inherent goodness (the type of vegetable offers further clues) / Feeling brain dead, unable to think or function properly; being dull or inactive / (see FOOD)
Your body or physical 'vessel' / Looking for a method to get to where you want to be / (see CAR)
Smoothness; feminine sensuality; luxury; honor / Wanting to distinguish yourself, or act honorably; feeling vulnerable
Airing your concerns or feelings; exposing something, bringing it out into the open / Allowing life to flow; refreshing yourself or your knowledge
Feeling helpless; failing to take responsibility for creating your own reality, holding others responsible for it / Seeing the world as the enemy; adopting an habitually cynical or negative stance / Self-doubt
Concerned with morals and virtue; properness
Memories; reviewing your past; wanting to re-experience good times; trying to learn from previous mistakes; wanting to pause or stop something / Recording your thoughts or feelings; approaching current situations more objectively
Your childhood; past values or traditions / Quiet, homely feelings; wanting a simpler, less complicated life; lack of sophistication
Growth; fruitfulness; your connection to family or ancestors; ambitious thoughts or ideas / Clinginess; something you're entwined in
A hostile inner conflict that is poisoning your soul; spreading negative energy / Parasitical or destructive behavior
Your inner voice; feelings, intuitions, realizations, or fears that you have detached yourself from and need to pay attention to
Long-term anger or emotional suppression that is finally being expressed; purging your body of things that no longer serve it / A volatile situation



W symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Expecting others to wait on you (or wait for you); having your needs served; feeling you are being made to wait on others, serving someone else's needs; laziness / Wordplay for 'wait'
Being passive; looking to others for your cue; looking for circumstances to change before taking action
Realization; something that dawns on you; becoming alert; taking leave of something that is no longer serving you; coming out of a period of withdrawal
A period of experience you are passing through; personal effort being made (where you are walking, the pace, the surface, and level of comfort offer further clues as to what your present concern is) / Needing to practice what you preach; being proud (walking tall); being disrespectful or dominating (walking all over somebody); feeling threatened (walking the plank), etc. / If walking down a lane: Same idea as above, but may be 'memory lane' / If walking on air: Euphoria, glee / If walking the streets: Selling yourself short; prostituting a part of yourself
Your self-defense mechanism - boundaries of thought or behavior that you are fearful of extending beyond, are trapped by, or erect to maintain privacy / An inner obstacle that prevents your progress; feeling excluded or shut out; feeling frustrated or cornered; allowing something to go to ruin; protecting something that is important to you
A heavy internal conflict; an open display of aggression; repressed memories of actually being in a war
Memories; past experience / Aspects of yourself put into storage (such as ambition while raising children)
Physical comfort and well-being; supportive family feelings; hopefulness
If a bell or signal: Intuition that you need to pay attention to something in your life / If a person or voice: Sense of not living up to your own standards; something you are vaguely aware of but need to incorporate consciously
Trying to clear up something; ridding yourself of negative feelings or thoughts; something that will become clear later on; something that is not logical or believable; being awash in emotions / If washing hair: Changing the way you think / If washing pubic area: Clearing negative sexual feelings; dealing with the results of pent up drives / If washing hands: Getting rid of feelings about something you have done or been involved in
Taking notice of something; being more observant; taking care or watching over something; being cautious; needing to pay attention to how you spend your time; being concerned with the timing of something; wasting time
Your emotions, moods, and flow of energy. The type of water, what it is doing, and how you relate to it offers further clues / Something valid or true (holds water); being in trouble (hot water); suppressing or discouraging something (throwing cold water on it); making too much of something (water it down); trying something out before deciding (testing the water); reaching your limit (high water mark); survival (keeping your head above water), etc. / (see OCEAN, RIVER, POOL, AQUEDUCT, FLOOD, FLOATING, BOTTLE, LAKE, etc.)
Something building up in you; needing to polish your act or skills; removing an unwanted feature; stripping something down to the bare facts; being a 'drip' / Your capacity for change; molding something to fit your needs / Eloquence; polished behavior / Wrapped up in something complicated (ball of wax) / (see CANDLE)
Your inner wealth; what you treasure / Abundance or prosperity of any kind / Pursuing something at any cost
The situation in which the action takes place defines what the weapon expresses: Desire to hurt somebody, defending yourself against getting hurt, feelings of inadequacy, etc. / (see GUN, KNIFE, ATTACK, MURDER, etc.)
Fluctuating moods or emotions; exposing yourself to prevailing conditions or circumstances; wanting to change external situations or your internal responses; enduring something or putting a great deal of effort into it; your state of health / Wordplay on 'whether'
A complex or sticky situation you've gotten yourself into; being caught up in something; being caught in a lie; feeing trapped or tricked; wanting to feel connected; needing to clean up or reactivate something (shake off the cobwebs) / (see SPIDER)
Misplaced energy; attitudes, emotions or behaviors you have developed in life that are not contributing to your health or well-being; something that has cropped up in your life, which is draining energy or stifling positive growth / Concerns involving marijuana
Feeling a sense of burden or responsibility; being too domineering or feeling oppressed / Something of great importance or seriousness; owning your share of a responsibility (pulling your weight)
Searching your inner depths; looking for the source of your 'well-being' or what sustains you; feeling healthy / Feeling ungrounded; not feeling good about something; something building up in you; an additional thing to consider (as well) / If a wishing well: Letting fate decide the outcome of a problem; 'going with the flow' rather than being proactive (wishing things were better) / If endless: Feeling there is no end to a current situation
Setting something to rest; erasing personal history / Blazing a new trail; exhibiting your wild side; acting or thinking independently
Compassion; emotional healing and intelligence; your unconscious feminine nature in its mother role; the womb; wisdom; sensitivity / Something that is too large to handle; learning to avoid conflict; needing to trust your intuition or inner knowledge / Wordplay on 'wail'
Wholesomeness, goodness, nourishment / Something ingrained in you; thoughts or feelings cropping up
A cycle or phase; your ability to meet change or mobilize (setting the wheel in motion); thinking very hard about something (spinning your wheels); taking charge of a situation (at the wheel); seeking power or influence (big wheel); feeling deflated or going in circles
Being afraid to speak; incomplete communication; hinting at something; excluding others from a piece of information; secrecy
Awareness; clarity of mind; benevolence / Wanting to hide or conceal defects (whitewashing); making peace or surrendering (white flag) / If wearing white: A sense of wholeness, purity; professionalism (white collar) / If white animal: Urges that have been accepted or integrated with conscious activities
(see SPOUSE)
Ideas or concepts that 'move' you; the hidden influences in your life; a hint of something that is imminent or about to change; finding new energy / Feeling exhausted; feeling shocked or alarmed; wasting an opportunity (blowing it); blowing your cool, blowing hot air, etc. / Relating to a clock: Feeling 'wound up' about something; an aspect of life that is winding down; moving without a fixed direction, or meandering from a goal
Your outlook on life; how you see others or view yourself; an opportunity presenting itself; a reflection of your present circumstances or mood / If opening: Letting others see your feelings; releasing something that is no longer important; gaining clarity / (see GLASS)
Celebration, merriment, abundance; feeling a spiritual connection / If overindulging: Avoidance; dulling your senses; feeling dispirited / Wordplay for 'whine'
Freedom; desire to transcend current difficulties / Seeking 'angelic' protection; mothering or mentoring someone (taking them under your wing); improvising a plan (winging it); soaring emotions
Introversion, inactivity, old age, the end of a cycle / Resting, recuperating, hibernating; withdrawing from the outside world
Loyalty, protection, community; having strong family ties / Feeling fearful or hunted; adopting a pack mentality; dishonesty / If white: Receiving guidance
Feminine aspects of self (inner realms of feeling, intuition, vulnerability, creativity, etc.) What the woman is doing - how she behaves, looks, speaks or interacts - indicates what part of you is being characterized / (see FRIEND, LOVER, STRANGER)
Things made out of wood: The past; structures of thought or behavior you've built that originally had life but are now habitual; being 'wooden'; lacking life or feeling / If a wooden room or house: A part of your nature that has been carefully cultivated or created out of past experience / Wordplay on 'would' (e.g. something you would have done or should have done, but did not do) / (see CARPENTER, PLANK. For Woods, see TREE)
Seeking comfort and warmth; a close-knit family / Having strong or inflexible beliefs (dyed in the wool) / Acting sheepishly; getting fleeced; being deceived (having the wool pulled over your eyes)
Putting effort into something; being productive; actively trying to change something in your life; something that is functional or serves you; something that is feasible / If at workplace: Concerns or issues connected with your work or field; anxiety over duties or responsibilities; your ability to connect with people; forming alliances
Hurt feelings; a trauma from the past that has not been sufficiently addressed / If wounding someone: Desire to hurt someone, or destroy some part of yourself / (see WEAPONS, ATTACK, etc.)
The ability to be flexible; something grabbing your attention / Wanting to grab someone's attention
Self-expression; sorting out ideas or emotions; wanting to leave your mark; a message that needs to be heard / If seeing what someone you know has written: What you feel about them, their influence in your life / (see DIARY, BOOK, PEN, PENCIL)



X symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Fear of being exposed or examined too closely / Observing something on a deeper level; seeing through someone



Y symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
A reflection of how well you maintain yourself; your personal boundaries; how you present yourself to the outside world / Taking measure of your life
Extroversion; lightness of feeling; intellect; charm / Cowardice
Toying with new ideas; being toyed with or 'strung along' / Feeling wound up; undergoing frequent or abrupt shifts in mood; vacillating
Being flexible / Working to achieve balance, harmony, strength
Yourself at that age; attitudes and responses developed in your youth; lack of innocence / Energy, enthusiasm, vigor; openness to new ideas or beliefs; something just beginning to unfold / (see BOY, GIRL)



Z symbols

last updated: 8.30.10
Focusing on the relevant part of something (zeroing in) / Something that lacks substance, or has no value; situations that amount to nothing; a feeling of emptiness
Wanting to close or contain something; keeping a secret; remaining silent / Something that amounts to nothing / Lack of focus, moving too quickly (zipping around)
Your animal instincts / Feeling overcrowded or frenzied